Majesty is a great weapon to be wielded, and wielded with skill it is by the sway of our Matriarchy; the galaxy is our kingdom of inheritance while those worlds beyond are our gardens, with our kingdom ruling with care and pride to be admired. The Rovegar are a longstanding legacy of this ancient galactic kingdom and with synergy and association with our neighbours, we may yet stand as goddesses.

- Mother Militant Kelixis, great-grandmother of Mother Militant Azurelai

The Rovegar Matriarchy is an isolated, ancient and highly-secretive superpower located within the Geriamias Sector of the Borealis Galaxy and serves as the empire and largest organization of a race of creatures that call themselves the Rovegar; deceptive, succubi-like creatures whose racial intentions are largely unknown, although it may relate to their infamous habit and necessity for hunting and seducing sapient creatures of other civilizations and empires.


During ancient times, the Rovegar were one of the three main factions of the Borealis galaxy, alongside the Ganthorea and the Kondrakar. However, fighting between these three factions caused them to weaken and lose influence. While the Kondrakar secluded themselves, the Matriarchy remained in war with the Ganthorea, the two being arch-enemies to this day. The Rovegar watched the events of the Conflicts of Borealis while still remaining hidden, developing curiosity about the races which composed the Polar Crystal Alliance.

During the fourth year of the Ice Age, the Rovegar revealed themselves to the rest of the galaxy. When Vekaron visited a Rovegar planet as part of his mission, the Matriarch ordered him to be taken and turned into an enforcer due to his famed achievements. This, however, was thwarted when the New Wranploer Legion attacked the planet. Following this incident, relations between the PCA and the Matriarchy were shaky until Vileraz IV travelled to Hyperborea and convinced the Polar Crystal Council that the incident had been an accident. To improve relations, the Council allowed the Matriarchy full access to their territory, greatly expanding their influence across the Western Arm.

The War of the Ancient Three marked a revolution across the Matriarchy. As Vileraz IV's power hunger grew, her people grew discontent, eventually leading to the birth of a resistance movement known as the Discordant Ones - organized by the Sisterhood, and led by the famed rebel Kirlisir. The corrupt nobility allied to Vileraz IV was deposed and a new matriarch was chosen, one who would remain at the side of the Polar Crystal Alliance for the rest of recorded history.




Rovegari Militant[]

The Rovegari Militant is a branch of the Matriarchy military that is responsible for land-based operations. The Rovegari Militant's purpose is to defend their major, semi-major, lesser and outpost territories planetside as well as invade enemy positions, researching and evaluating alien and hostile technology in order to decide whether it would be of any use within their own forces or merely deciphering enemy tactics and gaining intelligence on their opposition, something that the Rovegar are naturally good at.

The Rovegari Militant is constructed of members of many clans spread across the Matriarchy's territory, with some clans even dedicating their whole bloodlines to the Rovegari Militant and becoming highly-respected for their contribution towards it. The Rovegari Militant possesses a significant influence in Matriarchy politics and diplomacy; they can decide whether or not they will follow the commands of the current Matriarch depending on whether it benefits the Matriarchy as a whole or not. They can also withdraw and deposit soldiers independentely and will only revert their actions of they see such as necessary rather than demand from the Matriarch. They can also provide advise for the current Matriarch.

The Rovegari Militant makes usage of Essence-enhanced weaponry such as blades and guns of varying types. Soldiers of the Rovegari Militant tend to be athletic, agile and possess copious amounts of Essence-related abilities that they can use to their advantage in battle. They also make use of advanced battle armour that protects their often frail and fragile bodies from harm and injury when facing tougher alien enemies.

This armour is also known to increase their Essence potency, making every Rovegar soldier an effective unit that can take on entire squadrons with their psychic, Essence-based abilities alongside their flexible physiology. Soldiers of the Rovegari Militant are highly respected by all Rovegar as they place their lives on the line for the Matriarchy's continued existence, as well as the fact that they have properly honed their Essence capabilities.

Rovegari Armada[]

The Rovegari Armada is a branch of the Matriarchy that is responsible for naval and space-based operations, alongside protecting the many nations and civilian fleets that hold major importance to Rovegar society. Their duties include ship-to-ship warfare, orbital bombardment and the deployment and transport of Rovegari Militant soldiers. Their purpose is to protect the fleets that the Rovegar rely upon as well as offensively assault their enemies and opposition. The Rovegari Armada is thought to house hundreds, if not thousands, of warships, battleships and general combat-designed vessel.

The personnel of the Rovegari Armada is constructed of members of clans and bloodlines all across the Matriarchy's territory, with some clans dedicating their bloodlines towards the Armada in order to supply it with the navigators and workforce it requires in order to function at full effectiveness. These clans are considered incredibly important as the Armada depends on their numbers to supply a powerful, constant source of protection and defense against alien civilizations or insurrections.

