We uphold the tenets of order. We are a free union of worlds. We are the defenders of peace! We are Cirith Belegian! We bow to nobody.

- Praesator Theodyctor

The Republic of Cirith Beleg, often shortened to Cirith Beleg, is an Andromedan power native to the Segmentum Umbra region. The primary species in the Republic are the Cirith Belegians, ancestors of the Libertus that took part in an ancient extragalactic colonisation project during the days of the First Republic. Far from other Cyrannian influence, the Republic of Cirith Beleg developed along a unique path though remained true to the ancient Cyrannian tenets of democracy and order, becoming known throughout Andromeda as a peaceful, though somewhat isolationist power keen on retaining their independence.

Currently, the Republic is led by Praesator Theodyctor whose leadership has thus far seen increased relations with powers such as the Brood of War, which ultimately led to a reunion with their Cyrannian forebears when the Brood invited the Cirith Belegians to join the newly established Mou'Cyran Accords, leading to a revival in interest in the ancient history of their civilisation.

Despite the age of their civilisation, the Cirith Belegian Republic has only recently interacted in a large way with the other members of the intergalactic community. Though they refused an invitation to join the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, they maintain peaceful relations with most of its members. Politically, the Republic is staunchly neutral and will generally only become involved in a conflict if attacked first.



Tens of thousands of years before the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the First Republic launched missions of extragalactic colonisation through several of the wormholes located within Republic territory. A large colonisation fleet travelled through a recently discovered one-way wormhole leading to the Andromeda Galaxy. However, once the fleet arrived at their new home, the wormhole collapsed leaving them cut-off from Cyrannus, which could only be accessed through natural wormholes leading through the intense galactic distortions surrounding the galaxy.

Understanding that this was one of the many risks attributed to their mission, these Libertus colonists decided to proceed with their mission and colonised several hundred worlds under the banner of the Republic. As the centuries went on, any connection with the Cyrannus Galaxy soon dissolved from the colonist's culture, though they named themselves the "Cirith Belegians", old Libertus for "Folk of Andromeda". From their capital on Cirith Beleg, these Libertus cultivated an advanced civilisation they called the "Republic of Cirith Beleg", with any mention of their Cyrannian origins being relegated to myth and legend.


The Cirith Belegians defend their space against Vartekian incursions.

Cirith Beleg-Vartekian WarEdit

Eventually, the highly advanced technology and large territorial holdings of the Cirith Belegians resulted in the infamous Vartekian Empire attacking the Republic in a pre-emptive strike to ensure that the Cirith Belegians would not act against them in the future. Massive Vartekian fleets were sent to tame the Republic's space and a devastating war ensued. For the Cirith Belegians, it was a war of survival and ultimately they rose up and drove the Vartekians from their space. By the time the war ended, the two sides signed a nonaggression pact, though most within the Republic still express hatred whenever the word "Vartekian" is uttered.


A Cirith Belegian Cruiser operates within a Mou'Cyran Accords flotilla in the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Modern TimesEdit

During the Andromeda War, the Cirith Belegians defended their space against incursions from the Andromedan Grox Empire, ultimately earning them the respect of the Brood of War. Throughout the conflict, the Brood and the Republic fought alongside one another, ultimately resulting in a strong alliance being formed between the two civilisations. After the conflict ended, the Cirith Belegians were offered the chance to join the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, though Praesator Theodyctor refused and instead opted for an official alliance with the Commonwealth. Several years later, the Republic also established diplomatic relations with their galactic neighbours, the Naakjian Confederation.

Despite this, in the years after the war, the Cirith Belegians became more and more integrated with the Andromedan galactic community and ultimately accepted Tyraz's offer for them to join the newly formed Mou'Cyran Accords. When the Cirith Belegian delegation landed on Mou'Cyran, they were shocked to learn that the stories involving their Cyrannian origins were actually true. In the weeks after their membership in the Accords were finalised, the Cirith Belegians established a strong alliance with the New Cyrannian Republic and were given ancient records that detailed how their people came to be. The Republic also established peaceful relations with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Allied Terran Republic during this time.

Government and PoliticsEdit


Praesator Theodyctor

We have made every imaginable mistake. We've fought unnecessary wars, we've abused the environment, we've squandered resources, and furthermore we've wasted a lot of time discussing what to do about all these problems. I would like to think we have learned from all our mistakes. For it is the only way we can grow as a people.

