The Seagon were once one of the worst beings of Borealis. Manipulative, supporters of war and conquest, destroyers of those they deemed "inferior"... but for them to turn around this quick means they were likely unhappy about their old leaders. And now, they work alongside their old enemies as allies... all while making their motives a complete and utter mystery to every being in this galaxy.

- Grand-Commandant Asraels of the Zoles Imperium

The Seagon Cryptocracy is the empire of the Seagon and one of the councillor powers of the Polar Crystal Alliance, hailing from the Friura Sector of the Borealis Galaxy's Eastern Arm. Successors of the old tyrannic Seagon Empire, which once strove for galactic domination, the Cryptocracy is a stark contrast, being a faction who only interacts with aliens when necessary or when contacted first, which is mainly interested in expanding its borders and looking for new Kormacvar relics to serve as enhancements for their already formidable technology.

The smallest of Borealis's great powers, the Cryptocracy is nonetheless one of the most technology advanced empires of the Borealis Galaxy, thanks to having evolved around ancient Kormacvar artifacts. Being considered nigh off-limits to aliens, including their best friends, they are one of the most enigmatic factions of Borealis, with all records of them being leaked from outsiders who somehow managed to sneak into their territory. Cold, stoic and of little words, the Seagon Cryptocracy is one of the galaxy's most curious factions.


The Seagon Cryptocracy was created during the final months of 2789, during the Second Borealis Galactic War, after the Seagon Empire's tyrannic emperor by the name of Rothneld Vhezari was killed aboard the Armageddon-class World Destroyer by the Niaka Special Forces and their allies. The death of the emperor caused the entire empire to cut all communications with the outside galaxy for a full year, with anonymous sources claiming the Seagon were hit by a civil war, the population apparently having waited for the leader's death to reform the government into something more beneficial to them. They would later reemerge and pledge themselves to the Zoles Imperium to combat the Devourer's Chosen, remaining at the side of the allies for the remainder of the war.

For their aid and for seemingly abandoning their hostile ways, the Seagon Cryptocracy were accepted into the Polar Crystal Alliance, being eventually elevated to councillor status at 2794 alongside the Kicathian Republic, being represented by the diplomat named Rylarien Vhezari. Since then, the Seagon have become an uncommon sight at Hyperborea and an even rarer sight outside of it, for despite all of the Alliance's encouragements, the Crypcocracy remains secluded to their home sector, giving no explanation of their motives or their new leaders, which has caused distrust among some members of the Alliance.




Unlike its predecessor, which was a hereditary monarchy, the Seagon Cryptocracy is, as its name states, a cryptocracy. Aliens are unaware of who rules the empire, from the supreme leader to the individuals in charge of sectors or planets, which are all considered information to be shared only between the Seagon themselves. It should be noted that the Cryptocracy is not a shadow government, for the Seagon people is completely aware of how their government works, but instead refuses to share it with outsiders.

The reasons behind the secrecy of the Seagon Cryptocracy's government are a matter of discussion. Some claim the Seagon are ashamed of their past crimes and make their leadership unseen as a form of hiding themselves, while others claim they do so in order to more easily manipulate other factions who they may interact with. More extreme theories claim a non-Seagon is their leader, and they hide themselves in order to obtain utmost control while remaining publicly unaffiliated, though these are often seen as conspiracy theories which the Seagon themselves laugh at.

The truth is that the true lord of the Cryptocracy is none other than Arkarixus, the last Kormacvar, who sees them as the closest thing in the modern day to Kormacvar to lord over.


While little is known about the Cryptocracy's inner workings, it is well known they have one of the best qualities of life in the Borealis Galaxy, surpassing the Zoles Imperium and the Niaka Special Forces. The Seagon people is extremely united, something which has been the case since the times of the Seagon Empire, and their culture includes a very strong sense of companionship where going against the whole's will is considered unthinkable. Because of it, the Seagon are not known to lie to each other or to commit heinous crimes.

Aliens are practically nonexistent in the Cryptocracy's territory due to their secrecy. Tourism is restricted to outer colonies specifically designed to receive alien visitors, with travels to the deeper worlds of the empire being forbidden, disregarding any form of authority the individual may have. Those who trespass where they are not welcome are said to either never be seen again or be brainwashed by Seagon authorities to forget their visits altogether, allowing the empire to continue its enigmatic state.


The Seagon people evolved and were uplifted by Kormacvar artifacts which practically litter their homeworld of Clexis. They evolved by using precursor technology, and are considered the only empire in Borealis to be able to create nearly perfect copies of Kormacvar devices, something only achievable by the Kormacvar Legacy. Thanks to this, the Seagon Cryptocracy is among the most technology advanced native empires of Borealis's modern history, its advancements rivalling and in some areas surpassing those of much older powers such as the Rovegar Matriarchy.

Seagon technology and equipment are easily distinguishable for its sleek, clean and typically silver designs, which are considered aesthetically pleasant to the Seagon folk. Their military, known as the Cryptic Navy, uses weaponry based on ancient Kormacvar designs as well, and their energy-based assault rifles are considered some of the most dangerous infantry weapons of the galaxy, easily able to shred through the shields and armor of even Zoles Imperium marines.


Seargent Trastius.png

A new future for our race...

  • Name - Trastius
  • Position - Cryptic Navy leader
  • Status - Active

Sergeant Trastius is the the military leader of the Seagon Cryptocracy, acting as the highest authority of their Cryptic Navy. Emerging out of nowhere during the Second Great War, Trastius was responsible for the end of the feud between the Seagon and the Niaka Special Forces as well as the race's membership in the Polar Crystal Alliance. Trastius is as much of an enigma as the ruler of the Seagon race, and many speculate he is actually the current emperor of the Cryptocracy. Trastius, however, denies this completely.



Diplomat Passion.pngWe prosper.


Green face.pngOur partnership is constructive.

  • N/A


Blue face.pngWe accept your existence.


Yellow face.pngLeave us.


Orange face.pngEnough.


Red face.pngDie.


We respect them, they live in the shadows of their precursors, and thus, always make good use of Kormacvar technology. They have also achieved more-or-less a utopia. We respect their right to privacy, so as long as they continue to do no harm, we do not mind their secrecy.

- Valzaria

man i hated dese slimy wimpy geeky geezas even wen Zaarkhun forced me ta work wiv dem. now i still hate dem but i hate dem less. CUZ DEYZ ENEMIES NOW. SO WE GET TA KILL DEM HURHURHUR. dat is we wuld get ta kill dem IF DEY WASNT WIMPS DAT HID ALL DA TIME. MAN COME OUT AN FITE US LIKE MAN YA STOOPID TWITS

- Fre'kloar

Good at keepin' themselves hidden, 'ey? Har har har...they can't stay 'idden from me fer long...

- Billig Oltauris

Y'know, maybe these whipper-snappers actually know what they're doing with all that gear...heh, maybe if they weren't so goddamn secretive, I'd actually trust them to use more stuff!

- The Mechanic

I find it so bizarre that despite their utopia and their membership to the PCA - having their own Councillor, even - yet they remain so isolated from the rest of their neighbours in a time of growing peace and prosperity. ... Who knows? Really, maybe they are the smart ones.

- Kirlisir


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