Right Behind You features a story based around Claire Rambo, a Rambo Nation operative agent. Given new orders to leave Aecor, at orders from vice-admiral Ramcard after he joined forces with the DCP, the Empire and the Imperium to destroy a Congregation presence and attacks by a lone cruiser who appeard through an anomaly. Succeeding in destroyer the evil cruiser, Ramcard wished for Rambo operatives to gain intelligence and explore uncharted regions without the use of Rambo space ships, as they would draw too much attention in lawless regions.

Ramcard soon became the main spoke person to Claire, and even gained a soft spot for her. Though the initial mission was to extract Voro Acetenus from Orbispira and Xora from Sanderhal, Claire soon found herself on her very own adventure with the permission of Rambo Command.

Together with her friends, the crew of the Falcon Claire is one of the few operatives operating in the Unclaimed Territories of Quadrant 82!


Claire stood a lone balcony at the Aininyë created structure known as Aecor. During the events of the Hunt for the Zevian Skull the planet was discovered and placed under the protection of Rambo Nation and the Cognatus Empire.

Rtas'Shagilli approached Claire at Aecor

Looking above Claire saw Cognatus starships and Rambo space ships in formation, ever on guard duty to protect the mysterious planet. Claire stretched her back, a slight sting hit her, a left over from the almost deadly attack by the dreaded Cogsangui known as Thel'Vicliquam.

Suddenly Claire was approached a Cogsangui, clad in white armor with spikes. Claire recognised the one as shiplord Rta'Shagili, who appeared just in time during Thel'Vicliquam's attack to spare her life and that of her father.

  • Rta'Shagili: "Humanoid, there is an urgent message from your Capital. It is required you answer it in all haste!"
  • Claire: "You know Shiplord, this humanoid has a name."
  • Rta'Shagili: "I do not see how that would be relevant at this very moment?"

Claire sighted and looked at the Consangui shiplord, even though the two managed to cooperate with eachother to set up the defenses of Aecor, he refused to call her by her name, seeminly the shiplord still viewed her as a lesser life form or such. Claire looked beyond the shiplord at the massive green vessel, a space ship once belonging to the mysterious and powerful Atlantica. For reasons unknown the ship was left behind, though at the moment neither the Cognatus nor the Rambo found a way to activate the vessel, let alone even enter the ship. Claire nodded and walked past Rta'Shagili to answer the message from the Capital.

Chapter 01: (06 AQF - Month 10)[]

Claire and her crew start their new journy, as heralds and representatives for Rambo Nation they are going to find out that not all missions are fun or great to do, as well as discovering that their beloved Nation isn't always that noble as they believed it was. Unknown to Claire, at the same time Rambo Command lost contact with the USS Enterprise wich was drawn into an adventure in the future, a fact Rambo Command necgleted to tell her.

Visiting Yudumarth

After answering the message, Claire was surprised of her new orders. Instead of continuing her efforts of organising a proper defense for Aecor, she was send to do covert operations as well as join or investigate others at Rambo Nation's behalf. The reasons for this were not really clear for Claire, but she trusted Rambo Command had their own reasons for doing this. Walking towards her small command center, she was approached by the Greendion Stench who waved at her.

Leaving Aecor for new adventures!

Claire smiled and waved back and approached her upcoming crew, S'aur a HarbronrSaurien commander and Lt Commander Irana, a Chinawkya.

  • Claire: "My friends, we have been given new orders and missions. We are going to leave Aecor within the hour!"

Both S'aur, Irana and Stench looked confused and in shock at Claire, who in return looked a bit hesistant.

  • S'aur: "Within the hour? Do you realise how much time it costs to prepare the Suiliagothrond II? We have to call back all personel, check the thrusters and do system controls!"
  • Claire: "We are not taking the Suiliagothrond II S'aur, we have been assigned to the vessel behind you. A cargo freighter from where I know that has been confiscated and modified for us. I trust you get it done?"

Claire crossed her arm in front of her and turned, leaving a confused S'aur and Irana behind. An hour later, all four were ready to deploy and Irana sat behind the conn, operating the engines and navigation center, while both S'aur and Claire were going to control defensive and offensive systems for the small cruiser. Stench was given a civilian chair, who seemed to enjoy himself the most of all four.

With all systems ready and a go from Cognatus and Rambo command tower at Aecor, the small cargo freighter (who hadn't been named yet) left Aecor for new missions and adventures!

As they left Aecor, Claire informed her fellwo crew that their destinaton was the planet known as Yudumarth; -currently under occupation by Rambo Nation.

Arriving in orbit of Yudumarth!

  • S'aur: "Yudumarth? Is Command nuts? That planet is currently under siege by not only ourself, but the Empire as well!"
  • Claire: "I am well aware of that commander, but our mission is there. We have to track down a rebel leader!"
  • S'aur: "A manhunt? Oh darn, since when is Command doing such shadowy things?"

Claire raised an eyebrow in concern. S'aur, her HarbronrSaurien crossed his arms before himself and sighted. Shaking his head he wondered why in the name of Barthendel they would visit a planet under siege. As the cargo freighter, who they agreed to name the Falcon dropped out of warp, it approached Yudumarth!

  • Irana: "Look Claire! Multiply Rambo space ships and Imperial star destroyers are blockading the planet! It seems the massive star destroyer is heavily damaged?"

Claire rose from her chair, across her back she felt a shiver when she recognised the massive imperial battlecruiser, it belonged to one of her arc enemies, someone she was not eager to meet again.

  • Claire: "Take us into orbit, find a landing plattform so we can start our search without Rambo or Imperial forces taking much notice of us."

Claire and Stench discover Nosiso at Yudumarth

As the Falcon had landed, Claire and Stench began their mission as Claire didn't want Irana or S'aur with her in their Rambo uniforms. Taking the Chinawkya speeder the two were faster than travelling with the buggy and as such Claire travelled towards the position that Rambo Command had given her where she could find her target. Claire informed the Rambo forces stationed at Yudumarth that she was a trader together with her collegue, Stench. The Rambo troopers, buying her story allowed her to travel free at Yudumarth.

During their trip, Claire and Stench made a short stop to eat and drink. Hiding between various Yudumarth Grassweeds, Claire and Stench were suddenly surprised to see a Yudusaurus being hunted down by a group of insects. Taking a closer look Claire's eyes widenend in surprise!

  • Claire: "W-what? That is impossible!"
  • Stench: "Uh?"
  • Claire: "Look Stench, those bugs are Nosiso, coming from Nosiso, a planet in the Cyrannus Galaxy".

Stench gave Claire a surprised look, not knowing how to respond Claire simply shurgged her shoulders and stepped on the speeder again.

  • Claire: "Well, whatever they are doing here, it is not my concern now. When coming back Stench, remind me that we need to inform Rambo Command of our discovery!"

Stench nodded and wrapped his arm around Claire's waiste while she was speeding up.

After Claire and Stench discovered the Nosiso hive at Yudumarth two hours ago, Claire wiped a curl from her sweaty forehead. The sun at Yudumarth was unbearable hot, with both Claire and Stench already drunk up half of their water supply. The temperatures afternoon reached over 42 degrees, and with Claire's heavy armor it was almost suffocating.

Claire faces a drunken Camron Dar!

Claire and Stench waited till semi-darkness before entering the small village, filled with rebellious Yudimaran she ordered Stench to remain with the speeder while she herself climbed upon the roof of what seemed the main building. Inside Claire heard voices, one male one female talking about an attack while releasing a dangerous toxic gas. Claire waited till the woman exited the building before she jumped down the roof. Taking the two guards at the door by surprise, she took them out by a well placed high-kick. Opening the door, an overwhelming stench of alcohol and sweat entered Claire's nostrils. The awfull smell almost made her puke, placing her hand before her mouth and nose she entered the room with her shield up.

What she found inside the room came as a surprise, the rebel leader she was tasked to find was apperantly quite drunk. Bottles of empty litter were scattered over the floor and at his own bed. The Yudimaran rebel leader, with a eye cap turned and raised a bottle to great her and with one tug he drank the entire bottle empty.

  • Camron: "W-well, hik. It'ssss, ssseems the Rambo finaolly founde me, hihihi!"

Claire looked unimpressed at the drunker Yudimaran. Disgusted she lowered her shield, wich was exactly what Camron waited for and lashed out at Claire who just in time could raise her shield again. The drunken rebel then began throwing empty bottles at her, taking cover behind shield the sound of shattering glass would probably alarm the entire guard. What kind of a sick joke of fate is this? She survived torture sessions by a [[Fiction:Mortikran|pervert, faced a sorceror and survived the blade of a warrior to be defeated by a drunken fool?

Claire rolled over and kicked the legs from underneath Camron Dar who fell hard to the floor. Jumping Claire did a summersault and she stood over Camron Dar who just lied at the floor. Stepping over the rebel leader she grabbed the present at the bed, wich contained the virus cylinder. Suddenly various guards entered the room and raised their weapons. Meanwhile Camron rose again as well and pointed his finger at Claire that they had to shoot her! Claire smiled and placed her hand at her hip.

  • Claire: "Sorry guys, I would love to stay and chat but you aren't my type!"

Before anyone could say anything Claire jumped out of the window and ran into the nearby weeds where Stench was waiting for her. Jumping at the back of the speeder, Stench was already giving speed and soon they left the village behind. Smiling Claire noted for herself though she failed to apprehend Camron Dar, she had the cylinder and she would give the rebels position and that of the Nosiso nest to fleet captain Trabl who could deal with them. During the ride, Claire openend the package and looked at the cylinder, wich looked ancient for Claire as it contained a fabrication date of 150 BQF, manufactured at Koerband.

As the Falcon went into orbit of Yudmarth again, Claire contacted Rambo Command to inform them about her findings. The one that answered was chief-of-royal-matters, vice-admiral Ramcard himself.

