Commander S'aur is a HarbronrSaurien with a mysterious past affiliated with the Imperial Alliance before serving within Rambo Command as a commander and assigned to serve under Claire Rambo as the second in command of the Suiliagothrond II.

Not much is known of S'aur his history to his colleagues, as he refuses to comment on it. It is known that he joined the Rambo Acadamy shortly after the Second Galactic War when theHarbronrSaurien betrayed the Imperial Alliance and pledged their loyalties to Rambo Nation. Near the ending days of 2805 (07 AQF), S'aur was given command of the Oberth-Class, USS Grissom. His reasons for keeping his past is understandable, as Saraxvrantrix S'aur is a former War Councilor of the Imperial Alliance.


Early History[]

Saraxvrantrix S'aur was born in 2558 (240 BQF) at a HarbronrSaurien planet in the Tigris Galaxy in a family of politicians. After studying and being chosen as a politician in one of the Saurien parties, he gained a lot of supporters and eventually around 100 BQF became the leader of the Sauriens. As natives of the Tigris Galaxy, S'aur kept the Sauriens isolated until Rambo Nation colonized planets in the south of Tigris. When in 2777 (21 BQF) the Tigris War broke out, S'aur led his people against their Rambo allies but were defeated and forced by the Congregation to migrate to Quadrant 89 after Morgandaûr convinced S'aur to do so. In return S'aur accepted that his people became part of the Imperial Alliance.

War Councilor of the Imperial Alliance[]

USS Merced disables the Vetar

As such S'aur became the representative for the sauriens within the War Council and the Imperial Alliance. When in 04 AQF (2802) the First Galactic War broke out, S'aur led a fleet to take over the wormhole leading into the Tigris Galaxy. When in 0 BQF the {{Fiction|Second Galactic War|Second Galactic War]] broke out, S'aur remained at his position and managed to drive off Rambo assaults to re-take the wormhole. Later on in the war S'aur aided other Imperials to attack the Rambo Capital. Sadly due to the incompetence of Lizardian officer Lizrkrahmkyn the Imperial forces were defeated and S'aur was captured after his ship, the Vetar was disabled by captain Klopiels of the USS Merced and he was taken captive. After capture he was sentenced to the Ramghatulkiaga Orbital Prison and remained a captive until the second month in 2802 (04 AQF) when Confederacy attacked the prison during the Great Cyrannus War. Taking advance of the chaos S'aur escaped and through underworld channels managed to gain a passport and became a citizen of Rambo Nation and managed to join Rambo Command, able to become an officer within the Rambo Navy. During the remaining of the Great Cyrannus War he gathered intelligence about the Confederacy of Allied Systems and provided them to Rambo Command. Afterwards he also gathered intelligence about the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus which earned him a swift promotion to commander.

In service of Rambo Command[]

Arriving at Aecor

In 2803 (05 AQF/02) NE S'aur was assigned to serve under Operative Claire Rambo onboard the Suiliagothrond II. Pleased with this new position, S'aur joined Claire during the Hunt for the Zevian Skull. During the Hunt S'aur saw action against the Quadrantia Federation, discovered Ramashe after she was taken by the Sorcerer of Carnthedain and travelled to Zevia. He took command of the station when Claire faced Morgandaûr in personal combat and was at the bridge when the station was transported to the Atlantica planet Aecor. When Claire was injured at Aecor and brought to the Rambo Capital by her father, James Rambo, S'aur remained behind and laid down the early foundations for the cooperation between the Rambo and the Cognatus Empire.

After Claire returned and was given a new mission, S'aur joined the crew of the Falcon and travelled to Yudumarth though disagreed with the mission to hunt down a rebel leader. Afterwards he joined Claire in her travel to Orbispira where they extracted Voro Acetenus from the Imperial planet, together with Corva and her companion. When Claire was send to Sanderhal to save Xora from slavery, S'aur was ordered to remain behind and assigned other duties. Rambo Command didn't want any ties leading back to them when the mission should fail.

