Ruviel is an angelic girl, tricked in ancient times by Morgandaûr to act as his concubine, things went wrong and Ruviel was send to the Chaos Realm. Ever since she awaits the time for her love, Morgandaûr to release her from the torment known as the Chaos Realm.


Born in an unrecorded time at one of the human settlements in the Quadrant Galaxies, a young teenage Ruviel was tricked and seduced by the powerful sorceror of Carnthedain, the evil Morgandaûr. Accepting his augments she turned into a demonic version of her own self. To aid him in his plans she revolted against her own people, bringing ruin to her home planet in name of Morgandaûr. However her evil was recognised and noticed by the Atlantica, who arrived and defeated her, sending her to the Choas Realm to serve a life sentence. Ever since, Ruviel waits for the time to be released once more, hoping that her beloved Morgandaûr will come for her. Her homeworld, reduced to the middle-ages referes to her at the Cataclysm and the Dark Angel.

Personality and Traits[]

Ruviel primary character trait is her ruthless desire to acquire as much power as she can, by whatever means she must. She is deceptive and calculating, managing to manipulate even the most powerful and greatest with her looks and words. However, most of the time she maintains a facade of sexually charged hospitality, though is easily provoked and enraged. She loves to achieve her ends through overt seduction, as she claims to be near irresistible for men and woman alike.

Though evil and seductive to her core, she has shown to respect cunning, even at her own expense by others. Ruviel also maintains the reputation for being willing to sleep with virtually anyone or anything as long as there's something to gain from it or if it amuses her. Wether this is true is not known.

She wears a bone like armor and large demonic wings, she posseses dark energies and magics and is an expert in the art of seduction.


Desired above all!

LoveRelation.pngAmuse me in any way you want!


Blue face.pngI am most interessted in you!

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Orange face.pngBlergh!

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My greatest and devoted follower, though the most dangerous as well

- Morgandaûr


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