You will succumb, whatever you like it or not!

- Xizothano Ada

Just as I fought we had entered an age of turned into an age of shit...

- W'tze

A Time of Peace Edit

Four and a half years had passed since the Enlightenment War. The intergalactic Attero Dominatus war had ended a two years ago. The empires involved in the Unified Enlightened Alliance lived in peace, rebuilding their empires and strengthening their alliances. In this time, soldiers were trained and people of various races were able to live in harmony.

THEY are coming Edit

Long before this, in an unknown dimension, the pieces had gathered. Their master loomed over them in the void. He had been watching, learning how to counteract the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment should they interfere in his plans.

  • ??? - My pieces. It is time.
  • Knight - Haha! Yes! I've been waiting for this!
  • Bishop - My lord, what will we be doing exactly? We haven't actually heard of the battle plan.
  • ??? - It's simple really. Over the past millennia I've managed to regain the strength Ne'yon stole from me. I am finally in the mood to reclaim my galaxy. We will personally eliminate any species not native to the Tyris Major that are living there. Without waging a galactic war, we will ask our inhabitants to allow us control over the galaxy.
  • Rook - My lord, what if they refuse?
  • ??? - Then they too will be eliminated.

The pieces look to each other in worry. The knew that their kind may be at risk because of their refusal to be controlled after their tragic history. King also knew that there will many species from Mirus living in Volver colonies.

  • King - My lord, what if our kind says no? You do know of our past correct?
  • Rook - Yeah, after you abandoned us?
  • Bishop - Rook! Watch your mouth!!
  • ??? - No no, he's right. I did abandon you, my creations. But it was to make you stronger. As for their possible refusal, it would be a shame to destroy one of my most powerful creations. I will simply allow them their freedom, they will just have their territory owned by me.
  • Bishop - I suppose that's fair.
  • Knight - What do you mean one of your most powerful creations? You created us to be perfect for survival and combat, we practically dominate most empires in our galaxy!
  • ??? - It is none of your concern. That is all. Await further orders. I will prepare the pawns.

The four nod nervously. The creator turns and opens a portal. A dark blue light shines from the portal, a familiar sight to the four warriors. As the portal opened wider, he stepped through and took in the nostalgic scent of the dimension.

  • ??? - Ah yes, this brings back memories. My pawns, I summon you. Arise from the Omega Dimension!

As the portal closes, many dark figures arise from the hazy light. Before the portal closes, one figure arises, radiating massive amounts of power with a strange yet familiar spiked helmet. The portal closes, obscuring the view from the warriors. Knight, Bishop and Rook smile to each other, but King's full of worry.

Trodaka's plan Edit

In the dark reaches of the Intergalactic Rifts, a female Lambda Grox stood alone, in a massive chamber, with a large crystal spire mounted in the center. The crystal had been painfully brought here, and now, her plan was beginning. Within it's prison and confines, lay her love, the only true master of existence, The Dark One. She placed a hand on the crystal, feeling the six elements that held him at bay.

She raised her clawed hand, and whispered to him.

  • Trodaka - Terkala......

She slammed her claw into the crystal, carving out a shard of it, and let it land in her hand. The energies pulsed into her hand briefly, wrecking her with pain. She let out a strangled gasp, and backed away. With the shard in her hand, she could already feel Dark One's happiness, his ambition and pride. She could hear him somewhat.

  • Dark - Place...the shard...
  • Trodaka - Where, Dark?
  • Dark - Heart...heart.

Nodding, she place the shard in between her breastplates, feeling not only the six elements briefly attack her body, but also Dark's Dark Energy fill her body with strength and ambition. Her skin was no longer rotten looking, but black with red scars. Her eyes glowed red, just like that of her lover, and a dark aura emerged from her body. She caressed the shard with her claw, and smiled to herself.

  • Trodaka - Rest, my dear Terkala, and know even now I gather the elements needed to free you...

She walked out, to begin her plotting. It would be time...soon.

Ascon Edit

A cool morning on Ascon. A nice breeze could be felt drifting from the marshes up into the cities. Gartoomia, Ascon's capital, had finally regained it's former glory. Many races could be seen entering the city, buying, trading, and selling goods. Dr. Que, the leading Volver scientist now showing gray hairs, supervises the creation and modification of new weapons. The royal castle could be seen standing strong in the cool morning fog. Brygon steps out from his balcony wearing his royal attire. He's taller more muscular than he was years ago. Looks down to his people. They all cheer as they see his helmet gleam. He smiles and waves to them before returning to his bedroom. His wife, Maari, having just woken up.

  • Maari - Hm? You're up early.
  • Brygon - Of course. I shouldn't be sleeping if everyone else isn't.
  • Maari - [laughs] Well I'll be here getting some much needed rest if you need me.
  • Brygon - Alright. I've got a long day ahead of me so, I won't be home early.
  • Maari - I will await your return my King.

The two kissed, then Brygon leaves the room. He later enters the training grounds. Kyaan was watching the Volver Knights and Warriors train. Some of the Knights and Warriors ended up failing the obstacle course as Brygon was watching. He quickly called it to their attention.

  • Brygon - You there, Marine!
  • Warrior 1 - Yes sir?
  • Brygon - Can you explain why you and the Knights and other Marines failed that course?
  • Knight 1 - Because we aren't a good team!
  • Brygon - Exactly. You all must communicate on the battlefield properly to survive. Anything else will get you killed.
  • Brygon - Good! Now this time...get it RIGHT!

The soldiers run off to redo the course. The other groups of soldiers decided to follow by their lead. Brygon smiled to himself as he walked to his office.

Farmia Edit

Oskel, now king of the Antroths, still holds his position as General. He leaves most of the decisions to Si'daal. Si'daal finishes her daily meditation and searches the castle for Oskel. She eventually finds him in the court yard, training with their daughter.

  • Oskel - Come on sweetheart. Parry my next attack alright?
  • Ta'lia - Alright father, I'll try.

Si'daal watches nervously, hoping that Ta'lia could counter one of Oskel's strikes. Oskel slashes at Ta'lia with his Enchanted Sword, though with minimum power. She parries the attack and manages to push her father back slightly. Oskel stumbles slightly before catching himself. He smiles and kneels down.

  • Oskel - That was excellent!
  • Si'daal - It sure was.
  • Ta'lia - Thank you. I've been practicing a lot!
  • Si'daal - I can see! Now, how about we see how good you magic has gotten?
  • Oskel - Ah, yes. That sounds interesting.
  • Ta'lia - Ok! Watch this!

Ta'lia opens her hand as a small ball of light appears. Si'daal could feel the immense power coming from the ball. Suddenly, it dissipates. Ta'lia looked down at her hand and pouted. Oskel began to comfort her.

  • Ta'lia - That was a spell I made...but it didn't work.
  • Oskel - Don't worry, it will be ok. Just keep trying alright?
  • Ta'lia - Alright.
  • Oskel - Now run along, I've got business to attend to.

Ta'lia runs into the castle, thinking about how she can perfect her spell. Si'daal looked to Oskel to see him smiling, something that not many people saw. She smiled as well, though it did not last long.

  • Si'daal - Oskel, I don't think I should teach her what I learned as a child.
  • Oskel - What? Your magic? Why not?
  • Si'daal - Oskel...I mean the dark arts. The spells I know can kill.
  • Oskel - I see.
  • Si'daal - After witnessing that spell she was casting...I realized that she is much more powerful than both of us. She shows powers that I never could harness.
  • Oskel - Hm. She is strong for a girl her age. I wouldn't worry about it too much. I'm off to the command center.
  • Si'daal - Alright. Have a good day.

Oskel leaves the castle, leaving Si'daal confused about her daughter. She did not want a repeat of her childhood.

Volcanis Edit

Volcanis, a molten world with blistering heat. The Lavauft Empire was strong. Magmos, now the King, had become a better combatant. He had learned the secret arts of pyrokinesis, being able to shoot walls of molten lava at his foes. Lavern still stood as a great figure in Lavatuft history. He advises his son on good decisions, hoping that Magmos can be abetter king than he was.

  • Magmos - Ah, another beautiful day. What say you father?
  • Lavern - Agh, It's alright. Lets get a move on, you don't want to be late right?
  • Magmos - [Chuckles] Dad, there's no appointments today. We can relax.
  • Lavern - Bloody finally!

Lavern reclines back in his chair and lets out a huge, cinder filled sigh. Magmos looks over at his father, examining his many scars.

  • Magmos - Dad, how old are you anyways?
  • Lavern - Hm...well I'm not sure if I remember! Hahahaha! But I believe I was a mere lad when the...the...agh, what were their names again?
  • Magmos - The what?
  • Lavern - Oh yes! That's it! The Spoxid! Such a religious bunch. It's a shame what happened to them.
  • Magmos -'re saying that you were a kid when the Spoxid were exterminated?
  • Lavern - Yeah.
  • Magmos -'re over 2,000,000 years old!?
  • Lavern - Hahaha! Probably son.
  • Magmos - Unbelievable!

The two laughed, enjoying their day off.

Militora Edit

Pulporius V, leader of the mighty Soldarian Empire, commanded the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment's military force. He was organizing various fleets and infantry units in his war room. His son, Pulporious VI, a military captain, walked in.

  • Sixth - Dad, the weapons have been delivered from the Volver.
  • Pulporious - Good. Get the shipment to the armory son.
  • Sixth - Sure thing dad!
  • Pulporious - How's being a captain feel son?
  • Sixth - Ah, it's great. I am very respectable according to my subordinates.
  • Pulporious - That's my boy. Now get going, we need to have the army prepared.

Six put on his helmet and rushed out of the room. Pulporius smiled to his son before looking back down at his work. He is a military genious, having almost everything organized. His Soldarian instincts were warning him of something...something bad.

Ugandalore Edit

Barda stood with Hydarax, an Agent of the Order of Zaraturai, alone in a room, with his son, Takanuis. Barda was worried about him. In his twenties, he had yet to experience The Vortex, that which occurred in some form for every Ugandalorian. They had exposed him to every element the Ugandalorians had, but nothing worked. Forbila was equally worried, even if she tried not to show it.

  • Hydarax - I've never seen it. Even those who can't harness and access the elements, can at least have immunity to the elements of nature in some form. But your son seems "sterile" to it.
  • Barda - Is that possible?
  • Hydarax - I don't know.
  • Forbila - Haven't you trained Ultra Commandos? What did you do for Kirta, to have here Element show up, can't you do that here?
  • Hydarax - It's not that simple, Madam Clett. I can detect no elemental residue on your kid here.

Hydarax began twirling his combat knifes, as the 2 looked at him uncertainly. He had trained the Original Ultra Commando team, but he was an enigma to any life-form that saw him. He looked somewhat like a Ugandalorian, but taller, and in pure black and gray armor.

  • Hydarax - I'll consult Zaraturai on this, but your son can't be an Ultra Commando.

Barda looked uncertainly at his son, and held him by the shoulder.

  • Barda - I once couldn't harness my Element, but things changed. You don't need to be an Ultra Commando anyway. None of the Cletts have.
  • Takanuis - True. I've gotten along just fine without an element. Let's just worry about it.

Barda and Forbila smiled. Perhaps Takanuis would've been better off without one anyway. He didn't seem to need any essence to help him out.

Raptoranea Edit

W'tze looked as yet another Waptorian scout ship returned to it's base. It didn't seem like it had any mayor damage, which, considering it's destination, was highly unusual. He heard footsteps coming up behind him and needed not to look to know who it was. The sound of twirling revolvers said enough.

  • W'tze - No change, I take it?
  • Oji'b - None.
  • W'tze - Urgh...Even in the Drakodominatus, not all would have agreed to this. Young, old, cripple or healthy, combatant or civilian...all are sludge now.
  • Oji'b - Yet the slaves are unaffected. Their chips continue to work as normal. This was planned for.
  • W'tze - Seems so.
  • Oji'b - Why though? Why would anyone try to render their own race extinct like that? Even for the Drakodominatus, it's sheer madness.
  • W'tze - It's not madness for the Tyrany who coocked up this devil's brew. The Drakodominatus despised most lifeforms, and they hated only a few. But the Volver were amongst them.
  • Oji'b - Because of the boasts they made?
  • W'tze - Exactly. The Volver are genetically perfect, yet are content with that. The Drakodominatus are as genetically perfect, yet they hunger for more. In their lore, the Volver were the last and most perfect creation of the gods. And what is the only thing even more superior than a genetically perfect moral? A god.
  • Oji'b - So you're saying that the Drakodominatus tried to become...
  • W'tze - ...Gods, yes. And that's what bothers me. We do not know how much of them survived the experiment or what they became but...He is real.
  • Oji'b - He?
  • W'tze - The creator of the Volver. I've ran over this with Brygon and it appears that, whatever it is, it is becoming active again.
  • Oji'b - So what do you propose we do? Without the Darkling and the Drakodominatus, the Imperium of War are folding like wet paper. The Zarbania Powers are, unusually, keeping to themselves. Even the brotherhood hasn't made a move in ages! And now the Tyranny seems to be gone too! This is our change! We can go on the offensive!
  • W'tze - C'mon, calm down.'re right. If things continue on it's current course, we really do have a bright future ahead.

Leviathan Edit

Vanara Sixers Seerkar and Akanri looked down at their feet awkwardly. They were at the rollar rink, wearing rollar blades, and with no idea of how to rollar skate.

  • Akanri - Remind me again...Why are we here?
  • Seerkar - It seamed like a good idea at the time... you have skated before right?
  • Akanri - I've wacthed people skating in the park.

Off to the side their fellow sixers Surathi and Terku watched with interest.

  • Terku - You feeling like a third wheel here sis?
  • Surathi - Well being as this is a date, yes yes I'am.
  • Akanri - I heard that...And no, this is not a date!

Distracted Akanri lost her balence and fell onto Seerkar's chest causing him to topple over and hit the floor Akanri on top of him.

  • Surathi - Oh yeah! This is totally a date.
  • Terku - All the way.


Coscerto looked up in the sky. NOVA pilots were exercising evasive maneuvers with their spaceships. Globlings were exercising hard. But Coserto wasn't. He had a day off. Yet he was here as he knew his presence would boost the morale of his squad. Coscerto walked over to General Travern.

  • Coscerto - Hey, Travern! How are the lads doing?
  • Travern - Working hard as you can see.
  • Coscerto - I see.
  • Travern - Well, despite those attacks of the so-called "Imperium of War" and the "Drakodomintus Tyranny", joining this alliance was a good move wasn't it.
  • Coscerto - Yep. We are much stronger than we were before.
  • Travern - So what we're going to do now?
  • Coscerto - You continue training our troops. I'm gonna relax.
  • Travern - Good luck!
  • Coscerto - Thanks!

Coscerto put on his sunglasses and walked outside. There was still morning fog present, but that would soon clear, and the sun would rise at it's full glory...

Spodists Edit

The Greater Mirusian Church of Spode held a massive Tridentine Mass in order to honor those who had sacrificed themselves for Spode's mission of everlasting peace. After this, the Holy Prophet of Truth took lead of the mass, and started to preach.

  • Truth - ...So they were chosen by Spode, and they became his messengers. The ancient Ones of Andromeda, peace with them, were chosen by Spode as his favored, and he ascended them. But there were many others chosen by the Benevolent God, He who purges the Darkness and drives away the Night to the chasms of chaos. Amongst them were the Anointed, peace with them, and our creators who returned to guide us, everlasting glory be with them! But there were also prophets of His word in the Plazith Rim: the Spoxid, who were wiped out by the Grox, that dreaded blasphemy in machine form. Some of them believe they follow His world, but they lie: they are incapable of understanding the gifts of organic life with Spode all created. For long we believed the False God That Will Come was the greatest enemy, but He is just Spode, worshipped by primitives who have not yet discovered His true name. Yet Demons have used the alias of the False God That Will Come to spread discord amongst us faithful. One of them is Spevile. If you encounter his followers, know that you encounter an enemy! But if those banish his lies from their hearts and accept Spode's truths, like our allies the Volver did, Spode shall have mercy. This are the words written in the Scrolls of Faith, explained by the Holy Prophet of Truth. Peace be with you, brothers, and take care around heretics. Though do not reject the traveller, until you know his purpose.

As the Mass ended, the spodists headed back home for other regular activities...

Loda'Gadem stood in front of several young Gardeili and other young warriors, practicing a sword form for the coming battles. He clapped his hands, and the warriors stood at attention.

Loda - Brothers, we fight for a cause greater then ourselves. See this not as a toil, but as a toil of honor, that we all must go through. We must take a stand, hold our ground. We have stood for Spode for centuries, even when guided down the wrong path. Know this, while we fight and kill, we are doing what we can to ensure peace. Show pride in everything you do, for you are the vanguards of the New Church of Spode, and it is through our blood, and our fathers, that we maintain Spode's word. Now, brothers, back to work!

The warriors bowed quickly, and returned to practice, a new vigor in their step, as they pulled out their practice blades.

THEY Arrive Edit

Ziskin's Encounter Edit

Somewhere on the outskirts of the Tyris Major, the Biskin fleet was scanning the area for a hospitable planet for colonization. Ziskin steps forward on the command bridge.

  • Ziskin - Commander, what is our status?
  • Commander - We aren't making too much progress sir. Those damned Volver destroyed most of our original colonies.
  • Ziskin - They will pay for what they have done to us in time.

Suddenly, a portal opens. Ziskin's flagship gets dragged into the void. The crew members panic as all stars and light disappear from outside. The ship begins to drift slowly until it comes to a complete stop. Ziskin looked outside, there was nothing. No stars, no light. Out of nowhere a booming voice could be heard.

  • Ada - Who dares enter my domain?
  • Ziskin - King Ziskin of the Biskin Empire! Who are you!?
  • Ada - The mortal asks me who I am. [chuckles] I am all, yet I am noting. You are but dust, struggling against the cosmic winds.
  • Ziskin - AGH! I've no time for this nonsense! I need to get some colonies placed.
  • Ada - You are of the Tyris Major? I do not have memory of your race.
  • Knight - They are Biskin. The race who terrorized my race.
  • Ziskin -The Dark Knight...You will be dealt with later. And no we aren't from the Tyris Major! Our ancestors were chased out of our home in Tyris Minor thousands of years ago!
  • Ada - Tragic. I do feel bad for you mortal. But you are trespassing on my property.
  • Ziskin - What?
  • Ada - Tyris Major belongs to me. I do not want any beings from other galaxies living there. They are filth.
  • Ziskin - Why you...I'll show you who's filth!

Ziskin fires the main cannon into the darkness, hitting something metal. A huge ship lights up in the darkness, revealing the Nebulorian Fleet. Ziskin's eyes widen as the Nebulorians open fire on his ships. The fleet is destroyed, leaving Ziskin and many others to escape through an evacuation shuttle. The Nebulorians damage it heavily before it escapes the dimension.

The escape shuttle flies at full speed, spouting electricity and fire from it's damaged hull. It later crash lands on a green planet with lush forests. He knew what planet this was. He knew he had to get help.

S'actha Discovery Edit

Ziskin hops out of the shuttle, leaving his injured people to get some help. He ran through the forest cutting down vines and trees. He eventually came to a Temple of Spode. He groaned and stormed in. The S'actha were in the middle of a sermon when he approached the front, shocking everyone with his presence. Herenzi, a S'actha warrior stands and points his blade at Ziskin.

  • Herenzi - Ziskin! You've got some pretty big spore-gears to set foot on our planet.
  • Ziskin - Stay your blade! Tyris Major is in danger!
  • Priest - Yeah right. Do you take us for fools Ziskin?
  • Hernenzi - Where are you hiding your invasion force huh?
  • Ziskin - Look! If I wanted to kill you all, you'd already be dead! My people are in a damaged escape shuttle in the jungle, they need medical attention!
  • Priest - Send some men out there. Now speak Ziskin.
  • Ziskin - Look, a portal opened as we were looking for new territory...we came across a void. Some...thing in there told me that he was "taking back Tyris Major". I didn't know what to make of it. He wants to purge the galaxy of any species not from here...including mine.
  • Herenzi - Take back...Tyris Major?
  • Priest - Hm...the Spoxid were attacked once...millions of years before our time.
  • Herenzi - But that was the Grox.
  • Priest - The details in the lost scrolls don't match anything that the original story dictates.
  • Ziskin - What does this have to do with anything?
  • Priest - Listen, that thing was the a False God known to us as Spevile. If what you say is true..then everyone is in danger.
  • Herenzi - We should alert the Unified Alliance of Enlightenemnt. They can spread the news faster than we can.
  • Priest - I shall tell the Grand Priest at once.

The priest leaves for the capital city. Herenzi and the medical team follow Ziskin back to the shuttle to tend to the wounded. After that, they came back to the capital city. Prime Minister Fo'thos had received the news. He stroked his bared, thinking about trusting Ziskin. He noticed that they had clearly been ruthlessly attacked. He nodded and rose from his throne.

Warning to UAE Edit

The S'actha Vegan landed on Gakratom X-1t008k3, a ringworld constructed by the Enlightened Ones to serve as the Tyris Major capital of the UAE. They escorted Ziskin to the main chamber where a meeting was being held. Upon his entry into the chamber, all of the leaders reached for their weapons. Brygon and his knights stared at Ziskin with anger. Oskel placed Si'daal behind him as Ziskin walked by. Barda and W'tze look to each other with confused looks on their faces.

  • Fo'thos - Members of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment! I bring you Ziskin, king of the Biskin. He had some grave news for all of you to carry on.
  • Kossi - Speak.
  • Ziskin - The False God is coming...he will take Tyris Major. You must tell everyone!
  • Brygon - Bull. What makes you think for a second that we would trust you?
  • Herenzi - He speaks the truth, Son of Legend. We have done the research. Spevile is on his way, and he will eliminate all races who are foreign to the Tyris Major.
  • Oskel - I do not trust him. You betrayed my kind years ago. What makes you think that you're any different now?
  • W'tze - It's probably a plan to lure us into Unitech.
  • Barda - And then they will enslave us.
  • Ziskin - I know our past has been rough, but I ask of you all, please. He will kill you all! Though that would be satisfying for me, I'd also be hunted down and killed.
  • Truth - The Scrolls of Faith speak of the False God That Will Come. He is one of the greatest enemies of Spode. The heretic speaks the truth, I can sense it. We must brace ourselves for the storm to come.
  • Kossi - Hm. Alright...we will look more into this. For now, no one enter the area Ziskin was in space.

Everyone in the room nodded. The members rose from their seats and left the chamber. The guards escort Ziskin to a holding cell for further questioning.

THEY are here Edit

All of the members had returned to their homeworlds. Some were skeptical about the news about the False God. Others believed Ziskin's story and began to spread the news. Yet, others still distrusted Ziskin. Months of arguments between empires went on.

One day, a galactic wide transmission played. Every person in the Galaxy could hear it. It was on televisions, holograms, communication devices, and even telepathy. Ada had begun his campaign.

Ada - To all inhabitants of the Tyris Cluster. I am Xizothano Ada, known to you mortals as Spevile, the Empty God. I have returned, after billions of years away from you all. I have come to take back what's mine: Tyris Major. Do not worry, I will take my galaxy back peacefully, should you all comply. I have one condition, all those who are not originally from the Milky Tyris Major must leave. Then, all empires must rally under my banner. I am a peaceful god, no force is needed. But, should you decline my offer for peace, excessive force will be used. I will give you all one week to comply. Those who decline, will be eliminated, those not from Tyris Major that remain will be purged. It is you choice mortals.