Claire recieves her new mission from vice-admiral Ramcard

  • Claire: "A-admiral? That is a surprise!"
  • Ramcard: "Greetings Operative Rambo, I have recieved the report and your findings are troublesome, not only of the discovered Nosisian nest, but of the virus as well"
  • Claire: "Well, I found out that the virus was fabricated in 150 BQF at Koerband. I can go there at once, it will take me about a week or so to reach it if we use the Ramsoria Run".
  • Ramcard: "That is a negative Operative".
  • Claire: "W-what? But why, I disc...."
  • Ramcard: "As a vice-admiral I do not believe I have to explain myself to an Operative?"

Claire blushed and nodded. Ramcard's stern face softened and a slight smile appeared on his beak.

  • Ramcard: "I admire your resolve Claire, don't worry, you will get your chance to investigate the matter at Koerband. We will research it's origins at Koerband before sending you. At the moment I have a more important mission for you. It will require you to use that bounty hunter uniform I have given you."
  • Claire: "Yeah, about that. It is quite revealing. But what kind of mission?"
  • Ramcard: "You will extract someone from the Imperial capital of Orbispira and will bring him back towards the Rambo Capital, I have send further details on a secured and scrambled transmission. I will try to inform your father of your absence as it will take a week at least to reach the Imperial capital."

Claire nodded and saluted towards Ramcard before turning off the transmission. Unknown to Claire, her father, James Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A was still missing. Upon closing the transmission, Claire informed her fellow crewmembers and the Falcon set course towards Orbispira!

Chapter 02: (06 AQF - month 11)[]

Dealings in Cyrannus!

Corva, Voro and Tironus Manition meet Claire at Orbispira

Two hours after meeting up with the smugglers Corva and Tironus Manition on the city world of Orbispira, Voro Acetenus followed the duo through the streets of Orbispira's endless underworld city. As they headed toward the spaceport, Corva caught sight of an attractive Quadrantia Human female standing in the shadows. The humanoid female, dressed in a blue/pink armor of a bounty hunter placed her visor before her left eye. Scanning the three travellers Claire smiled, though wasn't really happy with being at the capital planet of the Empire. It seemed her journey to Orbispira was be one without any trouble. Walking over to Claire, the trio stopped in front of her. Corva, having became friends with Claire at some point in the past hugged her. Keeping her voice low, Corva's voice was joyful but rushed.

  • Corva: "It's good to see you, Claire. I need to get this big guy off Orbispira as soon as possible. Do you have a ride for us?"
  • Claire: "Corva! It is good to see you! And yeah, I have a ride off this planet as requested. It is simple and we have to sleep in shifts, but it will do."

Voro Acetenus clicked his mandibles in thanks.

  • Acetenus': "You have my thanks, orange one. May the gods smile on you."

Claire smiled and placed her hand at her hips and bend a little forward.

  • Claire: "No problem big guy! I dealed with your kind before and your species seem quite honorable and kind if you get to know you better!"
  • Acetenus': "The honour is all mine, human. I thank you for your aid".

Tironus Manition, Corva's partner in crime, stood watching the conversation, though his eyes bulged when he saw approaching Imperial Stormtroopers.

  • Tironus Manition: "This is all very pleasant and everything, but I strongly recommend that we get to your ship before we are seen!"

Claire turned and saw what he meant!

  • Claire: "We better hurry indeed. Corva, do you know any shortcuts at Orbispira? My ship is at dock 19-94"
  • Corva: "Yup! Follow me!"

As Corva and the others blended with the huge crowd of all types of alien species walking the streets of Orbispira before turning at an alleyway. As the group walked, Corva pointed at Docking Bay 19-94.

Falcon leaves Orbispira

  • Corva: Is that where your ship is?

Claire nodded though looked surprised at a passing Soúroupa, a feline like creature who she narrowly avoided bumping into. Bribing the guard of the docking bay, Corva looked at Claire's ship with glee.

  • Corva: "Awesome! I bet it is really fast!"
  • Claire: "It is a light freighter, quite common in the Quadrants so shouldn't draw to much attention from patrols, either by Imperials or Rambo, or for that matter New Republicans or Draconid who are patrolling Rambo space these days. Wait till you see inside, we have beds, a relaxation room, a bathroom and even a working shower and a tv with connection to both the Quadrant and Cyrannus holonets!"
  • Tironus Manition: "What about weapon systems? If you want, I could help calibrate them".
  • Claire: "That would be handy! my other two collegues are not really weapon experts!"
  • Acetenus': "Thank you for the opportunity, Miss Rambo. However, I recommend that we leave immediately to avoid any Imperial entanglements!"

Tironus Manition became impatient and slowly pushed Claire and Corva towards the freighter. Claire, pushing a button at her armor signaled those inside to open the aft cargo door so all could enter the freighter. Claire used the intercom and told S'aur to fire the engines and ask permission to leave the dock. Sáur, at the bridge did what he was told but felt nervous, he didn't like to be at the Imperial capital, Not that Rambo were not allowed to be here but still. Thanks to the bribe Corva gave, the Falcon was given permission to leave orbit. Smiling Claire looked at the scenery before her as the Falcon passed star destroyer after star destroyer. All at the bridge felt rather tiny compared to the massive defensive fleet at Orbispira.

  • Irana: "Operative, the scans have been completed. We now have detailed impression of the amount of ships and orbital defenses of Orbispira as ourinormant required".
  • Acetenus': "That was lucky".
  • S'aur: "Well, you can say the Falcon isn't the normal freighter, but has some additonal upgrades!"
  • Acetenus': "It is an honour to be apart of such an impressive ship!"
  • Irana: "Ah it is not that impressive, you should see some other larger ships mister! Now those even have holodeck's and swimmingpools! Engaging warp drive, course set for the Cyrannus-Q82 wormhole!"

The Accuser blocks the Falcon.

As the Falcon left orbit of Orbispira, Claire, tired of the long journey decided to remain on the bridge as Irana, Stench, Tironus Manition and S'aur went to bed. Corva and Claire took their seat behind the navigation console and watched as various Cyrannus cargo freighers passed overhead. After travelling for a few hours, approaching the Cyrannus-Quadrant 82 wormhole. It seemed Ramcard would be wrong that their travel would take more then two weeks as only one day had passed since arriving at Orbispira and a week after their adventure as Yudumarth. Just as Corva began to nod off to sleep, an alarm was suddenly raised and an Imperial Star Destroyer dropped out of hyperspace. Claire, with her legs upon the console was not responding, as she was sleeping herself and used the auto-pilot to plot their course towards the wormhole.

  • Corva: "Claire, wake up! We have company!"
  • Claire: "U-uh? What? Where? How?"

Suddenly a voice in a High Capricaerónn accent cracked over the ship's intercom.

  • Gaius Prentus: "This is Captain Gaius Prentus of the Imperial Star Destroyer Accuser. Prepare to be boarded".

Claire, not wishing to be investigated by an Imperial officer responded in all kind.

  • Claire: "This is the Falcon, may I request why the noble and great Empire wishes to board my freighter? According to inter-quadrantia law, with approval of Cyrannian powers none can board a vessel without permission on neutral trade routes!"

Claire raised her shoulders and looked at Corva, hoping that it would work.

  • Prentus: "This is an Imperial trade route in Imperial space, madam. Refusal to accept my kind request will result in criminal charges being made against you. You would do well to comply".

Claire swallowed and slowed down the engines and signaled the ship that they would prepare for a boarding party Claire looked at Corva and asked her if she would inform the others

  • Corva: "They are looking for Voro! We need to hide him!"
  • Claire: "How do they now he left Orbispira? I frreighter has some hidden departments, shielded by holo transmittors!"

Suddenly, Voro appeared behind Corva and Claire.

  • Voro Acetenus: "No need to hide me, females. I have a Cognatus cloaking device that should make me invisible to Imperial sensors. Only my people can detect it".

Both girls nodded when the Falcon was suddenly rocked by a violent tremor, captured by the tractor beam of the Accuser the Falcon was slowly pulled within the hangar bay of the star destroyer.

Gaius Prentus enters the Falcon for a "routine" inspection!

As the Falcon entered the hanger bay of the Accuser, Voro activated his cloaking device, hiding himself from Imperial sensors while the rest of the crew prepared to confront the Imperials. When the ship landed, Captain Gaius Prentus flanked by Imperial Navy Troopers entered the ship. Claire welcomed them onboard into the hangar bay, where a buggy, a speeder and various crates with commerce were stored.

  • Claire: "Welcome onboard the Falcon officer!"
  • Gaius Prentus: "Thank you, ms...?"
  • Claire: '"My name is Claire sir, may I ask why we are put under inspection? I though I filled in the paper work right, did I make a mistake officer?"

Claire placed her weight on one hip, made a sad face and looked at the officer in hopes of getting some reaction of pity of him.

  • Gaius Prentus: "This is a routine inspection madam. Smugglars and criminals have been known to use this wormhole quite often. You have nothing to worry about if you have nothing to hide."

Claire crossed her hands behind her back and gave the officer a data pad of what she was transporting and wich passengers were onboard her ship. Prentus took the data pad and studied it closely.

  • Gaius Prentus: "Interesting crew manifest. Quite a diverse crew you have here. You don't mind if we scan the ship do you? "

Claire nodded and cleared the way for Gaius and his troopers to pass, though sweat rolled down her cheek, Claire was getting nervous. As the troopers began to scan the ship, they approached the location where the cloaked Voro sat. Corva sat with a very nervous look on her face. Suddenly, a trooper approached Prentus and whispered in his ear. The captain nodded and walked towards Claire.

  • Gaius Prentus: "Everything checks out. You are free to proceed into Quadrant 82. Have a... pleasant day."

Claire smiled and clapped her hands, bowing she thanked the Imperials for their swift investigation! When the Imperials left, Corva motioned to Voro, who deactivated his cloak.

  • Corva: "That was too close."
  • Claire:"Nah, I gues we are just better then that Imperial officer!"

Tatsu and S'aur nodded and smiled, Claire signaled her two Rambo crewmembers who started the engines and plotted a course, heading straight for the wormhole away from Imperial juristiction.

