The Saviki Storm Combine retains the bulk of the Metafleet's starships, outmatching the other Combines and most enemies they have encountered in naval prowess and tactics. Where the Blood Combine's ground forces may overwhelm enemy soldiers, Storm's fleets will do the same in ship-to-ship battles. Vekin Sirex, their Chrill, has a slightly less warlike mind than that of his predecessors, and prefers to spread out his vast navy to search for potential resources that can be retrieved without much of a struggle, though he will not hesitate to go to war if he considers it worthwhile, as was the case in the Pheras Conflicts.

Characteristics Edit

Notable Members Edit

  • Vekin Sirex, Storm Chrill
  • Akins Tetrik, Storm Chrill†
  • Kambis Archoli, Storm Captain

Foreign Relations Edit

Metafleet Edit

Our Saviki brothers and sisters.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceToo many ships to be a target of our raids.

Enemies Edit

Red faceSurrender and we will only take your ships.

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