The end of the War of Redemption brought peace and tranquility to the Bunsen Galaxy. At last, the galaxy had unified and there was no more internal conflict. Even the Levisala, long thought to be the enemies of galactic peace, submitted to the growing power of the Allied Bunsen Galaxy. But this galaxy will not be at peace for long...

The Levisala had plotted revenge for their defeat in the First Bunsen War. For years they had waited for the opportunity, and now was the chance. They had gained the trust of the Allies. The birth of new threats to the TIAF, namely the VFP and United Bunsen Republic, provided the Levisala with ample support when the War came.

The Levisala, seeing this as the dawning of a new era in the Bunsen Galaxy, named this alliance between the Levisala, VFP, and UBR the Revolution. Now is the time for the Revolution to strike, and revive the rivalries of long ago...


A Secret Meeting on Mido[]

Mido was a small spaceport in the heart of the Levisala Confederacy. It was inconspicuous and received little attention from the Allies. The perfect place for a Revolution rendezvous.

The leaders of the Revolution's military forces, Magnetar of the VFP, Lorrelas of the UBR, and Jaysmoth of the Levisala, met in the Capitol Building on Mido. History was about to be made...

"'...and as members of the Revolution, we hereby pledge our mutual support to the other members of our cause.'" read Commander Magnetar. "That's the pact. Now all we have to do is sign it."

With the signatures of the representatives, the pact went into effect. The Revolution was officially born. The Revolution now prepares for its attack, and its ultimate betrayal of the Allies...

Allied Suspicions[]

Meanwhile, the four other members of the Allied Bunsen Galaxy met on the Allied capital on Nivelia. They had grown suspicious of the Levisala's recent activity, having closely listened to Levisala transmissions. Multiple times the VFP had been mentioned amongst the conversations of high-ranked officials. As for why, the Allies didn't know. That was why the meeting was held.

The Allies confirmed their suspicions of a secret Levisala plot. What they knew was that the Levisala was not keeping true to the Allies, dealing to both sides. Soon, the Levisala would antagonize the galaxy once again, with help from the VFP. What they don't know is that there are others supporting the Revolution...

A Daring Decision[]

"This 'Rebellion' could be just the ally we need to defeat the TIAF once and for all!" "Yes, but we would need to contact them fi-" "Done! And they have already responded saying they wouldn't say no to an alliance." "Okay... next we need to agree that an alliance would be a good thing for OUR Alliance." "How could it not be? We can't beat TIAF alone, but with an ally fighting in their own galaxy, then we would have a chance, and once they're out of our galaxy, we can focus on the Iteok once again!" "You make a valid point. Anyone here NOT agree that an alliance with the Rebellion would be a good idea please speak now." After a few moments of awkWard silence, "Well then, it's settled. Send a reply, we accept the offer of alliance if they do."

The Wental Alliance was putting itself out on a limb here. They would need to send ships into Bunsen, and with their War in Wental already in full force, they couldn't exactly afford to lose anything. The next few weeks would be critical to their survival. They would need to defend Teron, and their homes, while also fighting and offensive War in Bunsen. This would take a delicate balancing act, so the Senate of Stars decided to declare a state of emergency and place a draft and ship requirements on all empires, forcing them to donate ships or people to the War effort, should they lose another battle. This was a great risk for them, but the profits could be equally enormous...

Getting into Other People's Business[]

"Comon, Tikid, it's so boring here! Lets follow those Wental Warships, maybe we'll find something entertaining!" Tikid looked at Yurit with an 'are you a moron' expression, and then grinned at Tikid's outrage. "I was thinking the same thing! Lets find out where these ships are headed, and then we can tell everyone else!" "EPIC!" Tikid and Yurit shadowed the Wental ships for about 2 hours before reaching their destination: an unnamed galaxy. "I call this place... Tikidica!" "You moron, it's obviously going to be called Yuritica, I found it!" The two got into an argument, and didn't notice the large TIAF Warship headed their way until they got a message.

You have entered TIAF controlled space. What is your identification, allegiance, and intent.

- TIAF Warship

The two fell dead silent. They looked at the massive TIAF Warship. The message repeated itself. "What... what do you think they're saying?" Yurit asked Tikid.

Reply now, or prepare to be boarded.

- TIAF Warship

The Warship leveled it's weapons at their little sloop. "Nothing nice, now let's get the hell outta here!" Tikid shrieked, while Yurit gunned the engines and started to turn the ship on it's end.

Last Warning, shut down your engines and reply or you WILL be fired upon!