Claire recieves a new mission from Ramcard

After surviving the encounter with the ICS Accuser under command of Gaius Prentus, the crew of the Falcon set a direct course for the Rambo Capital, using the Ramsoria Run they arrived there within three days. Claire smiled while lying in one of the beds, the travel to Orbispira and her return to the Capital only took about a week. After landing the Falcon within Space Dock, Claire asked the others, including Corva and her partner to buy supplies for new missions while she would escort Voro Acetenus to her employer and recieve the "bounty" for their extration. After Claire brought Voro to the Rambo Palace, Claire herself travelled to Rambo Command HQ, where she changed her bounty hunter uniform to that of her Operative Dress Uniform. Within HQ, she found her way all up to the top of the massive building, where she was to report to chief-of-royal-matters, vice-admiral Ramcard. To her surprise, a lieutenant junior grade by the name of Chiäe Giusti welcomed her and walked with her inside the office of the vice-admiral.

  • Ramcard: "Well hello there Operative C. Rambo, I am glad you managed to escape Orbispira with your target and unarmed, without alerting the Imperial authorities, well done!"
  • Claire: "Thank you vice-admiral, upon the route I managed to befriend some others as well, and it becomes difficult to keep my Rambo Command personnel identity a secret, though commander S'aur and lieutenant commander Tatsu Irana are playing their role as renegade RNSF personnel well".

Ramcard nodded, and accepted a data file given by the lieutenant junior grade. While Ramcard was reading the file, and humming into himself; Claire began to wonder if the old vice-admiral was perhaps getting a bit senile. Looking around his office, she noticed two models, one of the USS Dallas and an airplane at his desk, as well as various books and a piece fruit for the vice-admiral's vitamines. Behind the vice-admiral, at the wall a large decoration of the weapon insigna of Rambo Command hang shining in the sunbeams that came through the window. Claire smiled again, the vice-admiral had a nice office.

  • Ramcard: "Well Operative, it seems you can change again to your bounty hunter appearance!"
  • Claire: "W-what do you mean vice-admiral?"
  • Ramcard: "Your new mission, travel to the planet Sanderhal to extract a former Republic captain, a Tezelteän by the name of Xora who is scheduled to be sold there over three days. After saving her, rendevouz with the New Republic ship, the CRS Aeolus near New Republic space and hand over Xora as a gesture of good faith and will in the name of Rambo Nation!"

Claire saluted the vice-admiral, recieved the data pad with the required data and left the office to travel to Sanderhal. Claire wondered what kind of planet is was? She has never been to Sanderhal before.

After being brought to the surface of the Rambo Capital, Voro Acetenus was escorted by a Serindia Royal Guard to one of the lower sections of the Royal Palace. Walking through the hallways, Voro noticed that the Royal Dynasty of Rambo Nation had a lot of paintings, curtains and other valuable goods gathered and displayed over the years. Opening a door, Voro found himself at a balcony, overlooking the city of Tirithsilliana below. Many small sized ships and shuttles were flyings between the towering buildings, while the ground was crowded with trees and people. Suddenly, in the corner of his eyes something got his attention.

Ramashe and Voro Acetenus meet at Tirithsilliana

  • Ramashe: "Hello Voro Acetenus, I am pleased to see you safe!"

Voro bowed his head out of respect for the Rambo monarch.

  • Voro: "Greetings, m'lady. It is an honour to see you again after so many long and hard years."

Ramashe smiled and stood next to Voro, overlooking the city.

  • Ramashe: "I am glad we got you out of Orbispira, Rambo Intelligence believes the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was getting really close in capturing you. Though now that you escaped their clutches, What will you do next? The fragile research alliance with the Cognatus Empire is holding, but I hear terrible news they deemed you a traitor?"
  • Voro: "Indeed, you have my thanks. My former kin have indeed ousted me from power and declared me a traitor. Now, they toil under the leadership of a powerful entity, the origins of which I do not know."

Ramashe nodded and sighted, she admitted that she already feared turbelent times were ahead. The last few months have been rather quiet and peaceful.

  • Ramashe: "My people and myself will aid you in any way possible Voro Acetenus. The safest place would be the New Cyrannian Republic, that is where Apollo resides now. I can lend you a ship if you need one."
  • Voro: "With your permission, your highness. I desire to remain on the "Falcon" until the time comes when I will regain my honour."

Ramashe raised an eyebrow, placing her hands on the edge of the balcony she pressed her weight on her arms before replying, sighting Ramashe replied.

  • Ramashe: "You know that the "Falcon" is going to do dangerous things? I cannot qarantuee your safety if you travel with one of my Operatives. They usually do covert operations".

Voro laughed and clicked his mandibles.

  • Voro: "I have no desire to me safe, m'lady. I want adventure".

Ramashe smiled and walked towards Voro, taking his hand in her hands, she smiled.

  • Ramashe: "Then you have my blessings, enjoy the thrill of adventure. I envy you for that!"
  • Voro: "You are still young, Empress. You should enjoy yourself now and again!"

Ramashe replied with a sad smile and nodded, indicating their conversation was over she walked with Voro back towards the entrance of the Palace. Talking about various things the two eventually said their goodbyes at the door entrance. Nodding towards a waving Ramashe, Voro turned his back at his life as a political figure. Now a new dawn has risen for Voro, a time of adventure!

Troubles at Sanderhal!

Falcon having trouble with lightning when entering Sanderhal

Three days after recieving the data pad and her new mission from vice-admiral Ramcard, Claire reminded herself that she wondered what kind of planet Sanderhal was. Her first impression was a negative one. Thunderclouds and heavy rains made it difficult to find a suitable spot to land the vessel. And now she had to steer the Falcon herself as S'aur and Irana have been re-assigned to other duties as the mission to Sanderhal was deemed too dangerous.

Sitting next to her was her friend Corva and her companion, in the back seat Stench was smiling, he actually seemed to enjoy the rocky flight. Suddenly the Falcon was hit by thunder and the vessel rocked violently out of control!

  • Claire: "I am losing control!"
  • Corva: "Left engine has been disabled! Claire it is shutting down!"
  • Claire: "Darn!"
  • Stench: "Yippee!"

The Falcon fell through the clouds, with sheer luck Corva was able to boost the right engine to it's maximum, and though it was a hard landing major damage to the vessel was prevented and it hit the ground hard. Borth Corva and Claire massaged their necks, as they felt bruised. Looking outside, the stinking swamp laid out before them, by sheer luck the Falcon landed at a ground section with some trees and bushes. Claire looked at Corva, it was raining outside as well and Claire didn't bring any umbrella's.

Claire meets a Pidarrow

Looking at the Falcon, Claire kicked the side of the vessel in frustration. Crossing her arms in front of her, she blew a whisp of hair in front of her face away. Her friend, Corva stood next to her and looked at the point Claire justed kicked.

  • Corva: "What is wrong Claire?"
  • Claire: "The engine is screwed. And I have little spare parts or skills to repair it. Without Irana, I have no operation or engineer crewmember onboard".

Suddenly the large presence of Corva her companion and Voro Acetenus showed up.

  • Tironus Manition: "I will take a look at it girls."

Claire and Corva nodded, walking away from the ship Claire informed Corva that she herself, in bounty hunter would cross the swamp towards the Saurdoshan village a few hours ahead. She would do a scout and see if she was able to free Xora. Corva looked at Voro, who nodded and activated his cloacking device, Corva didn't like Claire going out on her own, she has learned of the injuries she obtained by dreaded figures like Morgandaûr and Thel'Vicliquam.

After walking for a few hours, toiling away through the swamps, Claire found a hill and a tree with some apples. Not wishing to use her own provision yet, Claire ate an apple and enjoyed the view. Deep in the swam she saw something massive moving through the waters, with various birds flying around as well. One of these birds, Claire was unaware at the time that is was a Pidarrow, a creature known as a Scions was approaching her. Lying down her apple, Claire let the bird approach and even managed to stroke the back of his neck before the creature flew away with the apple. Smiling, Claire continued her journey towards the Saurdoshan village. It was now only a few more hours.

Unknown to her, a cloacked Voro was following her, and above her the same Pidarrow also seemed to follow her tracks.

Corva and Stench face a Sanderhal dragon

While Claire and Voro trekked across the swamps looking for Xora, Corva and Stench decided to explore the swamps beyond the landing site in the hopes of relieving the boredom that came from fixing the ship. Sneaking away from Tironus Manition, the two journeyed into the swamp, happily chatting about their adventures so far. Suddenly, Stench stopped in his tracks. Corva looked back at him with a teasing expression on her face.

  • Corva: "What's wrong, lil guy? The smell is nothing compared to hanging out with Tironus Manition!

Stench merely cowered behind a rock and pointed towards the foliage up ahead, where a massive Sanderhal dragon slept. Corva stopped walking and threw herself onto the ground.

  • Corva: "Who votes that we avoid the monstrous dragon...?"
  • Stench: "Mmhm!"

Sneaking through the overgrown plants surrounding the sleeping giant, Corva and Stench tried stealthily to avoid the massive dragon. Suddenly however, Stench accidentally stood on a twig that loudly snapped. Awakening with a loud roar, the dragon saw the two disturbers in front of her cower. Flexing her massive wings, the dragon began to run towards both Corva and Stench, who ran at full speed away from the approaching monster. To Corva's horror, the two came to a dead-end with no place to run. Hugging Strench, Corva closed her eyes as the dragon came closer and closer. When she opened her eyes, to her shock, the dragon sat happily in front of her making a sound similar to a purr.

  • Stench: "Dragon likes you!"

The massive Sanderhal dragon, from a species infamous for their foul mood, merely licked Corva across the face. Corva tried to hide her disgust and patted the mighty beast on the head.

  • Corva: "Eh... nice dragon. Don't eat me. Don't eat me."

Later that night, after the dragon fell asleep, both Corva and Stench returned to the ship with news of their adventure.

Xidan meets Xora just before the auction!