Tertius Bellum and Dawn of Divina[]

Main article: Tertius Bellum & Dawn of Divina

Arritzia demands the surrender of the Grissom

Near the end of 2805 (07 AQF), S'aur changed his appearance and recieved command of the Oberth-Class, the USS Grissom. To his delight, it was followed by a promotion to captain. At the third of january in 2806 (08 AQF), he was tasked by Rambo Command to conduct an scientific mission with the new Oberth-class, sadly during the investigation they were attacked by Gul Arritzia Dar'Aehl of the Jenassian Regency on charges of trespassing sovereign Regency territory. Unaware, diplomacy turned in vain as the Gul opened fired, disabled the Grissom and took S'aur and his crew captive.

S'aur and his crew witness the dissapearance of the vessel again

Two days later, due to efforts of captain Venullius, S'aur and his crew were released and returned to Rambo space.

Decades later, in june 20 AQF (2818) S'aur, still in command of the Grissom was dispatched to investigate anomalies in the H'trae System. Upon arriving, to their shock they discovered a First Republic vessel, a Tantalus-class. After scanning the vessel it suddenly dissapeared as it was shifting from the space time continuum. Surprised S'aur informed Rambo Command of their discovery and issues a quaratine of the system. By June 2819 (21 AQF) S'aur oversaw the internship of Cadet Jimmy James Rambo during which they came under attack once again but this time by a ship of the Hutter Kingdom.

S'aur' Kounotori-class convoy heading towards Ozdudrahk with Jimmy and Swain

By January 2820 (22AQF), months after the fall of Rambo Nation S'aur continued to serve the now disfunctional Rambo Navy and instead of commanding the Grissom, that was in drydock. He aided his kin and the Saurien Sector Corporation by taking command of deep space Kounotori-class heavy freighter convoys. During one such convoy task, Jimmy James Rambo and Legatus officer Swain Tavira. The convoy was heading towards Ozdudrahk without much problems until they were attacked by Recon Squadron two lightyears away from the planet. Unable to stop the Reconnaissance-Class fighters S'aur' own Kounotori-class freighter and at least two Gozanti-class escorts were disabled. As Recon squad was boarding his freighter, to his horror both Jimmy and Swain were dragged from their quarters. To make matters worse it seemed Jimmy and Swain had some joyful time together as the girl was half naked. Confronting Tatsu Irana he prevented the execution of the female Legatus officer and allowed Recon sqaud to steal whatever they required. Afterwards he waited for reinforcements and continued towards Ozdudrahk.

By mid-May 2820 S'aur was back on Impaerusqiantia and helped the Loyalist Anessa Ravencrow and provided her with a mount and the schematics of the ShadowForge. Anessa was succesful and sabotaged the ShadowForge.

Personality and Traits[]

S'aur is a mysterious person, as a saurian he has different views on life then humanoids and Ramboidae, often to the annoyance of those two. A clever tactician and battle commander, S'aur will never surrender out of his own free will and also knows how to deal with politicians and gain favor among them. He is loyal to the Royal Crown and respects Claire as his superior officer- though dislikes the presence of all these clone troopers and views them as inferior lifeforms. His great desire is to use the Suiliagothrond II her prow mounted bombardment cannon at full power against the enemies of Rambo Nation. He is often described as loyal, ruthless, sneaky and dangerous to both his allies and enemies. Some consider him an Imperial sympathizer though.

Service Record
Location Assignment Dates Rank or Rate
Rambo Academy Student Officer

Fast Traject

2802 - 2803 Cadet
USS Suiliagothrond II Executive Officer 2803 - 2805 Commander
USS Grissom Commanding Officer 2805 - 2820 Captain
Kounotori-class Cargo Platform Commanding Officer 2820 - Ongoing Captain

Kounotori-class Cargo Plattform


S'aur original captain uniform


Green face.pngI grew fond of them


Blue face.pngI respect them!


Orange face.pngI am not really fond of them!

  • Aur'LodinShe is one impersonating person


A back stabbing coward! Weak and incomptence!

- Aur'Lodin


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