Hence that general is skillful in attack whose opponent does not know what to defend; and he is skillful in defense whose opponent does not know what to attack.

- Ryaler

Supreme Commander of W'alorian forces, Sywiin Ryaler, nicknamed the Blood Comet by his troops, is the highest ranking Walgolorian Commander in the Mendel Pact, and considered one of the Pact's top military geniuses. One of the three students of Commander Curiantau'va, and his successor for Supreme Commander, Ryaler is louted among his kin for his direct, aggressive combat style and his ability to effectively lead forces into battle, proving his position during three very important wars fought for the Pact, and ultimately emerging victorious each time.

A master of the blade, and a cunning tactician, Ryaler is regarded as the most direct commander. Either accept surrender, or don't. There will be no mercy otherwise. Despite this brutal means of exacting victory, Ryaler is still respected by his comrades, feeling that his intelligence and flair of command make up for some of his more brutal means of gaining victory.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Swyiin Ryaler was born on the Colony of Vior'tal, home to the most aggressive fighters in the entire Walgolorian Dominion. Trained excessively in combat from an early age, Ryaler earned respect from his peers for his skill in battle, and his hard work ethic, always pushing himself to near hazardous levels to get higher and higher. Little else is known of him, however. Despite his hot-blooded attitude and aggression, Ryaler was incredible private about his home life and the inter-workings within his own Clan.

This private nature would not stop him from becoming one of the best in the academy. Swyiin constantly earned the respect of his peers, and the admiration of his teachers, though his innovative mind quickly found ways to do things that would easier and more effective, and lead to many of his teachers being replaced.

Noticing this, the gifted Supreme Commander, Curiantau'va, recruited the young Ryaler to be part of his inner circle of students, including trainees Saren and Kiun. Ryaler would be sent to Dar'nyth, the birth place of the aging commander, and make his way to Curiantau'va's mountain estate, where he would undergo his training. Ryaler was forced to travel in the more unsafe regions of Dar'nyth, to test his wits and resolve. After surviving in the less habitable regions of Dar'nyth for weeks, Ryaler climbed Yir Wvddya, and, after an exhausting climb, found Curiantau'va meditating upon a Hover Throne, surrounding by a dozen other students, including Kiun and Saren. Though ragged, Ryaler joined his now-master in meditation, and would spend the rest of his days learning from the greatest military mind in the Walgolorian Dominion.

Curiantau'va was a master of all strategies, even those considered unnatural to the Walgolorian, and was able to teach his students many different ideals and approaches that fitted their personalities and ways of doing things. Saren became Master of the Waiting Hunter, Kiun, The Single Hero, while Ryaler was master of the Killing Blow Style, coming form his higher muscle mass as a Vior'talian and more aggressive personality. Though all of his students performed remarkably well, Ryaler was always held to the highest standards, out-performing others in tests and simulations, and passing exams to a greater degree then his comrades. Though he was close with all his students, Curiantau'va was perhaps closest to Ryaler, perhaps in an attempt to curve his young student's aggression.

Upon graduating, Ryaler was given command of a Cadre on the jungles of Tohoch, home to the Orgaat, who where besieged by the Walgolorian's enemies, the Hermicce. Seeing the other Mendel, like the Ugandalorians and Kodalorians, and their up-close style of fighting, convinced Ryaler to train more in his style and master it further. Doing the most damage to he Hermicce, Ryaler was named Supreme Commander, after the death of his teacher and master, and ultimately was sent out while his fellow students where placed in cryogenic freezing.

Battle of Archatang Ridge Edit

Deployed during the expansion into the Archatang ridge, against a massive horde of Skordi, Ryaler was deployed with Ugandalorians, his Walgolorian forces, and a great number of Orgaat, as well as the wise guidance of the Empyreal Vron Shian. Seeing the skill in even greater detail of how the Ugandalorians handled their blades, and the brutality of the Skordi in close combat, Ryaler decided to implement his style of combat into more of his troops in order to prepare them for much harsher warfare then what they where used to. With help Vron Shian's own sword style, Ryaler mastered the blade, earning the respect of his suspicious Ugandal kin, and managing to cleanse the Skordi horde with relatively small force. After his victory, he was allowed to go into cryogenic sleep once more.

Dominatus Wars Edit

Buaii no Bras!

