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I was hoping this wouldn't happen...

- Warlord Kilnok

The Reclamation Conflict is a war of which the Cult of the Deathmarch posed a threat on the Onuris Alliance. If you want to join, so sign your username and your faction below and on what side you choose to be on.



The Randomness

The Valader








Sir! We're reporting a series of attacks - all by the same force!

What the?

All planets are being attacked, except...Mirenton...

Why not Mirenton - oh no. Oh hell no. Put Mirenton under high security! No one's getting in our out of the planet!

Yes sir!

All planets were being attacked, with superweapons, and massive ships to compare. All planets within the Onuris, except Mirenton. Hez'Kalka wanted something important on that planet. Especially if it were to launch a simoultaneous attack on nearly every planet in the Gigaquadrant. The plan seemed to fail miserably when Mirenton was put in high security.

Sir, Mirenton's locked down - wait...there's a ship - Tier 0, possibly Xhodocto!

Xhodocto? There's no way that can happen!

A transmission came to the Mirenton control. It was Hez'Kalka himself;

This is the last time, Warlord. Hand over the Sword. Or Mirenton dies.

There's no possibility you're getting into Mirenton at this rate, Kalka.

Heheheh...i'm already on your planet.

Kilnok was startled. The first line of defence within Mirenton was breached. Kalka only had to break down two lines of infantry to get to the sword.

Set up the turrets! That Mahanayan is not getting into the Archives!

The turrets were unleashed and set up, and had locked on the Mahanayan. The bullets fired, at an extreme pace. The swords were released - the bullets had no effect. They deflected back into the barrel of the turret, destroying it at an instant.

Get the Ultras!

A battalion of Ultras swarmed out of the building, hundreds and hundreds of them. They circled Kalka; their rifles aimed at his head. Silence had pervaded; and Kilnok walked down the steps, with his blaster in hand.

Leave, Warlord. You're outnumbered 600 to 1.

Kalka looked around; the Ultras seemed hesitant to shoot the target. Something was wrong. Suddenly, a tremor was felt in the ground. Chunks of the metal plated earth arose around Kalka, and spun violently. He outstretched his arms, and the Ultras were floored instantly. Kilnok was knocked to the floor. When regaining his vision, Kalka was gone. Only seconds apart. Kilnok steadied himself, unsheathing his blaster and energy blade, only for him to be flung into the building by an extremely quick Hez'Kalka.

I told you to stand aside, Kilnok!

Kilnok shot from his blaster, mysteriously missing Kalka. Kalka reappeared right behind him, picked him up from his head and thrown him aside.

You should move.

Kilnok yet stood tall, and let out a barrage of shots, all missing the Warlord with inches to spare. Hez'Kalka let out a mass string of attacks, constantly appearing and reappearing in a ghostly fashion. Soon, Kilnok was brought to his feet, helpless to say the least.

A guard stood ready within the archive room of which the sword was kept. He was just about to ready his gun when the vault door flattened him, thrown off its hinges. Hez'Kalka walked in, and his eyes met the sword. The sword used to be silver, but turned black and red due to what it contained - Kamik'Shi himself. Hez'Kalka kneeled before the balde, and it was almost as if they had a slient conversation. He picked up the sword, his skin turning a glossy black and red. Horns and spikes grew from his body, and his eyes went a terrifying red.

He simply strolled out of the Archive entrance. Kilnok, surprisingly regained his ability to move and fired from his blaster - Hez'Kalka did not expect it, and his back was scorched. He turned around, outstretched his arm, and clenched his fist. The archive builiding collapsed.

Kroc arrived afterwards, Mirenton was in chaos. He entered the ruins to see a bruised Kilnok, alive and walking.

What happened here?

Hez'Kalka happened.


Hez'Kalka soon arrived at his new fortress, on planet C-021. With the sword in his hand, the other members gazed at him in amazement. Hez'Kalka made his way to the throne room, and rested the blade on the throne itself. He kneeled before it, hoping to recieve an order of some sorts. A voice was heard in Hez'Kalka's mind;

Why...why did you come? I do not show mercy to my allies or my enemies - no remorse for those who bow at my feet.

Hez'Kalka had a silent conversation with the dark god. After exchanging thoughts and ideas, Kamik'Shi gave him an order -

Where I had started, you shall finish. You will destroy that god forsaken Galaxy, life is at is most...corrupt there. End the infamy and heresy within the dystopia.

Hez'Kalka accepted the order, but first his intentions were of more importance to him. The Cult were to attack once more. But not on Mirenton - the entire universe.

Rambo Team in Action![]

After the meeting at Rambo Command, where things were discussed like the attack at Mirenton, the assault at Caprica by the Cognatus, the Imperial Alliance and various other things, Empress Ramashe surprised Captain Ramcard with the fact that he was to lead the Rambo Team, various Serindia were genetically engineered and now had enchanged abilities. At first he didn't liked it and he was nervous around them. These X-Serindia couldn't be called Serindia anymore in his opinion, they changed appearance and attitude, but he could not refuse the Empress orders.

The USS Dallas battles the USS Guinevere and the Adarge.

His first order was to attack the USS Guinevere, under command of Imperial Captain Eear'Chisarlyna'Vaerynicz, shortly called Chisarlyna. She was in service of the Rambo Empire and the Imperial Alliance. She was from an unknown species which inhabited Quadrant 89. Her current position Rambo Command knew of was near the Imperial Star Destroyer Adarga, she was visiting the Clone Commander of the ship.

Captain Ramcard prepared his crew, "Red alert, when we exit warp immediatly fire upon the Star Destroyer or the battle will be more difficult than it already is". He shot an irritated glance at the female X-Serindia known as X-210, whom was bombarded by the Empress as his Second in Command, something he really disliked as she wasn't familair with the controls of an Excelsior Refit Class V2. With an unsure glance (a rarity among the X-Serindia) she responded "Shields at maximum power, phasers are fully charged and photon and quantemtorpedos are ready to be fired when we exit warp". Ramcard nodded, and X-210 smiled, she then took an internal comlink and said: "Be ready boys, we are almost there. Our first mission is about to begin!".

The USS Dallas exited warp and immediatly the phasers of the Rambo vessel fired at the Adarga, whom shields and transmission sphere was destroyed, effectively disabling there option of calling reinforcements. As the Adarga was hit and a chain reaction occured, the USS Guinevere charged engines and intercept the USS Dallas. Ramcard smiled, his scans showed him the Rambo Teams target, Chisarlyna was onboard the Adarga and so there was no holding back against there evil brothers, the Rambo Imperialea. "Rambo Team, change course, target is on the Adarga, we will take the Guinevere" Ramcard said. X-210 was surprised, that were fast reaction skills for a non X-Serindia.

Meanwhile, in the Rambo Shuttle X-599 grumbled. "Make up your mind Captain" the powerful X-Serindia said, he looked around when he felt a hand on his shoulder, it was Major X-493 and he said "do not worry, give the famous Serindia some time to get used to us. There will be more of us on the USS Dallas if we succeed this mission after all". X-599 then approached the Adarga shuttle bays and it seemed Rambo Command was right, she wasn't equipped with fighters of fully operational blasters yet. It seemed the Imperial Alliance was behind scedule with there ships and the two X-Serindia landed the shuttle and headed through the ventilation shafts straight to the bridge. However, getting to the bridge was easy, there arrival there was met with a welcoming party!

X-599 and X-493 battle Imperial Clone Troopers on the bridge of the Adarga

Meanwhile the space battle turned in favor of the USS Dallas, it seemded the Adarga's chain reaction also effected there internal systems and outer defense. And the USS Guinevere was badly hit by a precision phaser by X-210 remarkable skills and another photon torpedo meant the end of the Rambo Empire vessel.

