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Beings of this universe. I come from the future to bring you a message which bears massive relevance to now. I am 'The Guardian'. 750,000 years from now, this universe is in great conflict between my masters and the Ayrai'Shikua over domination. However, the beginning of this war is very close. Two days from now, this universe will suffer a heavy blow. I am telling you to prepare yourselves for the coming storm, for in my future, the universe is destroyed from it. With a powerful resistance you will be able to stop it from happening. I urge you to gather your finest forces. With this you can change the future for the better. Be on the look out. Always.

- The Guardian

The Cataclysm is a six-hour-event that happened upon 'The Guardian's' prediction of a massive invasion that destroyed the universe. The Onuris Alliance will do their best to prevent the universe being destroyed by the hordes of the Legion of the Deathmarch.

1st Hour Edit

The Onuris prepared defenses around all of their galaxies; Cyrannus, the Milky Way, even the Kraw Galaxy which was crumbling from the inside. They had little information from The Guardian apart from the fact that they would attack this very day. They stood vigilant and in full belief there would be an invasion. There was no news from anywhere of any activity.

It was tense. Pure silence from space and no progress from anything. Until there was a slight disturbance in the radio. Something had caused it - a portal of some kind. Reports were appearing from all corners of the Gigaquadrant of the Demon Portals opening up - and demons were flooding out of them in a great ball of red flame. The Onuris weapons were prepared to fire upon range.

They fired. A small amount of the comets were destroyed whilst the much larger ones began to break into many smaller ones. The Onuris turned up the power. Still no effect on the larger comets. The weaponry short circuited along with a blinding red flash from a massive event-line. The universe was torn in half by Hell, and trillions upon trillions of demons spilled out of the celestial chasm.

2nd Hour - Kilnok Edit

Kilnok was defending the Milky Way Galaxy. He woke up after the massive tear in the fabrics of the universe caused the shockwave. His station on the barrier of the Galaxy was being attacked by the Sivir'Alipnim. Millions of them were on the walls of the fortress in space, tearing the structure apart. Comets kept battering the station and the winds from the tear-line had made his armies stumble.

Kilnok stormed out of the infirmary and picked up a blaster. His shields charged and his eyes set on the goal of defending this base. He ran over to the nearest control room - but before he could get a word out of the technicians, the demons burst the looking-glass and creeped in. Kilnok got behind the door - the vacuum sucked out the DCP technicians. His supplies of breath were now activated. The shutters came down and stopped more demons coming in - but there were enough in already.

Kilnok knew he could not get out of this with pure Grimbolsaurian brutality. He crawled into the room when one wasn't looking. One demon saw a slight green movement and walked over to where he saw it. Kilnok turned on his cloaking device and walked through the demons' legs, while the demon was battering the ground. Another demon came over to see what was going on. Kilnok's device began to run out upon exit - he was noticed.

Kilnok readied his blasters and melee weapons.

"Who dies first?"

The demons attacked with their brute strength and were cut down by Kilnok's claws and blasted to pieces by his guns. One demon managed to send Kilnok flying, but Kilnok used his jetpack and crushed the demon's head with his feet. They were no match for Kilnok; until they got up and reassembled themselves.

Kilnok kept going for hours. The demons did not stay down. The shutters were penetrated and more and more came in. He released an explosive which had downed all of them. He ordered that the DCP would fire upon this station. His plan was suicide to the receivers. However they agreed - a massive beam of energy cut the room in two - Kilnok thought for dead. But just before the room was destroyed - he jetpacked out of the room and into the battleground - millions of more demons than before.

Blasts flew from one end of space to the other - from both sides. He saw the walls of the station swarming with the same demons he saw before. He turned to see massive demons, the size of Gargantuans, flying through the landscape and clinging on the DCP station - and destroying it. He saw that that had to be destroyed. He zoomed straight to the walls of the station - blasting numerous demons off of it. He narrowly missed the comets plummeting into the station.

