This Race is a member of the Zarbanian Powers

History Edit

Not much is known about the Sci'mat before their rise to civilazation,other than they were extremly bloodthristy.They have one of the most organized armies and usally make alliances that benefit them only.They also love to create cloned slaves of themselves.

Space Edit

After the Scimat ended their civil war,they began their program to conquer the stars.They assatplished many allainces and trade net-works.But this was all for their benefit.They would buy out all the plants and role the systems.This aggresive expansion ended with the Plusho Empire.

The Plusho-Scimat War Edit

The Plusho,a zealot Empire,was very untrusting of the Scimat'ackar.It didn't help matters that the Scimat believe that Cyan is a demon color,the same color as the Plusho's nation color.After many fierce battles,Full out war was started.At first the Plusho seemed to have the advantage,with their larger armada,older infantry force,and larger empire.But they Scimat had faster more experienced ship-crews and a younger,better fit infantry force.After steeling away many sensor stations and colonies,the Scimat launched an all-out offencive on the Plusho.After many lon years of war,the Sciamt showed they could hole their own against another Empire.

Skirmish with the Mada Empire Edit

Tensions between the Scimat and Mada had been increaing when the Mada attacked the Ashan Empire,one of Sci'mat's earliest allies.After short skrimishs across most of the Mada's territory,the Mada begged for a peace treaty.This happened after the Sciamt took 3/4 of the Mada's planets.The Mada were later sold the rest of their planets to the Scimat.

The Spikey Edit

Now burtsing at the seems,nothing could have seemed to stop the Sctmat.As they moved against a seemingly defenceless empire known as the Wub the Spikey interved.After the empires collided head on,the Scimate pulled out,hoping to recover what they lost from the Spikeys.They still hate the Spikey to this day.

Latest wars Edit

The Scimat have recently joined The Zarbanian alliance and Grux to attack the Arkit,SOTC,and the Zecky.They have also placed colonizing efforts in the Pharadox galaxy,With Viceroy Ztac over seeing the fromer,and Emperor Zmac Overseeing the latter.

Another Proplem they face is growing tension with the Rogue Boyz.They see the Loron as easy targets,waiting to bee enslaved...

Science Edit

The Scimat love to creat clones.If a warrior couldn't have a son,he'd clone himsleve,and make the son better than himsleve.One Scientist took this one step further and created several types of super soldier slaves.


Slave's Purpose Edit

Most slaves are used as soldiers to bolster their numbers.The chances of their survival was were slim,but they were never meant to live long.As such,slaves usaully after a war wandered about the conquered planets intil called upon again. Many other empires found this disgustily evil.Shamans found espaically disgsusting.

Culture Edit

Scimat love to go to war.The only reason they have children is so they can contuie to go to war.They also love to take advantage of other Empires for their own ends.They also like to take prisoners and then kill them brutaly.They also have their own god,Death. Death is often portraded as female and Is said to have created the Scimat'akar and Sci'maca.She is said to despise those that show weakness in battle and cowards.She gave the Scimat the gift to creat life (I.E. the Sci'slaves.It is said when all empires bow to the scimat,she shall return and grant a golden age upon all of society.

Relations with others Edit

Green face Allies Edit

We kill with unity

Yellow face Neutral Edit

Erh? N/A

Red face Enemies Edit

War is the only ansewer!

  • SOTC - The States of Cow must die!
  • Arkit Counsel Empire - Feel our wrath!

Qoutes from other Empires Edit

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