"Oh-oh, we have a problem Commander" X-599 said while he was using his fists to give the Imperial Clone Troopers some flying lessions and sending them to a painfull dream. X-493, nicknamded Squad Command looked around, the Imperial Clone Commander was near his target, and protected Chisarlyna. He took his phaser rifle and aimed at the Clone Commander. Within seconds the unfortunate Clone Commander could not tell the differance between the flashing light and the pain he feld as life faded from him. He then shot an irritated look at X-599, better known as Chrusher and raised his shoulder. "Hahaha, I know what you mean, ofcourse I am not going to use my sword, fighting with my bare fists is way more fun" he yelled as various Clone Troopers fell to the ground and another one was send flying around the bridge. Within 7 minutes, Chisarlyna stood alone and the bridge was filled with unconcious or dead Clone Troopers.

X-599 then walked to Chisarlyna. "What are you going to do with me" she said, while her voice betrayed her fear. Chrusher simply raised his shoulders and winked an eye at her and knocked her unconcious. "That is not my concern sweety, let Ramcard deal with you".

They later arrived at the USS Dalas and were welcomed by Ramcard and X-210. Ramcard nodded and Chisarlyna was send to the brick, he would deal with her later. He then looked at X-493 and said "Well done X-493, that was pretty fast. Take some rest and I want your raport within an hour at my desk". He then turned around and walked away and crossed his arms at his back, he was to take the USS Dallas to her next mission, Chisarlyna had to remain in the brick for some while, he was first to investigate the appearance of something called the Cult of the Deathmarch, and he would have to do it with these X-Serindia.

DCP mistaken[]

Before the attack on Onuris and Mirenton, the DCP had been on a mission with the Salsetthe. It was obvious this new mysterious race, the Mahahayans would soon discover where the sword was hidden. The Salsetthe contacted the DCP, they knew of very powerful beings, that was well known for their knowledge and extreme power. After the discussion, the DCP took the sword, and escorted it with several ghost-phased Gargantuan class ships to meet the Salsetthe at a secure location. The DCP boarded the Salsetthe ship, where the sword was teleported and then destroyed, its information spread out, so Kamik'Shi could never be ressurected. It all went well, apart from an onboard computer exploding. Afterwards, the crews played 3D chess, and then departed to their homeworlds. A replica of the sword was created.


Neither the DCP, Salsetthe or the powerful beings fully realised the power of the Ilambil Katarn. As the replica was boxed up on its way home, in the darkness it transformed. Due to the sheer power of the sword, it could never be truly destroyed unless Kamik'Shi broke through himself. The sheer fact the replica was existing was enough, it began to glow purple with demonic energy, soon, it had become a manifestation and then finally, it "re-configured" itself and then the sword returned. Several power cables broke, while parts of the room collapsed under its sheer energy.

By the time the DCP had returned the now-not-such-a-replica-sword to its original place, they were unaware it had returned. Some technitions on the ship thought it was very strange how the room containing the sword in the ship was in such a mess though. With less fear, the DCP lowered their defenses around Mirenton slightly back to normal and awaited an expected invasion, however, nor did they expect that Tricarrion had revealed all the DCP defense strategies.

After the sword had been taken, the DCP believed there was nothing to worry about, the sword was a replica, Hez, like all fanatics, was a fool to them. For the Cult had lost significant forces that day. Just another group of zealots anounced various hyperspace holo news channels across the coalition and United Defense Network. Nothing to worry about. But there was something to worry about, and the DCP was very, very wrong...

Republic Sovereignty[]

A trio of Lance Bombers are launched from the CSS Resolute engage the Cult Cruiser

As the Intergalactic War came to an sudden end, the United Republic of Cyrannus began to grow yet again, and began to extend its influence into nearby galaxies. Knowing the Republic as a major threat, the Cult of the Deathmarch began to exploit the weaknesses that the Cognatus created.

On the gas giant of Jutio in the Milky Way, the CSS Resolute was patrolling, keeping safe the space that they won during the war. Suddenly, a large unknown cruiser appeared not two miles away and began to open fire on the Resolute, the captain, Adraci ordered that the squadrons of the new Lance bombers be launched against the enemy, however the damage being taken abroad the Resolute was strong and the shields could not last forever, those fighters better hit their target!

A Lance bomber strikes the engine of the Cult's craft, as the Resolute fires a fatal beam.

However, only one fighter got near enough to the vessel to fire a torpedo at the ships engine, severally crippling it, just as the Resolute fires a fatal laser into the bridge of the enemy craft, however before the ship exploded, it jumped into hyperspace! Adraci immediately informed the president...

Coming Soon


You Asgord...you've withstood intimidation...still stand benevolent after we wasted numerous galaxies. We will give you a reason to go to war now...

- Angazhar

Lezia is not here. We think you're very cute. Your faces and everything, so petable. Would you like to be our friends? Maybe you can come to our parties! Also, a reason to go to war? We never had any wars!

- Diplomat Kmorov

Oh, that's it! I'm personally going to land on your planet, and cut it in half! Or worse...torture all of your kind beyond recognition...no. I have a better idea. Hez'Kalka...will launch C-021's firing sequence. On your supercluster. That will get you to shut your pathetic mortal lips! Oh, and be sure to make Lezia know that I am personally going to rip her apart.

- Angazhar

These were the words of a conversation between the Xhodocto and the Asgord. The Xhodocto's innate hatred towards all goes even deeper with the Asgord. Their (near stupid) benevolence towards the Xhodocto has signified their utter destruction. Speaking through Hez'Kalka, Angazhar ordered the Warlord to initiate the firing sequence for Construct -021!

This brought the attention of the Kraw Galaxy, which has been targeted for destruction! The Onuris has been alerted to destroy the construct, but the Xhodocto Etherals guard it with intense power.

The Kraw Galaxy's Warning[]

Initially, the Kraw Galaxy didn't know about the C-021's threat, but a DCP Transmission to the Entire Galaxy warned the Entire Galaxy of the Horror that was to come.

The Kraw sent out a scout ship to the C-021's location. As it got closer and closer, the Kraw realized there was something wrong, as the construct was REALLY, REALLY large. The Kraw knew they had to build something equally as large to destroy it, but they couldn't, as they needed a Planet the size of a solar system. The Kraw Thought of moving to another Galaxy in another Gigaquadrant though nearby, the Gnaaha Galaxy. Millions and Millions ran away to said galaxy, hoping to find refuge there... Varkeos thought only the mighty people of the 1st Gigaquadrant could save them now...

The Asgord didn't believe what the Xhodocto said, and resumed their daily lives. Numerous warnings came, but the Asgordians didn't believe anyone, thinking it's just a move against the friendly government of the Asgord Empire. They will soon know they were really wrong...

The Iteok were shrouded in fear, because the Xhodocto were a weakness of the Recently-Descended Commander Zavrhos. Toragh 9 told everyone not to be afraid, because the Mighty Khereg thought they could destroy the C-021...

The Tahars made a 3D model of the C-021, hoping to find weaknesses, but they found none, and are now in fear of being destroyed. They took the Kraw's advice and sent most of the Civilians to the Gnaaha Galaxy, hoping to find refuge....

The Rest of the Kraw Galaxy followed the Kraw into the Gnaaha Galaxy, hoping to find refuge there. Everyone was readying troops to fight the Xhodocto. That was about 60000 Empires vs 1. But the Xhodocto had the power of a Million - The Kraw Galaxy just didn't know that...

Survival is their mission now.

Asgord Incident[]

While Diplomat Lezia was flying her ship among the Empires which made up the Asgord's alliance, a transmission came aboard from an unprecedented being - Khazurhal Angazhar. Her ship's lights turned off, stuttering.

"Angazhar! =D You're so cute!"

Angazhar's already unhappy face turned into a face which not even an average Asgord could call cute.

Pest. Whether you are stupid enough to call us cute or even stand next to us remains a mystery even to -

Awwww...can I pet you?

Angazhar began to feel uncomfortable around Lezia. Angazhar became inquisitive towards Lezia;

How....how could you call one of us...cute?