At the slaver planet Sanderhal, the councillor known as Xidan walked among the displayed cages with slaves inside. Being borded, he looked in disgust at a female Quadrantia Humanoid, an Amber and various creatures. Ready to be sold, Xidan knew it would be a great market that would be held over a few days, attending the auction would be well known Quadrant criminal Morglûkia. Suddenly something attracted the eye of Xidan, a purple skinned female, a Tezelteän by the name of Xora. Nodding towards his two Saurdoshan guards, the cage door was opened and Xora was hardly hauled from the cage.

Standing before the chancellor, he placed his hand on hers, and looked at her breasts.

  • Xidan: "Well what do we have here? How did such a beautiful woman like you wound up here?"

Xora turned her head away in disgust, refusing to look Xidan into the eyes. Furious, Xidan grabbed her chin and forcibly turned her head so she watched him straight into the eyes.

  • Xidan: "Do you know who I am? I am Chancellor Xidan, leader of Sanderhal and you are a mere slave!"
  • Xora: "Oh, I am so sorry "master"".

Furious by her sarcastic remark, Xidan slapped Xora in the face, the force send Xora to her knees. Placing her hand on her burning cheek, she gave Xidan a furious glare.

Xora's eyes widened, the slaver knew her origins. How what that possible. Xidan gave another nod, and the two Saurdoshans placed her back into her gaze, Xidan smiled viciously before leaving.

  • Xidan: "My dear, you will bring up a nice price at the auction!"

Trouble at the auction

Claire Rambo was walking within the arena. The Saurdoshans of Sanderhal were using their arena as a exhibition for captured slaves and creatures. One of the creatures in the cage drew the attention of Claire, a black colored creature was hissing angrily at her. Hesistant, Claire took a step backwards and continued her walk, looking into other cages to find her target, Xora who she was to extract from Sanderhal.

Claire, in her appearance of bounty hunter drew some attention from Saurdoshan guards, though she noticed other criminal figures present as well, but she was the only female here. That was something Rambo Command had forgotten to tell her, otherwise she would have taken Voro Acetenus and she would be playing his servant. Suddenly a Saurdoshan person appeared behind her. The Saurdoshan wore a large hat and followed her steps. Uneasy, Claire stepped up her pace and suddenly came across the cage with Xora.

Surprised Claire looked at Xora, who sat against the back of the cage, looking affraid and bored. Before Claire could speak the strange Saurdoshan stood behind her again.

  • Saurdoshan Hunter: "Well well, what do we have here? A pretty bounty hunteress at Sanderhal? How curious?"
  • Claire: "My dealing here are none of your concern reptile".

The Saurdoshan chuckled and laughed.

  • Saurdoshan Hunter: "Now now my dear, they actually are and now that you insulted me, I would love to break your pretty neck in an unscheduled arena match."
  • 'W-what?"

Before Claire could turn around or run away, the Saurdoshan Hunter hit Claire with a stun needle, Claire's nervous system immediately reacted and Claire fell to the ground, spasm taking over her body until she passed away into unconciousness.

Choas at Sanderhal!

When Claire awoke, the Saurdoshan Hunter towered above Claire, smiling viciously he aimed his gun at her, indicating she had to rise. Claire roled away when the fired a shot, narrowly missing her right leg. Looking anger Claire prepared for battle, looking around she saw she was the arena event at the moment as various Saurdoshan and humanoids were watching the match. Nearby Claire spotted cages with slaves and creatures in it. Sitting in the mud, Claire felt a stone inside the mud. When the Saurdoshan Hunter fired again, Claire once again evaded and threw the stone at the Hunter, straight in the face.

  • Saurdoshan Hunter: "Well well, it seems the pussy cat has fangs!"

Suddenly the Saurdoshan Hunter moved forward and gave a powerful knee in Claire's abdomen, falling to the ground Claire gasped for breath because of the pain. The Saurdoshan Hunter raised his arm blade.

  • Saurdoshan Hunter: "Game over little pussy cat!"

As the Hunter striked at Claire, the blow was suddenly reflected and the Saurdoshan Hunter stumbled backwards. A decloacking Voro Acetenus growled at Saurdoshan Hunter who readied his blade again.

  • Saurdoshan Hunter: "Well well, what do we have here? Game is on you vermin!"

Behind his helmet, Voro simply smiled as he pushed a button at his arm, nearby the cage small explosions destroyed the locks of the cages and creatures escaped their prison. Deflecting another blow by the Saurdoshan Hunter, Voro watched in awe as a Vietare Behemonth launched himself at the shaken Saurdoshan. Claire still on her knees, looked in fear when a Quadrantia Xenomorph stood above her, it's saliva dripping on her face. Before the creature could attack Claire, the Pidarrow Claire give an apple dove from the sky and used it's sharp claws to attack the Xenomorph. Meanwhile around the arena, panick broke out as another Vietara Behemoth escaped and found himself within the sitting places, attacking watching humanoids and Saurdoshans. Meanwhile the Saurdoshan Hunter had troubles keeping the Behemoth of him and looked in fear when the Quadrantia Xenomorph launched himself at Claire, who instead evaded the creature so that it could crash into the Hunter himself. During the fight the Pidarrow was injured when his wing was shot by the Saurdoshan Hunter. Claire crawled towards the bird and sheltered it from further harm.

Still having pain in abdomen, breathing heavily Voro carried Claire and the Pidarrow to a nearby Cage, slashing the lock with his blade the slave, known as Xora looked in amazement at Voro.

  • Voro Acetenus: "Claire, Xora, now is our chance to escape! Let head back to the Falcon".

Both girls nodded, while Claire was still carrie,d Xora followed Voro's steps and both managed to escape the arena and returned to the Falcon after a three hour walk. As they returned at the Falcon, Corva and Voro took care of Xora her injuries and health while Claire decided to take a shower, to wash away the mud and filth of the swamp and then take a look at the Pidarrow, who was now in care of the EMH.

As the party escaped the arena, many slaves and creatures managed to escape or either died when the Saurdoshans began opening fire. Furious the Saurdoshan Hunter vowed to kill both Claire and Voro Acetenus. Among the slaves that escaped was Aubrie, who found her way back to Terra Prime. And the Quadrantia Xenomorph? Now that creature managed to escape as well, and followed the very one that released it..........

A shower incident?

Attracted by the steam of the hot water in the shower Stench entered bathroom of the Falcon. To his surprise someone was showering, peeking around the corner he saw the just returned Claire who took a shower to wash away the dirt and filth of the swamps of Sanderhal. Looking at her, Stench noticed Claire was well build, slightly muscular, a fine extravagance, and well formed soft breasts. Stench looked in amazement at her. As water streams along her wet hair, Stench followed her neck towards her upper body and lower body towards her long legs.

  • Claire: "Stench! What the Frak are you doing here!"
  • Stench: "E-h, I-i"
  • Claire: "I am showering stinky! Get out of the shower!"

Stench, confused remained standing at his place while Claire grabbed a towel to cover her lower body while she covered her breasts with her left arm. Claire’s face hardened.

  • Claire: "Stench, didn’t your mommy learn that peaking at girls while they are showering is nasty and not done?"
  • Stench: "Stench mommy didn’t taught me that".

Claire narrowed her eyes, beckoning Stench to leave the shower to she could dry herself.

  • Stench: "Stench confused, why is Claire angry at Stench? Stench doesn’t wear any clothes either."

Claire’s expression softened, a slight smile appearing at her face, placing the towel around her body she approached Stench and went down on her knees. Fondling Stench head gently, Claire told Stench that humanoids simply wore clothes and don’t find it proper that others peek at them while showering or chancing their clothes. Stench nodded and apologized.

  • Claire: "No need to apologize little guy, now let’s go, it is time to go to bed and you didn’t brush your teeth yet!"

Stench smiled and turned, taking Claire’s hand into his own, the two walked towards the lavatory.


As Claire changed her clothes after the shower, she entered the living room of the Falcon where the Emergency Hologram Doctor was doing it's medical checks upon Xora and the bird that aided Claire during the arena match.

  • Claire: "Yo doc, what is the status of you patients!"
  • EMH: "The medical status of my patients are confidential and not of your concern! Though I can inform you that both do fine! And for the record, I am a doctor, not a veterinarian. I am not programmed to treat oversized birds."

Claire was speechless, it seemed this hologram had an attitude, crossing her arm in front of her she looked at the EMH and turned her look at the bird and Xora. The bird twitched it's wings and Claire actually thought to recognise something of happiness when the bird saw her entering the room.

  • Claire:"Xora, how are you doing?"
  • Xora: "I am doing fine, thank you. Though the doctor says I am underfed and are to light weighted."
  • Claire: "Ah, I guess thats the kind of treatment one gets on Sanderhal. We should leave the planet soon, and it will take a day or two to rendevouz with a cruiser of the New Cyrannian Republic, there we will hand you over!"

Xora bowed her head and thanked Claire, she took a seat and began watching a movie at the nearby tv screen. Claire instead lifted the Pidarrow in her arms and cradled the bird until it fell a sleep while Claire also joined to watch the movie, soon joined by both Corva and Stench.

  • Claire: "You are a curious and mysterious bird, and I think I am going to keep you as my little bird friend!"

The Pidarrow squeaked and fell a sleep in Claire's arm.

  • EMH: "Well, I guess if everyone is going to watch tv, I am not needed anymore. Turning EMH program off".

With that said the EMH turned itself off, and Corva gave everyone some snacks and drinks as the movie continued to run.

Claire, Corva and Xora see the New Republic's rescue team.

Before the Falcon could continue to their next adventure, Claire and her crew set course for the New Cyrannian Republic colony of New Capricaerón in Quadrant 82 in the hopes that the Republic agreed to send a delegation to rescue Xora, who was recently recovered during the events on Sanderhal. Dropping out of warp, the Falcon held position over the planet for several minutes until a massive ship dropped out of hyperspace nearby.

  • Claire: "Wow, I don't think I've seen a ship like that before."
  • Tironus Manition: "It's one of the Republic's new Star Destroyers, Pheobus-class."

Opening hailing frequencies, Claire was surprised to see that the commander of the vessel was a Corthrinus in Republic uniform. Masking her surprise, she smiled broadly.