- TIAF Warship

The massive shadowy ship then fired on the little sloop, which used it's computerized evasion tactics to avoid being hit, even as Yurit and Tikid screamed in terror. "Computer, if we don't make it, take us back to Nikkin! Ai!" Yurit kept his head better then Tikid who was shrieking like a banshee and cowering in the corner. The their little ship was hit, but not fatally. However, Yurit and Tikid were both knocked out or killed by this, so the ships computer did as Yurit had commanded, and set the ship off on a path back to Nikkin....

A few hours later

"Urg... what happened..." Yurit groaned, sitting up. He looked over, and saw Tikid's body smashed against the back of his seat. "Tikid! What happened to you!" Then Yurit remembered the strange vessel that had attacked them. It had been a TIAF vessel, he had seen videos of them on TV from people covering the War in Wental. He looked around, and saw a set of blinking red lights on the dashboard. The engines were at half power, they had lost the rear landing gear, and the left fuel tank had been breached, it was empty. The ship was currently using stabilizers and the central engine to keep it moving forWard, which meant they- no he had lost a ton of potential speed. He glanced at the radar, but the TIAF ship was no where to be seen. Yurit looked around, and saw nothing but empty space, until he looked dead ahead, at which point he saw Nikkin, heavily blueshifted, but Nikkin. He sighed in relief, then asked the computer how long till they arrived. "About 3 more hours." the trip was almost over, but Yurit now had 3 hours to deal with what had happened.

3 1/2 hours later

"It was a TIAF ship, I'm sure of it! " Yurit was explaining to a government official how the TIAF ship had attacked them without even waiting for a response, without even giving them a Warning. He had decided to hide that it was partially his fault for Tikid's death, and had messed with the computer files to make his story look completely true, cutting out all but the fourth message, and of that only the "shut down your engines and reply or you will be fired upon" part was left. He had also had the computer translate it for him, so he knew now how much of that had been his and Tikid's fault. The government offical nodded, and then turned to an assistant. "This means War. Attacking a civilian vessel, not giving a Warning, not even telling us that we were enemies, there is no other option but War."


The Calonu Empire is always looking for more, wanting to do and see and know everything. They are also always looking for new ways to get an advantage over the Salchum their arch-rivals. So, when their colony ships sent to a galaxy called "Bunsen" were destroyed by the TIAF, who they had followed back to their home, the Calonu were very upset. After debating among themselves for a little, they decided to send ships into Bunsen disguised as TIAF non-combat ships, hoping to at least find out some information about this aggressive organization. While there, however, they happened upon a small meeting of revolutionaries vowing to support each other and be friends against the TIAF. Well, now that was interesting to the Calonu. They debated some more, then decided to gather a large fleet and send it over. They would use this Rebellion as a chance to destroy the TIAF, whose aggressive actions were so similar to the Salchum Empire. In return for their aid, they would ask for tech and military support against the Salchum later, when the Rebellion was able to support a War elsewhere in the universe. But first, to find them...

The War Begins[]

Betrayal over Bablannes[]

The Revolution knew it would have to strike soon and strike hard to surprise the Allies, otherwise, the TIAF would come to monitor the Levisala. Once a sizable fleet was armed and ready, the Levisala decided to strike Bablannes, a TIAF fort deep in the Anthalti Cluster. It would be a difficult mission, but if it succeeded, it would strike an good blow to the Anthalti TIAF forces.

As Levisala ships materialized over the Bablannes Central Command, General Curawaas ordered the troops of Bablannes to fire on them, knowing that they were not here on goodwill.

The TIAF was taken by surprise, however, and lost the northern Central Command to the Levisala. As TIAF forces pulled back to defend the southern Central Command, Levisala troops continued the assault. The Levisala ships spread out to attack the other bases and cities of Bablannes, which would be easier targets due to the current situation of Bablannes' main command post.

Soon, Captain Lorrelas and the Main Strike Fleet arrived on the scene and rallied the TIAF troops forWard, managing to secure a vital bottleneck zone and recapture the northern command.

Just as the TIAF achieved victory at the Central Command, an unexpected adversary began to beat back the TIAF force. The UBR. The UBR overwhelmed the exhausted TIAF forces, coercing the TIAF into a full retreat from Bablannes.

As the last TIAF ships left the atmosphere, the victorious Revolution celebrated. They had managed to defeat the TIAF, albeit with the element of surprise on their side. Meanwhile, the Revolution forces elsewhere in the galaxy prepare to strike the other three Allies...


  • This is in Wental

The empire was having a typical day as their battles raged on in the wental area. After the meta had lost nearly all hope and they lost hope among their own people who questioned if the great imperium still had as much power as they had 1000 years ago. Even the emperor knew their glory days were over and they were getting old and weak. After the battle the shellious spies reported that a few of their allied members were plotting aganst the empire. The shellious army quickly destroyed them. Later more alien races started to question the empire's power over the area of the galaxy. The shellious were pulled into their territory by their own members,now ex-members of the imperium.