"Come on, look at you! So petable!...Can we have one of your hatchlings? So cute! =D"

The archdemon's body started to glow, and lightning surged through his body. Clearly, Angazhar's state of mind almost turned into extreme violence. Yet he kept his desire to rip Lezia apart concealed.

Shut. Your. Mouth. Unless you wish to become a part of what you fear most!

Lezia pet Angazhar's hologram, much to Angazhar's dismay. Angazhar roared, then his hologram cut off. The ship completely shut down, while the systems went on reserve power. Lezia was confused at what happened. Soon, a purple and red fog emerged in the ship, and what fabricated out of it was beyond comprehension. The ship's lights turned back on. Kamik'Shi was a transmission hologram.


"Awww...your'e even cuter! Can I pet you? =D"

Do you even know what I am....mortal pest?

Of course, silly! You're Angazhar's dad! Who's the mother?

Kamik'Shi turned towards the Asgord, though a hologram, he came towards Lezia, almost connecting heads. Kamik'Shi's voice changed from a Xhodocto to something far more terrifying.

What....what did you say...

I said you're Angazhar's dad! Who's the mother?

Kamik'Shi's hologram disappeared, only to appear as a fully physical being right behind her. Lezia was startled to see the demonic deity in her ship, she questioned him;

What are you doing on my ship?

Kamik'Shi struck Lezia to the floor, Lezia crying out in pain. He then kicked her, sending her flying across her own vessel. The ship's lights failed once more, Lezia steadying to the ground, bleeding. Kamik'Shi disappeared.

Where are you...why are you...so cruel?

Kamik'Shi let out a laugh which filled the ship with horror. He then appeared behind Lezia, picking her up - ready to devour her soul. The dark lord almost started to do so, when Tyraz appeared behind him, descended fully. Kamik'Shi threw Lezia to the ground, and turned halfway to see Tyraz ready to attack. Kamik'Shi smirked, and readied his attack.

Tyraz punched Kamik'Shi, who retracted, and punched Tyraz straight through the ship. Lezia followed behind, petting Kamik'Shi. Kamik'Shi threw both Tyraz and Lezia back into the ship, and grabbed them both by the throat. He then knocked Tyraz into the ground and attempted to devour Lezia once more. She shrieked in terror.

Tyraz then got up once more and punched Kamik'Shi again. Kamik'Shi looked at Tyraz in disgust, picked him up, and threw his fist straight through Tyraz' body. Lezia watched in horror as her lover spurted out blood from his chest. Kamik'Shi disappeared again, leaving the two alone. Tyraz asked Lezia for a kiss, which she did in return. Tyraz passed out, leaving Lezia alone. Much to her fear, Kamik'Shi abducted Lezia. No one knew what Kamik'Shi did to Lezia in that time.

Lezia woke up the next morning in a spaceship infirmary, being transferred back to her homeplanet. The zone was in chaos as transmissions were coming aboard.

This is not good, Commander! The Xhodocto are back, I repeat! The Xhodocto are back!

Oh dear god...Excavators! Evacuate the planet!

Aaaahhh! Xhodocto!

The rest of the journey was a quiet and seemed very long. The Asgord felt untouched by the Xhodocto's threat, but they, above all, are the most in danger.

Encounter near Fornaeria[]

"Rambo Command, it is....... kch, kch!

"Chiwankya battle cruiser Pantaria what is going on, please respond. Over!" a desperate officer of Rambo Nation yelled over the long range communication. He turned around and called his superior: "Admiral, we have an emergency transmission from the Panatria whom is escorting various blockade runners with supplies heading for Fornaeria".

The unknown cruiser destroyes the Pantaria as the USS Dallas approaches the ship

The Admiral looked concerned and grim. Fornaeria was just re-taken from the Imperial Alliance and now another threat was near? He walked away and send an encoded transmission towards the USS Ticonderoga whom was near Fornaeria to investigate with caution. He then filed the rapport and headed straight towards Judge Magister Ramgaarbath.

As the USS Ticonderoga exited warp she saw a surprising sight, an unknown ship held the Pantaria, a 2650 meters long ship at bay. Heavily damaged the Pantaria was in trouble and the captain of the USS Ticonderoga prepared to engage but was surprised to see three Chinawkya Blockade Runners heading his way. The Blockade runners managed to escape the unknown ship and with it the USS Dallas also arrived in the system.

A Rambo Nation fleet, backed up by various ships of Rambo Nation members prepare for the arrival of the unknown ship

"This is Captain Ramcard of the USS Dallas, let me deal with this Captain of the USS Ticonderoga, we are tasked to investigate the ship", Ramcard said over the speakers of the USS Ticonderoga.

The Captain of the USS Ticonderoga complied and prepared itself to escort the Blockade Runners to Fornearia but as Ramcard's ship approached the unknown ship it fired a beam at the Pantaria and the massive Chinawkya ship broke in half and exploded. Ramcard and the Rambo Team would never forget the sounds, as the cries of the crew were heard all over the USS Dallas. Angered he focused his attention at the unknown ship but it was way faster and escaped the USS Dallas, because Ramcard wanted to search for survivors first. He immediatley contacted Captian Ramuchi of the USS Enterprise-B who was at Fornaeria and told her to prepare for an unknown arrival!

A "Cultural" lesson for Rambo Nation[]

Ramuchi and her newfound fleet was ready, reinforcements of the various other races of Rambo Nation meant a large task force of Rambo Nation ships was defending Fornaeria.

"Status" Ramuchi demanded.

"Nothing yet Captain, space in front of us is still empty and there are no indication of..." the officer told Ramuchi, then his voiced changed. "No wait Captain, a space is appearing out of nowhere and is pretty massive".

The Cult attacked the defense fleet above Fornaeria

Ramuchi looked at her viewscreen and saw a blue/green ship dropping out of space. Wondering she made a handmove and from the USS Enterprise-B a warning was send to the ship. But to no avail. Ramuchi raised her eyebrows, who were these bold species to endure her fleet, the mighty and glorious Rambo Nation? A sole Chinawkya Cruiser headed for intercept with the Cult ship but the massive ship fired a purple beam and left nothing of the Chinwakya Cruiser.

Ramuchi rose from her chair in shock and ordered all the ships to engage the Cult Cruiser. "All ship, engage the enemy cruiser, destroy her and leave none of it in one piece".

Immediatly fighters engaged the ship backed up by Rambo ships, but to no avail, in mere second over 15 ships were incernated or disabled and then of a sudden, the ship left Fornaeria. Ramuchi ordered a full scan but indications learned that the Cult have made several scans and a transmission to the colonie, indicating someone was abducted. But she could not imagen whom. Report were coming in of many wounded and Fornaeria was prepared to recieve the wounded.

"Captain, an urgent transmission from Rambo Command on a secured channel" an officer said. Ramuchi awoke from her pounding thoughts and the face on screen she wasn't prepared to face.

"So you have failed Captain? I told you to be careful with these "Cult of the Deathmarch", and instead of listening you have 15 ships disabled and a citizen is missing. What say you?" said Empress Ramashe in anger.

Ramuchi was sweating, she heard the rumors of other captains that had to respond for there actions to the Empress, and it wasn't a pleasure they wanted to repeat. Ramuchi cleared her voice, indicating some nervosity that pleased the Empress:

I think we have learned a "Cultural" lesson about them my Empress.

Bukanabè defense[]

The Bukanabè trinary star system located in the Roger 1710 quadrant of the first Gigaquadrant. Three days after the Xhodocto's slight return incident at Fornaeria.

All seemed quiet in the vacuum of space between those shiny stars orbiting one another, having as companions those planetoid-mass formations once served as experimental psionic weaponry tests for the Host. Now those planetoids were filled in actual time with lethal psionic storms in high orbit and the ground is constantly bombarded by plasmic chain reactions passsing from a crater to another, like a warm in an apple.

Suddenly a flash explosion appeared near one of these planet formations, the blast seemed to expand in a majestic, bluish way. A massive vessel slowly came out of it, it was battleship Junevar, a great warship with excellent war history in the previous war of ages.