The transmission ends, leaving the galactic community speechless.

The Brewing Storm Edit

Preparation of the Vanara Edit

Third stage Vanara, members of the Six, Akanri and Seerkar stand over a massive bubbling vat of swirling multi colored liquids as bolts of electricity race toward the center of the liquid maelstrom.

  • Akanri - The Daikaiju are forming well, soon we will show the enemy crisssra what it truly means to fear.
  • Seerkar - Yes, with are new Karpver troops, ships, and Daikaiju we shall crush this new threat to our survival.
  • Akanri - Those heckthesk dare threaten us we shall blow them into the deepest pit of hell.
  • Seerkar - Your bloodlust is as strong as ever.
  • Akanri - Hmmm hmmm. You better believe it.

The liquid in the vat below them suddenly burst to flames which rose all the way to the celling, and with in those flames something massive began to form. Bursting fourth the Daikaiju roars a ball of flame flies into the sky from its mouth , exploding. The creature leans its head down as Seerkar and Akanri raise their hands scratching the massive beasts leathery skin.

  • Seerkar - Shall we see how the rest is coming.
  • Akanri - Yes, yes we shall.

They climb aboard the Daikaiju's back and begin their tour. They ride past Karpver troopers battling with tooth, claws, and guns. They ride past ships their organic bodies growing and merging with mechanical parts. They ride past more, many more Daikaiju forming in their vats.

  • Seerkar - Soon, very soon...
  • Akanri - Yes, very soon.

One month later... Empress Besta stands over the thousands of Vanara troops, ships, and Daikaiju. Seerkar, Akanri, and the rest of the Six stand beside her as protection.

  • Besta - Vanara! A new threat as risen to our survival, a threat that proclaims its self to be a god, but we know the truth about gods, that gods are nothing but liars, cheaters, and fools, gods brought about are down fall, but now we rise against this new god with the help of those who have extended the hand of diplomacy. Soon planets will burn, soon warriors will fall, soon we strike with those consider friends and comrades, soon we will face the monsters that are at our door, soon WE WILL CHALLENGE THE APOCALYPSE!.

Vanara, ships, and Daikaiju alike roared in agreement their cries rising to the sky.

  • Besta - I trust you have all made good judgment when you allied us to the UAE, and I trust your decision will not cost us our survival.
  • The Six - Yes empress.

Groxic Reaction Edit

Xavnox monitored the activities in the core of the Milky Way as usual. Nothing really seemed to have changed. The Civilization still stood strong. The Meta-Emperor was still securely locked away. If only something happened that would give the Alpha a chance to get to the Emperor and fuse him with the Evermind...then the Grox could become whole again. If only...

And then an old power reappeared at the edge of the core. The Meta-Emperor knew of that power. And trough the Meta-Grox refugees in the Alpha Cyber Collective, Xavnox knew too. The Nyarqaeshu. Soon after, he heard Ada's message. But no, the Grox would not bow. The Nyarqaeshu had to be exterminated, even if this required a tempral peace with the inferior organics. Xavnox flewlessly enetered the correct code into his monitor, and only miliseconds later, the holograms of the Evermind and Supremius appeared before him.

  • Evermind - Why did you call me? Is it time to push into the Civilization's territory?
  • Xavnox - Perhaps. The Nyarqaeshu have returned. As expected, they are pushing into the core first. While the distraction would be benefitical to us in the short term, in the long term it will only hinder us from enacting our goals, for the Nyarqaeshu will certainly seek to vanquish the Meta-Emperor. We must act.
  • Evermind - How?
  • Xavnox - Both the ACC and the Followers have colonies in the Milky Way. We will move them to the core.
  • Supremius - And how do you want to do that?
  • Xavnox - We are Grox, Supremius. Trust me, everything will go as succeed.
  • Evermind - As expected of you, Overseer-II-Plazith. You will not fail me.
  • Supremius - And what about the Civilisation? What if they detect our intent?
  • Xavnox - Irrelevant. I will make it look in such a way that our blackade covers and contains the region of psace leading to the Meta-Emperor. Mingling in with Meta-Grox defeatists will be an easy task. All Grox will want to defend the Emperor.
  • Supremius - If I must support you...fine...The Followers see the Core Regions as holy lands anyways.

Xavnox smiles, and cuts off the transmission. His fleets start to build large structures around planets in the Core Regions, as well as ACC and Follower colonies. When it is completed, the Alpha Overseer of Plazith presses a button. The structures start to glow in a maroon light, and then, each ACC and Follower colony is swapped with a planet originating from the core regions. This effectively moves the ACC and Follower colonies to the Core Regions. Together, their fleets form an immense blockade with would not let anyone pass through...

The Grox of the Omega Edit

Ada, sitting upon his large throne, awaited his subjects' response to his transmission. Bishop suddenly walks in to his chambers.

  • Ada - Bishop, what news have you brought me?
  • Bishop - My lord, many races in the Galaxy have reacted in hostility to our transmission...they refuse to be ruled by you. The Grox even have created a large blockade to halt our fleets.
  • Ada - Those damn Grox. Stealing MY core. Bring me my Staff. I suppose I should get involved. Just this once.
  • Bishop - Sir...are you planning to eliminate them?
  • Ada - No. I will enthrall an old enemy of theirs to keep them at bay. This old enemy will become a valuable asset. I need a bigger army for the second stage.
  • Bishop - Ah, I see. Very well then. Here is your Staff.
  • Ada - Thank you. I'm off.

Ada teleports away, right into the Omega Grox' domain. Several Omega Grox Eternals notice him and quickly try to kill Ada. He simply walks past them, his essence repelling and restricting their movements. He eventually arrived to the Omega Grox' Overlord's domain. The Overlord turns to see Ada in his mortal form, a being that he had never seen before.

  • Ada - Are you the one they call the Omega Grox Overlord?
  • Omega Overlord - Yes. Who are you, inferior?
  • Ada - [chuckles] Inferior? A bit of an understatement for a god such as myself.
  • Omega Overlord - God? Even gods need to be tested. If you want to prove yourself worthy of survival, then disable the Omega on this planet. So they cannot attack. If you fail, you will be exterminated by them, for I will command them to do so.

Ada smiles and pulls a shard of Shattorium from his cloak. The shard glows, causing all energy consuming devices to run perfectly. Ada crushes the shard in his hands, uses his telekinetic power to spread the powder all over the planet. The Omega begin to become drowsy, some became sick. Their cores temporally overload, and they fall on the ground, defeated.

  • Ada - A deadly, but useful power source is it not?
  • Omega Overlord - Ugh...I must...have it...
  • Ada - Then join my campaign. I can supply you with large amounts.
  • Omega Overlord - Yes...we...[coughs] will join.

Ada smiles once more, shaking the Overlord's hand. He teleports back into his realm.

A lone Meta-Grox planet in the Core Regions. It was part of the Groxic blockade. A massive Grox fleet lays in orbit. Then, other Grox appeared. But they were not Meta Grox, or Alpha Grox, or Grox Followers. They were the Omega Grox. As they landed, the Omega let out one message:

Inferior Grox subspecies, prepare for your doom.

The Omega Grox landed. AI-controlled weapons and Drones moved out, lead by several Devastators, were dropped out of their saucers, quickly engaging the Meta/Alpha Grox and Grox followers on the planet. Assimilators and Eternals spread their viruses everywhere, painfully turning resistance into pure Omega Grox. The Shattorium-fuelled weapons ripped through the resistance Conqrix' like nothing. As they reached the single Grox colony on the planet, Omega Grox Primes and a Supreme dropped off to lead the Omega Grox forces.

  • Supreme - Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

Like a massive steamroller, the Omega charged at the city walls. Once inside, they went on a rampage. Somewhat later, nothing was left of the colony...

And then, the Omega moved to the next planet. It fell, too. And the next one too. And the next one. And the next one...within a day, the blockade was no more.

And now...I am free to expand into the core! And then...I will wipe the Collective and Grox Followers OUT of Tyris Major!

One week had passed. Many transmissions came in, surrendering to Ada as the Omega Grox pressured the weaker empires. The Omega also held the Meta and Alpha Grox at bay, thus keeping the Alpha from collaborating with their would-be enemies in the Civilisation. While many species from the Tyris Cluster surrendered, many species from other galaxies still remained. Especially in the Enlightenment Collaborative. They were not from Tyris Major. They were from Mirus, and should've stayed there. It made Ada furious.

  • Ada - The fools. They deny me my territory. Knight, come to me at once!
  • Knight - Yes, my lord?
  • Ada - This...Enlightenment Collaborative...tell me about it. What empires are involved?
  • Knight - The Waptoria, NOVA, Federation of Glory, Lavatufts, Antroth, some Spodist Nations. I believe the Enlightened Ones have joined as well.
  • Ada - ENLIGHTENED ONES? Let alone some more SPODISTS. That's it. I've tried democracy with them. It is time to use the was of my ancestors. It is time we went to war! Knight! Gather the Nebulorians! Gather the Omega Grox! I want you to attack the Alliance, give them a taste of my army!
  • Knight - As you wish my lord!

Knight rushes off as Ada sits in his throne. The invasion had begun.

Strike of THEM Edit

Return of Ne'yon Edit

After a long day of debating and discussing the issue of Ada's return, Lord Ne'yon makes contact with the UAE. Yet he looked...different from before. His legs were black and speckled with motes of light like distant stars. His torsos gradually turned grey upwards and seemed to burn with an inner cyan flame, ey one that seemed to flow like water. Upwards, his neck and head gradually turned into the most searing white, cracks of blackness forming on the surface trough which black fire billows. His armor, while still the same dark blue a it always had been, like more ethreal now - almost translucent.

  • Ne'yon - Hello there inferiors. This is your Lord Ne'yon speaking. You have a few moments to comply with our demands. Non Tyrisian scum will be purged.
  • Barda - Ne'yon!?
  • W'tze - How!? I thought...he was dead!
  • Lavern - Damn...
  • Ne'yon - Your time is running out inferiors.
  • W'tze - Oh really? You gotta learn something, Ne'yon...You. Should. Have. Stayed. Dead.
  • Conscerto - I'm happy the NOVA don't have colonies in Tyris Major...but we will help the rest of the alliance none the less.
  • Ne'yon - Very well then. I tried to be reasonable. Fleet, move in. Destroy this alliance.

Battle over UAEEdit

The Nebulorian fleet moves in first, bombarding the ringworld with their high intensity Nebula Cannons. The leaders all stand, jumping into action. They call upon their armies and fleets to defend the Alliance. Ne'yon watches as the ringworld's buildings crumble under the might of his people. Suddenly, many Enlightened One's ships appear out of hyperspace. They immediately fire upon the Nebulorians. Ne'yon commands his ground troops down on the ground to kill any enemy soldiers.

The Nebulorian troops land, only to be greeted by the allied military. A huge battle unfolds as the Nebulorians begin to prove their place among the other empires. Oskel leaps from a window, cutting down many Nebulorians in his path. He and Brygon regroup with Barda and W'tze.

  • Brygon - What the hell are these guys!? They seem to be using some kind of super powers!
  • Barda - They're Nebulorians. An elder race with telekinetic abilities. We fought them before, and barely won.
  • Brygon - I thought that they were wiped out when my father sacrificed himself!
  • W'tze - They were.
  • Oskel - I cannot allow these monsters to live [cuts down another one]. Let us show them that we are not push overs!

The four warriors cheer and run into battle once more, cutting and shooting down any Nebulorians in their path. Lavern can be seen a few feet away scorching his enemies in intense flames alongside Magmos. As the Antroth reinforcements arrive, Antroth Shamans enter the battlefield, healing the injured soldiers, sending them back into battle good as new.

Meanwhile in space, Ne'yon is dealing with the Enlightened One's fleet. They are proving to be more than a match for his fleet.

  • Captain - Lord Ne'yon sir! We're losing power in our main shields!
  • Ne'yon - Damn it! I knew they were strong, but I never knew they'd be THIS strong.
  • Captain - Do I call in a retreat?
  • Ne'yon - Our ground forces are have been them back. We've done enough damage.

Ne'yon chuckles as his remaining troops beam back up. His fleet vanishes into hyperspace soon after.

Back on the surface, the allied troops regroup and tend to the wounded and dead. The leaders call in another meeting.

  • Coscerto - I can't believe you guys actually fought those things...
  • Brygon - Me neither.
  • Lavern - I just don't see how this could have happened! We SAW them blow up!
  • W'tze - Maybe that Ada guy can revive the dead.
  • Barda - If so...we have much to worry about.
  • Thruth - We've taken heavy casualties...the temple and city has taking severe damage as well.
  • Coscerto - Those Nebula Cannons did that.
  • Barda - We need a plan of action...what will we do?
  • Kossi - We will fight.
  • Brygon - Against THEM? Haven't you seen what they can do?
  • W'tze - Kossi is right. I hate to say it, but if we don't act quickly, the Waptoria in Tyris Major will be overwhelmed, with will mean a mayor loss to us.
  • Barda - The Federation will lose their Tyrisian colonies as well. The only thing we can do is to fight.
  • Brygon - Maybe you're right...
  • Kossi - Who votes for, and who is against?

The leaders voted all voted for war, some, like W'tze and Brygon, more reluctantly then others.

  • Kossi - It is decided then. To battle, brothers!

Second Chances Edit

After the meeting, the UAE received another transmission. Ne'yon was on screen, arms folded. Odd figures could be seen in the background.

  • Ne'yon - I hope you enjoyed your moment of peace. Now I am sure that you will take heed to master Ada's wishes.
  • Kossi - We will not bow down to such a menace! This means war Ne'yon!
  • Ne'yon - You dare defy Ada? So be it. This time, we will obliterate your Alliance. None of you will survive!!

The transmission cuts off. The leaders talk in a scramble of conversations. Suddenly, a Clone Trooper rushes in.

  • Clone - We are picking up a HUGE number of hostiles coming our way!
  • Barda - Prepare everyone for battle! Evacuate all civilians! We will not lose to the Nebulorians again!
  • Clone - Sir...It's not just them...
  • W'tze - Who else?
  • Clone - The other ships seem to be Omega Grox in origin! We are also picking up high levels of radioactivity aboard them.
  • Brygon - I've never seen a fleet this big...Barda...I think we're in trouble!

The leaders and soldiers look into the sky to see a massive fleet. Nebulorian, Omega Grox, and Infectant ships could be seen hovering over the already war damaged ringworld.

Fall Edit

The Infectant ship is the first to strike, crashing into the ringworld, releasing the Infectant Drones, Brutes, and Infectors. They instantly begin to swarm the soldiers outside of the hall. Many soldiers begin to join the battle, actually being able to fend off the Infectants. Then, Void-Infused Omega Drones, and Nebulorian Warriors land on the planet, overwhelming the ground army. All seem to be afflicted by the same energy that animates Ne'yon, is if they were some sort of inverted ghosts.

In space, the Enlightened One's fleet manages to hold its own against the enemy fleets with the help of the Ascon War Fleet and the Waptorian Fleet.

The Greater Mirusian Church of Spode was more then capable of holding it's own. Constantly, plasma and other weapons rained down, but they stayed their ground, returning fire once the bombardment died down.

  • Kig'yar - Sssir! I have ssspoted a Nebulorian Prime, that is leading the assault.
  • Ajaar - Let me see.

He took the rifle, and spotted the Nebulorian. The Nebulorian was calm, confident and imperious, and stroke down his foes with ease.

  • Ajaar - [Hands back the rifle] That one's mine...
  • Cogneilli - Sir! That is complete suicide! It...That's Ne'yon!
  • Ajaar - We are going in. Snipers, pick off any commanders, except that Nebulorain Prime, he's mine.

Ajaar gave a roar, as he and his warriors charged out of the fortifications, blasting away. A Nebulorian Commandant pointed at them, only to be blasted in the face. Several of the other commanders where shot down, as the Nebulorians and Omega charged into their foes, firing their weapons as the Church opened fire.A Nebulorian pointed at them, only to be blasted in the face. Several of the other commanders where shot down, as the Nebulorians marched forwards, both sides launching essence blasts at each other.

Ne'yon identified Ajaar as the one leading the assault, and fired high-voltage lightning at him. Ajaar evaded, and blasted Ne'yon with his guns. The two exchanged gunfire and essence, while trying to evade each other's attacks. Finally, Ne'yon threw two balls of plasma, melting down both Ajaar's Plasma Pulsers, and leaving him defenseless. He threw the burning mounds at Ajaar, who bated them away, as Ajaar pulled out something. He toke a combat stance, and activated his energy blade.

  • Ajaar - Let us finish the fight. There can be only one!
  • Ne'yon - Your head shall make a good trophy.

Ne'yon pulled out his Shattorium vibroblade, as the two stuck each other. Ajaar remained calm, as Ne'yon launched attack after attack, trying to cut him down. Finally, Ajaar slashed at his stomach, sending Ne'yon staggering back. Ne'yon, enraged, fired energy pulse after energy pulse, hitting Ajaar over and over again, until the Gardeilli feel. Ne'yon marched over, cutting down 3 Utuno who tried to charge him, and placed his feet, one on Ajaar's chest, the other on his sword arm, and stood over him.

  • Ne'yon - The Master will reward me once I bring back your head!
  • ??? - Not today!

Ne'yon looked over to his left, right before he was slashed with a plasma sword. A Gardeilli, larger than most and with a plasma sword in each hand, now stood before him. Ne'yon gave out an angered growl, his battle with Ajaar did weaken him, and he could not take on a foes with was even more skilled. Not now, at least. Not when he was weakened like this. Thus, he teleported away.

Ajaar was helped to his feet by the Gardeilli, Lorca'Gadem, and the 2 finished off the remaining Nebulorians.

  • Ajaar - My Lord, your help is appreciated, but it is too risky for you to be down here!
  • Lorca - I had to save you, plus, I need the exercise. Being in administrative roles with the Prophets can get...boring, and I thought I was getting fat and soft.
  • Ajaar - Can we trust them?
  • Lorca - They are not the Prophets we once followed. They are our brothers, in a different sense, and just want to see peace brought to Mirus, something I now support.
  • Ajaar - As you wish lord.
  • Lorca - Now come, our brothers in the Federation need our help.

The 2 lead their troops off to help fight off the Invaders, any where else they might be.

The Unified Federation of Glory held out against the combined threat of the Omega Grox advance. Even as the Omega drones charged into battle, firing pulse blasts at them, they simply out-gunned them, or even let abandoned buildings collapse on them. Barda lead the troops, his clones assisting in holding back the Omega, and their support fighters.

  • Clone Commander - Sir! They are preparing another assault.
  • Barda - Let me handle this! Troopers, forwards!

With this, Barda his troops charged out of the fortifications, blasting away, and meeting the Omega assault force head-on. The Ughandalorains opened fire as the Omega did the same. Barda cut down assimilated and fighter pods, but then, a figure leaped down on him, sending him backwards. The being, a Marinox, resembled Ghorie, in weaponry, armor, and stance, as well as just in how he held himself. This was Gzorie, the Omega clone of Ghorie. Extremely dangerous, and completely insane.

Barda jet-packed up, firing down with both missiles and plasma blasts. Gzorie leaped onto the wall of a building, and let out a metallic screech, telepathically ordering Omega Drones to attack Barda. Barda landed, then blasted one assimilated, a fighter pod, and a Grox Follower, as Gzorie detached himself from the building, jumping in Barda's direction. Barda aimed his blaster at his air born foe, firing away. Gzorie landed on his feet, and growled at the inferior that dared attack him.

  • Barda - Try me.

Gzorie did not waste words, and simply attacked, slashing and cutting at Barda, as Barda dodged, waiting for an opportunity to strike. The 2 circled, as the battle raged around them, and finally, struck at each other with rage. Then, Barda impaled his sword in Gzorie's chest. The synthetic salamander grasped and pulled out the sword.

  • Gzorie - I...I cannot...die...I am Immortal..I am immortal
  • Barda - I remember Ghorie saying something like that many years ago.
  • Gzorie - Fool! I am...stronger...than him...I will...burn you down...
  • Barda - And I remember him saying that also. Know my response? This!

With this, Barda launched a steam of fire at his opponent. The cybernetic salamander screamed in pain as his body was consumed. Some normal, some rust-like, some made from Shattorium, but ashes were all that was left.

The new generation of Volver Knights proved to be more than a match for the Infused, but ran into trouble after encountering the Infectants and Omega Grox. A Omega Walker charges through them, stomping and slashing them down. Lavern enters the fray and strikes the giant hard with a fiery fist. The Walker stumbles but manages to gain his barring before taking another punch to the face. Lavern finishes him by burning him to a crisp. Magmos is further away, but is still holding his own against an combined Omega Grox/Infectant squad.

The Waptoria liked stealth, sniping. That, and surprise attacks in overwhelming numbers. So they waited to the battle to unfold first. They saw the Lavantufts and the UFG were mainly fighting the Omega Grox. They saw the Mirusian Church was fighting essence duels against the Nebulorains. They saw the clash between the Anthroths and the Infectants and joined in the fray. W'tze lays back with abtroup of snipers, sending Infused sucked back into the Abyss with each shot.

Si'daal comes into the battle too, guarded closely by Oskel of course. She casts numerous shockwave-like spells, killing all enemies around her. Oskel cuts down anyone near him or her with his tomahawks. Si'daal attempts to cast another spell, but her essence had no effect anymore. She was confused, no person was strong enough to nullify her powers. She and Oskel looked over to see a familiar face.

  • Oskel - It's you! Why the hell aren't you dead!?
  • Omega - Oh, you'd like that wouldn't you? Sorry Si'daal, but we got to kill you.
  • Si'daal- We?!
  • Omega - Oh yes. We.

Omega's siblings step out of the smoke of the battle. All lined up for their revenge.

  • Beta - Mum doesn't want any lose ends.
  • Oskel - Oh. She's alive too eh?
  • Theta - Well...yes...I guess...
  • Sigma - Ugh, you boys are always rearing for a fight. Oh well, it can't be helped.
  • Tau - What a pain.
  • Omnicron - I believe we should start killing them now. Yes?
  • Delta - Forget formalities! Let's kill them!!
  • Oskel - Hmph, you are all foolish to believe you can defeat me! My queen, flee!

Omicron and Zeta charge at Oskel, bearing their fangs and claws. Si'daal quickly escapes through the smoke. Oskel kicks down Zeta and drives his tomahawks into Omicron's shoulders. He screams in pain before being electrocuted to death. Zeta grabs Oskel's foot and tosses him into the air. Sigma and Beta proceed to attack him while he is airborne, lashing and shooting. Oskel takes some serious damage, but manages to cut them both down upon landing.

Sigma bleeds to death on the ground, but Beta comes out of it alright. Omega chuckles and quickly begins to bombard Oskel with a multitude of heavy blows and strikes. Omega kicks him back, allowing Delta to get a few punches and kicks in before pushing him over to Beta for the finishing blow. Oskel is punched back and falls to the ground. Omega quickly disarms him with his telekinetic powers. Oskel is to weak to use his poison, and his acidic blood hasn't even affected Omega. Tau yawns from a distance while Theta cries over his siblings' deaths.

