Recognition is sweet, is it not? However, remember that recognition is a gift given by those who have power to those who do not.

- High Inquisitor Savis Crevix

High Inquisitor Savis Crevix is a male Osteola, and a loyal and blood thirsty member of the Imperial Inquistion, and briefly an agent of Imperial Intelligence, as well as currently acting as the first of hopefully many apprentices to Phaedric Lord Blackhole. Although his outer-demeanor is rather awkward and he seemingly lacks in social graces, Savis Crevix is adept at using this appearance to his advantage, using the over-confidence of his peers and superiors to ultimately manipulate things into his advantage, and even get rid of a few "obstacles" that he feels may trouble him. Despite, Savis keeps a professional relationship with all of his fellow Inquisitors, and, although secretly harbors ambitions of greater power, is fiercely loyal to his Emperor.

Savis Crevix handles every operation with consummate professionalism, and would rather avoid torture, bloodshed and butchery if it can at all be avoided, though if the lives of civilians and his troops are threatened, he will crush rebellions with utmost bloodlust. Although he believes he is destined to one day reign as a lord of a great domain with his intellect and powers, Savis is patient with his web of power, and believes that he cannot seek out power, but rather, wait for it to come to him, only gathering the resources he needs to one day rise to his "throne", whenever that day may come, patiently awaiting his chance.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Savis Crevix was born to an Osteola family in outer rim world belonging to the United Republic of Cyrannus. Crevix's father was a jazz musician, while his mother was a member of Republic Intelligence. Crevix would grow up in the education system of his world, conformist in most things, but extremely intelligent, despite taking the outward appearance of one who did not completely grasp social graces and the like. Savis would later become a brother to a sister, who kept no contact with him, the two, for unknown reasons, hating each other. Crevix kept this "appearance" so that others would leave him be, or not bother with him, taking up martial arts from his Uncle whenever he encountered bullies that would disturb his existence. While he intended to become a doctor originally, studying modern and alternative medicine, he instead pursued a career in intelligence, following his mother. With her help, and connections, he made it into Republic Intelligence with high marks in his class, joining the intelligence near the end of the Great Cyrannus War.

Crevix, however, would be forced to have his mother hospitalized, after she developed a rare brain disease, and his father died from a Confederate attack on their world. With his mother out, Crevix took over much of her operations within intelligence, and, by the end of the War, become one of the best operatives within the Republic Intelligence, despite his unassuming appearance.

When the Empire was formed, Crevix did not necessarily care, continuing his day-to-day lifestyle without much caring for who the new boss was, loyal to the mysterious Tyrómairon as much as he used to be to President Apollo, though expressed some wonder if Apollo truly was at fault for the War as the Emperor claimed. None the less, Crevix carried on his duties.

His most famous work would be bringing a rebellion to it's knees that came upon in his home system, formed during the Cold War, his ruthless judgement and abilities crushing it, and bringing his own cousin into custody, who was one of the rebel leaders. His cousin at first thought he could convince his blood-relative to see things his way, and, when that did not work, tried using their bloodties to seek mercy. However, Crevix would not tolerate fermenting of war on his homeworld, or attempts at bribery, and brought his cousin and the rebel leaders into custody. This act would gain him the attention of Moranonúngur, the leader of both Imperial Intelligence and the newly formed Imperial Inquisition, who would oversee his transfer onto the Inquisition's ranks, believing his prowess more useful there then in Intel. While initially uncomfortable, due to sharing his comrades' distaste for the Inquisition, he ultimately found it more to his liking, the increased pay allowing him to care for the worsening condition his mother had to deal with, and allowing him to test his abilities more.

Inqui Action

Inquisitors Antias Triymaz and Savis Crevix in-action together.

Crevix, unlike many Inquisitors, would be trained and overseen by one of the High Inquisitors Triymaz, who inducted him into the ranks shortly after Moranonúngur's suggestion and putting forward his files. The two would develop an intense rivalry over doctrine and execution, and, as Crevix finished his initial trials and training, viewed Triymaz as a posh idiot.

