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All songs sing towards an end. Amidst order and primitive logic; the virus spreads. A command I deliver to you all - this malevolent design will understand its place. Usher in the new calamitous new age - strangle the cosmos and let it bleed.

- Angazhar

The Annihilation was one of the most significant events in Gigaquadrantic history, in where a vast sum of the Gigaquadrant's population was subject to death at the hands of the Xhodocto and their followers. The death toll of the Annihilation was never fully recorded, though it is evident that at least ninety nine percent of the known Gigaquadrant and beyond, including the populace was massacred or severely damaged in the event.

Following the event, the Gigaquadrant had entered a new period in history, with much of it taking many years to recover. The political, economic and social tolls that were taken on the Gigaquadrant years after the Annihilation eventually culminated into many other cold and hot wars that continue to the present day.