  • Tau - Theta...please just stop crying. It's annoying.
  • Theta - But they're dead!!
  • Tau - Yeah. So what? We were all dead remember?
  • Omega - Quit your bickering you two!? Where the hell is Gamma?!
  • Delta - He is elsewhere. Most likely in the fleet above.
  • Beta - Now. Lets put an end to this traitor.
  • ??? - Ain't happenin' mate!

Suddenly, a purple blur of feathers strikes all three of the Infectants, killing Delta. Omega and Beta stand to see notorious assassin Averil Daxur. He smirks, sliding his fingers along the tip of his hat. Omega roars with rage and blasts multiple pulses of energy at him. Averil leaps up and takes to the sky. He dives down kicking both Beta and Omega into the ground. He then reveals his hidden poison blades under his wrist and stabs both of them, injecting them with lethal poison. Beta dies soon after, leaving Omega to fight Averil. At close range, Averil dominated Omega. He was far more experienced in the art of hand-to-hand combat. Oskel stands to challenge Zeta, Tau, and Theta.

  • Oskel - It's time Zeta. Let us finish what we started.
  • Zeta - Yes. Let's!

Oskel draws his magical broadsword and transforms it into a war hammer. Zeta protrudes a steel like bone from his arm, then uses it to clash with Oskel. Oskel quickly stabs Zeta with his Exo-Blade, completely lowering Zeta's guard. He then smashes Zeta in the face, shattering his skull. The strike killed him instantly. Tau yawns once more and looks over to Theta. Theta nods, and immediately goes into a rage, growing to hulk-like proportions. Tau shoots an energy beam at Oskel, but he blocks it with his sword. Theta catches him by surprise and tackles him to the ground. Oskel immedietly Kicked Theta in the face and drove his broadsword through his chest, killing him. Tau was killed rather easily, once Oskel got close to him.

Meanwhile, Averil continued to fight Omega. With a good solid kick, Omega was kicked into a stone wall. He quickly retreated, leaving Oskel and Averil victorious.

Brygon and his knights continued to push their way through the battlefield. They cut down many foes, even coming across the Omega Fighter Pods, Dalek-like AI controlled beings they had never faced before. Volver Warriors and Clone Troopers manage to hold their ground in the area, but many lives were being lost.

  • Sergeant - My king! We are severely outnumbered! What should we do!?
  • Brygon - We fight 'till the end.

Brygon loads his rifle and begins shooting the oncoming wave of Nebulorians. In the confusion of the battle, Brygon found himself separated from his men. In fact, everything around him seemed calm. He could on hear faint explosions in the distance. Smoke and dust were all around him, he could hardly see anything past it. Suddenly, he heard footsteps. He drew his sword.

  • Brygon - Who goes there!? Show yourself or be killed!
  • Knight - Don't you think that would be a little hard to do?
  • Brygon - You...
  • Bishop - Actually it's us.
  • Rook - Yep!
  • King - Why are you fighting Brygon?
  • Brygon - What do you mean!? The False God guy is trying to kill all of my friends and other innocent creatures! He claims to hold dominion over the entire galaxy!
  • Bishop - You defy he who created you?
  • Brygon - Hey, look...I don't know what you're talking about! This is war! So you're either with me or against me!
  • Bishop - Resistance is futile you know. Our clan was made to obey HIS will.
  • Brygon - Well that's not how I was raised! In fact, your silly little religion doesn't even exist in our culture anymore!
  • Rook - Looks like he's against us boys. How about we...persuade view things our way?
  • Knight - Magnificent idea Rook.
  • King - I did warn you all did I not. Brygon is not to be killed.
  • Knight - Hmph. We'll only rough him up a bit.
  • Brygon - Bring it.

The Volver all take a stance. Brygon and the Pieces share identical fighting styles. Brygon eyes them fiercely, choosing his first target. He quickly rushes in and strikes Bishop head on. Bishop barely blocks the attack. Rook tackles Brygon and punches him reputedly as Knight and Bishop approach. Brygon quickly kicks Rook off of him and manages to strike Bishop again while rising, actually dealing quite a bit of damage this time. Bishop staggers back as Brygon closes in for a follow up. Knight intercepts him and slashes him many times before kicking him back. Brygon stands, shrugging of his wounds and pulls out his rifle. He expertly dodges Rook and Bishop's attacks while opening fire on them. The bullets pierce right through their armor, hurting them badly. Knight continues to attack Brygon. Brygon ducks the next slash, then disarms Knight with his rifle. Knight, in shock of Brygon's new combat capabilities, staggered backwards to dodge any incoming shots.

Rook and Bishop stand once more, bloody and tired.

  • Rook - What the hell!? Our powers...they aren't working!

Bishop - Master is using his energy for the teleportation of fleets. He can't really offer us ay right now.

  • Knight - King, mind giving us a hand!?
  • King - You all seem like you have it under control.
  • Brygon - No. You, King. You won't get off easy either! I'll take you on as well!
  • King - Seriously. You're challenging me?
  • Bishop - Careful! We don't have access to our powers!
  • King - [Chuckles] As if I'll actually need them.

King draws his blade. It was coated in an Asconium-Shattorium alloy, just like his white and green accented armor. He drew his shield, which was made up of the same material and color scheme of his armor. Brygon draws his sword and shield. The two take a stance. They then charge for each other.

Brygon slashes at King, only to be completely countered with a vertical slash. Brygon is thrown back by King's immense strength. He struggles to stand, but eventually regains his footing. Brygon attempts to pull out his rifle and shoot King, but is immediately stopped when King slices his rifle in two. King then proceeds to beat Brygon senseless with multiple CQC techniques. Brygon blocks a few with his shield but it is soon pierced through by King's sword. With one final strike, King had defeated Brygon. Brygon laid there, badly hurt, and losing blood fast. The pieces chuckle and vanish in the smoke. King looks at Brygon one last time before vanishing too, shaking his head in disappointment.

Brygon managed to reach the hall and got some medical attention. But he was in no condition to fight in this battle any longer.

Up in space, Kossi commanded the fleets alongside Kyaan. The allied fleet was taking damage, the enemy was just to great in numbers.

  • Kossi - This can't be happening! How could we be losing to them?!
  • Kyaan - Ada has probably enhanced them somehow...
  • Kossi - Right. It doesn't help that the Nebulorians are here, too...they are pretty much the back bone of their fleet.
  • Kyaan - There's nothing we can do but keep firing, the Ascon Warship has yet to arrive. The cannons on it use Anti-Shield weaponry.
  • Kossi - How much longer will it take for it to get here?
  • Kyaan - Another hour...with all of the equipment and weapons given to the ship, Dr. Que was un able to install an hyperdrive.
  • Kossi - Blast, well I'm not sure how long we can hold out here...our shields cant take much more...

Suddenly a transmission comes in.

  • Pulporious - I can't believe you all started the fun without me.
  • Kyaan - King Pulporious the Fifth, what are you doing!? That enemy fleet is huge!
  • Pulporious - Hmpf, so is mine.

Kossi and Kyaan look out of the command bridge to see a Soldarian Fleet, this one even larger than the enemy fleet. The opened fire immediately, overwhelming the enemy.

  • Ne'yon - What is the meaning of this!?
  • Ne'yon - Hmph, such a brutish, inferior race. Get the Nebula Cannons up. They should feel the burn of hot galactic plasma!
  • Ne'yon - Also, see if you can take care of the Soldarian king. They will be lost without him.
  • Ne'yon - I think I'll have a little talk with the other two leaders.

Gamma leaves and orders that the Nebula Cannons be put online. He then takes his own shuttle and heads right for Pulporious' command cruiser. Ne'yon Continues to watch the battle, clenching his fists.

Gamma, with a squad of Omega Grox, lands on Pulporious' ship soon after launch. They massacre all the soldiers in the landing bay. Though his Omega Grox are gunned down, Gamma makes his way to the bridge and spots Pulporius and Six. Six turns and warns his father. He turns too and they both prepare to fight.

Six pulls out his pistols and opens fire on Gamma, but before he could even pull the trigger, Gamma had already closed the distance between them and slammed his bony, steel coated arms into Six's chest. Pulporious attempts to strike Gamma, but he simple dodges before the punch is even thrown and kicks Pulporious hard in his ribcage. Pulporious staggers back and holds his side in pain. Six draws his lighting blade and slashes at Gamma multiple times. Gamma dodges everyone and begins a barrage of punches and kicks. Six is overwhelmed and thrown to the ground. Pulporious jumps on Gamma and tries to snap his neck, but Gamma once again counters this and slams Pulporious into the near by control panel. Other crew members arrive and attempt to stop Gamma with their heavy gunfire, but he had already closed the distance the moment they walked into the room. He shot high intensity lasers from his eyes, mortally wounding all of them. He then turned his atantion to Six and Pulporious, who were standing in pain.

  • Six - HEY! That's cheating!
  • Pulporious - How could he even choose from each possible outcome!?

The two Pulporious' look to each other, then to Gamma. They couldn't think of a way to defeat Gamma, because Gamma has already thought of it, and he knows what they can and will try. Pulporious kneels before Gamma, seeing that he was outmatched. Six glares at Gamma, doing the same.

  • Vaas - Shut yer trap!

Great-Khan Blitz Vaas, leader of the Hyperon Grand-Khanate steps in with his squad. Gamma looks to him, then frowns. Vaas smirks, then fires off his laser rifle, actually hitting Gamma dead on. Gamma staggers back before the Hyperon squad drives their blades through his chest. Gamma falls to the ground, coughing up blood. He dies soon after. Vaas sends his squad to secure the rest of the ship. He then helps Six and Pulporious to their feet.

  • Pulporious - You could have timed that better you know?
  • Vaas - Hey, that's no way to thank the guy who just saved yer arse!
  • Pulporious - Whatever. I'm just glad that you bothered to show up at all.

Six - Great-Khan, do you know what's happening elsewhere?

  • Vaas - Fer starters, many other empires are going to war because of their beliefs. This whole "False God" being real thing is driving Spodists overboard! There are even civil wars and other wars going on because of empires surrendering to this guy!
  • Pulporious - By Soldar...this is worse than I thought...the alliance needs us more than ever Great-Khan Vaas.

Vaas - Seems so. Let's get back out there and win this thing!

With that and the arrival of the Soldarian fleet, Atlas a Hyperon Cruiser, and the Ascon Warship, the Allies had gained a huge advantage.

Meanwhile, on the ground, Brygon laid in a hospital cot on the floor. Kyaan stopped by to check on him.

  • Kyaan - Sir! What happened!?
  • Brygon - My own clan...turned against me.
  • Kyaan - The pieces!? But we trained for this!
  • Brygon - I defeated the other three, but...the one in white armor was too powerful, even without Ada's aid.
  • Kyaan - This must be reported. Alright sir, rest easy, I'll command the troops from here.
  • Brygon - Thank you.

With help from allies, the UAE barely survived the attack. The Enlightened and Allied fleets were heavily damaged. Even the ringworld was crumbling from the Nebulorian Bombardment. Ne'yon calls in a retreat, escaping through the portals with his fleet.

The ringworld was send to a pocket dimension, together with the remaining Bahrok, Koterra and Zarka onboard. There, the station would self-repair, upgrade itself, and hopefully, it would be back to activity in some months. The Alliance itself decided to hide in the Intergalactic Rifts, were they were safe from Ada. Little they did know, they would not be safe from others...

The Strom Breaks Loose Edit

Into the Rifts Edit

Weeks pass as the ring world repairs itself. The UAE had taken a severe blow, but would recover thanks to the Hyperon and Soldarian reinforcements brining food and weapons. A few stragglers were left on the ringworld, but were quickly dealt with by the remaining Bahrok.

  • W'tze - Dammit. If it wasn't for the Soldarian fleet, we would have been goners.
  • Blitz - Hey we helped out too. Sorry 'bout yer dad lad. He was a good man.
  • Brygon - Thanks.
  • Averil - Where are we anyways?
  • Barda - We've entered the Intergalactic Rifts. Ada and his army won't be able to reach us here...yet. Kossi told me he and his remnant moved Matrukoris to there as a place for us to regroup and plan a counterattack.
  • Brygon - Only if Ada doesn't discover where we've run off to...
  • Barda - Trust me, Matrukoris is safe, and it's stealth systems can trick most beings.
  • W'tze - Also, Averil, mind telling us where you were during the past few years? We could have used the assistance.
  • Averil - Really now? I was busy with...other things.
  • Barda - Hmph. Don't worry about it W'tze. He's here now and that's all that matters. Once the ring world is repaired, we will counter attack.

Meanwhile, Dr. Que enters the command center and is greeted by Kossi.

  • Kossi - Hello doctor. I trust you've recovered from your injuries?
  • Que - Yes. I actually have a great idea for a weapon that is sure to stop the enemy fleet in their tracks.
  • Kossi - Really!? Do tell!
  • Que - Well, I and some Waptoria scientists have been working on a weapon that could destroy a biological life form in an instant. It was successful, but it will hardly make a difference when put on the battlefield.
  • Kossi - does it help?
  • Que - I was tinking that we could install two ports on Matrukoris: one on each side. Using the same technology I used to create my weapon, I should be able to build one on an enormous scale!
  • Kossi - That's brilliant!
  • Que - Indeed. We can also control the blast radius and strength.
  • Kossi- Sounds like a promising weapon indeed. I will have construction started at once.

The doctor smiles before leaving the bridge, happy to help in this war.

Meeting of the Six Edit

The Vanara Six state in circle their minds in sync.

  • Akanri - The enemy heckringar is pushing things too far. We must strike fast, hard, and now.
  • Surathi - Will we be able to stand against this new enemy? This is like no threat we have faced before.
  • Zuki - We don't have a choice we have to fight, the enemy may seem generous to the natives of Tyris Major, like us, but that could change in an instance.
  • Jicor - Aye. We have learned from the past that gods are not to be trusted, all they brought is destruction after all.
  • Seerkar - That and we can't be ruled by any other force but are own, the UAE seeks to ally not to rule that is why we joined them.
  • Terku - We can't go rushing into this though. We need a plan.
  • Zuki - We should start with hit and run attacks, but hide the fact that it's us as best we can.
  • Jicor - We should also send some Daikaiju to are allies to help them strike back.
  • Akanri - And we should also strike those who surrender to our enemies preventing them from assisting those we appose.
  • Surathi - What if we lose?
  • Seerkar - Then we will flee on board our world ships again to some place far from here.
  • Terku - So we are all in agreement?

They all nodded and turned to stare out the window at the hoards of Karpver troops, Daikaiju, and ships swarming up into their transports off to war.

Plan into Motion Edit

Trodaka sat in her throne room, watching the massive crystal that held Dark, her eyes glowing with energy. Since she had made the connection with Dark, her body had changed, her claws sharpened and grew darker, her aura of darkness had become stronger to the point of it becoming a "bright" black fire when she felt strong emotion, and her powers over shadow increased.

But she would not rest until Terikalinra was freed. She clicked her claws against the crystal located in her chest armor, now was the time.

  • Trodaka - Soon, my Dark One, you will be free. Then we will not deal with fools like Tibirix, who rush into conflict instead of playing it. Then, with you free, the plan can commence once more, and we can rule the galaxy...teach it to obey your will...
  • Mutran Spider - -My queen...?-
  • Trodaka - [Turns, eyes glowing] What is it?!
  • Mutran Spider - -We...we have sighted a massive group, trying to decimate Tyris Major, the UAE is trying to fight it...-
  • Trodaka - That must be Ada...Ready our forces. That's what must be done. We must get the Six Elements in the chaos, and free our master.
  • Spider - -Yes my queen!-

Trodaka looked down at the spider with apathy, before stopping him.

  • Trodaka - Remember what I said about coming into my chambers un-announced?
  • Mutran Spider - -Wait!-

Trodaka lifted her fist and slammed it through the several layers of natural and synthetic armor the Mutran Spider wore, and right into his brain, killing him. She pulled out her bloodied fist with a smile.

  • Trodaka - I always kill the messenger. Aureila! Ready the Hordes, now is the time to move!

She placed her hand on the glass-like surface once more, Terikalinra's thoughts entering her mind.

  • Trodaka and Terikalinra - For the Plan...

Negotiations between Skordi Edit

As the forces on Matrukoris discussed and planed their next move against The invaders. They where discussing something, when the 2 Skordi leaders of the Federation and Waptoria walked.

  • Barda - Nulgunn! Old friend, I'm surprised your still breathing.
  • Nulgunn - Hahaha! These enemies keep trying. We have some big news, though.
  • W'zte - Which?
  • Nulgunn - The Other Skordi are coming to negotiate an alliance to fight THEM.
  • Barda - The Skordi are strong, and together, could prove more then a match for Ada's minions. But can we trust.
  • Kossi - We created the Skordi to be peaceful, what happened?
  • W'zte - A Darkling edited them to become more violent. Their now scattered into different warbands.
  • Kossi - Hmmm.

Barda scratched his chin, looking at his comrades. Finally, his wife summed up everything they where thinking.

  • Forbila - Let's welcome them, and if they try anything, let's cut their necks open.
  • Ajaar - Sounds good to me.

They went out to the landing pad, where they say The Nektar Tribe, Grongal Warband, and the Kingdom of Talnar's leaders gathering to meet them.

  • Barda - You wanted to meet here?
  • Neserktan - Yes, we fear the arrival of Ada's forces. We want to band together, to protect our race.
  • Barda - You have attacked us before, how can we trust you now?
  • Neserkten - I'm just here for what matters most.

Meanwhile, squads of Skordi where sneaking about the city, to each of major elemental sectors, where the Koatria's symbols awaited. Being the most powerful Ultra Commandos, their element was represented in a symbol of power, and as long as it stayed in the city's temple or near them, they would keep their elemental power. Such a thing was created by the teacher of the Koatira, Zaraturai, to make them even stronger then before.

The Skordi, of course, knew of this, and planed to capture the 6 Elements to use to break the seal for their master. Squads of them traced a patrol through the city, trying to get to the Temples at the center of each sector. Each Ultra Commando was on a mission elsewhere, so Togunda where left to guard the symbols. Despite their small size compared to others, they where incredibly strong, though no match for the fierce Skordi warriors who where about to pay them a visit.

The Proditkar targeted Edit

On the Tyris Major capital of the Proditkar Movement, everything was going nicely. After the capture of Pridar and his five fellow co-leaders, Solid, Lorka and Maccasin had effectively taken over the Movement. When Ada and his forces returned, his forces had avoided Proditkar territory, possibly because Ne'yon didn't not want to turn on his former allies, or more likely, saw them as good future servants of Ada. But, sometime after the UAE fled to the Intergalactic Rifts, an Nebulorain fleet led by Ne'yon himself, approached the Proditkar's Tyrisian territory. As Maccasin and Lorka ware away temporally to overseer the colonization of some mining worlds, if was up to Solid to lead this colony on his own before his comrades' return. As he saw the Nebulorain fleet approach, Solid opened communications with them. Ne'yon appeared on his screen.

  • Solid - Ah, Ne'yon. It's good to see you after all those years!
  • Ne'yon - Indeed. It's good to see you too, Solid. I'm offering you a chance to revive our partnership.
  • Solid - With pleasure.
  • Ne'yon - Great. I'll dispatch a group of the finest Nebulorain ships to protect you. Now, about something else...the Spear of Apocalypse.
  • Solid - The Spear of Apocalypse? What's with it?
  • Ne'yon - I thought you would know it. After all, Unitech salvaged it after my...erm...defeat.
  • Solid - *looks to the floor in sadness*. Well, the Spear is...destroyed.
  • Ne'yon - WHAT?
  • Solid - Let me explain...the Spear needs Shattorium as fuel, right? We salvaged as much as we could after your defeat, but it was not enough to have the weapon was only enough to keep it from breaking down. So when all our Shattorium was pumped into it, without success, I...I had to ditch it.
  • Ne'yon - You had to WHAT?
  • Solid - We had no choice! After our retreat from Ugandalore during the Enlightenment War, the Imperium of War conered us! We tried to use the spear to obliterate ther entire fleet but nothing happened! ...The Imperium was on an errand for the Tyranny. They wanted the spear for we had to ditch it to make our escape. If we hadn't, none of us would even stand here in the firt place.
  • Ne'yon - could you.

Ne'yon held his head in his arms for some moments, then let out an angry howl.

  • Ne'yon - I see now! I was wrong to trust you, and Dead Watch! I should have removed you lot from existence you when I met with you! My actions during the invasion cannot be undone, but that does not matter. You will be removed from existence, by my hand!

The Nebulorain fleet suddenly unleases it's weaponry. Caught by surprise, most of the Proditkar fleet is destroyed. Ne'yon and his Nebulorains beam down, ready to right the wrongs of the past.

The shuttle carrying Maccasin and Lorka returns, only to find the planet in chaos. They enter the docking bay, and rush to Solid.

  • Lorka - Solid, what happened?
  • Solid - It's Ne'yon! He turned insane! He holds us responsible for the destruction of the Spear, and is on his way to destroy us!
  • Maccasin - We did not try to free the great messengers from the Pit, thus Spode abandoned us and allowed this treachery to happen!
  • Lorka - We've got escape this planet, now!
  • Solid - Too late! Nebulorains have already started to invade this place.
  • Lorka - Where are they? I will take care of them!
  • Solid - They are invading via the basement. Simply shut the doors leading to the rest of the complex, that will hold them off!
  • Maccasin - I will take the roof, and hold off any Nebulorains tying to reach us from there.
  • Solid - With all this bombardment going on? You're insane.
  • Maccasin - If I die, I will die a warrior's death. But I will not die! It is them who will taste defeat and damnation!
  • Solid - All right. Good luck, my friend.

Solid walks up to a large, horizontal opening in the wall. Looking through the opening, he sees has has a good sight at the single path leading to the fortress, and the Nebulorains trying to storm it. Solid pulls out his sniper rifle, and focusses. The battle for survival had begun.

Solid takes the shot, killing three Nubulorians with one well timed bullet. He continues to fire. It wasn't long before Solid had to reload. By the time he looked up again, the Nebulorians had already reached the fortress. Lorka, currently in the basement, takes on multiple enemies before being forced to fall back. Maccasin holds his own on the roof for a good while, smashing down foes with ease. Ne'yon eventually makes his way to the fortress. He blasts a hole in the wall and enters. Maccasin regroups with Lorka and Solid to take Ne'yon on.

  • Ne'yon - You dare sell what is mine!?
  • Solid - We couldn't power it! The weapon was useless anyways!
  • Ne'yon - The time and resources I used to create the weapon are completely gone because of your selfishness!
  • Solid - Selfish!? There was no other way! By ditching the Spear, I saved hundreds! How could you posibly call that selfish!?
  • Lorka - We wont be pushed around by you Ne'yon!
  • Maccasin - Prepare to die, heretic!
  • Ne'yon - Fools! You believe you can defeat me!?

Ne'yon raises his arms and lifts the three with intense, rage fueled telekinesis. The three warriors struggle to move. Ne'yon looks at Solid directly and takes off his helmet.