He reached the massive demon on the station. He landed on the roof, and gazed at the demon. The demon's tentacle raised - but it was its mouth. Many hundreds of eyes opened and then the mouth itself. It roared at Kilnok - and Kilnok sped towards it. The demon engulfed Kilnok and swallowed him whole.

It was dark in there. Kilnok luckily had a light, but blue streams on the walls of it's body lit up the way. Kilnok saw many crushed ships and stations in its neck. Among the wreckage, he found a Slipspace Bomb. He knew he could use it to its advantage. He followed the lights to the heart of the demon. The hearts to be precise.

The hearts were glowing blue. He tore a hole open - the blood of the creature gushed out. The entire cavity was glowing blue. He was swimming, and coughing up, demon blood. He got to the same heart again, and planted the blood covered Slipspace Bomb. He activated it - but he had no control over his body now. The blood was thick. He could barely stand in it - he was sinking in it. He struggled as hard as he could to reach his teleporter. The blood began to clot.

3 seconds.



Kilnok made it just in time - back to his homeplanet, Mirenton. He was weary from almost drowning in demon blood. As he came to, there was a dark red sky in the air. More demons were attacking.

3rd Hour - Apollo Edit

Laoi and Kara were crying in their nests. Heavy shocks in the night. Apollo and Gianne couldn't sleep either. Caprica was always peaceful at night - there was something very wrong.

Apollo undid the curtains in a fit of rage. His sleep was being disturbed and after a long conference. However his muscles went limp at the sight of an invasion - and a massive tear in the distance. Gianne picked up Laoi and Apollo picked up Kara. They knew they had to get off the planet, alive or dead.

They literally ran out of their residence after news of a comet was heading straight for their position. As it hit; they leaped into the air and held their children close. They collided with the ground. The comet gave birth to the Shi'Ali - massive centaurian demons.

Apollo pulled Gianne and his children behind his back and looked fiercely at the demons, even when they were twice the size of him. The demons held spears in their hand. One of them, larger than the others, barged his way to the front. He glared at Apollo. His family were trembling behind him, and the children turned away from the demon's presence. The demon roared at the Libertus, the shock of the roar made Apollo's vision blur. He then passed out.

Apollo woke to the sound of nothingness. The skies were still darkened, and most of Caprica was aflame. He was embedded with ash, in which he woke up with black spit gushing out of his mouth. He was confused as to what happened. He looked at his watch. The seventh hour. It was over ten hours since he saw his family. He uncovered his arms of the ash and then his face. As he stood up, the skies let in red sunlight. All of a sudden, the thought came back to him. His family. He ran as fast as he could over to his residence, crushed and charcoal. He went to his chambers and looked at the burnt nest. A small beeping sound. His small computer remained intact from the blast. He pulled away the floor that had been severely warped and held the computer in his hand. It seemed he had a message. From his family.

He read it. It showed coordinates. Orbispira.

He walked through the scarred city of Caprica. The smell of charred earth and the black fog that went with it sent memories of his mother through his mind. How she was killed in Caprica. Ships flew overhead, URC ships. Apollo waved his arms frantically for aid; none came. These ships put out the flames of the buildings. The dark skies began to clear, and the skies became a dead, bleak grey.

Apollo coughed. The fog stung his lungs. He headed for the local hangar for his ship. It could very well be there. The walk was far and collapsed buildings made Caprica a labyrinth. His tracks were covered so quickly by the dust that Apollo ran to keep himself from suffocating. However he came to a sudden stop and leaped into an abandoned restaurant, gingerly looking over the smashed window to see a Shi'Ali holding a Libertus by the throat. Many other Libertus were tied up and what looked like a bag of Libertus chunks nearby. Demon food.

