Riffrex is a member of the Cult of Spore, an organization that believes all of reality was created by a group of teenage humans based on a game called "Spore."

He is one of the three Arch Priests in the cult, representing those members who hold a large contempt for the writers due to the suffering they inflict on the universe.


Time as Poor GausianEdit

Riffrex was born on a gausian colony as a member of the gausian poor class. As a poor gausian he lived in horrible starvation. He usually drank sewer water which had been boiled over a campfire and ate the flesh of the rare wild animal or else ate from the garbage of the rich class. Despite the miserable state of his life, he took comfort in his interactions with his parents and siblings, and other members of his tribe.

Death of TribeEdit

One day, Riffrex’s tribe’s leader was approached by a rich man who wanted to take on his tribe as slaves, a condition which would have led to the end of their starvation, but would’ve also entailed that the tribe would be reduced to a state of total submission to their masters. After consulting the tribe, the leader respectfully refused the rich man’s offer, stating that they preferred their own freedom, as well as the integrity of their marriages, to enslavement.

Outraged that he had been refused, the rich man sent agents to slaughter Riffrex’s entire tribe just days before Riffrex’s fifteenth birthday. Everyone in the tribe died, except for Riffrex, who managed to escape the carnage. He hid, unable to safely exit his hiding place, and with agents of the rich man searching for him. He could only sit back, still hungry, as he had always been so as long as he could remember, and contemplate his soon to end life.

However, on his fifteenth birthday, a mysterious figure met him and asked Riffrex to follow him back to his moon. Riffrex first thought that this was an agent of the rich man but it soon became clear that it was not and Riffrex agreed at which point the figure teleported him to his moon.

As Alikos' PetEdit

Once there, the figure revealed himself to be Alikos, the Lightbringer, Patron of truth. The figure gave Riffrex two options. He would either find Riffrex a suitable home in an interstellar empire which would be willing to take him, or, if Riffrex wished, he could stay on the moon and live as Alikos’ pet. Riffrex was at first appalled at this idea but, once it was explained to him that he would only be treated like a pet in a positive sense and not be legal property. Though still skeptical, Riffrex agreed to spend a few days like this to see if he liked it and as soon as he had a taste of the food Alikos could make he eagerly agreed to stay with Alikos.

As Alikos’ pet, Riffrex discovered an interest in art and began to develop his own form. Meanwhile, Alikos taught Riffrex the ideologies of the cult of spore. Eventually, Riffrex wound up in a leadership position in the organization as one of the three high priests.

Ever since agreeing to be Alikos’ pet Riff has lived in the palace on Isuma. He spends much of his time simply laying across Riffrex’s lap, being stroked, whilst praying to Alikos. The rest of his time he spends eating, sleeping, researching to inform himself on various empires and events, managing the spore cult or working on his various projects such as his reviews and artwork.




Riffrex is fueled in almost everything he does by a deep seeded and persistent anger at the evils and injustices of the universe. Sometimes this leads him to positive pursuits, such as his strange style of artwork. At other times, this can lead him to be petty and to lash out at persons he considers or associates with evil in an ultimately unproductive or counterproductive manner.

This is made all the worse by his hatred of the writers in which he believes. Because he regards all persons as their creations his offensive snark can sometimes be aimed carelessly. This attitude also robs him of sympathy in situations where he regards the victim of an offense as evil, which actually does a bit to temper his anger.

Riffrex only seems calm when making his artistic projects, or when stretched out in ecstasy across Alikos’ lap. For him, art is his one productive way of channeling his anger. Rather than petty insults, he uses his anger to drive him to find a way to give his own rage form, with which he may communicate it to others, and possibly even stir them into action.




Riffrex often creates various works of art. Though some of his works are typical forms of art, others are highly unconventional, to the point where almost anything, from a looping film to a cryo-chamber full of dead rats, could be a Riffrex art piece. His works have sometimes been controversial due to their morbid nature, up to and including the use of actual corpses as elements in one piece.

Riffrex performs his artistic works as an avenue to vent his anger. In doing so, he aims to give his emotions form with which he can communicate them to others. The result is that his works usually implicitly support some ideological view. This has resulted in his works being poorly received by those who disagree with said views.

Riffrex’s artwork is often censored. Some pieces, such as his first work Too Late are censored because they are deemed indecent. Others are censored by totalitarian or ideological states because they are subversive to the state’s ideals. Because many of his pieces are about slavery and poverty, states with large slave classes or large amounts of income inequality are particularly prone to ban his work. Riffrex considers this a badge of pride, as he views this banning as indicative of the state’s having no more legitimate response to his work, thus vindicating his ideas.

Below is an incomplete list of his works:

  • Too Late. A Row of five cryogenic chambers. Each one contains the corpse of a poor Gausian who died of starvation. The corpses’ digestive systems have been stuffed, nearly to the point of bursting, with food from Isuma.
  • Weakness. A painting of a strong looking, muscular man in tribal dress with a club fighting a fat, weak looking man in technologically advanced armor armed with a military grade sniper rifle. Other members of the tribal’s species are seen in the background. They are not as muscular.
  • Glorious Empire. A film lasting exactly 500 hours. The film is of a small hill. At one point, an ant on a throne appears and remains for about .75 seconds before disappearing. There is a loop of those .75 seconds and the three surrounding seconds next to it for display purposes.
  • Vile. A comic of a large, orange reptilian creature speaking to a small purple one. His dialogue shows him to be offended by the tone of the purple creature's criticisms of his beliefs and practices. One hand is held in front of the purple creature, pointing upward. The other grasps a whip with which a black feathered creature is being flayed.


Riffrex often attempts to demean or insult the writers he hates by releasing extremely demeaning and negative reviews of various documentations of events, organizations, and persons, both real and fictional, which he attributes to the writers. The origins of many of these documents and profiles are unknown, but on occasion, his exerts contain accurate information which he should not have access to.

His reviews are often controversial, as he often mocks real life tragedies in a way that many people find highly offensive.

List of reviewsEdit

  • 1: The Drakodominatus Tyranny
  • 2: Hachiman
  • 3: The USF (Planned)
  • 4: The Delpha Coalition of Planets (Planned)
  • 5: The Divinarium (Planned)
  • 6: The Mardor Empire (Planned)
  • 7: The Vyro'Narza (Planned)
  • 8: TBD
  • 9: TBD
  • 10: Top 10 Worst Sporewiki Characters.


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