  • Claire: "Greetings, I am Claire Rambo of the Falcon, I assume you have agreed to take custody over our friend here?"

Commodore Thonaloc smiled slightly, but remained stern in his expression.

  • Thonaloc: "Hello, Ms. Rambo. I am Commodore Thonaloc of the CRS Valour. It is to my great pleasure that Captain Xora has been returned unharmed."
  • Xora: "Thank you Commodore, I look forward to joining the ranks of this new democratic power."

Smiling, Claire shook Xora's hand as the Tezeltean thanked the crew and docked aboard the CRS Valour. With this chapter of her mission finished, Claire sent her farewells to the New Republic and the Falcon left orbit over New Capricaerón onwards to their next adventure.

Chapter 03: (06 AQF - month 12)[]

While Claire and the crew of the Falcon continue their adventures, Claire her father, James Rambo returns and readies himself to embark on the Voyages of Enterprise while Rambo Nation struggles to maintain it's galactic position in Ortum a Dynastia.

Scion councils on Terra Prime!

Landing near Pallarian Town, a village at Terra Prime

After the rendevouz with the New Cyrannian Republic and handing over Xora, the crew of the Falcon returned to the Unclaimed Territories. Two days into the twelfth month of 06 AQF, the crew of the Falcon didn't recieve any new mission from Rambo Command and were free to travel and explore the Unclaimed Territories.

The first planet they stumbled upon, lying south-east from Sanderhal, south of the Chavelli homeworld and the Lizardian territories and east of Nal Amroth, turned out to be a small green planet inhabited by Quadrantia Humanoids. Surprised by this, Voro Acetenus suggested to visit the planet as Claire had a certain warm feeling with the planet. Curious, Corva, who sat behind the control panel entered orbit and prepared a landing near a small village wich had somesort of landing dock. After the tower gave permission to land, the Falcon started it's decend and eventually landed. As the party stepped out, a lone humanoid approached the Falcon and adressed it's crew.

  • Watcher: "Welcome in the village of Pallarian Town travellers of the stars. I am the local police officer Watcher and will point you to the village. I assume you will not cause any trouble right? We don't get that much space travellers visiting us".

Claire looked at Corva and Voro, who simply shrugged their shoulders. It seemed these humanoids were not used to people from other planets.

Meeting a wounded Owlaron

While Voro Acetenus, Stench and Tironus Manition decided to remain behind while Claire Rambo and Corva could vist the local town and do girl things together, like shopping. Both Claire and Corva were pleased and follwed the forest route towards the village. To their suprise they noticed a Chavelli individual present at the airport as well. Taking no notice of him and his strange pet creature the two soon encountered an injured bird like creature, unkown to the both of them it was a special Owlaron.

  • Claire: "Oh look Corva, it is hurt!"
  • Corva: "Indeed, and look at those other birds who are the same, they are seemingly laughing at the poor thing".
  • Claire:"Hmpf, I will take him onboard so we can heal it, perhaps it can become friends with my other bird!"

As Claire carried the Owlaron, Corva noticed something in the folder she took from the airport.

  • Corva: "Look Claire, the folder of the village, Pallarian Town indicates that their is somesort of animal, they refer to it as Scions professor nearby, perhaps he can heal it?"

Claire nodded and following Corva's lead, they passed through the local village, with pleasent houses and gardens. Arriving near the river, they saw a bridge that led to the island where the house of this professor was located.

Ringing the bell, both Claire and Corva wondered who this Kjac person was.

Claire and Corva meet professor Kjac

Arriving at the mansion, Claire and Corva noticed that the door was closed, instead they hear noices in the front garden. Entering the front garden, both girls noticed a little elderly green creature, with a purple cat like creature and a red lizard with flames from it's tail enjoying the sun. Suddenly, the elderly green creature openen his eyes and began to speak.

  • Kjac: "Hmm, welcome you are travellers. I am professor Kjac, can I help you?"

Both girls looked surprised, looked at eachother and Corva pointed at Claire that she was the one that should do the talking. Smiling Claire replied.

  • Claire: "Yes, we found this injured bird and we wondered if you could help it?"

Kjac rose from his chair, suprised to see a differant coloration of an Owlaron. He was even more surprised when Claire her other bird, a Scion known as Pidarrow landed besides Claire. Taking a look at the Owlaron again, he replied.

  • Kjac: "Yes, help the Owlaron I can. But will take time before fully healed he is. As for the other bird, a Pidarrow! You have been to Sanderhal then? Yes?"

Claire and Corva looked at eachother again, surprised that the old man known names of the creatures and even knowns where the Pidarrow hailed from.

  • Corva: "How do you know all these things old man?"

Kjac smiled and beckoned the others to listen to him, he explained Claire and Corva that the creatures, the two birds and the lizard and cat were known as mystical Scions, creatures that could be tamed, trained or summoned and as such become travel companions and friends. To some these creatures were just wildlife, but most were able to use skills that many like to use in either combat, races or in daily life. Corva and Claire were amazed to hear the information, but were surprised to learn that one could have a maximum of four Scions at a time. Kjac explained that he was an expert at Scions, their behavior and relation with trainers and summoners. He also informed that his backyard was one large reservate of captured Scions by trainers and summoners who led Kjac take care of them and send them to them when needed.

  • Kjac: "You now have two Scions I see yes, I can learn you Claire so you are ready to become a trainer or summoner, and set you on you journey?"

Claire nodded, giving the Falcon under command of Voro she decided she would remain on Terra Prime for a while under the tutelage of Kjac.

Relaxing or training?

As Claire remained at Kjac's home, enjoying being thaught about various Scions and their abilities, she was amazed to find out that in the backyard many differant kind of Scions were living under the caring of Kjac. After a week of training and tutelage, Claire spend a night with her two bird like scions, her Owlaron that was almost healed and her Pidarrow in the outside. That particulair day was very warm and hot, and with nothing on the schedule Claire decided to relax a bit with her scions. Claire took out her clothes and decided to take a swim, while her Pidarrow enjoyed flying around her and being splashed by water from Claire, her Owlaron instead decided to remain near the camp fire, sleeping as usual. Suddenly Claire and her Scions were disturbed by Kjac, who came to check upon them. Seeing Claire in her underwear, made the elderly Yodian muttering and shedding of his eyes. Claire didn't mind, wether she was in her bikini or her underwear, it both revealed the same. Crossing her arms behind her head, Claire enjoyed the water and the sunshine.

  • Kjac: "Claire, I eh..."
  • Claire: "What wrong professor, never seen a girl in her underwear swimming?"
  • Kjac: "W-what? Young lady you should...I eh have...what?"

Claire swam towards professor Kjac and his Veseva and listened to Kjac his stories, that beyond the mountains in the east laid a city with an arena, where if possible she could earn a skill token. Gathering enough skill tokens allowed you to take upon the best of the best. Thanking the professor, Claire decided to leave the next day after breakfast and explore the mountain area.

  • Kjac: "Before you go, take this Scion with you as well, my Charzargon seemed to taken a liking on you!"

A first battle!

As Claire travelled east of Pallarian Town, through the forests she soon reached a wooden bridge that crossed a river, leading to the mountain road. Claire was relieved, it just took her three hours to travel from Pallarian Town to the Mountain Road. During the walk towards the bridge, Claire looked around in wonder as various wild Scions lived their daily lives in the forests, no wonder professor Kjac liked to live on Terra Prime. Crossing the bridge, she soon found herself at the mountain road, but before she could actually take the road into the mountains she stumbled across a small cabin. Suddenly a booming voice brought Claire back from her day dreams.

  • ???: "Who goes there!"
  • Claire: "My name is Claire, why do you take interesst in what I am doing here? This is the mountain road right?"

Emerging from a hill nearby, a humanoid jumped down and introduced himself as Dracrus, a Scion trianer. The trainer, Claire noticed had an impressive musculair build, something she found interessting. However his reply wasn't at all nice as he claimed that beginning trainers should not dare take the mountain road. Claire simply waved a hand at him, claiming she was going to fight in arena matches for skill tokens. Dracrus simply laughed and in anger, Claire challenged him to a battle, something Dracrus agreed to.

  • Dracrus: "Well, let see what you are made of little girl. Two of yours against my Krabler, if you can beat him than you have proven yourself worth to take the mountain path!"

Claire simply smiled, this was going to be easy. She called forth her Pidarrow and the Charzargon she was given by professor Kjac. Before she could give an order, Dracrus replied in two words.

  • Dracrus: "Bubble attacks!"

The bubble attack by his Krabler ended the battle at once, her Charzargon managed to hold on a while before falling to the ground, unable to fight, Mere seconds later her Pidarrow couldn't take the string of force anymore and also fell to the ground. Claire, angry called back her Scions and run back to the river brigde, leaving a laughing Dracrus behind.

This part is a cross-over with Voyages of Enterprise.

Captain James Rambo, captain of the USS Enterprise-A sat in his ready room, tomorrow one of his junior officer, Tania Samantha Lefler was going to inform Rambo Command that the Enterprise was ready for new missions. James used this last free evening to due some study of space charts and some administration, both things he disliked. Suddenly his computer informed him that his daughter, Claire Rambo was calling. Happy to hear from her he answered her call.

James and Claire finally manage to talk to eachother again!

  • James: "Well if it isn't my little girl!"

To his surprise Claire looked rather sad, worried James asked what was going on.

  • Claire: "Dad, it is terrible! I lost my first Scion battle, my Pidarrow and Charzagon lost and now I do not know what to do!"
  • James: "W-what? Scions? Pidarrow? Start at the beginning!"

As such Claire told her father about her current adventures, leaving Aecor, travelling to Orbispira and Sanderhal to eventually arrive at Terra Prime and the discovery of the mysterious and loyal Scions. The two talked for hours and James got his daughter to smile again, ensuring her that a single setback is not the end, Claire promised to continue training and wondered why he was gone for so long. James told her about his adventure in a possible future, their return and upcoming new travels. Near the end of their conversation the two said their goodbyes, pleased that both managed to talk to eachother again after so long.