- Mendel battle cry during the Domanitus Wars, roughly translated to "Victory or Death".

Ryaler was deployed to spearhead Mendel war efforts against the Dominatus, along with the other three, Mendel command hoping the three's ingenious tactics would crush the Dominatus all the faster. He would fight on the frontlines in his battlesuit, leading numerous fleets and armies into battle, and constantly facing horrendous losses at every turn, like many other ADC commanders. Constant fighting and death began to wear him down, as well his fellow commanders, but he refused to give and despair. The Mendel, while able to maintain their composure and strength in the face of the extreme loses better then other officers, who would often resort to suicide, were still beaten and worn down, their spirit and optimism slowly beginning to break. Ryaler, as ever, remained focused and put all his aggression and rage towards breaking the Dominatus. In the six hours before TIAMAT activated, he green-lite and operation, spear-headed by Phase-Hunter and Several UAE Olympians, to break one of the Dominatus Overseers, and after its success (and many hours to recharge and heal for Phase), morale soared once more. His battlesuit took numerous injuries and damages over the course of the battle, and yet he pushed on, refusing to break. Repairs would happen, and he would rush out with his bodyguards to fight again.

Even after receiving a critical lung injury, Ryaler refused to retreat until his men were safe. Saren had to practically punch the stalwart Commander in the face to get him to leave. Finally, after losing numerous comrades and friends from all races, even gaining the strange friendship with the Alpha Cyber Collective Commander, Karack, the Dominatus were defeated, and their people placed on trial.

Ryaler invoked the ancient Mendel Clans of Ugandalore, W'alor and Kodalon, and said that, while the adults should be put to death, the children were to be taken into the Clans and raised proper. Ryaler felt that, such would be a fitting punishment, to have the master race's children serving weaker ones, and would put such intellect and strength to good use. His idea was shared earlier by the Vanara leader, Zuki, though was overruled by the other powers, more thirsty for revenge. Although he had lost many, Ryaler still was rather disturbed and uneasy by the idea of murdering children.

Mirusian Coalition Wars Edit

First War Edit

Ryaler was awakened again to do battle with the Xonexi allies in the First Mirusian Coalition War, his aggressive stance on combat a perfect match for the likes of the Draconid Imperium. While dealing with larger forces, but without the disorganization of the Skordi, Ryaler was truly happy facing an actual challenge to his skills in battle, not like the barbarians he had faced before.

Second War Edit

Ryaler, without rest, was then deployed against the French and Eldarisians during the War that followed. Leading his troops alongside Saren again, Ryaler, with his aggressive combat style, cut a swath of destruction right into the French and Eldarisians. Even with their Angelfire barrages, Ryaler paid them no heed, and, knowing Kiun was able to keep the Imperium of War back long enough to buy them time, continued his advance through Xonexi holdings, Saren using evasive and stealth attacks, while he used his skills of cutting and striking into the right areas to defeat the Xonexi.

During the Battle of Trinity, and it's victory, morale soared, and Ryaler used this to push his fleet onward. Despite the work of French Void hunters and a rogue TIAF fleet, Ryaler knew if he could strike hard enough and deep enough into enemy territory, it would not matter. Unfortunately, his numbers where not quite big enough to support the strategy. With Kiun almost overwhelmed by a resurgent Imperial attack, and Ryaler and Saren's fleets on low supplies, the Mendel and other Mirusians where forced to accept a peace treaty with the Xonexi.

While Kiun angrily disagreed with the terms, and being forced into the "Covenant of Mirus", Ryaler merely stated that they where soldiers, and it was merely their job to accept the orders of their superiors, and carry out orders. Ryaler, while he did not like the Xonexi or the fact they had lost everything they gained from the last war, pointed out the Xonexi would be helping put an end to the Imperium of War, and that was worth something at least.

Still, Ryaler hid many personal doubts about the Covenant, believing that no united government of Mirus should exist with extra-galactics forcing their way in. He gave a speech to his troops at the end of the war that they fought better then any he had seen before, and had brought pride to the empire through their service. While there where still battles to be fought, Ryaler stated he had no worry with such strong soldiers at his back, and a weak enemy in front of him.

As he was one of the highest ranking commanders among the Mendel, Ryaler was made aware of the Mirusian Triumvirate formed by his masters in secret, and agreed to fight for it when the time came.

