Robert Jonathan Lefler is the father of Robert Lefler and the grandfather of Tania Lefler who resides at Koerband and is a citizen of Rambo Nation. He is the mayor of the Koerbandian city known as Cardolast and holds a great deal of influance in the local restaurants, making him a business man as well. He often wears a carefully measured suite as a sign of his wealth and stats and is often called Mayor Nathan.


Tania meets with Ramcard and her grandfather

Robert Jonathan Lefler was born in a wealthy family in 62 BQF at Koerband, a few months after family friends the Silveria's also had their son, Bill Silveria born. In his youth he soon wanted to be called Nathan and became friends with Bill. After attending the local university, Nathan developed a nose for business and set up his own local restaurants within Cardolast, and after a few years of succesfull profits, he expanded his restaurants all over Cardolast and Koerband and soon gained his own business imperium and earned a lot of wealth.

In the years following he married his wife and got a son, named Robert who was born in 38 BQF. Pleased he raised his son with all the love and things he wished. When his son decided to join Rambo Command, he was disatisfied and grew angry when his son later moved to one of the K-7 stations in Quadrant 89. None the less he begrudgingly and remained proud of his son. When his granddaughter, Tania Samantha was born in 15 BQF, he grew even more proud of his son and granddaughter and gave his granddaughter a lot of attention and presents, as well supported her in joining Rambo Command and the Academy. Around 06 BQF, shorlty before the outbreak of the First Galactic War, Robert was chosen by Emperor Dino Le Rambo as Master of Economics, the Head of Treasury and finances of Rambo Nation. With it came the title as Lord and ever since he continued his duties for the Royal Crown. Even after the death of Dino Le Rambo, he remained in his office as Master of Economics under the rule of Empress Ramashe.

The High Council Assembled about the Typhon-class

Around 0 BQF, shortly after the devastation of the Second Galactic War, Nathan was elected as Mayor of Cardolast and enjoys his elderly days in rather peace and prideness over his beloved city, often travelling to the Rambo Capital to attend High Council meetings and discussing the finances of the Royal Crown, whos vast wealths still surprise and amaze Robert.

During the 12th month of 06 AQF, he met with vice-admiral Ramcard to discuss the costs for a possible aid in the form of Olympic-Class hospital ships to the Allied Terran Republic after the Neraida Gigamatrix attacked them in the Milky Way Galaxy. During their discussion he met with his granddaughter, Tania though her informal greeting was corrected by the stern vice-admiral. Not wanting to go into discussion with the proud Rambo Serindia, he returned his attention to possible costs. During the fifth month of 07 AQF, Jonathan attended the Rambo State Visit when Emperor Tyrómairon visited Empress Ramashe again in person. Afterwards he retuned to his duties.

During the 8th month of 07 AQF, he was summoned in the night where he was informed, together by the rest of the High Council of the Typhon-Class test trail and the return of Ramirith and the Tigris Colonial Sector. Though pleased, he disliked the paper work afterwards though managed to get everything right.

Personality and Traits[]

Robert Jonathan "Mayor Nathan" Lefler is a proud and stubborn man. With a nose for money and business, he has an air of arrogance around him but is also known for his generosity and willingness to help his fellow citizens of Cardolast and represent them as best as he can at Koerband. Due to his position and his trade position he gained a lot of wealth and managed to use it for various goods and purposes, whether for personal gain or to help those in need.

Nathan is well spoken and knows his way to get his wishes done, it is rumored he has some friends within the Goverment.



LoveRelation.pngFamily is very important to me!


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  • Ram'Vell - The proud ambassador of Koerband.
  • Bill Silveria - A Rambo officer and old time friends since youth.


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My the Gods bless you father, our family names is well respected within the Nation!

- Robert


- Tania


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  • It is believed that the Lefler family line are decendants by the ancient Humanoid Lords that were once part of the Humanoid Empire.

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