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We bring the future! We bring perfection!

- ???

The Hegdar Revolution was the moment of the Second Borealis Galactic War were the Hegdar Warband, the most mysterious faction of Murglbrg, had finally come to action. After centuries of secrecy, the galaxy was about to know what cryptic secrets the Hegdar Murglbrg had prepared for their species, and the galaxy...

Part 1[]

The War Economy raged, destroying the galaxy as the Zoles Imperium and the Niaka Special Forces were incapable of maintaining order after the Ottzello Sector's quarantine. Deep into the Corrupted Sector of the Borealis Galaxy, the Murglbrg saw little difference between the galaxy's current state and any other day of their lives. They cared little for economy, as no one in the galaxy traded with them anyway. If anything, their lives were getting better, their bounty hunter services increasing in number and more people wanting Murglbrg to serve as bouncers for their pubs. Having a Murglbrg working for you was always seen as a big achievement.

However, the lives of the Murglbrg species as a whole was about to change. The vile Warmaster of Hegdar made his way into a large cave alongside his men, making his way to the deepest regions. In the walls, ancient writings and statues. That was a Kormacvar cave.

At the very deep of the cave, the Warmaster smiled as he encountered what he was searching for: a Kormacvar artifact.

Warmaster - Secure the artifact. We'll be visiting the homeworld in a few hours.
Warrior - Understood.

As the defenses of the artifact were down, the Warmaster grabbed the artifact on his hands. An immense power ran through his veins, which made his various mechanical implants twitch. The Hegdar would now make their way to the homeworld, where the revolution would begin.

Part 2[]

The Murglbrg homeworld, the arid planet known as Kaos, was the heart of the species. It was one of the only planets where the three great Warbands, Kraknor, Muganda and Vorazius, agreed to live in an uneasy peace. The Warbands hated each other more than anything, so planets such as these were extremely rare, such "in-planet" treaties only been made in very extreme cases. In the homeworld's case, the Murglbrg saw the planet as holy for their ancestors, refusing to fight on their graves.

The Hegdar, however, cared little for this. Spaceships of the Hegdar Warband, who were not allowed in the homeworld, started to emerge and attack the cities of all three Warbands. They were also folowed by other, extremely advanced ships, never seen before by the Murglbrg. The Hegdar Warmaster used this distraction to make his way to the highest building of the planet, where he got the artifact he had found on his hands.

Warmaster - The time of the old Warbands is over. We must follow a proper, real future, together as one. A future under Hegdar is a future where the Murglbrg will finally become the master race of this galaxy! We bring the future! We bring perfection!

The artifact shined and launched a beam of light into the sky. The Murglbrg around the planet were terrified of the immense power coming from the Warmaster's hands, but felt something strange in their minds. His words were starting to make sense. The three Warbands stopped resisting, and instead all turned to the Warmaster, silent. The Warmaster, clearly visible for the first time, was seen to be a cyborg.

Warmaster - You are primitive for refusing to work with the machines. All you want to do is break everything in your way. To achieve perfect, you must become one with the machines. With Hegdar, your fleshy weaknesses will be eliminated. Follow us.

The Murglbrg across the planet were hypnotized by the power of the artifact, listening to it without any question. The unknown advanced ships destroyed all ships trying to escape. The Hegdar Warband had taken over Planet Kaos, and obtained the largest portion of the species' population in a matter of a few minutes. The other Warbands were not gonna like this at all. The Zoles and the Niaka, even less.

Part 3[]

News of Kaos' conquer by the Hegdar Murglbrg travelled across the Arm of Knowledge. The Zoles became worried with the possibility of the Murglbrg uniting into a single empire again, like they were during the First Borealis Galactic War. Meanwhile, for the first time in thousands of the years, the warmasters of Kraknor, Muganda and Vorazius met in person to discuss the homeworld problem.

Tismahgo - Hegdar trickery has gone too far this time!
Zukarnos - So many attacks were sabotaged by these mongrels, it's not even funny. And now they take what is our ancestors' as if they had any right!
Groanknir - The Warbands must unite and make Hegdar pay for for its crimes.
Tismahgo - Paying is an understatement! I will rip the eyes off the heads of each and every one of them!

It was then that a Zoles, along with a force of soldiers, invaded the Warmasters' meeting. All Warmasters quickly prepared their weapons.

Groanknir - Zoles! How dare you set foot in our worlds!
Zoles - I am Commandant Asraels, and I am here to aid you.
Tismahgo - You're speaking rubbish!
Zukarnos - Why would the Zoles want to help us? You think we are stupid or something?

Asraels looked at each Warmaster, not minding their provocations.