Berserker Onslaught Edit

There is no greater challenge than the Dragowar! This is what we Warriors of Vior'tal have trained for, what we where born for! Warhosts of Vior'tal, rise! Let us fulfill our destiny and fight for the Pact!

- Commander Ryaler to his troops before the great battle

Ryaler, after his forces where refitted and resupplied, he received fresh warriors from Vior'tal, numbering 5 fresh regiments raised, as well as auxiliaries for support. Excited to be leading his forces again, Ryaler began prepping his troops for battle. Meanwhile, in order to break the Imperium of War, the Pact gathered several fresh fleets and veteran forces together to push into the Imperium's borders. Leading this would be their most aggressive commanders, including Mentrex, Kiun and Ryaler himself among them. Kiun and Ryaler would go in, and open up War-Imperial borders, and blunt most of their attacks, while Saren, Nieras and other commanders would come in to lead support to finish them off.

Ryaler however, was angered when it was reported that any Mirusian gains in the Battle would be lost, and given over to the Xonexi, specifically France and Eldarisia. Ryaler could accept losing the territory the first time, after all, the Xonexi had won, and deserved the territory. Now they where extending their fingers into other's territory, even when it was unwarranted. Ryaler would not accept this. His troops where dying to take such land. As was Mendel tradition, wherever their blood was spilt, was their land. In private conversation in fact, he spoke with Kiun about breaking off from the Covenant during the war, and continuing the fight with the Xonexi.

Da Reckoing Edit

Nothing would please me more then to put my skills to the test against the Loron. Such powerful and brutal enemies stand against everything the Pact was built upon, and I will see to it that they are butchered in total.

- Ryaler on the Loron

When Da Reckoning began, the Mendel where up and arms and eager for war. The Loron presented a challenge like no other, one the Mendel where eager to face in battle. Once it was figured out the Loron would be attacking the Milky Way, Andromeda, Cyrannus and Borealis, the Mendel prepared their forces in the three of the four galaxies, and sent Ryaler to where the fighting would be thickest; Borealis. Sending him to take command of the forces there, Ryaler prepared his forces for similar fights like the ones with the Skordi or Dragowar, but he warned his troops the fighting would be worse then either of the two. As such, he brought with him many Kadalian and Orgaat teams to counter the Loron's power in melee combat, and brought his most aggressive warriors with him so they would be ready for the Loron's brutality.

The Hand of Retribution Edit

Ryaler was shocked when the Hand of Retribution came to power, promising his people unity in the face of the Xonexi and their Covenant, and a return to glory and power the Mendel had lost. Ryaler at first thought such things would be good for the Mendel. Clett and the other High Kings had emphasized a build up in forces and technology, so the Mendel could stand on equal ground with the Xonexi. However, as Ryaler watched, more disturbing details began to unveil themselves. Politically manipulating the system so he could be the High King of the Ugandalorians, Kodalorians and Walgolorian all at once, his threatening the Waptoria and Persan, and his control over the already unstable Olympian Chapter of the Brazen Bulls, left Ryaler seeing The Hand as no better then the people he swore to fight against.

Ryaler, like his colleague, Kiun, was shocked by this. While considered an aggressive hothead by his comrades, Ryaler never supported bloodshed for the sake of bloodshed. Hating the Xonexi was one thing, but to turn on their allies was completely different. Ryaler, as such, hid behind the persona of a blood-thirsty warrior, eager to carry out the Hand's command. However, his troops largely shared his doubts, and had more loyalty to him than to the Hand of Retribution. Ryaler, along with Saren and Kiun, would be sent into the Mirusian colonies of the weakened Hegemony to destroy them. Later, the Hand would gather his full forces together, and under his command, lead them into Segmentum Exterioris, to destroy the heartlands of the Hegemony as it crumbled apart. Upon seeing the Hegemonic Palace ravaged by Darkling forces also who sought to destroy the Hegemony now it's unwitting use to the Brotherhood was over, Ryaler attempted to break in, hoping to save whoever was still inside, be they friend of foe. After Ryaler failed to break trough, Kiun dissuaded him from it, and eventually convinced the Hand, too, to retreat. While he performed honorably, Ryaler was disturbed to see the Hand of Retribution take no prisoners in his rampage, even as Ryaler and Kiun went out of their way to avoid harming civilians. Ryaler now knew the Hand was only leading his people down a path that would end in destruction.

