Schlimm Eklig Statthalter is a native to the Finduila Sector and known to be a cruel and vicious man. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus arrived in the sector, Statthalter was the first to bend his knees and swore fealty to Emperor Tyrómairon. Using his knowledge of the sector he aided the Imperials in their conquest and was rewarded with the title Rector provinciae and the position of Grand Mandator, effectively making him the ruler of the newly installed Legatus Finduilica.

In the decade that followed, Statthalter ensure a brutal display of force that ensured peace and order in the Finduila Sector. Yet with the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War in 21 AQF/2819, he fears his precious vassal might be drawn into it as well.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known of the early life of Schlimm Eklig Statthalter. What is known that the man was once human in appearance before one of his expirement went wrong, or succeeded depending on the person in question. Statthalter was a military officer in one of the human factions of the Finduila Sector and was a strong supporter of human supremacy over non-humanoid races. Yet his ambitions were well known and managed to gain him a notorious general rank within his factions military.

Rector Provinciae & Legatus FinduilicaEdit

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Rector provinciae Statthalter

Upon the Empire's arrival in 05 AQF/2803, Statthalter took his chance to realise his ambitions and pledged fealty to serve Emperor Tyrómairon and together with his people and the Imperial forces he managed to conquer the sector, including the Kingdom of the Netherlands. As reward, Statthalter was rewarded with the title Rector provinciae and position of Grand Mandator. It made the absolute ruler of the newly formed Legatus Finduilica in in the Emperor's name.

In the following years, he considilated the Emperor's rule in the sector, absorbing many of the human factions into the military. After discovering the Garkarg in 08 AQF/2806, the last dissident factions surrended after he used the weapon against the half-elven population, destroying their planet. After this example Statthalter had complete control over the sector and exploited brutal tactics to ensure order and peace.


Dispatching Astrosia and Verico to hunt down the Resistance

In 2819/21 AQF he was informed Cyrannica Dominata (main Imperial territories in the Cyrannus Galaxy had gone into war. With the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War he began fearing news would eventually spread into the Legatus and spark hope for those with dissident thoughts. In febrauray of 21 AQF, Schlimm was informed by his friend, admiral Apticyus that a dissident movement had stolen space F16 starfighters from Rottum. Fearing an intervention by the Inquisition he failed to inform the Dominata and dispatched lady Astrosia to destroy the dissidents before they could gain a status as a rebellion and undermine his authority in the Finduila Sector. Much to his dismay he was notified of the dissidents escape to the Cyrannus Galaxy and them joining the Rambo Loyalist, a cell part of the Cyrandia Resistance. He forces Lady Astrosia to await further orders and eventually send her to Cyrannus to become part of Raptor Squadron, to hunt down the Resistance and amend for her failiure.


Schlimm dispatches Apticyus to retake Isle Blue

Schlimm was kept updated by Lady Astrosia about their progress and hoped the squadron would succeed so that the Imperials would leave the Legatus to function on its own instead with Imperial overseers. On 8 january 2820 (22AQF) Schlimm recieved intelligence that Isle Blue had fallen and taken by Rambo Loyalist forces. Furious and fearful of Imperial Command intervention he dispatched admiral Apticyus to deal with the rebels and retake the important Imperial base. It would not only boost his own status within Imperial ranks but would prove the Legatus could secure their own holdings even after attackes, Schlimm had no intention to share the power of Garkarg with other Grand Mandators afer all.

DawnofDivina 48

Schlimm faced Ramannis and King Willem

In July 2820 Schlimm as furious as the Rambo Loyalist and Dutch forces assaulted the Garkarg and managed to board it. As Lord Ramannis Le Rambo and King Willem IX with their guards entered his personal office, he was ready to die. Refusing to surrender he was intrigued with the provided solution by the young Dutch King and accepted to cease hostilities. However he did warn them it was only till the end of the year so they had to hurry. As the Dutch and Loyalist forces left, Schlimm pulled back all Legatus presence from the Dutch territories though neglected to inform Imperial Command about this decision.

Rector of the LegatusEdit

By September 2820, Schlimm met with Mandators Ramburgo Ramveral and Maketh Triggant on Boreas and gave permission to execute the final plans of the Quadrantia Contingency Plan. Shortly after Schlimm became the political ruler of the Legatus.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Schlimm Eklig Statthalter is a cruel and vicious person. Known for his sharp memory and wits he never forgot a favor or a slight. He remembers persons even if he only met them once, carefully memorising them. Statthalter is a determined man with a tremendous ambition and iron will. Having a strong sense of duty, he puts his professional assignments ahead of his personal life and desires. Statthalter can be charming and charismatic as well if he wishes though prefers to show his ruthlessness. A dominating presence in his own right, he can be deeply persuasive and refuses to show weakness, strong emotion, or inapproprate behavior before subordinates. He expects nothing but excellence of them and lack of it will result in severe punishment.

Other traits of Statthalter are curious in science, prideful, short-tempered and capable of spitefulness. Statthalter enjoys authority, taking pleasure in causing anxiety and would bring down the entire Legatus might upon his enemies to ensure his dominace.

He has a severe dislike for non-humanoid life.

He wears the traditional Imperial uniform with his rank insigna. On his chest he wears the crest of the Empire though donned a dark/grey jacket to represent is authority and status.



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