The Saurien Sector Corporation (SSC) is a major if not the largerst weapons and armament manufacturer primary based within the Cyrandia Cluster and various sectors of the Endless Space. As a private company that enjoys government contracts it falls under the Quadrantia jurisdiction. Due to its large and important size and legacy after being the main defence contractor of the former Rambo Nation, it holds a large influence over the Quadrantia economy. Armaments and weapons designed for the former Rambo Nation are by Quadrantia law prohibited from sharing and are deemed classified. As such the SSC holds no obligations to share it with other companies or governments that contract the SSC.

By 2020, the SSC was operating within most of the Cyrandia Cluster, operating within the Cyrannus & Quadrant Galaxies as well within the Endless Space sectors known as the Finduila Sector and the Space in Between. Its most important port is Impaerusqiantia, located within the Western Sector of the Quadrant Galaxies.

Its logo features a demonic Quccubus siding the SSC acronym in a seductive pose, a raised leg, an unfolded wing and holding one of her demonic breasts.


By 2820, the 75 year old Saurien Sector Corporate (SSC) is one of the major weapons and armament manufactures within the Cyrandia Cluster. Ever since its founding during the Tigris War when the HarbronrSaurien migration to the Quadrants started, it became known for its massive and technology advancing products. It was first primary employed by the (in)famous Imperial Alliance until later Rambo Nation took over all contracts after the Imperial Alliance was dissolved.

The SSC has various large companies and departments under it corporate concern and has ties with various fictions within the Cyrandia Cluster and is rumoured to be supplying black markets and having ties with criminal organisation as well.


Eris Orbital Shipyards manufracturing the SSC Vessels

Eris Orbital Shipyards

The Eris Orbital Shipyards is one of the few shipyards within the Quadrant Galaxies. It manufactures and maintains the armed transports of the SSC, provides the Venatioa with their frigates and holds the licenses to produce the civilian transports that operate within the Western Sector. The orbital shipyards are an important asset to the SSC and enjoy the protection of the navy.

Formerly, the Orbital Shipyards produced the Caradhras-Class star destroyers before the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus forbade them.

GhostHill Keep

GhostHill Keep is the seat of Ser Sarossk and headquarters of the SSC. GhostHill Keep lies surrounded by mountains, volcanoes and a dry and burned fortress. It is easily defended and houses a household of around 80 sauriens and various VeldronSaurien mounts who transport visitors and guests. In the lower dungeons of the keep the Board of Directors and the main secretaries work, monitoring and leading the workings and processes of the SSC. The GhostHill got its name due to often strange shimmering appearances, often written away by the Sauriens as ghosts. Their crest features two green comets with red flames on a black background, that comes with the motto: Destruction comes from above. It is not rare to see the crest on SSC vessels as well.

ShadowForge Combat Genetics
ShadowForge Combat Genetics is the lead biogenetic engineering department within the Cyrandia Cluster and designed and produced the clone troopers that saw service within Rambo Nation and later the Legatus Finduilica as well.

The ShadowForge on Impaerusqiantia

Capable of raising full grown clones within 6 months with a life span of at least 30 years the clones are high standard and physical fit examples for warriors. The Genetic Department provides the education and training of the clones as well before they are shipped and delivered to those that ordered them.

ShadowForge Industries

The largest department within the SSC is by far the ShadowForge Industry on Impaerusqiantia. The lead manufacturer of ammunition and arms for the Quadrant Galaxies and main exporter of it as well. The ShadowForge Industries produces fire arms like the RN-05 Guns, RNS-20-c Grenade Launchers, RNS-32 Sniper and the RNS-01 Turret. Other armaments the ShadowForge produces are the torpedoes (photon/transphasic/quantum) used by Ramboidae vessels, various quad and dual turbo lasers seen on star destroyers and other vessels.

It advanced technology department also designs and produces the clone legionnaire and pilots armour and helmets. Its vehicle department designed and produces the Rambo Nation Mobile Plattforms and the buggy vehicles.

ShadowForge Transports

ShadowForge Transports is the logistic department of the SSC that transport the produces materials, whether they are armaments or clones to their designated location making use of the imposing Kounotori-class heavy transports.



