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So, a universe that stopped a race of gods because they couldn't accept a little thing such as their end? I shall make sure that this job's done. Demons or not.

- Hez'Kalka

The Second Coming is a sequel to the War of Ages, which resulted in the Xhodocto's defeat. This war is a record of the events that lead up to catastrophic consequences.

Wars Edit

Reclaiming Edit

The first chapter to the epic war. In this, the Warlord, Hez'Kalka and his alliance have their armies amassed, ready to take the Xhodocto Bane at will. Of course, resistance follows, but is the Onuris strong enough to combat this new threat?...(see more)

Second War of Black Fog Edit

Though the Xhodocto returned to the universe and wished destruction upon it, another force of darkness, rivaling the Xhodocto have come to destroy it with them. Will they succeed or will they fall like all others before them?...(see more)

Annihilation Edit

The Xhodocto grow tired of the mortals, and decide to declare war upon them. Yet the war becomes a far deeper than a few mortals fighting for survival... reality itself is about to change, and many mortal lives are about to be lost...(see more)

Side-Stories Edit

The Hunt Edit

The love and romance between President Apollo and Empress Ramashe's gotten a bit too much for the Demon Lord. And the Demon Lord hates relationships. So, love, romance and a lot of soul consuming, blood, and even more vomit worthy romance. Enjoy...(see more)

Cataclysm Edit

The grim message from the Guardian, 750,000 years in the future show the omniverse shattered and in control of the Xhodocto. The invasion of the demons that ended the universe begins only two days after the message. Are the Onuris Alliance up to the task?...(see more)

Mercuris Salvation Edit

The Mercuris Federation needs to evacuate the universe, but how will they manage to survive? Will Bio21 save them?...(see more)

The Recruitment Edit

As the universe recovered from annihilation, Shu'wokerama found himself lost and alone in the middle of nothing. His associates were all destroyed, and his link to Shu'ulathoi was damaged. He needed to establish himself once again, and started to search for new servants...(see more).

Omegatropic Edit

Presumed destroyed by the Xhodocto, during a sacrifice to save the Milky Way in the front of universal devatation, the Delpha Coalition of Planets were in fact "saved" by higher powers from one of their own futures, in a simulated copy or the original universe tapered to the edge of a singularity. The truth is that they were not "saved", but by the act of saving them will ensure survival of a legacy of futures...(see more).

Commitment to Insanity Edit

The Xhodocto Bane, originally the weapon used to defeat Kamik'Shi himself, was under the possession of the Xhodocto since the Reclaiming. Now enfused with Chaos, the blade had been renamed to Xhodocto Irony, and the demon lords of the Legion would fight each other, to know who would be able of wielding it in darkness's name...(see more).

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