The Rovegari Armada possesses political significance within the Matriarchy's leadership and are known to advise and guide the Matriarch that leads them to make suitable decisions that are in the best interest of the Matriarchy's existence and continuation as a civilization and society. If they do not find certain decisions suitable or beneficial, they have the right to suspend military deployments and operations altogether.

The Rovegar Armada uses advanced, high-powered energy weaponry upon their ships in order to combat against threats with high efficiency. The Armada makes use of starfighters, bombers, frigates, cruisers, battleships and other classes of ship that are equipped with incredibly destructive, versatile weaponry that can be used for creating breaches, depleting shields and other various purposes relating to spaceside combat. Ships are almost constantly maintained by Rovegar navigators and pilots alongside specialized soldiers that are raised and trained onboard in order to prevent the threat of enemy infiltration, mutiny and other threats relating to the welfare of a vessel and its fleet as every single ship is considered a valuable combat asset to the Matriarchy.


A Rovegar in a typical wedding dress. Relationships are incredibly important in the Matriarchy's society

The Matriarchy's society revolves around the continued secrecy and preservation of their race rather than the expansion and advancement of their kind. Each Rovegar within the Matriarchy is considered a valuable asset to the Matriarchy's society due to their Essence-based potential and their general ability to lure and gather biological resources such as breeding partners and food, although to the Rovegar such lines are often blurred as they are required to devour souls of aliens, criminals and insurrectionists in order to simply live as it is their primary source of nutrition.

The Matriarchy's society is governed and overseen by a Matriarch; a queen-like figure of incredible power that is born as the eldest daughter within the royal family which is that of the former Matriarch. As such, surveillance is thought to be incredibly important in order to preserve and regulate the peace and restrictions set in place in order to provide full productivity towards the Matriarchy's resources and progress. Their economical values direct towards the philosophy of capitalism; large clans of Rovegar that provide leisures and luxuries for the civilian population usually absorb smaller clan in order to gain more territory, resources and workers to expand the clan's growth.

The quality of life within the Matriarchy is thought to be, according to Rovegar, extremely high and their freedoms are expansive, capable of travelling to almost any public location registered as the Matriarchy's territory so long as the laws, regulations and peace is not disrupted or counter-produced in any way or form. Criminals that commit major crimes, ie. murder, mass theft, etc, are not imprisoned but are subject to trial in order to prove their innocence, although those found guilty are put to death via having their souls devoured via certain individuals that are determined and factored by what the crime was. Due to this, crime rates are near-nonexistent.

The Rovegar despise any form of piracy and slavery, greeting such with threats and acts of extermination and violence upon sight. However, the Matriarchy possesses a form of honour code which is an important and incredibly significant part of the standard Rovegar lifestyle; the doctrine (called the Rovegari Code) dictates that any and all Rovegar soldiers should possess enough loyalty to be willing to sacrifice themselves in order to preserve and save the lives of civilian populations from threat, whether it'd be aliens or rebellion. This doctrine has allowed Rovegar citizens to adopt a respective mindset towards soldiers for their lives depend upon them. The doctrine also dictates that a Rovegar is forbidden from devouring a fellow Rovegar soul unless authorized or granted permission, although this does not extend towards alien life.

However, the doctrine prevents aliens from enslavement under the Matriarchy and forbids the unauthorized and unpermitted devouring of a soul that belongs to an official ally of the Matriarchy. All Rovegar follow such rules and those that attempt to directly break away from such are viewed upon as disgraces towards the Matriarchy's society and, in most places, are viewed as criminals that could be subjected to a death penalty.

The Matriarchy's cities are hygenic and clean, maintained by advanced AI which were constructed and programmed to dispose of litter and waste through environmentally-friendly methods that do not pose harm to the colonies or cities that the Rovegar inhabit nor the surrounding environments, although intentionally attempting to damage urban and rural areas with pollution or undisposed waste is considered a crime punishable by death. These cities are considered technological paradises for most, if not all, aspects of societal maintenance are controlled and overseen through advanced AI systems although jobs and careers still flourish in places where AI are not deployed in order to provide a chance of wealth for clans native to such areas, places such as education, marketing to the civilian population, agriculture and other careers.

Populations are sustained within huge skyscrapers of near-incomprehensible levels that can store tens of thousands of residences, families and individuals which live lives of civilian leisure. These city areas bear a striking resemblance to the cities of the Seagon, quite probably due to their affinity of evolving near Kormacvar technology.

The Matriarchy's resources, such as AI and resources, are widespread and well-shared between one another due to the collective, co-operative efforts of each Rovegar clan and nation under the Matriarchy's registration as well as the efforts of the Sisterhood; a religious society and organization which "farm" primitive sapient creatures through influencing to form sacrificial cults that devote themselves to the worship of the Rovegar or the Rovegar's own deities. Religion and military powers are incredibly significant to the political structure and decisions of the Matriarch; the Matriarch must make decisions based upon whether or not it would benefit the Matriarchy as a whole alongside the military and religious powers.

