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Its the year 344 ACS, and the Golden Age has met its end... This is going to be devastating war on all fronts, as it is warlord vs warlord (but the DCP's allies can get involved)! You pick what side you choose! The DCP has survived many wars against many alien threats, but will it survive itself?

DCP:Emperor Wormulus/Bo Ramik Delpha Coalition of Planets, Capricorn Sector Alliance, Rambo Nation, Core Federation, Pondsisosa Federation, Tybusen, The Zazane Rebels, Doriaca Kingdom, Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire
DCP:Eclipsos The Zazane Empire, Vartekian Empire, Iron Bloc
DCP:Tricarrion Defensive System's Bloc, Xhodocto (not allies, but they are teaching him their knowledge and demonic energy)
DCP:Titanozor Ottzel, The Raptora
Status The United Warlords Conquered most of the DCP, but now the Emperor is winning.
Current faction winning The Emperor
Casualties (DCP:Emperor) Heavy
Casualties (DCP:Eclipsos) Heavy
Casualties (other warlords) N/A (they are now united, minor to begin with)
Location Milky Way Galaxy, Tigris Galaxy
State Rebuilding

Participants in the Civil War[]

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Liquid Ink[]

9 Spore Fans[]




The Valader[]

  • The Krassio Host



  • Yilise Confederation(helping to rebuild)

Part 1 - Prelude and beginning[]

The war begins!

The Warlord Eclipsos was blinded by power, and wanted to control the DCP, as he believed Emperor Wormulus II and the other warlords were wrong. He was growing increasingly hostile and rebellious against the Emperor. So the Emperor sent a Jarzo spy to secretly watch him.

A few days later, during the new DCP year, Admiral Kilnok decided to celebrate the DCP's battlefleet in a big parade, since the DCP's fleet is very important. All the Warlords were invited. For most of the day, all went well, without incident. But then a present from Eclipsos is given to the Emperor, however, when opened, the box contained the chopped up body of the Jarzo spy! Soon after, Eclipsos sent a message to Admiral Kilnok and Emperor Wormulus, telling them, they were about to die! Kilnok raised the shields, and him, Warlord Bo Ramik and the Emperor teleported away. The entire parade turned into a battlefield, each warlord was fighting each other, other than Bo Ramik, who stayed loyal. The poor citizens, were caught in the crossfire...

Sides in the war[]

Bo Ramik has stayed loyal to the Emperor, but the other warlord Eclipsos has split. Mauloron, Titanozor and Tricarrion are not decided on which side to take, and in the first battle, they were firing on both sides. The Emperor still has most of the DCP, but Eclipsos rules the outer edges and the Expansion Wedge, but he is likely to expand...

Allies' Position[]

The Capricorn Sector Alliance sided with the main DCP and Bo Ramik straight away, while the Vartekian Empire allied with Eclipsos along with the evil Zazane. The DCP is warning their allies and enemies that Eclipsos is very dangerous and has split, and even possibly Mauloron, Titanozor and Tricarrion, who have still not contacted anyone.

Eclipsos and the Neo Zazane will try to get the other Warlords on their side, but it seems there all ememies with each other for now.

As Rambo Nation recieved the distress call they immediatly sided with the Emperor and Bo-Ramik, and the Quadrantia Federation also gave there support to the Emperor and the Sky War-Lord. However, due to the Quadrantia Federatioin is at war in the Second Galactic War, the arrival of large fleets to the DCP could take a while to gather.

The Core Federation, meanwhile, sent a 6 billion-ship Armada to aid the DCP's rightful government because they sympathize with the DCP's Emperor. The Armada is expected to arrive shortly to support the DCP and crush the rebellion.

The Ottzel ally with Titanozor, while the Defensive System's Bloc allies with Tricarrion.

The Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire, after being liberated from the tyrannical rule of Emperor Maximilian by the DCP, sent the majority of their space fleet to aid Emperor Wormulus.

Mauloron and other non-aligned warlords[]

Eclipsos managed to contact Mauloron, and tried to convince him into an alliance, in which Mauloron initially agreed. But when Mauloron's forces arrived in orbit of Eclipsos's colony, they opened fire on his fleet. Alhough the Vengeance Class is more powerful than Mauloron's Behemoth class, Mauloron did manage to cripple the planet before escaping. It is now obvious, that Mauloron is staying non-aligned, and has taken the oppotunity to split himself.

A similar story is for Tricarrion. He stayed non-aligned and will fight them all! Titanozor was the last to truly split, but even this great warrior, became traitorous.

The DCP is now split up into 5 factions:The main, original DCP under Emperor Wormulus and Bo Ramik, which is still most of the Milky Way, Cyrannus and Tigris galaxies, Eclipsos's faction which controls the New Expansion Wedge and the fringes of the galaxy, Mauloron who controls most of DCP the Core sectors, Tricarrions faction in the remaining colonies in Universe 66501 and Titanozor's faction in the Ottzello Galaxy.

"Calming" the citizens and putting down rebellions[]

A protest.

Crushing rebellions.

When Eclipsos and the other Warlords had split from the Emperor, they had a big and growing problem to attend too - the citizens, public and warriors. Almost immediately after the split, there were riots, rebellions and protests, and utter chaos in the streets. The public were not going to be subdued easily, as they still liked the original government. Eclipsos responded by sending in force, tear gas at first, but then there was blood-shed. He began to use indoctrination, patronising families and installing fear that the people would disappear if they rebelled.

The next part was crushing the rebellious forces. While Eclipsos had a large and loyal private army, he still had to fight the normal DCP forces. Most retreated back to the space owned by the original government, while others stayed behind and fought. The remnants were crushed.

Alas, there were still rebellion. In the end, the Warlords (especially Mauloron) used poison rain to subjugate the rebellions. The rain was deadly, killing crops and livestock, damaging buildings, corroding vehicles and mutating (and eventually killing) the rebels. The Citizens stood down in fear, while their new masters took full control. The least bad Warlord other than Bo Ramik was Titanozor, who imprisoned his citizens rather than killing them.

Tricarrion emerges from hell[]

The Warlord Tricarrion has completed his training with Ayrai-Shikua or Xhodocto. He was being taught the ways and knowledge of the Xhodocto, and now possesses demonic energy! Now him, his Dark Legion and Tricarrion's Desolation Class warships will be a threat to all the Warlords!

Part 2 - Civil War[]

Emperor Wormulus II has declared war on Eclipsos and the non-aligned warlords since Mauloron, Tricarrion and Titanzor has not contacted the true government. The DCP has had uprisings before, but never this serious, and while the Warlords are much smaller than the Emperors space, they still have many ships, powerful superweapons and other advanced technologies.

