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The Second Galactic War takes place after a short of peace, and after the Imperial Galactic War. The Second War starts suddenly and unexpected, and Rambo Nation, already weakened by the first Galactic War faces a difficult time.

The war takes place between different Nation and races.

The War is a war without super powers like time travel or Galaxy Global destruction. Instead, the war will take place with invasions, fleet battles etc. However, if you want to introduce you nations or Empires superweapon please ask MattherMosley or Dinoman82 for approval and explain the means and use of the weapons and for what you are going to use it. They can decide if they approve it yes or no.

It is possible for other nations and races to join the war, and the war will be told from different point of views of different characters and events, nations etc.

Those who participate in it are allowed to edit this page.




The Valader[]








Invasion of the Colony of Koerband[]

First Battle[]

The Chimera ambushes the USS Dallas and her escort.

As Captain Ramcard and Grand Admiral Yanis travelled back from a mission to resque Princess Ramtilsae, they entered the Dissia Wormhole, which leads closely to the Tralor Empire.

Upon exiting the wormhole, the USS Dallas and her escort were taken under attack by the Chimera, under command of the dreaded and well known villains, the Lizardian Commander. The battle was fierce, but rather short. As the Galaxy Class was soon crippled, the Lizardian Commander ordered the destruction off the Constellation Class and focused his attention at his arc enemy, Captain Ramcard.

However, the USS Dallas, under command of Captain Ramcard, is the best Captain of entire Rambo Nation and the USS Dallas is an upgraded Excelsior Class. However, the Chimera's firepower overrules that of the USS Dallas.

And so, Captain Ramcard was forced to withdrawn, and wanted to inform Rambo Command. But the Lizardian Commander made sure that the long range communication of the Excelsior Refit Class were disabled. And as such the invasion of the Dissia System came as a surprise attack and the Rambo Fleet stationed there, were taken by surprise.

The Invasion Starts[]

An Excelsior Class is destroyed by an Imperial Star Destroyer during the invasion of Koerband

The Imperial Alliance went straight to Koerband and began invading the most important Colonie in the Dissia System. The Imperial started with taking out the Docking Port and the ships stationed there, the first victim, an Excelsior Class ship was soon te be crippled by a Lizardian Star Destroyer. The remaining ships were soon taken captive or destroyed.

Shorlty before they started the landing invasion, Captain Earionnae had a conversation with Ambassador Ram'Vell and dilivered the Algernon Wine to him, but when they wanted to go to dinner, the first explosions were heard. When Earionnae went to check it out, she was confronted by an invasion army of Lizardians, she had to escape and head to the Vashee.

However, during her escape she fought and defeated several Lizardians, and managed to knock out a Lizardian Elite. While looking back at the Star Destroyers hanging above the city, she felt sad as she was unsure if she would ever see her friend again, Ram'Vell. The Lizardians had a bad reputation among Quadrant 82 and 89 and she stole a Rambo shuttle and headed to the Vashee.

To her surprise the Lizardian Commander stood in front of the ship, accompnied by two Lizardian Imperial Guards. Braced for capture or defeat, the Lizardian Officer surprised her. While explaining his plan he had her responsible for the fall of Koerband, she was a wanted person. The Lizardian let her go, as he didn't want to capture her, he would let the Rambo do that. And so, the Commander returned to the Capitol of Koerband and oversaw the capture of the citizens.

He then contacted Captain Tul, informing him that Koerband had fallen and that they could soon take over the entire Dissia System and the way was cleared of Rambo Nation Ships.


The USS Prometheus damages the Vashee

Captain Ramuchi, who was present during the invasion, was forced to flee as there were to many Lizardian Star Destroyer, but the USS Prometheus, the ship she commanded, managed to destroy some of them.

While wanting to retreat from the system, she managed to capture a transmission, where Earionnae was branded responsible for the fall of Koerband. She then persued the Vashee who was also fleeing the system, but the smuggler's vessel was faster and soon took distance from the USS Prometheus. But Ramuchi ordered to open fire, and as the Vashee prepared to open a Vortex Gate one of the engines was hit and the Vashee went into the Vortex damaged, however with one of engines broken, the Vashee exited the vortex and was driftless and headed straight for icy planet............

RSA fleet gathering at Voiz Aitty


Preperations at Voiz Aitty[]

Voiz Aitty, before the war was a small, temperate world and the only planet in the Unnia System but little did anyone know that Voiz Aitty would become the center of most of the Ruin Sector Alliance's military effort against the Rambo and there allies. The Ruin Sector Alliance is gathering a massive fleet and ground invasion force.

During the preperations Captain Tul also arrived at the planet, the Tralor Captain who had the most knowledge of the Rambo. During his arrival, he recieved a transmission from the Lizardian Commander, the way was free for invasion.


Week 01[]

Week 01 was a week of small skirmishes and battles as all sides had to mobilize and prepare there troops for larger battles and invasions of Rambo Colonies.

Incident above Stasje[]

As the Colonie of Koerband had fallen into Imperial hands, the rest of the Dissia System was not yet taken over, and the Imperial Alliance prepared to use the fleet of the Lizardian Commander to take over the rest of the Dissia System. However, before doing so, the Colonies and defences of Rambo Nation had to mapped, and the Lizardian Commander sent Captain El't'Vall of the Hunter to investigate the system, while being cloacked.

USS Pearson moments before destruction, the USS Saratoga engages the Rambulan Hunter

El't'Vall first headed to Stasje, as a Rambo precense was detected, it turned out to be the USS Pearson, under command of Captain Ramdleton. Ramdleton has recently returned back from Universe 66501 and re-joined the fleet. Upon return, he was informed of the recent events and was send to inform the Colonie of Stasje and prepare them to defend the Colonie against the Imperials or evacuate it.

But upon arriving, Ramdleton was taken under fire by El't'Vall, as the Hunter decloacked and immediatly openend fire at the USS Pearson, whose shields were not up. El't'Vall managed to fire a direct hit and disabled the USS Pearson's shields, sensors, engines and weapon systems. Crippled, the Hunter reopened fire and damaged the USS Pearson serverly.

However, the USS Saratoga arrived under command of Captain Ramzhenko and opened fire at the Hunter, but the Rambulan ships was faster and evaded fire. Desperate Ramzhenko tried to put the USS Saratoga between the USS Pearson and the Hunter but it was in vain. The Rambulan ship managed to fire a phaser shot direct and one of the Warp Engines which overloaded the Warp Core. The crew managed to evacuate, but the USS Pearson could not be saved and exploded. The Hunter cloacked again and left the scene.

Captain Ramzhenko picked up the escape pods and was happy to find out that Ramdleton was still alive. When he headed to the bridge again, the USS Saratoga faces an Imperial Star Destroyer which was heading there way. ....................

Encounter at the Outer Sector 147[]

Outer Sector 147, the place were Captain Ramkoty perhished and the USS Bellerophon was destroyed, is patrolled by Captain El'd'Tall of the Soterus.

The USS Tempest crippeling the Soterus

After the loss of the USS Bellerophon Rambo Command dispatched Captain Ramosky of the USS Templar to investigate the attack and if possible, capture or destroy the one responsible for it. However, the travel to that sector took a long time, as the Galactic War was still waging and the new one was also starting. Upon arriving, Ramosky ordered most of usefull pieces to be brought on board for investigation. Upon finding the black box of the ship, the Soterus decloacked and engaged the USS Templar. During a long dogfight, Ramosky managed to hit one of the Warp Nacceles of the Soterus, leacking plasma. He then fired multiply phasers and torpedo's at the Soterus. Effectivly disabeling there engines and long range communications. Even shields were down.

Ramosky then opened a channel and demanded surrender, or else he would be destroyed. El'd'Tall was not a Captain to simply surrender, and instead opened the possibily to discuss matters in private, in return for his release he would tell everything to Ramosky about the USS Bellerophon's destruction.

Ramosky however, was not yet sure wat to do.

Battle of Koerband[]

Shortly after the Imperial Alliance invaded the Dissia system and defeated the Rambo fleet stationed there, the Lizardian Commander sent a Transmission to Captain Tul informing him that the Dissia system is ripe for the taking. Once the Ruin Sector Alliance arrived at the Dissia they imitatively headed to the Dissia capitol of Koerband where they bombarded the city for a few hours before sending a ground force to the colony.

The Dagian about to duel with the Judge

Once on the ground the RSA forces spreed out on patrol to look for Rambo survives, they only found a handful of Rambo and a Insector Eldarion among the burning ruins. Once given the all clear Captain Tul descended to the colony so he could asses the damage and give orders to the ground forces more quickly. Shortly after Tul descended to the colony a small Rambo force (mostly made out of Rambo civilians who survived the bombardment) came out of hiding and attacked the RSA ground force, and when Captain Tul got word of the attack he was enraged so he ordered a Dagian to go behind enemy lines and slay the Rambo leader.

The journey was difficult and full of dangers massive fires, falling debris, and Rambo litters the city of Koerband, but the Dagian was not alone he was joined by a Tralor Elite so if the Dagian was killed he could finish the Daging's task. When the Dagian and Tralor found the Rambo leader it was discovered that he was a Rambo Judge. Both the Dagian and Judge fought well, but alas the Dagian bested the Judge in skill and killed him. After the Dagian killed the Judge he reported back to Captain Tul where he was rewarded with rest.


Week 02 is a week of waiting, as the Imperial Alliance attacked the Noble Alliance, the RSA and other Imperial forces had to hold there attacks and first secure there already conquered places.

Fall of the Noble Alliance[]

First attack of the Allied Fleet

Aur'Lodin, Regent of the Imperial Alliance

As Koerband has been taken in by the RSA and the Imperial Alliance, thus securing an important system which is crucial for invading Rambo Nation. The Galactic Emperor turned away his attention from Rambo Nation and instead focused him on the organisation where Rambo Nation was part off (one of the many), namely the Noble Alliance. In the first war, they effectively prevented his plans of conquering Rambo Nation, but no more. He ordered the Lizardian Commander and asked the RSA to mass there forces and wait for one week to attack.