Any decision that does not benefit the Matriarchy allows for the military and religious sect to take matters into their own hands if they dislike the decision, such as denying the Matriarchy of resources and withdrawing deployments of soldiers and ships thus the opinions of the Sisterhood and the military are significantly important to the Matriarch's reign.

Rovegar Clan[]

A Rovegar Clan is an often large, expansive group of Rovegar individuals that are linked and united through kinship and descent. Clans are thought to be important assets of society as they provide a sense of belonging to each and every Rovegar, with only 1% of Rovegar within the Matriarchy not belonging to any particular registered clan due to certain circumstances. There are a great number and variety of clans that exist within the Matriarchy, including the Royal Clan; the clan that belongs to the current Matriarch. While most clans do not hold political significance, they are often found to dominate economic or military aspects with whole clans dedicating themselves to the income and processing of money and resources or to the military services that require copious amounts of personnel, navigators, pilots and soldiers.

While there are many soldier-class clans, there are four that dominate the battlefield due to their excessive numbers, skill in battle, historical feats and age. These four clans are thought to be incredibly important to the Matriarchy thus members of such clans are highly respected both within the military services and the civilian populations. These four clans are the Iratha, Triata, Paparna and the Fouxina, all of which have had members that have led the military services at one point or another. Clans possess the ability to absorb other clans into themselves in order to gain more members, territory and resources and this rule applies to the four military clans as well as the domestic and economic clans. The reasoning behind this rule is to provide a healthy number of breeding partners and prevent incest, which is looked upon as disgusting and can birth physically grotesque Rovegar which would possess no effective luring capability, as well as allowing clans to dominate the business side of the Matriarchy and ensuring that smaller clans, so long as they're absorbed into larger ones, survive.

Nation Fleet[]

A Nation Fleet is a fleet of technologically advanced vessels that are dedicated to functioning as cities, settlements and countries rather than a protection or defense force. The Rovegar use planets as outposts and minor settlement territories while they largely populate city-ships, certain subsectors of Geriamias and, in some cases, beyond Geriamias itself. Nation Fleets travel at sublight by default, which allows for effective transportation and communication between one ship to another although these fleets are capable of hyperspace travel if they feel the need is necessary, such as escaping from an enemy force.

Each Nation Fleet and every ship within a Nation Fleet is a self-sufficient entity as cities and countries usually are, with their own cultures that do not breach too much from the main culture and society of the Rovegar and the Matriarchy. To ensure the safety of their race, the Rovegar moved from settling planets and worlds and decided to travel space and settle within the void in large, connected communities of fleets that are protected by the military forces to keep threats culled both inside and outside.

All Nation Fleets are registered under the Matriarchy although their sizes vary, from being just a dozen ships to consisting of hundreds of advanced vessels. Entire Rovegar bloodlines have depended on these ships and some have not even walked upon the surface of a planet, truly native to space. These Nation Fleets support a great many number of Rovegar clans, civilians and soldiers of the Rovegari Militant that are stationed onboard every single ship to some extent as a means of security.

Nation Fleets are almost constantly growing due to the Rovegar always expanding in number as well as the number of ships being constructed by Rovegar engineers and AI machinery, always keeping spare ships in case of emergencies. Standard vessels of a Nation Fleet are equipped with minimal defense systems as they are not designed for space combat, possessing a basic defense mechanism consisting of energy guns and torpedo volleys while the matters of assault and defense are left to the Rovegari Armada.

While Nation Fleets are mainly independent self-sufficient entities, it is not uncommon for Nation Fleets to interact, travel together and share resources and personnel in order to construct a better chance at survival. Sometimes, Nation Fleets will come to disagreements and attempt hostilities between one another, although this is considered an incredibly counter-productive act and the military are required to step in to prevent civil wars from occuring.

A large majority of the Rovegar race as a whole populate these Nation Fleets rather than planetside settlements, although the exact number of Rovegar this may be is unknown to all but the Matriarch herself as a means to make sure that alien civilizations do not gain such information from the civilian or military populace. They are the seat of Rovegar engineering, industry, technology and culture. Unfortunately for the Matriarchy, there are Lost Fleets; Nation Fleets that have disappeared from Rovegar territory and registration that have possibly travelled too far out of Geriamias or have been destroyed by a natural catastrophe or enemy force, although Nation Fleets succumbing to insurrection and rebellion are not unheard of.

Nation Fleets are not allowed to demand independence from the Matriarchy and those that wish to seperate are usually brought back under control through assassination methods on the Matriarchy's part. Some Rovegar cults are housed within these Nation Fleets and are effectively "farmed" by the Rovegar in order to gain a substantial number of breeding partners and food resource, as well as Nation Fleets monitoring worlds possessing Rovegar cults if they cannot directly contain these cults themselves.


