The Ruin Sector Alliance also known as the Unholy alliance is an union of some of the most powerful empire in the Ruin Sector. There only goal is to destroy there enemies and expanded there territories.


The formation of the Ruin Sector Alliance took many years. The Alliance finally was created shorty after the Tralor's defeat at the Dissia System, witch helped speed up the formation of the 'unholy alliance' as they feared an invasion of these 'Rambo'


These are the members of the Ruin Sector Alliance

Tralor Empire- The Tralor was the empire that came up with the idea, mainly for there own personal gain. They are known as being quick to anger and the best ship builders.

Riu Empire-Riu (1)The Riu Empire is a large and very aggressive. They can't use most hand held weapons due to there large claws, but there claws are as hard as steel. They are the strongest members Ruin Sector Alliance but not the brightest.

Naurt Empire -Naurt (1) The Naurt are an evil scientist who has the most advance weapons of the Alliance. They enjoy capturing primitive races and performing painful test on them.

Dagian Empire -Dagian (1) The Dagian are a race of proud warriors who was captured by the Naurt Empire many years ago. The Dagian empire did not want to join the Alliance but they was forced to by Naurt and the proses that after the Rambo was destroyed that they will be set free. The Dagians are know across the galaxy as being some of the best swordsmen in the galaxy.


The allies of the Ruin Sector Alliance are few and far between but they do have some.

Imperial Alliance-They are allies of the Tralor


The enemies of the Ruin Sector Alliance are many. These are just a few.

Rambo Nation

Tralor Freedom Force

War fleetEdit

This is all the ships of the Ruin Sector Alliance used for war (Not including Tralor ships)

Riu ShipsEdit

Riu Battle Pod-Riu Battle pod The Riu battle pod is a strange ship that makes up the bulk of the Riu Navy. They have good firepower but weak armor.

Riu Death Pod-Riu Death Pod The strongest ship in the Riu navy, the Rio Death pod has grate firepower and okay armor.

Naurt ShipsEdit

Ensemble Class Battleship- Ensemble class battleship The Ensemble class is the main battleship of the Naurt Navy. It has good firepower and good shielding/armor but it is a little slow.

Naurt Cruiser- Naurt Cruiser The Naurt Cruiser is a medium sized ship that is used to soften the enemies front line. The Naurt Cruiser has good fire power and speed but very weak armor, one well placed shot can cripple one.

Aron Class Destroyer- Aron Class Destroyer The Aron Class Destroyer is the strongest and most feared ship of the Naurt Empire. There are very few Aron classes but none has ever been destroyed in battle and it is said that they can take out a whole fleet by themselves.

Dagian ShipsEdit

Dagian Warship- Dagian Warship The Dagian Warship is a small and very weak. All they are really good for is transports.

Preparing for battleEdit

The Ruin Sector Alliance is preparing for a large scale assault on Rambo space, over two million ships and troops stand at the ready, preparing for the right time to strike the Rambo and there allies. As time time for war grows closer, the RSA (Ruin Sector Alliance) made an outpost on a small planet, named Voiz Aitty where they would gather there force's and prepare for the first strike
Ruin Sector Alliance warfleet 1

A small part of the Ruin Sector Alliance warfleet


Unification actEdit

Shortly after the creation of the Ruin Sector Alliance was created a problem came about, this alliance was more like a lose partnership where the rank of another race did not matter and the division of captured planets so to the council of the Ruin Sector Alliance decided to make there alliance stronger with the Unification act. Under the Unification act all buildings are to be replaced with Ruin Sector Alliance buildings (excluding home worlds), all civilian are now civilians of the RSA, there is no longer a Tralor, Riu, ect navy/army only a Ruin Sector Alliance Royal Navy and Ruin Sector Alliance Grand Army, and all of the council members have the same amount of power.

The collapseEdit

A few weeks after the Ruin Sector Alliance lost the second galactic war the RSA begun to go down hill fast, the Tralor Freedom Force was raiding RSA colonies and the council was beginning to fight. One day the RSA desired that it would be best so dissolve the alliance, so they did sending the Ruin Sector Alliance into the pages of inter galactic history.

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