There is always another secret.

The only thing more dangerous than a question is its answer.

- A very old Salsetthe saying/proverb

History and OriginsEdit

See this page for the history of the Salsetthe Republic.


For information on the technology the Salsetthe Republic uses, see this page

For information on the ships of the Salsetthe Republic, see the ship database.

Society and CultureEdit

For information about the Salsetthe Republic's culture/society, see this page.


For information on the Salsetthe Republic's colonization methods, see this page.

Political InformationEdit

For information regarding the political workings of the Salsetthe Republic and information such as foreign relations, see this page.

Quotes from other Empires Edit

The universe can be a dangerous place, however I can tell that intelligence is a great virtue among them

- Viceroy Torvus Ultanos

who da fuk ar dese geeks? I dunt liek dere attitudes

- Zr'Ahgloth

In many ways, I have a lot of respect for them and what they do, but most notably, the sly way that they do it.

- Kralgon Emperor

“'The only thing more dangerous than a question is its answer?' Well DON'T ASK QUESTIONS THEN. SHOOT THE BASTARDS.

- Agent Nu

Their methods in the art of subterfuge are pre-eminently impressive.

- Director Aev Tempaere, New Republic Intelligence
There is always another secret.
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