Apollo knew he had to stop the demons kill further civilians. But with what? Apollo saw a blaster among the rubble. The restaurant owner must have kept one for the occasion. He crawled over, under the level of the window and picked up the blaster. He went upstairs, into the owner's room and broke the window. It caught the attention of the demon. It turned to Apollo's level and threw the spear. Apollo fired, and burnt a hole through the demon, however he was not fast enough to evade the spear. It grazed his left side and pierced the wall. Apollo held his cut. Blood had covered his hand. He went down to the captives and unfastened their bonds.

He and his group found the hangar. They set course for Orbispira.

4th Hour - Tyraz Edit

Tyraz was defending the Kraw Galaxy. Most of the Galaxy already was dystopian, the Asgord suffering a threat of extinction and the Kraw themselves damaged by the DCP. The Tahar were in power, however were not fully ready to take on an assault of demons.

Tyraz was in Terkom, slowly being swarmed by millions of demons. He and his sword, the one given to him by Draguros, were slaying the demons that threatened the Tahar citizens. Tyraz' feet were covered with the lake of black blood, in which he saw his distorted reflection. As he killed the last one in the pavillion, a cheer came from the Tahar civilians. They did not approach Tyraz, but from a distance, they cheered for him. He raised his head to the sky, blackened from the ash rising from buildings. The clouds let out thunder and lightning.

Tyraz looked down. He saw his eyes, glowing red in the reflection of himself in the spilled blood. In the reflection, he saw a Xhodocto appear over his shoulder. He turned around, slashing the thin air that was nothing. The blade let out a burst of energy and killed a number of civilians. The civilians ran for their lives. Tyraz dropped the sword in confusion. Exhausted, he dropped on to his knees. He looked into the puddle again, and saw nothing. He raised his eyes, and saw two massive feet. Angazhar had arrived there.

Angazhar looked even more terrifying than usual. The buildings surrounding the square broke slowly and began to gravitate to Angazhar's being. Tyraz picked up his blade, and with all of his raged poured into the blade, he swung it. The blade shattered in two. Angazhar grabbed Tyraz' throat and choked him. Tyraz' skin began to char, and he let out a massive cry of pain, enough to shatter the windows that remained in the buildings.

Angazhar then dropped Tyraz. The already cracked floor cracked upon impact. Tyraz was faint. He looked up, and saw the forbidding face of the Xhodocto, and strange blurs in the background. More demons.

" your wife..and then your son!" Angazhar said. He disappeared in a black portal. Tyraz dragged himself to his feet, and created a portal to New Draka. He was broken in body, and slumped on the ground right in front of Lezia and Kezoreg. Kezoreg began to cry and Lezia was in shock of seeing her husband bloodied in both his and demon blood. She dragged him, too heavy for her to pick up and pulled him on to an infirmary table. She, as fast and clumsily as she could put on the life supports. She knew that these were done by Angazhar and they wouldn't heal like they should.

Kezoreg let out a piercing scream. Angazhar held him by the tail. Lezia was furious - one of the few times she would be.


Angazhar started to laugh. He slowly reached his other arm to Kezoreg's back. Angazhar held one of Kezoreg's wings in one hand. Lezia's eyes went glowing red. Her skin began to blacken - and with a flash, a massive beam of energy, knocked Angazhar through the wall like a ragdoll. He then disappeared.

Lezia's skin went back to normal and so did her eyes. She picked up Kezoreg, who was writhing in pain. She put him on another table and covered the wound that Angazhar made. She turned around and saw Angazhar again. She never felt so scared. She passed out from Angazhar's horrifying gaze. Angazhar walked out of the building, struggling to maintain his body. He changed himself to a physical state of being. He was limping - from receiving a blast of power similar to his own.

Koluap arrived. He saw Angazhar, and by him, a bucket of lava. He threw it over Angazhar's body, hoping some success. Angazhar's eyes began to glow again and turned into a ghostly body once more. Koluap's face went from confidence to sheer anger. Angazhar roared, and Koluap's machinery failed. He crashed to the ground. Angazhar walked off, fully recovered. Before he could leave, a knife went straight through his head. He turned around to see Tyraz, fully recovered. Tyraz sped as fast as he could to catch Angazhar, but Angazhar disappeared before he could even reach his arms out.