The chance for revenge came when the Council sent them to reclaim certain territories, Kiun sent to the former Hegemonic holdings in Mirus, Ryaler to those near Eldarisian territory, where it was hoped his hot-blooded aggression would work well against the murdering savages. Ryaler and Kiun appeared to follow orders, but instead, diverged their fleets and set up a series of bases after a battle with some Skordi, making it appear the Darklings where once again involved and the two where lost. Instead, they both set up a series of colonies near both their foes, intending to build up their forces, and "shield" the Eldarisian and French, despite their distaste for both. Ryaler went as far as to cut himself off completely, recoloring his armor a bloody red with bone white markings, representing that he now stood opposite of his homeworld, Vior'taln with it's bone white armor and blood red markings.

Their betrayal would be discovered when Kirta began gathering various Mendel splinter groups, including those who had fled into Persan and Waptoria territory, the Polychromatic Cult of the Laughing God, the rebels of the Dead Watch/Ruin's Hand, the Tul'kaarin, and others, even garnering support from the Suicide Watch. The two commanders revealed themselves, declaring their loyalty to Kirta, and declaring the Hand a foul traitor to Mendel ideals. Angered at this betrayal, the Hand ordered Supreme Empyreal Ord Acaya to lead a task massive task force into the Enclaves, and bring them both under control. With him would come the two other students of Curiantau'va, Kaworfol and Saren Seiriol, sent to straighten the two out, and bring them back in line, before Kirta could reach them.

Second Galactic War of Cyrannus Edit

After the destruction of the world of Mou'Cyran, the Mendel Pact moved quickly to avenge the loss, mobilizing forces to reinforce the troops under Commander Fen Shesara's command and help the New Republic strike back against the Empire. Ryaler was specifically chosen to lead this dangerous battle plan, due to his experience and aggression in battle. After his awakening and being filled in on everything going on in Cyrannus, Ryaler gathered a massive force of his warriors, an allied races such as Orgaat and Togunda, to move in and reinforce the significant Mendel presence under Commander Fen Shesara. After taking command, Ryaler began planning his next move, and prepared to meet with allied leaders to discuss their next move, though felt a fire already burning his heart, wishing to fight the Empire as soon as possible and avenge the innocents lost at Mou'Cyran, even taking on the battle cry used by the Cyrannian Mendel Warriors of "My life for Mou'Cyran".

As the Battles of Corthon and Thaehos raged, Ryaler studied the tactics of the Empire closely, and began planning his next moves wisely. Not only where their numbers superior to the Pact's, but so was their technology. The Pact's forces could easily be overwhelmed. Like a hunter's spear, he would need to balance his ferocity carefully in order to maximize the damage done to his prey.

Battle of Frenal
SGCW Battle of Frenal

The Battle above Frenal between Mendel and Imperial forces.

I have set myself down for this task! This world shall either be my grave, or the site of my triumph! Let the Empire come!

- Ryaler rallying his troops.

When the war came to the Mendel, it came in full force. The Mendel had planned to raid and attack Imperial border worlds in order to distract and weaken their war effort. The Empire, however, had no plan to be attacked, and sent a large fleet lead by Titus Dromaeo to remove the Mirusian powers and their allies from play, and clear up a sideline in the war. His blitzkrieg hit the Mirusian Colonial Sector hard and fast, and pushed out the Waptoria and Persan. The Persan were able to move quickly and recover, fleeing form their worlds, and giving an organized retreat thanks to their nomadic nature. The Waptoria, however, were hit harder, and less prepared for the attack, and took heavy causalities.

The two sent their remaining fleets to Frenal, to link up with the Mendel Pact. Ryaler was angered by the Empire's ability to take him by surprise, but organized a heavy defense, setting up space stations and satellite defenses, and turning the world into a great fortress to hold off the Empire. Dromeao's fleet arrived not many weeks later, and fought against the united Mendel/Waptorian/Persan Fleet, and sent troops on the ground. The battle followed in both the void and on the planet was a harsh and swift battle, the full mechanical, logistical strength of the Empire clashing with the passionate, vitriolic power of the Mendel and their allies. A hard fight occurred, the Togunda's fleets keeping the Empire at bay above, as the Orgaat went to hunt Imperial forces within the jungles. Although they where able to fight off the Empire, the Mendel were unable to stop Titus from rescuing most of his forces, and burning much of the world in spite of the Mendel. Embittered by this, the many Mendel took oaths upon their Clans to defeat Titus once and for all, and follow him to the ends of the universe. With that, Ryaler and his allies organized their pursuit of Titus and his imperial fleet, never stopping in their chase.