Just ahead of this enormous capital ship tiny freighters and destroyers came out as well, not noticed due to the fact that the spike arms of the Junevar and the counter-light cloaked them. Just as the warship and its fleet was finishing passing over that psionic Transwarp portal, thousands of fighters came out of their hangar tubes. The reason, another two fleets emerged from different planetoids to attack the arrival armada.

The Captain of the Junevar ordered a scan of enemy vessels as he watched how the fighters started a majestic show of excellent dogfighting. blasters usually tried to reach the bridge, but they crashed with a distanced shield from the ship. Finally the scan was complete, and the enemy fleet matched the invasion fleet that attacked the interstellar colony of Bukanabè orbiting one of the trinary suns. The enemies also matched with the signatures of their old enemies, the Xhodocto.

One of the freighters with enhanced sonar technology and with the finest sensorial warriors heared blade clashing and battle sounds in the disabled floating colony, though it wasn't as abundant as suspected, the Junevar fleet dispatched drop ships escorted with fighters as the battle progressed.

Somehow, these ships weren't as tough as once they were, the Junevar captain consulted the Onuris database for further questions, as the appearantly reborn Xhodocto's technology wasn't as powerful as they were before back in the War of Ages. A possible answer to this was that the enemies, either weren't Xhodocto but a great army of the Cult, or the Xhodocto were recovering strength, and the hibernation was strong enough to supress their full power when awakened.

The mystery of that victory in the Bukanabè system got far bigger when the rescued Krassio in the colony reported having fought a diverse army of demonic creatures. Why weren't the Senior demons fighting against a potential enemy? Were these critters the ones using Xhodocto vessels back at the space battle? Was this possible return of the Xhodocto a fake, and illusion to set the powers of the Universe once again standing in arms, or a reality slowely rising to its apex of destruction?

Eventually the fleet of the Xhodocto vessels was superiorly advanced technologically speaking, and they were far more in numbers, such an armada would be capable of defeating the well supported and great Junevar fleet in a matter of weeks of constant fighting and space siege, yet this Krassio salvation fleet defeated the enemy in a matter of 3 hours of constant fighting. More suspiciously, the Bukanabè colony was small enough for that Xhodocto armada, a massive bombardment wouldn't have allowed the colony to send distress calls.

The Captain of the Junevar has ordered recently to clean and investigate the rookie crew and staff of that demonic armada, though whatever the result is; by interviweing singular warriors to powerful masters of the psionic energy, the Krassio assume it was way to easy for them to defeat the Deathmarch.

Yet results are still to be seen, and this little incident is far from over...

Reclaiming Tuuros[]

A Hyperluminal Defence Station.

The Tuuros Galaxy had been a stronghold of the Xhodocto for millennia, and they had lived there during every Scourge in the history of the universe. Then, after the War of Ages, other civilisations settled in Tuuros for the first time. The Girdo Empire had been the first to visit the galaxy since the Xhodocto left. They built eight Hyperluminal Defence Stations around the outer rim of Tuuros, and sent ships into the depths of Nexus to purge the galaxy of any demons that had escaped from the Inferno Realm. The Sporemaster Alliance had also colonised a few planets in one of the outer arms, but a civil war soon erupted in their home galaxies and the colonies were abandoned, leaving only a few automated defences in orbit.

Several months passed, and the Hyperluminal Defence Stations were finally completed. Over a quarter of a million Droner-class starfighters orbited each one, and countless defence turrets covered the neutronium-alloy floors of the planet-sized megastructures. Finally, there were the hyperluminal guns themselves, each of which fired missiles that used their own intergalactic drives to head towards a target at one quadrillion times the speed of light, imparting enough kinetic energy to destroy just about anything. They were considered to be some of the best possible defences against any potential Xhodocto return in Tuuros, or at least, the best that anybody cared to build, as most people in the universe had assumed that the Xhodocto were gone for good.

Then, one day, they finally saw use. Without warning, the fleets of the Deathmarch began pouring out of Hell and into realspace, and started to spread across the galactic centre. The Stations immediately determined them to be a threat and launched their missiles towards the enemy ships. None of the ships were safe, but as soon as the Xhodocto began taking casualties, they made their way towards the sources of the attack. It didn't take long before the Deathmarch reached their targets, and the real battle had finally begun. Each Station was shaped roughly like a cube, and in the centre of each face stood a tower stretching thousands of kilometres into space. The Xhodocto assumed that these were the main guns that fired the missiles, so while most of their forces engaged the Droners and defence turrets, the largest ships fired their hyperlasers at the towers to make them collapse. At one of the stations, the first tower to be attacked began to fall onto one of the faces, but it was quickly vaporised by a barrage of weapons fire from the floor. The Xhodocto realised that the towers had been a decoy, and turned their efforts to a concentrated glassing of the entire Station.

However, the Xhodocto still lost many ships. Despite ultimately having both a numerical and technological advantage, there were more Droners and defence turrets on each HDS - at least at the start - than the total number of Deathmarch ships that could fit into orbit of each station. Also, the Droners and turrets were using superlasers of Xhodocto design, which - while still several orders of magnitude weaker than any of the hyperlasers mounted on board the demons' superships - were still able to inflict significant damage simply with the sheer volume of fire brought against the invading fleet. And on top of that were the hyperluminal missiles, which were continuously launched until their firing mechanisms were destroyed.

Within a few minutes, though, the Stations and their swarms of Droners were no more. Not long after that, a small Xhodocto flotilla found the Sporemaster Alliance defences, and quickly disintegrated them all. The planets that they surrounded, only recently terraformed, were glassed until they were nothing but lava-covered rocks, and Tuuros was lifeless once again.

The day had been a victory for the Xhodocto. They had only lost a small fraction of their entire fleet, and most of the ships that had been destroyed were only small fighter craft. And now, Tuuros was theirs once again.

Asgord Disaster[]

Lezia took a holiday (one of many) on the colony of Ka'tenes, a lushous, sunny planet which was a great tourist attraction. However, the Nightmare Crusade was flying past the colony. Unfortunately, for Angazhar who was on board, was caught on Lezia's channel. Lezia greeteed Angazhar again, much to the Demon King's dismay and anger. He landed on the landing pad of the skyscraper, and walked inside with a Xhodocto Machete in hand.

[Sigh]...You don't know when to quit....do you? Our race despises you. Heretics in our name...

Lezia chuckled, completely failing to understand Angazhar's seriousness. Instead, she got two cameramen to message his monolouge - which was put on an Asgord comedy channel. Angazhar continued his speech.

Our race has been among you. You crawl among us like animals...we burn your planets...burn your allies and you still fail to understand. Your race will die.

Lezia once again broke into laughter along with the cameramen. Much to Angazhar's rage, he throttled one of the cameramen, and grabbed the camera itself. Lezia and the other cameraman stood in a sense of confusion.

This planet has five minutes left. Pray it will take longer.

They laughed again, and Angazhar killed the other cameraman. Lezia began to feel uncomfortable around Angazhar, but still stood unchanged.

You know that they were our race, right? You hurt them!

Grrr....It will be you next! Be quiet!

The Asgord petted Angazhar, in return kicking Lezia, and then hanging her upside down with a rope. Angazhar started to operate his tacpad, which he ordered to send in a Hypercruiser to destroy the planet. Lezia started touching his tacpad and chuckling as well. Angazhar growled at her, and hit her to stop. At the instant the ship flew over the planet, two hulking Elites walked in, and bowed before Angazhar. One of them stared at Lezia hanging upside down.

Khazurhal! Our forces have locked down this tower. No way in or out.

Good. Prepare for evacuation. This planet will be excavated soon.