The Emperor, Bo Ramik and allies[]

Quadrantia Federation sends aid[]

The Quadrantia Fleet whom comes to aid the DCP

As the battle of Caprica had ended, the Rambo Capitol was liberated from Imperial control and an alliance was made with the Core Federation, the Quadrantia Federation had a emergency meeting after Rambo Nation recieved problematic messages from the Delpha Coalition of Planets.

After hours of debating (the Xiaans were to be swayed) all members agreed to aid the DCP as the Second Galactic War reached it's end. The aiding fleet of the Quadrantia Federation came under command of the experient Captain Huttelett III of the Hutter Kingdom, this in anger of the Rambo since they wanted to lead the fleet.

As of speaking the fleet as left Quadrant 82 and 89 and will arrive shortly at the DCP capitol.

Capricorn Sector Alliance sends aid[]

Hunter Class Star Destroyer

The Capricorn Sector Alliance are good allies of the original DCP and sent thousands of new Hunter Class Star Destroyers to Milky Way Galaxy to aid the Emperor and Bo Ramik in their struggle against the Separatists.

The DCP and allies attack, and capturing the Zazane mothership[]

The Emperor decided enough was enough. The rebellions and traitors will be destroyed. The Emperor was angry, a rage so powerful, even his guards trembled. But he was also upset, and felt betrayed. The great empire he created had now collpsed, into different factions who the forgot the very meaning of the DCP. The Emperor sent over 5000 Dreadnoughts, thousands more battlecruisers and over 3 billion soliders to reclaim the space of Eclipsos. The allies also joined, composed of many rebel Zazane, Capricorn and Rambo ships. The Core fedration attacked Mauloron (as well as some DCP too).

The first place attack occured when an allied fleet of DCP and rebel Zazane captured a Zazane mothership. The mothership was very powerful, however, the DCP's armarda used its advanced technologies, such as making the ships out of sinc, like ghosts to avoid the motherships arsenal. Once its defenses were obliterated, Zazane troops invaded the mothership and captured it. This was the first major victory.

The Emperor strikes again[]

Eclipsos was losing systems day by day. The Capricorn's new Delpha class was quite proving useful, as well as the CoreFeds huge armarda they sent to help the DCP. However, Eclipsos although much weaker than the Emperor has the technology to cause great destruction. The Rambo, Capricorn, CoreFed and even the Emperor's forces were taking moderate casualties.

Warriors still not in leage with Eclipsos are still rebelling even in battle, this includes changing fronts whenever they can, so now, Eclipsos, decided to put explosives that will kill any troops who do so. However in retalliation, the troops still died, because they didn't want to fight for Eclipsos, and would rather die for the Emperor's cause. So, Eclipsos used time delay weapons instead, which would kill them and their old friends of the other side of the battle too.

Bo Ramik invades Eclipsos[]

While the Emperor defends the DCP home and Delpha Sectors, Bo Ramik has invaded the space owned by Eclipsos. Him and his Sky warriors have boarded and captured many of Eclipsos's and the Vartekians ships.

Krassio Host intervenes[]

Seeing the current conflict between the DCP, and currently the knowing that the Warlord Tricarrion has call the Xhodocto for training, the Krassio Host sent one of their greatest warriors, Lagartoss, to fight against against the dark legion of Tricarrion and support the emperor.

Krassio Medivacs[]

The Krassio sent part of their medical host to aid the citizens struggled by the Warlords who seek their loyalty, protected by the Krassio as well, the brigade starts healing the wounded and feeding the hunger, a large fleet of the Krassio emerges from a psionic portal and sets its orbit into Mirenton in order to Lagartoss speak with the Emperor for a full briefing.

Quadrantia Fleet arrives[]

Around the same time as the Krassio fleet arrived the Quadrantia Fleet also arrived, they laid down a blockade around Mirenton and awaited instruction from the Wormulon Emperor or Admiral Kilnok. However, they wondered how they could aid the DCP, as there ships were far more powerfuller than that of the Quadrantia Fleet.

None the less, they opened a channel and awaited instructions.

Emperor's instructions[]

Indeed, the Quadrantia Fleet would take heavy losses, and it was still recovering from from the Second Galactic War. So, instead of being on the frontline, the Quadrantia Fleet will have more tactical uses. The Emperor himself welcomed the Rambo and allies to Mirenton and they were instructed to create special defense grids around the border of Eclipsos, Mauloron and now Tricarrion. They would detect and then swarm any ships coming in, with the help of the DCP. Another use for the Quadrantia was to add support to ground forces, while the DCP defend them from space.

Halted the advance of the Zazane and Vartekians, for now[]

As Eclipsos and Mauloron aided Tricarrion to cut off Bo Ramik, the Zazane and Vartekians remained and attacked the DCP space. Emperor Wormulus decided to show the Vartekians and Zazane the true power of the DCP. Using a technique called Ghost phasing ships were able to get very close to the Vartekian cruisers. Holographic ships confused the Zazane, while the Quadrantia Fleet jumped on their fleet and destroyed it. Finally, the Emperor used 3 Gargantuan class superships to obliterate Ecdlipsos's allies in the DCP space. Nearby ship manufactoring systems of the Vartekian Empire were soon destroyed by the Gargantuans star killing weapons.

Soon after, a few colonies of Eclipsos were liberated, and its civilians saved from oppression by Eclipsos.

Fall of Bo Ramik[]

Read below in Tricarrion's section to learn the details

Bo Ramik fought Tricarrion, to allow his ships to retreat to DCP space in Milky Way Galaxy. They fought an epic battle, but sadly, Bo Ramik was killed by Tricarrion. The Emperor was very upset as Bo Ramik was his favourite Warlords (or rather clone). The Emperor was so mad with rage, and now is even a little worried because the DCP in intergalactic space was conquered by his own traitors. Two-thirds of the DCP now belongs to the Warlords.

Warlord Eclipsos and allies[]

Warlord Eclipsos was still gathering resources and building ships when the DCP attacked. They had taken the mothership, and had already free'd a couple of colonies. It was clear the warlords would lose if they did not act straight away, but what could they do? They had fleets, but it was not big enough or prepared enough to attack the true DCP or their allies. So instead, Eclipsos sent his allies the Vartekian Empire with a few DCP Vengeance class warships to attack the true DCP. The true DCP was not aware that Eclipsos had allied with the Vartekians, and this surprised the fleets. This was a distraction, while Eclipsos's industrial shipyards were creating 12 Vengeance classes a day.