- Praesator Theodyctor, quoting the Scrolls of Order

The Republic of Cirith Beleg is a federal e-democratic republic with power vested in a legislative body and an executive office. The legislative body of the Republic is known as the Grand Council, were elected representatives sit to discuss matters deemed important by their constituents such as economics, foreign relations and the improvement of national infrastructure. Every two years, the people vote to elect a new Praesator or re-elect the current one. The title of "Praesator" has its origins in ancient Libertus history and the usage of the term continued under the Cirith Belegians.

Currently the Praesator is Theodyctor, who is generally regarded warmly by the electorate who credit him as being responsible for opening up the Republic to the wider Andromedan and Gigaquadrantic community. However, Theodyctor is also a staunch believer in the sophistication of his civilisation to the point where he may appear dismissive of other alien races. Nevertheless, Theodyctor is believed to personal friends with the leader of the Brood of War Tyraz.

Society and CultureEdit

Culturally, the Cirith Belegians have not deviated to any large degree from the Libertus in that they place a high cultural emphasis on peace, diplomacy and reason. However, the Cirith Belegians differ from their Cyrannian brethren in that their civilisation has lacked the progressive edge that saw their kin skyrocket to the de facto rulership of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Instead, they tend to prefer secrecy, seclusion and staying within their own territory, which translates historically onto the political record of the Republic, which has remained relatively small, though active in interstellar diplomacy. It was only with their membership in the Mou'Cyran Accords that the Cirith Belegians began to influence events outside their own small area of space.



Three cruisers hold position over Cirith Beleg.

The Republic is centred around the planet Cirith Beleg in the Segmentum Umbra region of the Andromeda Galaxy. Their empire is roughly circular in shape and stretches for over 7000 light years, encompassing over a thousand colony worlds, most of which are highly developed due to the governments of the Republic's historical reluctance to extend too far from their adopted homeworld. However, under the leadership of Praesator Theodyctor colonisation is once again on the agenda of the Grand Council, though the events of the Shattering have begun to impede on these efforts.

Military and DefenseEdit

As a small neutral civilisation, the Republic's military is structured primarily for the defense of territories under the Republic's control. As such, the military is relatively small though it is very well equipped with highly advanced technologies developed during the Republic's long existence. Conscription of one year exists in Cirith Beleg for all able bodied citizens, though in peace-time this often sees them in roles similar to that of explorers or civil servants rather than soldiers. Once the mandatory year of service has been completed, individuals have the option to remain in the military, often serving as either officers or marines in the fleets of the Republic.

BaradavonClass Specifications:
  • Class: Baradavon
  • Type: Battlecruiser
  • Length: 3,600 metres
  • Armament:
Heavy turbolasers
hypermatter torpedoes
Anti-proton weaponry
The Baradavon-class Battlecruiser is a 3,600 metre long warship used in the navy of the Cirith Belegian Republic. Commanded by the best of the best, the Baradavon-class is armed with heavy turbolasers, hypermatter torpedoes, antiproton weaponry and a large array of other weaponry dotting the hull. The Baradavon-class represents the continuous evolution of cruiser designs used by the First Republic during its initial colonisation of Andromeda over 90,000 years ago and though it is only rarely seen outside the Republic's territory, in recent years they have joined joint-flotillas under the jurisdiction of the Mou'Cyran Accords. Baradavon-class Cruiser

Intergalactic RelationsEdit


Green faceAllies in our pursuit of a better tomorrow.


Blue faceClose and true friends.


Yellow facePleased to meet your acquaintance.


Red faceThe war declaration has been sent!


I can hardly imagine the bravery of their ancestors. Split from their friends and family and forced to create a new life in a strange and unknown galaxy. It is no wonder they developed into such an advanced culture that managed to stand alone against all the horrors thrown at them.

- Apollo

Blasted false reptiles. Our war may be over, but we hate you now all the more.

- Admiral Votarah

A testament to the resolve and perseverance of our species.

- Tereyn Aeresius

An interesting civilization. It is good to see that there are at least some similarities between this new galaxy and our home. They might become handy in the future.

- Troodontid Representative of Nox

One of the hideous ancient empires to be known. One of the interesting ones.

- Raavii



  • The Cirith Belegians are the second Libertus subspecies to be expanded upon, after the Heleanorian.

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