Bow... before... the Shadow Mistress... Let... the war... never end...

- Divin-Ra

Divin-Ra Iloserae, or simply Divin-Ra is an eldritch leader and the goddess of Mali'Nar. Originally one of the founders of Eola'Nar, she was eventually corrupted and turned insane, forming her own faction to eventually bring about the flames of anarchy to the whole multiverse. Currently, she is aligned with the the Legion of the Deathmarch


Early life and the creation of Eola'Nar[]

Divin-Ra studying a Vi'navitum tome.

Divin-Ra was born in a noble family of Venhokwe Civilisation, a member of a Leader Caste and the chapter of Cosmos. Nurtured from her birth, she was interested in power as much as she was interested in forbidden knowledge. Unlike other Venhokwe who merely revered the omnipotent powers, she was fascinated and obsessed by them, as she wanted to become as great as them. Spending her days plotting in courts to earn her status and nights in libraries studying eldritch tomes of power, she eventually managed, by manipulation and wit, to become a councillor of the Venhokwe Light of Versyon, giving her new power and authority, as well as the access to the sanctum sanctorum of the Venhokwe civilisation, the libraries of all seven Chapters. By uniting the sacred knowledge she has created a powerful essence ritual that could give her godlike powers. However, she has realised that the power for this ritual stemmed from simple mortals, and she has immediately started her search for followers.

The Eola'Nar prepare their ritual.

Her first follower was a tormented survivor of the War of Black Fog, the last Vida'Rra, Felaanith. Filled with cold hatred to the Corruptus and Shu'rimrodir, Divin-Ra promised him that he would have his vengeance. Later, she has gathered more followers, out of her own species as well as from many others like the First Ones. They followed Divin-Ra for many reasons; some seeked knowledge; others, power; third were simply seduced by Divin-Ra's charisma. Eventually, Divin-Ra now had enough of followers to start the ritual. She left the Venhokwe worlds to a distant faraway world that was itself a nexus of Essence, and started the Ascension.

While the ritual itself was not a complete success as some of Divin-Ra's followers were killed by intense energies, the ascension was complete, and those who survived became powerful ascended beings now known as Eola'Nar, with Divin-Ra and Felaanith as leaders and gods over them. They have immediately started to expand and attempt to take over various astral and elemental realms as well as parts of the mortal universe, for Divin-Ra's own dream - a perfect, ordered and balanced universe.

Mali'Nar corruption[]

The later life of Divin-Ra as a leader of Eola'Nar is generally unknown. Some believe that she was at conflict with Vyro'Narza; this may or may not be a myth - nobody truly knows.

What is certain is that at some point, corruption claimed her. Whether was infinite power that turned her mad or was it an external source, be it Xhodocto, Apocalypta or any other dark force that led her to the path of darkness; but the outcome was the same: a being that was formerly a wise and ambitious Venhokwe sage was gone, replaced by a maddened dark goddess craving for blood. Slowly, Divin-Ra started to feast on the souls of other ascended being, consuming their power to increase her own. Her madness eventually started to corrupt other Eola'Nar. Those who have not fallen to Divin-Ra's dark powers have resisted, starting a grand conflict within the elemental planes. Eventually, the unity of ascended beings was no longer; two Manifests were here now, Isio'Nar and Mali'Nar, the light and darkness.

Some believed that Divin-Ra's corruption started during Annihilation; others believe that she was corrupted before, probably millenia ago. Time flows strangely for the ascended beings, so nobody knows for sure.

Recent events[]

Divin-Ra creates the Dark Purger.

After the Annihilation, Divin-Ra started to affect the universe yet again, now aligned with the Legion of the Deathmarch. She has started to gather new followers, including Br'klakkon, Alo'emonraz, and the Dark Purger. It is believed she has some secret grand plan, but nothing is known for sure.



Before her fall, Divin-Ra was a wise and noble Venhokwe, genuinely caring for universal order and balance, always seeking for knowledge but ambitious as well. This Divin-Ra, however, no longer exists, being replaced by a dark, insane goddess of terror existing only to sow anarchy. Her mind is ultimately incomprehensible, her goals unclear. She revels in conflict and war, turning brother against brother, empire against empire. Why does she cause internal conflict and strife is unclear; does she have any morality, ethos or a reason for this is unknown. Many believe that in their insanity, Divin-Ra ultimately became a dark, incomprehensible force of nature, caring for nothing - essentially, instead of turning insane, she became insanity itself.

Despite this, Divin-Ra has some degree of caring towards her servants, embracing their adoration with pleasure.


Divin-Ra is a dark goddess, and her powers are beyond comprehension. In the elemental planes, she has full control as all laws of such planes obey her. However, her power made her unable to maintain her presence for long in the mortal universe, although when she does so, she is a power beyond comprehension.

Even then, however, the dark influence of Divin-Ra transcends these borders. All over the universe, her corruptive, maddening influence seeps, turning mortals insane, whispering to them to bind them to her will, manipulating them. Eventually, her corruption results in the wall between Mali'Nar's domain and this reality slowly breaking until her dark forces would be unleashed, plunging the universe towards the new age of chaos.


Divin-Ra, much like all of the Mali'Nar, shifts her form all the time. Most of the time she appears in the visions to her followers, however, Divin-Ra appears as a dark female humanoid figure, cloaked in darkness. However, she may take many other forms, and you can't be sure that she is not right behind you...



Yellow face.pngI am here... with you... a voice in your head...


Orange face.pngYou... will be spared...


Red face.pngYou will be alone... in the darkness... nothing... will save you...

Quotes from herself[]

End me? Know, mortal, that I do not live... I do not die... I am outside the cycle of life... unmoved by fate... untouched by time...

- Divin-Ra to an unknown mortal

In the end of the time... even DEATH will die...

- Divin-Ra upon destroying Felaanith

Everyone will betray you one day... You can only trust me... a voice in your head. I... am your friend. I will protect you. You will do what I say...

- Divin-Ra to the Dark Purger upon indoctrinating him into Mali'Nar

Are you sure that reality is... real...?

- Divin-Ra

Quotes from others[]

Instrument. Chaos is ours.

- Angazhar

I don't like you and your kind. Do not bother me.

- Shu'rimrodir

I can't stop serving her, she is too awesome...

- The Dark Purger

The time will come when you will become bones underneath my talons...

- Xiarazkha

Soon. Soon you will become a part of my power.

- Angazhar

You're pretty damn weird, lady.

- Vouinas
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