The Saviki Star Realm is a recently founded state born from the union of the Saviki Void Combine and recently discovered remnants of the Cloud Combine. While technically a separate entity from the Saviki Metafleet, the membership of the Void Combine effectively translates it to being part of the Metafleet's non-aggression pact.

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The Saviki Star Realm was officially declared in 17 NE by Void Chrill Rikken Eksil, a union of the Void and Cloud Combines and preemptive format for the system that would govern the newly settled Saviki. As a result of its founding by the Void Combine, it continues the Combine's participation in the Second Great Cyrannus War, serving as a truly new banner for Saviki fighting for a new home to fly.

However, the Star Realm's declaration was not met with total acceptance; the prominent marshal Qurik Skel responded to it with the formation of a separatist group which rapidly left the Cyrandia Cluster and the war, with the only violent engagement being an exchange between Qurik's team and Rikken accompanied by his personal guards.

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Many of the Star Realms relationships are inherited from the Void Combine, and even more exist as a result of the Second Great Cyrannus War. Despite the Saviki having little experience in conventional diplomacy, the leadership of the Star Realm is intent on integrating itself through this as much as, or even more than, the raiding and piracy they and their kin are more accustomed to.

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Green faceMay our fleets fly as one.


Blue faceWe will not take your ships.

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Yellow faceWe assure you, we differ much from our still-wandering brethren.


Yellow faceWe will tread carefully.

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Orange faceKeep your ships at a distance.

At War

Crossed SwordsAs the Realm rises, your ships will burn.

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