The Allied fleet defeated by the Lusankya and Captain Lizaconda's arrival of 3 Star Destroyers.

And thus, the Galactic Emperor send his regent, Aur'Lodin to bring down the Noble Aliance. Aur'Lodin takes the Lusankya as her command ship, and takes the Lizardian Captain Lizaconda with her, he commands the Liberty, a Star Destroyer Class and he will become her Captain of the Fleet. Her second Captain will becomes the HarbronrSaurien Captain Sarxvrean, of the Vetar. But her problem was, due her commanding the Lusankya, her attack fleet will be very small and her attack plans have to be fast and possible to adapt in battle.

Upon entering Victreeion space a massive allied fleet arrives, led by Fleet Captain Klopplar of the USS Merced. Aur'Lodin smiled, her trap had worked. Au'Lodin contacted Klopplar from the Lusankya and demanded surrender, even though outnumbered, she knew the Lusankya could not be destroyed by the Allied forces present. Klopplar, ofcourse, refused and immediatly sended his ships in attack formation. Aur'Lodin expected this and sent her first wave of attack, led by Captain Sarxvrean. However, the Victreeion ships and Rambo ships soon pushed threw Sarxvrean's forces and headed straight towards the Lusankya. But when Lizaconda arrived, with 3 Star Destroyers the first wave of the Allied fleet was soon crippled and defeated.

Now Aur'Lodin called back her ships and put them in a defense line, as the second wave of the Allied fleet had engaged there engines and were approaching the Lusankya with all weapons and shields activated.

The Second attack of the Allied Fleet

The USS Merced and Klopplar's fleet engages Aur'Lodin's fleet, resulting in a heavy battle, with the Lusankya in the back of the picture.

Captain Klopplar was angered, the allied fleet had been defeated, but he was not affraid. He already encountered the Lusankya once and now he had a powerfull fleet at his command. When the Rambo ships engaged the Imperial ships, the battle was intense and heavy with high casualties on both sides. It soon proved, even with more ships Captain Klopplar's fleet was equall with that of Aur'Lodin. None the less Klopplar pushed on, and managed to fire three photon torpedo's at a Star Destroyer which became damaged and systems failing.

USS Merced vs the Vetar

However the tide turned, when an Imperial Heavy Defense ship crippled a New Orleans Class and several Valdore Class decloacked and began engaging the Rambo forces. Klopplar escaped an attack by a Valdore Class and turned the USS Merced and headed for the Lusankya. Upon evading fire from the massive Imperial ship, the Vetar showed up underneath the Lusankya and the USS Merced persued. Captain Sarxvrean ship was not that fast, and the USS Merced opened fire with phasers and photon torpedo's, damaging the ship and forced Sarxvrean to retreat from battle. When still staying under the Lusankya he opened fire at her engines, but was soon engaged by a Valdore Class and an Imperial Star Destroyer, a Miranda Class engaged the Valdore Class and gave way for an escape from the Star Destroyer's fire.

Battle underneath the Lusankya

When coming from underneath the Lusankya Klopplar's faced the scene with great surprise and shock. a part of his fleet was damaged or crippled, and some ships even retreated from the battle, because the ships were unable to fight anymore. However, the remaining ship still fought bravely. When looking at the holographic projection of the current positions of his ship, Klopplar neglected to see in time that three Imperial Star Destroyers, including the Liberty were surrounding the USS Merced.

Death of Fleet Captain Klopplar

Aur'Lodin witnesses the destruction of the USS Merced from the bridge of the Lusankya.

Destruction of the USS Merced by the 'Liberty and two other Star Destroyers.

Klopplar then faced the computer screen in awe, realising his mistake. The three Star Destroyers cornered the USS Merced and fired with maximum power. The USS Merced, already damaged from earlier battles was unable to stand against that much fire power. Shields soon collapsed and systems were overloading. Klopplar then gave the order to evacuate his ship, but it was in vain. The USS Merced was soon collapsing with decks exploding, hull breaches disabled gravity control. Captain Lizaconda smiled, and kept firing at the Rambo ships till it totally fell apart and exploded. The resulting explosion killed all hands on deck, including one of the famoust and well known Captains of Rambo Nation, Fleet Captain Klopplar was no more.

Aur'Lodin smiled, her plan had worked and she disposed one of Rambo Nation's best Captains. She witnessed the USS Merced destruction from the Lusankya's bridge.

After the destruction, the Rambo forces retreated and the remaining Victreeion ships and Fairy Layd ships were no match and surrended. And so, the battle was over, resulting in a massive victory for the Imperial Alliance thanks to Aur'Lodín's tactics and plans.


The loss of so many ships and the loss of Klopplar meant the end of the Noble Alliance. The Victreeion and the Fairy Lady surrended, while others like the Kloppig Empire and the Insector Eldarions joined Rambo Nation. The fall of the Noble Alliance also meant that the Diva Bettie Remnant joined Rambo Nation. What the Human Republic decided is unknown, as territories of the fallen nations were taken by the Imperial Alliance and jammed all signals into outer space.

This also meant that the Colonie of Javan or other deep space Colonies and allied nations could not be reached anymore.

Week 03[]

Week 03 is the week of new attacks and battles where Rambo Nation was trying to recover from the fall of the Noble Alliance. However, during this week is was also revealed that the Ageastillia Order of Light and the evil Rambo Empire had joined the Imperial Alliance, making it stronger that anyone would have ever thought.

During this week, allies of Rambo Nation came to there aid and the war got intensified.

Battle of Ramgotheria[]

Space battle above Ramgotheria

As the Ruin Sector Alliance took control of the entire Dissia System, Captain Tul wanted to advance further into Rambo territory. As his ally and friend, the Lizardian Commander gave him a database of Rambo Nation, Tul's eye fell on the Rambo Colonie of Ramgotheria, an Inner Colonie and a pretty wealthy one too. So a lot of treasures could be taken.

And without informing the Imperial Alliance, Tul took a part of his fleet and attacked Ramgotheria. As the colonie unprotected a landing force was soon invading. But a small taks force with the USS Centaur and Captain Ramyris arrived and engaged the RSA fleet.

Surface battle of Ramgotheria

However, the RSA fleet was too powerfull and several Rambo ships were destroyed and Ramyris was ordered to retreat. He did so with heavy remorse.

As the fleet withdrawn, the invasion continued and Captain Tul also arrived at the surfuce. He witnessed the bombartment and saw his forces victorious over the Rambo forces stationed at Ramgotheria. Pleased he ordered the death of the Ambassador of Ramgotheria, Ram'Tar. During the battle Ram'Tar's entire defence force was wiped out and Ramgotheria fell into RSA hands.

However, the Lizardian Commander was pleased with this news, the Regent wasn't and Aur'Lodin was angry at the RSA attack at Ramgotheria. Now they had a wealthy colonie in hands and close to the Capitol System and the Dissia System. When she wanted to intervere she was prevented by the Emperor, since he was pleased with Ramgotheria's fall.

Second Battle of Ramgotheria[]

Battle in Ramgotheria Space

Battle on Ramgotheria's surface

As the Battle of Ramgotheria was taking place, Rambo Nation was contacted by the Sylit Republic. They were from a different galaxy, a few light hours away. They had heard about Rambo Nation's war against the Imperial Alliance and RSA. They wanted to help Rambo Nation, and sent their very own Omega Fleet, led by Captain Aryian, to battle against Rambo's enemies. The last interaction between the Sylits and Rambo Nation had been at Ramgotheria, so the Sylits moved their fleet there. The Battle of Ramgotheria had finished when the Sylits entered the atmosphere. RSA had pulled most of their forces out of Ramgotheria after the battle was over, and the Sylits took back the planet for Rambo Nation before the RSA could stop them. The Sylits contacted Rambo Nation to tell them they had taken back the planet, and Omega Fleet sent down a Colonization Pak to help them get the planet started again.

Battle of Ramar Shadda[]

Earionnae chrash landed on Ramar Shadda

Crash Landing[]

After Captain Earionnae her ship was damaged during the Battle of Koerband she chrashed at the ice planet of Ramar Shadda, an ancient Rambo Nation Colonie. After the chrash she met a Rambo worker, whom brought her to her village.

After looking around a small shuttle arrived who took her to Ramar Shadda Capitol City where she looked around for help. But she was send to the Ambassador instead, and so she went looking for her. After walking to the Gate she arrived at the Capitol Platau, where the Statue of Ramulindalë stood, something she found very interessting.

After talking to the Ambassador it was clear she wanted to help her, but suddenly Captain Lizaconda of the Imperial Alliance arrived and challenged Earionnae after a plead of help from the Ambassador. Lizacondo, a pride Lizardian underestimated Earionnae and was knocked uncouncious. Angry by this he retreated back to his ship and started to invade Ramar Shadda.

Imperial Forces invade[]

Imperial forces arrive to invade Ramar Shadda.

Soon after, Lizaconda landed his invading forces, together with RSA forces they invaded Ramar Shadda. Due to this force, the Ambassador of the Colonie surrended to the Imperial Forces.

However, Earionnae was still on the surface and tried to fight her way and escape the doomed planet. However, after reaching the edges of the city she was caught by Lizaconda again. And in revenge for his defeat at het hands earlier, he took her captive and complimented himself on his victory.

Ramar Shadda blockade Fleet under command of Lizaconda.

Ramar Shadda Blockade[]

However, as Lizaconda agreed not to destroy the colonie in return for a swift surrender. Lizaconda gathered his remaining ships and send the Dagian's away. He then laid his blockaded around the Colonie, to prevent anyone for entering or escaping it.

Capricorn Sector Alliance joins the War[]

During the Great Battle of the Dissia System, the Capricorn Sector Alliance helped the Rambo Fleet defeat the Imperial Alliance, however due to the Trucinex War, the CSA could not spare much ships to help the Rambo after the fall of the Noble Alliance.

However when the Trucinex War ended Capricornian President Inviere pledged several battlefleets made up of dozens of new and old ships to Quadrant 82 to help defend the Rambo from further loss.

