Civil WarEdit

The Knights of AsconEdit

It is evening on planet Ascon. The sun has set and the stars are visible. Garoomia, Ascon’s capital, is lit up with the lights from apartments and vehicles. Down on the city’s rural streets, there is a damaged building that was still damaged from the Second Infectant War. Down in the basement, some Volver are gathered. It is a dim but spacious room. At the front of the room, there is a podium. A Volver Knight clad in crimson armor rose to the podium.

  • Crimson - My brothers and sisters! It is time to act. The Volver have lost their Warrior heritage and have inherited a diplomatic one. We are our empire’s saviors! We will liberate our blinded brothers and sisters from the clutches of King Brygon. No doubt his allies will stand in the way, which is why we will strike in stages. We will commence stage one tomorrow: Kill the allied leaders.

The audience cheers. The meeting is dismissed and the crowd leaves the building from various secret passages. Crimson leaves the building, sending directions to his many Volver assassins using his wrist pad.

Stage OneEdit


The next morning, King Brygon briefs his Volver Knights on the daily duties that must be carried out that day.

  • Brygon - Knights, I need you to be on guard today. I’ve got to prepare for a UFG meeting tomorrow and I have heard reports of suspicious activities in town. Patrol the city and make sure that I am not disturbed.
  • Knights - Yes Sir!

The knights scatter as Brygon reenters his palace. He closes the doors and turns around to see another Knight. It was Reathee.

  • Brygon - Reathee? Why are you still here? Did you not hear my orders?
  • Reathee - I do not take orders from a diplomat.

Reathee puts on his helmet and draws his sword. Brygon, puzzled by his knight’s actions draws his sword as well.

  • Brygon - Are you challenging me Reathee!? What is the meaning of this?
  • Reathee - I am no longer Reathee, for I have renounced that name. I am Crimson! And this is your end!

Crimson charges for Brygon, slashing at him. He manages to deal a heavy blow on Brygon. Brygon steps back and counters Crimson’s next attack, kicking him in the chest. Brygon then hops out of the window, planning to take the fight away from civilians. Crimson follows using his wings to fly after him. The two combatants come to a clearing. Brygon stops and draws his sword and shield. Crimson lands and prepares to attack. The two clash swords and block each other’s attacks. Crimson parries and slashes Brygon’s leg, causing him to stagger. Brygon works through the pain and Slams his shield into Crimson’s face. Crimson jumps back, attempting to ram Brygon with his antlers. Brygon quickly stabs Crimson in his shoulder. Crimson, badly wounded decides to fly off. Brygon sits there as he awaits his loyal knights to help him back to the palace.


It is a pleaseant afternoon on Farmia. Queen Si'daal is on a walk with her Royal Guard Oskel. They walk arm in arm together as the day goes by. Oskel is oblivious to her affection for him, but does not seem to have a problem with Si'daal on his shoulder. As the walk continues they come to a park bench and sit together.

  • Oskel - Are you prepared for the meeting tomorrow my Queen?
  • Si'daal - Yes Oskel. But I’d rather not think about that now.
  • Oskel - As you wish.
  • Si'daal - Oskel, why do you stay with me so often?
  • Oskel - Is it not my duty? I swore to keep you safe at all times.
  • Si'daal - Is there any other reason you do?
  • Oskel - What other reason is there ma’am?
  • Si'daal - ...Nevermind.

Si'daal looks away fom him, disappointed. Strangely, there is a group of Volver walking their way. They wear the Volver Knight armor and carry the standard knight weapons.

  • Oskel - Volver Knights? I wonder what they are doing here…

Oskel stands up attempting to talk to them. Suddenly, they all draw their weapons. Oskel's expression went from calm to serious in an instant. He prepares his Exo-Blade and stands in front of Si'daal.

  • Oskel - Flee my queen. These Volver are not friendly.
  • Si'daal - We are surrounded Oskel!

Oskel looks behind him to see that there are more Volver Knights behind them. There are about 20 of the, highly trained and extremely dangerous. Oskel quickly grabs Si'daal and jumps over them. The Knights quickly trail them into an alley. Oskel places Si'daal behind a gate and Stands ready to fight the Knights. He eyes the knights sharply. Two of them charge for him as the rest follow. Oskel slashes the first one down and trips the second. He then crushes the second's head under his foot while slicing two more Knights with his two blades. Three knights run in and tackle him through a building. He gets up slowly and is then slashed in the face by another Knight. They gang up on him, slashing him with their swords and beating him with their shields. Oskel desperately slashes at them, but is unsuccessful.

