Schlahs Stutgrat is a humanoid in service of the Legatus Finduilica and the rear-admiral that commands the Legatus flagship, the ICS Autokrator.



The ICS Autokrator driftless within the Metruia Nebula, August 2820

With the formation of the Legatus Finduilica in 2804 (06 AQF) he joined Schlimm Eklig Statthalter and was appointed rear-admiral within the Legatus. In the early days, Stutgrat designed the initial invasion plan of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and upon the completion of the Autokrator-class star destroyer ICS Autokrator, he assumed command of the invasion fleet. Participating in numerous campaigns against the Dutch it led the Legatus fleet in 2805 that ensured the subjugation of the human kingdom.

During the war, both Stutgrat and the Autokrator gained an (in)famous reputation and serving onboard and under command of Stutgrat was often seen as a boost for carreer.

By the end of 2819, Stutgrat was send into the Quadrant Galaxies whereas in August 2820 he was part of the fleet under admiral Apticyus to defend Starbase 25 against the Rambo Loyalist faction. During the battle Stutgrat and his crew hammered the Loyalist One though were taken by surprise when a Civatron led Singularim Pact fleet arrived. The crude tactics were difficult to adjust and the ICS Autokrator was rammed and forced to retreat. As his pride was hurt, the Autokrator itself was heavily damaged and limped away from the battlefield.


Rear-admiral Stugrat surrenders to the Loyalists

Withdrawing within the Metruia Nebula, the wounded star destroyer was tracked down by a squadron of Santa Company starfighters by the end of August. Though the crew fought and defended the Autokrator valiantly, they were unable to repel boarding parties led by the Sinleri. Stutgrat continued the coordinate the battle but was eventually conrnered by Lord Aethas Fingolin and taken captive after surrendering. As the resistance forces escaped the wounded star destroyer, Stutgrat was interrogated on Plerax and gave critical information to the Loyalists. He also informed them that Imperial Grand Admiral Tector Decimius had perished- that even the Legatus began second guessing their allegiance to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Schlahs Stutgrat is a cunning and dangerous tactician. Loving to display tactics that overwhelm enemy forces Stutgrat has a feared reputation within the Finduila Sector. Strict and loyal to the Legatus, he shows no mercy to his enemies or traitors. During the campaign against the Dutch he has lost his right eye.

As a rear-admiral, he wears the white upper uniform jacket to signal his status.


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