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This is a summarized version of the Second Borealis Galactic War, created to highlight its most important canon events for those unwilling to read through its full version.

Prologue: Rise of the Xi'ArazulhaEdit

  • MiniMaktanshatin Maktanshatin begins the Xi'Arazulha offensive in the galaxy. Entire worlds fall in a matter of days. The Zoles Imperium realizes the threat and begins calling for allies, such as the Niaka Special Forces, to help deal with the problem.
  • In a confrontation with Da Rogue Boyz, the Unified Nation of Ottzello encounters MiniMechanic the Mechanic, the leader of the Caretakers, who agrees to aid them against the Xi'Arazulha.
  • MiniDurzhan Durzhan makes a partnership with the Devourer's Chosen, uniting the servants of Zargoth and the servants of the Corruptus under the same side for the remainder of the war.
  • The Devourer's Chosen attempts to assassinate MiniVolim1 General Volim, but fails due to the timely intervention of the newly developed version of the Iron Fist.
  • MiniKitoruka Kitoruka attacks Grenzaar. In order to put an end to the Xi'Arazulha invasion, the Unified Nation of Ottzello, the Zoles Imperium and the Niaka Special Forces join up in order to summon the Vyro'Narza to Borealis. They succeed, summoning VolziePic Volzara to aid them.
  • VolziePic Volzara defeats MiniKitoruka Kitoruka, saving Grenzaar. MiniZargoth Zargoth confronts and attacks MiniMaktanshatin Maktanshatin, causing the Xi'Arazulha to retreat from Borealis.
  • The Vague arrive.

Part 1: Coming of the VagueEdit

  • MiniVagueDakster Dakster reveals himself to UNO. The Vague begin their onslaught.
  • The UNOC unit is formed, composed of MiniThraloy3 Thr'aloy, MiniDalverat Dalverat, MiniVailisa Vailisa, MiniDarwishi Commandant Darwishi, MiniKalcedia Kalcedia Myran, MiniVaktyl Vaktyl, MiniZelfronIII Zelfron III and MiniLup Lupercal.
  • As the months pass, the Vague begin to spread. The Indoctrinate Collective, the Borealis Consortium Network and Da Rogue Boyz, all empires which either house Ottzelloans or are made of them, begin being attacked.
  • The Grand Inquisition has its first encounter with the Devourer's Chosen.
  • The Borealis Consortium Network enters an alliance with Da Rogue Boyz, which would last for the rest of the war. Meanwhile, the Seagon Empire begins getting involving in the Consortium's affairs.
  • The Divinarium discovers the Borealis Radeons and attempt to recover their leader, MiniIndricarron Indricarron, though he is demonified and taken away by MiniGeltastra Geltastra before they have the chance.
  • The Paladians agree to join the forces of the Zoles and their allies, consolidating an alliance which would last for the remainder of the war.
  • The Alvino Brood enters the war after an encounter with Da Rogue Boyz. Their bioships are sighted spreading through the galaxy at a frightening rate.
  • The Heleanorian Civil War takes place. Under the leadership of HaranaMini Harana, a civil war would rage within the Zoles Imperium, leading nearly a third of their space to deliver itself to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.
  • The Unified Nation of Ottzello discovers the Blyro'Tralzica.
  • MiniShuwokerama2 Shu'wokerama takes MiniGenrai Genrai Nal away, transforming him into MiniMurangon Murangon Nal. A clone of the Inalton warrior is awakened to replace him at MiniFalrik Falrik Zaarkhun's side.
  • The Grand Inquisiton's crusade succeeds in destroying the Acolyte of War of the Devourer's Chosen. MiniMarigrax1 Emperor Marigrax reveals himself as the mastermind behind the cult.
  • The Azure Theocracy declares war upon the galaxy due to its increasingly hostile state.
  • Da Rogue Boyz fight the Legion of Badmanz.
  • The Indoctrinate Collective's Royal Guard sends MiniVyutrin Vyutrin to take over as commanding officer of their nation in the war.
  • The war effort locates MiniVagueDakster Dakster and assault his mothership, hoping to put an end to the Vague attacks. However, MiniDurzhan Durzhan ambushes both forces as they are weakened, allowing the Vague to retreat with their lives and forcing the war effort to retreat. The operation's failure serves as a heavy blow to the allied forces' morale.
  • Through tampering from the Borealis Grox, the Ottzelloan Grox under MiniThylaxiz King Thylaxiz defect from UNO and flee to the galactic core.
  • Anti-Ottzelloan sentiment grows across the known galaxy. MiniRebaris Rebaris is kidnapped by the Wranploer in UNO space during a diplomatic visit. UNO is framed as responsible.
  • MiniMechanic The Mechanic prepares to quarantine the Ottzello Sector using the Grid, leaving it trapped within a pocket universe, as the anti-Ottzelloan sentiment grows to violent proportions across Borealis.
  • The UNOC unit is sent to stop the quarantine, but fails due to intervention from Da Rogue Boyz. The Ottzello Sector is imprisoned within a pocket universe.
  • The War Economy begins to kick in.