Asraels - The Niaka have detected highly advanced ships alongside Hegdar fleets. Ships we could not yet identify. This is not something we'll just ignore.
Groanknir - Typical. You just want to satisfy your greedy goals.
Asraels - Hegdar is turning into a grave danger, not only for us, but for you. if we work together, they'll have no chance of winning.
Tismahgo - And how can we know you're not gonna turn your posh back to us when we're in the middle of the fight!?
Asraels - I am no traitor. I will leave the Murglbrg and Kaos in peace in enchange of discovering who this unknown invader is.

The Warmasters remained silent, then discussed among themselves. After many minutes, they turned back to Commandant Asraels.

Zukarnos - Very well, Zoles. We will work together, but after the Hedgdar Warmaster is dead, you'll leave immediately.
Asraels - So be it.

Meanwhile on Kaos, the Hedgdar Warmaster had merged the artifact into his own body via implanting. Each hypnotized Murglbrg started making implants on themselves, becoming more and more cybernetic. More and more machine.

Part 4[]

A large united fleet of Zoles, Niaka and Murglbrg made its way to Kaos with the intention of putting an end on Hegdar forever. As they approached the planet, they could the planet's own defenses alongside the unknown invaders.

Niaka Chief - Commandant...
Asraels - What is it, Chief?
Niaka Chief - I sincerely hope our readings are wrong...
Asraels - Why's that?

As they finally got in sight of the enemies, all became petrified in fear.

Niaka Chief - Hegdar is being helped by...the Grox!

A fleet of Grox spaceships patrolled across Kaos' territory, preparing to strike on the allied fleet. How did Hegdar get help from the Grox? How was that even possible? Asraels, the Chief and the Warmasters quickly evaded the attacks and fought back as they could. However, the fact the Grox themselves were there was already terrifying for them, lowering their concentration considerably. The Hegdar ships also attacked, being more of a nuisance than a real threat, but still very distracting. Asraels and the Warmasters watched as one of the Grox ships destroyed the Niaka Chief's flaship with a powerful beam.

The battle raged for several hours, until finally the fleet amanged to push the Grox back. The Hegdar ships were also destroyed, opening way for the fleet to approach Kaos. Once on orbit, the ships were attacked by large blasts of energy coming from the Hegdar Warmaster.

Hegdar Warmaster - We've come too far to be stopped now! We will ascend, like our masters promised us!

The Kormacvar artifact's power was enough to destroy spaceships in one hit. However, the flagships of the three Warbands all launched at once a massive energy pulse, destroying the towering where the Hegdar Warmaster was located. As he was crushed by the rubble, the artifact launched another energy blast, causing a large explosion. The artifact was destroyed, which removed the mind control over Kaos' Murglbrg, who quickly attacked the Hegdar soldiers nearby.

Groanknir - So ends the legacy of the nameless Warmaster.
Tismahgo - Huhuhahaha, this was entertaining!

However, the battle was not yet over...

Part 5[]

The living machine monster attacks

Tismahgo - What the hell is that!

As the last Hegdar soldiers were killed, something else approached the fleet. It was unlike anything they had ever seen: a massive spaceship, about 5 km big, emerged into the planet and landed on the capital city, launching massive blasts that destroyed everything into its path. In the minds of all living things nearby, they could hear a mechanical, booming voice.

"Your use has ended."

The Hegdar warriors whailed as they were eradicated by the beam of the massive machine, which appeared to have several biological traits. Was that spaceship alive? Not as an AI, but as a true living organism? The Zoles, Niaka and Murglbrg attacked the being with all of its weapons, which dealt little damage. As the monster destroyed the city, it stomped on buildings and Murglbrg on its path. Dark tentacles extended from the being's body and abducted what remained of the Hegdar Murglbrg, taking to inside its "body".

Asraels - We have no choice but to bombard that thing with all of our anti-matter weaponry.
Groanknir - And make a gigantic crater on our ancestors' graves? Hell no!
Asraels - Would you prefer a crater or to have your planet turned into ash?
Zukarnos - Grr...granted...

The fleet fired its anti-matter weapons on the Grox monster, hitting its deflector shields and getting its attention. The "creature" turned at them and fired its beams, destroying several ships. The anti-matter explosions destroyed great part of the capital city.

Asraels - Don't stop!
Tismahgo - Die, you abomination!

As the monster was hit, its shields were slowly failing. Finally tired of the fight, it lifted off the ground and activated its ghost-phasing, evading the final shots which ended up destroying the capital city as a whole.

"We come."

The Grox spaceship-like being disappeared, travelling in FTL speed away. The capital city of Kaos was destroyed, the Warmasters slowly descending to inspect the damage. Asraels looked down, watching the usually savage Murglbrg lamenting their losses, and then departed as he had promised. It would take decades to fix all the damage caused by the Grox.

Why would the Grox use the Murglbrg? This would be left unknown for a while...

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