  • Ne'yon - As recognition of our past friendship, I'll at least let you see my face before you die. Be grateful. Not many mortals get to see my face.
  • Solid - Ne'yon...forgive me...
  • Ne'yon - I cannot forgive you, Solid! You betrayed me! And for that I will kill you and this organization of yours!!

With this, he sends high voltage electricity through the three warriors' bodies. Lorka and Ghetsin manage to resist it, but Solid nears death almost instantly. Suddenly, King appears inside of the fortress.

  • Ne'yon - You! What are you doing here!?
  • King - I should ask you the same thing. Master was expecting you back a while ago. We need to regroup and assess the situation.

Ne'yon releases the three. They turn their attention away from him and focus on King, being a Volver. King glares at them and points his sword at them. He then looks back to Ne'yon.

  • Ne'yon - Don't order me around mortal! I am the superior being not you!
  • King - Do not be ridiculous. The Volver were made by HIM. We are his perfect creation...prophets of his word if you will. should remember your place, pawn.
  • Ne'yon - Pawn!? How dare you! I wont stand for a Volver insulting me this way!
  • King - Do I need to remind you of our last encounter pawn? I proved my position by defeating you in combat. I think you should behave yourself. Now come with me. HE has been waiting long enough.
  • Ne'yon - be it. [To a Nebulorian Commander] Return everyone to the ships. We're heading back.
  • Commander - Yes sir!

A portal opens and Ne'yon follows King inside. As it closes, the Nebulorians leave the planet in ruins, flying off. Solid and the others look to eachother in confusion.

  • Lorka - Was...was Ne'yon...taking orders?
  • Solid - That's not possible...he's Ne'yon...I thought...
  • Maccasin - I heard from other people that he was the strongest other than that Dark One.
  • Solid - Ne'yon told me that Nebulorians only take orders from someone stronger than them...
  • Lorka - But...who has that kind of power?
  • Solid - I don't know. Lets get off of this planet. He is bound to return...and with an even bigger fleet.

They all nod and call in a full evacuation. The ships fly off into the Intergalactic Rifts, hoping to be safe from Ne'yon 's wrath...

Old Enemies Edit

The Proditkar fleet roamed the Rifts for some days now, looking for somewhere safe to land, as they pick up signals from a nearby system.

  • Maccasin - Finally!
  • Solid - I'm detecting lifeforms in that system. A lot of them, actually. I believe there is a sentient species down there. Possibly we can bargain with them for recourses.
  • Lorka - I've got a far more simple way. How about we just go down and enslave those natives for their resources?
  • Maccasin - Both are fine, as long as we teach those natives the religion of the true messengers.

The fleet zooms into the system. They notice it is artificial. There are various comet clouds and asteroid belts for natural defense. Around the sun orbits a single station.

  • Solid - My, my. I'm a dumb, brutish Hermicee if that isn't Matrukoris.
  • Lorka - That is Matrukoris.
  • Maccasin - The capital of the false messengers. You know, Lorka, I'm in for your option. Let's destroy this place.

As the Proditkar fleet moves closer, they could see a massive fleet guarding the station. Recognizing the Unitech/Ruin's Hand/Circle of Sins/Proditkar ships, they formed a defensive circle around the station, weapons primed.

  • Solid - With that fleet guarding them? Won't be easy.

At that moment, the leader of the fleet, Kastor Darius, contacted them.

  • Kastor - Proditkar. What is your purpose here?
  • Solid - We seek to talk with your leaders.
  • Kastor - Hah! Is that a joke or something?
  • Solid - No. Our old allies, the Nebulorains...they betrayed us.
  • Kastor - *Smiles* Really? Serves you right.
  • Lorka - Will you patch us trough or not?
  • Kastor - All right.

Kastor patches the Proditkar leaders trough to the leaders of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. At this moment, they were in the Pit, interrogating Ziskin about Ada. Solid could also see Averil's brother, Tross, who he hired, but who was captured during the Great Deciever. Pridar and the five other Proditkar Highlords could also be seen on the background, in jails.

  • Maccasin - The messengers! There they are!
  • Lorka - So close...
  • Solid - So there is were Tross and the Highlords were send to...Oh, wait, they have Ziskin too. Capturing my dare they!
  • Lorka - Still in the mood to negotiate, Solid?
  • Solid - No!
  • Maccasin - Well, let's burn this place, and free our lords.
  • Solid - They are not my lords, Maccasin. I'm doing his for Ziskin and Tross, but you have a point.
  • Lorka - Well, then. Fleet, evasive maneuvers, then attack.

The ships suddenly got up close, and fired at the Enlightenment fleet, breaking though at a weak point. They docked at sector Ga, evading the automatic defense systems doctor Que has installed, and dropped of their troops. Unitech synths, Circle of Sins Heretics and Ruin's Hand Dead Watchers, led by Solid, Maccasin and Lorka, rushed through the portal leading to the pit. They quickly entered it, leaving the confused citizens behind.

In the in the underwater bubble that engulfed the Pit, a blue light shone from the portal, as the Proditkar army appears. Order of Lightling Agents and Federation Marines try to stop them, but are outnumbered. As the army takes them on, Solid, Ghetsin and Lorka descend into the deepest level of the pit, into the interrogation chamber. As they entered, the lift doors suddenly closed, and locked themselves. At the far end of the room, they noticed W'tze and Si'daal.

  • Si'daal - You three...what are you doing here!?
  • W'tze - I'm surprised you three even got in here.
  • Solid - Don't underestimate us. We are here for Ziskin!
  • Si'daal - Ziskin? What?
  • Maccasin - Prepare for doom, heretics!

The three rush towards W'tze and Si'daal. Solid tackles W'tze into the wall, only to be kicked back. Si'daal blocks multiple strikes from Lorka using her barrier. Maccasin quickly smashes open the doors containing the Proditkar Highlords, before joining Lorka in attacking Si'daal. With a roar, Pridar, Kalmar, Ele-Nox, Car-Pex, Takrix and Mantex break free, and prepare to join the fight as Kossi, Locrin-Ti and a squad of Federtion Marines storm in, in a try to contain the Proditkar Highlords. Both skirmishes drag on for about three minutes before Ziskin steps in and separates Solid, Maccasin and Lorka from W'tze and Si'daal, as Kossi and his squad have Pridar and his fellows pinned down.

  • Ziskin - Cut it out! All of you!
  • Solid - Ziskin! What are you doing!?
  • Ziskin- I'm trying to help this lot out!
  • Solid - What!? Why would you help them! They are the enemy! They captured you right!?
  • Ziskin - You guys really think they could capture me!? Don't be ridiculous!
  • Si'daal - He's helping us win this war.
  • W'tze - Yes. In fact, his information has been very useful. Tross doesn't seem to know much about this.
  • Maccasin - So Ziskin is actually helping you heretics? Really? By choice?
  • W'tze - Yep.
  • Ziskin - I'm assuming you all have no idea what's going on.
  • Maccasin - Not the slightest.
  • Ziskin - *sighs* Well, there's a guy out there known as Ada, he's the False God that will Come. I believe those strange Volver with immense strength are what he calls "Pieces". Hence why they are named like chess pieces.
  • Lorka - Wait...Ada? False God..He's the one who created the Volver right!?
  • Ziskin -'d you know that?
  • Lorka - Crimson...he told us of him. I remember we were transported to some strange place. A loud voice spoke out and said he was the false god. He then killed Crimson in front of me.
  • Solid - So he's the bastard who killed him, huh?
  • Ziskin - Hm. Well that fits the description. Anyways, he's planning to take Tyirs Major back for himself, purging all species who were not originally from this galaxy. Since my race fits the description of species to be purged, I decided to help the UAE win this war.
  • Lorka - What!? This Ada guy sounds like he means business...but why help them? Couldn't you just go back to your own galaxy!?
  • Ziskin - My homeworld, my galaxy, my species. All destroyed. My galaxy was destroyed long ago. Races who survived told me that the galaxy mysteriously imploded on itself. But I know the truth now. I read one of those books Brygon had been studying...Ada was behind all of it. He's the reason why the Nebulorians even tried to take over the universe, he's the reason why my race has fought century long wars against the Volver. I have a reason to help. So I will. Thus, are you guys in...or out?
  • Kalmar - Sounds rough...
  • Solid - Ok, Ziskin, because it's you. If the Proditkar Highlords remain free, we'll help. [looks to W'tze] But only this time, then we're done. Got it?
  • W'tze - Got it.
  • Pridar - Finally...a chance to lead armies again! Well then, fellow Proditkar, be ready to strike down any who oppose us!

The other Highlords and Maccasin roared agreement, as Solid and Lorka simply nod in agreement. The Proditkar Movement was back at full force, and that meant enemies to be slain.

Meanwhile, Ada had gathered the leaders of his revived army.

  • Ada - Now that you are all here, I'd like to add new members to our army. Thanks to Ne'yon, we managed to return them from death.
  • Ne'yon - Yes. Sort of like what I did with Ziskin, just with less bionics.
  • Hive Mind - We don't need any new members! Just send me out there sir! I can destroy them quickly!
  • Ada - Now need for that. I'm still trying to find out what dimension they have entered.
  • Omega - I kinda carve for something to infect right now...
  • King - Watch your tone with Lord Ada, boy.
  • Omega - Who are you to give me orders?
  • King - I am second in command. So I'd advise you to show me some respect.
  • Knight - Be aware, Omega, King is stronger than all of us here.
  • Bishop - Except for his greatness of course.
  • Omega - Suuuure. Whatever you say.
  • Ada - King, next time Brygon does not comply to our offer, kill him.
  • King - But my lord-
  • Ada - No buts. He either complies or dies. End of discussion.

King looks down at his blade for a moment, then nods. He turns and walks off to his chambers. The other revived warriors watch him as he walked away.

  • Ne'yon - I feels like I've met him before.
  • Hive Mind - Same here...

Meanwhile, Ada had revived two new soldiers for his army.

  • Ada - My two new soldiers..I have returned you to life. I want you to attack the UAE when we find them once more...understood?
  • Both - Yes my lord.

Symphony of Shadows and Void Edit

Trodaka was following the trail of destruction left by THEM. But now, it went cold. Trodaka's ship hovered over an Biskin world attacked by THEM. There was no sign of Ada's forces, yet they were last spotted there. Suddenly, a portal opened, and Trodaka's ship was pulled in. The Lambda Grox queen found herself in a strange realm. There was solid ground, she felt it, but all she could see was endless void. And from the void, a booming voice spoke.

  • Ada - Who dares to stalk my forces?
  • Trodaka - I am Queen Trodaka, queen of the Lambda Grox. You know my former master, Dark One is defeated, right? If you know my race, then you know my race seeks power. Power Dark currently doesn't posses, but you do.

Trodaka suddenly found herself engulfed by a cyan aura, as she was lifted in the air telepathically. She could also Ada's image in her mind, bringing a terrible feeling of emptiness with it.

  • Ada - Liar...

The alien void inside her thoughts became stronger. Trodaka groaned, trying not to lose her mind.

  • Trodaka - Make it stop. Please, make it stop!
  • Ada - ...You SHALL tell me the truth, or lose you mind to the endless void!
  • Trodaka - *Breathing heavily* All right...I came here to negotiate with you, on behalf of my master, the Dark One...
  • Ada - Hmph. Terikalinra. What has the self-proclaimed incarnation of Darkness to offer to the Empty God, also known as the Lord of Void, Ruler of the Abyss and the Master of Illusions?
  • Trodaka - An alliance. My master is weak currently, unable to do something. He will pledge his Mutran Hordes, his Dark-Morphlings, his Umbraas Groxic guard and my Lambda Grox to your allegiance if you accept.

The glow around Trodaka slowly disappeared, and the landed on the "ground" again.

  • Ada - The Mutran Spider Hordes...they are numerous and expandable, and thus will be my basic troops, leaving the AbyssClaw Clan to be my second most common troops. The Umbraas and Lambda Grox will work with my Omega Grox, and the Dark-Morphlings will do well under Hive-mind's command...

Trodaka - Do as you please. I might also be able to send you a cohort of Darklings and Rakar Demon Beasts, if my master wishes it.

  • Ada - They will be elite commanders among my pieces and support troops, respectively.
  • Trodaka - Very well. But in return for all these troops, my master also asks you a favor.
  • Ada - What is it?
  • Trodaka - That you capture the Ultra Commandoes. Their elemental powers, and theirs only, can be used to free my master.
  • Ada - My pieces will do what they can.
  • Trodaka - Excellent.
  • Ada - Then tell you master his alliance request is accepted.

With a flash, the realm disappeared, and Trodaka found herself on her ship again. She chuckled. With the help of the Nyarqaeshu, the Brotherhood would be back at full force again. The plan was proceeding as planned.

No place to hide Edit

The Nebulorain fleet moved slowly through the Intergalactic Rifts. Ne'yon flagship was in lead. They were following the Proditkar Movement, slowly but accurately. Finally, the fleet arrived just outside Matrukotris. Ne'yon eyes widened. Not only he had located the Proditkar, burr the UAE as well.

  • Ne'yon - It seems they put aside their old vetoes in order to combat us...foolish Proditkar. HE had great plans for you. But you chose your path. So be it.

Ne'yon levitated, his body engulfed in a bright cyan aura.

  • Ne'yon - Master, I've found the Proditkar. In fact, both the Proditkar and the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment.
  • Ada - Excellent. The fleet is on it's way. Now go and show them my wrath. Show them they cannot hide from the Empty Lord!

And indeed, ships of THEIR pawns were already jumping out of hyperspace, and moving towards the station. Recognizing the enemies, the automatic defenses sprung into action, blasting at the invaders. Infectant ships were destroyed fairly easily, for they were the weakest. However, the Infectants simply continued to "swim" though space before attaching them to Matrukoris' outer hull. The Invaders try to dock at the sectors Ga and Ba, but due to Dr. Que's weapons being located there, they found it difficult to do so. In sector Ba, singularities were created, with ripped apart most ships trying to dock there, thus the invaders mainly entered via sector Ga, quickly spreading into sector Ko but mainly sector Bo.

W'tze saw Ada's pawns invade "his" sector. He lead his troops against the invaders, before rushing off to the Cornucopia. He had to make sure his friends were all right. He made it trough without taking damage, as he flew high in the sky, with the only beings that made it to the Cornucopia yet, a squad of Nebulorains, being quickly gunned down by the guards. Inside the palace, he met with the other leaders of the UAE.

Barda ran inside, putting on his helmet, followed by his kids, Kirta and Takanuis, and his Guardsmen, Jallas.

  • Barda - Everyone, select a sector and defend it! No more then 2 to each, 3 in emergency situations! I will defend Sector Ta with Kossi'Valicar. Let's move!
  • Zaraturai - I am sending 2 of my best agents to assist you. The 2 are like brothers. They will tip the odds in our favor.
  • W'tze - I've got Sector-Bo, cya guys later.

Barda jetted off at high speed as the other ran or flew off.

Barda and his children land sector Ta, to see it in absolute chaos. Dark-Morphlings, Infectants, Mutran Spiders, Rakar and Hermicee Hordes where smashing their way through the city, as Lavantufts, Ugandalorians, some Federation Clones, and Kossi tried to hold them off. Kossi leapt forward, crushing a spider under his foot, and punching a Rakar into pieces. He then aimed his Arm Cannon and gunned down 3 Hermicee without stopping, before using it to crush an Infecant. Barda rushed in, Pistols blazing as he gunned down any enemies in sight.

  • Kossi - Barda! It is good to see you. I see you brought your children, is that safe on the field?
  • Barda - *Blasts a Rakar* It has been safe since they where seven. Now, we're gonna hold the line and...

Suddenly, a Gate Guardian of the hordes appeared before them, kicking away artillery and battle walkers.

  • Barda - Ahh hell!

The ground troops tried to fire upon it, but it proved too well armored to scathe, and continued with no difficulty. Venom Flyers attacked from the skies, and heated their bodies with acid, before zooming into their foes in a dive-bomb.

Kossi grabbed a Venom Flyer and popped it's head off, as Barda blasted them away with fireballs. Suddenly, 2 attacked him from behind, grabbing his arms, and beginning to fly upward. However, before they could get off the ground, Barda felt a swoosh of intensely hot air above his head as the Flyers' acid incinerated, turning the flyers into ashes.

  • Lavern - Your next, Gate Guardian!
  • Barda - Barda, great to see you.
  • Lavern - Likewise, but if we don't deal with those 2 big bugs, this won't be a happy reunion.

Suddenly, a portal opened, sucking the Guardian and a large amount of the attackers in. After this, 2 armored warriors came out, each as different as Night and Day. A massive, tall, Golden armored one, with blue flesh beneath, snapped his fingers, and the portal disappeared. He pulled out a massive sword, about as tall as he was, and his face was stern, beneath a complicated battle helm.

His comrade, wielding a massive Battle axe, slashed through foes with little difficulty, cutting down Hermicee and Rakar with ease. He wore sliver and red armor, with intelligent, piercing green eyes beneath.

As the enemies retreated, he stepped toward a group of Clone troops, hand raised.

  • Barda - What are you doing?
  • ??? - I was gifting with the ability to see through lies...all lies.

He fired an essence blast, revealing them to be Changelings. The creatures hissed in frustration, and flew off into the skies.

  • Lavern - Hey! Who are you two?
  • ??? - I am Axin'tros, Bearer of Truth and one of the mightiest agents of Zaraturai.
  • ???(2) - I am Losun'ka. I have been gifted with the ability to create dimensional gates, I am also an agent.
  • Kossi - Good to have you with us. Though we might need help elsewhere.
  • Losun'ka - Our brothers are everywhere now, fighting and surviving. Hydarax, in fact, is on his way to help Solid, Ziskin and Tross defending Sector De. It also allows him to keep an eye on the Proditkar Highlords, who are defending the Sectors Ga and Ko, as Sector De, as you all know, in in close proximity to Sector Ko.
  • Kirta - Hydarax...I remember him...
  • Losun'ka - *Snaps his fingers* There he goes. *Waits for a second, before snapping his fingers again*, and he's there.

Barda nodded as a deafening roar exploded through the city's sectors.

  • Axin'tros - Miterix and his Darkling Loyalists have arrived. This should get good.

In the Sector Vo, Maccasin was hammering upon Nebulorains and Omega Grox alike. After holding some off, he smashed his hammer into the ground, causing a shockwave with staggered the Nebulorains back. However, an Omega Grox Assimilator knocked him down and jumped upon him, ready to assimilate him into the Omega Grox. Suddenly, it went limp, and crumbled into accursed ashes, it's head cut clean off. Maccasin looked up to see Ajaar'Magnos standing above him, helping him up.

  • Maccasin - Hmpf. Heretic. Thank you, I suppose.
  • Ajaar - That's all I get?
  • Maccasin - Yes.
  • Ajaar - Very well. It seems Barda and his friends have driven the attackers from Sector Ta. Okskel and Si'daal are going to have more work...but so do we. To Sector Su.
  • Maccasin - Time to leave a mess...Come on, lets go and deliver Spode's divine fury upon these Heretics!

Ajaar nodded, and the two ran off.

Oskel and Si'daal were fighting valiantly against the oncoming Rakar armies. They had separated themselves from the rest of the sector in order to fight the enemy more effectively. Si'daal and her shamans placed a network of barriers of pure light around Sector Po. The Rakar trying to pass through were instantly vaporized. After a while, the attacks cease.

  • Si'daal - Well done. Now, let's see how Oskel is doing.

Suddenly, with insectoid screams, Mutran Spiders attacked, littering out of canyons and rifts. They jump to the shamans, firing energy webs at them and biting them, eventually killing most of them. With this the barriers go down. Two Gate Guardians appear as well, easily crushing the remaining Shamans under their spiked hooves.

  • Si'daal - Mages! Fire everything you've got!

Mages fire essence blasts at the attackers, but with no avail. While some Mutran spiders are killed, the blasts just bounce off the Gate Guardians. The Rakar with had previously retreated reappeared as well, and also start attacking. Si'daal and her troops were being pushed back to sector Onu.

Meanwhile in sector Onu, things weren't going much better. Rakar hid in the darkness of the cave network that sector Onu was, before suddenly leaping out and attacking. Oskel trows a tomahawk at a Rakar Adolescent, splitting it into two. He grabs his exo-blade and uses it to slash down multiple Rakar Juveniles in one strike. However more foes kept coming.

  • Antroth - Sir! Si'daal is coming this way!
  • Oskel - What?

Oskel rushes to Si'daal, while slashing down Rakar trying to reach her. However, this left his troops to defend the barricades by themselves. They too were pushed back. Oskel noticed this too late. As a final resort, an Antroth Mage blasts down the wide cave connecting sector Onu with sector Po. The Mutran Spider Hordes trying to reach them via this way were mostly killed by falling debris, leaving the Antroth to deal with the Rakar. As they successfully killed off the attacking Hermicee, outside, the Gate Guardians were breaking down the rocks blocking their way at amazing speed. With a roar, the rocks shattered, and Rakar poured in, not only from sector Po but from sector Onu as well. Oskel and Si'daal were surrounded.

Then, the shadows started to move. A hand of pure shadow erupted from it, and grabbed a Rakar Adult, absorbing them into it's own body. More Rakar are grabbed and absorbed, all at lighting speed. Then, a Darkling emerges from the shadows. The remaining Antroth Warriors and Mages form a defensive circle around Si'daal, as Oskel points his weapon at the Darkling. The Darkling looks at them with a look of apathy, before slamming Oskel's weapon against a wall with a shadow blast.

  • ??? - Fool! I'm your ally!
  • Oskel - Who are you? Tell me who you are!
  • Miterix - You are right to fear me. I am Miterix, original leader of the Darkling Brotherhood, and today, I am your savior.

Miterix lets out a power screech, surging the sectors Onu and Po from all invaders. He them looks at the Antroths another time, as if he is examining them, before vanishing into a black dust.

  • Si'daal - Well, we are saved...that was close...
  • Oskel - Being saved by a Darkling...I don't like it. At all.
  • Si'daal - Well, without him, we would be dead.
  • Oskel - I suppose. Anyways, our job is done here.

W'tze rushed at Sector Bo, arriving at the Tree of Spirits. He was approached by a Liev, clearly panicking.

  • Liev - This Sector is the largest of them all, and there is no big city, only tree-top villages. How are we ever going to defend it?
  • W'tze - See it in a different perspective. How are they ever going to conquer this sector without losing most of their troops to the traps shattered around?

Suddenly, a screech was heard in the skies. Changelings, lead by their Empress, Auriela, dove from the skies, and attacked. From the depths of the jungle, primitive battle-cries muffed roars could be heard. The Hermicee, Infectants and Dark-Morphlings had arrived too.

  • W'tze - Everyone prepare yourselves! Here they come!
  • Auriela - Go and feed my darlings! FEED!

The Changelings dove from the sky, grabbing Bio-Rangers, carrying them high up, before letting them fall to their death.

(Next, invaders arrive at Sector Le, Globlings under General Travern arrive from the Cornucopia to help the allies)

The Vanara ships moved stealthily thourgh space closing in on their target destination. The original plan had been much more discrete then this but a recent attack on their allies in the UAE a forced them into this more bold plan of action.

  • Zuki - We're nearing the target destination, should we begin the attack?
  • Jicor - Yes all ships drop out of fold, but keep cloacks out so we can surprise them.

