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Contrary to what many scholars would have you believe the uncountable atrocities committed by Fallen Elves hold purpose, for it is through immense destruction that their old and terrible magic is empowered. It was through such immense acts of death that allowed the Imperator Kalarah to use forbidden and esoteric techniques to violate the Goddess with the blood of her own children and the very essence of the Void itself, defiling Her with monstrous seed until his dreaded child bled Her womb and erupted forth into our materium... The Bastard Child of Isiris, the Blood Titan. Only a soul as perverted and black as the Imperator would ever dream of such cosmic depravity, to birth a Colossus of his very own into the world and shatter any semblance of balance and order within our cosmos.

- Unknown

The gargantuan monster known as the Great Titan of Blood, or the Sanguapraegrandis is the second and current Colossus of Blood. For much of its life, the Sanguapraegrandis was nurtured and controlled to be a colossal superweapon by the Legion of Shiarchon - a subterranean monstrosity that felled entire cities and destroyed innumerable fleets. During the events of the Fall of Talmyr, the Sanguapraegrandis was called out of its centuries-long slumber to travel to the land of Talmyr and lay waste to it so that the armies of the Shiarchon could conquer its lands. With the fall of the Shiarchon and the apparent death of Kalarah, the Sanguapraegrandis has been freed of its reins and roams the distant seas of Koldenwelt without purpose.

History Edit

It is not known how the Sanguapraegrandis came about; several rumours surrounding its conception have come to light over the millennia of its existence. Some believe that Kalarah had discovered the larval Sanguapraegrandis in the deserts of Abyssus, and fed it dark energies until it grew to the inconceivably great size that is. Others believe that the Sanguapraegrandis was composed out of several dead Blood Drakes or even Blood Elementals that eventually accumulated collective thought, whilst others also claim that the Sanguapraegrandis was the fusion of numerous aquatic life forms. What is known however, is that Kalarah had acquired a hold over it in its nascent state, brainwashing the deity into a weapon of his design. The creature has only been witnessed a handful of times in the five thousand years it has existed, both underwater and underground. Kingdoms that settled close to Abyssus and opposed the Shiarchon were thought to have been swallowed up by the Sanguapraegrandis as it tunnelled under the earth, and almost the entirety of Koldenwelt's fleets have fell prey to the fear of the Sanguapraegrandis circling the seas south of Abyssus.

The only confirmed instance of the Sanguapraegrandis in modernity is its appearance during the Fall of Talmyr; the Dalmiric Strait that separates the western and eastern continents of Koldenwelt was plagued by the presence of the colossal beast as it tore apart a majority of the settlements and the fleets that marked its waters. For the space of a year, the Sanguapraegrandis nested in the sea bed of the Dalmiric Bay, threatening all naval presences that were brave enough to cross it. As the Insomnolence overran the Dalmiric territories and ousted the Shiarchon presence from Talmyr, the Sanguapraegrandis remained dormant and continued to do so until Kalarah met his demise in 34 NA. Since then, the Sanguapraegrandis' whereabouts are unknown, but it is generally assumed that without Kalarah's hold over the beast, the creature has remained docile deep under the seas of the north.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Large beyond natural comprehension, the Sanguapraegrandis is a colossal cephalopodic beast that was once roughly measured to have spanned the length of over one hundred galleons (approximately seventeen thousand feet long, or five thousand metres), making it the largest Colossus to exist on Koldenwelt today. Reasons behind its inordinate size in comparison to the rest of the Colossi remain a subject of debate, but it is agreed that Kalarah had mutated it with dark energies to the point where it grew beyond its natural size for its age. No living being has ever seen the Sanguapraegrandis in its entirety, yet the tentacles that have sprouted from deep under the waters have been known to eviscerate an entire ship with a single swing, as well as pierce the clouds once reaching a suitable height.

Personality Edit

Existing as only a weapon to the Shiarchon, the Sanguapraegrandis has lived for five thousand years incapable of independent thought due to the magical hold of which Kalarah had over the Blood Titan. In its dormancy, the Sanguapraegrandis was absent of emotion or thought, sleeping deep underneath the earth and awaiting the command of its master. Once awakened and put to use, the colossus was mindlessly destructive against whatever it was set to destroy, and had no qualms of attacking Shiarchon fleets should they have proved a nuisance. Since Kalarah's death, the Sanguapraegrandis has slowly begun to experience its own thoughts, desiring the need of survival and only a territorial stance rather than its rampant destruction.

Abilities Edit

A monster of truly colossal proportions, the Sanguapraegrandis is a capable swimmer and burrower, staying miles underneath the surface and far from the eyes of wary travellers. With the use of its tentacles, the Sanguapraegrandis can conjure whirlpools and sinkholes large enough to consume entire fleets and cities without a trace, however its very movements due to its size often tell of its arrival. The very stature of the monster is great enough that the emergence of its tentacles above water can trigger destructive waves to submerge coastlines and settlements, and can upheave tons upon tons of earth when underground. Whilst mostly a silent creature, the roar of the Sanguapraegrandis can shake the earth akin to an earthquake for miles around.

As the god of blood magic, it is not entirely known of the Sanguapraegrandis' capabilities over blood magic; it is thought that due to its size, the monster uses blood magic for restorative purposes, and perhaps the very size of the creature is sustained by the magic it controls.

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Sailing the southern seas. Bad. Baaad.

- Pelagrios

Think I might've seen that one once. It looked like a tumour. A big, scary, evil tumour that is. I suppose there's a reason the Great Water Beast never ventures to that region.

- Sea Witch

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