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War with the Empire was inevitable. We were just waiting for this day to come.

- Admiral Herquie

The Borealis Front of the Second Great Cyrannus War was a major theatre of conflict between the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the New Cyrannian Republic, the Polar Crystal Alliance and the Indoctrinate Collective, occurring simultaneous to the War of the Ancient Three and a demonic invasion by the Corruptus led by Mar-Júun. The front began simultaneously to the Battle of Coruanthor and the subsequent outbreak of the New Republic Civil War. Seeking to further destabilise Apollo's regime, Imperial forces led by Fleet Admiral Jora Camarelur launched a bold attack on the Republic's colonies in Borealis, seeking to wrest one of the last loyal colonial sectors from the Republic's dying hands.

While the Empire stood on the precipice of victory, the unexpected arrival of the Corruptus under Mar-Júun weakened Imperial forces, leading to their final defeat and withdrawal from Borealis. In the aftermath, the New Republic reclaimed its territory, while the Heleanorian people were free to choose their own destiny, with some joining their democratic brothers and sisters in the Republic, and others still rejoining their old family in the Zoles Imperium. However, the designs of Mar-Júun were not concluded, and indeed portended the darkest era of the war thus far.

Dramatis personæ[]

Invasion of Republica Heleanor[]

Battle of Tilranni's Vigil[]

The streets of Tilranni's Vigil were awash with celebration. News had just reached them from Cyrannus that the New Republic had emerged victorious at the pivotal Battle of Coruanthor, sparking hope that far from being invincible, the Empire could be defeated. In the Praesator's Palace in the central city, Praesator Eimaer, elected governor of Republica Heleanor, looked at the reports and frowned slightly. While he was glad that the Republic had emerged victorious, he feared that with the rise of Adelheidis and her "True Republic" faction, civil war loomed heavy on the horizon. Furthermore, troubles closer to Tilranni's Vigil and her colonies were fresh in his mind. Across Borealis, Commodore Nils Agmaer represented the Republic in the ongoing War of the Ancient Three, leaving the planet relatively undefended.

Tilranni's Vigil is attacked by the Empire.

On the bridge of the Star Battlecruiser, Fist of the Empire, Fleet Admiral Jora Camarelur smirked as her fleet dropped out of hyperspace in orbit over Tilranni's Vigil. Turning from the viewports, Camarelur approached a holographic display unit, showing her fleet facing down the Republic's local defense armada.

  • Jora Camarelur: "How the mighty Republic have crumbled. A meagre three frigates and a squadron of snub fighters. Pathetic. You may open fire when ready."
  • Crewman: "By your command, Fleet Admiral."

The Republic defenders were utterly unprepared by the Imperial attack. A single Judicator-class Battlecruiser was capable of holding its own against a fleet of Star Destroyers, and yet all the Republic had to defend Tilranni's Vigil was a trio of assault frigates. Green turbolaser fire erupted from the Fist of the Empire, lancing across space before impacting against the Republic ships, destroying all three in a matter of seconds. A single squadron of the new ASP Interceptors handled the starfighters, leaving Tilranni's Vigil in the firm hands of the Empire. Watching the battle in space unfold from his office, Praesator Eimaer ordered all citizens to return to their homes and sent out a distress beacon in the hopes that the Republic and its allies would somehow manage to retrieve it.

A Plea for Aid[]

Across Borealis, Commodore Nils Agmaer stood on the bridge of the Venetian Sky, watching with anger as Fleet Admiral Camarelur publicly executed Praesator Eimaer on the steps of Tilranni's Vigil's capital. Alongside the Indoctrinate Collective and the Polar Crystal Alliance, he had just emerged victorious over a raiding party of Ganthorea in the Zaknirr System and while he was certainly concerned about a potential Imperial invasion of the Republic's colonies in Borealis, he foolishly believed that the Empire was firmly concentrated on the war in Cyrannus and the Plazith Rim.

Banishing his regrets from his mind, Agmaer opened a channel to both the Collective and the Alliance, hoping to convince them to send whatever forces they can spare to liberate Tilranni's Vigil and take the fight to the Empire.

  • Commodore Agmaer: "My friends, I bring dire news from the Republic's colonies in Borealis. The Empire has invaded, and conquered, our capital world of Tilranni's Vigil before I received word that they had even arrived."

Agmaer meets Herquie.

Agmaer was met with the sight of the Bonio Royal Admiral Herquie of the Collective and Legate Olcinius of the Paladian State, sent to represent the Polar Crystal Alliance. Both of them had some degree of worry on their expressions as they heard the news.

  • Herquie: "Well, this couldn't have come at a worst time. We're already fighting a war at the moment."
  • Olcinius: "This isn't the first time I have to deal with the Cyrannian Empire. Attacking us right in the middle of the Ganthorea conflict is just something I'd expect from the likes of them. Attack us right when we got our backs turned."
  • Agmaer: "It was foolish of me to direct Republic forces away from our defense fleet for our campaign, but now isn't the time for regrets. Please, I know that we're all in dire straits, but I ask for whatever ships or personnel that you can spare to help us."

After some moments of consideration, the holograms replied:

  • Herquie: "War with the Empire was inevitable. We were just waiting for this day to come. The Collective has its Royal Marechal at the front line against the Ganthorea, leaving me and my forces available to help you ward the Empire out of our galaxy."
  • Olcinius: "The time for deception and hide-and-seek tactics is past. The Paladians have been kindly asked by the Council to help our Cyrannian allies, and we shall do just that. But that's all the help we can offer."

Agmaer let out a sigh of relief, for he knew that any victory against the Empire would be impossible without support from the Republic's allies.

  • Agmaer: "Together, we will drive the Empire out of Borealis and finally liberate my people from their vile clutches!"