Tyraz cried out in anger. He saw Lezia at the door, holding Kezoreg who was asleep, slowly healing his wing. Tyraz walked back in to take care of Lezia and his son. They never came so close to death as they did there.

5th Hour - Kithworto Edit

Kithworto was en route to the Cyrannus Galaxy on the account of business with the URC. Upon entering the limits of the galaxy he received a transmission from Apollo in Orbispira:

To all people entering the Cyrannus Galaxy, take caution! Demons are assaulting our planets and they've almost arrived at Orbispira! If you have any additional aid to give to the URC militia, that would be appreciated.

Kithworto stood confused. Demons? He knew of the Xhodocto, but more demons than just them? He readied his fighter and made way for Orbispira. The closer he approached the space, his ship's systems became increasingly glitchy, the displays stuttering, and then shutting off. However he trusted his instinct and landed on the planet with little time to spare before the energy shieldings turned on, almost slicing his fighter.

He landed in the Presedential Hangar, against the laws of the URC. Soldiers came by twos with their rifles and aimed them at Kithworto's ship. They looked above them to see the Kicathian ships fly overhead, some of them bigger than the URC ships. They pulled themselves together and looked at Kithworto's fighter: it was open, and nothing was there. They were startled and they looked around them; no Kithworto. The soldiers, tentatively searched around the area to see if Kithworto was hiding. No sign.

All of a sudden one of the soldiers were sent flying across the room. They all turned to see Kithworto with a soldier's blaster. They all fired, Kithworto barely outrunning the blasts fired. He disappeared again, the soldiers were confused. He reappeared behind them and swept their legs. They were downed, too wary to fight Kithworto. They held their hands up, surrendering. Apollo ran to the hangar to see the event and looked puzzled at Kithworto, because he has never seen a Kicath before. Kithworto pointed his gun at Apollo, but a blast from one of the president's guard disarmed him. Kithworto saw that it was futile to fight, and held his arms up.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" Apollo asked. Kithworto did not answer. He was taken to the cells under the hangar and remained there.

The demons began to slash through the energy shields and entered the planet. Buildings began to burn from the assault, but, with fortune, did not cause too much damage. Apollo went down to Kithworto's cell and asked him the same question. Kithworto answered;

"Your aid. I heard the transmission that you sent to outsiders from Cyrannus, whilst I was sending a message to you. Now, if you would kindly remove me from this cell I could be out there helping you from the invasion."

A heavy crash. Outside of the President's home a large rock crashed to the ground. Demons came swarming out, and started to climb over the palace. Apollo's family came hurrying down, Gianne holding Laoi and Kara in her arms. Laoi was unconscious and Kara was crying. Gianne had her chest slashed from a demon and she felt faint. She gave him Laoi, and with Kara in her arms, Gianne collapsed. Kithworto picked Gianne up and Apollo held Kara. They ran to the bunker, and, whilst closing the door, a massive red burst of flame passed straight through the hall. They closed the thick door and locked it. They could hear the heavy clangs of the demons waving their fists on the door.

Kithworto laid Gianne down on a metal table. Laoi came to, albeit very stiff. Apollo put Kara and Laoi down and ran over to Gianne. Kithworto examined her face: her eyes were pale and the wound she suffered turned black. She began to convulse, spitting out blood. Apollo stayed with her whilst Kithworto opened his pack. He covered Gianne's wound with a solution, and her convulsion stopped. Her eyes began to fill with colour, but she went unconscious.

The demons began to tear at the door. Kithworto moved Kara and Laoi to the end of the room, far away from the door. Apollo grabbed a blaster from Kithworto's belt and aimed it at the door. Kithworto readied his rifle for the demons to come through. The door exploded open and the demons swarmed in, too many for anyone to fight.