  • Claire: "Bye dad, hope to speak or see you soon again! Take care!"
  • James: "You too my little girl, bye bye!"

Stopping the transmission, James leaned back and smiled. Happy to learn his daughter was well and safe, he wondered how it was to train a Pidarrow and meet this little green mentor of her. Raising from his chair, James decided it was bed time.

At Terra Prime, Claire set up her tent and went to sleep as well, promising herself to train the following days and perhaps find another route towards the city. Knowing her dad was safe, Claire soon fell a sleep and dreamt of exploring space together with her Scions.

Discovery at Koerband

Three hours before 07 AQF

Flying over the ruins of Ramloria City

The Falcon arrived at Koerband mere hours before the start of 07 AQF. Claire Rambo was annoyed, she wished to give her fellow crewmembers a taste of a new year change in Rambo style. Sadly Rambo Command found her earlier discovery of the vials at Yudumarth far more important and as such they were dispatched to Koerband, where with special clearance the Falcon did a scouting flight over the ruined city known as Ramloria City, abandoned after a so called "earthquake" during the first encounters with the Lizardian in 16 BQF. Flying over the city, Claire, Corva and Voro Acetenus stood at the ramp of the Falcon and noticed that most of the buildings were heavily damaged, collapsed and some destroyed.

  • Voro Acetenus: "Claire, do you notice something strange about those buildings?"
  • 'Claire: "W-what do you mean Voro?"
  • Corva: "Yeah, I see just a lot of rubble, collapsed buildings. Seems the Rambo don't build that strong buildings after all if they can't survive an earthquake."

Claire shot an annoyed look at Corva, she in return simply shrugged her shoulders.

  • Voro: "I have seen many battles in cities my friends, and this just looks like a battle has taken place instead of a natural event.".

Claire looked surprised, sighting she ordered Stench to find a landing site just outside the city and wait there while she, Voro and Corva would explore the city.

After wandering the city for over an hour, they finally found the secret entrance to the lab in a collapsed guard tower. Going underground they came across a large cavern with the entrance to Installation 05.

Half an hour before 07 AQF

Discovering the horrors of Installation 05

Entering the lab, Voro Acetenus wondered why in the entrance hall a massive statue resembling a humanoid, made of gold and emerald was left behind and never recovered? Such a statue was worth a fortune, both within the Quadrants and Cyrannus. Wandering through the half collapsed and heavily damaged installation, the three wondered what had happened here that caused such a damage, and another question arised as well. What did scientists of Rambo Nation do here?

Approaching another room, they noticed cabinets filled with data recordings, books and laboratory equipment, cages that held a starved and died Quadrantia Xenomorph, the dried up remains of a Quadrantia Jelly-Fish and more. Standing a lone table, with equipment above it, Voro Acetenus picked up a skull.

  • Claire: "What is it Voro?"
  • Voro: "This is no creature Claire, this is the skull and remains of a Rambo Serindia".
  • Corva: "Oh my, what did you guys do here? That is disgusting".

Claire shook her head, it seemed scientists in secret did investigations and experiments on Serindia, their own kin as well. Disgusted Claire headed to another room, leaving Voro and Corva behind, she found herself in a room that was heavily damaged, the roof caved in and the supporting pillars mostly had came down. Suddenly tremors were felt..................

Mere minutes before 07 AQF

The Destroyer awakens!

With stones falling from the roof, Claire tried to avoid them and noticed that the lights, including the computers that suddenly sprang back online. In the other room, Corva and Voro Acetenus drew their weapons and sheltered themselves underneath a table until the tremors stopped. Corva used one of the computer terminals, and found out a horrible truth. The Installation was used to create enchanced soldiers, and had a clearance to do experiments on whatever they needed, including creatures and citizens charged for crimes. Disgusted Corva looked at Voro, who took a closer look at the starved Quadrantia Xenomorph. When Corva look at Claire in the other room, she looked horrified.

Claire stood up, tasting blood due to biting her lip as well as a stream of blood at the side of her head. Coming to her feet she noticed fog surrounded her, suddenly she heard a hiss coming in front of her and saw hideous creatures approaching. Placing her hand at her side, she noticed her phaser was gone when suddenly a shadow emerged from behind her. Looking behind her, through the fog she saw a hideous and massive creature, with skeletal wings and a bad smell, Claire was horrified. Looking at the ceiling, she saw that the ceilings were moving with creatures as well, hideous and deformed. Turning again, Claire yelled at Voro and Corva as the creatures began approaching her friends.

  • Claire: "RUN!!!!!"

Then the massive creature launched itself at Claire and her world turned dark, while her watch bleeped, indicating that the year 07 AQF had begun!

Chapter 04: (07 AQF - month 01)[]

The year 07 AQF has begun! For Claire and her crew there was no celebration of the year as they were send to investigate Installation 05 at the Rambo Nation colony of Koerband. There presence set things into motion that became part of bigger plan, the start of 07 AQF was to building block that would leave its mark for the rest of year!

In the dark of the room, Claire woke up, looking around she touched her fore head, having a massive headache she had difficulties remembering what happened. Slowly the memories came back, they travelled to a secret installation of Rambo Command at Koerband, found out that terrible experiments were done in the labs. And there was more!

Claire escaping the Virals with aid of her Scions!

  • Claire: "W-where are the creatures! And my friends!"

Rising her upper body, she looked around but saw no sign of the creature who knocked her out nor of her friend, Corva and Voro Acetenus. Standing up, she needed the support of the wall to prevent her from falling to her knees again. Leaving the chamber, she saw dead Virals (unknown to her known as Vamrils and Vamrasht), both with blaster holes and energy blade cuts. Sighting in relieve, she hopes that both her friends got out. Wandering the lab she entered the main entrance again and looked in horror, the gates were breached and amassing a large horde of Virals stood in front of her. They all turned at once, opening their hideous mouths a deformed screech came out of it and they started to move as one, growling and snarling at Claire.

Taking shelter in a ravaged barn

Claire opened a nearby door and took the stairs that led her upwards, avoiding debris and Virals she eventually saw light. Stepping at a broken balcony, the sight in front of her took her breath, the ruins of Ramloria City were crawling with Virals. As the Virals came closer to Claire she smiled.

  • Claire: "Not this time creeps".

Claire turned and jumped off the balcony, calling forth her Pidarrow and Owlaron to carry her to safety. Underneath her the father of the Virals narrowed its eyes and hissed. Claire managed to escape Ramloria City unharmed, but found no sign of the Falcon or her friends.

Claire took the road, it was still day light and upon the fall of night, she took refuge in a broken and ravaged farm, apparently the Virals had already been here as well, killing the farmers with no sign of them now. Sheltering in the barn together with her Scions, Claire dared to allow her Charzargon to make a small fire, as the nights were cold at Koerband this time a year. She wondered what kind of destruction the Virals ravaged upon Koerband, and if the defense forces were able to hold them off. With her Charzargon at guard, Claire went to sleep, as of tomorrow she had to survive and find a way out of the peninsula that was crawling with Virals, all hunger for her flesh and blood.

Meeting Ram'Vell in a cafetaria

Elsewhere, at Koerband, three days after the incident at Ramloria City; Stench and Voro Acetenus ate some fruit in one of the cafeteria located at the boulevard in Cardolast. Looking outside, Voro saw the destruction the Virals managed to do within one day, the entire east bank and outer district were overrun with Virals and shot into ruins by the defending troopers. The clone troopers were unable to keep them at bay and were forced to destroy the bridge leading to the western side, leaving over 35.000 citizens to the mercy of the relentless Virals. And just as worse, his friends, Claire, Corva and Tironus Manition were out there as well.

An ear dropping aid?

Voro thought how it went all wrong, though they lost track of Claire within the Installation, both he and Corva managed to return to the Falcon, then the chaos began. Virals managed to board the leaving Falcon, getting hold of Corva. Tironus Manition, her closest ally hesitated not a moment and charged at the Viral, though both fell from the Falcon into the trees below. Wanting to turn around, intercepting fighters forced the Falcon to leave the area. Leaving Corva and Tironus Manition behind, at least they could face their troubles together he hoped. Now he had to find a way to return, in wich the approaching Rambo Serindia might be able to help him.

  • Voro: "Greetings ambassador Ram'Vell. I am pleased to see you."
  • Ram'Vell: "Hello honorable Voro Acetenus, I am honored to meet you in person. I saw your request, but I am afraid I cannot help you. Rambo Command took control over my planet. They cut off the roads from Cardolast to the western peninsula, and they placed a large fence around Arthenost, with outside its fences those terrible Virals. Fleet-captain Bill Silveria will not allow anyone to set foot at the infected peninsula. I am chained by Rambo Command for now."

Voro growled and turned his back to Ram'Vell, he should have known a politician could not aid him in getting himself at the peninsula. He did hear Ram Vell shouting his name in apology, but he did not bother. Outside, smelling the fresh air of Cardolast he wondered what to do, when a young girl by the name of Lana Yrel approached him.

  • Lana Yrel: "Hello big guy, I know ear dropping is not decent, but perhaps I can help you!"

Lana and Voro riding a car to Arthenost!

The powerful Cogsangui warrior and former leader Voro Acetenus never experienced riding a car before. Making up speed at the highroad to Arthenost, Voro actually was having fun. Evading escaping citizens in cars, or once in a while a convoy of military vehicles, they reached Arthenost after a few hours. Leaving Stench behind to watch over the Falcon, the young girl Lana Yrel, only eighteen year old was enjoying her life and her new found license for driving. With the local authorities busy handling the Viral threat, there were no speed controls. Voro could not blame her for that at all!

Driving over the bridge they finally reached Arthenost, a city with a feeling of despair with in the distance a large fence over the highroad, with watchtowers on each side and automatic guns, it was their only protection against the Virals. He knew Lana did not notice, but the two bridges to Arthenost were wired with explosions, he could only guess it was the last safe keep to prevent a further outbreak and keep the Virals contained at the Western Peninsula.