Battle of Haeren[]

Three days after the Battle of Tilranni's Vigil, the Empire continued to spread into Republica Heleanor, sweeping across systems with very few casualities. While the Republic maintained strong defences in Borealis prior to the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, the desperate situation in Cyrannus necessitated pulling much of their ships back from the colonies to defend the Republic's core worlds. Additionally, in a gesture of solidarity with their MCA allies, President Apollo had sent Commodore Agmaer to aid the native Borealisans during their conflict, leaving the colonies vulnerable to Imperial invasion. In command over the battlecruiser Heresiarch, Admiral Terentius had just dropped out of hyperspace over the Republic colony of Haeren, though unbeknownst to her, it would signal the end of her string of victories.

Republic and Alliance vessels fight against the Imperials at Haeren.

Defending Haeren were not just the planetary defenses of the Republic, but also the fleets of the Polar Crystal Alliance and the Indoctrinate Collective. Most specifically, the Royal Guard of the Dracogonarious, the ships of the Civitas and the new, largely automated fleet launched by the Union Republic of Ottzello, led by Durzhan and Thr'aloy, and comprised of completely new starships. On the bridge of the Venetian Sky, Commodore Agmaer ordered all ships to open fire on the Imperial fleet, before launching fighters and bombers to meet the Imperials in deadly dogfights. The Collective had awaited for the chance to fight the Empire since the subjugation of the Shodrae, and showed little mercy as they unleashed their weapons upon the Imperial invaders, supported by the Paladian forces. Entire swarms of URO fighter-bombers, many remotely manned but mostly automated, made their way towards the Imperial fleet, to the pride of several Ottzelloan generals who had been itching to use their military might ever since the old Unified Nation collapsed.

In her command chair on the Heresiarch, Admiral Terentius slammed her claw on her chair. She had expected an easy victory, but the arrival of the interlopers necessitated an alternate approach. Shielding the Heresiarch behind swarms of fighters and a formation of Imperial frigates, she directed her subordinates to continue moving their vessels, both to provide the Heresiarch with a constant line of sight to the enemy flagships, as well as to protect its flanks from fighters and bombers. Intensifying forward batteries, the Heresiarch managed to destroy a Republic cruiser, before redirecting the debris into a nearby Paladian warship through heavy tractor beams. Having no time to evade, the warship was torn in half as it was struck, forcing nearby vessels to flee from the vicinity to not be caught in the ensuing explosion. Olcinius clenched his fists at the sight, growling under his breath.

  • Olcinius: "So they're not just tyrants, they also fight dirty."
  • Agmaer: "We need to break the blockade and destroy that flagship. Any ideas would be appreciated!"
  • Olcinius: "Any chance we can flank it?"
  • Agmaer: "Hm, my ship has a heavily armoured bow designed to ram enemy vessels. I could take a run at their blockade with the Collective ships, while the Paladians and the URO attack from behind. That way, we'll box them in."
  • Olcinius: "I'm not a fan of doing it from the back, but it's either this or the world is lost."
  • Durzhan: "I can call in for more reinforcements should we need it. Otherwise, we may need to send in a few of our unmanned frigettes to crash into their flagship as a suicide mission.."

The engines of the Venetian Sky roared into action, propelling the ship through the battle while the PCA fleet engaged in a micro-jump, appearing behind the assembled Imperial armada. Just as the Imperial commanders were about to react, the Venetian Sky smashed into an Imperial Arquitens-class light cruiser, bisecting it and opening a hole in the Imperial defences straight through to the Heresiarch. Though she attempted to reinforce her flanks, Terentius' eyes widened when she discovered that it had utterly collapse, leaving the Heresiarch vulnerable on all sides. The Paladian and Ottzelloan forces, now behind the Imperial fleet, quickly opened fire while they were vulnerable, before they had the chance to regroup, and many Ottzelloan ships flew straight into it to cause a collision. Thrown off her chair by the force of the impact, Tenentius ordered the remaining Imperial vessels to retreat, watching as most shot off into lightspeed. However, just as the Heresiarch was about to escape, the Venetian Sky unleashed its forward ion cannons, disabling it while allied bombers finished the mighty vessel off. The Battle of Haeren had been won.

The Campaign for Republica Heleanor[]

With the death of Admiral Terentius, the Republic, the Alliance and the Collective continued to build on their momentum, winning victory after victory over the Empire, which had managed to capture large portions of Republica Heleanor soon after the Battle of Tilranni's Vigil. Fleet Admiral Camarelur, however, had a trick up her sleave. During the Battle of Pestoxtro, Republic and Collective forces had just emerged victorious over an Imperial army sent to capture the world's precious supplies of hypermatter. Before they could begin their celebration, however, the Fist of the Empire, the flagship of Camarelur arrived in orbit. Deploying a single shuttle down to the planet's surface, the Republic soldiers prepared to take the occupants prisoner. However, emerging from the ship came a single figure garbed in black armour and robes. The Phaedric Lord Archaxys had arrived. Narrowing her yellow eyes, the crimson humanoid ignited her blades and lunged forward, and within moments, nothing remained of the allied forces on Pestoxtro.

Archaxys strikes against the Republic.

For the next four months, the Empire viciously engaged the allies in constant battles throughout Republica Heleanor. While both were seemingly evenly matched, each time Archaxys arrived at a battle, it almost always ended in a devastating Imperial victory. As it became clear he was the decisive asset of the Empire's victories, Royal Admiral Herquie worked on operations dedicated to finding and assassinating the Phaedric Lord, though he would continue to elude him at every opportunity, much to his chagrin. Meanwhile, Olcinius and the Ottzelloans were too pushed back, having no experience with fighting something like Archaxys until now which left them at a disadvantage.