Time stopped, and a huge golden figure appeared in the centre of the room. The Guardian. He raised his arms, and with a burst of light, the demons were reduced to dust, and the rest ran away. Before he disappeared, he put his hand on Gianne's wound and it healed up.

They all stood confused. One split second they were close to death and then the next, there was nothing. Gianne came to, and struggling to get to her feet, held to the wall. Apollo aided her, and Kithworto still looked on confused.

Huge earth-shaking sounds rocked the earth. Blasts of energy from the Kicathian ships had eradicated the fleeing demons. Orbispira was saved from complete annihilation.

6th Hour - Khazurhal Santorakh Edit

Orbispira was safe. The demons had fled from the scene and the Cataclysm Rift was beginning to darken. The demons lost and scurried back into Hell.

Kithworto breathed a sigh of relief. Apollo put his children down and Gianne found herself on her feet. The guards were shooting at the fleeing demons and the Kicathian ships lit up the sky. The red clouds began to dissipate and the sun peered through. The buildings, charred as they were, breathed sunlight. Apollo breathed in the fresh air, however stuttered at the sight of something too strange.

Tyraz was urgently called to the scene. He struggled out of his bed; Lezia at his right and Kezoreg in his bed. Lezia, much to Tyraz' chagrin got up and hung onto his arm like a small child. Kezoreg hung onto his mother's. He shook them off, donned his armour and got to his ship. Lezia and Kezoreg too. They sat down, quietly, whilst Tyraz operated his ship; desperate to get to the scene.

Lezia and Kezoreg would not leave Tyraz' sight because of the encounter with Angazhar two hours before. They were frightened for both their and Tyraz' safety. Koluap also had tagged along with them after being shut down by Angazhar's power.

The buildings began to bend to a point. Parts of the skyscrapers crumbled off and gravitated towards the point. The skies turned a sickly green. A flash of black and and a huge moving cloud appeared. The skyscrapers were reduced to dust, and the others were floored. It left the planet. Towards Mirenton.

Mirenton was already in a dystopian state. Kilnok fought off enough demons, but more began to swarm in. He locked himself in the Mirenton Barracks. Alone, and with only the rhythmic booming of the presence of demons. A message was sent to him. It was Apollo, warning him of the green object going towards Mirenton. Kilnok had aid coming to him in the form of the Kicathian militia, but the demons were beginning to rip through the walls.

The brightness of the energy blasts from the Kicathian ships brought blindness to Kilnok. Demons were being eradicated, and began to flee. A huge wave of energy reduced the Barracks to dust as the green object passed through the ship. The ship crashed and annihilated the ends of the Mirenton city. As the green object landed, a ring of energy passed through the city. All of the ships crashed; Apollo and the others ejected from the scene.

The demons that were fleeing crumpled to the ground lifeless, like they were starved. Green energies passed into the object and it took form. Khazurhal Santorakh was in the area.

A sickly green fog had permeated the city. Apollo had readied his blaster, Gianne and his children behind him. Kithworto, Koluap and the emerged Kilnok as well. Tyraz had landed and readied his sword with Kezoreg grasping onto his leg. Lezia, none the wiser had run to pet Santorakh.

Santorakh raised his gloomy hand as if he were to pet Lezia. All of a sudden, they all froze in weakness. A sudden black smoke, emitting from the bodies of those surrounding him had passed out into his hand. They all felt the life leave them, and they sunk to the floor. Tyraz and Lezia felt the descension leave them, whilst Kezoreg laid lifeless on the floor, seemingly unconscious.

Lezia struggled to raise her arm. Santorakh grasped her in his cold hand and held her to his face. Lezia could not look into Santorakh's eyes; for he had no eyes. Santorakh's frail appearance, that of a malnourished Xhodocto confused her. She thought to herself -

"That poor poor Xhoddie, he's had no food! :_("

Santorakh knew the thoughts running through her mind and had began to speak himself;

"A young mortal woman of which is loved by no one, not even her own flesh and blood. The universe cries out in anger when your name is called. Least loved by your own bond who wishes upon yourself her own death."

