A dead man once said that hidden beneath our facade of civilisation and nicety is a Dominatus - that the angry rage of unrestrained ambition, the uncontrollable desire to dominate, the addiction to the feeling of being feared is solely what drives a species. Perhaps some of us thought this was true, though our fears subsided when we thought of the Vanara. Beneath those calm, understanding eyes lay the all-consuming fire that had driven the Dominatus, and in their hands lay the capacity ot visit unfathomable agony and terror upon those they judged worthy of their interest. But they had civilised such urges, binding this unfettered, destructive chaos into restorative order. This was not the order of megalomaniac hegemony, but of shepherding, nurturing, and growing - seeking to cooperate with the rest of the Gigaquadrant to advance all life itself to enlightenment. However, it is an unwise species that confuses this kindness for weakness, for as much as they deny it, the Vanara merely seek an excuse to shed the veil of civility and order to make their opponents wish for a fate as sweet as death

- Unknown

The Sacred Vanara Empire is a hegemonic empire native to the Mirus Galaxy. Originally an alliance between the five Reefs of the formerly nomadic Vanara, the Empire has grown in power and prestige considerably and is now one of the major powers in Mirus and a key member of the Enlightenment Alliance.

MouCyranAccords Peace through Order
The Sacred Vanara Empire is a member of the Mou'Cyran Accords
"United in the hopes of a better future..."

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Despite ruling over a vast amount of territory in the Mirus and having colonies beyond, the Vanara still hold themselves to a nomadic lifestyle. This is not much of determent to them though since their able to harvest resources from planets, farm food, manufacture weapons, vehicles, and ships, and many other things with ease from their ships. Indeed Vanara Capital Ships can hold an entire city's worth of population while their World Ships can fit an entire planet's worth of population. Each of the tribes owns one World Ship and there are five tribes in total (Tail Eater, Frost Breath, Death Wing, Storm Roar, and World Eater). The only planet the Vanara have actually colonized themselves is their ancestral homeworld of Alastor.

The Vanara are highly meritocratic and militaristic in their attitude. Their citizenry is tiered with higher tiers having more privileges and but also more responsibilities the higher one ascends up the ranks. The first tier is entered by entering into the central authority's mandatory military service and the second is to complete that service. There are other ways to advance other then military of course. Advancement in academia, business, the arts, and administration are all perfectly valid ways to advance up the hierarchy in the eyes of the Vanara.

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The Sacred Vanara Empire is a hegemonic empire that rules largely through indirect means. Conquered or peacefully assimilated territories are turned into exarchies, administrative provinces that are allowed to keep their own leaders and culture as long as they pay taxes, keep internal order, allow trade, send troops to the SVE war efforts, and adhere to code of sentient rights set down by the central authority of the empire. If they do not then the SVE will have their leadership replaced with stewards and any necessary adjustments made to meet the Empire's standards of integration and standards of living.

The overarching authority of the empire has two heads of state, the Winter Empress and the Summer Empress. The Winter Empress oversees the external matters of the overarching authority such as war and diplomacy, while the Summer Empress oversees the day to day running of the overarching authority. Each Vanara tribe elects two leaders, the Leader who oversees internal matters (like the Summer Empress), and the Chief who oversees external matters (like the Winter Empress). Decisions are made democratically by a council of the leaders headed by the Summer Empress, and a council of chiefs headed by the Winter Empress.

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The Vanara are a warrior culture at heart, though they place more emphasis on discipline and organization then glory and honor. They also have a greater preference for mounted and ranged warfare. In the old days Vanara riders would make use of the bow. However, in the modern era mounts and bows have been replaced by quadrupedal combat platform and bows that shoot powerful laser bolts. All Vanara children are taught from the day they are able how to ride and how to shoot. They are also to be rather ruthless, brutal, and underhanded warriors. They donnot hold high value on honor, just efficiency.

Vanara culture is often seen as driven by their creativity and passion. They are constantly driven to rush head long to explore new horizons, chasing inspiration wherever it may lead. "To look at a raging and know that no one can contain it and it can where it wishes", is how the concept is often described by the Vanara. Such is this concept of freedom to the Vanara that they place no restrictions on gender, race, and sexuality, if you are a productive member of the Brood then you are welcome among them. To a Vanara the worst fate is to be bound and thus they find slavery to be especially vile, and most would rather be executed then face a life sentence in prison.

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Religious freedom is guaranteed right within the Sacred Vanara Empire, with exceptions being made with certain religious such as Darkling Worship, Judicator Worship, and Cuthernism being banned. Significantly populous religions from outside powers are Zaraturaism, Waptoria Pantheon, Volver Pantheon, One God, and Spodism. By far the most common form of worship is Avaruhiisim, and animistic religion lacking any form of dogma or centralized worship that venerates an odd collection of angels, demon, fairies, and other beings as gods. Avaruhiisim frequently blends into other religions making the most common form of worship various forms of mixed theology. There are many who regard them Empress and here descendants as of a divine bloodline and thus god-like in someway.

A more disturbing aspect of Avaruhiisim is the practice of the sacrifice of sentient life. While at one point in Vanara society this was very common and happened frequently, thanks to influence from outsiders the practice is farmore limited and less common in present times. While once any prisoner of war would have been sacrifice, now a days only prisoners of war taken from those that commit war crimes are sacrificed as are their leaders. Those taken from armies that act honorably are treated fairly well and usually allowed to go home once the war is finished or allowed become citizens of the Empire.

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The Vanara have three primary technological specializations: nanotech, Accel Space Tech, and biomechabnical construction. Nanomachines are found everywhere in Vanara society and are a component in most everything the Vanara make. They are used in medicine, repair, resource extraction, assemblage of goods, to improving the quality of those goods. Accel Space is the mysterious realm that the Vanara use for FTL travel, communication, and detection. They also use its power to create shields, cloaking devices, worm holes, and to bend spacetime to their will. All things the Vanara create are biomechanical and the frequently use genetic and cybernetic enhancement to improve their bodies and adapt themselves to new environments. They do use this for more insidious purposes to though, such as microbial parasites that can alter behavior which they employ against their enemies.

As mentioned before everything the Vanara create is biomechanical in nature and every ship and vehicle the create is a living creature made of both flesh and metal. Their weaponry is built off the principles of quantum manipulation and offensive use of nanobots, and have create missiles capable of phasing through enemy shields through the application of Accel tech. Defensively they have Accel based shields and cloaking devices, but also have armor that can adapt its very molecular structure to become more resistant to whatever weapons the enemy is using.

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Be welcome friends.

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Let the wealth flow.

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Submit to our rule or be forced into compliance!

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you seem big and proud but the thing you don't really get is that we are both nowhere and everywhere-Koalian Empire, Sender council of 4


- The Void's Eye.

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  • Their Theme - History In The Making
  • Primarily based off the historical Aztec Empire with elements of the Achaemenid and Mongol empires thrown in, and the Vasari Rebels from Sins of a Solar Empire as well as the Turians from Mass Effect.
    • A certain well known element of the Aztec Empire was SIGNIFICANTLY toned down in order to keep the SVE sympathetic.