Si'daal rushes in and blasts them away with her magic. The Volver then get up and run for her, blades drawn. Oskel stagers and sees them throw Si'daal to the ground. He loses it and charges at them in a rage. He stabs his Exo-Blade through a Volver's skull and smashes three of them with his War hammer. More Knights arrive on the scene, bombing the building from the outside and sending knights inside. Si'daal struggles up as the Knights surround her. Oskel attempts to save her but is restrained by numerous Knights. Oskel eventually calls in the Antroth Royal Gaurds. The guards quickly rush in and try to take on the Knights, but they are no match for their numbers. A Knight Commander arrives and goes for Oskel. Oskel recovers slightly from his injuries but is in no condition to fight. The Commander slams Oskel into the ground, repeatedly punching and kicking him as the Knights join in once more.

  • Oskel - I've had enough of this!!

Oskel pulls out his tomahawks and begins to hack away at the Knights surrounding him. He dodges the Commander and runs for the Knights surrounding Si'daal. He throws both of them at the ground causing a surge of electricity to shock the enemies around her. Oskel and Si’daal back themselves into a corner, hoping to give them a clear view of their enemies. The commander and the knights run at them, weapons ready to kill. Oskel opens his mouth and launches his acidic spikes from the tip of his tongue to pierce the Commander's spinal cord and disperses acid everywhere. The Knights die from the burns and fumes of the acid.

  • Oskel - [out of breath] Thank Spode...for that defense mechanism...
  • Si'daal - Oskel! You’re wounds are really bad, I have to prepare a healing spell-
  • Oskel - No my queen. You must contact Brygon. I will hold off any more Knights.
  • Si'daal - But the Volver have betrayed us!
  • Oskel - No they haven't. Those Volver that attacked us have obviously gone rouge. The Knights never had a commander other than Brygon or the past the kings.
  • Si'daal - Come with me Oskel. You and the gaurds can't fight all of them!
  • Oskel - I can fight them all if I know you are safe ma'am. Now go to the palace!

Si'daal nods and runs to the palace. Oskel readies his gaurds and calls in the Antroth Army.


It was midday at Raptoranea. The sun was shining brightly, and the air felt humid and Warm. Creatures of all kinds, were visible on perches of the giant mangrove trees that made up the gigantic rainforest of the plant. A lone Volver Knight was cutting his way trough all of this. A pack of creatures came out of the trees, and attempted to play with him, but he growled and scared them away. Finally, out of the forest came a steep wall, covered in roots. As the Knight walked closer to it, a Bio-Nest came out from a place atop of it.

  • Nest - State your destination.
  • Knight - Greetings. I'm just a visitor from the Volver empire who wants to see the capital city of this planet, and most importantly, the palace. Sadly I don't know were to find it.
  • Nest - No worries, sir. It is in the middle of the city, you can't miss it.

The roots withdraw themselves from the city gate, with opens. The Bio-Nest retract back into it's lower parts. As the Volver entered, the gate closed, and became covered in roots again. The Volver looked around, expecting to see houses and apartments. Instead, he saw only trees, connected to each other with bridges made out of ever-blooming vines. Above this, the canopy of the trees blocked the sky, with few patches of light breaking trough this, making the city extremely beautiful in look. The Knight passed through the crowds, and made it to the park that surrounded the palace. The park was almost like a maze, but eventually, he reached the clearing, and stood in front of the palace. He then saw W'tze, meditating on a tree stump, clearly unarmed. The Knight charged, and attacked him from behind. W'tze, not expecting any of this, was thrown on the ground in surprise.

  • W'tze - What are you doing? The Volver are our allies!
  • Knight - A new era is at hand, but you won't witness it!

As the knight was about to strike, a pink beam of light trew him off. The knight fell on the ground, dead. W'tze looked up to see his wife, Shellyand'r, standing at the gate, her hand still glowing fiercely with energy. Behind her were 2 Bio-Justicars, W'tze 's personal guard, who had the ability to regerate their entire bodies in seconds. One of the Justicars stabs his blade trough the Knight, raising him in the air, then stars to cut his limbs off, eventually trowing the knight on the ground again. The other Justicar scans the body with it's glowing eyes.