The shellious had more enemies now than freinds. The xhodocto,TIAF,iteok,and former members were all at War with them at the same time. The remaining allies were too weak to help and the wental alliance was too busy with it's War. The shellious took drastic measures as they sent ships farther than they had ever gone. The First Gigaquadrant.

This story was turning into the begining of 3.

The Simultaneous Strike[]

The Levisala knew that if they still wanted to take the AWA, GSC, and Bunsen Grox all by surprise, they'd have to strike quickly after Bablannes was taken. Attack groups of 150,000 units each were organized and deployed to the AWA, GSC, and BGR borderlands. The Levisala succeeded in getting the AWA off guard, capturing the major border planet Huronis and two other outposts before finally being repelled in a bold attempt to capture Amytokebbe, a well-known AWA military base.

The Bunsen Grox had been more prepared, being very close to TIAF relay posts in the Core Territory, but still suffered losses when the Levisala attacked them at a major border spaceport, Foroth II. The BGR fought the attack off with help from a passing TIAF Core Territory fleet.

The Grand Spodist Church had the most time to prepare, being on the other side of the galaxy from the Levisala and being a close neighbor of the TIAF. The Levisala fleet retreating from Foroth II joined the fleet destined for GSC space just as they began crossing a narrow strip of unoccupied space that would lead to the GSC border. The Levisala fleet trudged through the GSC's border outposts and stopped at a small port called Tsojev. At the same time, an independent VFP fleet hit the GSC's northern border hard at Veppa, a trade port and a critical planet to controlling traffic along wormholes in north GSC space that were connected to the Bunsen Galaxy Wormhole Network. With fleets distracted with besieging Tsojev, Veppa was conquered, dealing a fair blow to the Allies.

With their turn done, the Revolution prepares to defend against the Allies' retaliatory strike...


  • This is in Wental

On the peaceful and defenseless colony world of Egap the peaceful citizens went about their daily lives. News channels showed what the weather would be, funerals were in full swing, new lives were coming into existence every few moments. People went from their homes to work, from work to their homes, and all sorts of other things. The species on this planet lived almost exclusively in the system, only in the Clone Federation could others of this species be found, woking as doctors for the Clones and Clones themselves. When the brutal TIAF attacked without mercy or Warning, an entire species would be wiped out, a civilization destroyed. When the TIAF ships first arrived, the people of Egap sent out friendly transmissions, mistaking them for Wental ships coming in with the expected trade goods and whatnot. When it turned out they weren't the people of Egap asked them what they were there for. The only response they received was to see a beam of energy hurle toWards their star. Upon contact, the star began to glow more brightly, expanding. The TIAF ships, as they identified themselves as they left, saying "Now you die, you cocky little sons of Xhoddies!", fled the system as quickly as they had arrived. The star continued to expand, and the people of Egap tried to flee, getting into the few interstellar and inter-planetary ships they had. But it was far to late by this point, and the star went nova, obliterating the system and the species.

The cosmic ripples of this event would spread, and even the most peaceful of the Wental Species, We of Wental, would see that TIAF had to be crushed. When the leaders of the many nations of Wental gathered to vote on it, they unanimously agreed that they would use their secret weapon. They had agreed to use the Wental Transgate System, but they had not done so. Now they would. This was total War, TIAF had confirmed that now, and they, giving no mercy, would find none in return. Excepting, of course, children that could be saved.

Knocking Down to Size[]

The Greater Wental Alliance, Lesser Wental Alliance, and Wental Grox had collectively agreed to work together against the TIAF. Since the ultimatum had gone unanswered, they decided to bring the battle to TIAF. We of Wental sent a fleet of 200 thousand ships, about half of them using automation and computation to fly and fight, into the Bunsen Galaxy. They had heard of and allied with the Rebellion in order to better knock the TIAF down to size. They would use their fleet, thought new, to destroy their enemies utterly. This was a War of no quarter. With surprise on their size, We of Wental would be able to do massive amounts of damage against the TIAF in minimal amounts of time. But not only that, they were going to give all their people free range to attack as they pleased. A blind eye would be given, as they needed to crush the TIAF in as little time as possible. They would use the Wental Transgate System in Wental, but in Bunsen they would use their sheer power and size. They would hit TIAF, then run and attack elsewhere. They would use as much firepower in as little time as possible.

