The Rihanaen Star Empire is powerful civilisation located in the Cyrandia Cluster which emerged as a major power in the Cyrannus Galaxy during the cold war. The second incarnation of the empire which once drove the Jenassians from Rihanae, the origins of the second Rihanaen Empire emerged from the ashes of the first, when it was overthrown by the Vulrulrans, with the Rihanaen becoming a client member of a foreign empire. With the fall of the Pact in 05 NE, the Rihanaen descended into an internecine conflict between those who wished to remain under the rule of Empress Minarela and those who sought to assert Rihanaen independence, be it as a member of the Galactic Senate or as an independent power.

The Auethnen Raptor flees a Rihanaen Warbird during the Cyrannian Cold War.

While many Rihanaen remained loyal to the Regellians, and others to the New Galactic Republic, it was the emergence of a powerful Star Empire on the doorstep of the Republic that shocked the galactic community. Led by Rei'praetore Xem Tcahlaer, the Star Empire quickly militarised the border regions with a defensive line of cloaked space stations designed to interdict unregistered faster-than-light travel into Rihanaen space. Such an action earned the Star Empire the mistrust of its neighbors, particularly the Jenassians and the New Republic, though under the charismatic leadership of the Rei'praetore, relative peace with both powers was secured. Nevertheless, the border between the Republic-aligned Rihanaen Deihui're and the Star Empire is highly contentious, sparking occasional border conflicts.

To many, the existence of the Star Empire exemplifies the fallacy of the Coru notion of a Cyrannian political dichotomy between the Republic and the Empire. Indeed, while Rihanaen space is far less expansive than either, and while the population of the Star Empire is exponentially lower, Rihanaen technology is on-par to many of the latest advancements made in both the Core and Coru Secundus. As such, while the Rihanaen Star Empire tends towards isolationism, both the Republic and the Empire know that they would make a powerful ally in the war for Cyrannus.


  • Based on the Romulan Star Empire.

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