  • Justicar (1) - This Volver isn't a regular one. It's a knight.
  • W'tze - Like I didn't saw that already...
  • Shellyand'r - But why...why would he want to kill my husband?
  • Justicar (1) - Because he is a rebel.
  • W'tze - I get a bad felling about this...Is the Citadel involved?
  • Justicar (1) - No traces of Unitech technology found. Tis knight acted alone.
  • Shellyand'r - Maybe we'd better get inside.
  • W'tze - *points at the first Justicar* You clean up the mess, OK?
  • Justicar (2) - Understood.

W'tze and Shellyand'r enter the palace. They surely had to talk to the rest of the Council of Life about this...


Barda watched his sonsand dauther as they praticed with the sniper. They where beutifull with the gun, and it could be considered bonding time for Ugandalorians. The Captain of his royal guard, Jallas, stood at attention. Barda looked over at him, worried.

  • Barda - Jallas, how do you feel about Torscka's death, and me becoming the new ruler?
  • Jallas - You are my ruler, I should feel happy. *Takes a deep breath* But I don't. I miss him. He was the closest thing I to a father.
  • Barda - He was a father to me too. After my dad...died, he took me under his wing, taught me soo much. We all miss him Jallas, and if you need to talk, I'm here, so is Arkaalin.
  • Jallas - Thank you Ugandalore, sir.
  • Barda - Just Barda, actually.

He suddenly saw a Volver knight in red armor in the fields, heading toWards them. Shinocar looked out with worry.

  • Jallas - I don't have a good feeling about this sir.
  • Barda - Relax. The Volver are our friends, remeber?

Barda walked over to the Volver, his helmet tucked under his arm.

  • Barda - Hello friend! You lost?

The Knight says nothing, but instead pulls a sword on Barda. He reacts instantly, diving out of the way to avoid a downWard arc, then pulls out 2 Blasters and starts firing. The Volver growls as the bolts hit him, then activiates his shield.

Jallas activates his jumpPack, leaps forWard, and slams a kick into the knight's face. Barda then fires repeatedly at the knight intil he falls.

  • Jallas - What in Zaraturai's name was that?!
  • Barda - Why would the Volver attack us?

Suddenly, 2 more Crimson armored Knights charge at them, striking Barda's jet pack with one's sword, while Jallas and the other begin their bout. Barda kicks the Volver away, and shots at him with his blasters. In a quick move, he strips off his Jetpack, and kicks it at the Knight, just as Jallas cuts down his comrade.

The Knight attempts to run, but the Pack slammed into him from behind. Focusing his energies, Barda then fires a beam of fire, striking the pack and creating a huge explosive.

  • Barda - Jallas! Gather the Federation leaders and prepare for War against the Volver. Tell the Clone-Master to muster our armies. Then summon the Ultra Commandos and other Koastrier squads, and prepare for War. These blasted Brutes will pay for attacking us.
  • Jallas - Yes sire!

Stage TwoEdit

Crimson, having recovered from his wounds, was in the command bridge of his Asconian Frigate. In the bridge, the walls and floor were a dark purple and the windows and panels were lined with gold. A few of his knights approach him.

  • Rebel(1) - Crimson sir, our assassinations have failed. Is the mission compromised?
  • Crimson - No. for it is the will of our creators. Besides, I planned for this. The assassinations were supposed to fail.
  • Rebel(2) - What? What sense does that make? First you attack Brygon alone, then you sent in 50 of our brothers to fight the Antroths, and after that you only send one to deal with W'tze!
  • Crimson - Fool. I am trying to send them into confusion. The Antroth and Waptoria are to distrust the Volver so that we can strike. I knew that W'tze would probably figure out that we aren't part of the Volver Empire, that's why I only sent in one Knight. Our presence is not to be known until they are all together. The meeting is tomorrow. We will strike then.
  • Rebel(1) - Wait...but if all the leaders are there, we'd have to deal with their great powers!
  • Crimson - I've got a plan for that. It all depends on if Lavern decides to show up. I've yet to find a way to defeat him. You are all dismissed.

The Knights leave Crimson as he looks out into space, thinking about his next move.


the next morning, Brygon has recovered from his wounds and has arrived on Ugandalore. He enters the hall of the UFG and walks into the throne room accompanied by his loyal knights. As he enters the room he sees Si'daal and W'tze sitting at the table. Oskel suddenly comes from the side of the door and puts his sword to Brygon's neck. The knights, surprised by this, draw their weapons.

