The Saurdoshan Hunter is a shadowly and dangerous bounty hunter in service of the slavers of Sanderhal. Often known only as the Hunter, the Saurdoshan refuses to share his true name with anyone. Loving hunting down creatures and persons, the Hunter can also be hired by other criminals and is a well known and feared bounty hunter.


The Saurdoshan Hunter was born at 41 BQF at the planet Sanderhal, even in childhood the Hunter was arrested for his violence behavior and dangerous personality.

Paralyzing Claire

Records indicate that he already murdered someone when he was still a child. Over time he became a great tracker and hunter, often joining the dangerous hunts at the Sanderhal Dragons to prove his worth! Rumors and legends have it, the Saurdoshan Hunter managed to hunt and bring down an adult Sanderhal Dragon with his bare hands! After these stories he soon gained a notorious reputation as bounty hunter, often tracking down persons so he could sell them at the slave markets or hunt down exotic creatures to fight them in the arena! He was eventually recruited in service of Xidan.

During the eleventh month of 06 AQF, the Saurdoshan Hunter encountered Claire Rambo sneeking around the cage of the Tezelteän slave Xora. Not trusting the young female bounty hunter he approached her from behind and stalked her. While Claire was stepping up her pace but the Saurdoshan Hunter catched up with her. Asking why a female Quadrantia Humanoid was at Sanderhal, the Saurdoshan Hunter recieved an answer he didn't like and paralyzed Claire with a stun needle. After Claire woke up, the Saurdoshan Hunter attacked her in an arena match. Overpowering Claire, he managed to knee her hard in her abdomen, sending her to the ground, gasping for breath due to the pain. Before able to deliver the final blow, the Cogsangui warrior Voro Acetenus decloacked and reflected the blow. Taken by surprise the Saurdoshan Hunter looked in horror as Voro pressed a button at his arm and the locks on various cages exploded. Various Vietaran Behomoths and a Quadrantia Xenomorph managed to launch themselves at the Hunter. In the ensuing chaos, Claire and her Pidarrow, Voro and Xora managed to escape. Vowing revenge the Hunter began tracking them down.

Threatening Royalties

During the 10th month of 07 AQF, the Saurdoshan Hunter aligned himself with the re-formed Syndicate and became one of its bounty hunters. Shortly afterwards, he was send on the first Syndicate mission together with the Sepherian Vezktan and the Muunilar bounty hunter Emtor to infiltrate the royal palace of Rambo Nation in Tirithsilliana. The mission, a joint operation with operatives of the Cyrannian Syndicate and the Vengeful Claw was to assassinate the high profil leaders, Ramashe, Apollo and the young Maryah to disturb the diplomatic meeting and cause war. The mission failed due to various factors, including the resourcefulness of those present, the magical powers of Empress Ramashe and the intervention of Judge Magister Ramgaarbath and the Royal Guard. During the ensuing battle within the palace, the Saurdoshan Hunter was hit by Apollo's blaster and fell stunned to the ground. He was one of the first to accept defeat and backed away while the others were still trying to accomplish their mission. After the mission he returned to Sanderhal to lie low for a while.

Facing Idris at Nal Amroth

In fenbruary of 08 AQF, the Hunter faced the Sinleri girl Idris Vanguinar during gladiator fights at Nal Amroth, the headquarters of the re-formed Syndicate. He knew his was stronger and more powerful than the little girl but he underestimated her none the less. As the girl evaded his fist, she drove one of her knifes in his side, sputtering and hissing he fell to his knees and spat up blood. Before he could regain his footing, the girl held two knifes at his throat, though the Board of Elders decided to spare the Hunter's life.

Bounty Hunters at Mou'Cyran

In june 08AQF/NE, the Saurdoshan Hunter was part of a group of bounty hunters that took various New Republic senators hostage at Mou'Cyran. With the sudden arrival of Ryen, the Hunter abandoned their "leader" Agrehele to face the warrior alone, allowing himself and the others to escape the building unharmed. With the destruction of the building and the following chaos, the Hunter escaped the planet with his associates and returned to Sanderhal.

Personality and Traits[]

The Saurdoshan Hunter has a cold and dangerous personality, not hesistating to kill those in his way or slaughter persons for sheer fun. He is a skilled tracker and loves to test his strenght against anyone who stands in his way, even against dangerous wildlife like the Sanderhal Dragon. His favorite creatures to hunt down are the dangerous Quadrantia Xenomorph. He also likes to capture innocent females, as he knows they bring up a lot of money at the slave markets of Sanderhal. The Hunter owns a Saurdoshan Hunter Freighter and he loves his well known and populair reputation among the Saurdoshan. He also often volunteers to fight in arena matches to show off his strenght and abilities. He carries a sharp arm sword, a blaster and light armor. Using a scale of a Sanderhal Dragon as shoulderpad, all know that he brought down a Sanderhal Dragon and is to be respected.



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