The ongoing war with the Ganthorea at the Karstul Sector meant reinforcements were becoming more and more infrequent, and Herquie, Durzhan and Olcinius' forces begun to wear thin as the months passed, further pressuring Republica Heleanor. Indeed, with the outbreak of the Battle of Coruanthor back in Cyrannus, no reinforcements could be deployed from back in Cyrannus. At this rate, the Empire would surely topple their resistance entirely.

One day, however, the allies received the news that the Ganthorea had finally been defeated at Karstul. A new hope shined upon Republic; the defeat of the aliens meant reinforcements could finally resume, and they would be able to push the Empire back once and for all. However, they would quickly find out the Polar Crystal Alliance's war had only changed hands with the arrival of an even greater enemy: the Kondrakar Dominion, who was accompanied by none other than the Corruptus. News of a nightmarish insurrection in the galactic arm spread quickly across not just Republica Heleanor but also across the Imperial territory, though despite this, they continued their focus on eradicating the Republic and those who defended it; if the Corruptus were busy with the Polar Crystal Alliance, then they were none of their immediate concern.

Corruptus Invasion[]

A Vengeful Shadow's Return[]

Far from the front lines, the people of Heleanorbis, the homeworld of the Heleanorian and the capital of the Empire within Borealis, went about their daily lifes, listening to the latest reports about the fighting from the comfort of their homes, albeit heavily skewed toward the glories of the Imperial march, which would soon signal the end of the Republic, and their pretences of Gigaquadrantic power. It was here where Harana had once instigated the rebellion which led to the Empire gaining a dominion in the galaxy, and save for the incident where he was killed by the Cognatus Empire, the planet existed in prosperity. However, that was about to change.

Without warning, the skies of the cold world of the Heleanorians were slowly turned a blackened red as a fleet emerged before the planet and mercilessly opened fire upon the Imperial defenses; Kondrakar vessels, who made way for Corruptus Demons to manifest in the surface. This sudden attack caught the Empire completely off-guard, as Heleanorbis was way out of the range of the Polar Crystal Alliance-Kondrakar war, causing the defenders to be quickly overwhelmed. However, the Corruptus was not here for mindless slaughter. Stepping through the capital of the planet, flanked by nightmarish minions was the Basileus Vanguard of the Corruptus, Mar-Júun, who watched the events unfold around him with a grin across his face.

Mar-Júun returns, with a grand plan in the works.

  • Mar-Júun: ""Heleanorians". What a joke. Just Libertus by another name, and just as weak. But I'm not one to waste an opportunity."

With arms raised, the Basileus let out a terrible roar as his body was engulfed in an aura of pure darkness, tendrils erupting from his back and digging themselves into the ground as a shockwave of nightmarish essence was sent across the landscape, striking all within its range. Heleanorian soldiers and civilians alike who were affected by it found themselves thrown to their knees, screaming in agony as their bodies contorted and mutated into demonic forms - transformed into minions of the Corruptus. Soon they would regain their composure and stand upright, a malevolent glare upon their eyes as they were entirely brainwashed into Mar-Júun's servitude.

In the midst of the chaos, an Imperial shuttle landed near the capital of Heleanorbis. Stepping out came Lord Archaxys, who had both of her energy blades ignited as she searched for the source of the corruption. Along her path, she came under attack by a pack of corrupted Heleanorians, though she managed to cut them down once they came close to her. Eventually, the Phaedric Lord caught sight of Mar-Júun and rushed to face him. As she approached, however, the Vanguard of the Corruptus' form transformed into an incorporeal mist as a delivish laugh was heard around Archaxys' surroundings.

  • Mar-Júun: "What is this? One of Meketanor's friends have come to pay a visit?"
  • Archaxys: "You will regret this, demon, until your last moment, I swear, you will regret it."
  • Mar-Júun: "I've no time to play with you "Phaedra". I've far more urgent matters to attend to. Return to your Emperor and tell him his attempts to delay the inevitable have failed."

The shadows around the Phaedric Lord begun taking the shape of various Mar-Júun's, who all spoke in unison.

  • Mar-Júun: "I have returned to save my people and take what is mine by right!"
  • Archaxys: "You seek dominion, abomination, and yet all you will find is your destruction!"
  • Mar-Júun: "Boldly stated. But your "Darkness" is weak. It's nothing in the face of the Nightmare. You shall learn soon enough..."

With this, the shadows dissipated, and Archaxys could no longer feel the demon's presence. He had vanished.

At Crossroads[]

Across the Imperial territories in Borealis, chaos and uncertainty loomed. Neither the Empire's most wily strategists, nor the lowliest citizen had expected such a direct assault by the Corruptus. Across Helenorian space, citizens once loyal to the ideals of Lord Harana began to question their loyalty to the Empire. After all, if the Empire could not protect them from the Corruptus, who could? Across Borealis, they watched as the Polar Crystal Alliance fought valiantly against its foes, joined by allies and friends from across known space, and yet the Empire, for all its might, now fought alone. Not just that, but they could also see as the Corruptus fought them, and yet their combined effort allowed them to push the demons back, all while their homeworld had fallen to Mar-Júun's insidious powers.

As the days passed, the military command of the Borealis colonies, already occupied by the threat of Mar-Júun's new demonic horde and Republica Heleanor's attempts to fight back, heard reports that Heleanorians were beginning to flee the Empire back to the Zoles Imperium. Taking orders from Fleet Admiral Camarelur, Imperial officers were ordered to shoot down any civilian ships attempting to flee Imperial territory, though faced with a war on two fronts, she eventually decided to ignore the rising tide fleeing to the Zoles Imperium to concentrate on the Republic and the demonic horde.