Vartekians join the fight[]

When the Vartekians received news about the CSA joining the war they immediately flew over to attack with a fleet of 1000 dragon cruisers and 10,000 fighters. The CSA was well prepared of course and designed a special anti matter bomb. Seeing the threat the Vartekians sent their captain Votarah over to destroy the Capricornian bomb manufactories. The Capricorns were also well prepared for this and created a hidden factory, as Votarah arrived they blew up their diversion factories. After that the CSA fired off their anti matter bombes. With only 500 dragon cruisers left the Vartekians realized the situation and retreated with the CSA hot on their trail. Then suddenly another backup fleet of Vartekian dragon cruisers swept through and sprayed a cloud of suppressing fire at the CSA ships,Thus setting off the bombes within the Fleets. After months of this fighting the Vartekians and CSA both gave up due to the damage they sustained. More than 5 million died and both sides are preparing for yet another battle.

The Battle of Tuacio[]

Battle of Tuacio

Only a few days after the Capricorn Sector Alliance joined the war, the great Fleet of Retribution was formed. This massive fleet is one of the most elite fighting forces in Cyrannus and the Quadrants, and President Inviere and Empress Ramashe couldn’t wait to use the fleet to take revenge on the Imperial Alliance.

However, unbeknownst to the allies, a great threat was stirring on the planet Tuacio, the infamous Mortalitas Empire! Recently, the Imperial Captain Lizrawn arrived at the planet, his orders to ally with the Mortalitas. However, an allied invasion fleet arrived first and started attacking the Mortalitas Fleet in orbit. Angered, Lizrawn ordered his Star Destroyer, Labyrinth to aid his new found allies. However, the battle began to grow sour, the most famous admiral of the CSA, Admiral Cretacea arrived at the battle and broke throw the blockade, damaging several Imperial ships on the way, the Imperial/Mortalitas Fleet began to break apart and Lizrawn ordered a retreat. The allies had won this battle, but at a dreadful cost...

Zillum meets with Lizrawn, the Mortalitas join the Imperial Alliance.

Lizrawn met with one of the leaders of the Mortalitas, a huge figure clad in gold armour, he sent a vibe of authority down Lizrawn’s neck. The Mortalitas, simply smiled and introduced himself as General Zillum, Supreme Commander of the Mortalitas Armada. The two talked and eventually, Zillum agreed that the Mortalitas should join the Imperials, it was a dark day for the allies, a day that has ripples in the Quadrants even to this day...

Senate Intrique at Ramerodaras[]

Emto vs the Hutter Ambassador at Ramerodaras

Bounty Hunter Emto, under contract of the Imperial Alliance at Ramerodaras, the Senate Hall and Location of Rambo Nation. The ancient and large structure is heavily guarded but Emto managed to infriltrate due to a fake pass. The Judge present accepted and let the bounty hunter in.

After meeting some high officials and talking to senators and ambassadors he met with Aur'Lodin who recognized him and called the alarm. After fighting some Royal Guards he found his target, the Hutter Ambassador.

After explaining his reasons he attacked the Ambassador, and although the unfortunate Hutter fought a decent fight he was killed by the Bounty Hunter Emto. Emto then escaped Ramerodaras and left the Senate in confusion.

How the Hutters will react at this assasination of there Ambassador is unknown yet.

Battle of Ramaakota[]

During the Senate Intrique the Colonie of Ramakoota was taken under siege by the Imperial Lizardian Captain Lizassk, due to the few ships at that position the Colonie was swiftly taken and conquered.

After rampaging the Colonie and reducing it to ruins, Lizassk remained at his position and secured the colonie with aid of the Dagian and the RSA.

Operation Shadda Revenge[]

Operation Shadda Revenge was a mission preformed by the Tralor Freedom Force to save the Rambo of Ramar Shadda from the Imperials. A small squad of TFF troops was able to get pass the blockade with the help of Captain Connx, and Tralor Freedom Force supporter and spy. After they got pass the blockade, Connx and the Troopers descended behind the Imperial controlled city. After the TFF pushed there way pass the Imperial guards they was able to power down the energy gate and free the captives.

Soon after the first Rambo captives left the stockade an alarm rang and the whole colony was on high alert. It came clear that there was not enough troops to fight with the IA, so a Tralor Freedom Force Trooper went and freed some more Rambo.

Two Tralor Freedom Force Troops making there last stand.

Soon after the Rambo was freed the tides has turned, with out the extra skills of the Dagians and the anger of the Rambo the front line quickly fail and soon Lizaconda was forced to fight for his life, which he was reported lost during a duel with a Tralor Freedom Force Trooper.

Sometime during the battle Grand Admiral Yanis and sizable TFF fleet was able to brake the blockade and landed on the colony. Yanis was pleased with the victory but soon after the battle an unidentified ship was spotted leaving the system, but Yanis did not care. Another thing is that the body of Captain Lizaconda was never found and some think that he was just wounded and after the battle he retreaded with the rest of the Imperial Alliance forces but this is unknown.

Incident near Pauvenris[]

Battle near Pauvenris

When Captain Lizassk conquered Ramaakota he headed with a small convoy to Pauvenris to surprise the Rambo forces there, however before even approaching the Colonie of Pauvenris his convoy was attacked by the USS Dallas and multiply CSA ships and Lizassk forces were in too low number to overcome the Rambo and CSA forces.

After a small fight Lizassk and his forces retreated back towards the Dissia System.

Lizacondo's returns[]

The Emperor and Captain Lizaconda in discussion at the Impaerusqiantia Capitol Building.

During Operation Shadda Revenge, Captain Lizaconda was defeated and went missing after his blockade was broken and the Tralor Freedom Forces liberated the planet.

It turned out he fled the colony and returned to Impaerusqiantia, the Imperial Capitol of Quadrant. There he spoke to Captain El't'Isco, who commands the Rambulan Impaerusqiantia Docking Station. He was granted passage down and Lizacondo travelled to the Capitol building where he spoke to the Emperor. The Emperor was furious, but was merciful and gave Lizaconda a second chance to prove himself. This time with a special mission.

Week 04[]

After the allied forces managed to hold off some attacks of the Imperial Alliance and the Ruin Sector Alliance, and the recent loss of Ramar Shadda the Imperials began losing trust in the Tralors. Captain Tul saw this with awe and formulated a master plan with his friend, the Lizardian Commander which was going to be a great turn of the tide in favor of the Imperials and the Ruin Sector Alliance.

Around week 04 the Sylit Republic had there Flame Festival and the Delpha Coalition of Planets arrived with there new battle cruisers in Quadrant 82.

Battle of the Rambo Capitol of Dinoman82[]

Captain Tul in the Shield Generator Room

Sabotage at Amnuvallionia[]

Amnuvallionia, a large and crowded City of Rambo Nation, located at the Rambo Capitol was the target of Captain Tul's Master Plan.

As he witnessed the launch of the new Merced Class vessel, the USS Caprica he and a few of his soldiers masquerated as Tralor Freedom Fighters and were able to land a shuttle at Amnuvallionia. After arriving, Tul managed to get a clearancen and explored the City of Amnuvallionia. However, he was not allowed to enter the Capitol and instead headed for the sewers where he found a hidden entrance to the Shield Generator Room. Tul and his soldiers were detected and the Rambo Judge present watched in fear as he and his Rambo soldiers were slaughtered by the evil Tul. Tul and his soldiers then destroyed the shield generator and Tul contacted the Lizardian Commander whom immediatly began attacking the Rambo Capitol with his flag ship, the Chimera.

The 1st Space Battle[]

The Chimera and Imperial forces tear down at the USS Sovereign and the Rambo forces.

As the Chimera and a large fleet dropped out of Warp the Rambo alarmed red alert. As the fleet was mobilising the already stand by ships went to intercept the Chimera and the fleet under command of Ramaxar and the USS Sovereign. As Ramaxar laid a blockade the Chimera openend all canons and was tearing down at the USS Sovereign damaging her. However, the Lizardian Commanders ships could not pass the already stationed Rambo ships and as even more arrived he was driven in a corner. And as some Insector Eldarion and CSA ships were joining the battle the Commanders fleet was in peril.

The Devoras and RSA and Imperial Forces defeat the Allied Forces

But War Councillor El'd'Shell arrived onboard the Devoras, with Imperial and Ruin Sector Alliance ships and due to this surprise attack his forces broke threw the Allied forces. the Allied forces ships were soon crippled and the Lizardian Commanders remaining troops also restarted the attack. This meant an effective strategy as an opening was created which was profited from by the Dagian War ships and the Imperial Light Cruisers whom were entering orbit and started dropping ground forces to invade Tirithsilliana.......

Siege of Tirithsilliana[]

The Rambo Capitol is heavily bombarded and laid to ruins.

With the coming forces threw the opening in the blockade the Imperials and the RSA immediatly headed for Tirithsilliana and began heavily bombarding the City, damaging most of the city and kiling many civillians. However, most of the Imperial Palace was spared as they needed the Empress alive.

During the siege the Dagian forces were securing the Capitol, taking many civilians and Allied soldiers captive. After a heavy battle in the Capitol City the Empress and Ramgaarbath witnessed the bombarding and retreated back into the palace. However the enemy force surrounded the palace as ordered and were awaiting the arrival of Captain Tul and the Lizardian Commander to secure the palace and take Ramashe captive.

The USS Caprica and the USS Valley Forge fire at the Devoras, moments before the Rambulan Ship destruction.

2nd Space Battle[]

As the Captitol City was bombarded the Space Battle continued and the battle intensified. However, the Allied forces, unaware that the Capitol City had fallen had regained hope when the USS Caprica and the USS Valley Forge cornered the Devoras and crippled her badly. However, the War Councillor El'd'Shell did not wanted to surrender and the USS Caprica fired numorous photon torpedo's and the USS Valley Forge fired her phasers. The combined attack meant to much for the already badly damaged Devoras and the Rambulan ship systems were overloading and exploded, taking all hands with it, including that of the War Councillor.