The first 200 thousand ships attacked, at the same time, a large industrial system with large amounts of ammunitions and weapons and resources stored there. The ships were met with some resistance, but it was nothing compared to the size. They would leave 150 thousand ships to hold the system, but the other 50 thousand would divide into 50 groups of 1 thousand ships, which would do the hit-n-run attacks on the TIAF colonies. With the more advanced and affective weaponry that the We of Wental could use, they would be able to do much more damage then they had before.

As the first 1 thousand ships arrived at their target colony, they sent a scout ahead to make sure that no one was there. Besides a fleet of about 500 ships or so, the system had no defenses. Perfect for what the "We of Wental" intended. The thousand ship fleet arrived in the system without Warning, unleashing everything they had on the 500 ship defensive fleet. Even small as it was, the fleet put up stiff resistance, about 300 of the weaker Wental Ships were destroyed or crippled. But the Wental Fleet was capable of destroying all the enemy ships, invaded the planet's surface, and then promptly started stealing anything and everything, as well as capturing as many of the TIAF citizens as possible. Those who weren't captured were killed, with the Wentalians allowing only children to remain untouched. Across the 49 other planets that the hit-n-run fleets were attacking 23 had been turned back or destroyed, while 26 were successfully plundering the colonies and stealing everything worth stealing. On cue, as had been pre-planned, the fleets and armies pulled back, headed toWards the the industrial system that had captured. Before the colonies had even been able to send out distress signals, the Wental Fleets were gone, leaving them in chaos and confusion, and taking a full 3200 prisoners of War with them.

The prisoners would be taken back to Wental and placed on planets and astroids that they could not escape from, not on their own. These worlds had been selected because the prisoners would not be able to survive on the surface without Wental help, and they never allowed their ships to come in contact with the TIAF prisoners, instead using machines and workers to transport the supplies to the colonies via small, planet bound or system bound vehicles. They wouldn't allow their valuable prisoners to escape, but they wouldn't cause unneeded suffering either. We of Wental had struck back, in Bunsen itself, and now they would continue to harry and pirate the TIAF colonies in Bunsen while they prepared a greater fleet to attack in Wental itself...

Hostage Crisis[]

The TIAF soon received a distress signal from colonies in the Erion Star Cluster, and investigated the attacked colonies. The colonies had been relatively untouched, though some cities had been leveled, and some citizens had mysteriously disappeared with no trace. There was traces of Wental everywhere, from survivors' accounts of the attacks to Wental radio signatures. The Wental fleets that had attacked had been detected passing dangerously close to the TIAF Wental Territory a little later. The TIAF had managed to determine the purpose of Wental's presence in Bunsen was to take prisoners of War, and sent scouts to follow the fleets to their destination, which was likely to be a prison planet. The scouts managed to pinpoint the general location of the prison planets in the Core Region of the Wental Galaxy.

Based on the most recent TIAF intelligence, the Core region was inhabited by the Wental Grox, a Grox faction. The information was presented to the Allied Bunsen Galaxy nations at an emergency conference. The Bunsen Grox President, Mikos Saladot, believed the Wental Grox to be of the Grox Meta-empire, and asked the Allied Bunsen Galaxy to allow the Bunsen Grox Republic to take this matter in to their own hands.

For much too long the Grox have believed they can push their splinter faction around like dolls. But that stops here. We must take this opportunity to show the Grox that they no longer rule us, and that we are not inferior to them in any way.

- Saladot's speech to the Allied Bunsen Galaxy

The delegates of the Allied Bunsen Galaxy agreed to give the Bunsen Grox a chance against the Grox, and resolved to refrain from interfering with the Bunsen Grox's operation. The BGR President called up the BGR Commander, Commander Paige Sola, and informed her of her new assignment.

"I have a new mission for you, Paige," said Mikos.

"What is it, Mikos?" Paige replied.

"TIAF citizens are being held on a prison planet in the Wental Galaxy. The planet is surrounded by territory belonging to the Grox. There is no doubt you will encounter the Grox during the operation. Are you ready?"

"I will not let you down, father."

Commander Sola prepared a great battle fleet to attack Wental. Now was the time to start her revenge on the nation that had oppressed her kind so long ago. But she was about to get a very big surprise in Wental...

The Intergalactic Fronts[]

The entry of the intergalactic nations escalated the scale of this War to an intergalactic front, and now wherever the Allies or Revolution hold territory, War clouds are looming...

A Meeting of Lost Cousins[]

Commander Sola had received the coordinates of the Wental prison planet from Admiral Routhis at the TIAF Wental Territory. The planet was a small, low-profile outpost, a planet the TIAF called Tolsova. Paige Sola was ready to begin the strike in the name of the Bunsen Grox's sovereignty, but was stopped by a pyramid-shaped ship.