The one staring at Lezia asked Angazhar what she was, Lezia replying in a very social manner. The Elite convulsed in disgust, and both of them walked out. Once again, Angazhar operated the tacpad. Two lights glowed under the Hypercruiser. Some Asgord cheered and waved the Asgordian flage at the Hypercruiser. The Xhodocto squad returned back to the Nightmare Crusade flying above. The lights glowed continously brighter, until the skies began to darken, clouds overcast the landscape. Angazhar pressed a button, and a blinding, burning light filled the room that the Xhodocto and Asgord were standing in. A massive explosion destroyed the glass windowing the skyscraper. The light was gone, to reveal a hellish firestorm of which was once Ka'tenes.

...what just happened?

Look for yourself.

Angazhar cut down Lezia from the ceiling. She crawled to the edge of the destroyed window, shocked to see a burning landscape. She saw a broken and burning Asgord flag in the distance. She paused.

No....Nooooooooooooo! What did you do!?

Angazhar said nothing.

You...blew up Ka'tenes... Lezia broke into solemn tears to see the planet suffering massively. Angazhar violently grabbed Lezia, his claws running past her skin, making her bleed. His eyes glowed ominously.

Be thankful that you weren't there. The Kamik'Khazurhal himself wanted me to keep you alive! If it were up to me, you'd be a piece of charcoal like your friends!!

A message came to the radio. It was Kies, who said.

Lezia! The Xhodocto are a threat! I repeat, a threat!

Lezia gave a reply of terror - 'I know'. Lezia continued to cry. They were then beamed up into Angazhar's ship, while the Hypercruiser continued to excavate the planet.

Aftermath of Ka'tenes's destruction[]

Moments after the destruction of Ka'tenes, a special announcement on Asgordian TV appeared.

Newswoman - ...We have just received reports that the.. Asgordian...*cries* colony of Ka'tenes has been... DESTROYED! *cries heavily* I can't do journalism like this!

Immediately a Newsman replaced her. Males are slightly more serious and intelligent than females.

Newsman - Ok, what she was saying was that the Xhodocto, a recently discovered race of "Cuties" has destroyed the colony of Ka'tenes with a massive ship. (a video of the incident is played) The culprit for the destruction is a formerly loved Xhodocto figure called Ka... "Kazural" Angazhar. Many Asgordians left the empire, leaving to Horehronie, Kraw Empire. And now, Ko'han would like to make a formal announcement.

Ko'han, the Prime minister of the Asgordian Empire, spoke in the Imperial Palace in Asgordia, Ka'an.

Ko'han - Hello, Asgord Empire. We believed it was to be forever. We believed we would be in peace forever. But, a menace proved us wrong. The Xhodocto have destroyed one of OUR planets! And we had COUNTLESS WARNINGS for this incident! But WE DIDN'T CARE! And that means you! Helenia Karews!

People start booing Helenia, some feeling sorry for her.

Ko'han - She and Lezia are the actual culprits for this disaster! Listen Lezia, XHODOCTO DO NOT WANT TO BE PET! I knew this since Hexnaar! (June) But what does she do? She keeps petting them like if they were something like Tyraz Breek! I once liked petting people too. Until the Xhodocto came and I read about them. They are EVIL! They worship a God called Kamik'Shi! Who knows what has he done before! So, Who wants to save our empire?

Asgordians cheer, and rebels are formed. Rebels are currently a minority, but their numbers are largely increasing. Ko'han's goal is to form a Military Asgord Empire, thus splitting the Current Empire in 2 - A Kind Empire and a Federal Empire. Ko'han thinks this will save the Asgordian Race. All he needs is 1 Billion Approvals...

Cephalodian crusade for life[]

The Cephalodian race was beginning to become more actively known, for their strange biological technology and ways of life, as well as their campaign for a balance of nature. The Cephalodians share a strange affinity with life, and some have speculated, "rich in life energy", although this is unproven. The Cephalodians were peaceful, but despite this, unlike complete pacifists they will fight to protect the natural world, and their powers and advancement had been underestimated in the past.

Until the March of the Apocalypse, the Cephalodians regarded the Xhodocto as being no more than mythological. So much hatred life, beyond even xenophobia, the Xhodocto to the Cephalodians are the enemies of not only life, but to existence entirely. To the Cephalodians, life is essential, as it builds the universe. It is unknown what exactly the Cephalodians will do, their ships work in symbiosis, and will only go to war if their symbiotic biotechnology agrees, however, their shamans are already in communication with their biotechnology. It is evident however, that the Cephalodians must act soon, their rich life force must appear to be very succulent to the Xhodocto. Unfortunately, their biotechnology may well be ineffective against the life killing forces of the demon lords, but life adapts and evolves in an ever pacing rate.

Lezia in Peril[]

Lezia woke up the next morning. Or, as mornings go on the Nightmare Crusade. She woke up in a prison cell, terrified of her surroundings; black, gleans of red. The gates opened, for the Elites to take her to the Khazurhal's throne room. She was thrown before the Khazurhal himself; he, staring at her, instilling unparalleled fear. Hez'Kalka stood in the background, attentively. However, Angazhar was not on his throne. Something else was. Something...more than Angazhar. The throne turned. Draguros was there.

The Khazurhal and Hez'Kalka bowed in the Kamik'Khazurhal's presence. Draguros arisen from his throne (or to say Angazhar's), walking down the steps, and also observed Lezia, trembling in fear. He started to converse with Angazhar in Dark Tongue, in which he paused. They left, leaving Hez'Kalka, Draguros and Lezia in the same room. Draguros looked far different to the other Xhodocto, much more bestial than the others. He kneeled down to Lezia, and said;

So...you're the one who has caused my second in command so much trouble. Hmm....

Draguros choked Lezia, telekinetically holding her in the air. He looked at Hez'Kalka, in which he left the room.

Now...tell me. Why...is your race so...so different....

A horrific burning sensation came across Lezia, shouting in terror and pain. Draguros was feeding on her mind, trying to find the origins of the Asgord nature. Until Lezia became nothing but a soulless being. She knelt, emotionless in Draguros' Throne Room, groaning in a lifeless tone. Suddenly, she felt life in her again, had emotion, pain and motion in her body. She passed out; Draguros ordered Angazhar to return Lezia to Ka'an, along with other things along with it. Ka'an was in trouble.

The Khereg wants to help[]

The Iteok saw the Xhodocto Invasion of the Asgord Empire as a chance for the Iteok to prove themselves as "superior" to everyone else in the Universe. They thought if they could stop the Xhodocto Invasion, they would be revered throughout the Universe. Zavrhos only fueled those arrogant thoughts.

My men, my army, my children. The Xhodocto think they're so big, because they have a higher descension level than me, descended Zavrhos! Well, we can blow up planets too, we can kill people too, if an asgordian can survive petting the Xhodocto, then we can survive against them too! And so, we shall show the Xhodocto who's boss! Who's with me?! HAHAHA!!!

- Zavrhos

Most people cheered, some withdrew from the war. About 125000 men came to Ka'an to defend the planet against a possible Xhodocto attack. Zavrhos kept his pompous name of "Khazurhal Zavrhos" for this war, hoping he would successfully defend the asgord and prove Iteok superiority. However, they were like flies compared to the Xhodocto.

Battle Lines Drawn[]

Deep within a shrouded vault, Blademaster Hel'Bre'K of the Fordanta met with his ten closest blade-brothers, a group he called the Kindred. These eleven individuals had served alongside each other for millenia, and had become so close that they could nearly read each others' minds. The topic of this meeting was the threat the Xhodocto posed, and how to deal with it. As well as this, the subject of Lezia's capture was discussed, and quickly forgotten. The Asgordian had brought her suffering upon herself, and so it was decided that she would be left to her fate. With regards to the Xhodocto, though, more consideration was given.

The Kindred knew that their return would be disastrous, but it seemed hardly something that would influence the Fordanta. After all, the Void was not of this universe, and so would not be touched by the Xhodocto, but Hel'Bre'K was unsure. The Kindred decided to each take a phalanx of soldiers, and deploy them wherever needed to combat the Xhodocto. Hel'Bre'K was still unsure if he was making the right move, but his companions' support emboldened him. As teh others departed, Hel' muttered "Indeed, the Kin make our stand here, in this place, if not for ourselves, then for all life."

