The Saviki Void Combine is effectively a large mercenary collective, full of individuals who will gladly conduct espionage, assassinations, or fight in conflicts for enough pay, usually in the form of useful raw materials. Their Chrill, Rikken Eksil, acts as both a coordinator and a means by which the entire Combine's strength can be hired on to fight in wars. However, by the terms of their pact with the rest of the Metafleet, they will never attack another Combine or its assets collectively, though lone assassins and spies are often hired by Saviki to help eliminate competition for higher positions in a crew.

Characteristics Edit

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Metafleet Edit

Our Saviki brothers and sisters.

Clients Edit

Blue faceYou pay us well.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceNobody has paid us to raid you.

Enemies Edit

Red faceNuisances to those who can pay.

Quotes Edit

Off all Combines, it is Void that plagues us the most. Their prospensity to whore themselves to heretics and infidels is most vexing, and brings us into conflict even more.

- The Abbot Ethereal of the Mirusian Theocratic Congregation
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