Battle of Kelandra-4[]

Eclipsos decided to attack the Emperor back. He used a cloaking bubble to enter the system. Eclipsos, Vartekian and Zazane forces invaded the planet, where they created a shield generator. The true DCP's forces were shot down. Next, Eclipsos had to kill the Yoburt, who did the clever thing and stayed behind a bit. However, the combined Grimbolsaurian, Jarzo, Vartekian and Zazane stormed the base. But after destroying it, Eclipsos found a secret hatch to a much larger underground base. If reinforcements from the underground come, then Eclipsos's forces on the planet would have been defeated. However, a Vartekian solider had an idea - flush out the base with an antimatter bomb. After bypassing several security features, the hatch and an underlying shield was destroyed. The antimatter bomb was then unleashed. The planet had now fallen to Eclipsos, and the Vartekian who proposed the idea was promoted.

New plan[]

It was coming clear now, Eclipsos would be finished. So he had a plan, he would unite the other warlords instead of warring with them. Who would control the DCP would have to be decided after defeat of the Emperor. But how to unite them? Eclipsos initiated a new plan...

Alliance with Mauloron[]

The forces of Eclipsos and Mauloron unite.

Eclipsos's new plan was to unite the Warlords instead of warring with them. Eclipsos turned up in Mauloron's space with a huge fleet of his ships the Vengeance classes, Dreadnoughts and battlecruisers. The Vartekians and Zazane meanwhile were to protect Eclipsos's space while he allied with Mauloron.

Mauloron at first fought Eclipsos, however, with the Grox, CoreFed and the Emperor attacking him, and due to Eclipsos's superior numbers, Mauloron was forced to ally with Eclipsos. Now, once they have allied, they are much more dangerous than before.


Eclipsos has now fully invaded DCP space, he now has a fleet, he has allies, and he has Mauloron. Over 100,000 Eclipsos and allied ships have attacked the DCP (but many of them are fighters). He first attacked Dreregon, Meeegor, Crackadali, Nescarapscaron, Ulai, and Eladion-minor. All fell to Eclipsos. Then he glassed Distack in his campains and took the grissop nebula, a popular training course and energy reserve of the true DCP. Mauloron also attacked many worlds. However, Mylak, a major planet of the Expansion Wedge was successfully raided by the Emperor. Over 3 billion inhabitants were liberated, an extra 3 billion to fight Eclipsos. The battle has not quite reached the Delpha Sector.

Around this time, Bo Ramik stepped in, and diverted half Eclipsos's invasion fleet. His Sky Warriors boarded many ships and claimed them as Bo Ramik's. This however, let Tricarrion form his and get the upper hand...

Votarah's plan[]

In his younger years Votarah was still in captains training and wasn't the best strategist, this changed when Votarah met Telade a young female also training as a captain. It was a bright day in Voltaria and Votarah decided to take a stroll, As he was walking through the streets he was ambushed by the local gang who despised captains. That instant Telade arrived seeing her fellow comrade in danger she picked up a rock and swiftly tossed it to Votarah "Through the rock!" Votarah than caught the rock and flung it at the gang members. The rock whizzed through the air and struck the biggest gang member in the forehead, The Gang memer swayed and finally toppled over. the rest of the gang members frightened and shocked fled. It was than Votarah realized "They fled because their leader fell, In this way their moral was quickly blown out!". Votarah would use this same strategy time and again to defeat his enemies. This time he would evolve it. Votarah quickly contacted lord Eclipsos "Lord Eclipsos, I have a plan." Lord Eclipsos narrowed his eyes "I'm listening." Votarah then explained his story. "This is my new idea that will work both ways... there is a virus called The Hellsportal, It infects anything... an It is incredibly dangerous as well as contagious, We will collect the corpses of the dcp and stuff them with this virus... then send the bodies back... best of all... the virus doesn't show up until it's to late." Lord Eclipsos grinned "Perfect."

Warlord Mauloron[]

The Core Federation and DCP forces attacked Mauloron. The Grox, also attacked Mauloron, in order to take up the power vacuum. But Mauloron fought back, he unleashed the power of nature (harnessing volcanoes, animal life, weather systems etc.) on the Emperors colonies. The planets, turned against the colonists, or it seemed that way, as Mauloron's Behemoth class warships were capable of planeatry manipulation. But the ships themselves, are outgunned easily.

CorFed forces, surprised by Mauloron's terraforming weapons, began to blockade his affected colonies to avoid any ships from escpaing. Even more of his warships arrived, however, and their Army was cornered by the out-of-control forces of nature and Mauloron's ships. The CorFed's forces, swelled by reinforcements and the DCP fleet, though, began taking the Warlord's fleets out one by one. Eventually, the battle turned planetside, and Mauloron retreated. Only him and his ship factories were left-the last obstacle in securing the Core Federation and DCP's second major victory in the war...

Forced alliance with Eclipsos[]

Eclipsos showed up in Mauloron's space with huge force, and with the Grox, CoreFed and the Emperor attacking as well, Mauloron had to back down. In order to keep his troops and ships, and his life, he was forced to ally with Eclipsos.

Invasion of Karasplagia[]

Karasplagia was a renound and heavily populated world of the Warlord Bo Ramik. It was remarkable for its floating cities, white oceans and deserts so bright, they dazzle the eyes. Industry and manufactoring, as well as military plans were held there. Mauloron decided to attack the planet. Almost straight away he was losing, however, he unleashed artificial tornadoes, hypercanes, earthquakes and volcanoes to destroy the main cities. Fog and strong winds disorientated the sky warriors, planetary disasters wreaked havok onto the main city of Hegenomon. The beutiful city was raised to the ground. Finally, Mauloron unleashed the planets fauna onto the last reamining sky warriors, hindering their attemps to escape, so they could be hunted down like prey for Mauloron.

Warlord Tricarrion[]

Tricarrion invades Bo Ramik.

While Bo Ramik was dealing with Eclipsos, Tricarrion retuned from Xhodocto hell. Tricarrion travelled around the edge of Bo Ramik's space, where he sneaked through the DCP's extra-dimensional portal to Universe 66501, where his empire is situated. Now, safely back with his own empire, he begins his plans...

