Riyo Apanoida is a gifted diplomat in service of Rambo Nation and the daughter of Chianwe Apanoida and James Rambo, concieved during their encounter in 06 AQF. Ever since, she never knew her father until the death of her mother who revealed the notorious officer James Rambo was her father.

She proved to be an important asset to mend relations between France and Rambo Nation.


Early Life[]

Riyo Apanoida was concieved in 06 AQF when her mother, captain Chianwe Apanoida and James Rambo encountered each other at Rambo Prime. A year later, Riyo was born though Chianwe never informed James of the birth of his (second) daughter. She refused to tell her reasons and raised the girl alone onboard the USS Excelsior.

For years, Riyo lived onboard and knew no other place than her moving house. Sadly her mother perished in 19 AQF, on her deathbed she revealed who was her father to her cyring daughter.

Diplomat and Ambassador[]

Rambert faces Riyo who answers for her diplomatic "mistake "

After the death of her mother, Riyo continued her study for diplomat but also sought contact with her father, James Rambo who was shocked to learn he had another child that he never knew nor was part of her raising. None the less he welcomed her with open arms, though she was less accepted by her half brother and sister, Jimmy James Rambo and Jenna Lenissa Rambo.

In 20 AQF, a year after the failed Franco-Rambo Summit over the (in)famous Gorge, she met with French ambassador Belle Lorraine. Together with Viceroy Aurestor Beldrin Savenium she managed to schedule a secret diplomatic meeting on the Rambo Capital. Before the meeting started she bumped into her father much to her joy who wished her good luck. With authority of the Rambo Goverment she managed to make a gesture of good will when she confirmed French military ships were allowed to pass the Gorge-borders with the right clearances.

A few hours after, she was escorted to meet with High King Rambert Ramveral who scoled her over this meeting and openly expressed his dissapointment about her. Riyo felt threatened but held her ground until she was dismissed, crying over the harsh word by her King, for whom she started this meeting in the first place.

A heated discussion to deal with the Crossing Line-indicent

To her surprise, in october 20 AQF she was requested by Lord Hand Ramseph Ramcard to be present as the official ambassador of Rambo Nation to deal with the aftermath of the Crossing Line-incident and the destruction of the Interdimensional Warp Gate. Present during the meeting were Riyo Apanoida, Rambo ambassador. New Cyrannian Republic delegates included Proconsul Athan Apostila and senator Ramdard Ramthrace. The Galactic Empire of Cyrannus dispatched senator Donaró and Potentate Tereyn Aeresius. The explanation provided by the Lord Hand were ill recieved and met with superstition and mistrust. Much to the shock and irritation of Riyo herself. After accussation made by senator Ramthrace she corrected him that the Rambo did not share sensitive information with the New Republic. Near the end of the meeting, the Lord Hand abruptly ended the meeting and left Riyo to deal with any other questions. Shocked and displeased as she was still young and inexperienced she tried her best. She promised the other delegates the Rambo would share and aid in hunting down the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony star destroyers that escaped the battle.

Riyo's Curagae Humanitarian Fleet

By december 20 AQF, he was present during state visit conducted by High King Rambert Ramveral to the Creckel. With the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War Riyo decided to use high amount of money provided to her by the Government after the death of her mother, captain Chianwe Apanoida and invest in humanitarian aid, forming the Curagae Humanitarian Fleet. Depleting most of it after purchasing three corvettes and four discharged SpaceC130's and hiring doctor Bob Chioaik as the commander of the humanitarian aid, she began using her diplomatic relations to raise fundings to aid those in need.

Her first goal was to send the humanitarian fleet to the besieged planet of Coruanthor in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Unknown to her, the humanitarian fleet has ties with the Cyrandia Resistance.

In early 2850, Riyo attented the promotion ceremony of Psarnak within the Metruia Nebula.

Personality and Traits[]

Riyo Apanoida is a firm believer in the use of diplomacy and is gifted in using her looks to represent a kind and gentle side of diplomacy. Riyo has a timid personality though has a strong individual (thanks to her parents) and doesn't hesistate to blackmail diplomats to get what the Nation needs.

She is a firm believer in the might of the Monarchy though fears the Nation is differant than in what she grew up in. She believes war should be avoided at all times and loves a little adventure at times.

She enjoys sports, reading and studying alien cultures. She also likes walking in the gardens, sun bathing and visiting beaches.



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