Part 2: Business of WarEdit

  • The War Economy becomes a trend across the Eastern Arm. Lesser races begin toppling their governments and pledge their support to private military companies instead.
  • Da Rogue Boyz found the Thugz Fer Dosh.
  • The Hegdar Revolution takes place. The Murgur warbands of Kraknor, Muganda and Vorazius work with the forces of Order to defeat the Hegdar Warband, who served the Borealis Grox.
  • The Zoles continue looking for their missing king, using the Wranploer as a lead to his location.
  • The Kraknor Murgur and the Old Niaka Order pledge their support to the Borealis Consortium Network. The aliens across the Eastern Arm who pledged themselves to the War Economy begin falling under the threat of the Devourer's Chosen and the Alvino. The Lamelota are wiped out.
  • MiniVekaron Vekaron makes first contact with the Lanatharch.
  • The Krektal of Gotla are pushed out of their homeworld by the PMC Soltako Armed Military.
  • The Borealis Consortium Network gets its hands on a weapon capable of warding off the Vague, allowing them to be free of their threat.
  • MiniFeldosia Feldosia becomes pregnant of MiniValzo Valzo's child.
  • MiniVekaron Vekaron discovers the Lanatharch are under control of Borealis' Vida'Rranlora database.
  • MiniFalrik Falrik Zaarkhun begins preparing to launch every PMC formed in the War Economy into a war against the Zoles Imperium.
  • The Eaglartin are defeated by the Niaka Special Forces, the Minga Theocracy, the Adrahira Tribes and the Ailhon Guild of the Egelielano. Their homeworld of Fanaticus is placed under Niaka custody.
  • The private military company presence on the Eastern Arm continues to grow. Extragalactics such as the Divinarium intervene as they see fit. At Vocrillon Mine, Lord Kantraun is murdered by MiniSollow Sollow and replaced by a BCN-aligned Wranploer.
  • MiniVekaron Vekaron temporarily breaks the Lanatharch blockade around the Vida'Rranlora's planet-computer and makes contact with them. From them, he confirms MiniRebaris Rebaris was never kidnapped by UNO and was held somewhere in Wranploer space.
  • The Borealis Consortium Network launches the "March of Liberty"; a vast offensive made up of private military companies against the Zoles Imperium, aiming to sack the homeworld of Zoleia.
  • Apalos intervenes through their infiltrated PMC and rescues MiniRebaris Rebaris from the Iron Fist, delivering him back to the Zoles Imperium.
  • The Zoles and Niaka travel to the Ottzello Sector and undo the quarantine, freeing the Unified Nation of Ottzello. News of MiniFalrik Falrik Zaarkhun's links with the Wranploer Legion are made public, causing many who oppose them to try and cut ties as quickly as possible. However, the "March of Liberty" is already under way.
  • The Iron Fist is invaded by a squad of elite soldiers led by MiniTuolog Tuolog in an attempt to defeat the leadership of the BCN once and for all. However, before they have the chance, MiniDurzhan Durzhan intervenes and sends the leadership of UNO to Sequencium.
  • MiniZargoth Zargoth reveals himself and explains the Perfect Fate; by accepting a deal with him, UNO would discard their mortal forms and become the first generation of Vyro'Ralza. The Vague, in turn, were an attempt to do the same which had failed. UNO ultimately refuses the offer, leading MiniKolossus3 Kolossus to swear retribution upon Borealis.
  • In a fit of rage, MiniDurzhan Durzhan attacks the UNO leadership, but is defeated by MiniVagueDakster Dakster, who pledges the allegiance of the Vague against Zargoth's minions. A boulder of solid Gyronidium is stolen by Da Rogue Boyz, while MiniFalrik Falrik Zaarkhun, MiniGenrai Genrai Nal and MiniSollow Sollow are placed under arrest, delivering a heavy blow to the Consortium Network.
  • Time anomalies become prevalent across Borealis as MiniKolossus3 Kolossus's wrath is felt across the stars.

Part 3: The Wrath of GodsEdit

  • Da Rogue Boyz, in possession of the Gyronidium boulder, attempt to use to empower themselves. A team led by MiniTuolog Tuolog stops them before they have the chance. The Gyronidium boulder is destroyed in the process.
  • MiniGraktona Grak'tona's misuse of the Gyronidium causes time anomalies to manifest across the galaxy. MiniKolossus3 Kolossus and MiniAntagonar Antagonar use the opportunity create more anomalies of their own.
  • The Seagon Empire reveals their new fleet, spear-headed by a spaceship of Cold One design named Armageddon-class Star Destroyer, funded by their deals with the Wranploer Legion. The Seagon cut off all ties with the Borealis Consortium Network and begin a crusade of conquest across the Friura Sector of the Eastern Arm.
  • MiniArkarixus Arkarixus is awakened and the world-space station of Hyperborea is rediscovered.
  • The Azure Theocracy attempts to peacefully contact the Cognatus Empire, who takes offense in their existence and declares a holy war in return. The Eaglartin are quickly subdued and enslaved, with their leadership killed by AdamaMini Vos Adamae.
  • MiniMurangon Murangon Nal breaks MiniFalrik Falrik Zaarkhun, MiniGenrai Genrai Nal and MiniSollow Sollow out of prison, allowing them to return to the Borealis Consortium Network.
  • MiniArkarixus Arkarixus develops a weapon that can stop the Armageddon-class Star Destroyer by using ancient Kormacvar datafiles.
  • The Seagon attack the Niaka homeworld of Ikkiz. MiniVhezari Emperor Rothneld Vhezari is killed by MiniXerkea Xerkea. The Seagon Empire surrenders.

Part 4: Symphony of Flesh and SteelEdit

  • Following the defeat of the Devourer's Chosen, the Alvino Brood launches an advance against the Zoles Imperium, leading to the destruction of dozens of worlds. The Borealis Consortium Network forces itself into an alliance with the forces of Order against the Alvino.
  • After studying a captured Alvino vessel, the Order finds undeniable proof that the Alvino's masters are none other than the Grox.
  • The forces of Order reform the Polar Crystal Alliance to the purpose of fighting the Grox.
  • The PCA sieges Viniaris. MiniAlvinoMother Floridarixis is destroyed by MiniArkarixus Arkarixus. MiniMirras King Mirras III reveals himself.

Part 4: Xiyara RisesEdit

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