"Stop. You have trespassed upon our space. Identify yourself," the ship's pilot said.

"You're damn right I'm trespassing!" Paige said insolently. "You Grox better back off, 'cause I got 500,000 ships backing me right here!"

"Oh, so you think we are Grox, eh?" Paige's video feed cleared of static to reveal the Wental Grox pilot. "Sure. Maybe we are Grox. But we split from them a long time ago." The Wental Grox pilot's video feed cleared. "I can see your kind have too."

Paige was surprised. So, these "Wental Grox" were a Grox splinter faction. She was not ready to fight with any of her far-flung cousins. For they were all part of the same rebellion.

"We are from the Bunsen Grox Republic. Stand down your weapons. We are here to retrieve the TIAF prisoners from Tolsova."

"Bunsen? TIAF? You have made a big mistake coming here." Suddenly, more triangular ships arrived and surrounded the fleet. "We've been expecting you."

The Wental Grox opened fire without even giving a chance for the Bunsen Grox to retreat, taking down three ships with surprise alone. Then the Bunsen Grox returned fire and battle was engaged. Lasers shot every which way, bullets and proton missiles were everywhere, shields would flicker up as they stopped weapons fire, or as they failed to. Several ships were hit with strange weapons that caused them to start rusting away even as they were flying, and one such hit ship broke apart from the damage. Out of no where Clank found himself staring at a cake flying through space like it had business being there, then smashing into one of his ships with an explosion that sent a smear of cake splattering across his main view port. "Wha...?"

A sudden explosion rocked his ship and knocked Clank off his feet with, well, a clank. "What the hell was that?" "We were hit by an anti-matter weapon, we lost the entire 3rd sector of the ship!" "Spink. Get this ship outta here, I don't plan to die today!" "Yes, Emperor. Withdrawing." As his ship pulled out of the battle, Clank got a good look at the chaos. The ruins of ships were scattered everywhere, but were pretty even between sides they came from. His ships were doing what they did best, spinning, making seemingly impossible turns and stops and starts, and causing a general chaos. However, the Bunsen Grox were getting the upper hand, with several more ships being hit by anti-matter weapons. The TIAF was proving to be more... difficult then originally thought, and several of Clanks ships were destroyed by powerful lasers. From his vantage point far above and a distance away from the battle, Clank saw that his people would not have an easy win, and so decided to save his ships and keep the experience for next time. "All ships, withdraw! Full Withdraw! Let them have what's left of their people here!"

The Bunsen Grox would find their people, but they would find them in dire states. Trapped by lava and shielding, it would take days to get them safely out, and all the while Clanks people would harass the Bunsen Grox or any other forces sent in to free the captives...

OnWard To Bunsen[]

The Shellious Imperium was reformed as the people cheered. The fireworks shot up during the festival. Each complete lunar cycle led to a festival to celebrate the empire. In bunsen the shellious let thier guard down.

TIAF Soldier - Is it time?
TIAF Commander - No. Wait for the Shellious to open the Airwhale cage.

A large cage opened as many large flying creatures flew softly past the colony. Shellious went back to their homes.

TIAF Commander - Fire!

TIAF ships suddenly appeared and attacked the Shellious colony. Buildings crumbled as the ships fired. Shellian Bombers arrived and bombarded the TIAF Warships. The Shellious were forced to reatreat to the other side of the planet. The TIAF then set up a blockade limiting all access in and out of the planet's orbit.

Meanwhile, in Wental...

Edoshai - We spend another glorious year as a great race. We have completed the most painful tasks and the hadrest trials of evolution.
Yixa - This year it will be remembered. This is our first festival in the new universe and we will remember it for thousands of years.
Unknown Shellious - Sir ...We ne...hel.. The..IAF is att...ing. Plea..help

The transmission was cut off as the screen showed the death of a Shellious to the hands of a TIAF soldier.

The TIAF commander, who was General Yates, was excited. Complete surprise had been achieved. And it was an important Shellious cultural event to top it all off.

"Let's see how well they fight after this!" Yates said, continuing to fling missiles at the remaining Shellious strongholds on the planet, called Igriga by the TIAF. Shellious fortifications shattered under the weight of the missile barrages, and it looked like victory for the TIAF.

But there could be hope for the besieged planet, if only the Shellious relief fleet could arrive in time...

Yixa - Get the hypergate running!
Kaiyo Soldier - The hypergate is too badly damged, well have to wait for the fleet to arrive the normal way. So what will we do?
Yixa - Defened the barracks untill the ground forces evacuate the city. The TIAF has gone too far this time attacking on this sacred day.