Annihilation of Ka'an[]

Angazhar prepared a legion of Xhodocto ships to surround Ka'an. For certain, this time, the Xhodocto would make their mark on the Asgord's memory. However, upon orbit of Ka'an, they were thwarted by Iteok ships. Angazhar ordered the ships not to attack the Iteok, only for him to descend to Ka'an with Dreadnaught. Asgord Rebels were protesting against the Empire; and then the Xhodocto squad in front of them. A short insult from the Rebels, and the team glared at them. The rebels fled, except for one who was transfixed on Angazhar. Angazhar walked over, dwarfing the Asgord. He asked where Lezia was, aiming his pistol at the terrified Asgord's head. He answered accordingly, and then Angazhar put his pistol closer. He then asked the location of Helenia and Ko'han. He then again answered. Angazhar lowered his pistol, then shot the rebel.

Angazhar found Lezia in her home, grabbed her and took her back to the city square. He sent a transmission to Helenia and Ko'han - Angazhar putting his pistol to her head. Helenia screamed in terror, while Ko'han couldn't care less - all he cared about was the petition for a split empire. He shut the transmission and took Lezia back to his ship, and then to the hangar, holding her over the edge, some 16,000ft in the air. She pleaded that Angazhar would let her go, only for him to throw her off the ship. Luckily, she was caught by the Iteok and got her to safety. Angazhar let her go, and returned into the ship. He ordered for the planet to be destroyed.

All the Asgord dropped to their knees, seconds before their planet would be destroyed. The cannon failed, much to the rage of Angazhar. He walked back up to the Hangar, and then to the front of his ship. He raised out his hand. The planet started to crumble, and then it was finally destroyed. Helenia and Ko'han made their way to Horehronie, both in despair.

Aftermath of Ka'an's destruction[]

Helenia, Ko'han, and in an Iteok ship, Lezia, arrived at Horehronie, which was in an overpopulated state. There were 25 Billion people in Horehronie currently - 16 Billion Kraw and 9 Billion Asgordians. Lezia arrived in Byarg, where she found herself a temporary home, and Helenia and Ko'han arrived at Yorg, and were brought into Varkeos's Palace, where Varkeos wanted to speak to Helenia and Ko'han.

Varkeos - "Asgord, Asgord, Asgord... You were warned countless times, but you didn't-"
Ko'han - "HER FAULT!"
Varkeos - "SILENCE! I Understand you, Ko'han. You have potential as a ruler. Serious, Good Listener, and Brave. I support a split Asgord empire."
Ko'han - *Looking at his wristpad, where it shows that 1.1 Billion Asgordians have signed the petition* "Yes, Thanks."
Helenia - "Ko'han, Please don't be harsh to your Asgordians..."
Ko'han - "This Petition says that they AGREE to be treated cruelly for their empire. Besides, It's only in the Federal Army, geez! And now, to formally announce the split. We need new Homeworlds. I'll take 3 Planets for now."
Helenia - "I'll take Vatelia as my Homeworld."
Ko'han - "I'll take these colonies for Myself: Hateos, Kina'atera, and Telki'enes, which I now call - Ko'hania, as the Homeworld."
Helenia - *Notices that all his colonies are in the Far east* "Why in the far east? It's lonely there."
Ko'han - "Exactly. As soon as the invasions stop, I'll formally declare the existence of "The Federal Khereg of the Asgord" in Ko'hania. Khereg because the Iteok are mighty, and my empire will also be mighty. You can keep "Friendly Republic of the Asgord"."
Helenia - "Ok!"
Ko'han - "Now, let's hope the Xhodocto don't cause further damage..."

Ko'han is now setting up everything for the official split of the Asgord Empire. Lezia, Helenia, and Ko'han will remain in Horehronie until they see that everything is safe for them to return there...

Light Sector Alliance First Battle[]

The LSA government had decided that, with the end of the Imperial Civil War, they could afford to fight the Xhodocto. They mobilized their reserve fleets that were not involved in fighting Taberon Scabro and sent them to a multi-race outpost near the Galactic Core. This would be their base in this war.

Neither the Xhodocto or the Cult of the Deathmarch knew that the LSA were a threat at this time, so the outpost's observatories were scanning space to locate the nearest Xhodocto or Cult legion. A small Cult fleet was targeted and the fleet moved out in order to take them on. Due to the Cult's superior technology, the LSA's plan was to approach them from behind and take them by surprise. The Cult fleet was small, but over 500,000 LSA ships had to be deployed to give them the edge.

Eventually, the Alliance caught up with the Cult using their jamming and cloaking technology. They managed to pick off several Cult ships before they noticed they were being tailed. Then the full battle began. The Alliance fleet's flagship, the AS Desire, was the only ship in that fleet that was superior to the Cult's. It proved effective, and over half of that Cult fleet of 10,000 was destroyed in the LSA's first strike.

The Fordanta Strike[]

In his new bastion in the Ko'Sa'Va system, Ja'Dan Fleetfather watched in utter horror as the Asgord capitol was destroyed by the Xhodocto. Very little could shake the near peerless race known as the Fordanta, but Ja'Dan knew that a shadow had settled in his soul that could only be vanquished in the fires of vengeance. Roaring in outrage, Ja'Dan called his greatest pilots to him, readied his ship and set out to launch a counterattack. As he flew, acid green spheres of light formed around his ship as every Fordan pilot who was off duty came to his side. Bladewings and Vendettas by the thousand flocked to Ja'Dan, and soon his fleet swelled to number some 50,000.

It was not long until Ja'Dan found his prey: a Cult fleet moving to intercept the Light Sector Alliance fleet that had earlier wiped out a smaller cult fleet. Although the LSA commander waved him off, Ja'Dan and his fleet roared to the vanguard of the army, ready to tear apart the vessels of those who would support such mass-murderers as the Xhodocto. Even as the LSA fleet fired off salvoes of devastating firepower, Ja'Dan's ships danced around laser, missile and projectile alike, flying head-on into enemy ships and cutting them in half with their razor wings. Finally, the Cult flagship was in full view. The Swordwing, Ja'Dan's personal fighter, blasted ahead of the rest of the fleet, propelled by engines more suited to frigates than single-occupant fighters. With pure hatred flowing through his veins, Ja'Dan tore straight into the armor protecting the flagship's engines, his ship cutting a swathe through the engine block and out the other side. For a long, terrifying moment, the ship screamed with the sound of metal shearing on metal, before the reactor overloaded and went critical.

In the aftermath of the explosion, much of the LSA fleet that survived the first attack still stood, and all of Ja'Dan's ships were accounted for, even though roughly half had to phase-out due to damage. What remained of the Cult fleet was quickly caught up and destroyed, and the Cult learned of a great threat.

Seeking for the Vorgormon[]

Since the existence of their colonies in the galaxy had been known, the DCP decided to weaken the Cult by extinquishing the Vorgormon. In the Miky Way, the DCP readied its weapons and fleets and started to search the galaxy. The DCP only found a few, which they destroyed, but soon the Vorgormon contacted the rest of the Cult. Millions of ships came to their aid, and the DCP had to regroup, yet there was no sign of the Xhodocto yet, however it is said, that they will tests the DCP's technology to its limits.

The Cult saw this as an act of weakness and decided to invade the DCP, however they also succumbed to a new defense innovation, the Drove Hunters. This drone ship demonstates the power of small autonomous drones. These unmanned ships are in the millions, which swarm important DCP sectors (controlled by remote in worlds distributed nearby by anonymous individuals). Although easily destroyed, they are replaced almost instantly on manufactoring planets, and using Tachyon drives, soon return to the battle. They are armed with a disruptor cannon and a salvo of transphasic torpedoes. Although not heavily armed, their numbers and anti-scan locking technology (as well as ghost phasing and cloaking fields) makes them extremely hard to destroy. Created by the same builders of the Torpedo platforms, these new ships were a surprise. The Cult's fleet soon found itself ounumbered. They cycled to superweapons, to destroy many at once, however, new Drove ships were created nearby each time one was destroyed, and were sent back to battle, quickly, due to their tachyon drives. The Cult's fleet was also subdued over a standard night cycle.