Savis Crevix would spend his days routing out rebellions, and became famous as an interrogator, gaining the trust and even friendship of those he captured, and instilling in them a sense of trust before getting the information he needed from them. His abilities allowed him to become one of a select few gifted the title "High Inquisitor", making him among a select few below the Grand Inquisitor at the time, Charcar'maer, who Savis harbored jealousy and envy towards, but never the less, respected him.

During his time in Inquisition, he grew to respect few, outside of Morhioven due to his strength and combat abilities, and respect and honor towards his foes, not wishing to use torture, and Akanri, finding her strong drive usefull for an Inquisitor, but never the less respected her abilities and strength as a fighter.

Second Cyrannian War Edit

History is on the move. The intelligent must stand with the Empire, or be swept away by the currents of fate.

- Savis to some of his colleagues.

When the Second Great Cyrannus War broke out, Crevix was disgusted by the destruction of Mou'Cyran and it's people, but never the less remaining loyal to the Emperor, out of believe that the strongest survive, and are fated to crush the weak underfoot, something he felt the New Republic was, having studied their military might and size compared to the Empire. However, he grew worried of the how aggressive the Empire was becoming, worried they where perhaps over-extending themselves, and facing too many empires at once. However, he put his faith in the Emperor, and brushed aside such doubts. Crevix would rout out 2 more attempted rebellions on his home system, and multiple others on other worlds, before being assigned a most important position.

A group of Mendel, loyal to the Hand of Retribution, a Mendel Warlord whose ascension had given way to a Massive civil war in the Mendel's ranks years before, came to the Empire, offering to assist them in keeping their race from fighting the Empire, if the Emperor would see to it that their leader, Chokuto Gredyc, whose father had been killed by Kirta Clett when she sought to unite the Mendel splinter factions together. Chokuto Gredyc had taken a number of followers from his faction, and those of other factions, and sought out a group loyal to the Hand of Retribution, who escaped when he died, and refused to surrender to Kirta, fleeing into the void. Chokuto, after some time, found a way into Cyrannus, believing the Emperor could help him achieve his goals, in exchange for loyalty.

The Emperor assigned Savis Crevix the jump of meeting and interviewing Chokuto and his group, and making sure they could be trusted. After analyzing Chokuto and his men for some time, Crevix reported to his Emperor all was well, and, pleased, the Emperor formed a Special Forces Division under the oversight of Gredyc and Crevix, made up of the Mendel loyal to Gredyc, and a detachment of Imperial Commandos, special forces units that had served since the days of the Republic, and continued into the Empire. This small group would be responsible for not only destroying the Republic, but the Mendel, Persan, Waptoria and any other forces that got in their way.

Crevix, pleased, began preparing his forces for an operation to test their skills and coordination together against the foes of the Empire.

Battle of Coliteum Edit

Raid on the Khanornusi Edit

Subjugation of Larwekk Edit

Apprentice to Crothal Edit

After encountering him on Larwekk and bringing him to the Emperor to meet, Savis expected to be rid of the mysterious "Sorcerer-Prophet", once and for all. Yet, despite this, word spread from a number of his old friends in Intelligence, that a new Phaedric Lord was exercising some control over Intelligence, and becoming quite well known to the Imperial Admirals and politicians for his strange, mysterious appearance, merely called "Lord Blackhole". Crevix at first knew little of this "blackhole", before he was called to the mysterious world of Antemurale. Having only gone there a few times, Savis took a personal shuttle, and journeyed there, arriving in the middle of the night. He was sent to Citadel of the Empire, and went to a section of the Citadel he had never been before. Deep within this place, he, once more meet Crothal.

Crevix Training

Crothal sees to Savis' training with several of his Rathanii spawn.

He was seated upon a pure black throne, guarded by two alien warriors in strange armor, as Crothal ordered Crevix to come to him. Crothal informed Crevix he was a Phaedric lord now, and was indeed Lord Blackhole as well. He had been granted many things by the Emperor now, and was working to ensure the Emperor's vision would come to fruition. Crothal had stated his last request was that Savis become his newest apprentice. Savis was uncertain, but the idea of more power and knowledge to put to the Emperor's will was tempting enough, and he agreed to become Crothal's apprentice.