Lezia was fazed.

"What? No, my husband loves me! =D"

Santorakh continued.

"Your husband protects you from your own dealings with the universe. Your very breath is an insult to powers beyond your comprehension."

Lezia's face had sunk. She thought about this long and hard in her head. Her thoughts broke when she saw Angazhar in the corner of her eye, clasping Kezoreg's limp body and staring at it. She, in her innate rage had directed her cursed power at Angazhar's own being. Angazhar stood unnoticed and had put his hand in front. Lezia's eyes twisted in confusion as this had affected Angazhar before.

Angazhar began to take the power back for himself. He could not afford to have something like that happen again. Lezia was too angry to realize her powers were making him stronger and her weaker. Lezia kept going on, and on, until she had no power to give. Angazhar dropped Kezoreg to the floor and left with his returned power. Lezia was confused and even tried it on Santorakh. Santorakh laughed in her face and continued to talk;

"You are defenseless, without even the protection of your bond or child. Where are you in this universe? You are alone. No one to run to and to where to hide from."

Lezia's mind switched. Santorakh dropped her and she had sunk to her knees once more. Tyraz was head-to-the-ground, the others also. Santorakh had then walked over to Apollo who had struggled to even move his arms.

"The famed ruler of the URC. Tell me, mortal, what will happen when the URC has no time for you and will fade into obscurity and have no right to rule. Your obscurity will drive you to the end of the URC forever. You will be responsible for the death of trillions across this galaxy...if my brother does not destroy it first."

"You lie."

Santorakh said no further. Apollo had his mind changed as well.

Santorakh left, and the fatigue of the others had gone. Lezia and Apollo got to their feet first and turned to their spouses. Lezia was fueled with the words of the Khazurhal, and had blazed at Tyraz. Tyraz and Lezia argued intensely, to the point where Lezia even tried to kill Tyraz. Tyraz pulled out his blade and ran it through Lezia's chest. She fell to the ground; blood pouring and her eyes pale. She was dead.

Tyraz fell to his already bloodied knees and wept intensely. Kezoreg too.

Apollo turned to Gianne, his eyes glowing green, and struck her. She fell unconscious; his children terrified. He turned to them, and before he could blast them, Kithworto had tackled him to the ground. Pinning him to the floor, Apollo struggled hard. Kithworto yelled at the children to run, before he was blasted himself. Kithworto's body laid there, charred and blood-drawn. Apollo then proceeded to turn the blaster on himself, before Kilnok pulled it out of his hand and crushed it under his foot. Kilnok rendered Apollo unconscious and took them both to a hospital.

Koluap stood heavily confused in the midst of the insanity that Santorakh laid upon them. He started to see flashes of purple and red, and manifested into Shu'ulathoi himself. He grasped Koluap in his nightmarish claws.

All seemed to crumble at the feet of Mirenton's people. Demons spread into the universe like a plague; and had targeted the insanity of those who suffered those of the Xhodocto's.

Another blinding light. An extreme blue, and then an extreme gold. A Vi'Navitum and a Vyro'Narza. Shu'ulathoi attacked; only for other forces beyond the Narza and Navitum's power had blasted Shu'ulathoi back.

Verezuon and Volzara themselves entered this universe, and with their powers, reverted everything. Demons across the universe were reduced to dust with the combined powers of the two Supreme Entities - and the Rift was sealed. Shu'ulathoi was cast back into Hell because of the powers before him. They left with no trace.

The mortals who laid on the floor arose from their psychosis; confused and above all relieved that their dangers were gone.

Aftermath Edit

Lezia was dead. Tyraz knelt at her body; limp and lifeless. Kezoreg helplessly nudged Lezia's arm, constantly repeating "Why isn't mamma moving?" with increasing desperation. Tyraz was statuesque.