Meanwhile, at the other side of the war, the Republic and its allies witnessed the Empire being struck from within by the Corruptus and its own population fleeing out of it. While the threat the demons posed was well known for all of them, it also meant the Empire was left in a very vulnerable position. During a transmission conference, Olcinius was the first to speak;

  • Olcinius: "Look at them. They were so eager to go back to their "Cyrannian roots" and now they're running back to us with their tails between their legs."

Commodore Agmaer cleared his throat.

  • Nils Agmaer: "Many of them may have been prevented from leaving before, and took advantage of the chaos to return to where their hearts lie."
  • Olcinus: "I wish that Niaka Penumbran and that Trucinex captain were here to see the fruits of our work."
  • Herquie: "Nevermind whatever it is you're babbling about, this is the opportunity we needed. The Empire will be overwhelmed fighting both us the Corruptus at once, while their people turn their backs on them. We can pressure them to leave Borealis once and for all."
  • Agmaer: "I agree. They started this campaign to run the Republic out of Borealis, but in so doing, they have signed their own death warrants and the final emancipation of my people."
  • Durzhan: "We need a target. Where is the Empire's greatest bastion now that the capital was taken by the Corruptus?"

Agmaer observed the starmap illuminated near the aft of the Venetian Sky's bridge.

  • Agmaer: "I suspect that they'll have dissolved any pretences of civilian leadership. It's likely that wherever Fleet Admiral Camarelur is, that's the capital of the Empire in Borealis."
  • Olcinius: "Then we find this Camarelur and put an end to this. We should leave soon and-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Olcinius was approached by one of his subordinates who begun giving him a status report out of the others' earshots. As the Paladian turned back to his fellow commanders, he had a look of worry in his face.

  • Olcinius: "A fleet of demonic vessels was spotted leaving Heleanorbis. They're making their way to Republica Heleanor right now."
  • Herquie: "What?!

Agmaer slammed his fist on his command chair.

  • Agmaer: "Frak! And at the worst possible time! We need to call off our assault on Camarelur's fleet and reinforce our own defences."
  • Durzhan: "Just like the Corruptus to do this. They're enemies of the entire universe after all. We must hurry or our opportunity will be lost."
  • Thr'aloy: "Neutralize the demon threat. BEET DEM UP MAN NAO"

Second Battle of Haeren[]

Slowly but surely, the fleets of the Republic and the Crystal Alliance rallied in orbit over Haeren, which had previously been liberated by the allied forces and established at the command centre for all operations to combat the Empire and the demons. Additionally, with the wormholes freed up by the Republic's victory over the Empire in the Coru Secundus campaign back in Cyrannus, reinforcements from the Republic and the Aldárae Order came pouring through, led by Master Daera Rosalayne, and including Aoirtae Valaeris, Vanikaimar and Munalur—the crew of the Auethnen Raptor. Royal Admiral Herquie's Royal Guard made their way to Haeren as soon as the news of the demonic insurrection had reached the Indoctrinate Collective, while Olcinius and Durzhan were in charge of preparing the Paladians and the Ottzelloans for the battle ahead. Durzhan arrived promptly with the rest of his UROC fleet, very eager to combat Corruptus demons, as he had never gotten the opportunity to do so in a while. Thr'aloy gave rousing speeches to the foot soldiers, most of which were Loron, while Durzhan placed all his ships in formation.

Soon, the arrival of the Corruptus was heralded by a dark purple nebula creeping into Haeren's star system. Imperial ships were detected in their radars, but their exteriors were charred and torn by the nightmarish essence of the Corruptus, tendrils of entropic energy sprouting out of their hulls and snapping at the vacuum of space with life of their own. Across the allied fleet, their communications picked a message from the enemy without their input, displaying the image of a great blue beast who appeared to be made of crystal; Herquie would recognize him as Harbinger, a greater demon who once fought during the Second War of Black Fog.

  • Harbinger: "This is but an arm of the army which will bring the Cyrandia Cluster to heel. You have yet the chance to surrender and bow before the Imperator."
  • Durzhan: "Ah, the Harbinger. I have heard so much about you. It fills me with joy to finally have the opportunity to best you. All ships, prepare to engage - we will send ground troops if need be."
  • Olcinius: "Damn, you're ugly."
  • Vanikaimar: "The creature spoke of an "Imperator". That is a Basileus title, not a Heleanorian one."
  • Aoirtae: "I don't like where this is going."
  • Thr'aloy: "Prepare to engage in ground combat, and if needs be, summon other UROC members. YO BOYZ LETS SHANK DIS OVASIZED BLUE TWIT"
  • Harbinger: "Your decision is made. Die."

Standing alongside Master Rosalayne on the Venetian Sky, Commodore Agmaer ordered all ships to open fire, while sending Aoirtae and Vanikaimar down to help the others on the planet's surface from the inevitable demonic invasion. The corrupted Imperial ships engaged the allies with their own weaponry; it was led by an Executor-class Star Dreadnought, flanked by a trio of Procurator-clas Star Battlecruiser and many Imperator-class Star Destroyers. Herquie and Olcinius directed their forces to engage the enemy, holding on as they could while they slowly but surely advanced to their position. Durzhan similarly commanded every unmanned ship to head directly to hold the line, keeping their ships just behind Herquie's to give supporting firepower. The Republic vessels, bolstered by Master Rosalayne's battle meditation, fired the full force of their forward batteries, though even still, the overwhelming numbers under the Corruptus' sway broke through their protection line above Haeren.

As they watched more and more Corruptus ships enter the atmosphere, on the surface of Haeren, Aoirtae put away her stratobinoculars and gravely turned to face the other defenders.