The TIAF fleet attacked the city as the citizens ran for the shelters. The army was on it's last stand as the TIAF ground forces moved in. The shellious armies on Igriga were slowly wiped out as the TIAF forces moved in. The TIAF had a new planet and two new prisoners.

Yixa - This is not the first time ive lost but this is not the last eather.

Politics and Madness[]

"Why did you let them win? You could have asked for reinforcements!" Masuri was, as usual, angry. Once again the Wentals had lost, and this time it had been an easily reversed loss. "I thought I could take them, but the little buggers proved stronger." "Well, why didn't call for reinforcements when you realized you would lose?" "I was too busy trying not to die, actually." Masuri snorts loudly and starts pacing angrily. "Damn you, Clank, we had a barganing chip! Would could have ended the War if we had been able to keep those TIAFians! You failed us!" Jarica came over, looking nervous. "He obviously had a rough time of it, you don't need to make it worse for him. Please Masuri, stop attacking your allies. We are your allies after all." Masuri listened to Jarica. She was one of the few people who could calm him, who could get him to listen.

"I've lost everything to these, these outsiders. They came in and attacked us, not the other way around. My entire family was killed by those outsiders, when they first invaded. You don't understand that kind of loss... you will never understand that kind of loss." Jarica was very worried at this point, and tried to interrupt. "Masuri-!" "No. I will have my revenge. They started this War, not us. They will pay the price of this War, not us." I will destroy them. I will destroy them all. Masuri turned away, walking over to the maps of the Wental Galaxy and the Bunsen Galaxy. "We can attack here, we found one of their colonies by mistake, in an effort to locate any Iteok strongholds left behind for us to investigate. If we can take the colony quickly, we'll be able to find out where the rest of them are. We will give no quarter, they gave us none." Silence rings loudly in the massive room.

"No... no quarter? None? Not even to children and innocents?" Masuri looks around at the people in the room, and then says the most terrifying thing they ever head. "None."

"That's madness!" "Madness... yes, it is madness. But it is madness that they would do to us. None shall be spared. They would spare none on our side, we shall spare none on theirs. It is time to reveal to them just how angry we can be." The people the room look at each other, then all hell breaks out as they start arguing over what they should do next. Masuri roars to get their attention, then says "What other options do we have, but to give no mercy?" Jarica swiftly steps up and says "We can choose to remain as we are. We can win and give mercy." Another steps forWard and says "We can surrender." The room falls silent. "We must think on this, and vote." Dylan states clearly. The leaders nod. "Well then, we shall vote in half an hour."

Half an hour later, the leaders come back to the main room. Masuri, Arukas, a Mumble Arigra, Jarica, Dylan, Clank, Klo, Ginga, Hafiz, A Clone, First Spark, and a Zardalu. "Now we choose our path into the future. All for surrender?" The clone steps forWard. No one else does. "All for mercy and War?" Jarica, First Spark, Ginaga and Dylan step forWard. "All for no mercy in War?" Masuri, Arukas, the Mumble Arigra, Clank, Klo, Hafiz and the Zardalu step forWard. "We fight. No mercy given, no quarter either. We kill every enemy we encounter, every TIAFian." Those who voted against it look at each other. "So we fall at last." Jarica says quietly, before walking out of the room. "Jarica! You aren't going to do anything foolish, are you?" "No. I'm just going to calm myself down."

While Jarica is away, Masuri preps the soldiers for the attack on a TIAF colony. It was time to show them who's boss, and Masuri himself would lead the charge. This time none would be spared, and Masuri would start to sate the bloodlust within him. None knew it yet, but this was the beginning of the end for Wental.

Masuri's Martyr[]

The Wentals had gathered a rather large fleet, and were ready to attack the TIAF colony of Rait. This would be a shoot to kill mission, none would be spared. Masuri would lead it, and Clank and Arukas had both asked to come. To Masuri's surprise, so had Jarica. She had been insistent, and without the backing of the Iron Giants the attack would surly fail, as they were among the strongest of the Wentals. Dylan had declined to come, along with many of the others, though the Zardalu Leader had decided to come for the fun of it. The fleet was gathered, and they launched off for Rait. It was a T3 colony world with rather formidable defenses, but also the only TIAF colony that the Wentals knew about. As they neared the target, several scouts returned with information stating that the planet seemed unprepared for the attack.

The Wental fleet entered the system, dropped out of FTL, and immediately attacked the planet indiscriminately. The entire fleet pile drove themselves into the planets defenses, blowing a hole through them and attacking the cities below. It was slaughter, and the Wentals were, to Jarica's horror, enjoying it greatly. They had been on the receiving side of this so much that they now felt they deserved to give some in return. Jarica herself only attacked militarian craft, and she saw other Wentals sticking to their old codes and laws. But the battle was fast paced, and not every Wental was being so careful. Masuri in particular War brutal, blowing apart civilian houses and purposfully slaughtering every civilian he saw, to the point of ignoring militarian enemies.