The government is a monarchic system that is dependent on a single clan of Rovegar known as the Royal Clan, although the figure of highest authority within the Matriarchy and the clan is the Matriarch, which is determined by the eldest daughter of the previous ruler of the Matriarchy while younger daughters are sent into military or diplomatic training for the future in order to ensure the survival of the Matriarchy in the future.

The Matriarch passes and creates the decisions of the Matriarchy as a single entity with no permission to pass such decisions, although she must co-operate with the highest authorital figures of the Rovegari Militant (Mother Militant), the Rovegari Armada (Mother Armada) and the Sisterhood (Mother Sovereign) who possess the right to suggest and advise the Matriarch's actions as well as act against them if such actions are dictated as counter-productive to the Matriarchy's progression and survival and, in severely extreme cases, can assassinate the Matriarch if she proves to be too much of a negative influence. Thus it is important for a Matriarch to gain the trust of these three organizations in order to rule effectively without threat.

It is the Matriarch's duty and responsibility to withold the important details of the Matriarchy from alien or rebel hands while monitoring the progress of each Nation Fleet, military service organization and the Sisterhood's own progress and loyalty. It is the duty of the Matriarch's sisters and daughters (aside from her eldest) to engage in diplomatic communications with alien civilizations in order to gain potential allies if they so wish or join the military services in order to protect the Matriarchy more directly.

The Matriarch is responsible for monitoring the relationships between Nation Fleets and must settle any hostile disputes that get out of hand, a duty that applies to certain members of certain clans as well as she must make sure that there is no unauthorized killing of Rovegar within the Matriarchy. Nation Fleets are monitored and kept in line by Fleet Mistresses who must inform the Matriarch of their assigned fleet's progress. Beneath the Fleet Mistresses are Ship Mistresses, who are in command of an individual ship of varying class and size aside from bombers, starfighters and ships belonging to the military services. It is the job of the Ship Mistress to relay information to the Fleet Mistresses.

Rovegar planets are maintained and overseen by World Mistresses who fulfil the function of a Fleet Mistress, while Rovegar planetary cities and other forms of settlements are maintained by State Mistresses act in the same position as Ship Mistresses. All the mentioned ranks are capable and free to request military assistance regarding their Nation Fleet or just their individual ship, often recieving deployments of Rovegari Militant soldiers or being assisted by Rovegari Armada ships which usually travel closely to Nation Fleets.

Fleet and Ship Mistresses are able to share resources, discussions and aid with those of other Nation Fleets while also possessing the right to prohibit members of certain Nation Fleets from interacting or communicating with their own so long as a justifiable reason is given, otherwise Rovegar that do not fill any governmental position are allowed to travel and reside between Nation Fleets.

Some planets, ships and even Nation Fleets are reserved for military supplement rather than public civilian residence. These areas are closed off and forbidden from interaction by a foreign public population of Rovegar and are authorized to down Rovegar ships that do not heed their warnings of decline with their weaponry by the military's authorital head so long as a reason can be justified, such as unauthorized interruption of routine or persistent unwanted communication and interaction.


The Matriarchy is not a fanatical religious society but they do hold their religion as highly important and significant to their civilization and culture. The Matriarchy's religion is polygamous, supporting a pantheon of deities rather than a single one although all are to be worshipped, revered to and respected by equal measure in order to prevent religious conflict between themselves. The Matriarchy possesses no important male deities within their pantheon, although that is not to say that they do not possess male figures within their religion and mythology. Due to their nature as an all-female species due to the extinction of their males long ago, men are depicted within a not very significant role while goddesses are highly respected deities.

