The Revanchists are a faction of New Republic loyalists which formed after the Fall of the Twelve Worlds in 17 NE. Founded by Admiral Quarantar of the Republic Navy, the Revanchists banded together in opposition ot the surrender of the Republic's government to the Empire, and the subsequent Occupation of Republic space by Imperial forces. Under Quarantar's leadership, the Revanchists have come to encompass not only former members of the Republic Navy, but various cells of the Cyrandia Resistance, resulting in the formation of a formidable armada consisting of five Star Destroyers, two cruisers and seven frigates, as well as numerous starfighter squadrons.

Seeking to reverse the Empire's territorial gains and reclaim Republic Space, the Revanchists are noted for their ruthlessness in combating both the Empire and officers of the Occupied Republic, coming to galactic attention in late 17 NE, when Quarantar launched a daring assault on the Coruaan shipyards, resulting in the destruction of five Imperial vessels. As a result of Quarantar's actions, his forces have continued to grow as more and more Republic loyalists place their hopes in the success of his campaign. Nevertheless, the Revanchists did not reach out to similar factions such as the New Republic Remnant, operating under the assumption that Apollo's forces were destroyed or scattered as a result of the Battle of Cognalorilos.

After revealing their existence to the rest of the galaxy in the wake of the attack on Coruaan, the Revanchists ultimately joined with the New Republic Remnant, having witnessed the power of their newly acquired Valiant-class Heavy Star Destroyer during a decisive victory over Imperial forces. However, Quarantar bristled under the command of Admiral Helo Roslia, and retained his own fleet as a subunit of the Remnant operating semi-autonomously. Simultaneously, Quarantar himself began secretly contacting rebellious members of his own species, hoping to secure their aid against the rising Empire.


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