  • Knight - Lower your weapons Antroth!
  • Oskel - You first, traitor.
  • Brygon - Oskel what is the meaning of this!?
  • Si'daal - You tell us "ally".
  • Brygon - I have no idea what you are talking about!
  • W'tze - All of us were attacked by Volver knights, Brygon.
  • Barda - ...Your knights. I demand answers, not only as your friend, but as your superior as well.
  • Brygon - I...I was attacked too! My knight, Reathee betrayed me yesterday morning!
  • Oskel - So you're not behind the attacks...that means...
  • Si'daal - You were right Oskel...those Volver must have disbanded themselves into another type of group.
  • Barda - This is troublesome. We need to get to the bottom of this.
  • Si'daal - Brygon, don't we know some one who can help us?
  • Brygon - Yes...Cat Kit, our Felion detective. I'll contact him.

Brygon leaves the room. Barda looks out of the window to see the allied fleet. But something seems off. A Volver frigate known as the Crusader is off course and headed for the hall. Barda jumps to his feet and tells his friends to get down. Suddenly multiple drop pods crash through the hall. Rebel knights wearing red armor pour out of the pods, going after the leaders. Brygon returns to see this betrayal of his knights. He rushes in to help his friends.

Si'daal projects a one way shield that repels attacks, but allows attacks from the inside to leave the shield. The leaders pull out their guns, shooting at the knights. As the knights' numbers increase, Si'daal has trouble keeping the shield up.

  • Si'daal - If any of you have an idea, now would be a good time to say it! I can't keel the shield up much longer!
  • Brygon - Damn it! If only my dad were alive! He'd be able to take all of these knights!
  • Barda - Don't be so sure, they're too many, not even I can take this many of them!
  • W'tze - Is it Warm in here to you guys?
  • Si'daal - Really W'tze!? Jokes during this crisis!?
  • W'tze - No I'm serious! Look!

The leaders look out of the window to see a Lavatuft ship, The Volcano, accompanied a Soldarian Fleet. Out of the ship come the Soldarian and Lavatuft armies. Leading them are King Magmos and his father, Lord Lavern. Magmos runs into battle with the armies as Lavern charges for the hall. The knights, with their attention diverted, get attacked by the leaders as well. A huge battle unfolds as the Ugandalorian, Antroth, Waporia, and Loyal Volver fleets fire down on the Rebels. With the help of their allies, the knight's efforts were halted.

  • Barda - My beautiful hall...ruined.

The leaders look around to see the damage done to the hall they had built. Brygon scans the area for any more hostiles with his helmet. He picks up on a rebel that is just barely alive. He angrily walks over to him and picks him up by his neck.

  • Brygon - Why are you doing this!? The title of knight means you are loyal to the empire!
  • Rebel - No! Master Crimson should have told you already...the Volver have forgotten their roots as Warriors, and have become diplomats...This attack is only the beginning...Crimson is on his way to Ascon...we will rule once more!

The rebel dies, leaving the leaders to prepare for the worst.

  • Brygon - I must return to Ascon. My people need me.
  • Lavern - Look Brygon, I know you have the duty to protect your people, but we will aid you.
  • Si'daal - Yes. They will pay for what they have done.
  • Brygon - Thank you. But I will face Crimson.
  • W'tze - Fine with us. We'll call in one of our allies, the Centapedus. They'll provide air support and cut off any rebel fleets attempting to enter Ascon's territory, while we aid you on the ground.
  • Barda - I will aid you in battle.
  • Oskel - Same for me, how about you Lavern?
  • Lavern - Sounds like fun!

They all enter their respective ships, and head for Ascon.

Return of the Dead WatchEdit

Lorka Gredyc sate back on his throne and breathed in deeply. It had been turbulent for the Dead Watch. They where spread out after the Second Infectant War, and had put into practice an ancient Ugandal War style, Gari'No kalis'Manas or scatter and wait. It was hard to conquer though, with them so spread out.

Lorka was also starting to doubt his master, Mortox's wisdom. While he did order the to shatter, with saved them from death by Unified Federation fleets, and even gave the Dead Watch more freedom, he did nothing about the Federation themselves. However, Lorka hoped this was all part of a bigger plan.