Crothal spent much time crafted Savis into a brutal weapon, cultivating more of his bloodthirsty ideals, and teaching him much in terms of Valin powers to compliment his skills. Focused Blasts of pure Valin Energy, further training in swordsmanship, and survival in the wilderness and hinterlands of Antemurale. Savis survived everything his master could think of, and came to, despite his initial distrust, come to serve his new master loyally. Savis was careful, however, not to rouse his master's anger, as while Crothal was patient, he was terrifying when enraged.

After months of training, Savis was far more powerful then before, and sent back into the Inquisition, as Crothal watched his career with great interest.

Vectors of Light and Dark Edit

While Crevix was on a patrol mission along the trade routes seeking out any rebels, news hit not only of an attack on The Twelve Worlds, but of the deaths of his two superiors within the Inquisition, Grand Inquisitor Vandalion and High Inquisitor Charcar'maer, and was shocked and horrified at their deaths, not because he liked or cared for them. In fact, with their deaths, he believed his move up the ranks would be easier, thanks to his growing ambitions. The fact was, the loss of the two, and of the Twelve Worlds dealt a blow to the Empire and her Inquisition. Taking control of the Star Destroyer "The Vengeance", Crevix continued with his mission, but prepared for far worse to come.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Though Crevix is usually more pleasant then most of the Inquisition, he is, in truth, often more delusional, bloodthirsty and power-hungry then others. Driven by a strange belief system centered around advancing himself, Savis serves the Emperor, and believes he may one day rule, but only if Fate smiles upon him. Due to this, he never moves against the Emperor, but would gladly be his second if Fate were to chose him. Despite this desire for power, Tyromairon is not the least bit concerned with Crevix, both well aware of who fate will always smile upon in their arrangement. This leads to several delusions, however, such as believing the late Grand Admiral Tector Decimius was a rival and out to ruin his career, and to avoid walking in others shadows, or his body would be sucked out.

Despite this, Savis is more then a capable actor, with his rivals often putting the appearance of a blustering, uncomfortable intelligence operative, while with enemies, taking on either a charismatic, magnetic face to lower their guard, or a bloodthirsty maniac, demanding blood and death from all who oppose him. He also considered knowledge the most important source of power, amassing a great personal library, and his searches often leading him to ancient relics and tomes of Phaedric knowledge, giving him more knowledge then most on the First Phaedric Empire, and a desire to interview and learn from the current Phaedric Lords of the "Crimson Conquering race". In combat, Crevix leads from the front, and inspires his troops with a care and devotion to keeping them safe from harm that causes those that deal with him to find him an odd, but strangely agreeable and passionate leader.

Savis generally frowns upon the excess of others, having only his library, simple food that even other Inquisitors liken to oatmeal or gruel, and his Phase Saber. He enjoys Cyrannian Orchestral music, and was the proud owner of one of the few recordings of Talnara's 2nd Symphony, 4th movement, a part specifically excised for the operatic section containing a extremely vicious condemnation and attack on the Emperor's leadership and actions against Rambo Nation and others, prompting his execution, and nearly all versions released skipping the fourth movement for the fifth. Crevix does not agree or endorse Talnara's views, but rather, appreciates the beauty of the sound, and the ultimate tragedy that his best work, ended in his murder.

Crevix, despite his loyalty, disdains the use of the former Drakodominatus Overseers, now Emissaries, within the Empire, feeling them a grossly pompous and horrific force to use, and believes the Empire could do much better if they simply used them as science experiments to build their own Overseers.

Abilities Edit

Crevix is noted that, despite his outward appearance as not completely socially competent, to be a masterful manipulator and charismatic as ever when he wishes it. He keeps these appearances well hidden from his colleagues, merely getting results and making sure they are none the wiser to his "true face", as he believes the secrecy gives him power over them.