Saurien Sector Corporation Weapons port at Matakoro (2820)

The Saurien Sector Corporate (SDC) was formed in 2745 (54 BQF) by migrating HarbronrSaurien from the Tigris Galaxy, the SSC became the main weapon and armament manufacturer of the then powerful Imperial Alliance and continued doing so during the Second Galactic War and after until the Alliance’s dissolution. After the planet was sieged by Rambo Nation, the proud nation allowed the SSC to continue its existence instead was to deploy their services and contract to Rambo Nation that soon ordered the creation of a clone legionnaire army.

Ever since the SSC has been the main defence contractor of Rambo Nation and gained a very influential position within, including a docking port at the shipyards of the Froramsilia Company Association at Matakoro. Having and maitining close ties with the Senate and local planetary governments the SSD became a dominant organisation within the Nation, only rivalled by one other, the Foramsilia Company Association itself. It continued its contracts with the Nation until Galactic Empire of Cyrannus dissolved Rambo Nation in October 2819 (21AQF).


SSC transport convoy under attack by the Resistance Recon Squadron in 2820

By 2820, the SSC found itself being employed by the Empire and became an active target for the growing Cyrandia Resistance and the Rambo Loyalist. On january the 6th of 2820 a freighter convoy led by captain S'aur came under attack by Recon Squadron. As one of the Kounotori-class was disabled, as well as most of their escorting Imperial Gozanti-classes, the Recon squadron stole ammunition and fuel for their own vessel before escaping. By March 2820 the SSC convoys would frequently be attacked and disabled or destroyed by the Bismarck under command of Commodore Malegras of the Rambo Loyalist resistance faction, much to the fear and dismay of the SSC and the Board of Directors. Later on in May of the same year, the shipyards on Eris came under assault by Commodore Malegras but the effort was thwarted by the arrival of Raptor Squadron. Around the same time the ShadowForge was disabled by Anessa Ravencrow following a subsequent battle on the surface.

By July 2820, Impaerusqiantia and Eris were liberated by Rambo Loyalist forces and the planets joined the Dinotopian Republic whereas the SSC became the most powerful and influential corporation within.

Associated PlanetsEdit

  • Eris
    Eris Orbital Shipyards circle the planet, providing ships for the SSD and the Western Sector.
  • Impaerusqiantia
    ShadowForge Industries, Clone Genetics and Transports are located here. The planet is the main port and headquarters for the SSC at large.


Notable members

Name: Ser Sarossk of GhostHill Keep

Director Sarossk is a HarbronrSaurien, one of the first to be born in the Quadrant Galaxies in 2784 after his race mass migration from the Tigris Galaxy. Over the years, he studied all he could and became a gifted analytical, using his talents to predict the outcome of battles. Upon the fall of the Imperial Alliance, Sarossk joined the remaining of his people and settled at Impaerusqiantia as members of Rambo Nation and became the defender of GhostHill Keep.

By 2818, at the age of 45 he became the new Director of the SSC after his father abdicted his position and the Board of Directors approved Sarossk position. Taking advantage of the unstable position within the Quadrants, Sarossk accepted contracts from the dreaded Empire as well to continue the Corporation and profitable income.


Director Sarossk of the SSC

Image Description Png
Aur'ShivaniaLarge Aur'Shivania is a female Ancrevialicia, a powerful fire mage and brilliant scientist with an expert degree in cloning and enhancing. After her travels she settled down at Impaerusqiantia, where she became the Director of the ShadowForge and one of the founders of the Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Army (RNCTA).

She also designed the Interdimensional Warp Gate amongst others.

Aur'Shivania (1)


The following products are known to be produced by the Saurien Sector Corporate, ranging from fire arms to ground vehicles, from clone troopers to spaceships.

Clones for defence purposesEdit

By 2020, so far only the clone troopers that once served Rambo Nation were created and produced, most of them are now deployed within the SSC as guards or labor force. Those that were insufficients were disposed. Though the SSC is researching the possibility to produce clones for the private sector as well.

The clones are produced by the ShadowForge Combat Genetics.

Image Description Png Market Availability
Clone Trooper LegionnaireLarge
Clone Trooper Legionnaire
  • Class: Legionnaire
  • Characteristics: Loyal · Disciplined ·

The Clone Trooper Legionnaire's are all- heavy infantry ground units. The trolegionnaire's are trained to use swords, arms and spears/staffs and are physcially in top condition and quite strong. The Legionnaire's are clad in regal armor, with shoulder pads, plate armor and helmets. Their red skirts are colored red. All the troopers are clad in this kind of armor, to confuse the enemy the plate protects them and hide their traits.

Formerly serving within Rambo Nation, most of the legionnaire's now serve within the SSC.

