Sanfairy, also known as Winter Fairy or the Snowy Beauty is a mythical elf-girl originating in Ramboidae culture whom is said to bring gifts to the homes of well-behaved children on Christmas Eve (24 December) and the early morning hours of Christmas Day (25 December).


The Legend

Sanfairy brings gifts

Snowy Beauty, in modern times ever since 2593 (227 BQF) known as Sanfairy was given her current popularized appearance by the Quadrantia HoloNet and soon after became a popular and well liked mythical figure within the Ramboidae Reaml. A green skinned elf-girl, with white and red revealing clothing and often carrying a bag of present on her back she enters the houses of children by chimney or she uses her magical powers to open locked doors to bring the children presents and gifts, from toys to clothes, from little pets to bikes nothing is too odd to ask Sanfairy!

In Popular Culture

In popular appearance many celebrate her coming with a decorated tree within the house, there are games, comics and movies made around her and involving her adventures. Due to the opening of the wormholes, those that have close ties with Rambo Nation within the Cyrannus Galaxy are known to celebrate the winter holiday with Sanfairy as well. For most the Winter Holiday mean a period of togetherness with their families, sharing gifts and presents and enjoying luxurious diners and brunches. Even those not known with the Winter Holidays are often invited and welcome to join.

Many children these days write letters for Sanfairy, that require no postal stamp as the letters are collected and send for free, or at least that is what postal offices tell everyone, whether or not if that is the truth that is up to you!

Often at the dismay of parents, the figure is sometimes featured in erotic context as well.

Personality and Traits[]

Sanfariy is rendered as a kind and gentle soul, a green skinned elf looking female with a joyful girl personality. Though she is also known in mythical stories to pull pranks on those unaware and can be rude against children and people who misbehave. She is also known to have a great love for animal wildlife.

Her current appearance was made by the Quadrantia HoloNet, wearing an upper white/red bikini top and a body short in the same coloration, two lengthy white braids are emerging from underneath her hat. She wears a white/red hat with a small ball of fur on the end of it.

The white around her hat, bikini and skirt are also made out of white fur.


Sanfairy! The personal hero of every child around the Winter Holidays! She still is one of mine!

- Ramashe

The Greatest Time of the Year!

- Osha Stefani

Gorf would like her to give him a full package, if you get what Gorf means.

- Gorf


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  • Sanfairy is an obvious reference to Santa Claus and can be considered as the Quadrantia version of him.

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