After a few minutes of fast packed action, there was a sudden lull. The Wentals had, for now, driven the TIAF off. They gathered themselves and set up fortifications against attack, as well as "clearing away" a small space port for landing more troops into the city. This lull lasted about half an hour, then the TIAF military attacked again with a fury. Masuri led his troops well, despite his great violence, and they carried the day against the TIAF, foring them to abandoned the target building. Even as Masuri was defending the building, Jarica was inside hacking the computers as fast as she could, so as to end the bloodshed as soon as possible. She managed to hack it and get the information even as Masuri's line broke. Masuri roared at her to get out, and she fled. She wasn't quite out of the building when a TIAF Warship, it's navigation systems totaled by a virus, bulldozed it into the ground. The last thing Jarica managed to do was give the information to her Iron Giant, as well as activating a return code that sent the Giant hurling back toWards her birth planet of Gelloe. The Giant escaped, it was one of many hundreds of such Giants fleeing the battle now as TIAF reinforcements arrived to take back their planet.

After the battle, Masuri, thinking Jarica had escaped with her Iron Giant, went to her birth planet. Like many Iron Giant worlds, it held the ruins of their old civilization on it. He found the Giant standing up perfectly strait with her family in a state of shock and mourning. When he found out why, Masuri passed out from the sheer pain of it. News spread quickly, and Masuri gave a speech commemorating Jarica's actions.

Jarica... Jarica was a close friend of mine. She reminded me of my late sister, also killed by outsiders. She died giving us information. We now know the locations of every single one of these invaders planets, thanks to her death. She was a kind spirit, kinder then I ever could be. She didn't deserve to die. She deserved a long and full life. But those invaders, those evil peoples who call themselves the TIAF, they cut her life short. They killed her, and they probably don't even know who she was. I respected Jarica's opinion, even if i disagreed, but I believe that Jarica herself would want us to avenge her death. We cannot allow petty codes and ways of honor blind us to the fact that the TIAF is evil. They would kill us to the last child, we should treat them no less. Jarica is but one of many they have killed. She may have been a very important character, but she is still one, and she would have wanted us to remember that. I propose this day that we of Wental remember those who died. I propose today that tomorrow we make sure they did not die in vain. Jarica Martyred herself to help us win this War. Let us not let her sacrifice go unheeded. Let us crush the TIAF, using Jarica's last act to do so. Let us win this War at any cost... let us do this... for Jarica, and all the others who died before her, and all those who will die after. Let us win this War for all those who have and will die for it. Let us win this War for ourselves.

- Masuri "In Memory of Jarica"

As the speech was transmitted all across the Wental Galaxy, the Wentals roared their approval. TIAF will pay, we will win. That was the only thought on many Wentalians minds as Masuri turned away from his podium and went to continue his War, grieving in the only manner he knew how, by fighting and killing...

Special Cargo[]

Lt. Samenor happened to be visiting the Wental Territories when the Wentals had struck Rait. He was flying with his cousin, Admiral Routhis, who was being arrogant and obnoxious as usual.

"What fools, those Wentals, I swear," the Admiral said, while flipping through damage reports and briefings of the Battle of Rait. "They'll soon regret waging War with us."

"*sigh* Alright, Kevin. Gimme the damage report," Lt. Samenor said.

"Ha! What weaklings! They only destroyed 46% of the planet's structures," Routhis proclaimed. "We lost 460,000 men fighting them, we managed to kill 320,000 of them; plus one of their main commanders."

Lt. Samenor suddenly became interested. "Oh, really? Which one?"

"Some Iron Giant leader. Jarica, I think. Worthless thing was crushed by a downed frigate. At least there's one-"

Samenor turned his ship in the direction of Rait suddenly and accelerated toWards the planet. Routhis yelled at him for running off, but of course, Samenor wasn't about to take orders from Admiral Routhis.

Samenor landed near the collapsed intelligence center on Rait, and began searching the rubble. He turned over rock after rock until finding Jarica's crushed body. She wasn't breathing. Her body had been crushed by the weight of a very solid five-story building.

Damnit, she's dead. I'm too late. Samenor thought. He pulled out a scanner and noticed something. Wait. Still some neurological activity going on there. There's hope yet.

Jarica, in a sense, was dead, but not completely dead. Samenor carried her limp body aboard his fighter and charted a course for the nearest TIAF cloning facility.

On his way there, Samenor was stopped by Routhis.