  • The Composer - The goddess of creation and everything within the Matriarchy's religion, she is the most fundamental goddess of the Rovegar's faith. She is the direct mother of the supposed "first Rovegar" from which all other Rovegar descend from and nearly all other deities within the Matriarchy's mythology are mere aspects of herself manifested into metaphysical and physical forms.
  • The Instrument - The goddess that protects the Rovegar race and has done ever since the Rovegar's beginning, the Instrument is the manifestation of the Composer's maternal feelings for the Rovegar and acts as some form of guardian towards the Rovegar, as well as teaching the Rovegar how to defend themselves and how to survive without her. The Instrument always watches her children, the Rovegar, and shall do for all eternity until the Rovegar die or ascend beyond mortality.
  • The Dancer - The goddess that brings destruction and death to the Rovegar race, the Dancer is the manifestation of the Composer's anger and rage towards towards the Rovegar. The Dancer is so called as she supposedly dances a nigh-eternal dance that shall destroy the entirety of the Universe when it finishes. She dances violently and chaotically with random and incoherent movements, using the souls that the Rovegar consume as fuel for her dance. So long as the Rovegar devour souls, she shall continue her dance. She also devours the souls of dead Rovegar that are consumed by other Rovegar.
  • Gardiniel - A demigoddess and the direct daughter of the Composer, Gardiniel is the progenitor to all Rovegar and is the supposed mother to all Rovegar alive currently. Gardiniel wandered the homeworld of the Rovegar for eons until she was seduced and tempted by a monstrous beast, which led to the creation of the Rovegar as a race with both male and female genders. For this, Gardiniel was cursed by the Instrument with mortality and would continue to reincarnate without end until the Dancer finished her dance. Gardiniel later was seduced and tempted by an entity called Vylern and, as a result for giving into her urges, the male gender of the Rovegar fell into extinction.
  • Pharomastion - The father of all Rovegar, Pharomastion is a manifestation of the Composer's lust and sexual desires and appears as a gargantuan monstrosity of a beast. Pharomastion was the monster that tempted Gardiniel into engaging reproduction and giving birth to the Rovegar race. As a punishment from the Instrument for this, Gardiniel was to be imprisoned within a mortal body and forced to reincarnate until the end of time while Pharomastion was forcefully shifted into the object he lusted for; he was changed into a female Rovegar.
  • Vylern - The result of Pharomastion's punishment from the Instrument for reproducing with Gardiniel, Vylern was the indivdual that was born from Pharomastion's transition into a female Rovegar. Vylern was the object of its own lust and desire yet could not engage in such acts with itself thus enduring a torment that lasted eons into the Rovegar's development as a species. Wanting to end her desire, which drove her insane, Vylern sought out Gardiniel once more and engaged in pleasurable acts, which resulted in the extinction of all male Rovegar as a punishment from the Instrument for Gardiniel falling for the monster once more. Vylern was forced to go through the same punishment as Gardiniel, reincarnating after death until the end of times.
  • The Composer's Skin - An afterlife depicted within Rovegar mythology, the Composer's Skin is supposedly where all the souls of the Rovegar who are not devoured go to bond and combine with one another in order to form a metaphysical "body" for the Composer, which shall be completed at the time where the Dancer's eternal dance ends. When the body is complete, the Composer shall manifest into the Universe and recreate it from the destruction caused by the Dancer.
  • The Nothingness - An afterlife depicted within Rovegar mythology, the Nothingness is thought to be where all the souls of those devoured by Rovegar end up after being consumed. The Nothingness is actually the belly of the Dancer who is fuelled by all the souls that the Rovegar claim and devour, causing her to dance ever longer and preventing the end of times for mere seconds with each soul consumed. It is a place where souls are broken down to the most fundamental compartments and dissolve into literally nothing, a death after death.

The Sisterhood[]

The Sisterhood is a branch of the Matriarchy which focusses upon the expansion of the Rovegar's influence, the supplement of resources, the keeping of the Rovegar's religious practices and the researchers of Kormacvar technology. The Sisterhood is considered notorious, cruel and spiteful by most within the Matriarchy mainly due to their nature of keeping secrets and information away from the Matriarchy's public and military populace, preventing it from potentially falling into the hands of alien empires or rebellious factions.

The Sisterhood maintains a high amount of political importance within the Matriarchy due to this alongside the fact that they are the ones that supply the breeding partners and food sources of most of the Matriarchy's Nation Fleets and due to their secrets which could potentially topple the Matriarchy's social hierarchy if they became public knowledge. The Sisterhood advises and passes suggestions to the Matriarch concerning the decisions she must make regarding the Matriarchy and, if the decisions she makes are not favoured by the Sisterhood, they possess the right to stop supplying Nation Fleets and threaten unveiling important information to public eyes and ears until the Matriarch sets her path into a more favoured compromise.

The Sisterhood usually operates outside or on the borders of the Matriarchy's territory, travelling to worlds holding sapient, sometimes primitive races that are converted into worshipping the Rovegar for protection and pleasure, becoming the Sisterhood's means of food and breeding resources. This can also lead to their influence being spread amongst alien societies without their direct intervention.

The Sisterhood knows much about the science and technology of the Kormacvar, a fact that unnerves others within and outside the Matriarchy greatly. Most, if not all, the technology used by the Matriarchy was converted and engineered from Kormacvar technology found by the Sisterhood who were the ruling theocratic system during the Rovegar's ancient days, although they were deposed and the current hierarchial system was set in place.

The Sisterhood makes use of its own independent fleet and private protection guard as well as assistance from the military forces during their explorations. Because of their affinity towards Kormacvar technology, it is thought to be dangerous to become openly hostile to the Sisterhood who are known to be cruel, sadistic and relentless.

Rovegari Cults[]

Rovegari cults are one of the more dangerous forms of organization concerning alien civilizations and societies. While primarily formed of species that are primitive yet sapient, allowing them to be easily maneuvered into worshipping the Rovegar as deities, Rovegari cults can also extend to certain more advanced societies as certain individuals or political factions can become tempted by the Rovegar, more specifically the Sisterhood whose purpose is to spread Rovegar influence through Geriamias as well as other sections of the Borealis Galaxy.