Savis is a master duelist with the blade, thanks to a Osteolan sword martial art taught to him by his uncle. The fencing abilities were second to known, and despite it's difficulty in defense, Crevix used training from other Inquisitors to master more Defensive fighting styles when needed, enabling him to create a near impenetrable wall against his foes, before cutting them down. More often then, Crevix relies on ambush and surprise to overwhelm and destroy his enemies before they can must a response. His abilities were increased by training by the Phaedric Lord Crothal, who trained him on how further master the intricacies of Valin manipulation, including focused Blasts of Energy from his palm, using his powers to focus his mind to reach out into others, and create an aura of unsettling shadow to overwhelm and terrify his foes for brief periods of time.

Despite his race not being physically domineering on the level of say, a Kulaung or Cogsangui, Savis is uniquely strong. Whether this is Dark Side Phaedric Alchemy altering his body, or cybernetic enhancement is uncertain, but in battles, he demonstrated a powerful ability to overwhelm Kulaung and Orgaat sword and melee fighters, and hold his own against a Togunda Ragatora, with help from Chokuto.

Crevix is fluent in many languages, including Cyrannii Basic, Mortalitasi, and Alavarian. Savis views language, like anything, to be a source of power, like any knowledge, and he never leaves risks to translators, feeling that knowing more languages then others puts him above the rest.

Appearance Edit

Crevix is an Osteola of above-average height and considered very muscular by his people's standards, and has a rather youthful appearance, considered rather plain, however by others of his species. He has deep black feathers and scales, the tips of his head and tail feathers being a red color, along with his nasal crest. His hands and claws are well-groomed, relating to his believe that his hands are specially beautiful, though his neck has a number of scars and scratches from clawing at himself when nervous. His face is considered gaunt and almost emaciated in appearance, with very high check bones and sharp but often bored-looking eyes. He commonly keeps a disinterested look with anything he does, unless his bloodlust has been awakened.

He often wears, in public meetings, wears thick black robes and armor on his legs, as well as robes around his shoulders with red markings on them relating to the Emperor and blessings upon him. He often wears a special set of visor shields that look like blinders. On field missions, he will commonly ditch the robes, wearing black chest armor, and grey shoulder pads lined with red markings similar to those on his formal robes. This armor is similar in many respects to that worn by Stormtroopers and the Imperial Commandos he leads into battle, while combing aspects of the standard Inquisitor Equipment. He has tattoos on the edge of each side of his jaws, three jagged lines, believed to be linked to the Phaedra somehow, and he commonly, when meditating on the strings of fate and time, will put on blinders to limit his sight.

Equipment Edit

Savis Crevix carries with him a Phase Saber similar to that used by other Inquisitors. The blade is a red, blood-colored blade, surrounded by a purple-black mist around the center, capable of slicing through flesh and armor alike. He also carries twin Short Phasesaber Daggers, lacking the length of his standard blade, but useful in surprise attacks. He is somewhat conservative in this regard, looking down, for example, at fellow Inquisitor Morhioven's blades, despite his respect for the Mortalitas, likening the weapon to "More a toy helicopter then a true sword", though, notably, does not wish to test his skills against the physically superior Inquisitor. He also has with him a Mendel Claymore, modified for his size, and given to him as a gift from his Mendel troops, as a show of respect and admiration for his abilities. In emergencies, he will use a small pistol if need be.

Starships Edit

Extinction-class Shuttle/Fighter Edit

  • Registry - EX-12
  • Class - Extinction-class Shuttle/Fighter
  • Introduced - 04 NE
  • Crew Compliment - Up to 7.

The EX-12, serves as Crevix's personal Extinction-class Transport, used by he and other members of the Inquisition to launch attacks, transport themselves discreetly, and move unseen through enemy systems. Crevix can transport any number of Dark Side Adepts, Purge Troopers and even Prisoners, and displays some skill as a pilot on his own, though prefers to remain out of Dog Fights, not trusting in his piloting skills quite enough.