"What ya got there, cuz?" Routhis said with a bit of an annoyed tone, obviously unhappy about Samenor suddenly abandoning him.

"Special cargo, that's all," Samenor said. "I'm in a hurry, get out of the way."

Samenor speeded right past Routhis, who was now a bit frustrated.

"Not telling me what you've got, huh? Hey! Where are you going?" Routhis yelled. Samenor kept flying until Routhis' shrill voice could no longer be heard over his comms unit.

Jarica Awakens[]

Jarica felt like she was waking from an odd dream. She didn't remember it, but she knew she felt safe and peaceful in it.

Jarica was in a TIAF cloning chamber. She was being monitored closely by many scientists, who were constantly running tests to ensure she was biologically stable. Lt. Samenor was there overseeing the progress. Jarica began to awaken, this time for real, and everyone in the room took notice.

TIAF Scientist - Biological restoration complete. Neurological activity is stable.
TIAF Scientist 2 - Ready the life support system in case her vitals begin to fail.
Jarica - (begins to wake up) Who... who are you...?
Samenor - Hm. You're finally awake.
Jarica - Wha... what's going on?
TIAF Scientist - Memory restoration beginning.

Jarica began to remember her most recent memories, of the Battle of Rait.

Jarica - Hey, where'd the battle go?
TIAF Scientist - Memory restoration 100%.
Samenor - Hey, calm down. We're not here to hurt you. You're in a safe place now.
Jarica - You're TIAFian, of course you want to hurt me! Or did you forget the result of our last encounter, because I remember you guys trying to kill me then...
Samenor - If you would just calm down, there's a big explanation for all of this.
Jarica - Yeah right, let's hear your reasons for attacking my galaxy...
Samenor - I was not one who wanted to attack Wental. In fact, you'd be surprised how many of us wanted to avoid War when this started.
Jarica - Sure...
Samenor - Looks like some persuasion is in order. Do you know what the Wental Express Crisis was?
Jarica - The what?
Samenor - I see you were not informed then. The Wental Express Crisis was the reason we went to War.
Jarica - Really? We went to War because you attacked us...
Samenor - You see, a Wental species, the Yama, attacked a passenger shuttle to our Wental Territories.
Jarica - They wouldn't have been that stupid... and the Council would never have condoned it.
Samenor - You have doubt in me?
Jarica - Of course. You are, after all, TIAFian scum.
Samenor - Hmph. We'll see who the scum is.

Lt. Samenor beckoned to one of the scientists, who left the room. He returned a few seconds later with a CD labelled "Wental Express Footage".

Jarica - Oh boy, a video. You know those can be changed in almost any manner, right?
Samenor - This is unedited, pure security footage from the days of the Crisis. We have nothing to hide. The Yama, on the other hand...

Lt. Samenor inserted the CD into a nearby video player. Jarica watched the Yama's brutal first strike on the Express.

Jarica - (unfazed) The Yama may be dumb enough to attack, so I wouldn't put that past them...
Samenor - We're not even at the best part yet.

Samenor jumped to Day 6 of the Crisis, the most bloody day of them all. Jarica could only stare in horror as the Yama killed the civilians (excluding the children) without mercy, and as the commander completely beheaded Ambassador Devidies.

Jarica - (horrified) Oh my... I find it very hard... Very hard indeed to believe that they would be that violent.... Then again, considering Masuris "no quarter" idea... They may do that... Bet they got hell from the Council back then.
Samenor - I'm sure they did. They deserved it.
Jarica - Well then, why didn't you wait to see the Council's reaction?
Samenor - We didn't have to. We were all sure the Yama needed retribution. But we had never agreed to declare War on Wental entirely.
Jarica - Then why didn't you just attack the Yama? You attacked more then just those idiots, who I agree deserved it, you attacked the entire Old Wental Alliance!
Samenor - It was never my idea. Blame my idiot cousin for starting the War with the whole Alliance.
Jarica - Bet you were behind him the entire time...
Samenor - Nope. My cousin Admiral Routhis was pretty much responsible for all the destruction to the Alliance following the reconnaissance attack on the Wental capital. Including that one star that he blew up.
Jarica - So... You're saying that that Admiral was defying the TIAF the entire time?
Samenor - Indeed. I would fire him if he wasn't family. Then again...
Jarica - Why didn't you just explain to us then? You could have avoided the War!
Samenor - If your nation's Warriors weren't too busy killing our civilians, we might have found the time to talk.
Jarica - This... this is a lot to think about...
Samenor - Take your time. There's a bathroom down the hall.

Jarica got up and left the room. She began to wonder, "Have I been fighting for the wrong side?"

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