The Chimera's fire power prove to strong for the USS Sovereign

The Imperial and RSA forces were feared, as one of the War Councillors had fallen, the Imperials feared a demoralising blow, however the Dagian forces contacted the fleet and informed them of the taking of the Capitol. This message was a destructive blow to the Allied forces, especially those of Rambo Nation and when the Lizardian Commander sended a message with the surrender of Rambo Nation or they would totalley destroy the Rambo Capitol many Rambo vessels surrended, leaving the ones who didn't at the mercy of the RSA and the Imperials. However, Ramaxar didn't want to comply and headed straight for the Chimera but the fire power was to strong and Ramaxar had to aboard his attack and fled with the remaining allied forces whom did not want to surrender to the Braafrena System.

And as such Rambo Nation most important persons and planet was taken in by the Imperial Alliance. And after the Lizardian Commander and Captain Tul informed the Galactic Emperor, a massive fleet arrived of both Empires, claiming the Rambo Capitol for there forces and the Decline of Rambo Nation had begun!!!!

The DCP intervene[]

A month into the war, a fleet from the Delpha Coalition of Planets decided to aid the Rambo and CSA forces. The DCP sent some of its ships to assist in some of the Rambo's battles, and other ships to secure a heavily defended colony to observe an take action in the war. Some ships split off, and are lurking in hyperspace all around the battle zones, to add elements of surprise to the battles. The DCP's new warship the Blade Class Battlecruiser has been dispatched (the DCP is looking forward to testing their new ship)!

Galactic Message[]

The Grand Galactic Emperor

As the Galactic Emperor arrived at the Rambo Capitol and landed in Tirithsilliana, he was informed that the Imperials and the RSA were slowly taking over the cities found at the Rambo Capitol, with minimum casualties and damage to the buildings as they were ordered too.

This pleased the Galactic Emperor and he vowed to bring down Rambo Nation for good, with the securing of the Capitol it would only be a matter of time before breaching the palace and letting Ramashe, the Empress to sign a threaty of total surrender.

With it, he send a wide spread message at all frequenties containing the following message:

Greeting allies and enemies of the Great and Noble Rambo Nation

Even though the Rambo and the Imperial Alliance and the Ruin Sector Alliance are enemies of eachother, I still respected them a lot and feel it as a great honor to bring them down. And at last, we have succeeded. With the combined forces of the Imperial Alliance and the Ruin Sector Alliance we have taken in the Rambo Capitol and with it the entire high Command structure of Rambo Nation.

We now control them, and make no illusions. There are still Rambo officers whom do not accept this defeat and ask aid of there allies, none the less they will be taken to justice as Rambo Nation now falls under our juristiction. It would be wise for the Allies forces not to engage the RSA or the Imperials again or else we will invade and conquer you home systems one by one. If the Rambo can fall, any of our enemies can. I am looking forward to your replies, and we also accept a peace truce with the Allies of Rambo Nation

the Galactic Emperor out

Battle of Veloci[]

The battle in low orbit.

Concurrent to the battle of the Rambo Capital, the Fleet of Retribution invaded the icy world of Veloci. Admiral Cretacea and Captain Rambas II lead the assault to destroy the vital shipyards that the Imperials set up on the planet.

Ten Hunter Class Star Destroyers jumped within range of the Imperial ships followed by smaller frigates. This action took the Imperials by surprise and their ships were destroyed after a long and arduous battle which destroyed ships on both sides. The cruisers than sent several transports to the surface. The task force were met by dozens of Mortalitas troopers and the new IAATs (Imperial Alliance Assault Tank).

Thanks to the Admiral and Captains superior tactics these were defeated despite heavy casualties. As the allies moved down Veloci's famous canyons, they met with more enemy forces, this battle was more difficult and many allied lifes were lost. However they eventually prevailed. The Allies opened fire on the shipyards on the surface as the fleet destroyed the ones in orbit. The battle was a victory for Rambo Nation and the Capricorn Sector Alliance.

Battle of Caltari[]

capricorns in the midst of battle.

When the Vartekian attack a small Capricornian colony the Capricorns swiftly worked to prevent a bigger attack. They Hire an elite force of troops and intercept a Vartekian super weapon before it is used. When they got there most of their troops were dying or were pinned down by the Vartekian firepower. Miraculously The Troop managed to work their way through and Capture the Weapon. Sadly They found that the code to access it was strictly for the Vartekians and so instead they simply destroyed the weapon.

Tying up the Loose Ends[]

As the Galactic Emperor did not hear from the allies yet, he focused himself with his allies, the RSA on the loose ends and to secure and expand the Imperial and RSA influance.

As the Galactic Emperor was at the Rambo Capitol to face Empress Ramashe, he had send multiply task forces on the way to deal with his loose ends and take complete control of Quadrant 82 and the allies of Rambo Nation.

The Imperial Alliance betrays the Rambo Resistance.

Fall of the Rambo Resistance[]

As the Galactic Emperor saw Rambo Nation Capitol taking, and shorlty after his transmission he ordered some Mortalitas and Imperial vessels to attack the Rambo Resistance, the Resistance taken by surprise were watching in awe as there former allies destroyed the remaining of the Resistance Fleet.

However, the URS Enterprise and the URS Dauntless managed to escape with a few other vessels and went into hiding. With it, they changed there goals. They now wish to liberate Rambo Nation, as Ramchar, the new leader as Ramauron was killed by the Galactic Emperor, wanted to became part of Rambo Nation again, with there own Senator and such. Now he searches for allies, but first he want to make a settlement to make a stronghold for there selfs.

Surrender of Rambo Nation[]

As the Galactic Emperor arrived at the Rambo Capitol, he broke threw the Royal Palace and contronted Empress Ramashe and Judge Magister Ramgaarbath, the last Judge Magister as all others had perished during the battle. He then seduced Empress Ramashe with his Royal Charm and managed to let Ramashe sign his Truce.

Empress Ramashe and the Galactic Emperor signed the threaty.

After the signing Ramashe watched in awe in what she had done against her will and tried to attack the Galactic Emperor. However his strength was creater and struk her to the ground. He then proclaimed victory over Rambo Nation and now she had to obey him. Ramashe, as strong as ever only wanted to do this is she could keep her own Senate, Fleet and all Rambo Nation manners and such. The Emperor thought about this and a proved it, however Ramashe had to obey the Emperor. And she would she said, otherwise she knew her people would suffer for her mistakes.

Then the Emperor turned and thanked her, with Rambo Nation fallen, it would only take a matter of time before the rest of Quadrant 82 and 89 fell to his reign.

Hutter Kingdom defeated[]

Around the time of the signing and the betrayel of the Resistance, a large task force of RSA and Imperial Alliance forces invaded the Hutter Kingdom, taken by surprise the Hutter defended there own with a lot of force but to avail.

The Hutter Kingdom defeated

With the knowledge of the fall of Rambo Nation's Capitol, the sight of RSA and Imperial Forces brought fear into the hearts of the Noble and Strong Hutters and this meant the battle was already lost.

As the first line of defense had been destroyed, Captain Huttelett III led the last defense fleet. During the battle his ship was damaged and the RSA forces managed to land on the planet. Shortly after, the Hutter Kingdom surrended and joined the Imperial Alliance under the same conditions as Rambo Nation did.

Xiaan Alliance capitulates[]

The Xiaan Alliance capitulates

A task force under command of Captain Gudraforgth invaded the Xiaan Alliance, the strongest Empire within Quadrant 89. Taken by surprise, the Xiaans were unable to lead a great defense force against the Imperials and were soon facing a massive defeat as from the other side Rambo Imperialea also attacked the Xiaans.

Upon hearing the outcome of the battles against Rambo Nation and the Hutter Kingdom, the Xiaan Alliance capitulates and surrended to the Imperial Alliance and joined her at the same conditions as the Hutters and the Rambo did.

Week 05[]

As week 04 ended with the fall of multiply Empires in Quadrant 82 and 89 the RSA and the Imperial Alliance were now regrouping there forces and awaited the replies of all other Empires.

Even though some important Empires and Nations had fallen, the Second Galactic War had not ended yet and outer colonies from Rambo Nation and unwillingy Captains had still to be captured if the Imperial Alliance and the RSA wanted to take complete control in Quadrant 82 and 89.

Imperial Alliance attacks the DCP[]

Imperial Alliance and Mortalis vs the DCP

Unfortunately, the DCP entered the war too late (but it is unknown if the Rambo homeworld would have fallen or not if the DCP has interviened earlier). When the Rambo homeworld was annexed, it was decided that the Delpha Coalition of Planets would not try to liberate the Rambo homeworld, as this could make things worse for the Rambo, and the DCP would lose alot of forces, and currently, the DCP needs much of its own forces to fight the Loron in the DCP/Loron war. It was also decided that the DCP would not use superweapons, as they would destroy any Rambo worlds that might be reclaimed. It was clear that the DCP needed to move from their colony, and the fleet was just about to leave when hundreds of Imperial Alliance ships and some Mortalis ships attacked them. There was a huge battle - many lives and ships lost on both sides, but to preserve the DCP attack fleet in the sector, they jumped into another dimension. When the Imperial Alliance left, some DCP ships lurking in hyperspace ambushed them, taking out more ships, in guerrilla warfare.

The Delpha Coalition of Planets will not give up, and are now offering support to the Rambo worlds not yet conquered by the Imperials.

Battle of Ramsoria[]

Shortly after the fall of the Rambo homeworld the colony of Ramsoria refused to surrender, so the Ruin Sector Alliance was sent to deal with the colony. Captain Glix was put in charge of the assault force.

The battle over Ramsoria was long and difficult but at the end the RSA won. The space above Ramsoria was well deafened with 19 ships of different classes but the RSA sent a larger force of 40 ships that was mostly made up of battle pods.

The battle raged on for three hours but at last the RSA pushed threw the Rambo defenders and landed on the colony.

RSA ships fighting Rambo ships

The land battle of Ramsoria was rather quick, only lasting an hour but it was very bloody and calmed over 10,000 lives on both sides. close to the end of the battle Captain Glix ordered an Tralor elite to fight his way to the Ramsoria capital and kidnap Ambassador Ram'Varis for interrogation.