Pledges alliegence to Eclipsos[]

Tricarrion and Eclipsos were friends before the war. But now, Tricarrion has allied with Eclipsos and Mauloron in secret. At first, Eclipsos suspected Tricarrion of a new plot, however, Tricarrion said that Eclipsos and Mauloron keep fighting the Emperor, while Tricarrion would invade Bo Ramik in the Tigris and other galaxies. Bo Ramik would be taken by surprise as he did not realise Tricarrion was now in Universe 66501. He would invade through the DCP dimensional portal in the Tigris galaxy, and suprise Bo Ramik with his demonic warriors from behind. However, Tricarrion plans to kill Eclipsos and Mauloron in the end.

Invades Tigris galaxy[]

Bo Ramik had left very little force around the DCP dimensional portal, not suspecting Tricarrion would use it. Bo Ramik's forces were concentrated on fighting Mauloron and Eclipsos. However, suddenly the portal awakens, and hundreds of Desolation classes and thousands of more ships stream through, destroying all of Bo Ramiks nearby ships very quickly.

Soon after, Eclipsos and Mauloron turned away from Bo Ramik, as they new, the work was down to Tricarrion...

Contacts the Nigtrion Forsaken Tribes[]

The Nigtrion are one of the several species of Krassio, native to the Tigris galaxy. They are now the greatest empire of the Tigris galaxy, and are restoring life to the galaxy, now the Xhodocto have mostly left. Tricarrion contacted the Nigtrion in hopes of an alliance, in return, his Dark Legion won't scourge the galaxy again (apart of Bo Ramik) and the Nigtrion can use the DCP Dimensional portal. The Nigtrion have yet to send a reply...

Nigtrion tribes reject alliance proposal[]

The Nigtrions watched in surprise as Tricarrion and his newly dark legion were fill with demonic energy, the same demonic energy that the Xhodocto have glowing through their body. The Nigtrions rejected easily after that the proposal, they fought along side their host brethren and with the Emperor in the Tigris war, and to the emperor they would stand with. Tricarrion then forgets about them and his scourge proposal.

Battle of Tutaris-7, and plunders Bo Ramik[]

However, his rejected alliance with the Nigtrion did not hinder his further invasion force. He had some of the powerful ships and troops than any other Warlord but the Emperor. Bo Ramik fought back too, winning a few of their own battles. The Nigtrion also aided Bo Ramik. In the first battle, the battle of Tutaris-7, Lagartoss tried to defeat Tricarrion. The Dark legion invaded the planet, and using anti-FTL projectors, the civilians couldn't escape. So Lagartoss decided to beam aboard the Desolation class by himself (and had to cancel his battle with Tricarrion in doing so) to shut down the generators, and used psionic powers to get through the deflector shield. Meanwhile, troops would fight the Dark Legion. However, Tricarrion arrived, and destroyed the colony and most of the warriors and revealed that the more lives he kills, the more powerful he becomes. Fortunately, Lagartoss had saved the civilians and a few warriors just in time...

Cuts off Bo Ramik[]

As Tricarrion relentlessly attacked, more of ships came streaming out the DCP Dimensional Gate. Mauloron and Eclipsos withdrew, whle the Vartekians and Zazane continue to attack the Emperor. Eclipsos and Muloron surrounded Bo Ramik in the Tigris galaxy from all sides, and Bo Ramik was cut off from Milky Way Galaxy and his colonies in other galaxies. He is improsoned in his own space, which is getting smaller day by day.

The Emperor and the Nigtrion has sent a task force to liberate Bo Ramik.

Task Force battles Dark Legion[]

Shortly after the fleet departed, it was announced that it already engaged the Dark Legion in Tigris Galaxy, and that the Nigtrion tribes were already fighting in there too along with the remnants of Bo Ramik's forces, as the ships fired across the whole orbital system, destroying each other, troops landed to defeat those of the Dark Legion.

Fall of Bo Ramik[]

Bo Ramik's forces rereat.

However, it was already too late, it was clear that Bo Ramik was losing ground. Bo Ramik ordered a full retreat from the Tigris and other galaxies to Milky Way Galaxy. On the planet Collingranar, he ordered a massive retreat back to DCP space in Milky Way Galaxy. However, halfway through, Tricarrion arrived, his fleet combined with the ships of Eclipsos (and with a few Vartekians). Tricarrion himself stormed thrugh the base his Dark Legion slaying everyone in their path. He was about to destroy the remaining retreating ships, however, Bo Ramik stepped in. Tricarrion first tried to persaude Bo Ramik to joining the rogue warlords, however, Bo Ramik declined. The two fought an epic battle, Bo Ramik even injured Tricarrion, but unfortunately he was too strong. Tricarrion killed Bo Ramik. But Bo Ramik's death was not in vain, he saved his retreating forces, who regrouped in DCP space.

But, as Tricarrion stood over Bo Ramik's corpse, Master Leezard and Lagartoss arrived. The two combined were too powerful for Tricarrion, who beamed away. However, Lagartoss used his psionic abilities to preserve Bo Ramik's mind. It is unknown how much of Bo Ramik's mind has been preserved or even if it truly did survive, but there is hope, hope that one day he will return...

Warlord Titanozor[]

Titanzor has not been completely hostile to the Emperor, despite his seperation. Titanozor has defended his planets in the Ottzello galaxy from the Emperor, but has not attacked or contacted him or Bo Ramik. Titanozor has attacked Eclipsos. Mauloron then decided to attack Titanozor, while his forces were dealing with Eclipsos, but this was a big, foolish mistake. A combined Ottzello and Titanozor fleet crushed his forces.

Titanozor defends his space from attacks by the Emperor, but interestingly, he has only attacked the Emperor a couple of times. Most of his invasion is still keeping the Loron at bay, or fighting Mauloron.

Alliance with the Warlords[]

When Titanozor learned that Bo Ramik was killed by Tricarrion, he knew that his space in the Ottzello galaxy would not last much longer. He pledged alliegence to Eclipsos, Mauloron and Tricarrion. He has not yet said why he would rather ally with the Warlords than the Emperor...

Part 3 - The Warlords united[]

The Warlords were now united under one banner. Tricarrion had conquered the DCP in the Tigris, Cyrannus and other galaxies along with Mauoron and Eclipsos. Titanozor in the Ottzello galaxy had now allied with the warlords. The Expansion Wedge and Galactic core sectors in Milky Way Galaxy had been conquered. Things are now much worse for the Emperor, as Two-thirds of DCP space had been taken. All that the emperor now controls is the Delpha and a few expansion sectors. The Emperor was losing...

It is not surpring that the warlords are winning, they have the same resources, tech, tactics and weapons, and they know the DCP in an out. Each Warlord is a clone (with their own personalities and interests) of the Emperor.