  • Lana Yrel: "We are here mr. Voro! As soon as twilight sets in, I can take you to the place I normally cross!

Voro looked surprised".

  • Voro: "You have been among the Virals?"
  • Lana: "Who me? Haha I never saw one. I only go there to get some free stuff at the abandoned stores or get free gasoline for my car! I think Rambo Command is lying about that Outbreak anyway. Something else happened and those movies on the holonet are probably fake. Now come on, you are quite the sight catcher. We can hide in my apartment nearby!"

Virals attack Voro and Lana

As twilight set in both Voro and Lana left the apartment. Heading to the back of the ambassador his house they found an abandoned fence. Climbing the fence they reached the other side safely.

  • Voro: "Is it always this easy?"
  • Lana: Well, those guns only target Virals, so we can pass safely. Command has too few troopers here to man the all the fence walls."

Suddenly around them the hills came alive, storming at the two tresspassers were hordes of Virals. The guns at the fence began firing, adeafening sound chasing away the quietness of twilight.

  • Lana: "They are real!Help!"

Voro charged and hacked in at the seemingly endless horde of Virals, cutting them down one by one he looked in horror when Lana was taken and dragged away in the dark of the forests. Her screams of terror were something that would haunt him in his dreams. When he heard approaching clones from behind the fence, he leaped into the darkness and sprinted in the same direction were Lana was taken.

Though he would never find her at Koerband.............

Morgandaûr finds a mutilated body, left behind by the Virals

A lone body washed ashore of the river, 15 kilometers downstream of Arthenost a mutilated body of young girl was found by a powerful entity, known as the Sorceror of Carnthedain, Morgandaûr. The entity, clad in dark armor looked at the body, disgusted by the deformations of the Virals, though it was useful in a darker plan, he found it a waste of useful lives. To his surprise, the body showed movement, not a last breath but a movement of the fist, shortly followed a soft moan. The girl was still alive. Behind his helmet the entity smiled and he touched the body of the girl. Moment later they found themselves back at his ruined fortress at Carnthedain. Using dark magics he healed the young girl and removed the physical manifestations of the Viral infection, though was unable to remove all. Though it served his need perfectly, now she had more fierce emotions, more difficult to control them she could use them in battle. Her skin color changed as well, from humanoid pink, to a more sickening white.

  • Morgandaur: "Wake up my dear. Tell me your name."

The girl moaned softly and opened her eyes, weakly she responded her name was Lana Yrel, from Koerband. She wondered why she was naked under her blanket, and what had happened. Morgandaûr reached out and placed his hand on her forehead. Showing her images of the Viral attack and the one abandoning her, he manipulated her as she allowed her mind to open for the images. With a part of Morgandaûrs darkness inside her, she would become his loyal servant and slave. A perfect tool and executioner of his will.

Morgandaûr sets his new servant loose!

  • Morgandaûr: "I saved you from this horrible fate Yrel, while the one who swore to protect you, used you as a bait for these horrible creatures."

Lana sat on the table, covering her upper body with the blanket she started to cry, Morgandaûr placed his hand on her shoulder in a comforting manner and told her he could help her become more than she was, that she never had to be dependent on others. Nodding, he gave Lana a new outfit, black leg armor and shoulder pads with neck armor, a loose blue/black scarf design serving as top with two ends hanging from her shoulder and a large energy blade.

  • Yrel: "He left me my lord. As bait for those Virals like you said."
  • Morgandaûr: "Yes he did, the vile creature that he is. What are you going to do when you face him again?"
  • Yrel: "I am going to hurt him, torment him and when he begs for mercy, I will kill him very, very slowly!"
  • Morgandaûr: "I can only trust you my dear, a new dark power grows and strengthens. Our obstacles are severe, but known. The Quadrants are ours to grasp, let us reach!"

Corva sneaks up on the Viral as it confronts Tironus Manition.

Scratching his head, Tironus Manition finally gained consciousness after falling through the forest as the Falcon fled. Finally remembering what had happened, he looked around frantically for his friend Corva who he had last seen in the hands of a deadly Viral. With panic etched on his face, the Paladian could not find the young Alavar anywhere on the forest floor. Suddenly, he heard a horrible noise from the shrubs behind him and he suddenly realised that he was unarmed, with his famed rifle "Shiela" nowhere to be seen. Emerging from the shadows was the Viral who had fallen into the forest alongside the two Falcon crewmembers and it was clear that it was hungry. Hissing and growling, the Viral limped towards Tironus Manition and just as it was about to pounce at the defenseless Paladian, a shot rang out and impacted the Viral in the head. Turning around, Tironus Manition saw Corva holding his rifle. It appeared that she had broken her leg but had used some wood to aid in her movement.

  • Corva: "You didn't think I would leave you that easily did you? It would take more than that to stop me!"

Rushing forward, Tironus Manition hugged Corva, glad that they had survived their terrible fall but now they had new problems, such as how they would return to the Falcon. Tironus Manition approached the dead Viral, examining the remains he recognised the once humanoid features. Looking above at the sky, he saw the bird flying away from the ruined city, worried he knew what they had to do.

  • Tironus Manition: "I don't know what they are, but one thing is for sure, we should leave the area around Ramloria at once. Who knows what these "things" will do."

Tironus Manition and Corva decided to move as fast as they could, with occasionally Tironus Manition carrying Corva when the pain became to bad. During their short trip, Tironus Manition noticed that during the day, the Virals were barely seen but that the clouded day allowed them to destroy the village in the distance, smoke arose from the buildings and the cries of their victims were heard over the winds.

  • Corva: "Tironus Manition what do you think these things are doing?"
  • Tironus Manition: "I don't think we want to know, we better find shelter for the night. Something tells me that at night the true nightmare begins."

Claire prepares herself for another night in a broken barn

Five days after the Viral Outbreak, Claire managed to evade the Virals for days, exhausted she found another broken down barn, apparently only a four day walk away from Arthenost.

Exhausted, she set up a small campfire with aid of her Charzargon before changing her clothes, it had been raining for the last hours and Claire was soaked. With the nights coming colder and colder, Claire only managed to find a summer dress days earlier on the road, left in a suitcase with money and some food. Probably from an unfortunate casualty of the Virals. As such Claire decide to change her uniform in that of the civilian dress, probably for the best to draw less attention.

Managing to fall asleep while setting against a wooden fence inside the barn, once housing the farm animals Claire dreamt uneasy, with only her Owlaron at guard as the Scion was a night animal and preferred to be active during the dark. Somewhere in the night Claire heard a noise, taken by surprise she was awake at once as her Owlaron began to screech as a small figure emerged from the mists. Calling her Scions back, she awaited the arrival of the mysterious figure.

Wielding a large hammer, Claire was cornered as the small but powerful looking Creckel stepped forward, swinging his hammer.

A destinied encounter between Claire and Creckorin!

  • Crecklorin: "What are ye doing here girl? Taking me food?"

Claire raised her hand in defiance and ensured the enraged Creckel she was not stealing or anything of that sort. The Creckel lowered his hammer, sat down though the hammer remained between Claire and Creckel.

  • Crecklorin: "I am Crecklorin, son of Crecktain and the smith of a nearby town. What are you doing here I ask again, how did you manage to survive little girl? Ye’re skinny sprite tell me the truth or I will hammer you!"

Taken a back, and insulted Claire crossed her arms in front of her. Raising her head in defiance the Creckel, whose race are already known for their temper grew irritated and raised his hammer again, the moment he did Claire launched forward and kicked the legs from underneath the Creckel’s body. Sitting a top of him she drew a small knife and placed it at the throat of Crecklorin.

  • Claire: "Now little swine, let’s start again".

The Creckel gulped and smiled.

  • Crecklorin: "Well this is not something what happenes every day, now is it my dear skinny sprite?"

After setting aside their differences, Claire and Crecklorin decided to team up to survive the Viral Outbreak and find a way out. Having found a small machine gun in the barn, she eyed the Creckel wary and never let him out of sight. Talking about their survival strategies, she recognised the Creckel as a great warrior, though what she heard about the stubberness and sometimes rude appearances of Creckel, this one seemed rather noble in appearance, though a bit arrogant. The next morning the two travelled to a nearby town, raiding and plundered by Virals, though in bright day light no Viral was seen.

Surrounded by Virals once more!

  • Claire: "We need to go to Cardolast or Arthenost, there we shall be safe from Virals, Rambo Command will protect us there, I am sure of it Creckorin!"

The Creckel turned furious, raising his voice and pointing his hammer at Claire he growled in anger.

  • Crecklorin: "Rambo Command? You know what they did? Did ya little sprite? I was there at the fences of Arthenost when we asked for sanctuary, sadly Virals appeared within and you precious troopers fired at everything, Viral or not. Some of use managed to escape eh, wandering the quaratined zone for survival or a way out. "

Claire looked at her feet, ashamed of what she heared. She couldn't believe what the Creckel just told her, Command would never fire at innocent civilians, right? Suddenly she felt a hammer pass by her head. Furious she turned to face Creckorin!

  • Claire: "Hey! What was that for......"

Escaping by boat on the river

Suddenly she saw, they were surrounded by hissing and growling Virals. Creckorin grabbed his second hammer and swung at the nearest Viral, sending it over a small wall of a former terrace.

  • Crecklorin: "Follow me little sprite! To the river! They fear water!"

Claire turned and jumped in the air, high kicked a Viral in the face before landing again and rolling underneath the legs of a Viral before kicking them underneath the creature. Opening a way with his hammer, Crecklorin charged while Claire emptied her machine gun. Riverside, they found a lone boat, charging up the engine Claire and Crecklorin managed to escape with sheer luck, leaving the Virals at the riverside, hissing in anger and frustration.

Unknown to both of them, in orbit of Koerband they were picked up by the scanners and two Mortis-Dropships were send to intercept this possible quarantine outbreak!

Chapter 05: (07 AQF - month 02)[]

The USS Juno approaches the Harbinger of Truth above Koerband.