During these operations, Ryaler would send various commanders to assist in other battles, such as Finn Shesara and his Mendel Protectors to the Battle of Laurentia, and Carchal Nal to the Battle of the Saxhleel Station, but his focus was always on Titus.

Battle of Cianbur

Ryaler would get his chance during the battle of Cianbur to finally defeat his hated foe. Joining with admiral Miru of the Persan, Admiral Aver Kuestantine of the Republic, Morin Ehtar of the Cognatus Order, Admiral Taraen Hyperion of the Empire of Free Planets, a breakaway faction of the Empire, and Chivora Parakil of the Saviki Void Combine. Though his forces were a little ragged from past battles, Ryaler had all the confidence Cianbur would be an easy victory for him and his men, and a chance to end Titus' fleet, crippling the Empire's abilities to wage even further.

At first, able to push against Titus' seemingly small fleet, their advantage was quickly turned against them, with the arrival reinforcing fleets from Admiral Rela Loupál and the traitor Lucaevon Pierea. These combined fleets proved too much, even for the mighty warriors of the Mendel, Cognatus, Persan and Saviki, and forced the allies to call a retreat. Though Ryaler believed he could save the situation, Hyperion believed all to be lost, and asked for a retreat, to which the Empire of Free planets would cover while the rest made their escape. Not wishing to let an ally handle such things on their own, the Mendel volunteered to also cover the retreat.

The two forces held off the Imperial Fleet for as long as they could, though knew the situation would steadily grow worse. Admiral Kuestantine's fleet was cut off from the rest during the retreat, and the Empire managed to destroy both him, and his flagship. Ryaler, though perturbed at the loss of a comrade, kept his troops focused, and the Empire of Free Planets and the Mendel Pact maintained the line as they fought on. The Persan and Saviki managed to flee, though Miru volunteered to stay behind and be captured, only to hack into Imperial systems, and send intelligence to her allies. After the last of their allies escaped, the EFP offered to cover the Mendel's retreat, and Ryaler thanked him for his bravery and honor.

Ryaler was disappointed with himself in the defeat. While he had done some damage to the Empire's war-machine, the Mendel were forced to rethink their approach and strike again from another angle. The Mendel were forced to send Commander Kiun to assist his fellow Commander in battle, bringing with him his fleet that had helped defeat the True Republic in Mirus. Though Ryaler was in a foul mood, Kiun helped bring his spirits up, and the two began to plan their next attack against the Empire.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Ryaler is noted for his brash attitude and head-strong approach to things. He is very aggressive, something other commanders, especially from the Walgolorian, look down upon. Although he can be brutal, and very blunt about his choices, Ryaler is still respected for his ingenious command and swordsmanship, as well as his valor and bravery. Despite being hot-blooded and aggressive, Ryaler is cunning, intelligent and regarded as one of, if not the best of the best among Mendel warriors.

While not as merciful as Kiun, Ryaler is still a very compassionate commander, though makes only one chance of surrender to besieged foes before his attack. After, he brutally ends any foes that dare to keep fighting, quickly capturing his enemies and sending them before they can be relieved, and leading assaults personally into the heart of his enemies. He tries to avoid launching attacks too soon, not wishing to waste his troops' lives on meaningless battles.

Ryaler himself, while favoring the ideals of honor and valor, does not let them cloud his judgment, which even the most level-headed Walgolorian is prone to on some level. He simply makes decisions based off his morals, and refuses to do anything he considered too barbaric, even if his clansmen would shout things about honor and glory.

Ryaler is also an accomplished writer, writing several books detailing military strategy, his life, and the terrible times fighting the Dominatus. He has written books detailing how to fight such enemies as the Dragowar, Zarbania, French and Eldarisian, which are currently going to be used in military academies in the Pact.