The Vengeance Edit


One of the first Imperator Star Destroyers commissioned by the Newly Formed Imperial Navy, the Vengeance is a powerful siege and war vessel, and has served mostly in the background and as support in larger conflicts, starting with the Siege of Vasuband, The First Battles of New Capricaeron and the Hunt for the Cyrandia Resistance, coming under the command Lord Venatorious in his Headhunter Squadron that would later besiege the Resistance base of Andustar. The Vengeance and her Captain, Vice-Captain Dardis Srenn, were later assigned, along with the High Inquisitor Crevix, the mission of hunting down rebels within the Outer Rim Trade Routes of the Empire. After news reached him of the fall of the 12 Worlds, which the Vengeance had worked hard with the rest of the Fleet to capture, and deaths of Grand Inquisitor Vandalion, and High Inquisitor Charcar'maer, Crevix used his Inquisitorial Power to seize the vessel, and ordered a mandate that any orders and transmission would go to him first. Otherwise, he left Sreen to continue his search of the system.

The Vengeance is modified from other Star Destroyers to carry larger compliments of Star Fighters, while sacrificing some of the Cargo space for supplies and transports, relying on other ships in the fleet for that use.

Relations Edit

ImperialLoyaltyFace Serving Edit

As long as fate wills it, I am yours.

  • Emperor Tyrómairon - I serve his royal Imperial Majesty.
  • Moranonúngur - To shape your own flesh and the fears of foes. Truly a blessed power..
  • Crothal - You have taught me well, focused my power. My obedience to the Powers of Valin, are thanks to you.
  • Echoriax - I am...unsettled...
  • Cythonia - A powerful master of both the blade and Valin.

Green face Allies Edit

Your stances are agreeable to my own.

  • Chokuto Gredyc - Very much a brutal axe to my finely tuned saber. We are inseparable. Undivided.

Blue face Colleagues Edit

You find yourself in my web. Careful.

  • Charcar'maer - Unfortunate. A rival leaves me far too soon.
  • Vandalion - Fall into ruin, Grand Inquisitor. May your death clear the way for my glory...
  • Morhioven - Our paths are different, yet connected.
  • Occir'oh Pcisor'ka - A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
  • Chi Chodecra - I am glad you have seen the light. Though, how you came to see it, I'd rather not find out about.
  • Jurisa - I may have use of you one day, assassin.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

Do not waste my time on nonsense!

Orange face Irritated Edit

Consider yourself fortunate your throat remains without a blade in it!

  • Apollo - The time comes, and the reaper must gather his harvest. Apologies.
  • Unknown Sister - Do not speak to me.

Red face Enemies Edit

A pity, you must die then.

  • Caranye Valaeris - I'll cleave your hands off and persevere them as trophies!
  • Kirta Clett - Bow before the Eternal Emperor, as all should!
  • Akanri - Traitorous sister! You were one of the few I trusted!
  • Arasah-Nui - Come, give into your anger and realize your destiny as a Dark Sider, your true power!
  • Takanius Clett - You will stand before me and the way to power!
  • Alinor Nanuq - I have no further use for you, Old man!

Quotes from others Edit

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It is the destiny of the strong to rise, plant their banner, and force others onto their path. And, once they wither like rocks, another must take his place. The fact a servant of the Empire follows these ideals proves your Empire is a far more worthy ally then the Republic.

- Chokuto Gredyc

Our enemies will be no match for you, my apprentice. Though a mere Inquisitor, I foresee great things from you. You hatred and desire will burn a swath through our foes, and your desire and devotion for and to power will enable you to truly prosper under the Emperor's will.

- Lord Blackhole

Notes Edit

  • Savis Crevix was based on Inquisitors Jerec and Sa Cuis, the first two Star War Inquisitors ZF had ever seen in Star Wars. His short blades were likewise inspired by another Miraluka Inquisitor, Tenth Brother, though only because he liked the weapons, and because the link Jerec and TB have, not out of a like for the current canon's Inquisitors.
    • Originally, ZF wanted to make a species based on the Miraluka, Jerec's species, and that of Visas Marr from Kotor 2, but thought against it, not wanting to inundate the Cyrannus Galaxy with his Legends references.
    • [1] - This video inspired ZF to make an inquisitor character.
  • Themes - Third Bomb/Jerec's Theme

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