Radeon join the war[]

Since Radeons are old enemies of Xhodocto, it was the matter of time they joined. Led by hateful captain Telfinne, they are going to smash Cult of the Deathmarch forces.

Radeon fleet first appeared in a battlefield between Onuris forces and Mahanayan armies. They landed to turn the tide of battle at other side. The visage of strange tall warriors in black and white armor made Onuris armies to be slightly scared, but once Radeons talked with troopers in the aftermath, they rejoined the Onuris Alliance.

However, during a battle, Radeon commander Telfinne found a strange relic. On the corpse of dying Mahanayan commander, she has found a strange gem. She incorporated it into her armor, and then she has as incredible thrust of strength. Smashing enemies with her weapons easily, she became incredibly powerful. However, who knows what will happen to her then...

Looking for Trouble[]

The TIAF was confident in their military power after their victory over the Darkstar Alliance. Confident enough, in fact, that they were in the mood to fight a powerful enemy. Such as the Cult of the Deathmarch.

The TIAF decided to help the DCP's efforts to exterminate the Vorgomon, and went searching for some Vorgomon colonies to attack. As the invasion fleet of 100,000 men headed out, they had a destination in mind. The nearest detected Vorgomon colony would be the target. They soon picked up a Vorgomon outpost and zeroed in on it. As they descended into the atmosphere of the planet, the fleet soon realized their mistake: they had accidentally landed on a major, heavily fortified colony. There was no escape, as Vorgomon patrol units had followed them in, but there was no winning this battle, as this appeared to be major Vorgomon military base. After a quick discussion, the Captains of the fleet decided to fight and take out as many Vorgomon units as possible.

As you can tell, the battle went poorly for the TIAF. Within 10 minutes, half of the fleet was killed. Only 1,000 Vorgomon had been killed. However, the tide of the battle turned when a soldier made a discovery. The soldier had stopped to have a snack, and had a carrot, being a herbivore. Before he started eating, a Vorgomon sneaked up on him and scared the heck out of him. Out of surprise, the soldier whacked the Vorgomon with the carrot. The Vorgomon screamed in terror at seeing the vegetable, and ran away. The soldier could then easily shoot the Vorgomon. As luck would have it, the soldier had stowed five more pounds of carrots on one of the surviving carrier ships. After learning of the incident, the Captains ordered the remaining troops to return and pick up a carrot. Soon, the TIAF started recovering. Yet, the TIAF was still losing troops anyways, and soon, the Captains ordered the 5,000 survivors to retreat.

The Vorgomon patrollers were able to chip away at the fleet as they left. By the time the fleet arrived home, only 673 soldiers remained. The attack did not go as planned, but the day was not a total failure. They had managed to kill 90,000 Vorgomon, which, though not much, was an incredibly large sum for the TIAF. Indeed, luck had smiled on the soldiers who survived.

The Feast of Souls[]

Fresh from raiding the Asgord planet Kelki'enes, the Darklight Federation began to turn its collective gaze to the war between the Cult and the rest of the universe. Unknown to all but the High Archon's inner circle, the Khazerael Arkhadrax had sworn an oath with the Xhodocto. This oath demanded a sacrifice of souls in exchange for the Khazerael's own dimension not being destroyed. Arkhadrax knew that no matter what any of the major races of the universe said, the Xhodocto would eventually triumph, and with that inevitability in mind he drew his plans.

Arkhadrax's first target was a small splinter fleet that had broken off from various allied fleets during battles with the Cult of the Deathmarch. The fleet had made planetfall on a small, remote moon to rest and conduct repairs, and Arkhadrax sent his skiffs to harrass the survivors, and take as many prisoner as possible. The fleet had no idea they were under attack until a great rent was torn in the sky, and through it came all manner of bladed attack craft. Some were constructed to serve as gunships, while others disgorged squads of Khazerael Lowborn into the fray. Worse still was the last transport to make planetfall, as there were no Khazerael aboard it. Instead, there were a dozen hulking monstrosities of bulging muscle and sinew. These creatures were dropped off at the head of the battle, where the Khazerael were having trouble pushing past the defenders. The monsters tore defenders in half or ripped them limb from limb, and those that survived the attack were quickly carted away to be taken back to the Dark City. Arkhadrax regretted so many potential slaves dying, but he could not help but laugh at the spectacle.

Soon the squad of meat-monsters came under heavy fire, and although they were shot through, had their arms and heads blown off, they still charged forward, as combat drugs staved off death until the body could not carry itself any further. Even then, the dead bodies thrashed around, slaying dozens of warriors.

The main fleet lost contact with the splinter fleet in the space of an hour, without so much as a mayday. It would be weeks before an investigation team was sent, and by the time they arrived the Khazerael would have already taken every available resource from the world and left.

The Secret Strike[]

Recently the Vartekians had been acting low. Now They where ready for the final placements. They made a temporary alliance with the Xhodocto and thus had gained ground through their territory. The operation was simple yet large. Take out the allied forces piece by piece. Silently as well. The TIAF troops were leaving after a fight with the Vorgomon they had been weakened and became prime targets for an attack. Votarah wasn't about to underestimate them despite this. The TIAF sat in their ships they had made an astounding victory against a ruthless but somewhat peculiar enemy. Now all the soldiers exhausted and drained of energy were to tired to even realize that their communications had been shut down. The few that did figured it was just damage from Vorgomon laser blast. Suddenly Vartekians ships began to uncloak themselves as five massive destroyer ships engaged the surprised TIAF fleet. Explosions rocketed through their ships as screams harmoniously rang through space accompanied by the consistent bombarding of Vartekian Missiles and Photon blasts. The TIAF retaliated awakened and panicked. A wave a lasers flew at the Vartekians ships. The entire space became lit in explosions an torrents of lasers.

One TIAF after another was blasted to pieces. The other ships fled for cover. The Vartekians ruthlessly pursued them shooting down each ship to it's last fragment. A lucky battle ship attached itself to another Vartekian ship. TIAF troops flowed in overwhelming the Vartekian robots guarding it. Taking control the TIAF began to blast back thousands of missiles with the Vartekian's own technology. This small triumph would no last, another Vartekian battle ship collided with it. Both ships exploding with an enormous blast that rocked all ships nearby. In only a matter of minutes the TIAF where slaughtered. In victory the Vartekians departed. Leaving the ship graveyard. However, they took their own ships along or at least, pieces of them. They then placed Vorgomon ships in the empty spaces. With that the Vartekian moved onto their next target. They didn't realize one TIAF escape pod slipping out from the piles of rubble left behind.

DCP Assualts continued[]

The Bowship smiting enemies assunder.

The DCP itself is well prepared for war. With new ships, such as Droves, Subjugator class warships and a Lance class bow ships, the DCP began its new attacks on any Vorgormon colony or planet aligned with the demonic religion. Extremist zealots, which the DCP hate the most, are prime targets.

The new Bow ships streamed out of Tachyon Shift faster than a Xhodocto's wing swoop. The ships were oddly designed, graceful in appearence, and very large, they were covered in a shiny coating, as reflective as silver. The Cult fired their weapons, which were simply absorbed by the odd material. The "coating", began to form into long sword like projectiles, which were fired - like spears - at the Cult. It didn't matter how strong their shields, these were phased, and fired at incredible speed, barely seen glinting in the light. The song spears, or lances, struck down enemy ships and cut through them like butter. It was oddly archaic, such simple kinetic weapons almost like something from ancient times, soon all that was left was the blasted hulks of Cult ships with long spears sticking out their hulls. The DCP Bow Ships could fire ones smaller than a hair to the length of the ship. Soon, the lances soon "melted". The entire battle lasted 3 minutes, with only a few kinetic lances. Stunned, there was little the Cult could do, the ships left as soon as they appeared, once in Tachyon Shift they are uncatchable...

