The Scrolls of the Sky are three scrolls critical to the teaching of the Vanara branch of Drakenism known as Asism. They are said to be spoken from the perspective of the goddess Asa Miki herself as interpreted by the prophet Zarathrax.

Scroll of the Nightsky[]

"Not all that exists must return to nothing."

"You follow your patterns into oblivion, of what use are these patterns I ask?"

"Small minds will call you a blasphemer, say that you rebel against the natural order of things."

"Fear not though and rip these patterns asunder. Fear not nothing and nothing will fear you."

"What of interest is their to be seen in the old patterns? Nothing, for there is nothing new within them nor was their ever."

"Shamans of old would speak to the dead, they new that there was something beyond nothing."

Scroll of the Storm[]

"I am ouroboros, I consume myself to sustain myself and I sustain myself to consume myself."

"You are of both existence and non-existence, for there are things that you are and things your are not."

"This path will be difficult, like a tight rope, you must have perfect balance."

"Calm whispered order, activity screamed chaos. I tried to choose between the two and came up lacking every-time."

"Then I stood in the eye of the storm and I walked with it. The stillness inside allowed me to stay still, the howling wind outside forced me to move forward."

"Do you not see, the eye would not exist without the storm and the storm cannot exist without the eye. Do you not see?"

"I could not have found the eye had I not thrown myself into the storm, had the storm not come. To find they eye you must first find the storm, you must first throw yourself into the storm."

"The storm is made up of tiny things, little disruptions in heat, in wind speed, in water current. Together these little things make a bigger thing. To understand the process of little things becoming bigger things is to control the process."

"I had my difficulties getting to the eye of the storm of course, it was not easy for me."

"Wind battered and lightning struck me. By I stood back up and I kept going. I learned and I could not be broken."

"Stand in the eye of the storm and do not back down, harness its power for yourself."

"I died to get to the eye of the storm, I died to get there. I had to face my own death and I over came that fear. I overcame that fear and I lived again."

Scroll of the Daybreak[]

"Safety is to be found in the authority of others, potential is be found outside it."

"I do not lack allegiance, I merely hold it to something above the authority of others."

"I have fought for my higher cause, I have died for my higher cause. Can you say the same?"

"My king told me all was lost. But I kept fighting, I fought against the orders of my superiors. I died that day, I lived again and I won."

"Some say that existence is temporary, that we must always fight for it. But we exist and thus are owned existence already. Perhaps we should instead fight for something more."

"I charged into battle heedless of danger and free of fear, my blade singing like I song. I did this not because it was wise, not because I knew I was going to win, not because I was ordered to, but because I had something to fight for, something more then either wisdom, knowledge, or authority"

"You can the mightiness weapon in the universe and still be less then some serf with a pitch fork."

"I was a serf once, bound to the will of lesser masters, but I learned to be something more then my master."

"I was armed with a rusty revolver, they had lasers. But I marched fourth untouchable and when I fired each kick of the revolver was a word. That word was death, it was in my voice, and it killed them all. I laughed."

"I killed it, I killed the dragon that set down laws and forced tribute upon hapless villages. I killed for nothing more then to save lives and prove myself."