Emperor and allies[]

The Emperor was still trembleing with fury.

Help from the Girdo Empire and Admiral Leeland Shaw[]

The Capricorn have recently sent a new task force to liberate colonies in the Cyrannus galaxy, along with the DCP task force. They have liberated worlds already. The Girdo Empire have sent 1008 Droner ships, which are highly effective. Although the Warlords have recently overtipped the balance when Tricarrion allied with the Warlords (in which before the Emperor was on the way to victory), the Emperor and their allies have liberated more worlds and have had their own victories. Its pretty neck and neck.

Core Federation's Blockade[]

After weeks of acting as reserve forces in the outer reaches of the captured DCP, the CorFed's Army' 3rd Grand Armada under General Sared Trint surrounded the inner colonies of the Grimbolsaurians, the last remaining region of the original DCP. The General tried to evacuate Emperor Wormulus and other members of the his court, but they remained determined to fight to the last man and stayed. The CSA and Rambo's fleets aligned inside the blockade, prepared for the last onslaught of the Warlord's forces, while CorFed forces were entrenched in the Coalition's capital and surrounding systems, supposedly protecting the Emperor while he recovered from the Vartekian's last attack. But what the CorFed's really plans could be different...very different...

Emperor's new plan[]

The Emperor knew that the Warlords had their eyes on Mirenton, the capital of the DCP. Once they controlled the capital, and other major planets, all that would be left of the original DCP would be small rebellions, and the new order of the DCP will become a brutal regime under Eclipsos, or whoever Warlord would be in control. It would be bad news for the Emperor's allies, as the new DCP would be one of the greatest threats to them. The Warlords, would pound the Delpha blockade until it fell apart. And once each ship is isolated, they would be picked off. So, the Emperor decided to fall all the way back to Mirenton. He would defend Mirenton, but let the Warlords think they would win. Meanwhile, the Emperor had a plan to defeat them all, he has not yet revealed the plan, not even Admiral Kilnok knows (the Emperor has psionic powers, so telepaths couldn't probe his mind)...

United Warlords and allies[]

After the death of Bo Ramik, the warlords had a victory party. Mauloron got so drunk he crashed out. Eclipsos and Tricarrion scoffed about him, and together they held a toast to the new era under their control. They ate and drank, and then they ate some more (they all had fould manners, especially Tricarrion, who didn't keep his mouth shut when he ate), and listend to Shmelvin. Then, they switched off their telepathic virtual party (they were really separated by thosands of light years, it would be a bit foolish if they all gathered together).

Recapturing the mothership[]

The Rebel Zazane had regrouped from a battle with Eclipsos at Vorphane-4. They believed that staying in one place, would keep them safe in the wide universe. However, this is like putting all your eggs in one baskit. There was a homing device that has been cloaked on the mothership. A huge Zazane super fleet arrived and boarded the ship. Moxis the Butcher killed Amarch in a dual, and all the rebel Zazane were executed. A whole ally to the Emperor was gone. Things are only getting worse.

Position the Emperor's allies[]

Eclipsos has sent messages to all the Emperor's allies, telling them to ally with the warlords, because the old DCP won't live much longer, and are better off with an alliance with the Warlords. The allies declined. Eclipsos plans on invading the Emperor's allies soon...

Use of Superweapons and invading the allies[]

The Warlords have little care for their captured civilians. They know the Emperor would only use superweapons and other destructive tactics on his own people in desperation. So they used this an as advantage. The Warlords decided to unleash "star killing" weapons (not neccesarily star busters, but weapons which could change their output at least) and void bubbles (warped bubbles of spacetime which collapse with tremendous energy) to destroy entire systems, and this has caused terror. Finally, the captured civilians recently sent a secret message to the Emperor - They would rather die than fight their own side and the Emperor could use superweapons.

Next, Eclipsos attacked the Emperor's allies with small force to start with. He caused devastation, however, he found that there were DCP resistance movements unknown to him before. In the end, he turned his attention back to the DCP. He will now build up enough force to take the Delpha Sector...

The Duel[]

Moxix the Butcher, the mighty leader of the Zazane Empire, has declared an attack on the Emperor. He will be going himself, as he loves war and battle. If he were to kill Wormulus, he would've ended the war. The Zazane Super-Fleet is engaging in battle with the Emperor's forces in the Delpha Sector. Moxix has decided to take on Wormulus personally. He kills the guards protecting Wormulus and enters the room where he is resting. Wormulus is shocked at the sight of Moxix. "Moxix! How dare you!" he cries. Moxix draws his sword, ready for battle. "Bring it on! All hail Eclipsos!" yells Moxix. Moxix runs towards Wormulus, who quickly jmps out of his seat. Wormulus grabs a sword off one of his walls and slashes at Moxix. Moxix quickly guarded and attacked. The Emperor does the same. Suddnly, Moxix cuts into Wormulus's left knee. The injury is not bad, but it does draw blood. Moxix jumps back and licks the blood off his sword. "I thought you were mighty!" laughed Moxix, going in for another attack. Wormulus blocked and slid to the right, dealing some damage. Moxix's left shoulder drew blood. Zazane blood was a mud colour. Moxix quickly recovered and went in for a killer blow. Wormulus slid to the right again and dealed another bit of damage. He has caused a bleeding scar on Moxix's left eye. Moxix turned to Wormulus. "You're good." chuckled Moxix, tasting his own blood. Wormulus went in for a downwards slash, but Moxix rolled to his right and kicked Wormulus in the face. Moxix then performed several slashes across Wormulus's body, knocking him onto his knees. Moxix held his sword to Wormulus's face. "You've been a worthy foe, but now you must DIE!!" laughed Moxix. Suddenly, Wormulus picked up his sword and dealed a high amount of damage on Moxix's body. Moxix was left with a heavy bleeding scar acroff his body. Moxix stepped back from Wormulus. "I'll be back, you hear me!!" screamed Moxix before being beamed up to the Zazane Mothership. The Zazane Super-Fleet has decreased the number of ships that the Emperor has, but they have been told to retreat back to the Mothership by Moxix. Wormulus sat on his metal throne and sighed.

Sons of the Zazane[]

Recently, the Zazane Empure stole a Chik from Da Propa Big Loron Empire. The Zazane experimented on it and cloned it. A new species was born, the Zazane Breeder. They were supposed to give birth to more Zazane children so that the Zazane Empire can teach them to become warriors. But the Breeders are sterile, so Moxix had the Breeders killed. But the original Chik has given birth to something strange. A group of four Zazane babies were born, but they were slightly different to the other Zazane. Moxix the Butcher named them Rugar, Meinos, Arigard and Loxus. They have a faster growth rate than both Loron and Zazane and grow into their adult years much quicker than the Loron and Zazane. Recently, they have disappeared. But the Zazane have picked up their traces on Fahler, the Cursed World.