A Rambo fighting an Naurt

Ram'Varis was being protected by a group of Judges so the Tralor Elite had to fight them to get to the Ambassador, so after an long dual the Tralor Elite killed the Rambo Judges. Sometime during the battle the Tralor Freedom Force was able to brake threw the RSA blockade and launch an counterstrike to help the Rambo defeat the RSA.

Battle of Rametru Nui[]

The SCWM-2000 VTRONs boarding the Imperial cruiser

When the Fleet arrived at Rametru Nui, they met an Imperial fleet waiting for them. The ships pounded each other hard, and the Fleet of Retribution was only barely winning. Then, the Sylits had an idea. They moved an SE-Bumblebee within yards of an Imperial Light Cruiser, and then dropped SCWM-2000 VTRONs (Sylit war robots) onto the cruiser. They got into the ship through an air duct, and took the Lizardians inside by surprise. The VTRONs took control of the cruiser. Before the other ships in the Imperial fleet had realized what had happened, they were destroyed by what they thought was their teammate. The Fleet of Retribution entered the atmosphere of Rametru Nui and saved the Rambo there.

Help from Bo Ramik, Warlord of the DCP[]

Bo Ramik, a DCP super-soldier and warlord.

The DCP has recently created Warlords, for several large sectors of DCP space. Bo Ramik, and his legions of sky warriors (consisting of atmospheric troops and fleets) have begun to attack Ruin Sector Alliance colonies, and have even liberating a previously conquered Rambo colonies, freeing the Rambo soliders for a resistence movement.

Quadrantia Threaty[]

A small part of the Quadrantia Threaty Fleet

As Rambo Nation saw there allies fighting to liberate them again, Senator Aur'Lumniassa approached Empress Ramashe and proposed a dangerous idea.

After thinking over it, Ramashe approved and in secret Aur'Lumniassa contacted the Xiaan Alliance, the Hutter Kingdom and the Swerion Trade Federation. However, the Swerions did not want to be involved with the Imperial Alliance and did not even take the notice of the Senators plan, however the Xiaan Álliance and the Hutters did, and so Rambo Nation, the Xiaan Alliance and the Hutter Kingdom signed in secret the Quadrantia Threaty, without knowledge to the Imperials, the Threaty members prepared to liberate the Rambo Capitol first and so go on to the other Capitol planets. With untrust at eachother, they prepared a large fleet in Creckel territory to launch a surprise attack. Secret transmissions were also send to the other allies of Rambo Nation, including the CSA, the DCP, Tralor Freedom Force and the Sylit Republic.

Now those whom signed the Quadrantia Threaty were awaiting the replies from the allies.

Battle of Cancerti[]

Battle of Cancerti, whith the Mortalitas Trooper watching from withing the Liberty

As the Galactic Emperor grew tired of the awaiting replies on his Galactic Message, he wanted to increase the pressure and Lizaconda's special mission was revealed.

As Lizaconda arrived near CSA space he invaded the Colonie of Cancerti with a large fleet, compromised of Imperial ships, and the new found members the Mortalitas. As the Imperials used the knowledge of the Mortalitas about the CSA the Imperial Alliance was able to surprise the CSA and take the fleet stationed there by surprise. As the Imperials broke threw the CSA fleet stationed at Cancerti the boarding and landing invasion had started after heavy bombartments at Delphinica, a part of the city caught flames. However, things got complicated as the USS Hood arrived with Rambo ships and targeted the Imperials. In a last effort Lizaconda send a special Mortalitas trooper into the City of Delphinica, the Second City of Cancerti. The Mortalitas trooper managed to aid the already invading Imperial troops and even managed to defeat Captain Rambas II escort and took him captive. However, Rambas II assured the Mortalitas that the CSA won't leave the Colonie in there hands. Lizaconda, happy with the fall of Cancerti left the battle scene and left command of the fleet in hands of a Mortalitas Officer.

The Admirals Arrival[]

Hunter Class Star Destroyers engage the Imperial Fleet

Admiral Cretaceous of the CSA attacked the Imperial occupied Cancerti with a huge fleet consisting of many Star Destroyers and Frigates. They brock thew the blockade and began landing troops near the cities of Delphinica and the capital Delphi. The Admiral landed near where Rambas II was taken and went on a personal mission to find him. The Imperial Alliance deployed the new Walkers in the city to destroy the CSA troops, however the Imperials did not take Rambas IIs assurance that the CSA would return seriously and so the walkers were destroyed by the reinforcements. Cretaceous defeated waves of troops and eventually found Rambas II about to be boarded on an Imperial Shuttle. Luckily Cretaceous saved him. The Fleet in orbit was destroying the remaining Imperial ships as others began to evacuate. Cncerti was liberated

Caldari ridge[]

The Space battle over top of Caldari ridge.

Captain Votarah lead an Vartekian army through a Planet with about 15 Capricorn bases. Captain Votarah than succeeded in breaking through each and everyone of them pushing the Capricornians into their last base. On the Base the Capricornians held their position for days until at last Captain Votarah broke through their ranks and successfully called in an air strike within their base. The Air strike knocked out the Capricornian base and killed all the Capricornians except for their captain, Who narrowly escaped. Over head in orbit The Capricornians battled against a fleet of Vartekian destroyers and fighters. The Capricornians successfully defended their air space for weeks until Vartekian Reinforcements showed up and absolutely destroyed the Capricorn fleets. But, Admiral Cretaceous secretly lead a group of elite Capricornian troops and captured one of the Vartekian destroyers. They the planted exlosives all over the ship and sent it hurling toward the Vartekian fleet. Admiral Cretaceous then escaped through an escape pod with some of the surviving troops.

The Shaw Protocol[]

Admiral Shaw

The Shaw Protocol was a command enacted by Admiral Leland Shaw of the CSA to prevent the Imperial Alliance/Vartekians from finding the location of the Twelve Colonies. It was enacted after the defeat at Caldari and stated that any vessel that wants to retreat must do so without leading the enemy to any major population centres.

Any ship in danger of capture must self-destruct or try to lead the enemy into a trap. So far it is turning out to be more then successful. It is sure to safe countless lives and ships.

Rebellion begins[]

As the Quadrantia Threaty was signed by the various members, the Imperial Alliance nor the RSA knew of nothing. However, when Empress Ramashe sended out a transmission on all frequencies the Galactic Emperor was unsure what to make of it. As the transmission only contained the following message: Dino/00/82/Spore.

Liberation of Rowar

However, the Quadrantia Threaty members knew and soon the Imperial Alliance would now too.

Liberation of Rowar[]

As the transmission was send, a large fleet of the Xiaan, Rambo and Hutter ships dropped out of warp in the Capitol System of Rambo Nation and headed for the moon of Rowar, where the shipyards of Rambo Nation were located. With the abcense of the Galactic Emperor, Aur'Lodin and the Lizardian Commander the Imperial Officers were unsure what such fleet meant. Upon contacting, they said it was a large convoy escort. However, the Imperial Officers were unsure and raised alarm and none to soon.

Upon coming in firing range, the Allied forces opened all cannons and soon broke threw the first line of defense and a free way was open to Rowar. However, the Rowar Imperial Defense fleet intercepted the Allied forces and a heavy battle broke out in wich the USS Dallas engaged an Imperialea Excalibur Class and a Xiaan Poseidon Cruiser destroyed an Imperial Star Destroyer. However, as a way was opened many of the Rambo ships held hostage at Rowar escaped and rebelled against the Imperials and RSA and soon joined the Quadrantia Fleet and the Rowar Imperial Defense Fleet retreated back to the Rambo Capitol of Dinoman82.

Cornered and in Peril[]

Fighters prove to be a problem for the Quadrantia Fleet

As the Quadrantia fleet had liberated Rowar they immediatly headed for the Rambo Capitol and prepared to engage the Imperial and RSA fleet stationed there. But a small task force of Imperial Fighters was launched and as Rambo Nation, the Hutter Kingdom nor the Xiaan Alliance had fighters, there fleet was in peril and a lot of damage was done before Xiaan Insectoid ships could counter attack some of the Imperial fighters.

After making an opening in the Quadrantia Fleet due ot the use of the fighters the Imperial Alliance and RSA fleet approached the already damaged Quadrantia Fleet and opened fire........

Week 06[]

Week 05 ended with the Quadrantia Fleet engaging the Rambo Capitol, but found herself in peril. None the less, the Imperial Alliance, the Ruin Sector Alliance and the Vartekain Empire continue to be a menace to the Allies and the Imperial Alliance has launched a new ship in active service, which marked the beginning of a Super Weapon into the Second Galactic War.

At the start of the 6th week the Quadriantia Threaty members were informed that the CSA and the Sylit Republic had also signed the threaty, and were going to aid the Quadriantia members.

Battle of Rosla[]

Battle of Rosla rages in orbit.

As Week 6 began, Admiral Cretaceous learned that an Imperial convoy bringing troops and supplies to occupied Rambo Space was making a stop for fuel near the Imperial occupied Colony of Rosla, Cretaceous decided that this was a fine opportunity for an attack. He mustered up three Hunter Class Star Destroyers and ten Valkyrie-class Battlestars led by Rambas II of the USS Hood to ambush the Imperials.

When the fleet jumped it was met with serious resistance and Cretacea needed to use very intelligent tactics in order to save the lifes of the fleet. The allied fleet, however took heavy casualties and was forced to retreat, but not before landing troops on Rosla's surface.

On the land they tried to infiltrate an Imperial Base, but not before being almost entirely destroyed by a mysterious Mortalitas General... Luckily, Cretacea and Rambas II were able to survive, and promised each other that they would never lose to the Imperials again.

Disaster above the Rambo Capitol[]

As the Quadriantia Allied Fleet was taken under fire by the oncoming Imperial and RSA fleet the new ship of the Imperial Alliance arrived at secret.

The Spacial Anomolies unleashed by the Immobilizer

The Immobilizer

The Immobilizer Class arrived in secret and as the battle was mostly fought between the Rambo Capitol and the Moon of Rowar some of the allied fleet managed to get pass the Imperial Fleet due to the ships that were launched from Rowar, that has been recently liberated by the Quadrantia Threaty members.