Suddenly, his new Field Marshall, Vai Kitrom, came in. She was carring her helmet under his arm, and held the handel of her Sheathed Lightning Striker.

  • Vai - Lord Lorka, we have vistors!
  • Lorka - *Sits up* Send them in.

Lorka was greeted by Solid and Crimson, who walked in un-easiely, as the Most elite Dead Watch troops, the Blood Guard, stood by.

  • Lorka - You may leave Blood Guard, Vai.

They nodded and left, as Solid and Crimson walked up.

  • Crimson - *Whispers* Are you sure this is a good idea? He looks rather...Angry.
  • Solid - He always is. Just relax, and let me handle this.

Lorka got up and walked down to them.

  • Lorka - Solid, how goes the Unitech Citadel?
  • Solid - Good Lorka, just doing a little repair work after the Nebulorian War. Not much, but still there.
  • Lorka - So what are you and the Volver doing here? I don't like enemies on my planets.

Solid smiled nervously, and Crimson edged toWard the window, hoping to somehow, fly out of there. He doubted Lorka would just stand and shout angerly at him though.

  • Solid - We're working on killing Brygon, and bringing the Volver under Crimson's command.
  • Lorka - *Scratches his chin* I see. With the Volver on our side, it could weaken the Federation well, as well as Barda's will to fight, knowing he's lost another friend.
  • Solid - So you'll help?
  • Lorka - As we are in the Gari'No Kalis'Manas stage, the main Cano Clan cannot help you, however, I will lend support when I can.
  • Crimson - Thank you, this is glorious!
  • Lorka - Let's celebrate after we win.

The 2 left Lorka's palace and world, and made their way back to their territory, this time with a Dead Watch Fleet, with enough power to conquer several star systems.

New AlliesEdit

An hour after this, Solid mades his way to Crimson's hideout. Solid and a mysterious, hulking centipede-like creature enter Crimson's hideout after Solid makes his presence clear. Crimson is waiting for him.

  • Crimson - Ah, there you are.
  • ??? - Was it because of that Dead Watch alliance I had to wait? Well, I don't like waiting at all.
  • Crimson - Is that being him? Quite imposing indeed.
  • Solid - Yes. This is General Okosus, a high ranking member of the Gigapedus Dominion.
  • Okosus - *Grumbles something*
  • Crimson - I guess that was "nice to meet you"?
  • Okosus - It wasn't.
  • Crimson - Oh. Anyways...
  • Okosus - Can we get to the point, LADIES?
  • Solid - Ladies?
  • Okosus - You all talk too much. Now get to the damn point!
  • Solid - Ah, yes. As you see, the Gigapedus Dominion wants to aid you in your cause.
  • Okosus - I rather want to enslave some species, that's what I want. But yes, you will have our aid. Maybe we will find some small use for you.
  • Crimson - We'd like to have it.
  • Okosus - Then everything is said.
  • Solid - Right. Let's prepare ourselves then.
  • Crimson - Indeed. Tomorrow, Ascon is ours!

Stage ThreeEdit

The UFG and allies reach Ascon, only to find it completely taken over by the rebels. Multiple rebel frigates orbit the planet. Brygon looks down below and sees his palace, completely overtaken. Crimson was outside making announcements to the people. Their ships lower into the atmosphere as Crimson notices them. He looks up and simply waves, then walks back into the palace.

  • Brygon - I'm too late...he took Ascon from me...
  • Ugandalore - Don't lose hope. We can take Ascon back!
  • Lavern - If you are done talking...I'd like to get going!!

Lavern jumps from the ship and lands in the crowd. The rebels spot him instantly run at him. Lavern chukles and slams them into the ground with one forearm. More rebels appear, and charge for him. Lavern charges through them as if they were nothing but leaves.

  • Oskel - Hmph! Well he can't have all of the fun! My queen, I will return shortly!

Oskel followed by Barda and their army, beam down to the planet. The Second Battle of Ascon had begun. Brygon sets his sights for the palace and with an amazing jump, manages to land on the balcony. He runs inside to challenge Crimson. Meanwhile in space, Si'daal commands the allied fleets against the Unitech and Death Watch Fleets. She uses her magic to shield the ships under her command.

Meanwhile, Lavern, clearing a path for Oskel and Ugandalore, eventually comes across a legion of Wraiths.

  • Lavern - You dare stand in my way!?
  • Wraith - Let's see how strong you really are hotshot!

