Sarossk is a HarbronrSaurien, one of the first to be born in the Quadrant Galaxies after his race mass migration from the Tigris Galaxy. Over the years, he studied all he could and became a gifted analytical, using his talents to predict the outcome of battles. Upon the fall of the Imperial Alliance, Sarossk joined the remaining of his people and settled at Impaerusqiantia as members of Rambo Nation and became the defender of GhostHill Keep.

Later on he became the Director of the Saurien Sector Corporation and an influential Quadrantian.



GhostHill Keep at Impaerusqiantia

Sarossk is born in 2783 (15 BQF) onboard a HarbronrSaurien cruiser, fleeing for the safety of the Quadrant Galaxies and the Imperial Alliance after their home galaxy, the Tigris Galaxy was destroyed by the dreaded Xhodocto. In his youth, Sarossk was trained as a soldier but preferred analyzing battles and strategies, during the First Galactic War he was a mere foot soldiers, years afterwards upon the outbreak of the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF, he was an analytical and aided the Lizardian and their allies in their war efforts against Rambo Nation. Predicting that the Alliance would lose the war after they lost the Rambo Capital after their short occupation, he was powerless as the Alliance lost the war.

When the Imperial Alliance fell due to actions by Asparex and Aur'Shivania, he aided his liege lord in taking the Imperial Bastion Impaerusqiantia for Rambo Nation.

Sarosska informed Grand Admiral Decimius

Afterwards, he settled down at the planet as a citizen of Rambo Nation and a knight, building his own keep with is household he became one of the supporters of Asparex reign, guarding the plains of Impaerusqiantia. He was one of the few HarbronrSaurien who wished keep some of the Imperial Ruins found at the planet, claiming that they were of historic value for their people and the Nation. He eventually became the Director of the massive and influention Saurien Sector Corporation.

By mid-April 2820, he contacted Grand Amdiral Tector Decimius and informed him that the Rambo Loyalist faction had liberated Umbrax from Imperial control and threatened the SSC shipments for the admiral. With Impaerusqiantia suffering assaults by the Rambo Loyalist, including a sabotage of the ShadowForge and an assault at the shipyards of Eris in May and the subsequent invasion of the planet in June forced Sarossk to support the formation of the Dinotopian Republic.

Free from Imperial control and subjugation, Sarossk began making contracts with the Loyalists and the Dinotopian Government to produce and maintain vessels while making a fine profit.

Personality and TraitsEdit


A clever, cunning and smart HarbronrSaurien, he became the defender of GhostHill Keep due to his talents and predictions he made during the Second Galactic War, after the loss of the Rambo Capital he already predicted the Alliance would lose the war.

A charming and charismatic Saurien, he knows when to say the right words and hide his true motives from those around him. As so, not many are aware he is actually pro-Imperial and actually prefers the Imperial Alliance above the Rambo. He actually likes studying history and reading poems. At his keep he has various guards and VeldronSaurien who he uses as mounts. As the Lord of GhostHill Keep, he was allowed to wear his own sigil and motto and is considered a minor noble among the Rambo society. He chose two green comets with his words: Death comes from above



Blue faceImpaerusqiantia is a dangerous place you know?

  • Asparexthe lord of Impaerusqiantia, blergh!

Orange faceWatch the Quccubus, her kiss is deadly!!

  • Aur'ShivaniaYou do not belong amongst us Sauriens, magic girl



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