The enemy ships above sector Ba detected multiple space time distortions heading their way suddenly vanish, before weird sensors signals began to come in. Strange readings of objects that couldn't be pinpointed and at times didn't seem to be there at all. They enamy ships were just starting to recalibrate their sensors when hell broke loose. Vanara ships by the thousands appeared out of no where and opened fire. It was chaos the Vanara ships didn't have much in the way of sheilds and armore, but they were fast, coordinated, and there were lots of them. Some even launched Daikaiju onto the enamy ships, the Daikaiju would tear apart the enamy ship then move onto the next one till it was killed, which then caused it to explode and destroy the ship that destroyed it. The two forces went at for minutes neither able to break the other.

  • Surathi - We need to get down to the surface.
  • Terku - We could beam down but with all this activity going on we could only beam down two.
  • Zuki - Seerkar, Akanri could you do it?
  • Seerkar - Yeah.
  • Jicor - Then go I just got a report from three transport ships. They got a clear shot at the surface and are sending Daikaiju down.
  • Akanri - Drak, Serpune, come on.

The two imps dutifully climded on their masters shoulders.

  • Serpune - Where are we going?
  • Drak - Didn't you hear? Down to the surface dummy.

There was a flash of light, a rushing sensation and they were down below. Behind them, three Daikaiju roared, ready for battle. Akanri drew her Karpver pistol and Seerkar his Maseru swords.

  • Akanri - So lets blow so heads off.

The Alpha strike back Edit

As the fleets clashed over Matrukoris, a wormhole opened. Out of it came thousands of Bachyeon, Meta Grox, Alpha Grox, and Follower ships, attacking the Servants of Ada and his allies. A transmission opened to Kastor Darius, on-board his flagship. He saw before him the image of Commandant Ghorie.

  • Kastor - Alpha?! Here?
  • Ghorie - Alpha. Here.
  • Kastor - Wha...What do you want? Don't say you're here to join Ada, we have enough problems already!
  • Ghorie - We share common enemies, organic inferior. A temporary truce is the most logical option.
  • Kastor - Who's to say you won't betray us?
  • Ghorie - Irrelevant. A cease-fire is needed, so we all can survive this. Got that, wet-bag?
  • Kastor - Good point, scumbag. A cease-fire it is then, but only for this war. After that, we'll continue with our quest to end you.
  • Ghorie - I want to see you try. But about the case-fire...affirmative. Begin the strike now.

The Alpha began to land their various shock troops on the surface, as Kastor made an announcement.

  • Kastor - While I do not trust them, fellow Alliance members, the Cyber Collective has declared a cease-fire, just to deal with these invaders. Do not shot until they open fire upon us.

to be continued

Stranded Edit

Akanri hit the ground the terrible learing face of Nebulorians standing over her, her body battered by their psychic attacks. Serpune lay off to the side some where completely knocked out. An explosion sounded as the last Daikaiju exploded. One of the Hermicee drew a viceouse looking spike club. As she reached for her gun the crab-like alien simply just kicked it away. His axe came down ready to kill when he stiffened a large chain was wrapping its way around his body. The Hermicee gave a strangled cry as it's internal organs were crushed. Akanri grabbed her gun and unleashed a blast of heat setting some of her enemies on fire, before releasing another blast of cold freezing the rest and finishing them of with her gun. She turned to see the rest being taken down by some strange liquid and someelse invisible and weilding a chain. After the rest were taken down Surathi reformed in her solid state and Zuki turned visible again.

  • Akanri - How the hell did you guys get down here?
  • Zuki - We crashed. Don't worry, the ship is fine.
  • Surathi - Jicor and Terku are off helping Seerkar out but the rest of the fleet can't get in so were stuck.
  • Akanri - If we don't get help soon we are going to be a lot worse then stuck.
  • Zuki - Aye too true.
  • Surathi - Then we better go regroup with the others. That way, we'll stand a better chance until help arrives.
  • Akanri - If it arrives...

Seerkar slashed and paried cutting down enamies, Jicor and Terku stood with him back to back.

  • Jicor - Now where the hell is that backup we need?
  • Seerkar - Its not coming. We're totally cut off, the fleet was forced to withdraw.
  • Terku - Wonderful! Just like old times.
  • Seerkar - Now I remember why I hated them so much.

Suddenly a large spidery creature grab Seerkar a threw him. It was coming around for more when it flew to the ground screaming before its head exploded. Akanri, Surathi, and Zuki stound on a rise lookind severe, Akanri's eye patch glowing blue.

  • Akanri - Do we need to do everything around here?
  • Zuki - Probably males are so helpless with out females to all the real work.
  • Surathi - Now cut them some slack. It's not there fault they can't look after themselves.
  • Seerkar - Nice to see you too.
  • Terku - Really cause right now they're being total jerks.
  • Jicor - *Points at an oncoming horde of Hermicee and Changelings* I think we have more important things to worry about like that fresh wave of enemies coming.
  • Zuki - There's no way will survive this.
  • Jicor - There is one way.
  • Terku - You mean...The Foundation.
  • Surathi - A little dangerous no?
  • Akanri - What choice do we have?
  • Seerkar - Lets do it.
  • All - Right!

Their bodies began to transform it powerful, 50 feet tall, winged, dragon like shapes. Seerkar grew purple bladed armor covered with green jewels, Akanri red, black, and blue skinned will spiny tentacles, Zuki four black feathered wings and a beak, Jicor powerfully red and musculy , Surathi long blue and serpentine, and Terku with gold, sliver, bronze, and copper armor with massive claws. They rose in the air realsing a blast of ghostly flame. Neon blue, dark purple, smokey red, brilliant rainbow, pitch black, and blazing white. Hermicee screeched in fear, Changelings cloaked and Nebulorains threw up physic barriers, but it was of no use. In a blast, the frount line of enemies was obliterated. They 6 roared ready to burn the remaining enemies to ash. Zuki struck absorbing the pain of her teammates and her own before redirecting it a their enemies. Jicor toke blast after blast, absorbing the power of those he killed, and using his enemies own power to destroy them. Surathi summoned any and all wild creature to their aid. Terku let lose with elemental blast chewing up enemy after enemy. Seerkar gathering energy from his friends negate the energy attacks of his foes before destroying them with a equal and opposite force. Akanri summon parasitic Roselings to cripple them before sucking away their power for herself and finishing them off with powerful psychic attacks.

  • Jicor - Enemies down. The sector is cleared.

After he said this, however, a loud roar could be heard. Then, from the darkness of space above, a Darkling swooped down, and landed in front of them, the shockwave from the impact sending the Six back. It was Darkling Torackix.

  • Terku - ...Bad.
  • Torackix - Yesss...This is bad for you. Very, very bad. You are right to fear me.
  • Akanri - We don't fear you!

Akanri loses a blast of purple flame at Torackix, with little effect. She smiled, before firing a red, distorted ring of ghostly fire at Akanri. Akanri was caught in the blast and covered in a film of red. She roared in unnatural anger, and charged at Torackix at high speed, hitting her with all she could.

  • Torackix - Do that! Hit me HIT ME HIT ME!

Akanri eventually fell down, exhausted.

  • Torackix - Ending this so soon...fine. I'll take care of your companions then.

She fired distorted rings of fear at the remaining five, rings with looked like were made from yellow smoke. They hit the Six and covered them in a colored film, this time yellow. They backed away in terror. Torackix chuckled, wrapping chains of shadows around the Six. She them opened a portal and threw them in, before entering herself. After this the portal closed, and only an abandoned battlefield remained.

Discord Edit

Losun'ka looked across the battlefield at the outer Copurnia, seeing all the death and destruction. Squadrons of Federation Clone Troopers, Ultra commandos, and Enlightened One warriors clashed with Ada's forces, and the Brotherhood of Darklings. Why all of this destruction? Why was Zaraturai one of the central problems in this equation. He could see the Brotherhood was turned against itself and the Order trying to de-throne her greatness, but why did everyone else have to die? Did she really have the universe's interests at hear? Or was she a tyrant just like Dark One claimed?

Axin'tros approached, axe blade bloodied from battle. He smiled as his brother approached. Axin'tros had helped Losun'ka join the Order, and it was when his life seemed at it's worse. But with Axin, everything seemed to go better after that. The two became literal brothers. They always took missions together, and trained with each other. it was impossible not to see them apart.

  • Losun'ka - Brother! Is everything going well in your part of the field?
  • Axin'tros - *Smiles* Yes, the Waptoria Bio-weapons do put up a good fight. They cleared out a whole nest of Changelings by themselves.
  • Losun'ka - Impressive. Now, there's a Darkling warrior giving our troops trouble up ahead. Shall we, "deal" with him?
  • Axin'tros - I sense Kotar nearby, and Darkling Korgokol...he is on the way to our location.
  • Losun'ka - Kotar called him in. Kologol is going to aid us with our little problem.
  • Axin'tros - Let's do it then.

The 2 Order members walked among the busted-up sidewalks and streets of Maturkoris, eyes locked forward. It had grown eerily quiet here. The 2's eyes darted about, trying to detect any movement. It was hopeless. Even if a Darkling was hiding out, they could remain motionless for months on end.

Finally, the 2 arrive at the area. The bodies of Federation Clone troopers, Ugandalorians, Bio-weapons, and Order Agents where scattered all about, dead in various degrees. Axin'tros twirled his Axe into a ready position, as Losun'ka readied his twin power blades. The 2 stood back-to-back, eyes glancing all about.

Then, from above, as though teleporting there, a Darkling appeared, and kicked the ground between them. The 2 separated, as the Darkling came down. He stood up straight, his armor riddled with scars, as he smiled at both.

  • ??? - Hello there. Darkling Tibrix, ready to pick your bones apart.
  • Axin'tros - Traitor of the Great Spirit! You will be killed for your treason!
  • Tibrix - Try me.

They took attacked him, as he unsheathed 2 War swords, and blocked both their strikes. The 3 attacked in a fury of strikes and blocks, parries and lunges. However, no matter what each did, Tibrix was simply too skilled with his blades to be beat. In fact, without any organs, he was at a distinct advantage over them, as he could not tire out as fast.

He flew over Axin'tros, and fired a orb of plasma from his mouth. Axin'tros tried to move out of the way, but his left leg got struck by the plamsa, melting through the armor, and burning his leg. Losun'ka roared in rage, and charged at Tibrix, intent on chopping his head off. Tibrix fired a thin lavender-colored beam from his hand, foggy and distorted. As it hit Losun'ka, swirling spirals appeared all over his body, turning from lavender into a dark purple/black before fading. The Order warrior felt an over-powering urge to sleep. He tried to stand, but his legs fell beneath him. He fell on his stomach, the ground shaking as it did so. Tibrix landed near Axin'tros.

  • Tibrix - You will be the first to experience the Master's Revival!

With that, he slammed the flat of his blade into Axin's head, knocking him out.

Dark Intentions Edit

Meanwhile, Ada watched from his throne as the first stage of the war reached completion.

  • Ada - Dark's plan nears completion...soon my pieces, the few beings who dare oppose me will be annihilated by void and shadow.
  • Rook - Are we to aid Dark's servants in their plans? I bet we are.
  • Ada - You are. Go and buy Dark's servants time, then end the UAE once and for all.
  • Knight - Yes my lord. We will end this.
  • Ada - Take the two new warriors I've created. They should be of use to you.

The pieces nod and teleport into battle.

Reunion Edit

Meanwhile, Brygon and Kyaan were on their way to aid Dr. Que and provide protection for his lab. Barda and Lorka met up with them.

  • Barda - We have scoured most of our sectors. We assumed that you two would need some help.
  • Brygon - Thanks. We need to secure a parameter around the lab as Dr. Que tries to get the internal defenses back online. Kyaan, go with Lorka and guard the exit. Me and Barda will guard the entrance.
  • Kyaan - Yes sir.

The four take their positions around the base. Suddenly, two portals open, one at the entrance and one at the exit. King steps out at the entrance, sword drawn. At the exit, Lorka and Kyaan aim their weapons towards the portal. To their surprise, Crimson steps through.

  • Lorka - Crimson!?
  • Kyaan - R-Reathe!?
  • Crimson - Hello Lorka, my friend. It's been a while yes? Same goes for you too...Kyaan.
  • Kyaan - Brother...I thought you were dead.
  • Lorka.- Brother?
  • Crimson - You are such a child Kyaan. You still consider me your brother?
  • Kyaan - Yes...even though you betrayed us.
  • Crimson - That attitude will get you killed someday.
  • Lorka - How is this possible..I saw...I saw you get blasted into nothing!
  • Crimson - Ada...he revived me..he is the true god that our kind forgot Kyaan. He is angry...we have sinned against him.
  • Kyaan - What!? He may have created us..but that doesn't mean his intentions for us were pure. He doesn't give a damn about our sins, just this galaxy and power.
  • Crimson - Blasphemy!!
  • Lorka - Listen friend, your brother is right! Ada is trying to wipe all non-natives out!!
  • Crimson - You are non-believers. His acts are justified.
  • Kyaan - ᏑRᎾᎿᎼR... (Brotaur, Brother in Acsonian)
  • Crimson - Prepare to die traitors.

Crimson draws his blade as Kyaan does the same. Lorka reluctantly raises his guns. Crimson charges at Kyaan, as Lorka fires at him with his blasters. Crimson is hit by the blasts, then knocked back by Kyaan's shield. Lorka rushes in and manages to land a solid kick to Crimson's chest. Kyaan follows and attempts to slash Crimson, but Crimson quickly parries the attack and counters with his shield. Lorka opens fire once more, striking Crimson with a volley of superheated bullets. Kyaan charges Crimson and stabs him through the chest. Crimson kicks Kyaan back, but is shot in the face by Lorka. Crimson staggers backwards, holding his cracked visor and clenching his chest.

Blood could be seen leaking out of his helmet and chest armor. Kyaan lowered his sword and shield, giving off a feeling of sadness. Lorka looks to Kyaan, then to Crimson. He stands there, looking at both of them. After catching his breath, Crimson stands up straight and draws his sword once more. Kyaan does the same as Lorka reloads.

  • Lorka - I could have sworn you hit a lung...he should not be able to move so easily.
  • Kyaan - Volver have little use for lungs, our skin diffuses and retains oxygen into our bloodstream.
  • Lorka - Huh, that explains a lot.
  • Crimson - Enough talk. This wound is nothing to me. Prepare to die.

Crimson raises his robotic arm and shoots a deadly pulse of energy at Lorka and Kyaan. They both dodge the attack. They turn to see that the blast had destroyed a small portion of the artifactual, forested hill behind them. Kyaan stares at his brother for a moment...seeing the monster that he has become. Lorka raises his blasters again and opens fire. Crimson deploys an energy shield, blocking all of the blasts. As he lowers it, Kyaan manages to tackle Crimson, holding his arms in place. Lorka tacks the opportunity and opens fire. The lasers strike Crimson's body with great intensity. His armor and body were burned by the blasts. Kyaan lets him go, and Crimson falls to his knees.

  • Crimson - Traitor...
  • Kyaan - Brother! I'm sorry, but you left us no choice!
  • Crimson - Why...why did you follow that false king...Brygon...?
  • Kyaan - He is our king...the king we needed. He has rebuilt our Empire.
  • Crimson - No! [coughs]. He sullied our great empire's name...We aren't diplomats! We...we used to be warriors! Feared by all...the Ta'raron drove us to this...this soft state.
  • Kyaan - Brother, they made our empire prosper. Why can't you see that?
  • Crimson - Because they stole our rightful place....our place as the Void's Chosen.
  • Lorka - Void's Chosen? You told me about that once? Your clan used to be on top long ago right?
  • Crimson - Correct. Ada had chosen us...OUR Clan brother. The Desaa were MEANT to be the true rulers of our race...the GALAXY!
  • Kyaan - ...
  • Crimson - The Ta'raron Clan took our place at the top...they defeated us. And you serve one of them, and yet you dare call yourself my brother. You defy everything we stand for!
  • Kyaan - You said you didn't consider me your brother anymore Reathee. I will put you out of you misery.

Kyaan draws his sword and plunges it into Crimson's heart. Crimson lets out a terrible scream as his life force fades. Lorka, watches as his friend is killed by his own brother. Crimson's body disintegrates into a pool of blood-like liquid, with quickly evaporates. Kyaan stands, sheathing his blade. Lorka looks at Kyaan with concern, then follows him into Dr. Que's lab.

Questions and Answers Edit

Meanwhile, Barda and Brygon guard the front entrance, eying down King. He stood there, clad in white and green armor. Barda draws his blade and readies his guns. Brygon looked to him and decides raise his blade and shield as well. King chuckles, keeping his weapons sheathed.

  • Brygon - What's so funny?
  • King - Away with your weapons. I have no intention of fighting you.
  • Barda - What are you doing here then?
  • King - Simply to retrieve the young king Brygon. Ada has plans for you.
  • Brygon - You seriously think I would go to Ada? His orders have killed hundreds, perhaps thousends of species across the galaxy!
  • King - That is because they decide to attack us, "for the common good of the galaxy". Ada only wishes to take back what is his.
  • Barda - He has no right to this galaxy! He doesn't even own any colonies here!
  • King - It isn't your place to say friend. You aren't even of this galaxy.
  • Barda - Friend? We aren't friends. I've only met you a couple of times...and on unfriendly terms...
  • King - Oh? If we were on unfriendly terms, they why did I aid you during the final battle of the Great Deciever? Why did I protect you when the Skittering Annihilators were ready to kill you and Brygon during Aterro Domintus? And why do you think I spared you and your Commando's lives? The other pieces would have just killed them.
  • Brygon - So what, you spared us? What does that prove?
  • King - [sighs]. Honestly, I would have thought that you would have figured it out by now. Our clan was meant to serve Ada. You will follow in the tradition Brygon.
  • Brygon - What? Our clan? I read a book stating that we did back in our tribal days, but that's in the past!
  • King - The past? What if I told you that King Zirux is actually the "Dark Knight" you all have interacted with?
  • Barda - Zirux...He's your great grandfather right Brygon?
  • Brygon - Yes...and in terms of Volver history, he was only the second ruler.
  • King - Correct. All of the pieces, except that Pawn Ne'yon, were Volver Kings. We are Lord Ada's strongest warriors, and I happen to be the strongest piece.
  • Barda - Hmph, so which king are you then?
  • King - Haha, haven't you been listening to me...friend?
  • Brygon - What?
  • Barda - No...Impossible...

King simply nodded in response, smiling behind his helmet. Barda drops his weapons and falls slowly to his knees as he groans in disbelief. Brygon looks at Barda briefly, then back to King as his eyes widened in shock.

  • Brygon - ᏪᏌᏘᏌᏏ?! (Pataur, Father in Asconian)
  • King - [Nods] It is me.
  • Barda - Why...why are you with THEM!?
  • King - I have no choice Barda...Ada plans to eradicate all who stand in his way, that would include my race. My service to him has slowed him down.
  • Brygon - How so?
  • King - Ada could have annihilated the entire UAE within one day by himself. However, me, the other pieces, and his army are using a large portion of his power. I am currently using the most power. With his power spread thinly amongst these individuals, he is left weakened for some time.
  • Barda - I see. So are you on our side or not?
  • King - As of We are enemies. I was sent here to kill you Barda, and then capture my son.
  • Barda - [Picks up his sword]. That won't happen friend. We need Brygon here.
  • King - That's unfortunate. But I still have to obey my master to receive power.

King draws his blade. Brygon readies his weapons as the two warriors clash metal. The clash of their swords sent out a large shock wave, blowing the leaves off of the surrounding trees. The two sat there, locked in a power struggle. King locks eyes with Barda.

  • King - [chuckles] I always wondered which one of us would walk away if we faced wach other.
  • Barda - Likewise.

King jumps into the air and flies overhead. Barda draws his pistols and begins to fire. King managed to reflect most of the shots using his shield. Bygon leapt into the air and clashed blades with his father. The two hit the ground and continued to parry each other. Barda charged in and kicked King in the stomach. Brygon followed up with a shield smash to King's face. King staggered back and regained his defense. Brygon charged again and stabbed at King. He simply dodged each attack and head-butted his son into a tree. Barda clashes blades once more with King.

The two were evenly matched, they knew each other's styles by heart. King swept Barda's feet with his tail, causing him to fall. Before King to finish him off, Brygon grabbed King from behind and restrained his arms. Barda took the opportunity and stabbed his bladed knuckles into King's chest. He then used the other set of knuckles on his right hand to pierce through King's gut. He retraced the claws, allowing blood to pour from King's abdomen. Brygon released his father.

  • King - [coughs up blood] got me...
  • Barda - You left us no other option old friend.
  • Brygon - ...
  • King - [laughs] ...I would say that you got didn't.
  • Brygon - What are you talking about?

King stood up once more and spread his arms. He became surrounded by a cyan aura as his wounds were healed. Barda began to shoot at King, but the shots had no effect.

  • Barda - Dammit!
  • Brygon - This is going to take a while...
  • King - Dr. Que is in that lab isn't he? What is he up to?
  • Barda - It is none of your business.
  • King - So be it. Once I am finished with you two, I will deal with the doctor.
  • Barda - It won't matter how many times you heal, I'll still take you down.
  • King - Seriously? Barda my friend, I was merely holding back. When you damaged me, Master Ada had to give me more energy. If anything, I'm helping you all. But that doesn't mean I'll go easy on you again. That did hurt you know.
  • Barda - [chuckles] Fine by me.

The three resume fighting as the war continues around them.

The Return of Shadow Edit

Trodaka laughed silently to herself. She had the Six symbols of the Elements that had imprisoned her lover and master, had those who yielded them in her clutches, watching as she prepared to use them, and the Vanara Six. It was all going as planed.

Skordi, Changelings, and Mutran Spiders gathered to witness their master's freedom, as Rakar of various types came in, poking the 2 captured warriors of Zaraturai's Order with their spears. they were followed, Darkling Tibrix, who looked extremely confident with what he had captured. Torackix watched in excitement.

  • Torackix - Is the Seal ready to be broken?
  • Trodaka - Yes.

Gridlock, Imperator Caligustus and Empress Auriela landed nearby, watching. Gridlock licked his lips nervously. His father would soon be freed, and he would honor his son for his loyalty and patience in the Plan. Caligustus chuckled loudly, savoring the victory. His greatest ally was destroyed, his grand plan foiled by the Troodontids, the Comet Republic, the Combine of Nakeimato, the USF and the UAE, but with Dark at his side revenge would soon come. Auriela smiled as well. Soon, she could have vengeance on the Grox for their betrayal of the brotherhood.

Trodaka spoke, her voice echoing to all members and allies of the Brotherhood.

  • Trodaka - Fellow Broterhood members! The time has come. Soon, our master will be freed, and we will rain down glorious destruction upon our foes! With this, Dark One shall use his new power, and the Plan shall succeed! For our Brotherhood! For the Death to the False One! For the True Lord of Shadows!

She placed her hands on the device that focused the Elemental Symbols' energies, the 6 symbols glowing with power. With utter focus, she charged the power of the Seals, feeling their energy mingle together, their elements morphing into one, powerful energy.

Finally, with all eyes watching, she released the Energy upon the seal within her flagship.

A brilliant flash of energy enveloped her entire ship, as all crew looked away from the brilliance.