Lavern charges for them, managing to hold back 15 of them before getting pushed back. These Wraiths had received cybernetic and genetical enhancements, making them 3 times stronger then they were. Ugandalore runs through the battlefield, slashing down enemies as Oskel covered his blind spots. Oskel what then blown back with a tank shell. His exoskeleton absormed most of the shock, but he as knocked unconscious. Barda noticed this and quickly ran to his side.

  • Barda - Oskel! Wake up! Don't die on me! I refuse to let another ally die!

Oskel remained unconscious. Barda stood over him and repelled any tank blasts with the Knight Shield he picked up earlier. Meanwhile, Brygon makes his way to the throne room. He finds Solid and Crimson, sitting at a table.

  • Crimson -'ve returned?
  • Brygon - I'm here to take back my birthright!
  • Crimson - [chuckles] You think I haven't prepared for this? My plan is perfect! You are no more than a diplomat. For I am a true Warrior...a prime specimen of a species with perfect adaptions!
  • Brygon - No, you're not! I am the rightful ruler of this empire! My ancestors were the most powerful Volver that ever lived!
  • Crimson- Then you should understand my reasoning! Your ancestors were Warriors! The best in fact! Join me Brygon!
  • Brygon - ᎾᎡᎥᎡᏛ ("o-ri-eh" Never)
  • Crimson - So be it...foolish half-breed.

The two draw their weapons, Solid stands up and prepares himself. Suddenly, W'tze arrives in a drop pod and storms his way into the castle. He and Solid lock eyes.

  • W'tze - Bro! It has been too long!
  • Solid - Hah, you know it. Better prepare yourself, brother.
  • W'tze - Sure. Shall we dance then?
  • Solid - Bring it on!

Solid and W'tze draw their swords, and start to strike each other, but they manage to block each attack. Eventually, Solid manages to cut W'tze 's arm off. It recovers, however, and in W'tze headbutts Solid various times, before Solid pulls him and W'tze out of the widnow. They continue to fight each other in the air ruthlessly, without looking where they are going to. W'tze eventually breaks free from Solid's grasp, and attaches himself on the top a skyscraper. As W'tze looks to the ground far below him, Solid slams into him. They land in a room full of barrels, some explosive. W'tze chuckles, and aims his gun.

W'tze shoots one of the explosive barrels, sending W'tze and Solid, and well as the skycraper's roof into space. As the smoke of the explosion "clears", Solid is gone. A vine exists the mouth of a Waptoria Dragonfly class, and drags W'tze into it.

Meanwhile, Brygon and Crimson also fight eachother ruthlessly. They are equally matches, blocking and parrying each attack with their swords and shields. Brygon dodges a would be fatal stab to the face ancd counters with a leg sweep. Crimson falls to his knees and is immediately kicked in the face. Crimson recovers and reveals a new feature on his armor. A new sword pops out from his chest plate as he discards his old one.

  • Brygon - What! Is that!?
  • Crimson - Yes...Lord Ne'yon's Shattorium Sword. You are no match for Nebulorian technology Brygon!

Crimson moves at a blinding speed and slashes Brygon's chest. A severe wound opens, but Crimson continues to slash away at him. Brygon bare blocks the next attack, being thrown back. Crimson follows up with a strong kick and sends him flying though a pillar.

Brygon can't stand. His leg was crushed under the pillar's rubble. He desperately tries to free himself but has no success. Crimson walks over to him, his sword covered in Brygon's blood.

Dark ArmorEdit

Meanwhile outside, Barda manages to find some cover behind a car and stays back to allow his own wounds to heal as well as protect Oskel. Oskel manags to come to, but is too injured to move. Barda looks over the car to see more rebels closing in. He looks back to see the soldiers from the allied forces are outnumbered and injured. He was unshure what this battle's outcome would be at this point.

  • Oskel - Barda...we've lost...haven't we?
  • Barda - I'm not sure. The outcome is not yet clear.
  • Knight - Ugandalore! Look! Up there!

The knight points up to a 4 story building. Ugandalore looks to see a Volver Rebel clad in black armor standing over them. The rebels spot him to and notice him looking down on the UFG army. They cheer seeing as they have a new ally. The rebel jumps down without saying a word and walks straight past the UFG troops, as they are too tired to react to him. Oskel feels a shiver down his spine as the rebel closes in. Ugandalore pulls his bladed knuckles out, arming all of his weapons even though he is worn from battle. The rebel walks up to him drawing his two-handed sword. Oskel attempts to stand and give Ugandalore support, but can only kneel. Te rebel then walks by Barda and pats him on the shoulder. Barda looked to him in surprise as he walked past the car they used for cover.