Gianne looked down at Kithworto - his body burnt from the blast that he had taken. His eyes flashed; knuckles clenched and his tail moving erratically. He steadied to his feet and, and then looking at Gianne, and then her children clasping onto her legs, breathed heavily. Kithworto laid his hand on Gianne's shoulder, and said to her;

"Get out of here."

Gianne nodded, and following the footsteps of Kilnok, ran in that direction, with her children in hand. Kithworto stumbled slightly, and then, looking down at his chest, saw no burn. Tyraz caught a glimpse of Kithworto. He sharply glanced at Kithworto, getting off his knees and stormed up to him. Looking up at Kithworto, his eyes glowed red.


Kithworto stood unafraid of Tyraz. With a disdainful look on his face, Kithworto leaned into Tyraz, and growled. He sensed that Kithworto meant buisness - and with a swift movement - ran his blade through Kithworto's stomach. Kithworto looked down; blood pouring out of his stomach. And, with Kithworto looked at Tyraz - and with an ever swifter movement - kicked Tyraz from his grasp. He pulled out the blade from his stomach and threw it next to Tyraz. His wound healed almost instantly, which Tyraz saw to be unnatural in a mortal. Unless...

Kithworto was immortal? He survived a high-energy blast to the chest that would have killed even a Zazane. His wounds healed almost immediately and he showed no sign of pain. He was also strong enough to kick Tyraz away; in which Tyraz was incredibly strong.

Tyraz began to worry at the fact that he may be in a sort of trouble that he couldn't handle. However his Zazane nature kicked in, and he grasped onto his blade and assumed stance. Kithworto unsheathed his weapon. A sword - gleaning black with a Kicathian blue tint. Tyraz was not impressed - until he saw an equally blue column of light streak through the middle. And then a vibration.

"Nice..."' said Tyraz.

"Hmph. Wait until it cuts your head off."

Kithworto and Tyraz clashed. Tyraz believed that his blade would cut straight through Kithworto's, but Kithworto's cut into Tyraz'. Kithworto, with his blade pulled Tyraz' blade off him. He held his sword at Tyraz' neck level. Using his dark energy, Tyraz deflected the blade from its position, and picked up his fractured blade. He held it at Kithworto's chest level, and with a spark, a purple flame ran through it. Kithworto looked stunned as he realised that Tyraz was descended. Kithworto realised that Tyraz had knowledge of his immortal nature, so, in return, pointed the blade at him, and sparked a golden light through his own.

They clashed again. Flashes of both light and dark energy came from the blades, making Kezoreg shield his eyes. The waves of energy clashing together ran through Lezia's body. The dark energies gave her back her descension whilst the light energies gave her life back. As she breathed and looked at Kez - and petting - Tyraz was distracted and breathed a sigh of relief. Not noticing Kithworto was making his move, he fell to the ground, numb and confused.

He looked at his body and saw a glowing golden blade through his chest. He was rendered powerless by the energies that had stabbed him, and began to fade. Kithworto pulled the blade out of his chest and Tyraz regained lucidity.

"Next time, be ready to fight."

Kithworto cleaned his blade; stained with the black blood of the Zazane. Tyraz had the light energies in his body; he was immobile. As soon as the energies left him, he rushed to his feet and picked up a blaster. As wrong as it was for a Zazane to do so, Tyraz felt stripped of his honour. He fired rapidly; seemingly missing Kithworto. Instead, Kithworto moved incredibly fast, just nanoseconds out of Tyraz' comfort zone. And with that, Kithworto disappeared with no trace.

Lezia went over to pet Tyraz, and Tyraz, not noticing Lezia, let her do so. Lezia had Kezoreg in hand, and, looking at the place where Kithworto disappeared, Tyraz roared.

Kicathian ships left the remnants of the Mirenton's city. Kithworto's ship flew over Kilnok, and Gianne who just caught up. Koluap, on the other hand, left to New Draka to devise a scheme to make superheated liquids better than lava.