Siege of Rambanda[]

The Zazane have threatened the Sylit Republic with their Galaxy Burner to join the side of Eclipsos. It has worked and now General Thang is in control of Rambanda. Dondrik has told his allies to stay away from the Zazane Empire, almost resulting in his execution since it angered Moxix, but he was spared. Dondrik has given Moxix a Sylit female named Krasia, in return for his seperation from Eclipsos's side. The Zazane will also leave Rambanda.

Impatience with Titanozor and invasion of the Delpha Sector[]

Eclipsos has become impatient with Titanozor, because he has still barely attacked the Emperor. As a test, Eclipsos ordered Titanozor to invade a Yoburt colony called Cynda. Titanozor did attack, but Tricarrion could sense unease in Titanozor's mind. He would spearhead the first battle of the Delpha Sector. However, as Titanozor set off to attack, Eclipsos believed he was weak minded, and ordered his assassination during the mission...

Seige of the Delpha Sector and failed assassination[]

The Delpha Sector had never been under attack since the the Grox Resistance era (unless you consider the Nanohorde actually attacking, but they were just out of control). Even the Xhodocto tried, but never got far (but mainly because their attention was on other matters). Titanozor invaded Cynda, and the Yoburt fled, as they believed the logical thing to do would be to retreat the entire sector. The member races began using their small home fleets, however, the Warlords were too strong. Anyway, while Titanozor attacked Cynda, an assassin (sent by Eclipsos) tried to kill Titanozor, however, Titanozor was a good warrior, and managed to defeat him. Titanozor knew who had sent it, but said nothing, he had a plan of his own...

The Jarzo homeworld Pupippiumn fell, followed by the Miss Feather planet Dylampus. The warlords were now whithin parsecs of Mirenton, and this is where they met its first defense - the blockade. The Rambo has sent 1500 ships, along with most of the Emperor's remaning forces, 1005 Droners, thousands of Capricorn, SSA and billions of CoreFed ships. The Warlords pressed on, but were suffering heavy losses. The Emperor now used extreme tactics and even superweapons, but so did the Warlords.

The Battle of Mirenton Part 1[]

Massive battles rage in the Chilius system.

The planetary shield that surrounds Mirenton. Caphoberok can be seen in the background, the planets moon.

This is also an adventure

Eclipsos, Mauloron, Tricarrion, Titanozor, and their allies, the Ottzel, Raptora, Zazane, Iron Bloc and Vartekians combined their forces and invaded the Chilius system (Moxix the Butcher and Captain Votarah were present). The Emperor had secured his system well, every planet had long range weapons, there were over 300,000 ships every few light hours. But first, the invaders had to navigate through a spacetime barrier, created by the DCP. This was a problem, because it severly warped the fabric of spacetime. However, Tricarrion summoned his demonic energies to clear a path through. Next, the Emperor's, the Sky Warrior remnant's, and the allies clashed in huge battle with the Warlords. Over a million ships clashed. The entire system was raging in battle. Some Sky Warriors boarded Eclipsos's ship, however, he slain them all. Next, Titanozor sent his fleet of mighty Gargantuan ships into strategic locations, and they crushed the allied fleet quite easily. There were increasing hostlities between the Warlords, as tensions were high, who would rule the DCP, once they were finished with the Emperor? Next, Eclipsos jumped through a wormhole right into the orbit of Mirenton. However, Mirenton was protected by a planetary shield that could last weeks of orbital bombardment, and by then, the allies and Emperor would have regrouped.

The CorFed Betrayal[]

Suddenly, the Core Federation's blockade around Mirenton swiveled to surround the allies instead, using gravity vortex generators to stop them from firing, hiding or fleeing. The Warlords and their allies around the blockade immediately stopped moving, as if it were all part of a perfectly coordinated plan... Back on the quiet surface planet Mirenton, the Emperor lay alone in his private rooms, the wall of glass before him looking out onto a great courtyard, beyond it, the cityline. He’d just noticed some strange whiff of smoke that rose into the hazy sky, somewhere in the city- when the wall a hundred feet before him was blown into pieces. Out of the cloud of dust came a marching row of figures- a squadron of the CorFed's troops. They were carrying phasers, and as they started to climb the deserted steps the Grimbol guards fell under a barrage of shots. Leading them was a silhouette Wormulon knew all too well- general Sared Trint, the Federation's army chief in the Milky Way. It only took a second to process what was happening. It almost seemed impossible- he’d allowed the CorFed in to protect Mirenton, housed their troops, dismissed his own guard- and now they were taking planet from the inside! He sprung out of the chaise he sat in, through the doors into a hallway and down several flights of stairs- just as the ground gave a massive shudder that knocked him off his feet. He pushed himself to his feet and gritted his teeth, thinking he had some quite un-imperial words for Trint- apparently they’d blasted their way into the palace. He jumped down the last flights of stairs until he reached the last and lowest level of the palace- a hidden hangar, with his personal ship kept at the ready to launch. A group of officers was clustered around it, and turned to greet him anxiously- the last loyal Grimbolsaurians. He should've never trusted those blasted Ravenrii- they were too cunning for their own good, let alone tolerant enough to allow a weakened regime like his own to reign in the galaxy. Crowns with crutches don’t make good proxies. He walked the remaining distance to the ship while another blast was sounded far off, gave the Grimbies a passing nod, and climbed on.

"Get me out of here", he told the pilot. “As fast and far away from here as you can go." The engines gave a sharp hum as the doors locked shut. He glanced one last time at the cavern above, glancing morosely at where the city buzzed above. Without Mirenton, the war effort was as good as done. The Delpha Coalition, as they knew it, had fallen.