A week after capturing the mighty Harbinger of Truth away from the clutches of the Cognatus Empire, Thaur Vicliquam and his rebellious allies arrived in the Quadrant Galaxies in their search for Voro Acetenus. Using information given to him by New Republic Intelligence under the orders of Proconsul Apollo, Thaur discovered that Voro was last seen on Koerband, a world under siege by the deadly Viral Outbreak. Fearing the worst, Thaur brought the Harbinger of Truth out of hyperspace in low orbit over the Rambo-held planet viewing the benefits that rescuing Voro would bring as being more important than offending the Rambo. Hanging silently in space over the planet in an attempt to locate the sole Cogsangui lifeform, the Harbinger of Truth awaited a potential Rambo response.

Response came by the intercepting Excelsior-Class, the USS Juno under command of fleet-captain Bill Silveria.

  • Silveria: "This is fleet-captain Silveria, state your purpose rebel Cognatus!"
  • Thaur Vicliquam: "Watch your tongue, Silveria. You have never faced the firepower of a Melkón-class Dreadnought. You would be a fool to face our guns."

While the Excelsior-class raised its shields and targeted weapons, one of Thaur's officer informed him of a possible Consangui presence within the quarantine area. His eyes gleaming, Thaur activated the Harbinger's phase cloaking device, making the massive dreadnought vanish from sight as it sped towards low orbit over the quarantine zone. Approaching Thaur as he sat on the Harbinger's command chair was the white-armoured Morin Ethar, Thaur's second in command.

  • Morin Ehtar: "Shiplord Vicliquam, our gunships and warriors are ready to launch at your command. Voro Acetenus will be our guest before the day is done."
  • Thaur Vicliquam: "Do not underestimate our foe, my friend. These virals are indeed powerful, despite their savage natures. Launch the gunships and take heed, our true enemy has a presence on this world, working with the Rambo to locate the artifacts of the gods. We must be cautious."
  • Morin Ehtar: "By your command, Shiplord."

From the massive launchbays of the 19,000 metre long dreadnought, dozens of gunships sped towards the former leader's last known coordinates and right into a nest of deadly virals...

Voro is approached by two Cognatus Gunships.

Making his way through the quarantine zone, Voro Acetenus was beginning to grow increasingly exhausted, but nonetheless managed to survive the near constant attacks made against him by the Virals, leaving a trail of bodies behind him, but beginning to grow weak under the strain. Suddenly, he heard a familiar sound from his days as the leader of the Cognatus Remnant; the sound of a Cognatus gunship. Before he could react, a viral managed to sneak up on him, though just as it was about to jump it was shot down by a nearby Cognatus warrior, garbed in white, ceremonial armour.

  • Morin Ehtar: "Glorious day. You have been found."
  • Voro Acetenus: "What is the meaning of this?! You will find no loyalty from me in your dishonourable hulk of an empire."
  • Morin Ehtar: "Good. For we fight against them and require your aid."

Voro's mandibles parted in a smile-like gesture, apparently surprised that the new arrival was not vying for his head. After all, he had not seen a friendly member of his own kind since his ousting as leader of the Cognatus Remnant in 01 NE. The former Cognatus leader bowed his head slightly.

  • Voro Acetenus: "Then you are a friend, but alas, I cannot leave this pestilential world when my allies are in mortal danger. I must find them."

Ehtar clenched his fist to his chest and bowed his head with deference.

  • Morin Ehtar: "We will aid you so long as we can. We should return to the Harbinger of Truth, our flagship. There, we can scan for your allies."

Looking back at the way he came, Voro sighed deeply. With a flick of his wrist, his saber deactivated.

  • Voro Acetenus: "Lead on, commander."

Voro, Corva and Tironus Manition meet with Morin Ehtar and Thaur Vicliquam.

After scanning the nearby vicinity, it turned out two lifeforms were picked up by the Cognatus scanners, most notably they were not the ordinary life forms found on a Rambo colony, as they turned out to be a Alavar and a Paladian. Signaling the commander, their gunship headed to their new coordinates. Still on the run from the Virals, Corva and Tironus Manition Manition were becoming quickly exhausted after so many days of surviving in the wilderness of Koerband. Suddenly, Corva looked into the air and saw a mysterious and deadly-looking ship bearing the colours of a Cognatus dropship.

  • Corva: "A Coggie dropship? Somehow I doubt they are friendly!"

Raising their weapons, Corva and Tironus Manition failed to notice the three Cognatus warriors who materialised behind them, followed by Voro himself. Shocked, Corva turned around in surprise and accidentally shot Voro in the chest, the blast harmlessly deflecting off his shields.

  • Voro Acetenus: "We are allies!"

Gasping in shock, Corva ran up to hug her Cogsangui friend.

  • Corva: "Sorry big guy! It's the mouth. Scares me sometimes."
  • Voro Acetenus: "No matter, my friend. You have nothing to fear from these Cognatus, they are allied to my plight."

Sceptically, Tironus Manition lowered his rifle.

  • Tironus Manition: "Can they help us find Claire and Stench? We became separated."
  • Voro Acetenus: "The Falcon and Stench have docked with the Harbinger of Truth in orbit. But it will be difficult to single her out. There are no doubt more Quadrantia Humanoids on this planet than Alavar or Paladian."

Upon returning to the Harbinger of Truth, Voro Acetenus received a heroes welcome, much to his surprise. Upon meeting Thaur Vicliquam, Voro arrived on the bridge where he thanked the rebel Cognatus for their bravery in combating the deadly Virals. Voro immediately tasked the bridge officers of the Harbinger to scan for Claire, using her DNA discovered on the Falcon. Though the Viral Infestation did not fill the crew with hope that she managed to survive, a single blip suddenly appeared on the map of the planet. A Cogsangui Officer turned to Voro and Thaur.

  • Cogsangui: "Honoured leaders, we have detected a signal matching the DNA alongside what appears to be Creckal lifeform. It seems they are floating in a large body of water."
  • Thaur: "Perhaps they seek refuge from the infection."
  • Voro: "The human is a friend, Shiplord. I would be appreciative if a gunship could rescue her and her Creckal companion."

Thaur placed his fist on his chest and bowed his head.

  • Thaur: "It will be done."
  • Cogsangui: "Sir, there seems to be a problem, we identified two Mortis-class dropships of Rambo Nation closing in on their position."
  • Thaur: "Then go in in all haste!

Down below, both Claire and Crecklorin tried to evade the troopers that fired upon them, unknown to Claire one of them was her old companion Zabiela. Suddenly one of the missles hit the boat and Claire and Crecklorin hit the water hard, as one of the Mortis-class dropships hovered above the water to finish them both, a purple flash of light incarnated the dropship as the Cognatus dropship hovered above Claire and Crecklorin. While Thaur Vicliquam himself lined down, he and another Congansui picked up both Claire and Crecklorin. Heading back to the Harbringer of Truth, a larger Rambo Nation task force was closing in on the massive Cognatus vessel.


After being saved by the dropship, Claire and Crecklorin walked the hallways of the massive dreadnought. The Creckel, Crecklorin felt uneasy. He never encountered these Cogsangui before, only heard the dreaded stories about them and felt unsafe, even Claire felt a bit unnerved, she only met a few Cogsangui and she always was careful around them, unless it was her friend Voro. Entering the bridge of the Harbinger of Truth, Claire was relieved to see several familiar faces amongst the crowd of intimidating Cogsangui, including Voro, Tironus Manition and Corva. Smiling broadly, the Alavar Corva ran and hugged Claire while Tironus Manition patted her on the back, Claire returned their hug warmly and intenste and smiled at them.

  • Claire: "It is great to see you unharmed my friends, I was so affraid. These Virals are terrifying up close."
  • Tironus Manition: "No kidding, I wasn't sure if we'd get out alive. Luckily our mandible'd friends provided a hand."

The final meeting on the Harbinger of Truth.

Thaur Vicliquam stood forward and bowed his head.

  • Thaur Vicliquam: "An ally of Primarch Voro is a friend of mine, human."

Claire returned the gesture with a nod, spreading her hands she turned her attention to her other newfound friend.

  • Claire: "Let me introduce the one who help safe my live besides my Scions, Crecklorin, son of Crecktain, heir to Creckabad!"

The grumpy Creckel nodded and looked outside. Shocked he turned again and pointed at the fleet approaching the vessel they were on.

  • Voro: "Honoured, my Creckel friend. Though it appears we have little time to talk, a Rambo fleet is approaching and we must prevent a hostile incident. Claire, my friend, would you be willing to send a transmission to the Rambo fleet? You are an operative after all."

Claire smiled and opened a transmission with aid of Thaur Vicliquam, who she eyed weary due to him having the same "Vicliquam" in his name, she met a Cogsangui once with the same word in his name and she wouldn't want to relive the encounter.

  • Claire: "This is Claire Rambo, Operative in service of her Royal Majesty, Supreme Empress Ramashe of House Le Rambo. With the power bestowed upon me by Fiction:Rambo Nation/Rambo Command, I hereby order you to stand down your assault, this ship and those onboard are friends."

That being said, most of the ships stopped their advance, thoug the lead Excelsior-Class replied, fleet captain Silveria claimed they tresspassed quaratined territory and endagered the population, increased the Viral threat and entered orbit without permission. Claire rolled her eyes.

  • Claire: "Let me deal with the details fleet-captain, Harbringer of Truth out".
  • Corva: "What should we do, Claire?"
  • Claire: '"That depends on Voro I believe, he owns the big ship now."
  • Voro: "This is Rambo space and I do believe we have outstayed our welcome. Helm, take us into hyperspace."

Claire claimed they were always welcome, and would report their adventure to Rambo Command for clarification. Voro nodded appreciatively and turned to Claire, Corva and Tironus Manition.

  • Voro: "I am afraid my time with you all has ended. A new future is beginning for the Cognatus and I have been chosen by my kin to lead the charge. It saddens me to leave you, but I trust we will meet again."

Claire walked towards Voro, taking his head into her hands, she gave a gentle kiss on his forehead.

  • Claire: "Thank you for everything my friend,, may the Gods be with you".


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