Ah, darn kids, they made me forget what happened again!

- The Mechanic

The Second Borealis Galactic War was completely rewritten beginning 2016, and many events were retconned compared to the original version. This will list the more notable retcons, and the reasons for them. Note that this contains spoilers for the war, so please read either the war or the summary first.


  • The vast majority of events are re-ordered.
  • The Borealis News Network Report sections in most parts are new. Originally, these news reports only appeared in the Business of War. They were added to every chapter of the war, beginning with the Rise of the Xi'Arazulha, to establish the lore behind the setting more and give more insight to how the rest of the galaxy would feel about the war's events as opposed to just during the Business of War.
  • Several characters were added:
    • Durzhan is a completely new character introduced in the war, as originally it was only Zargoth and Kolossus who conspired to spark the war. Durzhan was introduced for continuity with the retconned Ottzello wars beginning with the Great Blyro War, and also largely to add more mystery to Zargoth's character.
    • Xeron was added to give more back-story to the character that would later be a Polar Crystal Alliance councillor.
  • Many characters were written slightly differently:
    • Zargoth was written as a less one-dimensional character, by showing more of a personal inner struggle.
    • Volzara was showcased more as a motherly character, and given less of a role.
    • Falrik Zaarkhun, while well received in the original war, was also far too powerful. For the rewrite, he was made less powerful, by showing he could sometimes make calculation errors when stepping ahead of himself.
    • Ref'kolar the Laugher was written with purely Loron speech, rather than a mix between Loron and "normal" speech.

Prologue: Rise of the Xi'Arazulha

  • The Prologue and the Rise of the Xi'Arazulha were originally two separate, far longer sections. The Prologue was a long drawn out list of events leading up to the Rise of the Xi'Arazulha, of which only the Unified Nation of Ottzello finding the Vida'Rranlora and Da Rogue Boyz meeting Grak'tona were left in.
  • Grak'tona's introductory section was much longer in the original war, but reduced heavily to cut out filler. Originally, a Vyro'Ralza appeared in this section to destroy the AI to foreshadow their involvement; it was decided that this was unnecessary, and Kal'kuir forgetting he had a weapon to destroy the AI would add more comedic value.
  • Zargoth meeting Maktanshatin to propose a partnership is a completely new section, designed to add more character to them both.
  • The Zoles Imperium and the Niaka Special Forces were introduced simultaneously, and much later in the war than in the original. In the original, both had sections in the cut pre-Xi'Arazulha prologue, but a shorter section introduced both while still establishing their character more.
  • When meeting the Mechanic, the scene and the scenario were completely redone. Originally, involved the Zoles and Niaka as well as UNO and the Rogue Boyz, though it was decided only the latter two were needed. It also involved damaging the Cold Relay to make it inoperable, after which only the Grand Troopers of Foreign Origins' arrival allowed them to escape; this was considered far too unrealistic and poorly written, therefore the section was redone. Da Rogue Boyz being trapped in the Relay also made for comic relief that would be useful later.
  • After the Mechanic was met, in the original war, a subplot began where the galaxy needed to reactivate the Grid, to slow the Xi'Arazulha down as they attempted to reach the galactic core. This was removed completely, partly as it added filler to the war, but mostly because it was incompatible with the Borealis Grox Empire in more established canon.
  • The section in which General Volim received the Iron Fist was redone. This originally took place over two sections and was at first the result of evading a Xi'Arazulha attack. It was decided the Devourer's Chosen were more realistic threats for the ship to still survive, and that it could be resolved much more quickly.
  • Falrik Zaarkhun attempting a heist to rob from the Borealis Grox Empire is slightly rehashed from the cut prologue of the original war. Originally, this insane heist was successful, though it was decided it was far too unrealistic and so was retconned to be a failure instead, being used as an opportunity to showcase the power of the Borealis Grox.
  • Originally, the Xol'Etra aided the Vyro'Narza when defeating the Xi'Arazulha. They were left out of the rewritten war as their involvement was considered overkill, but Volzara still referenced them.
  • Canonically, the original Rise of the Xi'Arazulha took place over two years. In current canon, it only lasts a few weeks. This is because it made very little sense, as the Xi'Arazulha in two years would easily destroy the whole galaxy.

Part 1: Coming of the Vague

  • Da Rogue Boyz bickering after still being trapped in the Relay from the prologue was a comic relief section added, since it followed a series of many much more serious sections.
  • Originally, Thr'aloy never met Dalverat until after joining UNOC after his incident with the Vague. In updated canon, Dalverat was responsible for saving Thr'aloy, which explained their connection later on in UNOC as The Skull.
  • In the original war, Ref'kolar was alive and serving Da Rogue Boyz up until the Coming of the Vague, and joined the Devourer's Chosen after they sent him on a fool's errand to fight them, and he lost. In the updated war, he was offered to Geltastra as a gift, after Durzhan found him floating in a time vortex.
  • The Seagon Empire in the original war were close allies with Volim and were enthusiastic about working with them. To keep with the theme of the Wranploer being a universally despised race, when the Seagon are introduced, their relationship with the Wranploer is much more strained in the updated war and they are shown to have their own intentions in mind from the beginning.
  • In the original war, before destroying Dakster's mothership, the Borealis Grox prevented them. In the updated version, Durzhan with a Devourer's Chosen fleet did instead, using the opportunity to reveal himself to UNO.

Part 2: Business of War

  • Falrik Zaarkhun's ability to stir anti-government uprisings around the galaxy was originally given little explanation. In the updated version, more emphasis was placed on propaganda and on the war economy forcing people to adapt.
  • In the original war, the Thugz Fer Dosh replaced Da Rogue Boyz entirely during the Business of War. This was scrapped as it made little sense, and the Thugz Fer Dosh simply became a subsidiary of Da Rogue Boyz. This retcon was referenced during the updated war by Brag'klogga.
  • Gol'thabex was not originally introduced until the Wrath of Gods. In the updated war, he was introduced immediately once Da Rogue Boyz was founded.
  • In the original war, several shards of Chronoscopic energy were created from an exchange between Zargoth and Dakster. This no longer happened, and only a single shard was created by Durzhan, that the Loron obtained.
  • It did not make sense in the original war that all the villains were able to so easily escape. In the updated war, Zaarkhun, Genrai Nal and Sollow were imprisoned.
  • In the original war, after rejecting their offer, Zargoth went into a fit of rage, while Kolossus was fearful. It was decided this was too out of character for Zargoth, an emotionless character, especially given that he had other plans for the galaxy. Instead, Kolossus went into a fit of rage while Durzhan was initially fearful.

Part 3: The Wrath of Gods

  • In the original war, there were seven Chronoscopic Shards that the teams had to acquire. This was considered to be an unnecessary plot device, and thus, only a single Chronoscopic boulder was given to the Loron, while the rest of the villains were fought in succession.
  • Each section was far shorter than the original version, and was not focused around a team of Zoles, UNO, Niaka and extragalactics. Instead, the characters present shuffled depending on who best fit the section.
  • In the original war, the Rogue Boyz made a pop culture reference to Spongebob when gathering around the campfire and singing the "Campfire Song Song" as a joke. In the updated version, this joke was turned into a legitimate plot device, with the song being used instead as a Loron 'ritual' to summon the godz' power of the Chronoscopic boulder (replacing the Shard from the original). This better explained why they gathered around a campfire and sang.
  • Antagonar appears alongside Kolossus to taunt the allied forces after they defeat one of the villains, while in the original, only Kolossus appeared.

Part 4: Xiyara Rises

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