At the palace's ground level, General Trint was re-grouping his troops. He allowed himself a small personal smirk- a stupid habit he’d picked up somewhere in one of these mortal-infested galaxies. Still- little price to pay for a planetary victory, he thought. The infiltration had been a success- Mirenton’s Imperial Palace had been occupied within an hour, and if his superiors’ musings were right (and they always were), the coward Emperor himself would be on the run by now, probably fleeing to some distant star bunker to try and regroup. Still, there were issues to solve. Millions of Grimbolsaurian soldiers were on the planet, most in locked-down barracks with their backs against the wall. And there was still the matter of making this strategic gain into a solid victory, for which the general contacted the warlords above. Next he shut down the capital’s planetary shield, allowing Tricarrion and the Eclipsos’ forces to come down to earth. There were a few lingering little qualms, no doubt, but in the end, Mirenton had been conquered. Trint’s lips curled again, wider this time, only to catch himself in mid-grin. Stupid mortal habit. "Get me the High Viceroy", he snapped to a soldier at the edge of the room. It was one of the many used for transmitting holonet messages, but still sumptuous with draperies and saphi-marble walls. "Yes, sir”, he said submissively. A hovering light before Trint flared to life, and High Viceroy Vy'rii's face formed from blue-white dots of light. "Your Grace, my Viceroy", greeted the general, bowing to the floor as per the custom. "The infiltration has been a success. Mirenton and the palace are under our control. This war is naught but over." The Viceroy didn’t smirk- he didn’t even blink- but his eyes looked pleased, all the way over in planet Concentron. "Very good, general. The Queen shall be pleased. Now, dissolve the blockade. The warlords are to be installed immediately, let them form their own command- control of the Delpha Coalition shall be handed to them in two days." The general bowed. "And, general?" "Yes?" "Open the finest bottle of drink you have. Today is a day for celebration. We have brought a peace and end to this pesky war, once and for all."

It soon became apparent that victory was not glorious. The warlords of Delpha had won, given their coronet and scepter by the Ravenrii themselves. New legislation went from their mouths to the world at large, as did massive new mounments and claims of war on the Emperor’s allies. But now, which warlord would truly rule? They had victory, but not order. And where was the Emperor?

Part 4 - The new dawn[]

As the sun Chilius began to rise over the capital, a new dawn of the DCP began. The DCP was not destroyed, in the Warlords eyes, it was refreshed. It was now more powerful than ever, but will be ruled by a Warlord. However, now the Warlords must settle who would control the DCP. They should all watch their backs.


After Mirenton was invaded, many citizens tried to escape the Warlords, such as taking refuge in the Rambo Nation or Bunsen galaxy. The DCP still existed, it was not gone, it is more powerful than ever, however, this power was now under the warlords. The Emperor was still missing, and the Warlords were searching for him. He placed psionic barriers around himself, so Tricarrion couldn't sense him. Anyway, there was still great unrest in the public, and the Warlord Mauloron sent ships to go after the rebels who are escaping.

A Federation Divided[]

The TIAF had offered refuge for the DCP civilians and any survivors from the original DCP in their territory. However, when the refugees arrived in TIAF space, a civil war had erupted. Divided by personal loyalties to the rebellious warlords, the TIAF had collapsed upon itself. The Tybusen Emperor ordered that the refugees be taken to the Grand Spodist Church's territory, where at least there would be another group that was still neutral and large enough to support the escapees. Mauloron's ships, who was following at a safe distance, discovered the collapsing TIAF. They contacted those who were fighting for the good of Mauloron. Mauloron ordered his ships to assist those empires. Now, only time will tell who will win the TIAF civil war and what Mauloron is planning for the torn Federation.


The morning immediately after the final collapse of the original DCP, General Trint and the CorFed's forces desoccupied the palace and scourged Mirenton of any new resistance, settling the Warlords in as the new government of the Delpha Coalition of Planets. Finally, they gave over the control of the DCP's colonies to Eclipsos. However, thanks to previous deals with him where the support of the CorFed was secured for Eclipsos, the Ravenrii established a massive surge of colonies, which had secretly been assembled while Emperor Wormulus was still ruling. These, over 12,000, became the second-largest colony of the Corfed; the Commonwealth of Delpha. The Army of the Federation retired to the new colonies, just outside of the DCP's colonies. Now that the Ravenrii were a major presence in Milky Way Galaxy, its influence had largely surged. Now the Warlords, new rulers of the New Delpha Coalition of Planets, started talks with the CorFed's regime, all the way in Xanthrus. The Silver Age of Expansion had now begun...

Battle of Mirenton part 2[]

This is also an adventure

The Emperor's palace ships dwarfs and destroys even the mighty Gargantuan Class ships.

Titanozor turns on the Warlords, as he was planning all along.

One week after the fall, the Emperor decided to make himself known. The Warlords forces had relaxed a bit, and were picking up the pieces after the war. Mauloron's ships went after refugees in the Bunsen galaxy. The Emperor could sense that the shift of power was still unstable. The Emperor, in fact, has been under the Warlords nose all along. His huge palace ship, was hiding underneath the surface of an asteroid near Mirenton! Admiral Kilnok, Captain Jazzaroth, Admiral Horlin, Dr.Kenders and many other DCP heroes were there. The palace ship rose out of the asteroid. When it was detected, Several Gargatuan class ships went after it, only to be destroyed. Next, the unthinkable happend - the Warlord Titanozor started attacking the other Warlords! In fact, he was on the Emperor's side all along, but in secret. it is the reason why he barely attacked the DCP. With Maulorons forces distracted elsewhere, and the sudden attack by Titanozor, the remnants of the Emperor's and allies forces then jumped out of hyperspace.

Furious with rage, and blinded by the thought of victory, Mauloron, Eclipsos and Tricarrion beamed aboard the palace ship. A huge clash of the DCP's greatest warriors occured. The Emperor killed Mauloron, Eclipsos and Tricarrion (but Tricarrion revealed death will not stop him, he will plague the DCP forever in demon form). However, Eclipsos was a hologram. In fact, the real Eclipsos was sabotaging the reactor core of the palace ship! Admiral Kilnok and the Emperor went after him. Inside the reactor, the warriors fought, however, Eclipsos somehow knocked the Emperor over! However, he was unharmed. It was now up to Admiral Kilnok to fight Eclipsos. Who wins will be revealed in part 3.

Zazane Declaration[]

After the Sons of the Zazane decided to declare war on the Zazane Empire, Moxix decides to take the Zazane Super-Fleet to Fahler in order to destroy the Sons of the Zazane. But Loxus the Blue, otherwise known as De-Rap, has escaped Fahler and is hiding with the Dragonisk Empire. The Sons of the Zazane have escaped Fahler on their own and are searching the Ottzello Galaxy for De-Rap and the Zazane Empire and plan to make strong allies in order to fight in the Zazane Civil War. Moxix will still be able to fight for Eclipsos and has Titanozor on his list of creatures he must kill.