The crystal seal shattered, cracking and breaking in different areas, before shattering, a thick black mist being released from inside. Standing in the black mist, eyes glowing pure red, was the Dark One, Terikalinra. As the mist cleared, various colored Rakar could be seen standing next to him.

  • Dark - At last! I am freed! My noble followers, the Plan is almost complete. Then, Matrukoris, and the entire alliance, will bow to us!

Caligustus launched insanely as Imperial legionnaires and his Preatorian Guard drew their swords in Dark's honor.

The 6 enemies, the 6 Koatria that had long opposed him, now stood powerless. The 2 agents of his sister watched as he stretched his wings, as his body began to become more solid and less shadowy. He studied his 14 foes.

  • Dark - How does it feel to have failed? To know I am free, and your teacher and user will soon be dead?
  • Arkaalin - My team will not stop until you are defeated, Dark One! I swear it!
  • Dark - Your main weapons to stop me are now in my clutches. You've lost. Just give up.

The 6 warriors looked down, defeated. The Vanara Six growled, but they could not move, their powers drained by shadow chains. Axin'tros frowned, as he looked to his brother. Something was off.

  • Dark - Do I detect? Someone with just as much hate and anger as I?

He looked to Losun'ka, his eyes piercing his soul.

  • Dark - Why do you persist in serving my Sister? When her goals have involved the deaths of so many?
  • Losun'ka - Because...I do not know.
  • Dark - What has she given to you?
  • Losun'ka - Nothing...

Axin cried out, as the Koatria looked at him in shock.

  • Dark - Serve my Brotherhood. We can bring you happiness. We will bring order, and end this suffering.

Losun'ka's eyes clouded, as he stood with difficulty, and lurched towards Dark. When he finally made it to him, he dropped to one knee.

  • Losun'ka - I accept, he who brings order.
  • Axin'tros - *Tears in his eyes* Brother, why?
  • Dark - Because, he favors order over the chaos my sister and her company bring.

Losun opened a dimensional portal in front of his new master.

  • Losun'ka - Shall we depart.
  • Dark - Yes, my new servant.

Dark, Dark's Rakar, Losun, Trodaka, Tibrix, Gridlock, Caligustus and Auriela, as well as many Skordi, Changelings, Mutran Spiders, and regular Rakar followed, jumping into the portal. Torackix looked at the Vanara Six in amusement, letting out something in between laughter and a hiss. She them jumped into the portal as well.

The Vanara Six collapsed falling to the ground morphing back to their regular forms. Surathi and Terku began crying, Zuki and Jicor were silently, Akanri leaned back against Seerkar with a moan.

  • Surathi - What did they want with us? What do we have that they needed?
  • Akrani - *Struggling against her chains* I will burn that "Torackix", I will take whatever she has for a soul a burn it out of her till there is nothing left.
  • Terku - The shadows are free and with them more shadows shall rise.

Axin looked down at his feet, defeated. How could he allow his brother to fall? He should've paid attention to what he was going through, asked him how he was doing. Now, he had lost more then a comrade.

He had lost his only family.

Sibling Rivalry Edit

Zaraturai struck down another Rakar beast, as Darkling warriors encircled her. Gridlock stood among them, with Imperator Caligustus, though Grid looked much different. His purple scales where darker, he looked older, and his eyes where colder. With him where several Space Pirate Commandos and Scimat'akar berserkers.

  • Gridlock - Hello auntie. *Flexes his claws* Care to surrender?
  • Zaraturai - Even you are no match for me, I am an equal to Dark, which puts me above all of you.

The Darklings drew back a little, looking at each other in fear. Even when stripped of her powers, she was still far stronger then they were. Gridlock smiled mockingly, as the Imperator snorted like a bull ready to charge. The 2 looked to each other, nodded, and approached, as Grid held his hand for the Darklings to stay.

The 2 rushed at Zaraturai with a roar, as she prepared her blade, made of pure light. Gridlock, being far more in touch with Dark Energy then Caligustus, stopped briefly, as Zaraturai used her superior height to stomp on his head. Gridlock groaned in pain, and she slammed him into a building with a blast of light. Caligustus roared, and began swinging his blade in an insane style, which, while at first intimidating, Zaraturai quickly gained control, as she then lifted him telepathically, and began pumping light energy into his body. While Caligustus' essence negating aura at first repelled the energy, he started to shriek in pain as more light energy was pumped into him, with overcame his essence negating aura.

  • Zaraturai - You may be a Descended Warrior, with the power of demons, but you will find that such power can be used against you!

Gridlock roared, and flew over head, firing plasma blasts from his mouth at her. She released the Dragowar as Gridlock flew overhead. She extended her own wings, and flew straight at him. He dodged just out of her way, only for her to teleport text to him, and grab him by the throat, before throwing him to the ground.

Gridlock had received a lot of blows in his life. He had been hit with Void Missiles at one point, had been punched by a Loron, or something, and had been at the receiving end of an Epic's walking cycle. However, nothing compared to his "aunt" grabbing him, pumping him full of light energy, and sending him to the ground. The world spun, as the light energy started to mix and meld with his buddy. He looked down in terror as his "holes" appeared in his body, shafts of burning energy pouring out. He roared in terror and pain. Since he was not descended, never needing it in his mind, his body could not reject such power, and simply molded with it.

Dark appeared immediately at his side, and stood between his sister, and his son.

  • Dark - Will you not rest? Will you try and take my lover, my son, my top servant, from me? Why, why do you persist in this?
  • Zaraturai - You know brother. You let your corruption and your hatred, jealousy, and ambition blind you. I simply want to turn things right. You want to kill me, as though that will make everything ok.
  • Dark - Hmmm. I have another idea, sister. Join me. Together, our power can sculpt a new order, an order of perfection and power. I'm sure Ada will approve it, not that we need it anyway.
  • Zaraturai - No. I have a duty, a destiny. You have nothing, brother. You are nothing.
  • Dark - Then let us finish this...

Coming soon!

Breakout Edit

Tilaos stood in his cell, as the rest of his team looked down in shame and defeat. Only Prevartos stood up to join him. Tilaos' eye piece was clicking and extending, glaring into every detail of his cell.

  • Prevartos - What are you doing?
  • Tilaos - Trying to find our way out. Within each cell lies the key to it's escape.
  • Prevartos - How do you plan to do that? Those Rakar do not look too nice, and we still have 2 Darkling commanders onboard that could easily kill us.
  • Tilaos - Prevartos, my friend, sometimes you need a little faith.

Suddenly, one of the rakar shrieked loudly, turned to the bars, and blasted through them with heat vision. It then ran to the Vanara Six, and lashed out against their bonds with it's wrist blades, cutting through them with ease.

A Skordi guard came, growling angrily.

  • Skordi - What in the name of Grimskull are you doing, you little beast!

It turned and fired another blast of energy from it's eyes, hitting the Skordi, and sending him into a wall. The 6 Koatira stood out of their cells, and looked at the Rakar uncertainly. It made a squeaking nose, and pointed with it's head towards the symbols. The 6 Ultra Commandos ran to the machine, and pulled out their symbols. The jewel like structures, embedded into a cube-like structure, each shaped a certain way, to define each holder's mind-set, and colored to each element. They shined in the low light, but where completely lifeless.

Reaching forward, Arkaalin touched his element. The Cube exploded in pure elemental energy, wrapping around him in a red vortex of energy. The others did the same, as the energy wrapped around them. Axin'tros helped the Vanara to their feet, as the Koatria landed from their little energy vortex.

They stood, armor and body refreshed, weapons returned to them. Corhufu twirled his Katanas, as Galiet crossed her power axes in front of her. Axin'Tros lumbered towards them.

  • Axin - We must stop Dark, before it is too late!
  • Arkaalin - Get us off this ship, and we can do so.
  • Axin - Get me my axe, and let's see what we can do.
  • Corhufu - Hey, you, big monster dudes! If we can restore your powers, can you help cover as we escape. We're needed if we wanna put Dark in his place.
  • Akanri - Let us at that bitch Torackix, and we're good.
  • Corhufu - *Smiles* Excellent.

Arkaalin walked towards the Vanara Six, sword sheathed behind his back.

  • Arkaalin - We appreciate everything you've done for us. Zaraturai protect you in your scared task.
  • Akanri - Thank you, ...friend.
  • Arkaalin - Now, brothers! For freedom, we arise!!

The 6 warriors roared, as the Ultra Commandos charged out. Skordi and other servants of the Darklings looked in shock as they charged out. Reading their own weapons, they charged, guns ablazing. The Six dodged and parried each attack, striking with blade of firing their blasters. Axin grabbed his axe from a dead Skordi warlord, and began slashing through enemy ranks.

The Vanara Six raced after them, their power restored, as they took down any foes the Ultra Commandos could not.

Meanwhile, 2 Darklings stood far away, watching them, unseen.

  • Vaprax - That was completely insane! What if Dark finds out!
  • Krianus - Dark won't, and we can't let him win this easily. We have to sabotage him from the inside.
  • Vaprax - Why, we pledged our allegiance to him!
  • Krianus - I once thought we could attain fame among the Togunda and other creations of the Great Spirit. But look back on it. We where treated with fear, even hatred. I thought we could make them respect us. But then, when we came here, after I lost her, I saw things differently. It was when I was sent to oversee an assault on a city, and it was burning to ashes, did I realize something. We've become twisted. We are guardians for goodness sakes, and now, we're monsters! You know it Vaprax. The only reason we follow him, is because we got "damage" from being soldiers for so long, with no friends outside our Brotherhood. Terikalinra's gotten the worst of it, but we're all in bad shape. We're all nuts.
  • Vaprax - That's why someone needs to take down Zaraturai, and her little followers! She's done this to all of us, and needs to pay for it.
  • Krianus - She didn't know how to use her powers, and neither did Dark, or any of us. For our pride, we destroyed a universe. We're repeating the process here. Wouldn't you rather be remembered for something else other than death?
  • Vaprax - I guess...

The 2 turned, as a Shadow Togunda appeared out of a portal, huffing and puffing. He was a sickly green and black in color, and carried a scroll with him.

  • Viicax - Darkling Tibrix has a message for you. Teriaklinra requests you appear at the central structure of the Matrukoris, called the Cornucopia, to assist in the assault on it.
  • Krianus - Alright, we'll be right there. Tell Ahkuma that the captives have escaped.
  • Viicax - *Straightens in fear* Ye-yes sir!

The 2 Darklings opened their portal, as Vul'kon ran into his own.

  • Krianus - Well, Vaprax, you like killing so much, let's do some more of it.

The 2 jumped in, both troubled by the recent events.

Akanri growled freezing a rakar soild before blasting it apart with a wave of heat.

  • Akanri - Shit, this is a work-out.
  • Seerkar - Even if we weren't exhausted, I'm not sure if we would be able to keep this up much longer.
  • ??? - Well then...let me lend a hand..
  • Akanri - Huh?

A being appeared surronded by a glowing halo of light, powerful wings folded be hide his back, his eyes glowing red, he waved his hand around the room

  • ??? - Begone!

The surronding enemies disolved into liquid.

  • ??? - There back to the void where they came from. Their existence will no longer pain them.
  • Seerkar - Who are you?
  • ???- That's not important, but if you must know...Its Tarzer. What is important is that the power you possess (looks at the Ultra Commandos as well) is not enough to win the battles to come, or even to survive.
  • Jicor - So how do we get the power we need?
  • Tarzer - You must simply rediscover your past.
  • Zuki - That's it?
  • Tarzer - No. You must sacrifice some of your new power to bring back your old power by finding your other memories, and you can only do that with even greater sacrifice of the heart.
  • Akanri - Wha..what's that supposed to mean?
  • Tarzer - Only you can discover that. I just bring the message.
  • Arkaalin - What about us?
  • Tarzer - That I don't know. All I know is you need to become more powerful, so long.

And with that he vanished.

Freeing Matrukoris Edit

Despite the resistance, Ada's forces manage to push through the Cornucopia. The leaders eventually gather to defend their world.

One could see hordes of enemies piling up, trying to get past the leaders. Barda and Brygon had finally arrived to aid in the Cornucopia's defense. King had mysteriously vanished in the middle of their fight. Lavern and Magmos had finally arrived to aid in the Cornucopia's defense. Lavern attempts to control the enemy crowd by burning them to cinders. His flame breath worked for a while, until he started to feel winded. The enemies jump on his shoulders and back, slashing and shooting at him. A group of S'actha crusaders, led by Herenzi, appear to lend their help, but are unable to push trough. Herenzi glares at the enemy soldiers, unable to get to to help Lavern.

Suddenly, a an double-layered orb appeared the middle of the enemy soldiers, opening a pathway to the abyss. The orb changes and materialized into Ada, enveloped in a bright cyan light. His followers cease their attack and kneel to him. Lavern stands, pushing the followers aside.

  • Ada - Such carnage. Such destruction.
  • Kossi - It's...It's you!
  • Ada - We've met?
  • Kossi - You were in Mirus eons ago, when you and your kind tried to overtake our galaxy! I remember you going down in that ship!
  • Ada - You must be referring to Moa. He was my predecessor.
  • Si'daal - We aren't going to let you have this world Ada...nor this Galaxy!
  • Ada - Why do you all continue to resist? I offered you at least three chances to surrender....yet you still persist.
  • Oskel - This galaxy doesn't belong to anyone in particular. I'll die before seeing these people enslaved.
  • Ada - So be it.

Ada waves his hand gently and sends the leaders flying through the wall of the Cornucopia. They all quickly stand, hurt, but still able to fight. Ada floats in calmly, gazing upon his enemies. They all open fire, hoping to do some damage. Ada's essence completely neutralized the shots.

  • W'tze - You're monster, Ada, nothing but!
  • Kossi - Dammit...
  • Brygon - I'm tired of this! You're going down, Ada!!

Brygon sheathes his lighting striker and draws his Alphorium Blade. He looks to Barda and W'tze, nodding. The three rush Ada with amazing speed. Barda slashes at him with his bladed knuckles, but they have little effect. W'tze attempts to poison him with the help of Averil, Ada repelled them with an essence shockwave. The shockwave knocks down W'tze and sends Averil flying through a wall. Brygon manages to stab Ada in his back, actually causing some damage. Ada groans and quickly reacts by grabbing Brygon by the neck. He begins applying pressure, but drops him when he is rammed by Oskel. Ada attacks with another blast, pushing Oskel back. Si'daal fires numerous essence pulses from her staff at Ada. Ada simply stretches out his hands, stopping the pulses in mid-flight before sending them back at Si'daal. Her staff breaks, and she falls on her knees, groaning. Meanwhile, Barda gets a good slash to Ada's leg, but is punched into the ground soon after. Magmos jumps in but fails to do any damage whatsoever with his fire attacks. Ada simply throws him away with telekinesis.

Lavern roars with rage, seeing his friends and son hurt like that. He heats up to a blistering 350°F (176°C) and charges straight for Ada. The to lock arms. Ada was unaffected by the intense heat. Lavern stood their struggling to overpower Ada. He could not believe that he could outmatch him in physical strength. Ada lifted Lavern off of the ground with his bare hands, then slammed him down into the ground. Lavern's body temperature dropped to normal levels. Ada cringed a little, realizing Brygon's sword was still lodged into his abdomen. He shrugged and pulled the blade out, tossing it over to Brygon.

  • Brygon - didn't the Alphorium kill you?
  • Ada - I created the element. Sure it hurt a bit...but not much.

Kossi stood there speechless. He could not believe what he had just seen. One man single-handy took down warriors who had slain thousands of others. He glared at Ada with hatred.

  • Ada - Don't try it Kossi. I've taken out your strongest player. [points to Lavern] In fact, I should probably just kill him now.
  • Kossi - Wait! I know you twisted monsters love games...correct?
  • Ada - Hmph. Yes. What is your point?
  • Kossi - How about we play chess? Winner takes all.
  • Ada - [laughs] You MUST be joking! I've already won!
  • Kossi - No. My pieces will be my comrades. You can use yours.
  • Ada - Interesting. Well, since killing you all before I attain my God form would be such a waste, I'll humor you for a while.

Suddenly, four portals open up inside of the Cornucopia. Knight, Bishop, Rook, and King step out of them, fully healed.

  • Ada - And this would be no fun in you allies current position.

Ada, despite the events of the war, heals the leaders completely and replenishes their energy. With this he nods to his pieces and teleports away.

Rook Edit

W'tze and Averil step forwards towards Rook, weapons at the ready. Rook chuckled.

  • Rook - Heheh...I already imagined it could come down to this.
  • Averil - Than ya' better be prepared, mate.
  • Rook - Aren't I always? you really think challenging Ada is a good idea? You've seen what he can do.
  • W'tze - We've killed Omega, and Hive-Mind by now, while Trodaka and Auriela only narrowly escaped. I'm not really sure about Ne'yon though...last this I saw whas him falling through a portal he created, heavily wounded. Anyways, the invasion forces Ada fired at us have failed so far, and so will this one.
  • Rook - Hmmm...I know you'd not give up that easily...
  • Averil - Not after what you did to my father!
  • W'tze - And certainly not because Ada wishes to subjugate us!
  • Rook - [sighs] Well then...If the only way to save you is by defeating you, so be it.

Rook raised his shield, while W'tze and Averil drew their weapons. The three stare off, the waiting for the other to attack first. Suddenly, Averil jumps in, attempting to hit Rook with his hidden blades, but the blades seemed to pass through him. Rook has phased out like a ghost. He then phased in and slammed his shield against Averil, sending him back. W'tze opens fire, but Rook responds by spitting acid at him from his tail. Averil jumps up and opens his wings, sending multiple sickle-shaped throwing knives at Rook. Rook relatives by throwing his spears at Averil with incredible speed. They immediately return to his hand after hitting something. Though managing to evade most of them, Averil is still hit by some of the spears.

W'tze closes in trying to stab through Rook's armor with his sword. It fails and he end up being stabbed himself by Rook's spear, before being kicked back. W'tze then sheathes his sword and unsheathes his laser rapier. With some well-placed slashes, the bundled beam of light manages to break through Rook's armor. Averil jumps in, trying to stab Rook with his poison daggers, but before any damage can be done, both are send back by a circular shockwave produced by Rook. Averil gets up and charges at Rook, blades ready, however Rook rapidly flaps his wings, shooting a sonic wave at him. The wave hits Averil, who falls on his knees, deafened and dizzy, before falling on the ground. W'tze cloaks and jumps into a tree, leaping at Rook. However, the latter detects him and blasts W'tze with a shockwave. W'tze was send flying through some trees, and actually managed to get them fall atop him. He groaned in pain, getting up with difficulty, before immediately falling to his knees again.

  • W'tze - Urg...Did we even manage to hit him?
  • Averil - Eh...
  • Rook - See? Nothing is able to pierce my armor. Give it up.

At this moment, a black Violaven emerged from the shadows of the catwalk above. Neither W'tze or Rook noticed him. He picked up the Avalance heavy weapon from a fallen Globling, aimed, and fired. The orb that it fired was freezing cold, being enveloped in an icy mist. Rook suddenly noticed the sphere moving at it, and raised his shield in a reflex, but it was of no use. The sphere shattered, freezing solid everything in it's blast radius, including Rook.

  • W'tze - Aha...Well...yeah...

Averil turned around to the Violaven, and suddenly let out a happy laughter. The Violaven chuckled slightly.

  • Averil - Dad!
  • Crow - I'm not that dead, amen't I? The Rook cannot get the Crow!
  • W'tze - It seems so.

W'tze walked over to Rook, who was already thawing out thanks to his essence. However, W'tze focussed, and wrapped green vines of energy around Rook's hands and feet, making escape impossible. He then put away his weapon.

  • Rook - What? You aren't killing me?
  • W'tze - Of course I'm not killing you, old friend.
  • Rook - Old friend?
  • W'tze - Yep. Somehow I'm capable of reincarnating several hundreds of years after I die. Once I realized that, I trained myself to gain the memories of my former incarnations.
  • Averil - Wh..What? You are actually capable of that?
  • W'tze - It seems so.
  • Rook - So...That raptor-humanoid was
  • W'tze - Indeed. Didn't Ada tell you?
  • Rook - No, he didn't. ...If I only knew this...
  • W'tze - Doesn't matter. You know it now. C'mon, let's get outta here...Holreb.

With that, W'tze made the vines around Rook's feet disappear, as Averil and Crow walked out of the battlefield, taking Rook with them. W'tze stands, looking at the fights, with were still raging on.

Knight Edit

Pulporious removes his cape, pulling out his sword. Blitz raises his bladed knuckles and gun, ready to fire. Knight simply readies his blade.

  • Pulporious - Hey, you do realize that this match is two to one? Right?
  • Knight - Yes. It is unfortunate that you have the disadvantage.
  • Blitz - Cocky bastard. Let's see how tough you really are!
  • Knight - Bring it.
  • Pulporious - We will!

Pulporious charges right for Knight, clashing blades. Knight pushes him back and slashes at him. Blitz charges in and lands a solid punch on Knight. Knight staggers backwards before gaining his footing. Blitz then opens fire on Knight at point blank range. He simply blocks the bullets with swings of his sword and rammed his antlers into both Pulporious and Blitz. Blitz grabs Knight by his antlers, attempting to bring him to his knees. Pulporious draws his blade and stabs Knight. Knight quickly retaliates, slashing though Pulorious' armor and stabbing Blitz in the chest, before kicking him far away. Blitz gets up and shoots Knight again, this time hitting him. Knight turns to Blitz to counter-attack, but is stabbed in the stomach by Pulporious.

  • Knight - How is this possible...I could have sworn that you all were beneath me!
  • Pulporious - We prepared to fight you long before this. My sword has an essence negotiating unit installed.
  • Blitz - Heh nice! And I had to train myself to be able to punch through essence based barriers? Well, it worked anyways.
  • Knight - No wonder I can't heal. Dammit.

Knight raises his sword and slashes a cresent-shaped warp blast at the two. As it hits, reality around the two warps, and they take heavy damage as their very molecules being ripped apart for a nanosecond. Knight then telecharges in and stabs Pulporious in the chest. He quickly removes the sword and slashes through Blitz' armor. Pulporious slashes Knight, making him stagger back. He then helps Blitz to his feet. Blitz is coughing up blood and falls to his knees.

  • Knight - You are no match for me mortals.
  • Lavern - Outta my way!!

Lavern charges in, knocking Knight into a column. Before he can stand, he is punched with incredible force. The force of the punch shatters Knight's sword into two. Lavern then picks him up and throws him over to Blitz. Blitz then stabs Knight in the knee, causing him to kneel. Pulorious closes in and stabs him in the chest. Blitz does the same, though stabbing him in the gut.

  • Knight - Me...Zirux...defeated?
  • Pulporious - Sorry...we had no choice. We appreciate all of your help in peace.

Knight nods slightly, then passes on. His body disintegrates into pure essence and returns to Ada. All that is left is his weaponry and armor.

Bishop Edit

Ajaar and Herenzi stare off at Bishop, Herenzi being calm and stoic, Ajaar with visible fury.