  • Rebel- Hey you! Why didn't you kill them!?
  • ??? - ...
  • Rebel - Hey didn't you hear him!? Why didn't you kill them!!!?

The stranger just stands there, ignoring them. The rebels become irritated and grab his arm. The stranger instantly reverses the grab and takes out five rebels with one strike. The Rebels realize that he is no ally, but an enemy. With amazing speed and power the stanger slashes down the rebels, predicting their every move. He clears a path for the UFG to advance to the palace. Barda orders them to follow while insuring that Oskel makes it back to Si'daal in one piece. He then follows this Dark Knight to the palace. Lavern was still dealing with multiple wraiths as they had him pinned behind a wall. Lavern sees the stranger walk past him and becomes confused.

  • Barda - His he crazy!? You cant take a Wraith head on!!
  • Lavern - I had trouble keeping them from getting to you guys! All of a sudden this guy in black armor shows up and walks right to them!

They watch as the stranger effortlessly cuts down the Wraiths. He kills every last one before entering the castle and killing the Unitech synths guarding it. Barda and Lavern attempt to follow, but he gestures them to stop. He enters the throne room and notices the damage done to the sacred Volver Palace. This would anger any loyal Volver, but he does not seem to care. Crimson notices him and stops torturing Brygon.

  • Crimson - Heh, who the hell are you? Another fool who thinks he's a match for my new technology!?
  • ??? - ...
  • Crimson - Hmph, I guess you'd rather die then chat huh? Well here I come fool!

Crimson runs for him at his top speed and gets to the stranger in less than a second. He strikes him with a heavy blow from his Shattorium sword enhanced by the Nebulorian technology. The stranger blocks this attack with his own sword, completely unfazed from the attack. Crimson looks at him in confusion before getting kicked hard in the chest. His Nebulorian armor cracks and is left with an energy drained suit.

  • Crimson - How could one kick crack my armor!? You will die!!

The stanger blocks all oncoming attacks and slashes Crimson's helmet in two, revealing his face. This is the most humiliating act in Volver culture. If you helmet is forcibly removed by your opponent in battle, you are a disgrace to the Volver race. Crimson sat ther on his knees, bloody from the reversed blows he had taken. He realized that this Warrior wasn't even trying.

He became furious. The stranger walked over to Brygon and removed the pillar from his leg, helping him up. He bowed to him, then checked his wounds. Crimson saw this as his chance, knights put their king's safety over their own. He charged in a last ditch effort to wound the stranger. He senced his move ment and sliced off his right arm. Crimson screamed in pain.

Solid and just barely survived his encounter with W'ze and grabs Crimson, making a smooth getaway. Ugandalore, Si'dall, and Oskel enter the castle to notice Brygon as King again. Si'daal later heals the troops and revives some with her magic. The stranger sticks around for this and vanishes mysteriously.

Enemy RecuperationEdit

Days later, Crimson woke up with a new bionic arm. He realized that all of the rebels were dead, Thus ending his uprising.

  • Crimson - Damn it! That dark armored bastard ruined everything!I had Brygon right where I wanted him!
  • Solid - I've never seen one in black armor before. Who was that!?
  • Crimson - I have no idea! He knew my every move before I even had the chance to make one! He was fast and powerful! I've never faced a Volver like him before!
  • Solid - Well I'm not sure how to react to this. I don't think I could have taken him on either. Hell, he made Lavern look like an ember!

The two dicussed this for some time before being Okosus walks in, his armor dripping with Centapedus blood.

  • Crimson - And were have you been?
  • Okosus - Massacring the Centapedus before they could reach Ascon, as you asked.
  • Solid - Makes sense and...
  • Okosus - How's your battle been?
  • Solid - Bad.
  • Okosus - So you lost? You should have taken some Gigapedus with you. My race has great strength and excellent stamina.
  • Crimson - Yes, we lost. All my loyalists...dead...
  • Solid - So we need a different approach.
  • Crimson - Spevile was the one who granted Lord Ne'yon strength. If we only had some of his power...
  • Okosus - Spevile? What is that? A kind of hallucinogen mushroom?
  • Crimson - He is the false god that will come. The true creator of my race.
  • Okosus - [grumbles] ...whatever.