  • Aoirtae: "This won't be easy. Has anyone here even fought the Corruptus before?"
  • Vanikaimar: "I am still somewhat baffled "demons" are real."
  • Durzhan: "There is a difference between Corruptus and Devourer's Chosen, fool."
  • Thr'aloy: "DEYZ ALL DA SAME TA ME MAN"

The allied army would quickly note the forces approaching them; Imperial walkers giving off a terrible purple aura, followed by hordes of Heleanorians corrupted into servitude. Leading them was Harbinger himself, who towered over the mortals and carried his staff with both hands as he glared at their direction.

Aoirtae, Vanikaimar, Durzhan, Dawishi and Thr'aloy fight against Harbinger.

At that moment, Thr'aloy was teleported to the ground by Durzhan, who stayed watch over the fight from space. Following him were several URO Pods, which contained hordes of Loron, as well as several Kralgon Land Destructors and other unmanned vehicles. Thr'aloy led the charge towards Harbinger, and though his army was impressive, it had underestimated the strength of the Corruptus. Demonic ground troops and vehicles alike opened fire upon the allies while Harbinger swung his staff, sending shockwaves of nightmarish energies which tore the battlefield's foundations apart like an earthquake. Knocked off her feet, Aoirtae rushed to her feet and activated her twin energy blades. Thr'aloy was shaken by the earthquake and many Loron fell apart. As URO's nanomachines were far less interlinked than those of UNO, its military, which was still young, operated less smoothly than UNO's did. Even the large hordes of Loron could not match the numbers of the Corruptus. Land Destructors continued to fire all their weaponry and destroy most of the threats coming their way, but they, too, were overwhelmed and could not match the Nightmare energy.

  • Thr'aloy: "I require reinforcements. YO B LETS BRING SOM OTHA UROC GEEZAS MAN ITS SUPA TUFF HEER"
  • Durzhan: "Very well. I shall grant you two extra members, please do not request too many more. There are other battles to fight.

Vailisa and Commandant Darwishi of UROC were summoned to fight alongside Thr'aloy, as they could better resist Harbinger. Vailisa made his way stomping towards Harbinger, while Darwishi flew over, dropping bombs on the way, and began to fire and fly circles around Harbinger. The demon rose a hand and from the earth, pillars of sharpened crystal erupted upwards to impale the allied army from beneath, his expression showed no regard for the enemy's forces; as if unimpressed. However, he would be caught under fire from Vanikaimar's assault rifle, which impacted against the Demon Heart at the center of his chest, causing Harbinger to begin growling in anger.

  • Vanikaimar: "I have found a weak spot on the creature."
  • Aoirtae: "Good going, Vanik!"
  • Darwishi: "Point me to it and bombs away!"
  • Vanikaimar: "Aim for the bulbous object on its torso."
  • Harbinger: "Your resistance is negligible. The army which will usher a new era is already on its march."
  • Thr'aloy: "CHOKE ON A DIK. WES GONNA SMASH DAT OBJEKT FINGY akshully i dunt fink i can reech"
  • Aoirtae: "Eat it, jerk!"

With her second blade in hand, Aoirtae threw it toward Harbinger, aiming at the Demon Heart. Concentrating on it as it gyrated it through the air, it pierced the fleshy growth in Harbinger's chest, causing the Lympharian demon to roar out in pain and raise his front legs in reaction. With the opportunity in sight, Darwishi followed up by dropping several bombs on its exposed weak point before flying back off, waiting for the impact of its crash, while Vanikaimar took his bladed staff and charged for a melee attack. Manifesting a shield of essence with one hand to protect himself from the explosives, Harbinger turned to the approaching Nagith and launched his staff, made in the image of a maw, into him; Vanikaimar was caught into the staff's teeth-like form before being swung away, sent flying against a distant stone.

Darwishi flew over to try and catch Vanikaimar, while Vailisa retaliated by throwing punches towards Harbinger furiously. Her eyes widened, Aoirtae telekinetically managed to grab hold of Vanikaimar and guided him safely to the ground, before continuing her own assault on Harbinger. Thr'aloy climbed on Vailisa's back to reach Harbinger, and then grabbed onto him and began to violently smash his fist in rage. The demon was unable to hold back both of the Commandos and growled again as he was sent to his knees, letting go of his staff as he had to hold himself up with one hand.

  • Harbinger: "Foolish mortals. This is but the beginning of Mar-Júun's rise to rule."
  • Vailisa: "Smashing demons is The Fist's favourite past time! He make it look easy!"
  • Darwishi: "Wooooooh! Hell yeah! Give us some more demons and we'll send 'em right back where they came from!"
  • Aoirtae: "Wait, Mar-Júun? I've heard that name from a friend of mine. What is he planning, ugly?"
  • Harbinger: "Remember the name. It heralds your Cluster's fall to the Nightmare. Your Republic will be cast aside and the Empire will be torn to pieces."
  • Aoirtae: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only the light can do that, and mark my words, it will."
  • Harbinger: "We will never stop. The Corruptus is infinite."

With this, Harbinger's stone-like form crumbled before their eyes, as if he were a broken sculpture. As the greater demon fell, the corrupted Heleanorian soldiers suddenly lost their minds and coordination, doing little but wail desperately. At space, the allied fleet saw the enemies too losing all of their strategy as they begun employing simple charging tactics, making them easy prey for their weapons. After an hour more of battle, the remnant of the corrupted fleet that hadn't been destroyed fled the system. The Republic had won.

Final Campaign[]

Liberation of Tilranni's Vigil[]

Bolstered by their victory over the Corruptus, the Republic fleet massed in orbit over Haeren, joined by ever-increasing swells of allied vessels from across Borealis. On board the allied flagship, the advanced frigate Venetian Sky, the leaders met to discuss the plan of action—hopefully spelling an end to the Empire's presence in the galaxy. Gathered around a circular table, the leaders watched as Commodore Agmaer called up a hologram of President Apollo, who addressed those assembled.