Rovegari cults are formed when certain races, factions and individuals become seduced and tempted by Rovegar of the Sisterhood and convinced to worship them in exchange for protection and pleasure from the Rovegar, which will use these cultists as a means to gain breeding partners and food as well as guiding them to try and dominate the society that they arise within, allowing their influence to spread further without direct interaction with the rest of the civilization. There have been cases where Rovegari cults have gained control of entire planets that are dedicated to the worship of the Rovegar as their goddesses.

Rovegari cults can range in nature; some are zealous, fervant worshippers of the Rovegar while others follow themes similar to those found within secret societies, keeping their alliegance secret from the rest of their kind for the time being while indulging in acts of pleasure with the Rovegar, who use both for food and mates. Sometimes, Rovegari cults are raised within the Sisterhood and the Matriarchy to be "farmed" by the Rovegar, feasting off the charmed souls that worship the Rovegar without hesitation. Rovegari cults are sometimes used to fight in the name of the Rovegar, allowing the latter to stay off the battlefield and avoid losses while their loyal servants fight for them.

The Rovegar do not consider such as slavery as Rovegari cults are dedicated to them of their own free will rather than forced to worship them, with the Rovegar merely "guiding them in the right direction". There are entire worlds and Nation Fleets that are dedicated to the farming and breeding of these cults, herded by the most tempting of clans and individuals. Rovegari cults can be found commonly throughout the Geriamias Sector due to the extensive reach of the Matriarchy and the Sisterhood. If Rovegari cults provoke enemies into fighting them, the Rovegar will not fight for them unless they are dependant on their existence, otherwise allowing these cults to become wiped out and try to influence their destroyers instead, repeating the cycle.


The Rovegar's main territory is located within the Geriamias Sector, although how large it is and where it is specifically located is still unknown to even the most advanced of Borealis civilizations. The Rovegar are extensive but they are not expansionist, preferring to keep to themselves unless opportunities arise for them to take advantage of. The Rovegar do not make important use of planets either, instead depending on vast Nation Fleets to support their populace while making some use out of outpost and cult worlds.

These can make Rovegar hard to find but this allows them to find other societies and civilizations easier for they possess advanced sensor-radar systems, hyperspace drives and much more advanced technology equipped within their vessels. Some have theorized of a Rovegar homeworld, although what exactly happened to it is unknown if they even possessed one in the first place. All that can be said overall is that the Matriarchy is a secretive organization with a great many number of ships and fleets at their disposal with an impressive military arsenal and contacts within and outside Geriamias.


Rovegari Militant Hierarchy[]

The Rovegari Militant assigns a rank to all official, registered soldiers that serve within and under the Matriarchy. Rovegari Militant soldiers do not have set classes per se, although higher-ranking Rovegar soldiers are allowed to handle more powerful pieces of equipment, technology and weaponry if they are assigned such or if they see such as necessary and is agreed with by a higher figure of standing. The Rovegari Militant's hierarchy is standardized throughout the many Nation Fleets of the Matriarchy, although there are those with their own customized systems and traditions which increase, decrease and, in some cases, completely change the function and position of certain ranks.

A soldier's rank within the Rovegari Militant can determine her standing in standard society due to how currency they are rewarded for their services, with those of higher ranking achieving a much higher rate of pay than those of lower rank. However, no matter the rank, no soldier is considered expendable in the eyes of the Rovegar Militant's leaders nor in the eyes of the Matriarchy's civilian populace who depend on the Militant to protect them.

The Rovegari Militant serves alongside the military forces of Rovegari Cults at times and will assist them in combat if they view such as a necessary action, although no matter the rank, soldiers of the Rovegari Militant always outrank those of the cults due to the image and perception that Rovegar are goddesses and deities in the eyes of most, if not all, Rovegar worshippers.

Rovegari Militant defense and assault teams are usually organized with minimal numbers in order to prevent as many deaths as possible, ensure that military forces can be divided across the battlefield or other areas and allow soldiers of certain teams to use their extraordinary psychic powers with a decreased risk of accidental friendly fire.

Rank Command designation No. of units under command
Aspirant Self Self
Aspirant Lieutenant Sepal 3-6 Aspirants
Aspirant Captain Calyx 5 Sepals
Intermediate Petal 6 Calyxes
Intermediate Lieutenant Corolla 3 Petals
Intermediate Captain Tepal 3 Corollas
Vanguard Perianth 2 Tepals
Commander Blossom 10 Perianths
Mother Militant All All

Rovegari Armada Hierarchy[]

The Rovegari Armada's hierarchy applies only to official crew and registered members of the Armada and does not apply to the protective anti-breach soldiers that are often found onboard Armada vessels, who are actually members of the Rovegari Militant and belong under the hierarchy and authority of the Rovegari Militant. The crew of the Rovegari Armada are just as important as the Armada's weaponry and so it is important to keep them within an organized hierarchial standard that is easy to understand and follow.