Lorka walks in the room, hearing most of the conversation.

  • Lorka - Solid, get Crimson on his feet, we are going for the Markers.
  • Crimson - Markers? Are that artifacts of some kind?
  • Solid - Yes. You must know that most races in Mirus were created by a so-called ancestor race. The were the Unoic, of course, but they left behind nothing but worthless, broken rubble. Shortly after that, an alliance of various species achieved enlightenment. They called themselves the Enlightened Ones. Their main occupation was spreading life trough Mirus, before it, at was a dangerous place full of natural hazards.
  • Crimson - That race...sounds powerful.
  • Solid - They were. But anyways, they created many species, most of with are found in the UFG, the BroS, the UNoS, WAoS and by extension us. I believe they created the Hermicee too, and they might have gotten a hand in the spit of the Centapedus, resulting in the Gigapedus and the other subspecies.
  • Okosus - This is were bloodshed comes in, right?
  • Solid - Yeah. After a while, a scientist named Kashii'Rishas rescued some Grox and edited them, becoming the Alpha Grox. He also created a race of synthetic-organic creatures, the Bachyeon. They where to safe-guard the galaxy from harm, while the Alpha were to colonize the core in order to make the Meta Grox stay away. But the meta-Emperor grew jealous, and did send the Meeno Grox to take over the core, and to absorb the Alpha back into the Meta-Empire, where they were to serve as the most elite. However, the Alpha refused, and a War broke out. With both the Ones, the Alpha and the Bachyeon attacking the Meeno, they kept them at bay. But after various legions of Alpha Grox were assimilated into the Meta-Empire, some started to suspect Kashii'Rishas to work with the Grox all along. The evidence was false, but the Ones weren't aWare of that, and he was executed. After this, the Alpha rose up, allied with the Meeno, and struck down Ones with them and the Bachyeon. Some say the survivors of the massacre were assimilated by the Grox. Others say some managed to escape...
  • Crimson - That's all nice and fair, but what are we going to do exactly?
  • Lorka - Using their artifacts of course! Unlike the ones of the Unoic, the artifacts of the Ones aren't rubble, and we can still use them. Imagine what we could do with their power...
  • Solid - Races could be old allies, the Biskin, will rise again and become part of the Unitech Citadel...We will use the power of the artifacts to merge the DNA of all species in the universe, creating the ultimate races...then, there will be finally peace..
  • Okosus - Peace. Sounds boring. Having the perfect genes, on the other hand...
  • Lorka - What are we waiting for? Let's go already.

The four prepare their fleets, who disappeared into Mirus. The separatists were planning something huge, and the allies better had to prepare themselves well.


Weeks since the Civil War have passes. Any rebels that existed were either imprisoned or executed. The buildings on Ascon and Ugandalore are being rebuilt. There are no signs of the black armored Volver. The loyal Knights remain by Brygon's side to ensure that he is not harmed. One evening, a meeting was called to the mostly reconstructed temple of the UFG.

  • Barda - Alright friends...We are all aWare that the Dead Watch and Unitech are once again involved. Not to mention that Crimson managed to escape.
  • Magmos - I also noticed during the space battle that their was a Gigapedus fleet just outside of Volver territory. Do you think they are involved as well?
  • W'tze - I wouldn't put it past them, considering we had aid from the Centapedus.
  • Lavern - Great, now we have to deal with another group of damned bugs. No offense Oskel.
  • Oskel - None taken Lavern. It's not like we are the same species or anything.
  • Brygon - Where is Si'daal? Isn't she supposed to be here?
  • Oskel - She wasn't feeling well earlier. It must be the strain from using all of that magic.
  • Barda - I hope she feels better. Anyways, any clues on to who that knight was Brygon?
  • Brygon - No. Any leads I had went short.
  • Magmos - Whoever he is, I'm glad he's on our side.
  • W'tze - Agreed. I will keep watch on the Gigapedus. You all should worry about finding and taking down Crimson.
  • Barda - Alright, good luck.

The meeting ends. The leaders continue to investigate what the Gigapedus, Death Watch, and Unitech involvement in the incident. The knew that the Civil War was over, but another one would surface. However, it would go further then anyone would guess...

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