Captain Robert Lefler is the stubborn and strict captain of the Constellation class USS Victory, and later on the USS Premonition. He is the father of Tania Lefler and the son of Robert Jonathan Lefler, who serves onboard the USS Enterprise-A under Captain James Rambo- a person he isn't really fond of (his daughter is neither).

Robert is a noble person, and one of the experts within Rambo Nation on the Hutters- a species who he admires and dislikes at the same time. Around 08 AQF he left Rambo Command and studied the ways of the light, eventually joining the ranks of the Aldárae Order as a master at an outpost in the Quadrant Galaxies.


Early History (38 BQF - 02 NE/05 AQF)[]

Robert was born in 38 BQF at the Rambo colony of Koerband. He was born in a wealthy and prominent human family of business man with is father the restaurant owner Robert Jonathan. During his childhood he dreamed of becoming a politician, though eventually decided to join the Rambo Academy to satisfy his lust for adventure, much at the disatisfaction of his father.

Hutters attack the K-7 station, forcing Lefler to evacuate

After graduating from the Academy around 25 BQF, he was assigned to one of the R-7 stations near the Rambo-Hutter borders. Starting as an ensign he managed to settle down and start a family onboard the station- instead of living seperated on Ramahri-Nova. As his daughter, Tania was born he raised her in a way so she was ready to follow in his footsteps as an officer in service of Rambo Nation.

Having a permenant position onboard the station, he didn't see much action when the conflicts like the Second Galactic War and the Intergalactic War raged across the Quadrants. Instead, Robert studied the way of the Q89 races, becoming an expert about Ca'Leon and Hutters- resulting in a promotion to lt. commander and later on to commander itself. Around 01 NE he warned Rambo Command about the Hutters and the rise of a new and mysterious empire, known as the Regellis Star Empire but these claims were dismissed. When the R-7 station eventually came under attack, he was forced to evacuate himself and his family.

Captain of the USS Victory (02 NE/05 AQF - 08 AQF)[]

Afterwards, when the Hutters were driven off by Mortirkan, he returned to the station where he recieved a promotion to captain and recieved command of the USS Victory, a Constellation-class battlecruiser. Following his promotion Robert became seen as the main expert on the Hutters and the Q89 races and soon became respected by the higher ranking officers of the Rambo Navy.

USS Victory under attack!

Around 03 NE/06 AQF 4th month he was unable to intercept a stolen Hutter vessel that attacked some trade vessels.

In the same year he was proud to see his daughter, Tania serving onboard the USS Enterprise-A, though disliked her captain, James Rambo for his own personal reasons. During the 1st month of 07 AQF Robert was patrolling the wormhole area in Q89 when onboard the USS Victory was suddenly attacked by a Hutter D-5 cruiser under command of Hut'Kraang. Unable to respond quickly to the decloaking vessel, the Victory's long range sensor and communication array was disabled together with the warp drive. Hut'Kraang managed to enter Quadrant 82 and the Victory needed to be tugged back to one of the R-7 stations for repairs, much to the painful pride of Robert. It was scheduled for decommission in 08 AQF, mucht to the agony of the proud captain. He did a desk job for two years until he grew too tired and decided to leave Rambo Command.

Master of Light[]

Temple of Altum

Robert decided to leave Rambo Command and explored the Unclaimed Territories, where he studied the arts of sword combat amongst the Quadrantia Zazane at Parjurba. With the emergence of the Aldárae Order, Robert decided to join the Order at their request but did not wish to live on Aldár in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Instead he opted to adopt an ancient settlement in the Unclaimed Territories as an outpost for the Order of Light in the Quadrants. Robert gained a reputation as a master at arms for the new knights though is practice and hidden disease turned his hair into white/greyish.

Lefler and Janice prepare to defend the temple against the Empire

Robert eventually discovered and became the new headmaster of the Temple of Altum at Noldágorel. By 21 AQF, during the Escalation stage of the Second Great Cyrannus War head master Lefler saw his temple facing peril when Imperial Inquisitor Akagêlth arrived with a battalion of troopers. Realising he was outmatched he and his fellow knight Janice Ross retreated into the temple to prevent capture. Considering surrender to spare the temple the timely arrival of lieutenant Antonio Tennant and Commodore Malegras saved their lives. The Commodore and the Inquisitor faced each other in battle with the Inquisitor losing his life by the Commodore's deadly sabres. The headmaster was however powerless to prevent the arrest of Janice as she no longer was a Rambo citizen, that what protected him and looked in dismay as she was spirited away. After the incident Robert inform the master of Aldár about the events in hopes of a resque attempt for Janice.

Personality and Traits[]

Robert Lefler is a stubborn and strick person, though knows how to fight his enemies and first studies his opponents before striking at them. Onboard his ship he maintains a strict code, where dress code and calling eachother by ranks are punishable when not executed in the right manner. Often resulting in quarter arrest or cut in salary.

As a father he was strict to Tania as well, but loving and caring for her at the same time. He is really proud of her and likes to tell others about her.

He somewhat has a sturdy relation with is father. After the man became a knight, he grew more gentler though strict as well with a strong opinion. He is somewhat reluctant to accept servittude to the New Republic, as he believes the Order should remain neutral and in service of the Light only.



LoveRelation.pngFamily is very important to me!


Robert as officer in Rambo Command

Green face.pngMy duty is to the Empress!


Yellow face.pngNot sure about them

  • Mortikran - Though an Imperial, he drove away the Hutters from the station, he has my grattitude.

Red face.pngSurrender to the authorities of Rambo Nation!

  • Captain Rambo - A reckless captain who doesn't deserve the captain's chair.

Ships Commands[]


A stubborn man!

- James Rambo



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