Battle of Mirenton Part 3[]

Eclipsos trapped the Emperor in a corner on the platform. Kilnok stepped in. The two battled inside the reactor, being careful not to fall off the platform, they fought on and on, while the Emperor went to get more forces. Meanwhile, Eclipsos found that Kilnok was more skilled than he thought. So, he made things harder, he destroyed the platform, hanging perilously close to the huge proton beams generating a mini-black hole. The two managed to land on their feet. They continued their fight, however, out of luck, and perhaps rage or desperation, Kilnok struck Eclipsos down. It was a fatal blow. Eclipsos lay dying, however, his final words were that he would die with the satisfaction that Kilnok would suffer. He used his electro-whip to send one million volts of electricty through Kilnoks body. He was beamed up to a nearby medlab facility shortly after.

Kilnok had saved the Emperor, and survived, however at a price, he is now part machine. The electricty destroyed him inside. He does not look mechanical, but he now requires cybernetic implants. Offers have been made to clone him a new body, but Kilnok believed that would bring back bad memories of the warlords to the DCP civilians.

Part 5 Aftermath[]

With the traitorous warlords dead, Maulorons forces distracted, Titanozor fighting Eclipsos's faction, the Emperor regrouped with the Capricorn, Bo Ramik's remnant and the other allies. Mirenton was recaptured. This gave hope to he suppressed citizens on worlds still controlled by the dead warlords forces. They rebelled again. Soon the Delpha sector had been reclaimed, and the loyalist fations were on the run! Persued by the Emperor's revenge attack, and pushed offworld by civilians (their hopes were renewed) the seperatists retreated to a distant star cluster. They were a minority, however, they are going to build their own empire.

Rebuilding and was this really a good ending?[]

Rebuilding had already begun when the Warlords captured Mirenton, however, there was much work left to be done. The DCP is now reclaiming its lost colonies, with the help of the allies.

The DCP's ecomomy was now in ruins (and the Emperor has temporarily disabled money, because the cost is very high), billions of lives were lost or declared missing. The DCP will have to rebuild its alliance with the Defensive System's Bloc and the Core Federation. The Emperor has called for neutrality with empires who sided with the Warlords. The Vartekians agreed, because they will war again when the DCP has rebuilt itself. The Zazane, however, are still eager for war.

The DCP will still keep warlords. But this time, it will be an elected role, they won't be given nearly as much power. The old legions were reabsorbed, and the ships were reclaimed.

Yilise Aid[]

The Yilise Confederation, who had only just pulled out of a war themselves, decided to send a few aid ships to help the DCP to rebuild and defeat the few remaining seperatist forces. Their new technology will prove effective.

Dark times to come and big changes[]

The DCP is likely to undergo big changes, for better or for worse and when the DCP reclaimed its territories in other galaxies, in the Tigris galaxy, it was revealed that Lagartoss managed to preserve Bo Ramik's mind. He was not dead, but in fact, with the help of the Krassio, an ascended being. He will help rebuild the DCP. There were still small seperatist forces left to defeat.

Meanwhile, Tricarrion also ascended (he is able to project his form, and was doing so when the Emperor killed him), he is now a being of pure demonic energy, and is already planning to cause problems for the DCP in the future...

This part of the fiction will evolve into the Light and Dark story. Wormul.pngWormulon Talk to me 15:56, May 18, 2010 (UTC)


The Civil War Begins

  • Creator:Wormulon
  • Sporepedia:here
  • Factions involved:The Emperor and the warlords
  • Note:This is currently on the MPN! Thanks to everyone who played or uprated!

Battle of Kelandra-4

  • Creator:Wormulon
  • Sporepedia:Adventure
  • Factions involved:Zazane, Vartekian Empire and Eclipsos vs the Rambo, Capricorn and the Emperor's forces

The Chaos of Mauloron

  • Creator:Wormulon
  • Sporepedia:The adventure
  • Notes:Discover the power of Mauloron!

The Demons

  • Creator:LiquidInk
  • Sporepedia:The Demons
  • Notes:Some of the Defensive System's Bloc meet with Tricarrion, in order to learn his ways.

The Dark Legion

  • Creator:Wormulon
  • Sporepedia:Adventure
  • Notes:The Dark Legion fight the Sky Warriors.

The Fall of Bo Ramik

  • Creator:Wormulon
  • Sporepedia:The Fall
  • Notes:The tipping point in which the Warlords begin to win.

Battle of Mirenton parts 1, 2 and 3

  • Creator:Wormulon
  • Sporepedia:Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3
  • Notes:The epic battle for the true DCP!


This is incase you've missed parts of the story.


  • In the first battle, the Warlords fight each other.
  • Allies take their positions and decide who they stand with or against.
  • Citizens are still loyal to the Emperor. The Warlords use aggressive force to subdue them.

Civil War[]

  • Warlords fight each other.
  • The Warlords formulate their plans.
  • The Warlords are losing.
  • Eclipsos allies with Mauloron.
  • They attack the Emperor, Bo Ramik sends force to help the Emperor.
  • This gives Tricarrion an opportunity to invade the galaxy through the DCP Dimensional portal, he takes the portal, allies with Eclipsos and Mauloron, and has contacted the Nigtrion Foresaken Tribes in hopes of an alliance.
  • Bo Ramik is cut off from the Emperor and his other intergalactic colonies in the Tigris galaxy.
  • Bo Ramik is killed, DCP intergalactic territories were swallowed up. His mind may be preserved.
  • Titanozor allies with the Warlords.

The Warlords united[]

  • All the Warlords are united, and two-thirds of the original DCP space had conquered.
  • The Warlords threaten the DCP's allies.
  • The Emperor and his allies liberate planets and have their victories too.
  • The Warlords turn really nasty and start using superweapons and attack the allies.
  • The CoreFederation consider betraying the Emperor.
  • The Warlords grow impatient with Titanozor, and order his assassination during a mission.
  • The Warlords conquer Mirenton. The DCP is now under control of the Warlords! The Emperor goes into hiding.

The new dawn[]

  • Many try to escape. Mauloron sends his forces after the refugees, and chases them into the Bunsen galaxy.
  • Mauloron discovers the TIAF struggling to stay united, and assists the empires that are fighting for the good of the Warlords.
  • One week later, the Emperor makes his move, and a new struggle for the DCP begins. Mauloron and Tricarrion are killed (but only Tricarrion's mortal form), and Eclipsos knocks the Emperor over (but doesn't get harmed). It is now up to Kilnok to defeat him. Titanozor reveals he was on the Emperor's side all along.
  • Kilnok amazingly kills Eclipsos, and the DCP reclaims its lost territories. The seperatists are on the run!