However, those ship were intercepted by the Immobilizer and a small escort of Imperial Ships. The Immobilizer, a secret weapon of the Imperial Alliance activated it's spheres and released her weapon, graviton waves which created Spacial Anomolies. The few Allied ships that were caught in it were quickly destroyed, however as only the Immobilizer was immune to the effects the Imperial escort was also destroyed by the Spacial Anamolies, and something unexpected happened, the anomolies were growing larger and larger.

The Unknown Captain was pleased, the first battle test had succeeded and the Immobilizer headed in one of the purple Spacial Anomolies, effectively evading scanners and awaiting her change to strike again and unleash even more of anomolies.

Another Failure[]

The Syllit's Fleet is ambushed by the Immobilizer

After the failure at Rambo Capitol, the Sylits launched Omega Fleet, a fleet of nearly 1 million ships, towards Rambo Capitol to try and save the Rambo there. At first the Sylit fleet did well and broke through the defenses. However, the SE-Horseshoes that make up Omega Fleet were no match for the new Immobilizer Class spaceship of the Imperial Alliance, whom was protected by the Spacial Anomolies. The Immobilizer Class and her secret weapon made the difference. After High Captain Aryian, third in command of the Sylit Republic and leader of the fleet, saw the tide turning in favor of the Imperial Alliance, he retreated Omega Fleet and left the planet, fleeing from the Imperials.

The Battle above the Rambo Capitol continues[]

the USS Eagle approaches the Rambo Capitol but finds her way blocked by spacial anomolies

As the recent Sylit Fleet was forced to retreat the USS Eagle under command of Captain Ramikku arrived to aid the Quadrantia and the Sylit's Fleet but found herself in peril as the Spacial Anomolies of the Immobilizer were still active and growing larger and larger. The USS Eagle approached the Capitol Fleet from the other side, evading the entire battle between the planet and the moon of Rowar and tried to ambush several vessels from behind. But was unable to do it as the Anomolies were blocking the way and the USS Eagle was forced to travel threw the anomoly, but found only debris of several vessels and did not notice that the Immobilizer was nearby.

The battle rages on

At the other side of the Anomolies the Quadrantia was putting up a decent fight as the Imperials were just as badly damaged and taken by surprise due to the Anomolies. During the fight the Chimera had to evade fire from a Xiaan Poseidon Cruiser and an Excelsior Class travelling at high speed chrashed into an Imperial Star Destroyers due to system failiures.

As the Lizardian Commander surveyed the battle, is soon became clear that the Imperial and RSA forces present at the Rambo Capitol could not hold there position for long, and now the Commander was unsure if Rambo Nation would be kept under Imperial Control, as reinforcements were not nearby..........................

And a new problem occured for the Imperial Alliance, the Civatron allies of Rambo Nation, the Nigitrions had already liberated some prominent cities and the Senate of Rambo Nation, the Imperial troops in those areas were obliberated by the overwhelming powers of the Nigitions.

Second Battle of Ramaakota[]

Liberation of Ramaakota

After Omega Fleet retreated from the capital system of Rambo Nation, they decided to liberate another colony, Ramaakota. Ramaakota had been taken earlier in the war. Omega Fleet, which still had about 900,000 ships, quickly broke through the Imperial Alliance forces and fought through the defenses. When they landed on Ramaakota, they freed the Rambo there, who were very joyful. As the Sylits were leaving, however, the Imperial Alliance tried to stop Omega Fleet. Due to High Captain Aryian's superior tactics, the Sylits and freed Rambo were soon on their way to Hydrand, where the Rambo would be transported to the Rambo colonies in Ramvelkys galaxy, if they wanted.

The end for the allies?[]

The Super Dreadnought!

The DCP and allies managed to yet release several more colonies from the Imperial Alliance. However, the Imperials had something very special planned - a ship so large, it would be equal to hundreds of Battlecruisers. Due to the Imperials great economy, they built their new ship - a Super Dreadnought, in a matter of weeks. The new ship is over 12 miles long, and is capable of releasing anomalies like the Immobiliser class.

A new light on the horizon[]

The Imperial Fleets Retreats from the Rambo Capitol

As the Colonie of Ramaakota was freed from Imperial and RSA rule the Battle of the Rambo Capitol came to an end. The Lizardian Commander contacted the Galactic Emperor, and told him the situation, the Anomolies slowed down the Allied Fleets, but destroyed most of the Commanders powerfull fleet as the Star Destroyers were to slow. The Emperor told the Commander not to worry and ordered him to retreat. The Commander did so, but was worried and angered by the loss, and began doubting the Galactic Emperor's intentions.

As the Imperial and RSA fleet broke threw the Allied Fleet as Anomolies were diminishing, the entire Imperial fleet retreated and the allied forces cheered in happiness. But not the Lizardian Commander he was furious but recieved immediatly new orders, he was to aid Aur'Lodin, as the Imperials had shown the Galaxy that Quadrant 82 and Rambo Nation could be broken, as they showed the Universe. And the Emperor had already what he wanted from the Rambo, but that remains a secret........for now!

The Allied forces were happy with the victory and soon after the Xiaan Alliance and Hutter Kingdom also declared themselves independant again and the Imperial and RSA rule was diminishing in both Quadrants.

Now as the Capitols were freed, the Xiaan Alliance, the Hutter Kingdom and Rambo Nation began plotting a new course for themselves, and were discussing the formation of an alliance..................

Week 07[]

The 7th week of the Second Galactic War meant huge change in the Imperial and RSA influances, as the Capitols were liberated, they unfied themselves in a strong organisation to counter the Imperials and RSA forces.

The 7th week also meant an intesify of battles, not involving Rambo Nation as the Imperials and RSA began targeting other nations and launched a massive attack at the CSA Capitol.

Founding of the Quadrantia Federation[]

As Rambo Nation, the Hutter Kingdom and the Xiaan Alliance were liberated from Imperial and RSA rule, they formed a massive organisation which they named the Quadrantia Federation, this unified organisation began working together to hold the massive victories and advance of the Imperial Alliance and the Ruin Sector Alliance.

See Quadrantia Federation

Capture of Lizaconda[]

The last battle of Captain Lizaconda and the Liberty?

As Lizaconda returned to Imperial Fleet he was ambushed by Captain Ramcard and the USS Dallas, backed up by numerous Rambo and CSA vessels he engaged the Liberty and her escort.

The space battle was fierce and some CSA Star Destroyers and Xiaan Insectoid Ships were badly damaged, but during the battle Ramcard managed to board the Liberty. After disposing some Imperial soldiers he found his way to the bridge where he challenged Lizaconda to a duel. Lizaconda accepted, but the battle was short as Ramcard is the best Rambo Officer and quickly defeated the unfortunate Lizardian. Upon his defeat he took him captive and the Imperials retreated.

Battle of Caprica[]

The Battle of Caprica


With the Sector Alliance fleets spread throughout Quadrant 82 and the Caprica Home Fleet depleted and off guard, the Imperials had an opportunity to deal a mighty blow to the CSA by attacking Caprica, the CSA Capital. The attack was led by Mortalitas General Zillom and he assembled an armada of thousands of destroyers and frigates—led by the Mortalitas Dreadnaught the Benevolent —for the strike on Caprica.


Imperial intelligence reported that President Inviere and Senator Apollo were having a Presidental Debate in Caprica City. General Zillom landed near the Presidental Palace and made his way there. He encountered members of the Caprica City Police which he destroyed easily. He found Apollo and the President and escorted them abroad the Benevolent in orbit. The Benevelent was being attacked by the Caprica Home Fleet and the Fleet of Retribution which jumped in near the orbit of Capricas Moon of Lunasa. However another Imperial Fleet, numbered in the thousands began firing on the Alliance Fleet. The battle was far from over.

Aur'Lodin arrives[]

The Lusankya under command of Aur'Lodin arrives!

As Aur'Lodin her massive fleet arrived, under command of the Lusankya they immediatly opened fire at the Fleet of Retribution. Taken by surprise, Aur'Lodin managed to get her fleet between the FoR and Zillom his fleet, this meant the Benevolent could not be attacked and the FoR first had to break through the Imperial massive fleet.

As Aur'Lodin ordered Captain Trentucula to take the Lusankya and attack the CSA Super Star Destroyer stationed at Caprica, happily he follwed his order and escorted by Imperial ships the two Super Star Destroyers clashed and both ships took damage. All the while, the USS Hood flew threw the Imperial ranks but was unable to reach the Benevolent to save the President and Senator Apollo.

The Benevolent in persuit of a CSA Star Destroyer

Shortly later, the Imperial Fleet managed to hold her blockade and the FoR was unable to break the blockade and regrouped near the moon of Lunasa to plan a new course of attack. And it had to be done quickly, as the Lusankya approached the CSA Capitol and prepared to bombard the planet. Upon the Lusankya her withdrawel from the front lines, the Imperial ships under command of the Benevolent began to advance and reopened fire at the Allied Fleet.

But hope was not gone as a well known Captain of Rambo Nation jumped out of Warp in the middle of the battle and approached the Lusankya.

Rambam Returns!!!!!! And he is not alone[]

The quadrantia Fleet comes to aid the CSA

As Captain Rambam of the USS Luna dropped out of war he raised shields and opened fire, clearing a way to the Lusankya. Aur'Lodin smiled, so the Rambo Captain had lost trail of the Laberynth? But to her surprise a large fleet of the Quadrantia Federation dropped out of war, led by a large Xiaan Poseidon Cruiser and was escorted by multiply Rambo, Hutter and Insector ships. This meant Aur'Lodin had to change course, but her ship was taking the brunt of the attack and the Lusankya shields were failing.

However the Benevolent was also still in the battle, but the arrival of the Quadrantia Federation Task Force and the return of an already damaged CSA Super Star Destroyer and multiply Star Destroyers meant that the Imperial Fleet was losing her footing and the lines were breaking.

Now the CSA managed to drop landing parties onto the surface again and the Imperials seem lost.

However, Rambam and Rambas II noticed a transmission sent from the damaged Lusankya by Aur'Lodin. It seemed the Imperial Alliance had one last card to play...............

