Being an Eola'Nar is cool...

- Egnozeus

Isio'Narallar, also known as Egnozeus Tanzevus is a current Isio'Nar leader. Before this, Egnozeus was a Tahar anti-theist, and a major nember of the "Inexus" group.

He is thankful for the knowledge he posesses currently, and he tries to share it with the Tahar Race, though at a limited rate.


Egnozeus was born in 21/05/376 KRE in Ruskom, Terkom. He was one of the children of a politician and a TV Journalist, out of 5. At an early age, he was taught a lot about what the Tahars knew about the Universe, though he preferred to watch the news of the Galaxy. At that time, he said he preferred to be a Journalist rather than a Scientist.

At Age 14, he was seen on the streets reporting live from around the Tahar Empire, working for Terkom Universal, Channel #8 in the Tahar Empire. At age 17, he was the anchorman of the 26:00 (out of 28 hours) News. When he heard news of the Tex Federation religious wars, he was shocked at how could people believe in the fantasies of creationism, and thus, stepped out of journalism and became an activist against religion, as part of group "Inexus".

He was sent to many places, he was sent to the Tex Federation, where he was nearly killed, he was sent to Planet Gomergo, where he converted the entire race to atheism, and on his later years as an activist, was sent to the URC, to disprove Kamik'Shi and Kkia'Sihm, without knowing the deities were real, in 400 KRE.

He was then appointed as Vice-president of the Inexus group, and began leading massive missions against religion, as far as the Sylit Empire, where they were thrown rocks at, 1 month before the Greshon incident. In 28/05/402 KRE, Egnozeus was sent on his last mission as an activist against religion, he was sent to the Temple of Spode, to disprove Spode.

During his agitation against the Temple of Spode, he was noticed by Eola'Nar Overmaster, Telfar. He was contacted by Telfar via psychic vision and he offered Egnozeus to join Eola'Nar - to gain the knowledge of the universe and powers unmatched. Egnozeus agreed because he always wished for ultimate knowledge, and passed a series of trials by Telfar to prove the power of his mind, though initially he failed badly.

Egnozeus then was appointed as an Eola'Nar Ferzin, and served as Telfar's second-in-command. After Telfar has vanished, Manifest of Eola'Nar Eola'Nar splitted in two and Felaanith was dead, Egnozeus was elected as a new Sanktanaar by other Ferzins. Blessed by Vyro'Nazdea, Vi'Naherza, Kkia'Sihm and Kraitoss to become truly a divine being, he is now going to lead Isio'Nar to the bright future.



Egnozeus is like all other Tahars - intelligent, logical, and always seeking for knowledge. Unlike most other Eola'Nar, he still has links with his old species - he even shared some of Eola'Nar knowledge and technology with them. He is somewhat impatient, and always seeks for action.

He also enjoys using his powers, sometimes for pranks on non-sapient creatures and tribal species.


Egnozeus takes form of a tall, black-skinned Tahar with purple eyes and in purple clothing. When visiting his species, he usually takes a less imperious form of a Tahar in black robes with purple eyes.


Egnozeus has no need for equipment.


Egnozeus shares abilities of Isio'Nar, except more powerful. His unique ability is to freely manipulate the spacetime continuum due to powers given by Volzara - he often warps reality for his own needs.



Blue face.pngWelcome!

  • Volzara - Wait...What...how...do...you...exist?
  • Verezuon - So confusing.
  • Kkia'Sihm - I do not understand why do you exist.
  • Kraitoss - My heard hurts now.
  • Telfar - ...
  • Isio'Nar


Red face.pngDIE!

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