The Rovegari Armada's hierarchial policies do not apply to ships that are registered as part of a Nation Fleet although all civilian-class vessels are to follow the command of any senior Armada personnel (Lascar Captain and up). As per the hierarchy of the Rovegari Militant, an officer's rank and position within the Rovegari Armada can determine their place of standing concerning wealth outside of military service as those of higher ranks recieve more pay than those of lesser ranks, although all recieve a rather generous amount of currency in exchange for their services.

The authority of the Rovegari Armada extends towards fleets of Rovegari cults, although the rule that only those of Lascar Captain rank and up are allowed to command the personnel of such ships still apply. The Rovegari Armada will allow cultist fleets to maintain their standard, traditional tactics although will not hesitate to set cult fleets straight if they prove to be inefficient or counter-productive for the Rovegari Armada. High ranking members of the Rovegari Armada, Lascar Captains and up, are allowed to engage in diplomatic talks on behalf of the Matriarchy's official diplomats and are often shown to represent the Matriarchy during talks, interrogations and meetings.

Rank Command designation No. of units under command
Cadet Self Self
Major Cadet Posy 5-10 crew members
Lascar Lesser Corsage 2 Posies
Lascar Captain Major Corsage 2-4 Lesser Corsages
Navigator Wreath 5-10 Major Corsages
Navigator Captain Festoon 10-20 Wreaths
Captain Vessel 1 Vessel
Captain Commander Boutonnière 10 - 20 Vessels
Sentinel Garland 5-10 Boutonnière
Admiral Bouquet 2 Garlands
Mother Armada All All

Sisterhood Hierarchy[]

The Sisterhood's hierarchy is miniscule compared to those of the Rovegari Militant and Armada, although the authority of their members ultimately outdoes theirs aside from the highest members of the two latter parties. The Sisterhood represent the Matriarchy officially as diplomats and can fulfill the diplomats if such is necessary, although they often use this to their advantage in order to form or influence Rovegari cults.

The Sisterhood is able to command civilian populations, even entire Nation Fleets, if they see the need to although only at the official permission of the Matriarch herself. The Sisterhood represent the Matriarchy outside of the Geriamias Sector and outside of registered Nation Fleet space. The Sisterhood's hierarchy is not exactly formal and is determined by two factors; reputation and influence within and outside the Sisterhood, meaning that most higher members of the Sisterhood have influenced or are directly leading more than one Rovegari cult.

Age has nothing to do concerning the Sisterhood's hierarchy as some believe, it is just mere coincidence that the higher-ranking members of the Sisterhood are of near-elderly or directly elderly age by Rovegar standards. However, most members of the Sisterhood follow the advise and warnings of older members for they possess much more experience in the field and in their duties than the younger members. Aged Rovegar also tend to be much more powerful in terms of psychic and Essence ability.

It should be of note that the authority of the lowest Sisterhood rank outdoes that of most ranks within the Rovegari Militant and Armada although the latter parties are able to act independentely or against their orders if it is confirmed that such is counter-productive towards their lives or Rovegar society.

Rank Command designation No. of units under command
Sisterhood Representative Communication Team 5-20 Militant soldiers
Sisterhood Mistress Temple 4-24 Communication Teams
Sisterhood Grandmistress Order 10-30 Temples
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The Matriarchy and all registered, official organizations relating to it aside from a vast number of Rovegari cults make use of reverse-engineered Kormacvar technology, providing them with an incredible edge over the rest of the galaxy's native aside from certain civilizations such as the Seagon and the Kormacvar Legacy. Due to their age, the Matriarchy is much more experienced in terms of technological value, engineering and usage of Kormacvar equipment, weaponry and applications than the Seagon.

The Matriarchy's technological skill allows them to make use of widespread hyperspace navigation and weaponry systems, manipulation of tears within the Universe's material or the manipulation of realspace to some extent, the construction of vast megastructures and fleet communities and other achievements that could be associated with the Kormacvar of many eons ago. The use of reality-shifting technology allows the Matriarchy to keep most of their society and territory secret and private from other, lesser races within Geriamias and the rest of the Borealis galaxy. This also allows for the Matriarchy to travel vastly and quickly throughout Borealis without error or fault, as well as detect and research other undiscovered aspects and pieces of Kormacvar technology that had yet to be found by other races that could have made use of it.

On of their most infamous capabilities is being able to influence or directly control other forms of Kormacvar technology with their own, although such has to be to a lesser level of advancement and complexity in order to work within the Matriarchy's favour. The Matriarchy has been studying and overwatching, perhaps even influencing, races for an extensive period of time without the discovery of their presence during the heated times of conflict within Borealis, although they are not ignorant to such events but prefer to keep watch rather than interact directly.

The Matriarchy's technology allows for fleets and planets to communicate across vast expanses of space without interruption or decryption from outside sources while also allowing them to survey lesser alien communication systems. The Matriarchy can also store incredibly large amounts of data, both relating to themselves and alien races. The Matriarchy has advanced virtual intelligence technology and intricately designed interfaces and architecture to suit their nature.