Apollo contacts the allied leaders.

  • Apollo: "Hello everyone, word has just reached me about your victory over the Corruptus. Very well done to you all, though this "Mar-Juun" you mentioned. Him, I know well. We must be cautious as we make our next move."
  • Herquie: "If you got any information on him, you should give it to us later. But for now, our focus is the defeat of the Empire."
  • Olcinius: "I wonder how they feel, finally being on the receiving end for once. I'm almost glad the Corruptus came in and wrecked havoc all over them."
  • Apollo: "I agree it's time to take the fight to them, the gods know I'm been itching to do so back in Cyrannus, but we musn't be so dismissive about the Corruptus attack. After all, the majority of those corrupted by them were innocent civilians, I'm sure."
  • Olcinius: "Regardless, we've discovered the Imperial Admiral and her forces are holed up at Tilrannil's Vigil. This war will end right where it started."
  • Daera Rosalayne: "My battle meditation will aid our forces in this fight. If we all work together, I'm sure that we will triumph."
  • Durzhan: "Our fleet will be here in full force. Not just them...we shall bring out the Vyronicia Fleet."
  • Herquie: "Bringing out the big guns, eh? I'm gonna have to do the same and ask reinforcements from the Royal Guard. This is gonna be fun."
  • Nils Agmaer: "With your permission, Mr. President, we will deploy our forces as soon as possible."
  • Apollo: "Permission granted, Commodore. Good luck everyone, and I'll see you on the other side."

The hologram of the President flickered and disappeared.

  • Nils Agmaer: "You heard the man! Lets kick these Imperial fools out of our galaxy!"

Once the commanders had returned to their flagships, the massive allied armada, a powerful reminder of the power of the Mou'Cyran Accords departed the Haeren system. Meanwhile, on the bridge of the Imperial flagship Fist of the Empire, Fleet Admiral Jora Camarelur stood with her hands clasped behind her back, her eyes darting across tactical display screens, her brow furrowed deeply. She had convinced herself that were it not for the Corruptus invasion, she would be presenting Agmaer's filthy head to the Emperor at this very moment. Now, she could only prepare for the inevitable clash which would decide the final fate of her people; would they remain Imperial citizens? Or run back to the Zoles and their traitorous New Republic allies.

Her reverie was ended by a red flash on the display screen.

  • Jora Camarelur: "And so it ends. One way or another, it all ends here. All crew, action stations! Set condition one throughout the ship! All vessels, prepare for combat!"

The attack begins. As soon as each ship dropped out of lightspeed, the combined Republic and allied fleet launched a fusillade as they speared the endless sky toward the Imperial fleet, which fires its own in response. Turbolasers and antimatter slash the blackness, torpedoes erupt toward their unfortunate targets and javelins of heavy plasma explode with violent ferocity.

The Second Battle of Tilranni's Vigil.

URO didn't arrive with its usual unmanned starfleet, but with the Vyronicia Fleet. Its fleet, comprising of several Vyronicia Technobliterators, Vyronicia Star Destroyers and Vyronicia Deathships came packed with spacetime weaponry beyond what the Empire was used to from Ottzelloans. Led by Durzhan's Vyronicia Flagship, the ships continued to fire spacetime missiles and create vortexes in front of the Empire's cruisers, in some cases pinning them in spot and in others destroying their ships before they could retaliate quickly enough to the Fleet. The Royal Guard under Herquie, spearheading the Indoctrinate Collective's vengeance against the Empire for their past transgressions against them was relentless in their assault, bringing out every weapon in their arsenal in the effort to bring Camarelur's fleet down, while the Paladian ships under Olcinius provided support, emplying flanking tactics to take down enemies too busy fighting the Republic or the others. Their might combined was a testament of their power. On the Venetian Sky, Master Rosalayne sat with her legs crossed on the bridge, making use of her connection to the Light to bolster the allied forces and weaken the resolve of the Imperials.

Neatly compressing her fleet, Camarelur ordered all vessels to form a nearly perfect defensive perimeter of Destroyers and Battlecruisers, with the Fist of the Empire at the heart. Hundreds of ASP starfighters pour out of the Imeprial vessels, whittling away at the opposition. However, with the power of the Vyronicia Fleet, as well as the numerical advantage of the allies, more and more Imperial ships went up in bright balls of coruscating energy.

  • Thr'aloy: "We appear to be overpowering our opponent. HAHAHA GET REKT LOSAS. Do not get complacent now. YOO BES NOT GO LAZI NOW OR IMMA SHANK YA MOM. FITE HARDA AN KEEP ZAPPIN DEM WIV SPACETIME STOOF"
  • Olcinius: "Take the hint. You are not welcome in our galaxy!"
  • Herquie: "For every Shodrae dead or enslaved, for every citizen who perished at Narsul, ten of you will fall."

With more and more Imperial ships falling under the intense allied bombardment, Camarelur switched her tactics, fighting with a brutality and chaos rarely seen in Imperial officers, ordering an entire fighter squadron to kamikaze attack the closest allied battleship. Ultimately, however, it dawned on her that the battle was unwinnable. With the Fist of the Empire's bridge in chaos, she slammed her claw down hard on her command chair, before opening a transmission to the allies.

  • Camarelur: "You have fought well, scum! You may have won Borealis, but mark my words, your victory will be for naught. Remember me, when the Republic turns to ash!"
  • Nils Agmaer: "Flee back to your masters, Camarelur. With your defeat, the Heleanorian people are finally free to choose their own path."
  • Herquie: "Run if you may. We will find you, and we will destroy you. The Empire's days are counted."
  • Olcinius: "And don't worry about the Heleanorians. We'll take care of them, considering they're no traitors like yourself."

