He shall be remembered by all of us.

- Egnozeus

Felaanith Crowart, usually simply Felaanith, was an Isio'Nar first Sanktanaar. Felaanith was once a Vida'Rra and devoted his life to avenge Shu'rimrodir for destroying his species. He was killed by his brother during the Recruitment.


Early life[]

Felaanith was born as a Kingish on the Planet Life, together with his older brother, AC. They both were major Kingish sages, but AC was far more respected than his brother.

When Shu'rimrodir rose and stormed the Vida'Rra worlds, Felaanith was one of the first to stand against the new threat. However, when he suspected that AC has turned to their enemies side and told that to Vida'Rra sages, everyone believed that he merely wanted to blacken his brother's name to take his place, and so he was exiled. Then, in exile, he became aware that AC betrayed their people and Vida'Rra are now extinct. He has sworn to vengeance.

Joining Venhokwe Divin-Ra into her search for ancient power, he managed to ascend into Eola'Nar. With new powers, he has waited to avenge Shu'rimrodir for destroying his home. However, much like Divin-Ra and most of the Eola'Nar, he was sealed in time by Volzara.

Second Coming[]

During Second War of Black Fog though, Felaanith somehow awakened. Using his powers, he helped mortals to defeat Corruptus, as did his Eola'Nar servants. As Shu'rimrodir was defeated, he finally achieved his revenge. However, shortly after this the Xhodocto ressurected the Devourer of Dreams once again, using him as a tool in their universal domination. While Divin-Ra joined Xhodocto in their rise, Felaanith rejected, as he did not want to associate himself with Corruptus. He, as such, sided with Omnipotent Four.

During the Recruitment, Felaanith has led the attack of the Divinarium and Isio'Nar against the Corruptus and the Cult. However, he was killed by Arrtkar Crowart, and was replaced by Egnozeus.



Felaanith was grim and determined, fueled by grief and hatred. He bore savage hatred to the Corruptus and Shu'rimrodir, and was pretty indifferent towards anything else. However, he showed compassion to ones who suffered similar fate, such as Telfar.


Felaanith took form of large, imposing creature when assuming physical form, sometime Epic sized. His form was reminiscent of his original Vida'Rra self, having avian traits and four arms. His body was shadowed by elemental energy.


Felaanith had no need for equipment.


Much like Divin-Ra, Felaanith had magnified powers of all Eola'Nar. However, his main power was the ability to alter reality greatly. His cold personality helped it, since he could concentrate more easily than others. He could create black holes, wormholes, supernovas, and other horrifying things.



Blue face.pngI greet you.

  • Telfar - He was like me.
  • Rhigeo Fuerq - Sacrificed himself to destroy Shu'rimrodir, two times... Both times, he failed.
  • Egnozeus - Working well.
  • Other Isio'Nar


Red face.pngYOU! SHALL! DIE!

Quotes from himself[]


  • ...
  • Nothing personal. Just die.
  • Vengeance shall be done...
  • How grim is the darkness of the future, of the present, and of the past.
  • We share a fate...

Happy quotes[]

  • Argh, how I like these meeps of death!
  • The sweet taste of vengeance, huh.

Angry quotes[]

  • DIE!
  • Corruptus will fall!
  • The balance will be restored!

Quotes from others[]

He should not be as crazy as he is now.

- Telfar

Aaah, FC... You should have joined me when you had the chance...

- Arrtkar Crowart

Enjoy death, whelp. I have enjoyed every second of your suffering.

- Shu'rimrodir


  • Imperios came up with Felaanith's name during making one of the Eola'Nar-based adventures which he never completed.
  • During the Second War of Black Fog, Felaanith was weakened by Shu'rimrodir, limiting his powers.
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