The Matriarchy possesses and maintains massive cities consisting of tall skyscrapers which are capable of holding an active population of several thousand within each spire, indicating that the Matriarchy's numbers are incredibly deceptive to most aliens and do, perhaps, possess one of the larger numbers concerning individuals within Borealis, or at least within the Geriamias Sector. This is further indicated by the amount of civilian-class ships can be counted within a standard Nation Fleet and how many registered Nation Fleets there are according to what public knowledge that Rovegar authorities release, which is often not much to create an accurate estimate or equation.

However, these are not of pure Rovegar design and is instead heavily influenced by Kormacvar design and architecture as is much of their technology. The Matriarchy has developed Essence enhancement systems and devices which allow their control over Essence to become greater and far more capable, although such is usually reserved for experimental military usage instead of civilian application. Alongside being able to create kinetic barrier equipment for soldiers and ships, some classes are capable of partially shifting out of realspace and effectively making them invincible, yet incapable of offensive maneuvers, for some time until they transition back into realspace.

Such technology is not for standard military usage as of yet and is merely experimental. The Rovegar rely heavily on Kormacvar designs and schematics, and while there are some examples that do exist, the Matriarchy's technology is often not unique compared to those who also base their society on Kormacvar ruins and technology.


The Matriarchy makes use of advanced weaponry in order to subdue and kill enemies effectively within a variety of ways and functions with multiple purposes of application. A notable example are the Matriarchy's trademark melee weapons, the Witch Gauntlet and its variants; a gauntlet styled to outfit the hand or elbow and protrude a highly intricate and sharp blade, usually designed by AI maths and accuracy while constructed of incredibly resistent materials, which compliments the weight and athletic ability of any standard Rovegar soldier with sufficient military knowledge and information.

These blades are of Rovegar design although can be traced back to similar Kormacvar devices used as side-weapons. Concerning ranged weaponry, the Matriarchy's guns are energy-based with particle beam weaponry, allowing for them to be ready for usage at anytime with the flaw of having to cooldown in most military-based weapons, although the weapons of the Rovegari Armada seem to avoid such weakness. These ranged weapons allow an advantage against shield, barriers and armours.

The Matriarchy's armours are fitted with barrier generation technology, protecting Rovegar soldiers with an invisible barrier that absorbs ranged damage although can still be penetrated by melee attacks. The armour is also known to somewhat enhance the Essence capabilities of certain Rovegar ranks and classes within the Rovegari Militant alongside defending their incredibly frail bodies and providing some support for physical strength while allowing wearers to maintain full flexibility and athletic capability.

Despite their highly advanced technology, the Rovegar still make use of more traditional methods; lining blades with exotic substances such as poisons or hallucinogens, grenades of varying types for certain purposes, camouflage technology for stealth operations and other familiar applications. The Matriarchy is as adaptive as it is advanced thus even if left with little to no technological superiority in situations, which are often rare, they are capable of reverting to methods used within their ancient days to continue the fight.

Rovegar weaponry is not specifically designed to react to just Rovegar, although the internal functions and such of a majority of their combat-based technology is difficult to understand for lesser-advanced races. The Matriarchy's territory are often secured and observed through automated drones controlled through basic AI that is equipped with shielding and energy-based weaponry of sorts. Rovegar guns are designed to fulfill multiple purposes thus can often change in appearance to suit the appropriate situation either at the command of a soldier or on its own through analysis AIs stored within each weapon aside from blade-based equipment.

While not explicitly caused by technology, Rovegar are capable of seducing or influencing other races and individuals through a combination of natural fragrances and scents that emanate from their bodies which attune themselves at the microscopic levels to whatever alien is smelling such and their psychic powers which can subliminally or directly influence alien minds with or without physical movement of their bodies. Such powers can also be enhanced by technology such as armour and neural equipment.



Green face.pngThe Matriarchy welcomes you.


Yellow face.pngWhat do you want from the Matriarchy?

  • N/A


Red face.pngWe will feast off your energy.

  • N/A


This has been the worst first contact I've ever had.

- Vekaron

Devis, really.

- Wragrot

I'm getting peeved up with all these people with space magic now. Now there's an empire of women with it too.

- Torrent

I do not desire, thus you cannot claim me.

- Vansenk

Matriarchy? ...Sounds fun!

- Hachiman

You cannot break our discipline, succubi.

- Venoriel

Two legs? Eeeew.

- Lemmo

Curse them frilly little chúchnøkilnikilanaí.

- Kilchárunya

Wow.Just wow. This is the last fruit in the basket. The entire galaxy is just insane.

- Tyton Sialis

One instance of foul play, and we will cast you out into the darkness of space.

- Kithworto

You will be viable nourishment for our demons.

- Mahanayan Champion


- Bloodlust


- Fre'kloar

I am not exactly huge on their attitude, if I'm honest. I realise this is hypocritical, however.

- Kralgon Emperor




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