  • Herenzi - Bishop of the false faith, I believe we still have a score to settle.
  • Ajaar - You will pay for assassinating the Prophets of Honesty and Sincerity, heretic!
  • Bishop - Our faith conflicted, and they were too influential. Besides, I and Trokaka did not manage to assassinate the Prophet of Truth.
  • Ajaar - Only because I and Herenzi intervened, battled you, and forced you and Trodaka to retreat!
  • Bishop - Frankly, I thought Omega or Hive-Mind would finish you.
  • Herenzi - And they couldn't.
  • Bishop - But why continue to struggle? Your gods can die, you know. Heaven will bleed. I've seen in in a vision. Kkia'Sihm, or one of the four aspects of Spode as you call him, will bleed also. And the Obvia'Atra will bleed with him. They resist the laws of chaos, and they will suffer. We embrace it, and we will live.
  • Ajaar - Lies! The Omnipotent Four are eternal! I've got enough of your heretical words! You MUST be silenced, for the Prophets, for Spode and for this galaxy!

jaar closed in slashing at Bishop, who teleported put of the way, and pulled out his battlestaff, the mace at the top glowing bright cyan with essence. Herenzi, stern as always, unsheated his broadsword, also charging it up with essence.

Herenzi fired an essence blast, but it was easily redirected with a swing from Bishop's battlestaff. Ajaar jumps in, but is quickly pushed back by another blast. Seeing this, Herenzi telecharged at Bishop. Bishop springs up using his jumping ability, dodging 's attack. Bishop levitates in the air as he swings several void bubbles from the top of his staff. Herenzi looks up to see the void bubbles being swung toward him. He creates an essence barrier in front of him, witch barely manages to absorb the attacks before disintegrating. Bishop dives at high speed, preparing to slam the mace end into Herenzi. Ajaar jumps in, taking the hit. He stands there, holding his jaw, as Herenzi jumps back to recover.

The two then circle Bishop. Bishop watches them, holding his battlestaff at the ready. Herenzi and Ajaar charge at him at the same time. Bishop ducks Herenzi's attack, turns and swings his staff to block Ajaar's attack. He then props it up, hitting Herenzi's lower jaw with it's end. As Herenzi staggers backwards, Bishop swings the staff around, tripping Herenzi and eventually, slamming Ajaar in the gut with the mace end, all while glowing trails of essence follow the staff's path.

The mace clings to Ajaar's armor. Bishop fires off an essence blast, throwing Ajaar through the wall. As Herenzi tries to stand, Bishop swings the staff back and hits him in the face with the mace end. Herenzi fires his essence sword before falling to the ground again. The pulse staggers Bishop back. Ajaar take this opportunity and jumps on Bishop's back, stabbing him. Bishop lifts Ajaar into the air with telepathy, before slamming him down.

  • Bishop - I see your "Spode" lend you no aid. [chuckles] I wonder why that is...
  • Herenzi - What you speak is blasphemy Bishop!
  • Ajaar - I'll pull your head off for these words!
  • Bishop - Hmph, it matters not if they help you. Once lord Ada regains his strength, he will destroy these "godsraces" of yours.
  • Herenzi - I highly doubt it.
  • Bishop - You are underestimating Ada's true power. He did to your friend just then was him simply holding back. Why else would he allow himself to be struck with Alphorium?
  • Ajaar - You're joking! No one is that powerful.
  • Bishop - You'll see soon enough. I have already foreseen the out come of this battle.
  • Ajaar - Then you'll see that you'll be dead!

Ajaar charges once more, followed by Herenzi. Bishop raises an essence barrier, blocking their attacks. He then telepathically trows them away with great porch, before raising his orb into the air. It starts to glow a bright cyan, as it absorbs the essence around it, Ajaar's and Herenzi's included.

  • Bishop - Now you will feel the power of lord Ada!

Bishop unleashes the blast, blinding Ajaar and Herenzi with a flash of cyan light, while causing something akin to a small earthquake, as stones, parts of pillars and crates are thrown around in random direction at high speed, creating even more damage. Herenzi tries to shield Ajaar with an essence barrier, but it is ripped apart by the sheer force of Bishop's attack.

Herenzi and Ajaar get up with difficulty, gabbing their blades tightly. This time, Herenzi actually manages to slice through Bishops essence barrier thanks to his essence sword. He quickly attempts to stand, but is stabbed in the back once more by Ajaar. This time, the sword is protruding from his chest. Bishop pushes both away with an essence shockwave. He stands there, bleeding out with large sword wound in his torso, with is even made larger by plasma discharged together with the stab. He drops his staff and orb, and slowly falls to the ground. Ajaar quickly crushes the orb under his foot.

  • Herenzi - This is what worshiping the false faith gets you.
  • Bishop - You're lucky actually, I was never the best warrior.
  • Ajaar - Whatever. Looks like your foresight was wrong.
  • Bishop - No it wasn't. I foresaw my death. I knew I'd die in this fight. I knew you'd get to see Ada's true power.
  • Herenzi - Do we defeat him?
  • Bishop - That...I do not know. But I cannot guarantee you'll all make it out alive.
  • Ajaar - We will make it. No sweat.

Bishop shakes his head in disagreement, then dies. His body is dissolved into pure essence and returns to Ada. All that is left is his weaponry and his armored robes.

King Edit

Barda and Brygon step forward, staring down King. King looks back, smiling behind his helmet. Brygon draws his sword as Barda puts on his bladed knuckles. King draws his blade as well.

  • Brygon - ᏪᏌᏘᏌᏏ (Pataur, Asconian for Father).
  • King - ᎻᏌᎻᏘᏌᏏ (Nantaur, Asconian for Son)
  • Barda - Brother.
  • King - Brother.

The three stare at each other for a minute as the others fight in the background. Brygon suddenly charges in, attempting to get the jump on his father. King rose his shield and blocked the attack. Barda opens fire, though the shots are blocked by King's shield as well. Brygon continues to parry attacks with his father. Barda jumps in and slashes King's side. King staggers and is kicked in the face by Brygon. King flies back into a wall, injured.

  • Barda - Come on friend. I know you're better than that.
  • King - [chuckles] Alright. I'll give you a real fight then!

King springs up and crashes into Barda at full speed. The two clash blades, parrying and dodging each other's attacks. Brygon watches as the two faced off, two legendary warriors who were equally matched. King manages to duck Barda's horizontal slash and rams him with his antlers. Luckily, Barda's armor was merely pierced, and his skin was unharmed. The shock off the blow however, pushed Barda back.

  • Barda - That's the Glynn I remember.
  • King - Heh, it seems like old times.
  • Brygon - You two seemed evenly matched.
  • King - We were evenly matched son. I've surpassed Barda.
  • Barda - What?

King raises his hand and creates a singularity. He fires it at the two and detonates it. It explodes, before imploding and sucking in everything in it's large blast radius. Luckily, Brygon managed to grab Barda and jumped up before it detonated it. Barda activates his jet pack to reduce falling impact. King raises his and slams the two into the ground using telekinesis. Brygon roars and dashes at him again, but King teleported away justas he was about to be hit. Brygon tripped, got up, and looked around in confusion, before King suddenly teleported in and forced his son down. After a struggle, King grabbed Brygon by his chest plate and threw him into a column.

  • Brygon - Arg...dammit...
  • King - Stay down son. I'll get to you in a second. Ada still wants you alive.
  • Barda - You act as... [cough] if you don't remember that I can use essence as well!

Barda's hands catch fire, and his eyes flare to life.

  • King - I thought you lost your elemental power to that mad scientist.
  • Barda - Torscka helped me get it back. On his last breath, he gave me his title and his element. Now, stand down.
  • King - I am immortal! I have inside me blood of kings, and the energy of gods!
  • Barda - Zaraturai will protect me and my allies from the Darkness you have sided with, Glynn! could you?!
  • King - Zaraturai, no matter how powerful she is, is no longer a goddess.
  • Barda - *Fire and energy wraps around his body* Enough of this folly. Face me!

The 2 charge, striking weapons, as energy sparked from each strike, essence blazing around them as the battle continued. King stabbed at Barda, as he blocked with one wrist blade, and stabbed him in the throat with the other.

King staggered, and slammed his shield into Barda's face. Barda's helmet took the blow, as he kicked King in the gut. King growled, got up, and leapt forward, slashing at Barda.

The Ugandalorian brought his bladed knuckles up, blocking the strike, only for them to shatter. King then formed a void bubble at the tip of his tail, and flipped over, sending it at Barda. It hit, and sent Barda flying back into a wall.

  • King - Brother, don't make me do this. It kills me that Torscka had to die, and it'll kill me more to see a man I consider family to die by my hand. Think of your wife and children, your men and women in the Federation. Just give in. You can't hope to defeat me.

Barda's eyes snapped up, as he struggled to his feet, blood drying in parts of his armor. He tore off his damaged helmet, as blood poured from his jaw. He whipped off his broken weapons, and wiped his face. Then, he reached behind him, and pulled out a Ugandalorian Claymore.

  • Barda - Zaraturai...Spode...Give me strength...for them...for my wife.

King shook his head, and rushed upon Barda, sword raised to finish him off. Barda simply stood there, head down. As King came upon him, Barda ducked his strike aimed at his neck, and slashed through King multiple times. The 2 stood back to back, as several new cuts opened on King's arms and chest.

  • Barda - There...can be...only one!

The 2 turned toward each other, remorse in their eyes. They two swung their blades towards each other, ready to take the other's head off.

With a single strike, it was over.

King looked in shock as his blade shattered, and he felt blood coming up through his neck.

  • King - How could your blade do this?
  • Barda - My father's Claymore. Made of some of the finest Ugandalorian metals on our world. I'm sorry, Glynn.
  • King - You've defeated me. It's over. If anything, I will aid you now. Otherwise, Torscka would be ashamed of me...I would be ashamed of myself, for I would be a monster I if did not.

Barda turned to Brygon, as he saw someone standing on a broken pile of stones. Phase-Hunter.

  • Barda - How long have you been here?
  • Phase - Since the war started. I had to help my clan.
  • Barda - Phase, leave, this isn't your fight.
  • Phase - THEY, so threatening in it's vagueness, are threatening my Clan, and I will fight for my family no matter what. Now, guy I've never met before, how can you help?
  • King - I can get you a portal to the Abyss, where Ada is, and you can finish him...or at least try to.
  • Brygon - Father, are you sure that's safe?
  • King - Not for me, but don't worry. I should've died taking Ne'yon with me. But then...Ada...revived me, forced me to fight alongside Ne'yon...against you all. This will balance everything out. I'm sorry about everything. Especially you, son.
  • Brygon - It's OK. I don't know if I could've done what Barda did.

Brygon stood, with difficulty, and looked at his gathered friends.

  • Brygon - Guys, it's time to finish this.

Endgame Edit

With the defeat of the pieces, Ada's army retreated back into the Abyss. King stands alongside Rook, ready to open a portal into the Abyss. The two raise their hands in front of them, opening a cyan portal. A dark blue light shines from it. Immense amounts essence can be felt leaking out of the dimension.

  • Herenzi - I will stay behind. I'll be no help to you all in this condition.
  • Ajaar - Good call. I may just hang back here as well. Someone has to guard the Cornucopia.
  • Brygon - So be it. Alright everyone, It's time to face this monster.

The group steps through the portal. With a flash of bright cyan light, the allies found themselves in the Abyss. Darkness was everywhere, flowing around them like water. Stones floated in the "waters", remaining at one spot. The dimension was dim, only to be lit by dark blue and cyan lights floating in the outer regions.

They all walk forward, prepared to take on Ada.

Check Edit

Meanwhile, at the Cornucopia, Kyaan and Kastor had organized a fleet to aid the others in their assault on the Abyss. With a flash, the "High Sanctuary" and the Ringworld arrive. Herenzi and Ajaar beam up to the "High Sanctuary", piloted by the Prophet of Truth. From there, they meet Kastor and Kyaan.

  • Truth - Ah, it is nice to see that you two are still alive.
  • Ajaar - Yeah, thanks. The others have gone up ahead. I suggest we go and help them.
  • Kastor - But of course. This fleet is strong enough to wipe Ada's forces clean.
  • Dr. Que - The weapon's construction is complete, but it'll take some time to warm up.
  • Kyaan - Alright, we'll have to figure out a way to lure Ada out here then.
  • Kastor - All forces! Push forward into the Abyss! It's time to end this war!

The entire fleet begins to fly into the widened portal. They are confronted almost immediately by Ada's fleet. The allied fleet manages to push forward into the Abyss, followed by the Soldarian Fleet, which made up the bulk of the navy.

Seerkar kicked a piece of rumble out of the way.

  • Seerkar - Dammit, its nice that the ship came and picked us up, but could it have bothered to heal a little more beforehand, we need to see if the reactor is all right and this junk is making it harder than it needs to be.
  • Akanri - Whatever.
  • Seerkar - What's wrong?
  • Akanri - Nothing. Just keep clearing, idiot!

Seerkar growled in disgust. He knew what the problem was actually, her humiliating defeat by that Darkling Torackix, but she would never admit that, one of the many things he hated about her. Of course for every one thing he hated about her there were about a thousand others that made him want her more then anything, if only she would stop being so, so, he didn't know. At last they came to the door, Seerkar wrenched the door open and look up at the swirling cloud of nuclear energy.

  • Seerkar - Its alright.
  • ??? - Yesss, but soon you won't be.

From the nuclear cloud, a spinning mass of shadows comes.

  • Akanri - Torackix!
  • Torackix - Why...of course.

The cloud transforms into the female Darkling warrior, grinning evilly.

  • Akanri - Back to die?
  • Torackix - Back to finish want I started.

Akanri snarled a leaped into the air firing her guns. Torackix blasted her to the ground.

  • Torackix - You couldn't even beat me in Ryu form, how do you expect to beat me now...argh.

Torackix hit the ground as Seerkar moving faster then the eye could see slammed his maser swords into her back.

  • Seerkar - Because this time she's not going to take you on alone.
  • Torackix - You'll pay for that.

She whirled around grabbing his shoulder crushing it before blasting it off with shadows. Seerkar's blood sprayed everywhere.

  • Akanri - What are you going to do, kill us?
  • Torackix - Why kill you when I can make you mine?
  • Seerkar - What?!

Torackix laughed as she began to drain them of moral light. Seerkar and Akanri collapsed to the ground holding each other as their minds were consumed by darkness.

Axin'tros lead the Ultra Commandos through Ada's domain Abyss, trying to figure out where their leaders had gone to. There were no Nyarqaeshu, no Nebulorains, nothing. Only silence. It was obviously a trap. A blind Achieves mole could've seen it, but they had no choice but to follow.

  • Corhufu - Tilaos, how are we going to face three Darklings? When we could barely defeat one.
  • Tilaos - Cor, you need to stop being so pessimistic. Your the up-beat one. Come on, we have a warrior who's conquered empires with us, surely a Darkling is no trouble for him.
  • Axin'tros - Actually, the Order recruited Miterix's group because we have trouble with Darklings. We needed to fight fire with fire.
  • Corhufu - So your not good against Darklings?
  • Axin - Sorry, not against more than 2 without back-up.
  • Corhufu - Well, we're your back-up, so there's hope.

Axin'tros looked doubtful, but shrugged as they continued on. Galiet walked alongside Arkaalin, her axes ready, her eyes glinting in excitement. She never got excited about war, but this...was different.

  • Arkaalin - What's got you worked up?
  • Galiet - I don't know. Maybe I'm just happy to finally be doing what we where destined for, to fight any evils, wherever they may be.
  • Arkaalin - Indeed. Do you think we'll ever win a real victory against Dark, not something he's planned for, but a real, lasting victory?
  • Galiet - I don't know, but we can always hope.

Suddenly, Pervartos held up a claw for silence. His hearing was much more sensitive than the others. His emerald eyes shimmered with nervous excitement.

  • Pervartos - They're here.

And from the air, came 3 Darkling Warriors, firing Lightning bolts and energy beams from their eyes and hands, as they came down in the middle of the group. Tibrix twirled his blades, as Krianus and Vaprax stood behind him, weapons readied.

  • Tibrix - Hello, little ones, ready for another go?
  • Arkaalin - Tibrix, we will destroy you, your traitorous friends, and your master!
  • Tibrix - Arkaalin, can you please stop with your self-righteous bull crap. I am sick of it. Do you even know why some of us joined Dark One?
  • Tilaos - Because your a bunch of murderous slime who wanted more power?
  • Tibrix - No, because we never received love. That's why Torackix, and Bloran are insane, Krianus and Vaprax here are overly sensitive, and why Dark grew spiteful and jealous. We tried being heroes, and when that didn't work, we decided to be gods.

Vaprax narrowed his dark blue eyes, and Krianus looked doubtful, but kept their weapons readied. The 6 readied their weapons, as the 3 eyed them wearily.

  • Tibrix - Now, stand down, or face our wrath.
  • Galiet - Is your wrath worth fearing, spourer of hot air?

Krianus seemed to smile a bit, as Tibrix growled in anger at the insolence of one Ultra Commando. Tibrix lunged forward, swords readied, as Axin'tros slammed into him. The 2 stroke each other in a fury as Axe and Blades slashed and blocked in a fury too fast for any to see.

  • Akanri - Where are we? Why is it so dark? Why so cold? Why does it smell like blood?
  • Seerkar - I don't know, but what are those shadowy, Rakar-like things?
  • Akanri - They're getting closer and... No! don't touch me, get off me, Seerkar help!
  • Seerkar - Akanri! No!
  • ??? 1 - Leave them!
  • ??? 2 - Yes, leave our children alone wastes of the past.
  • Seerkar and Akanri - Who are you?
  • ???1 and ???2 - Don't recognize your own mothers?
  • Akanri - Mamma?
  • Zeeli - Yes dear, I'm sorry I was never there for you when you needed me the most.
  • Ywi - Same here Seerkar, but now we can protect you like never before.
  • Seerkar and Akanri - How?
  • Zeeli and Ywi - Just know that we will, now return to the light and know that we will always be there for you and always love you.

Torackix growls something wasn't right.

  • Torackix - Why isn't it working, why won't you give in?
  • Akanri - I'll never give in in not with MAMMA protecting me!

She stands her eye patch blazing blue her other intact eye rolling around psychotically. She smiles as she fully expands her psychokinetic field at Torackix cuopled with a massive surge of heat. Torackix fly's back, her armor torn and burning.

  • Torackix - What power is this?
  • Akanri - The power of our mothers, a power a soulless bitch like you could never understand!
  • Seerkar - That's right, with this new strength we'll crush you and your master!

He to stands, his own eye rolling in the same fashion as Akanri's. Torackix unleashes a shadow blast at both of them, but Akanri deflected it with her field while Seerkar dodged it. Seerkar lunges forward ripping off one of her arms and sticking it onto his stump, the armor around it shattered revealing a new skinless and blood red with long black claws.

  • Seerkar and Akanri - DIE!
Akanri's lat loose with her psychokinetic field, while Seerkar's new arm morphed into a sword as he lunged towards his enemy. Both attacks struck and Torackix screamed in pain.
  • Zeeli and Ywi - Run, hide for all the good it will do you.

Torackix hisses at them, and disappears into a shadow portal.

  • Akanri - Dammit! I still wasn't able to kill that bitch.
  • Seerkar - Don't worry we'll get her someday.

He looks back at their mothers, they nod.

  • Akanri - Oh yeah!

The heroes finally reach Ada's throne room. There, they could see Ada sitting on his throne. His throne was a pure ebony color, accented by dark blue fabric. He chuckles, looking upon his wounded enemies. He then glares at Rook and King, standing next to him.

  • Ada - I see you lived, Rook, King. If this is so, why are the others still alive?
  • Rook - You manipulated me Ada! Me and my people may have worshiped you, but now I see the truth!
  • Ada - Is that so? Well I commend you for figuring this out Rook. And here I was thinking that you were the least intelligent.
  • Rook - Why you..!
  • King - Enough. Ada, I have done what you have requested. Brygon is here, alive.
  • Ada - Good. I see that King has yet to fail me. It appears that you have lost your usefulness Rook.

Ada raises his hand and shoots a high intensity pulse of essense at Rook. The blast destroys his armor, crushing his bones. Rook falls to the ground, bleeding heavily. W'tze runs over to Rook, holding his fallen friend.

  • W'tze - Holreb!
  • Rook - [coughs up blood] Sorry, friend. I guess I wont be much help. I thought we' least...get to...fight together...again..

Rook slowly looses consciousness, and dies. W'tze closes his eyes, crying. He then opens his eyes again, as green energy flares around him, forming two orbs around his fists. He stares at Ada in bloodlust, barely managing to refrain himself. King sees his own family die in front of him. He growls, then glares back at Ada. Brygon does the same.

  • Ada - Now, time to decide who else I can pick off. predecessor's murderer!

Ada aims at Kossi and shoots a blast at him. King suddenly jumps in and blocks the attack. Kossi looks down at King, shocked by his actions. Ada does the same.

  • Kossi - What the...
  • Ada - King! What are you doing!?
  • Barda - He doesn't serve you any more. He's seen the light.
  • King - I cannot stand by any longer while you murder my friends!
  • Ada - How dare you defy me! I created you! Gave your kind life, power! I even made you the strongest of your kind!
  • King - I am not some tool to you Ada. Everything I have done was with my own free will! You never controlled me Ada, and you can't now!
  • W'tze - Well said!
  • Ada - This matters not. I am far more powerful than any of you can fathom! It's time that I just killed you all!!

Suddenly, Ada releases a powerful shockwave, destroying his throne and everything around him. The heroes are blast back with extreme force. The allies struggle to stand as theiy draw their weapons.

  • King - Here, I offer my essence to you all. It is the only way to defeat Ada!
  • Oskel - But he is unaffected by Essence! My Queen's had no effect on him!
  • King - You're correct, but Ada's essence is different. It cam harm him. Here everyone take some. Just a bit of it can put you on par with him!
  • Ada - You wretched snake!!

Ada negates all gravity, lifting all allies into the air. He then slams them down by increasing the gravity times 100. Brygon manages to stand, having well developed leg muscles like most Volver, and blast a bolt of essence at Ada. The bolt strikes Ada, causing him to stagger backwards. The others take this opportunity to fire essence at him as well. Ada take some serious damage, but manages to raise his essence barrier in time. He then teleports, attacking each of his enemies one by one. His speed was incredible, striking then teleporting over and over.

Barda manages to duck Ada's kick and strikes him with his essence charged bladed knuckles. Ada falls backwards and is impaled by W'zte and Kossi's blades. He turns and grabs the two by the neck, slamming them both into Barda. Averil flies overhead and dive bombs into Ada's back, driving the blades deeper into his body. Ada coughs up ink-colored blood. He turns around and grabs Averil with his face tentacles. He begins applying immense pressure, crushing Averil. The others could already hear his bones snapping.

  • Ada - I wonder how much force it'll take to crush you?
  • Averil - Ugh...I've...been throught worse mate!

Averil manages to slash one of Ada's tentacles off with the claws on his feet. Ada groans in pain. Averil manages to get free and stabs Ada in the chest multiple time with his hidden blade. Lavern takes this chance and rams into Ada. Ada is sent flying back into a wall, causing a crater to form. Before he could reacted, Lavern rammed into him again, this time sending him through the wall. Pulporious and Blitz follow up by stabbing Ada in the chest with their swords. Ada pushes them off with a powerful pulse. He stands, two swords in his back, and two in his chest. He still had blood pouring from the stub that was his tentacle.