Abilities Edit

Ryaler is an especially experienced tactician, and considered a genius by many of his kind. He is noted for his ability to pick up skills very fast, and his skill with a blade. Like most Commanders and soldiers from Vior'tal, he has some experience with the Pressure Point-based martial art of Vior'nes'ken, though no where near a mastery level.

Appearance Edit

Ryaler is noted to be older than he looks, due to injuries he's taken over the years, and has replaced several of his body parts, including his left leg, with cybernetics. His scales are grey, and cracked, with a burnt quality to them, and his voice is somewhat hoarse. Despite, he is still an effective speaker, and very strong. Like most from Vior'tal, he is stronger, taller, and more imposing then most Walgolorian, due to higher gravity and more emphasis on close-combat fighting. This is further complimented by his swordsmanship, requiring even more strength to carry his blade, even when out of his battle suit.

Equipment Edit

Outside of combat, Ryaler wears a suit of combat armor designed to protect him from assassination attempts and some combat, with the idea of wearing it mostly when meeting with his fellow commanders to strategize, or to parlay with alien politicians and the like during surrender. He carries with him a pulse pistol to protect himself in the event of any assassination attempts.

During combat, Ryaler, like most high ranking Walgolorian, prefers to pilot a specialized combat battlesuit, specifically designed to withstand heavy assault and armed with advanced jump jets, a shield generator, and a long ranged Plasma rifle.

No matter what, he always carries his ancient sword, the Blade of Twilight, a fearsome tool of destruction that is made of a mysterious material, gifted to him by the Multus Esse that he rescued from destruction. They envisioned the sword would come to save his life. Essence users, and most others find it disturbing, one describing it as giving off "an aura of emptiness and the void, as though it would suck away everything that got too close". Ryaler himself is unsure of what exactly that blade is made out of, but yields it with impressive skill, both inside or outside of his battlesuit. The sword can disable Essence-based attacks that come near him, and prevent such abilities when others come near him, friend or foe. However, at a certain distance, one can still use Essence and other, similar abilities to fling rocks and other projectiles at him, making him not completely invulnerable to it.

The Twilight Blade can cut through most other blades, including the Claymores used by his Ugandalorian and Kodalorian Kin.

Students/War Council Edit

Like his master before him, Ryaler has a number of students that train under him and learn from his experience in battle. Ryaler, as befitting his style of command, usually seeks out the most aggressive and spirited of youths to lead his troops and learn form him.

  • Name - Sha'Vatron Myakker
  • Position - Advisor, bodyguard.

Sha'vatron Myakker is a veteran Walgolorian Commander, and a close friend to Ryaler himself, having taught the younger warrior much of how to handle and operate battlesuits and other weapon systems, and being one of the few to encourage him to continue his usage of the sword. Even after becoming a student of Curiantau'va, Ryaler never forgot his first teacher, and, upon becoming a full Chosen Commander, sought out his former teacher to act in his council and help him in battle.

Myakker has followed Ryaler since then, assisting in the Ash Wastes of Demogorgon Prime, the Void Lanes around French-Mirusian Territory, and the jungles of Frenal, fighting the Galactic Empire, Drakodominatus Tyranny and the French Empire throughout Mendel history. Despite Ryaler being stubborn, Sha'vatron is known to calm his commander and convince him to follow certain actions and consider other options.

  • Name - Jollar O'versii
  • Position - Student, Bodyguard

Jollar O'Versii is the current generation of atleast 7 Warriors to take on the mantle of Commander Firesword, a distinguished honor kept reserved for only the bravest of Walgolorian in battle. All of these warriors have served under Ryaler since his first campaigns at Tohoch, with the current one having fought alongside him at the battles against the French, Imperium of War, and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. While an honored position, not all users of the title are as noble as the current bearer. The last sullied his name when he ordered his cadre to brutally execute captured French soldiers, before he was killed in battle, and the latest took on his mantle, fighting the last battles in his place, and has worked ever since to try and restore honor to the name he now carries.

  • Name - Kiess Valior

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Green face Allies Edit

You stand by my side, and I shall stand by yours.

Blue face Friends Edit

You have my trust.

Yellow face Neutral Edit


Orange face Disliked Edit

Screw you.

  • Draccard - What is the matter, do you lack the courage to face a true warrior?

Red face Enemies Edit

The blade of Twilight hungers for your blood.

  • Titus Dromaeo - Yes, run. You will only prolong the inevitable, Imperial.

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