With a furious expression etched on her face, Camarelur ordered the remainder of the Imperial fleet to withdraw back to Cyrannus.

  • Durzhan: "Permission to take the Vyronicia Fleet and follow them into Cyrannus? We want to help topple this regime."
  • Olcinius: "No, our fleets are required in the front against the Kondrakar. We can deal with the Empire later."
  • Durzhan: "Fair enough. The Empire should consider itself lucky, then."
  • Thr'aloy: "We will be back after the War in our galaxy is won. AN WEN WES BAK IM GONNA SHANK DAT CARAMEL GUY PERSONALLY"
  • Olcinius: "I knew the name sounded like something edible."
  • Herquie: "We can eat when the battle is ended... Which it is. Hm. Alright then."
  • Nils Agmaer: "We should inform President Apollo. I'm sure he'll be most pleased."


Dawn of a New Day[]

With the Empire driven out of Borealis and Mar-Júun's corrupted horde disappeared following their defeat, Heleanorbis was left completely uninhabited. With the news that the battle of Tilrannil's Vigil was won, fleets of the Zoles Imperium would arrive to the planet, now contamined with the dark taint of the Corruptus, and begin cleaning operations. It would take years, perhaps decades, to heal the damage caused by Mar-Júun, but with the Heleanorian people returned to their original home, it was a price they were willing to pay in the Zoles' quest for a peaceful galactic utopia. The Union Republic would be willing to lend the support it could, as though it was undergoing turbulent times politically and had been involved in several conflicts while still in its infancy, it still saw its responsibility to helping keep peace and prosperity in the galaxy as very crucial.

Back in Republica Heleanor, which became home to groups of Heleanorian with dual citizenry between the New Republic and the Zoles Imperium, Nils Agmaer sighed in contentment, before facing his comrades from the Borealis Front and smiling.

  • Nils Agmaer: "President Apollo would like to say a few words."
  • Herquie: "Go right ahead."

Apollo's hologram appeared, a smile on his face which had been missing since the Second Great War began.

  • Apollo: "Your victory over the Empire has been felt not only in Borealis and Cyrannus, but across the Gigaquadrant. You have triumphed over tyranny, and I am sure, you have ignited a spark which will eventually spread all the way to Orbispira, ridding us of Tyrómairon's oppressive regime once and for all."
  • Thr'aloy: "We appreciate your kind words, and extend our support to your people in Cyrannus in your fight against this oppressive, tyrannical regime. LMAO WE REKT DA EMPIRE LOSAS MAN AN YOO LOT CULDNT HAV DONE IT WIVOUT OUR VYRONICIA FLEET"
  • Herquie: "We're well aware of the situation at Cyrannus. The Empire's attack on Narsul and the hardships Commandant Gavakar is going through are unforgivable. When the war at Borealis is concluded, the full might of the Indoctrinate Collective will come to help you rid our universe of the Empire once and for all."
  • Olcinius: "Yes, about that. The defeat of the Empire was a major victory, but the Kondrakar and the Corruptus are still at large. We'll need the help of Republica Heleanor in our battle against them."
  • Durzhan: "Myself and former president Tuolog predict that our war in Borealis could unfortunately last longer than the Kondrakar and Corruptus threats. It may be a while before we can fully provide support in Cyrannus, alas. But we will nevertheless do all that we can."
  • Apollo: "I understand, and find myself in a similar position. While I am sure Commodore Agmaer's forces will continue to fight alongside our allies in Borealis, I'm afraid that given the war back home, I won't be able to send any more forces for the time being."
  • Olcinius: "Agmaer showed himself a very skilled warrior. We'll win many more battles together, absolutely."
  • Durzhan: "Have no fear, Apollo: once the opportunity arises, we shall send the Vyronicia Fleet in all its glory straight to Orbispira, and we will liberate your people as we liberated our own."
  • Herquie: "They tried to kick us while we were down. They deserve an even worse treatment."
  • Durzhan: "...it wasn't, but okay."
  • Apollo: "Err... right, well, I would like to thank you all once again for your help. There's still the issue of Mar-Júun, but we've defeated him once, and we can do it again."
  • Herquie: "These demons never learn their lesson, do they?"

Apollo turned to face someone off screen, nodded his head and turned once again to face his holoprojector.

  • Apollo: "No rest for the wicked, as they say. Thank you all, once again! Kalos mercu."

The hologram dissipated, leaving the commanders to discuss their next moves.

Dark Tidings[]

The Phaedric Sanctum.

The Imperial Guard stood at attention, as Lord Archaxys strode down the sterile and pristine walls of the Phaedric Keep on Antemurale. Drenched from the constant rainfall on the planet, she opened the doors to the central chamber with a flick of her hand. Upon reaching the middle of the room, she bowed her head to her superiors.

  • Archaxys: "My Lords. I have returned from Borealis, and I bring dark tidings."

While not her superior, the massive and serpentine Meketanor was the first to speak, hissing out at Archaxys as she bowed down.

  • Meketanor: "Fossil woman! For what purpose are you here? You should have stayed at Borealis and exterminated the Republic infidels like ordered!"

Archaxys hissed under her breath.

  • Archaxys: "Stay your tongue, newt, things did not go as planned! The demons, led by a corrupted Basileus, attacked our forces. Borealis is lost."
  • Meketanor: "Basileus? ... Mar-Júun?! I should have destroyed that little monster when I had the chance!"

Lord Maethoruin approached with deliberate steps, his hands rested on the small of his armoured back, as ever maintaining a cold appearance of control.