  • Ada - Dammit! If I hadn't given all my energy to my army, this would have been over already!
  • Barda - This is the end Ada. You have no power.
  • Ada - I'll show you! I'll show you all! I am a god!

Ada raises both of his hands, opening up multiple black holes and detonating singularities all over the Abyss. The sheer force the explosions and implosions causes a small maelstrom, and damages the heroes. He then shoots out another shockwave, this one, containing high amounts of gravity. The pulse hits the allies, damaging their armor severely. They all struggle to stand. All except Brygon.

  • King - Son! Use the Alphorium Blade! Deal the final blow!
  • Brygon - Got it!

Brygon springs forward at blinding speed with his jumping ability, which was improved with his jet pack. He drives his blade though Ada's chest, somehow forcing the other four out. Ada his driven back against the remains of his throne, Brygon still holding the hilt of the blade lodged in his chest.

  • Ada - How...You should have fallen like the others!!
  • Brygon - You should know, gravity has little effect on Volver.
  • Ada - Impossible! I set the gravity to x300!
  • Brygon - I guess you can call this a set back Ada. I mean you did create my people this way. "Perfect adaptations", remember? You created us to kill Ne'yon, a being similar to yourself. To top things off I'm half Soldarian, they have a very strong physique.
  • Ada - Damned half-breed. I won't fall here. I'll kill all of you!

Ada grabs Brygon by the neck and electrocutes him. Brygon shouts in pain and pulls the sword out of Ada. He then slashes off Ada's right arm before jumping back. Ada stands, covered in his ink-like blood. The allies watch as Ada struggles to keep his balance.

He raises his hand into the air.

  • Ada - My power!! Return to me! Return to your master!!

Meanwhile, the allied fleet is still pushing their way though Ada's forces. Suddenly the enemy fleet disintegrates into pure essence, returning to Ada.

  • Kastor - What in Zaraturai's name?
  • Kyaan - What just happened!?

The essence lent to the heroes is suddenly drained from them, returning them to their original state. As King begins to loose his essence, he manages to fire some into Brygon's Alphorium Blade. The blade, being able to absorb energy, stores the energy within itself. King then looses all of his essence.

Ada God Form

Ada reaches full power.

Ada retrieves all of his essence, cloaking himself in a bright cyan light. Power could be felt surging throughout the Abyss. As the light fades, the heroes looks up to see Ada, fully healed. His physique was different than it was before. They could feel Ada's essence, far more powerful than anything they have felt. Ada's voice became booming, and when he spoke, the "waters" of the Abyss moved.
  • Ada- Yesss....YESSS! FINALLY! I am no longer just an ultraterrestrial. I AM A GOD! A GOD OF VOID!! A GOD OF FATE!!! BOW DOWN TO ME, MORTALS!

The heroes stand, shocked to see Ada with such power. Barda charges up his flames. He cloaks himself in fire and charges right for Ada. Ada simply waves his hand and send Barda back towards the others, crashing into Pulporius and Lavern. King hops up and glides over to Ada, attempting to attack with what little essence he had left. Ada uses his telekinesis and flings King though the titanium walls of his estate. The others all attack at once, but this has no effect. He sends out a barrage of essence pulses at them. This attack nearly kills them.

As Brygon stands, Ada teleports over to him and encloses them both in a cyan sphere. Ada's voice returns to his normal, tempting one.

  • Ada - Now that you are away from the others, I will offer you a chance to live, Brygon.
  • Brygon - What?
  • Ada - This war, it was mainly about taking back my galaxy, but then, I discovered about your existence.
  • Brygon - What do I have to do with this!?
  • Ada - You are the product of generations of warriors. Warriors that I made genetically superior to the rest of your kind. To top it off, you are of mixed heritage. I'm sure you are aware of the prophecy?
  • Brygon - Prophecy? What are you talking about?
  • Ada - I thought your father would have told you. "ᎭᎾ ᎳᎲᎭᏬ ᏅᎢᏍ ᏘᏌᎭᏏ, ᎩᏛᎣ ᎮᏌ ᎮᏱᎻᏌ"
  • Brygon - "Un Whuo Mis Taur, Fro Lo Lina"..."One Who Mixes Blood, From Long Line"?
  • Ada - Yes, the one who also weds the seed of god. You, are the one that the prophecy fortold. In my culture, In yours, in many cultures of Tyris Major. Now I finally have you in my grasp-

Brygon kicks Ada back, shattering the orb. As the two reenter the Abyss, Ada is attacked by the others. The attacks do very little damage. He then releases another shockwave, this one severely injuring the heroes. They cannot stand. The had taken to much damage from their fights before and now.

King looks over to his son, tears could be seen dripping from his visor. Brygon looks back, standing firmly on the black, rocky seafloor underneath him. Ada's voice became booming again, the Abyss turning into maelstrom when he spoke.

  • King - Leave my son out of this, Ada.
  • W'tze - The prophecy? It's true?
  • Barda - You know what he's talking about?
  • W'tze - Holreb told me about it in a past life. I just don't see what make Brygon any different from his father.
  • King - I'll explain this later. We have to defeat him.
  • Pulporious - Not to crush any hopes, but we cant...he's too strong!

Ada raises his arms and opens a gigantic portal. He uses his essence to pull the entirety of Matrukoris into the Abyss. The Ringworld, trying to protect his larger "cousin", opens fire. Ada cloaks the ringworld in a cyan light, then, an expending black hole appears in it's center, completely devouring the ringworld. The heroes could not believe their eyes. Tears could be seen running down the sides of W'tze 's cheeks. All these lives, those of military onboard and those of the patriotic civilians that stayed onboard also...all lost.


Ada fires a shockwave at Matrukoris. Matrukoris, the once great capital of the UAE, was ripped into two halfs. Kossi looked at the Matrukoris's remains as the floated about in the Abyss. Ada laughs manically as the debris is devoured by the Abyss.

  • Kossi - Ada! Enough! Stop it, you've wasted enough lives!

Checkmate Edit

Ada turns to Kossi and stops laughing. He picks Kossi up with his telekinesis and pulls him toward himself. Ada and Kossi were now eye level. Kossi being much shorter than Ada, was dangling above the ground.

  • Kossi - What? I...
  • Kossi - You were enslaving people! You destroyed entire empires!
  • Kossi - You annihilated the Spoxid! How was that helping your cause!?

Ada flung Kossi back towards the others. He hit the ground hard, groaning in pain. Lavern looked up with extreme anger.

  • Lavern - HEY! Watch it pal!!

Lavern struggles to stand, ready to take on Ada. Magmos looked up at his father with a look of concern.

  • Lavern - You are NOTHING! I'll finish this now you punk!
  • Magmos - Father you aren't actually going to...
  • Lavern - Yeah I am! It's time for the Hypernova!
  • Magmos - Dad no! You'll kill all of us If you do that!
  • Lavern - Make a flame shield around everyone son! I'll take the damage!

Magmos uses the last of his energy to raise a shield around everyone. Lavern raises his body temperature well over 18,000°F. His body glows white as immense energy could be felt coming from his body. Ada senses this and teleports towards Lavern. With blinding speed, Ada drove his hand through Lavern's chest. Lavern's temperature began to drop, normal than the usual. Everyone stared as Ada sent a pulse of essence into Lavern's chest, obliterating him.

All that was left was a puddle of molten goop and ash. Magmos roared in agony as the others began to cry. Lavern, the king of flames, was dead.

The allied fleet began to close in on Ada's position. They could feel his immense power. Dr. Que, having barely survived the destruction of Matrukoris, radioed in from the Ascon Warship.

  • Kyaan - Doctor, are you alright?
  • Dr. Que - Physically, yes. But psychologically, no.
  • Kyaan - What happened?
  • Dr. Que - My lab was destroyed. I lost a few bright students today.
  • Truth - I am sorry to hear that. What about the weapon?
  • Dr. Que - I managed to install one round into the warship's canon. I'll begin the firing sequence now. I need you all to give the warship cover while it charges. This is our only shot at defeating Ada.
  • Kastor - Understood. All hands! Battle stations!

The entire fleet scatters, zooming high speed to their destination. As they reach Ada's estate, the begin bombing it heavily and destroying it. Ada looks up to see the fleet. He growls and fires of his essence spheres again. The spheres destroy multiple space craft, slightly weakening the fleet. The ships fire at Ada, hoping to take him out. He simply negates all damage and teleports inside of a NOVA Frigate.

Once inside, the soldiers attempt to engage him. Ada sends out a high intensity blast wave that destroys the ship from the inside. The ships surrounding the frigate were either damaged badly of destroyed as well. Ada floats in midair and opens up a black hole, ripping apart multiple ships. The weapon was finally charged, but the Ascon Warship was having difficulty escaping the gravitational pull of the black hole. From it's main weapon, an Holon ship ship fires an highly concentrated blob of gluons at the warship, freeing it from the its grasp. Dr. Que mashes the button and the weapon fires.

The weapon shoots a white, ring-like pulse from the canon. The pulse hits Ada, throwing him back into the center of the Abyss. He manages to catch himself and floats back, injured. Ada held his chest, but heals the wound.


Ada kneels down, holding his chest again. His new God Form began to fade away, returning him back to his original form, and so did his voice, and the abyss also calmed down again.

  • Ada - WHAT..What is this?
  • Dr. Que - I studied the properties of your essence. I managed to replicate it using Volver technology, then used the same laser technology we used to build the Volver Laser. Thus my marvelous creation, The Deity Pulse was created!
  • Ada - This is nothing! I will destroy you for this!

Ada raises his other hand and attempts to fire a bolt of lightning at the ship. This fails, surprising Ada to a serious degree.

  • Ada - My powers...What did you do to me!?
  • Truth - Don't you feel it? Heheheh...Doctor, our it seems our false god needs a little help.
  • Dr. Que - Well...The weapon seals all essence within the target, rendering its powers useless!
  • Kastor - If that's the case...everyone! Open fire!

In an instant, the fleet fired everything they got Ada. The weapons seared and ripped through his flesh. Ada roared with rage, but his power was weakening, and the Abyss only stirred up slightly. The firing lasted for a solid 10 minutes. The ships finally ran out of ammunition. Ada sat there on his hands and knees, flesh falling off, barely able to heal himself. His inky blood pooled underneath him.

  • Ada - This...this...can't be...
  • Kossi - It's over Ada.

The military soon beamed down. The Antroth shamans, NOVA medics and Waptorian healers healed the heroes, repairing their injuries and replenishing their energy. King stood, withdrawing his essence from his friends. Magmos walked over to his father's remains and set them on fire. The heat bonded the materials together, reviving Lavern. He rose from the molten liquid, re-bonding with his armor. He looked down at his son, patting him on the shoulder.

  • Ada - I...I destroyed you...
  • Lavern - You gotta try harder than THAT. As long as there's some heat and lava around, I can come back, even from what you did.
  • Ada - Remarkable...but...I refuse to die...I refuse to die here.
  • Dark - And you won't.

The Dark One rose from the shadows behind Ada, standing over him. Ada looked up at him in confusion.

  • Ada -What? How are you still alive? I took back all of my essence...
  • Dark - You did take the essence you gave to me. But I have enough of my own to sustain myself. But, I admire the power you possess old friend. Since you were kind enough to revive me, I'll just absorb you instead of killing you.

Dark smiles, and a shadow hand wraps around Ada, absorbing his body and his soul into Dark's own. As he does so, the "waters" of the Abyss started to boil, evaporating into a thick atmosphere black as night, absolutely no light coming through. The black ground dried up, yet the rocks hanging in the air remained there. The faint cyan and blue lights slowly dimmed out, cloaking the realm in pure darkness.

  • Dark - Ahhh...finally. Mine.
  • Barda - Oh great. Now we have to deal with this guy.
  • Dr. Que - That was the only shot I had, we're all out of ammo!
  • Dark - Worry not. I may have to get used to Ada's strange essence. SO until then...begone!

A black "light" flashes, blinding the entire allied forces. Somehow, they found themselves all aboard the remaining ships. The two halves of Matrukoris and the bits of the Ringworld could be seen floating about in their respective regions of space. The war was over.

Aftermath Edit

Kossi stood on a ship's bridge alongside 2 Enlightened One Disciples. They where overseeing the reconstruction of the Matrukoris. It would take years, centuries even. So much damage, so many works of art, and people lost, for nothing it seemed.

On top of it, the Proditkar had managed to sneak off, with nothing the UAE could do about it.

Kossi turned as he heard Barda and W'tze approaching. He forced a smile and walked towards the 2.

  • Kossi - How are you two doing?
  • Barda - Good, we survived. My family is fine. I just wished we could've saved the Ringworld. At least Matrukoris is completely at loss.
  • W'tze - From death, can come a new beginning. We can rebuild Matrukoris better then ever before. Together.

The 3 nodded, as the saw Phase-Hunter getting ready to leave. He was checking the last of his gear, and making some last minute stops for some coffee and donuts.

  • Barda - We barely saw you, and now you're leaving again?
  • Phase - Naw, I'm heading to Ugandalore, gonna settle down, and become a farmer, or something that can make me some nice money.
  • Barda - Well, good luck, don't get to crazy.
  • W'tze - Hasta la vista! Carpe Diem!

Phase-Hunter smiled mischievously, and went to board his ship, the "Betty White", singing a rather strange tune on the way out.

  • Phase - You big women, you done made a fat boy out of meeeee!

W'tze shook his head, chuckling, as he went back to talk with Kossi and Barda. As he did this, the latter noticed Axin'tros and Zaraturai walking forwards toward them, discussing something in detail$.

  • Zaraturai - Ahh, Clett, I was about to tell you.
  • Barda - Tell me what?
  • Axin - There is a way we can repair this damage. Quickly.
  • Barda - Talk to me.
  • Zaraturai - Are you aware of the being, Arkanhatros? *He nods slightly* Well, he has the ability to harness the power of creation with one of his artifacts. The Staff of Arkanhatros. With this, we could repair the base design of Matrukoris in no time.
  • Barda - Do you know where he is?
  • Axin'Tros - We have an idea, which is why me and the Ultra Commando team of Arkaalin and the like are going to find this. I also believe Losun'ka is on the same hunt.
  • Kossi - I wish you luck, Axin'tros, you are magnificent warrior. We'd hate to lose you.

Axin nodded, bowed to the group, and marched off, with his axe strapped to his back, marching in step to a soundless beat. Brygon walked up to the group, sword sheathed at his side, blaster hanging across his back.

  • Brygon - I may also have to depart shortly. I'm going back to Ascon. I have a lot of training to do. I think I still have some of my father's essence. I need to time to work with it.
  • Barda - Right. *Holds him by the shoulder* Listen, I lost my father too, at a much earlier age, and I still haven't gotten over it. If you need to talk, Me, W'tze, Kossi, Truth, Takanuis, any of us, even Phase, are here to help. Well, except Phase. But just ring us up if you wanna talk.
  • Brygon - Thanks. See you guys later.

They all said their good-byes, as Brygon walked to his personal fighter, jumped in, and took off.

Kossi put his hands on the rails, as he watched the crew work tirelessly to rebuild.

  • Kossi - Perhaps you are right, W'tze. Perhaps this is a new beginning, for us all.

Seerkar stared at the scene around him. The battlefield at the Coprunia where he and the others had fought was covered in blood, even the sky was stained with a fine mist of the same substance. The smell made him feel sick. He fell to the ground puking an intense feeling of horror washing over him. Horror at what his enemies had done, at what his allies had done, at what he had done.

  • Seerkar - Why did so many have to die? Why did it have to turn out like this? Why did we have to do the things that we did? Why? Why? Why?! WHY?
  • Ywi - Some things can not be helped son. Bad things happen, but from those bad things come good things, there is always light in this world no matter how dark.
  • Seerkar - What good came of this? We didn't even truly win, just gained ourselves a new enemy.
  • Ywi - Yes, but you did vanquish a very grave threat. And I'm back...sort off, and Akanri's mother too, and now we can care for you like we always should have.
  • Seerkar - Akanri's mother is she dead like you?
  • Ywi - Only the maternal side, the rest lies in a hospital completely insane.

They were both silent for awhile.

  • Ywi - Do you love her?
  • Seerkar - Who?
  • Ywi - Akanri.
  • Seerkar - Yes, but...she'll never love me back.
  • Ywi - I wouldn't be so sure about that.
  • Seerkar - Huh?
  • Ywi - That poor girl needs someone to care for her someone to help her.
  • Seerkar - But...
  • Ywi - No buts, go to her.

Seerkar gets up and walks to the beach where Akanri lays he sits down next to her, she doesn't even react. After awhile he begins to cry.

  • Seerkar - Oh Akanri, I'm so screwed, so fucked up, I'm a monster.

She doesn't say a thing and just reaches up, stroking his face.

Dark One sat on his throne, testing his new powers, as Tibrix, Vaprax and Krianus stood by, alongside many of the other Darklings, and Trodaka. Since her changes, she had become more Darkling in appearance. The Brotherhood had, despite the initial set-backs, come out stronger than before. Dark now had attained a new level of power, totally unseen.

His forces may have lost some numbers, but it wasn't any Darklings, and it was mostly the expendable units. His sons, balanced on an overhead rafter, on all fours, watched intensely. 3 of his other servants, Zontross, Losun'ka, and Caligustus, stood by, watching their master with interest.

  • Dark - My plans have excelled quite well. Soon, my brothers and comrades, we can regain our rightful place as rulers of this universe.

Some, like Torackix and Gieran, nodded intently. Others, like Krianus and Trotodrake, looked more skeptical.

  • Dark - Bloran, what do you have to report?
  • Bloran - *Smiles sadistically* I did as you asked. That rogue legion of Skordi that betrayed you are on their way to planet to retrieve Arkanhatros' Staff, I put the idea in their little heads. That should slow the Koatria down quite well.
  • Dark - Good. Losun'ka, go there, gain their alliance, and end them when I give you the signal.

Losun'ka nodded, and opening a portal in space, jumped in, as it closed behind him.

  • Caligustus - What of us? I hunger for more conquest.
  • Gridlock - I must agree.
  • Dark - Patience. The Plan is coming together nicely. The Koatria will go down there, believing they are rescuing with their city, when they are dooming their friends even more.
  • Zontross - When will I get Clett's head?
  • Dark - In due time.

The force of his words made them all go silent. With a wave of his hand, they all disappeared in their own portals, to do whatever they needed.

  • Dark - *Smiles* Now, Trodaka, did I ever show my appreciation..?

The Alpha Grox Overseer, Lord Xavnox, guided his personal fighter down to the temple world that held the body of his father, and ruler of the Alpha Cyber Collective. He made his way down a deep crevice, leading down like a tube. Landing, he stepped out, flanked by 2 Dronox Centurions. Stepping forward through the dimly lite walkway, his alert, snake-like eyes scanned the place, spotting the half-seen form of a Grox worker drone here or there, or sometimes even a Kashriinox. They had lost the Kashriinox Base, with had driven the Kashriinox near extinction, but now, their numbers were cloned up again.

Finally, stepping onto the teleporter, he was teleported into a massive Core Processor. There, where waiting the other Overseers. Without a word, they turned to the dimly lite core, which glowed in a purple color, as they watched it glow brighter and brighter, until finally, a booming voice spoke, seemingly from everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

  • Evermind - My children, the Omega Grox have been shattered. Our victory is near at hand.
  • Overseers - Yes, Supreme One.
  • Evermind - Our drones have found the shattered remains of some of the Omega Grox, and have begun to rip some of what remains of their power from their bodies. Ada could not absorb it all, considering how scattered his forces where. With this energy, our construction has quickened it's pace.

The Overseers nodded as one, as the Core Processor, and their eyes, changed to a dark maroon color.

  • Evermind - Soon, let the harvesting...begin...

An insane laughter consumed the "room" they stood in, as they where teleported out. The eyes of the Kashriinox onboard also glowed. One of their purposes had failed, to revive and guard Kashii'Rishas, but the other, to lead the harvest of Mirus' races, it hadn't as long as there was one of their numbers remaining. Soon, the Kashriinox would be back, and their other purpose could be carried out. The non-Kashriinox work crews simply continued to work, as a massive statue could be seen coming form. And the eyes of statue, now glowed maroon, like twin suns...

Departure Edit

Almost two months after the end of the war, the Volver made a steady recovery. The people were still shaken, having seen the face and true nature of their former god. Many Volver began to question the true nature of the God That Will Come worshipped by Shaman Empires, causing revolts against Shamanic temples. This was soon stopped by the Volver Knights. Brygon sat on the couch in his war room, sighing heavily. Kyaan and his father stepped into the room.

  • Brygon - Father? I thought you disappeared after Ada took back his essence.
  • Glynn - No. I managed to survive thanks to the Alphorium Blade. Storing some energy in there helped me retake it from our allies.
  • Brygon - So what now? Will you stay?
  • Glynn - Unfortunately son, I cannot. My time in this universe has passed. I must return to the other side. I came back to bestow to you the rest of my essence. I'm sure it will help you a lot.
  • Brygon - I see. I will accept it.

Glynn placed his hand on his son's shoulders. He began to glow a dim cyan, transferring all of his essence to Brygon. He then took his hand off of him, and began to fade.

  • Brygon - Father you're...
  • Glynn - I know. The only thing tying me to this realm was Ada's essence. I wish we could have met again on different terms son. I realize I may have not been father to you.
  • Brygon - You're wrong. You left me this blade. It pretty much saved me in all of these battles. Of all the things, you chose to leave this behind.
  • Glynn - That means a lot to me to hear you say that son. Now, I have to tell you about the prophecy. I was originally the one Ada thought was the chosen one. It turns out this "honor" was bestowed upon my son.
  • Kyaan - Sir, what makes you any different from Brygon. I mean you came from mixed heritage as well right?
  • Glynn - Yes, but Brygon's mother, Laura, was more than just Soldarian. She was Soldarian, but from what I remember, her father was half Raptorian, half Ugandalorian. These two species are closely related, despite being from two different galaxies, as they were both created by the same empire.
  • Brygon - Father, what is your point?
  • Glynn - Brygon, within you is the DNA of every species in Tyris Major. Well...more than that. To the Volver, you are known as Mis Taur, or Mixed Blood. But mainly, you are known as the Index.
  • Brygon - What? But how is that even possible?
  • Glynn - Ada created the Volver with perfect adaptations remember? Being able to reproduce with ANY species is one of them. I suppose our ancestors were mixed as well. For some reason, the DNA is more pronounced in you.
  • Brygon - What does this have to do with Ada? What did he mean by "Weds the seed of God"?
  • Kyaan - According to old texts from the Volver Tribe, Ada foresaw his fall. He would later conceive a child, who would then wed Mis Taur. The two would create an offspring that would bring about the end to evil.
  • Brygon - Wed? But I'm sorta involved with someone.
  • Kyaan - Wait, Maari is not your wife?!
  • Brygon - Well no, but we planned on it.
  • Glynn - Agh...well son...I'm fading. I hope to se you on the other side one day...preferably hundreds of years from now.

Glynn fades away, leaving behind small sparkles. They fade as well. Brygon looks down, clenching his helmet. Small tears dripped from his eye. Kyaan looked at him wish concern, patting him on the back.

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