The Samut'angar, known mostly to the First Gigaquadrant as the Demons of Inferno are a collective group of Chaos Monsters that inhabit the plane of existence known as Inferno. Having had uncountable instances of contact with the First Gigaquadrant since the beginning of the universe, the Samut'angar are primarily a militant force with the intention to wreak havoc upon and eventually render the First Gigaquadrant devoid of native life. The term Samut'angar is a corruption of the native term which is a literal translation of the phrase 'Followers of Angazhar'. The term Samut'angar can also refer to the native Chaos Monsters of Tangent, though it is rarely attributed to them.

History Edit

Historically, there is no definitive trace of the Samut'angar's origins. Many have come to assume and accept the theory that the Samut'angar are chronologically older than this universe, and that they were created by the Xhodocto to inhabit Inferno. The Samut'angar themselves were present in the First Gigaquadrant long before the present day - it is likely that their first steps in this universe were instrumental to delivering the Eyes and were indirectly responsible for the inception of The Corruptus and likely many other 'demonic' forms of life that had come to plague the Gigaquadrant. Having come to an accord with the ancient Zhulultu Empire multiple billions of years ago on the account of the Zhulultu Empire serving the Xhodocto, the Samut'angar and the Zhulultu were highly affluent in the ancient history of the Gigaquadrant, having undergone millennia upon millennia of conquests to dominate the known universe, and succeeded in controlling multiple galaxies that now no longer exist.

A pact sworn by the last survivor of the Zhulultu race, Zhuleshxi to the Xhodocto themselves, would be honoured a billion and a half years after the Zhulultu Empire's dissolution that his awakening from a stasis sleep would signify the re-building of the Zhulultu Empire under a new name; The Congregation, where the Samut'angar would then invade and enslave many races across the Tuuros Galaxy and gaining multiple footholds in other galaxies, particularly the Andromeda Galaxy where they sought to destroy the large expanse of Andromedan civilisations there and rebuild over their territories, sparking a war between them and the rest of the Gigaquadrant which lasted over twenty thousand years, with the final two decades resulting in the War of Ages. Whilst the Congregation was eventually dissolved after Zhuleshxi's death, the Samut'angar continued to thrive, and found a new purpose in its indeterminate remnant period with the leadership of Hez'Kalka, who then formed the Dominion of the Xhodocto in 2791, where the Samut'angar now serve.

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Government Edit

The Samut'angar collectively follow no governmental hierarchy; there is no concept of legislation to them nor is there a concept of justice. The equivalent of the Samut'angari hierarchy is a hybrid of theocracy and kratocracy - the more physically powerful and intelligent of the Samut'angar are regarded as higher-class denizens of Inferno, though all power and law is vested in the Xhodocto known as Angazhar. The Samut'angar themselves, despite their varying levels of intelligence are mindlessly devoted to Angazhar and thus voluntarily have little to no free will, with the Xhodocto manipulating their every move and every thought.

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