Clone Trooper Legionnaire
without weapons

Clone Trooper Legionnaire 2
with Electro/blaster staffs

Restricted for SSC use only
Rambo Nation Fighter PilotLarge
Clone Trooper Pilot
  • Class: Fighter/Space Ship Pilots
  • Characteristics: Arrogant · Loyal · Disciplined ·

The Rambo Nation Clone Trooper Pilots are special troopers bred and trained for the purpose of piloting crafts of the Rambo Nation Space Fleet. They wear tight fitting flight suites, with an upper armor with the insigna of Rambo Nation on their chest. On their right leg they carry a single blaster. Their helmets can integrate with the computer systems onboard Rambo Nation crafts and are highly advanced. Clone Trooper Pilots can be trained for both ground, aerial and space vessels.

Rambo Nation Fighter Pilot

Rambo Nation Fighter Pilot (sit)
sitting position

Restricted for SSC use only

Fire ArmsEdit

All fire arms are produced by the ShadowForge Industries.

Png Description Market Availability
RNS-05 Gun
RNS-05 Gun
Rambo Nation Suiliagothrond-05 Gun is the standard weapon of the Rambo troopers. The weapons are capable of firing bullets and phasers blasts and as such is the most suitable weapon for ground missions. It is a medium sized gun, need to be handled with two hands before firing for keeping it's accuracy.

It is a slight reacion when fired.

Available for sale on the market
RNS-20-c Grenade Launcher
RNS-20-c Grenade Launcher

Rambo Nation Suiliagothrond-20-c Grenade Launcher are the main weapons of the Rambo Trooper Grenadiers, capable of firing grenade missles over long distances, no tank of vehicle is safe from this weapon! The weapon is quite large and heavy, though is a preffered anti-tank weapon or used to weaken enemy structures. After each missle launched, a new one has to be placed in the cylinder before using again. It has a large reaction when firing, and when not proper handled could hurt the one firing the missle.

Available for sale on the market
RNS-32 Sniper Rifle

RNS-32 Sniper Rifle
The Rambo Nation Suiliagothrond-32-Sniper Rifle is used by the Rambo Nation Trooper Snipers.

These large and sturdy weapons are only equipped to the snipers as they recieved special training for handling them. These large weapons have a massive reaction when fired, and can hurt the person if not properly handled. The sniper rifle is capable of hitting someone at 9.8 km distance. When fired the weapon makes a hard sound and cannot be silenced.

Available for sale on the market
Rambo Trooper Turret
RNS-01 Turret
The Rambo Nation Suiligothrond-01 Turret is a defensive weapon placed and installed by the Handy-Man troopers. The turrets can fire multiply rounds of phaser bolts and is even equipped with rockets.

These dangerous weapons are often placed at tactical positions, often hidden from sight to surprise enemy forces.

Available for sale on the market


The following vehicles are produced by the ShadowForge Industries of the SSC:

Image Description Png Market Availability
Rambo Nation Buggy
The Rambo Nation Buggy (RNB) is a light all-purpose terrain vehicle, ideal for recon missions and staging hit and run assaults against infantry or lightly armored vehicles. It is very resilient, maneuverable and flexible though it is equipped with weak armor.

The vehicle runs on gasoline, thoug is quite economical in it's gasoline use. The terrain buggies can be driven by basic clone troopers and are the main transport vehicles for the RNCTA.

Rambo Nation BuggyII Available for sale on the market
Rambo Nation Mobile Plattform
The Rambo Nation Mobile Plattform (RNMP) has a 120 mm main cannon, capable of disabling most tanks with 2 or 3 shots. The wheeled design is perfect for urban police actions and combat on sandy or grass terrains. Most effective for hit and runs and as such became the main "tank" of the RNCTA and preffered as support vehicle when driving in convoys or for defense purposes.

The RNMP has an average size of 8 meters.

Rambo Nation Mobile PlattformII Available for sale on the market

Space ShipsEdit

All the space ships of the SSC are produced by the Eris Orbital Shipyards.

Name Description Png Market Availability
Passenger Transport
The Bikasulam-class is a slow moving and rather bulky 82 m long passenger transport mostly active and seen within the Western regions of the Quadrants. It can carry over 120 passengers and mostly provides seating positions like in busses though for those with wealth there are special quarters reservated.

Capable of hyperspace the bulky vessel is equipped with decent shielding, has no weapon armanents and the upper deck contains a shuttle deck as well.