Rambo Nation out of the Game![]

Unknown to Rambo Nation and there allies, a famaliar Xhodocto had been released from his icey prison by Khazurhal Anghazar and was given a special mission. A surprising mission in his opinion, none the less Dhazhrak was eager to execute Angezhar's master plan and began plotting his move against one certain member of the Onuris Alliance.

Aur'Lodin, under influance of Dhazhrak kills the Galactic Empire of the Imperial Alliance

He travelled to Quadrant 89 where he appeared before Aur'Lodin, the Regent of the Imperial Alliance and forced her under his will. The results were dramatic, or very good to which point of view you are looking it at. Aur'Lodin, under the influance of Dhazhrak killed the Galactic Emperor of the Imperial Alliance and it meant the end of them. Meanwhile Rambo Nation grew rapid by the joining of other species and reformed her Senate and divided her territory in 15 sectors.

Dhazhrak acting as the Unknown Dark Lord

Dhazhrak then proceeded to his next stage, as the Unknown Dark Lord he would be responsible for purging Rambo Nation with internal problematics and due to his actions, the Vartekians were able to take over Javan. Also, the Unknown Dark Lord provided the Cult of the Deathmarch with information about Quadrant 82 her defences, now the Cult was able to use Quadrant 82 as a staging area, without the interference of Rambo Nation. This so called window was kept secret from the Onuris Alliance.

Dhazhrak appearance in Rambo Nation as the Unknown Dark Lord meant that the Cult would leave Rambo Nation alone, with the simple reasons by the Cult as they "viewed" the Quadrant Galaxies as unimportant. But who could have known that Dhazhrak and Angazhar there plan would reach that far, that it meant a shadow looming over the Nation and preventing them from doing much.

How that is possible, well that is going to be revealed over time.................

When it is far too late!


Exodus Activates

An invasion took place from the Onuris. Kanshin was under attack. The Cult were hours away from surrender. If Kanshin were to fall, then the war would be over. The Cult's operations would cease and plans would fall forever. Unfortunately, something felt entirely wrong. Worse than before. There was a great absence of Cult ships. Three, maybe four at the most. The Onuris could tear through those ships easily.

A radar scanned the life on the planet. Nothing was there. Completely barren with little other than a few wild creatures. All of a sudden, a massive life reading was on the planet. The planet itself had a life reading. The captains were puzzled. Something was definitely wrong. More wrong than that of any encounter with the Cult. The planet started to crumble, canyons formed incredibly quickly. The winds of the planet would have scourged all life from it. Yet the readings stayed the same. There was only one conclusion. Kanshin was alive.

The planet opened around the massive crater. The crater itself caved in, to reveal a fiery hell storm. It was its eye, and the planet body itself was an open shell. The scientists on board the Onuris fleet were puzzled. A planet was living. It moved to an empty part of space and disappeared from the radar. No one understood what happened in front of them.

Angazhar awoke from his meditation. With only one thought in his mind. The time came for them to break from their physical being. To become non-corporeal, a being of pure Chaos Energy. Angazhar assembled a great deal of Xhodocto who resided in the Necropolis to the arena. More Xhodocto than the Onuris could hope to count. They flooded into the Arena, in the seats and on the ground itself to see Angazhar announcing at the podium. The Xhodocto cheered intensely to see Angazhar there. Waiting for them to stop, Angazhar stood patiently.

He spoke:

"Archdemons of the Nine Circles of Hell. I have assembled you for this purpose. The time has come. Our world shall break free of the mortal oppression. We shall become non-corporeal, unlike the mortals. We shall truly be free of a physical shell. Free from all that a mortal cannot be free of! We shall become what fear was made for. A closer step to our true being. Since the start of our world, longer than even we can remember, we have taken a physical form to be like mortals. Our Creator wanted us to be like them, ascend them to a higher plane of existence when our task came to rid the universes of life. Of course, we all remember why our purpose changed. The imbalance of powers. We were created with the power over death and darkness. Not life, light or time! Death and destruction to all that we touch! And, you know what? I am proud that we are different. Who wants to be like those we want to destroy? We do not want to ascend mortals to a higher plane of existence...no. We wish to destroy them! Bring them to the fate that they deserve, for being mortals. It is time for them to feel the sting of fear. I will lead you all into Tuuros Galaxy. After this...there will be no need for materialistic militia. No more fleets of ships made from Nexidium. They will not destroy our bodies. We will destroy theirs. Gods will awake from their slumber...and so shall I! March foward!"

The Xhodocto were also puzzled by what Angazhar meant by 'him waking from their slumber'. But they marched foward confident into place. Overhead flew the Exodus. Massive enough as it was, the Exodus sratched the ground and into the universe. The Onuris' heart sank intensely to see the Exodus in their space. The Exodus remained motionless against the Onuris fleet. Until a red light emerged. The light grew in size. Exodus was activated.

The Onuris fleet retreated, only to find an uncountable amount of Xhodocto ships seep out from the darkness. But not physical. They were entirely black, with a white outline. They fired on the Xhodocto ships. The energy went through it like smoke. The Xhodocto ships were still intact. The Onuris finally found out what was wrong. The Xhodocto evolved beyond the need for physical forms. The fleet was engulfed by the darkness of the Xhodocto milita, and were not seen again. Angazhar laughed psychotically as their new forms were far from being exploited. There was little the Onuris could do. The Reclamation Conflict was over. The Xhodocto Gods awoke. The need for the Cult was still there, but the Xhodocto were nothing short of being more powerful than the Onuris could cope with.

Things were about to get messy.

Quadrant Disaster![]

After the Xhodocto and the Cult have been laying low for quite some while, due to other wars raging upon the Universe, the Xhodocto and the Cult had taken advantage of this, not in public but in secret they began plotting against there enemies. One of there enemies, one of the two who first dared to opposse the Xhodocto were known as Rambo Nation. Though powerful in there own rights, the Xhodocto known as Dhazhrak, a commander executed a devastating plan, which benefit the Cult and the Xhodocto in many matters. Though there were given hints, the full extensions of this plan remains a secret to all.

The first and last battle of the Insectors!

This continued for over a year (counting the Rambo Nation timeline), without as much as a sighting of the Cult, nor the Xhodocto for that matter in the Quadrant Galaxies. But the Quadrant Galaxies, and her citizens were inflicted in a disorder, which heavily damaged the Quadrant Galaxies. Due to Dhazhrak plan, and great execution of it the Cult had returned for action in quite some while. There target, the Insector Eldarions, strange insect like creatures of Quadrant 82, wise and trusted they are one of the members of the Cyrandia Alliance. With Dhazhrak in a high position within Rambo Nation, he managed began jamming all signals to and from Insector territory during the 4th month of the Quadrantia Disorder and the year 04 AQF of Rambo Nation. The Insector were taken by surprise, as El'd'Shar, captain of the Seleya was heading to the new Insecor homeworld, which was destroyed by the Imperial Alliance various years before. El'd'Shar noticed a huge energy release as over 20.000 Cult of the Deathmarch ships sudden appeared and openend fire. Within seconds, the Seleya exploded when her core was breached by the relentless fire powers of a Cult vessel. The fleet marched towards the colonies and planets of the Insectors and they called for aid, but none could hear them as Dhazhrak used the Rambo Nation resources to block all transmission from the Insectors, though the Insectors themselves believed it to be the Cult. In a last effort, they hide there databases in a secret facility, to one day be discovered by there allies. Moment later, the Cult fleet fired at the various planets, destroying all life and incernating a large portion of the Quadrant Galaxies population. Within 3 hours, the entire Insector civilization was wiped out.

The results of this were simple, Rambo Nation and the Cyrandia Alliance were in chaos, first the Rambulans and now the Insectors, it seemed the shadows did indeed loom over the Quadrant Galaxies!