  • Maethoruin: "The demon's intervention is unexpected. It has become a thorn in our side we can no longer ignore."
  • Meketanor: "What does that vermin hope to achieve, though? The Dark Lord has increased the galaxy's defenses. His disgusting kind can no longer get in."

The marrow within Archaxys' bones tingled when Lord Venatorius replied.

  • Venatorius: "No. Such defenses are not impenetrable. Not with the discord caused by the emergence of the Light. A single demon may enter, and cause untold damage."
  • Meketanor: "Damnable creatures, they don't belong to the Dark Lord's world. And now the Borealis holdings are lost! Lord Thaurlathrón is going to be furious!"
  • Maethoruin: "The worlds in Borealis are inconsequential to us. The Republic's victory there will turn to ashes in their hands."
  • Meketanor: "If I was there and not this fossil, I'd have destroyed Mar-Júun and brought the head of the Republic commodore within a day!"
  • Cythonia: "There we go again with the "original best servant" rant."
  • Meketanor: "You are all inferior! I am our Dark Lord's greatest servant!"
  • Cythonia: "Yeah, yeah. We got it after the fifth thousandth time you said that."

Moranonúngur scoffed.

  • Moranonúngur: "We are above such petty triffles, Meketanor, as you well know. You have failed to destroy this demon before, have you not?"
  • Meketanor: "I... I was merely unprepared! I'll get him next time. But I know you agree with me that these newcomers are all inferior to us both."
  • Cythonia: "I'm sure you're the Dark Lord's favorite goldfish deep down."
  • Archaxys: "And yet the Dark Lord appointed Lord Venatorius as the Dark Master of our Order. Alongside the Shadow, of course."
  • Meketanor: "You shall all see. If Mar-Júun attempts to enter our domain, I will end his existence once and for all."
  • Cythonia: "Try not to get yourself killed by demons, Meketanor. I'd hate to see you gone. The place would be so quiet."
  • Meketanor: "Shut up! Filthy mammals, the lot of you."

Venatorius chokes Meketanor, in the presence of the other Phaedra.

Venatorius raised his robed arm, bringing Meketanor to his feet by the throat. While he had no need to breathe as a machine, he nonetheless struggled from the pressure, roaring out in anger.

  • Venatorius: "Enough. Contain your ego, Lord Meketanor, or I shall contain you."
  • Meketanor: "Grrr! How dare you! Only the Dark Lord may order me! Or physically abuse me!"
  • Cythonia: "I think that's enough now. Let's focus on what's really important here. We need to keep our eyes open for the Corruptus and the Light. A confrontation is inevitable."

Venatorius released his grip, causing Meketanor to fall to his feet.

  • Venatorius: "Agreed. Only cowards run from the inevitable. We must be vigilant."
  • Cythonia: "Lord Archaxys. Did Mar-Júun state his intentions when you confronted him?"

Archaxys closed her eyes, searching her memories.

  • Archaxys: "Our encounter was brief. He spoke of saving his people. Of reclaiming what is his."
  • Moranonúngur: "How quaint. It can very easily told his target is Vasuband, the Basileus homeworld."
  • Meketanor: "Vasuband is not his. He was a disgraced captain and nothing more."
  • Moranonúngur: "Perhaps. But when his mind is filled with demonic delusions, he may see himself as the next Imperator."
  • Echoriax: "Oh, exciting. Let him come, in that case. We can split open his head, and find out what the inside of a demonic snob looks like. I've always wondered."
  • Meketanor: "I've done that. It looks like thick purple liquid. They have no organs."
  • Echoriax: "A thick purple liquid? I wonder if it would make a good shampo-"

Maethoruin raised his voice, silencing the chamber.

  • Maethoruin: "Enough chatter. Vasuband must be reinforced against any demonic incursion."
  • Moranonúngur: "We are not dealing with a fool. I've done extensive research on Mar-Júun during the Dark Lord's short-lived deal with his demonic master. If the reports are correct then he attempted to create a fleet out of the Borealis holdings, which means he is creating a navy to use against us. We must keep tabs on this demon's whereabouts immediately, and stop him at once. The Corruptus is an enemy which, unlike the Republic, can't be broken."
  • Meketanor: "Watch us. We shall break him with our blades and the favour of the Dark Lord! Or rather, I will, and you'll all watch like the lapdogs you are."
  • Cythonia: "Was he always like this?"
  • Moranonúngur: "In fact, yes."
  • Venatorius: "You are correct, Lord Moranonúngur. We must, however, excise the all-encompassing rot of the Corruptus from our galaxy. That, is within our grasp, should we defeat this lost Basileus."
  • Moranonúngur: "The territory of Borealis may have been only the first. Our other extragalactic colonies require immediate attention. We cannot allow Mar-Júun's taint to spread any further. Lord Meketanor, since you are so insistent in talking until our auditory canals rupture, why not go and investigate the Corruptus' whereabouts?"
  • Meketanor: "Fine! I'll see if I can bring a trophy or ten to shut you all up."

With this, Meketanor rose up from his seat and made his way out of the chamber.

  • Cythonia: "By the Dark Lord, thank you. I thought he was gonna talk us to death today."
  • Moranonúngur: "I may suggest Lord Thaurlathrón to make some... "adjustments" to Meketanor's psyche. His last defeat to Mar-Júun clearly made him a little too sore."
  • Venatorius: "His demeanour does not concern me. His skill, and his results, do. Provided they do not suffer from his vendetta, I care not for his words."
  • Moranonúngur: "Well spoken. Deranged as he may be, Meketanor is what he is because the Dark Lord made him that way, and it is not our position to question him. Now, we must all prepare ourselves for the battle to come. As the Republic crumbles, another force rises to opposes us. And it, too, must crumble before the Empire."


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