Dinotopian Bikasulam-class Available for sale on the market
The Gozanti-class cruiser is a slow but heavily armoured starship constructed for House Ramcelsior by using the Imperial design. It can both be deployed as a cruiser, freighter and as transport, making the vessel ideal for both patrol and interceptions as well as transporting cargo and materials for House Ramcelsior and other potential buyers. Gozanti-Class Ramcelsior Available for sale on the market
Cargo Platform
The Kounotori-class Cargo Platform is a 400 meter long dagger/arrowhead shaped cargo freighter. Resembling the iconic vessels often seen in the Cyrannus Galaxy, the SSC used the design and modified it so it could transport large amounts of weapon and armaments, bulk cargo or other produced products of the SSC across the Cyrandia Cluster.

Most ships are constructed using discarded parts and equipments from the former Rambo Caradhras-class star destroyers and the designs were once in possession by the Shipyards of Rowar before its destruction. With powerful engines and shields, one large dual turbo-cannon it can travel on its own and is capable of defending itself against pirate attacks. Two cranes are mounted on the vessel, one upper and one lower respectively to fill the upper and lower cargo bays with containers. The massive containers are heavily magnetised to prevent theft. In addition, its inner hull is heavily reinforced in case armaments explode accidently.

The class is restricted for use by the SSC only.

Kounotori-class (upper)
Kounotori-classs (Lower)
Restricted for SSC use only
Dinotopian Harekaze-ClassStarDestroyer
Star Destroyer
The Harekaze-class star destroyer, also known as the Dinotopian attack cruiser is the capital ship extensively deployed by the Dinotopian Republic. At stock the class is 1,250 meters long, its design makes it capable of atmospheric operations, landing on the surface waters of a planet to deploy troops and vehicles. The class serves as a versatile multi-role warship. Harekaze Class 01
Harekaze-Class 02
Harekaze-Class 03
Production stopped
The Serindia-class is a 325 meter long sturdy battlecruiser deployed by House Ramcelsior and is well known amongst the noble houses as one of the strongest within the Ramboidae Realm besides the former Ramboidae Starfleet. With a crew complement of 95 its unique design and automation allowes House Ramcelsior and the Ramcelsior Watch to deploy these rather large vessels with ease and swiftness to protect their planets.

It later became widely available on the market.

Serindia-Class (Ramcelsior) Available for sale on the market
The Star-class Frigate, better known as the Veneatio frigate or the star frigate is a sturdy and reliable 320 meter long counter-insurgency escort ship.

Mounted with two large forward dual turbolasers and various point defense turrets the ship is actually heavily armed for its size. It is equipped with a hyperdrive and impressive shielding. Though available on the free market, the SSC deploys the Star Frigate themselves as well, often as escorts for the slower and important Kunotori-class cargo plattforms.

The Dinotopian Republic acquired a militarized version of the Star-frigate and act as the backbone of their navy.

Saurian Star Frigate (1)

Dinotopian Saurien Star-class

Available for sale on the market
The Yarchadia-class carrier is a 550 meter long carrier deployed by the Dinotopian Republic. The carrier was designed to assault contested systems, break hostile orbital blockades, and bring starfighters directly in battle.

It is equipped with strong shielding, 8 dual laser cannons and is able to fire photon torpedoes. It is has multiple enginges to increase speed and manouverability though remains rather sluggish. For protection is relies on Star-frigates.

Dinotopian Yarchadia-class
Restricted for Dinotopian Defence Navy


Name Description Png Market Availability
DinotopianS aur class fighter
The S'aur starfighters are 6 meter long and can perform in both low-altitude and in space. It has a cockpit with a forward-facing pilot and a rear-facing gunner. It engines allow it for high speeds though it consumes a lot of fuel.

The class has two forwad-facing laser cannons to fire at enemy fighters. The class requires a carrier to be launched into battle as it is not equipped with a hyperdrive or warp enginges.

Dinotopian S'aur-class
Restricted for Dinotopian Defence Navy use only

Space StationsEdit

Name Description Png Market Availability
Interdimensional WarpGateLarge The Interdimensional Warp Gate is an experimental station deployed by the SSC on behalf of Rambo Nation to open a rift to another reality to let physical mass travel between realities. Designed by Lady Aur'Shivania, the station became the center of the Crossing Line-incident in 20 AQF. Interdimensional Warp Gate (1) Restricted for Rambo Nation use only


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