The Super Star Dreadnought![]

Wormulon story

The DCP Warlord Bo Ramik and his legion of Sky Warriors arrived above Caprica, the first to arrive from hundreds of DCP ships. The DCP were going to give the Imperial Alliance a lesson - never to mess with their allies!

However, as soon as Bo Ramik arrived, so did the Imperials Super Star Dreadnought, and yet another wave of Imperial and Mortalis ships. The Imperial SSD was capable of destroying the entire allied fleet, and cracking open Caprica's crust (but not completely destroying Caprica). Bo Ramik ordered a Code:Blue Alert on the ship, and warned the Capricorn about the arrival of the ship. The Capricorn scrambled their own Dreadnought, and an epic battle between the two huge ships occured...

However, the Caprocorn Dreadnought was battling well, until the Imperial SSD unleashed its weapon. It caused critical damage to the Capricorn SSD. It was charging its weapon to fire on the Capricorn SSD to finish it off, however, Bo Ramik summoned his legion (the Sky Warriors are trained as living starfighters)! They left Bo Ramik's ship, the Manta, and continued on their dangerous mission through the space battle. A few Sky Warriors were shot down, but Bo Ramik reached the Imperial Super dreadnought by hopping from ship to ship. He had 30 seconds to blow up the Imperial Dreadnought's cannon. But he did so. The Imperial Dreadnought then fled the scene through a wormhole. Then, a flotilla of DCP warships entered Caprica's orbit, and surprise attacked the Imperials.

Rescuing the President[]

The Benevolent in battle

The Allied forces we're doing well against the Imperial Fleet late in the battle with the loss of the Super Star Dreadnought. However the Benevolent under the command of General Zillom was putting up a fierce fight in orbit. It was then that Admiral Cretaceous and Rambas II arrived aboard the CSS Independence. The Admiral landed near a prison where the president and senator Apollo were being held. He was met with resistance in the form of Imperial troops and walkers. After battling the Imperials he moved to the prison and freed Inviere and Apollo. He escorted them to the Independence in orbit where the Allied Fleet was mopping up of what was left of the Imperial Fleet. The Benevolent however fleed the system. The Admiral however decided to hunt down the ship and bring Zillom to justice.

Imperial Regroup[]

As the battle of Caprica was taking the place the Galactic Emperor ordered many of the Imperial Alliance her forces to regroup at the Imperial Capitol of Quadrant 82 and at the Dissia System. As the Imperials and the RSA recently faced some defeats and loss of captured colonies the Emperor decided that a second stage of the war was needed.

His plan to take out his enemy Capitols had failed, and with the DCP also joining the war he had to be cautios and wanted to regroup first and mantain there already taken colonies. Now it was time to play more secret, taking out or capturing vital trade routes etc. Now the Imperial Alliance was preparing themselves for a second wave of attack, but first the Galactic Emperor his plan had to succeed...........

Loss of Proogency[]

Battle of Proogency

As the Imperials were withdrawing a small task force attacked Proogency, the Outer Region colonie close to the Grox Border and very important to Rambo Nation. Captain Lizrawn engaged the colonie and after a short fight he disabled the Rambo ships stationed there. Even more, due to the signal jamming Rambo Nation and the Quadrantia Federation are unaware Proogency and the listening post were taken by the Imperials and as such, the Imperials could monitor transmissions of Rambo Nation and other Empires in secret.

Captain Ramanyia was captured during the battle and placed in a cell.

Battle of Gromjin[]

After the Imperial Alliance left Rambo Capitol, the Sylits relaxed a little, and the Imperial Alliance took their chance. Taking the

The supernova consuming the Imperial fleet

Sylit Republic by surprise, a massive fleet of Imperial ships stormed Gromjin, a Sylit colony in Quadrant 82. High Captain Aryian and Omega Fleet quickly responded to the attack, and tried to stop it. They battled for a few hours, and then Captain Aryian realized that Gromjin couldn't survive the attack. The people of Gromjin were doomed. But Aryian had an idea. He sent a transmission to Grand Admiral Dondrik, and his plan was revealed: the Sylit Republic were going to launch an STL at Gromjin, which would destroy the Sylit colony but also the Imperial Fleet. Aryian commanded Omega Fleet to retreat, but he stayed with a few other Sylit ships to make sure the Imperials didn't leave, and they would be destroyed by the STL. When the STL hit Gromjin, a supernova was triggered. The entire Imperial Fleet was destroyed, but so was High Captain Aryian, who had stayed behind.

Dagian Uprising[]

The Dagian uprising was a critical event for the Ruin Sector Alliance as it marked its collapse. The event began after the other members of the RSA planned to assassinate the Dagian king and kill many of the Dagian warriors. The attempt failed and now the Dagian are getting ready commit peace talks with the allies.

Imperial Disturbance[]

With the recent loss of the Imperial Dreadnought at the Battle of Caprica, the Imperial Alliance and the Galactic Emperor lost a vital portion of their fleet. The Emperor was troubled. Also, with the Dagian leaving the Ruin Sector Alliance, the RSA was weakened, as the Imperials were, and the Emperor ordered an all out retreat back to Imperial Space and to hold attacks.

As the CSA founded a Galactic Republic and the Rambo founding the Quadrantia Federation, a large front was made against them and the Emperor needed more time to complete his master plan, but the war was not going how he wanted it.

He called the entire War Council together to bring up a new topic: making a truce with their enemies. However, this had first to be approved by the War councilors, and he hoped it would not mean the end of the Imperial Alliance.

Week 08[]

AFter facing some disastrous defeats at the hands of the allies the RSA and allies are facing a difficult time and fronts are breaking on many position due to the Allied forcing managing to make there stand. However the RSA and Imperial influance are not gone, and a valauble ally, the DCP has plunged into a Civil War. But a new ally, the large and powerfull Federation of Core World aided the CSA and Rambo forces in the Quadrant Galaxies.

And there are wispers that the Xhodocto also laid there attention to the Second Galactic War, however these are just rumors..........

None the less, this means Week 08 is the final Week of the Second Galactic War!!!

Liberation of Rambo Prime[]

Liberation of Rambo Prime

During the Battle of Caprica the Large colonie of Rambo Prime fell into Imperial and RSA hands. The Colonie is an important location because it is surrounded by various Wormholes, leading to the Tigris Galaxy, the CSA and Core Federation Galaxies and to the Sylit Republic her Galaxy.

However, as the battle was still raging on Quadrantia reinforcements arrived and battle Captain Lizassk his fleet stationed there. After a short but heavy battle the Imperials were forced to retreat when Lizassk recieved orders to retreat from Imperial Command. Angered he ordered his retreat, but not before vowing to destroy Captain Ramburgo and the Nigitrons in the future.

Unknown to the Imperials and the RSA and Allied forces, the liberation of Rambo Prime was going to be one of the last battles in the Second Galactic War, as the Xhodocto had also gained an interesst in the Second Galactic War and the RSA had internal difficulties.

Bo Ramik's last intervention[]

On the way back from where the DCP Civil war began, Ramik travelled to the Quadrant galaxies to give final help to the Rambo.

Due to the DCP's collapse into a civil war, Bo Ramik must return to defend the DCP colonies in the Tigris Galaxy, and to help Emperor Wormulus II in the Milky Way. But as a final act in the war, Bo Ramik gathered all the forces he could muster in the Quadrant, and decimated the RSA remnants. His Sky warriors secured over 10 more colonies along the Rambo/Imperial border. Finally, Bo Ramik gave the Rambo some DCP warships, which are very powerful, this was an act of trust (the DCP trusts the Rambo would be extremely unlikely to use it their allies, and that the Rambo were now advanced enough to understand and not harm themselves with it). The Rambo could now decipher some of the DCP's weapons and technology, giving them an edge in libereting their lost colonies.

Bo Ramik returned to the DCP, satisfied, that he had done his job in protecting the Capricorn and Rambo. But all that awaits him is the grim prospect of a civil war, something that was never expected to happen...

Third Battle of Ramgotheria[]

Taking the weakened Sylits by surprise, hidden IA fleets retook planet after weeks of stable peace. Retaking the planet proved distatrous for the Alliance, however; Sylit forces that had remained on the planet were hard to beat and provoked heavy casualties on the IA's armies. They retook the planet again, however, after most of the colony's cities were devastated by planetside battles.However, the CorFed intervened shortly after that, finishing the Alliance's hold on the planet for good.

Core Federation's Intervention[]

Once the recapture of Caprica, the Core Federation's forces blockaded the surrounding space. The forces surprised the Imperial Aliance as the ships had not arrived in days and weren't expected. CorFed forces, aided by the Rambo Nation's, recaptured most the ailing Alliance's last colonies, including the devastated Ramgotheria and set up their own colonies beside them in order to have bases of operation. With the Imperial Alliance failing to compare to the CSA, Rambo Nation, Core Federation and other allied Empires' armies, it seems there shall only be one end to this war...

But in an unexpected move the IA forces seemed to gain aground again-with a massive unknown ship that looks horibly like one of the Xhodocto's. Coud it be possible that they stole it? Heavy casualties are now affecting the CorFed, and they have had to retreat from some of the recaptured worlds, where the last IA forces are locked into a hideout on the inhospitable planet Stasje, protected by the monstrous ship. No outcome is certain now...

Division in the alliance and ambush[]

Early in the eighth week of the war the tides has changed the Ruin Sector Alliance was now on the losing side of the conflict and they knew it, plus Lord Lino's foolish decision to betray the Daging back fired and they lost a powerful asset. The council of the RSA began to bicker and blame each outer for the turn of events. Eventually the council stopped fighting and began work on something of matter...like fortifying Voiz Aitty

Also around the time of the of the councils bickering a pare of Lanat Class ships was able to ambush two Excelsior Refit Class ships and three Daedalus Class ships en route to Ramar Shadda.

The ambush

All of the ships was destroyed...all but one of the Daedalus class who somehow managed to find a weak spot in one of the Lanat Class's armor and crippled it. The Daedalus class made it to Ramar Shadda and warned the colony of the RSA presence.


