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Blood on the Ice is the name given to the civil war caused by Lord Harana, a Heleanorian who believed that his species should leave the Zoles Imperium, and instead join the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus...

Rumours of War[]

Harana's Plot.png
As the Second Borealis Galactic War progressed, one of the member species of the Zoles Imperium began to grow more and more restless with the current situation. The Heleanorian. Rallying under the leadership of a powerful aristocrat known as Lord Harana, millions of Heleanorian began to long to rejoin their true kin in Cyrannus after an absence of hundreds of thousands of years. In order to set these plans into motion, Harana decided that the logical course of action would be to appeal to the Prime Minister Lumian Friulum in order to gain her approval of a secession from the Zoles Imperium.

Barging into the prime minister's office, Lumian happily greeted him, but was bemused by his complaints against the Imperium, which had protected the Heleanorian for the past thousand years. However, Harana continued to press for a seperation, suggesting that the Heleanorian join the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, something that Lumian was furious about, claiming that the Empire had done nothing to protect their citizens in the past. However, Harana could not be turned from the path he had embarked, and left Lumian's office in protest, claiming that the next time he would step foot in it, he would as a citizen of the Empire.

Harana's Plot.png
Lord Harana barges into Lumian's office.

  • Lumian - Greetings, Harana. What brings you here?
  • Harana - I demand to speak about our people's future.
  • Lumian - "Demand", lord?
  • Harana - This "Zoles Imperium" has proved disastrous for our people.
  • Lumian - What are you talking about? We've been with the Zoles for over a thousand years.
  • Harana - And where has it gotten us? We tilt on the brink of destruction.
  • Lumian - The Zoles saved us from destruction before. Just because we have problems now doesn't mean we're all gonna die.

Harana begins pacing up and down.

  • Harana - They are weak! We need a new guardian. One of vast power.
  • Lumian - And who would that be?
  • Harana - Say... the Empire of the Cyrannia Cluster?

Lumian widens her eyes.

  • Lumian - What? You must be joking! That empire is not to be trusted!
  • Harana - Oh, please! If we join, we join the Gigaquadrant's most influential superpower, offering us protection that the Zoles Imperium cannot provide! Don't you care for our future?
  • Lumian - You really think they would care for us? Since this war started, I have not seen the Cyrannian Empire raise a single finger for Borealis.
  • Harana - Perhaps because that thick king insulted one of their leaders!
  • Lumian - Hmpf. Leave then. But don't try coming back apologizing later.
  • Harana - You are a traitor to your race. This planet will be ours. The next time I step foot here, I shall as a citizen of the Galactic Empire!

He leaves, leaving Lumian nervous.

Heleanorian Civil War[]

Rebel Heleanorians attack a Zoles Imperium ship.

Harana wasted no time, quickly gathering up a large fleet of Heleanorian cruisers, designed to crush the military of their enemies; those who were against the aspirations of Harana's movement. Using secret hyperdrives, supplied by an unknown ally, Harana aboard his flagship, the An'tartí immedately began to hunt down and destroy random Zoles Imperium military patrols, destroying many ships in hit and run tactics, edging closer and closer to the capital planet of the Heleanorian people, where the prime minister was watching and waiting for the final chapter of this shameful civil war.

Eventually, the perimeter of the capital planet was breached and Harana's forces soon descended violently on the King's Palace. Using secret tunnels through the complex, Harana and a group of his commandos broke into the Prime Minister's office, and neutralised the guards using stun blasters. Lumian aggressively berated Harana, complaining to him about his plans and claiming that she'll have absolutely no part in it. Harana had no time for Lumian's complaints and was about to arrest her. Suddenly however, she activated a special nerve gas that all Imperium leaders kept on their person, nearly knocking out her aggressors, as she escaped. While he failed in his primary goal, the Heleanorian had officially split.

Imperial Intervention[]

Tyranus observes the negotiations.

After many days of continuous conflict, Harana and the leader of the Zoles Imperium, King Rebaris, were both called to meet with an unknown party in neutral space. Both had no idea who was it, but followed the coordinates and travelled to the meeting. Upon meeting in the spaceship, both Harana and Rebaris were shocked. Harana though it was an attempt to arrest him, while rebaris though Harana wanted to assassinate him.

However, the mysterious third party revealed himself to be Imperator Tyranus. Stroking his Dvottie pet, he presented himself and proposed both the King and the Lord to end the civil war with a peaceful split of the Heleanorian people between the Zoles Imperium and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Shocked, Rebaris could not understand the reason behind the Heleanorian revolution, but accepted the offer, as he wished for no more violence between the Zoles and the Heleanorian races.

As around 85% of the Heleanorian population supported Harana's campaign, Rebaris signed governance of planets mainly inhabitated by them to be now under the control of Tyrómairon. With his wish fulfilled, Harana declared the civil war over. However, Rebaris was clear on his final warning: Harana is forbidden of ever returning to Imperium territory for his treason.

The Heleanorian civil war was over, with much blood on the ice.

Tyranus observes the negotiations.

Harana and King Rebaris enter a neutral starship, called by an unknown party. They both walk into a room and are surprised by each other's presence.

  • Rebaris - What...you? What is the meaning of this?
  • Harana - How should I know? Is this some pitiful attempt to arrest me?!
  • Rebaris - If this is an assassination attempt I swear...

A figure turns around in his chair, stroking a Dvottie.

  • Tyranus - Greetings, gentlemen.
  • Rebaris - Hm? Who are you?
  • Tyranus - I am Grand Mandator Tyranus of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.
  • Rebaris - Empire of Cyrannus, eh? So you're the cause of all this racket.
  • Tyranus - Not directly, no. However, our friend Harana here, would like to secede from your Imperium. I am here to propose a peaceful settlement.
  • Rebaris - Peaceful?...I'm listening.
  • Harana - I demand the partition of Zoles Imperium space with a vote. Areas where a majority of it's citizens want to join the Empire will join, those who don't will remain unaffected.
  • Rebaris - You have no right to demand anything from me, traitor...but if it's for the well being of the Heleanorians who still wish to live in peace, then I agree with it.
  • Tyranus - Then we are agreed. How many systems have majority Heleanorian populations?
  • Rebaris - Quite a few. Last time I checked around 20% of the Imperium.
  • Harana - 85% of Heleanorians support my cause.

Rebaris looks saddened.

  • Rebaris - I don't understand why. We always treated your species like equals. Why backstab us like this?
  • Harana - All people should have the chance to choose their own fate.

Rebaris sighed.

  • Rebaris - Very well. Just end this conflict.
  • Tyranus - I shall keep this short. Your Majesty, all you have to do is sign governance of these systems over to the Empire, then this conflict will end.
  • Rebaris - I accept your offer.
  • Harana - Thank you. We'll endeavour to live in peace.
  • Rebaris - Yes...peace would be good at least once...
  • Tyranus - In that case, this civil war is over and we can both concentrate on more pressing matters.
  • 'Rebaris - Yes. My galaxy's in danger, and the last thing I need is conflict inside my government.
  • Tyranus - Very well. Goodbye.

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