As the RSA was falling apart and bickering among themselves, the Imperial Alliance felt the hot breath of the allied forces and was forced to withdrawn to Imperial Space and stopped the current invasion of the Cyrannus and the Quadrant Galaxies.

However, the Quadrant Galaxies suffered a lot of pain, and the Rambo had recently re-taken the Colonie of Rambo Prime, but the Dissia System and Koerband remained in Imperial and RSA hands and was being fortified into an Imperial Stronghold.

The Allied forces saw this as a major victory and tried to push on, but the withdrawn did not mean the Imperial Alliace nor the RSA were defeated and so, the aftermath of the Second Galactic War did not officially ended with a truce or threaty, instead the Quadrantia Federation launched a bold attack at the Imperial Capitol of Impaerusqiantia.

And the Mortalitas Empire, new member of the Imperial Alliance also was still bringing horror to the CSA.

Battle of Impaerusqiantia[]

A large Qaudrantia Fleet dropped out of Warp near Impaerusqiantia, the Imperial Capitol and engaged the enemy fleet there. Aided by several Athena Class Troop Transports they managed to land a decent invasion force at the surface.

Battle of the Imperial Capitol

However, as the space battle continued and the allied forces managed hold there stand, the ground forces were not so lucky as the Walls of the City did not break and the allied forces were unable to break through the ground defences of the Imperial Capitol

And shortly after, an another Imperial Fleet arrived under command of the Lizardian Commander and the Allied fleet was pounded and nearly destroyed. However, as sudden the fleet arrived they stopped firing. The Galactic Emperor contacted the fleet and said the Quadrantia Fleet was allowed to leave.

This event was due to a Rambo Captain at Impaerusqiantia, whom led the attack met with the Galactic Emperor, he told him the 2nd Galactic War had now officially ended and the Emperor allowed the Allied forces to leave without harm, however he warned the allies that the Imperial and Ruin Sector Alliance would hold the colonies they already had, as the Emperor seemed pleased with only holding Koerband and the Dissia System, however the Quadrantia Federation neglected these words, which could mean the end of them.

As the Quadrantia Fleet withdrawed to Allied Space, the invading Imperials left the Allied Space and retreated back to Imperial Space, as the Emperor told. However, the colonies that were in Imperial and RSA hands were instead fortified. The Quadrantia Federation tried to negotiate the freedom of these colonies without succes.

And as such, the Quadrant Galaxies enjoyed an unsteady peace, and it would soon seem a matter of time before another war would break out.

Rise of the Mortalitas BattleShip[]

Hunter Class Star Destroyers approach the Battleship over a gas giant.

Near the end of the war, the Mortalitas had built a superweapon, the Subjugator-class heavy cruiser, capable of neutralizing all power in its enemies with its ion cannons. Blasts from the cannons left the ship's targets defenseless and vulnerable to turbolaser fire from the Battleship without the ability to use deflector shields. Under the command of General Zillum, the ship began a series of strikes on CSAs task forces that left no survivors to tell the Sector Alliance of the weapon's origins or methods of attack. An Alliance fleet composed of three hunter class Star Destroyers found the ship over a gas giant they attempted to engage but the task force was completly destroyed.

Rise of Quadrantia[]

After the Second Galactic War, Quadrantia Federation became stronger. New empires, free of fear, joined it, like Imperion Pan Empire and many others.

Conclusion of the Second Galactic War[]

And so, with the failed attack at the Imperial Capitol of Quadrant 82, the rise of a new and powerfull Mortalitas Battle Ship the Second Galactic War unofficially ended.

As the Imperials withdraw from Allied Space, there purpose of healing there wounds was a ruse, as they did an important discovery on Koerband, which had to do something with the Rambo Gods.

Now as the Allied forces were nursing there wounds, many Rambo Colonies were destroyed or abandoned, and her influance was diminishing, however with the aid of her allies they were recovering. Also the CSA was recovering the fleets and attacked colonies and the Core Federation was establashing colonies in Quadrant 82 and became a more common sight, which the inhabitats of the Quadrant Galaxies were happy with.

The Tralors, members of the RSA were still dealing with the troubles in the Ruin Sector Alliance managed to secrue a decent part of Quadrant 82 and established some outer colonies there.

The other allies, the Sylit Republic, Nigitrion and the Delpha Coalition of Planets were rising in stature in Rambo Nation and were thanked by Empress Ramashe, she now plans to visit them personally, however with the DCP it could be problematic due to the Civil War.

While the other enemies, like the Greux Empire and the Vartekains were conintueing there hostile attacks and were planning there next move, the Second Galactic War, as said before unofficially ended.

Why? The reasons will be explained soon, but the facts are:

  • It has to do something with a powerful and ancient organisation.
  • The return of Artmyris and the discovery of the Rambo Acientia.
  • A new creature created by MatthewMosley.
  • The DCP Civil War.
  • Four powerful warriors of the Krass arrived to the Actual Universe.
  • Rambo Nation and the Imperial Alliance are officially still in state of war.

Hope we will see you next time again and thanks for joining the fiction, it delivered an awesome story and awesome adventures. Once again and till next time.

Greetz MatthewMosley and Dinoman82.

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Notable Adventures and battles[]


Invasion of Koerband

Attack at Koerband.png

  • Participants: Rambo Nation, Imperial Alliance, Captain Earionnae.
  • Facts: Captain Earionnae diliveres Algernon Wine to Ambassador Ram'Vell, but is drawn into the Second Galactic War.

Battles and Events of the War[]

Battle of Ramgotheria

Battle of Ramgotheria.png

  • Participants: Ruin Sector Alliance, Rambo Nation.
  • Facts: The Ruin Sector Alliance invades the Colonie of Ramgotheria.

Crash landing at Ramar Shadda

Chrash landing at Ramar Shadda.png

  • Participants: Rambo Nation, Imperial Alliance, Captain Earionnae
  • Facts: The Imperial Alliance arrives at Ramar Shadda.

Operation Shadda Revenge

Operation Shadda Revenge.png

  • Participants: Imperial Alliance, Tralor Freedom Force, Rambo Nation
  • Facts: Captain Earionnae dose not appear in this mission and this is the first battle of the Second Galactic War the TFF has fought in.

Operation Raptor Claw

Operation Raptor Claw.png

  • Participants: Imperial Alliance (Mortalitas Empire), Capricorn Sector Alliance, Rambo Nation
  • Facts: The Fleet of Retribution invaded the Imperial world of Veloci to destroy a critical imperial shipyard.

Operation Dragon Claw

Operation Dragon claw.png

  • Participants:Vartekian empire,Capricorn Sector Alliance.
  • Facts:The Capricornians Captured the Bio super weapon but were unable to use it due to the Vartekians clever Biological code activation system.

Operation wolverine strike

Operation wolverine strike.png

  • Particapants:Vartekian Empire,Capricorn Sector Alliance.
  • Facts:The Vartekians Broke through and captured all of the Capricornian Bases on Caldari.

Operation Retrieval of Ramgotheria


  • Participants:Imperial Alliance, Core Federation,Rambo Nation
  • Facts:The Army of the Federation and Rambo Nation's forces recovered Rambo colonies, among them Ramgotheria, and established CorFed colonies on nearby worlds to blockade the surrounding space.

Background of War[]

Arrival at Ramshall


  • Participants: Freed Rambo
  • Facts: You join a few other freed Rambo and land on Ramshall, a small Sylit-made colony for escaped Rambo.


The Epilogue is the prologue of a new Fiction, where many of the Allied forces are going to be drawn in.

The Discovery[]

The discovery of the Ancient Structure

As Captain Rambas II was flying threw space, he had a conversation with Princess Ramtilsae, whom he had picked up for a State Visit with the CSA. However half way, he got a transmission from the bridge, they had discoverd something and requiered his assistance. He took the Princess with him and looked at the screen.

"Current Location" the Captain asked, as he recieved them he noticed it was at the Far Outer borders of the Cyrannus Galaxy, he looked in awe, there was a discovery to do but this was dangerous space. Even as the Second Galactic War had unoffically ended, the Imperials and RSA had withdrawn from Rambo and Allied Space it did not mean the Imperials nor the RSA wanted to be allies. Nor did the Vartekains form that matter.

"Come Captain, let's look what that is, set a course helm" Princess Ramtilsae said, Captain Rambas II looked surprised, and after she nodded he approved.

Upon arriving at the planet he had contacted Captain Rambam, whom was nearby with the USS Luna. Captain Rambam was on his way.

As Rambas and Ramtilsae landed on the planet near the ancient and large structure, they wondered whom it belonged to and what it meaned. However, after walking through the building they arrived at the Central Computer and the Database, but it was an unknown language, none the less Rambas ordered it to be downloaded so it could be studied later on. Only the computer sended on transmission over and over again, something with containing Cognatus

Unknown to Rambas, an Imperial and Allied fleet clashed nearby the planet location and was seen in the distance from the USS Hood.


Last Battle of the USS Hood

Shortly later the USS Luna arrived in orbit, and that meant a disturbing turn in events, as another ship arrived, this was unnoticed by the Ramboidae Ships sensors and the ship sended troops down to the surfuce. As Captain Rambam talked with Rambas and Ramtilsae an unknown race attacked the Rambo forces on the structure, claiming them to be heritics. In orbit, the strange purple ship targeted the USS Hood, taken by surprise the USS Hood took heavy damage and engines and shields were failing. As the systems dropped, the enemy ship continued firing and the unfortunate Ramboidae ship was drawn by the magnatic field of the planet and chrashed on the surface.

After Rambas cleared a way through the building he met the person whom led the forces, but defeated him and took a shuttle to the chrash side of the USS Hood. There the USS Luna was waiting and Captain Rambas, in panick he told Rambam that the Princess was captured and the building taken from them.

Rambam looked grim, after a long hunt for the Laberynth, he now had an other dangerous mission to do, but that requiered the aid of his friend Leezard...........................

A new conflict[]

The recent events led to a new and dangerous conflict with a powerfull new enemy, and not only that, the CSA and Rambo Gods were preparing themselves for the Return of Artmyris and the Evil CSA Gods!!

See Intergalactic War.