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Peace, not war, is our imperative!

- Count Apaltar

The Republic-in-exile was the name used to describe what remains of the United Republic of Cyrannus in the Quadrant Galaxies. A relatively strong union, the "Republic"'s main territory was in the region of Quadrant 82 that was colonised by the Cyrannian Republic during the Second Galactic War, which remained loyal to principles of democracy after the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

The Exiled Republic was led by President Apaltar and a small council that claims to be the legitimate Cyrannian Senate, ignoring the Imperial Senate in Cyrannus. The Exiled Republic's well-equipped fleet was led by the respected Admiral Shavalera of the Senator-class Star Battlecruiser, Arbitrator.

When the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, the Exiled Republic ceased to exist, becoming a part of this new galactic power, giving the New Republic a large region of space in Quadrant 82.

History Edit



Adelheidis is made Praesator.

During the final stages of the Great Cyrannus War, a Republic Fleet under the command of Admiral Shavalera and Helo Roslia prepared to launch a final invasion of the Confederate stronghold of Yudumarth in Quadrant 82. Just before the order of invasion was to be announced, news from Cyrannus declared that the Republic was now an Empire and all those loyal to the old system were traitors, including Apollo and leader of the Republic Navy, Willelmus Cretacea.

From the beginning, Shavalera refused to believe that his friend was a traitor and refused to acknowledge the Empire's claim of being the legitimate successor to the Republic. However, he believed that his fleet was hardly in a fit state to fight a war with the Empire and so he retreated back to the Quadrantia colonies of the Republic, which remained loyal to democracy. Shavalera called a meeting with the senator of the colonies, Adelheidis, a Chinawkya, and announced that she was now acting President of what appeared to be the last remnant of the Republic. Instead of using the modern title of "President", Adelheidis, a keen historian decided to use "Praesator" as her official title.

Battle of Angforst Edit

Lacrima a Vinyar 03

The Republic clashes with their former allies.

After three months of internal organisation, rumours reached the Republic that the Rambo Senate sought to close the Quadrantia-Cyrannian Wormhole, thus stopping the Empire from gaining access to the Quadrants while also preventing the Republic from getting home. In panic, the newly formed exiled Republic Senate held an emergency meeting and decided to prevent the Rambo from closing the wormhole. When they arrived near the Wormhole, they were shocked to discover that the Rambo Fleet, supported by the dreaded Angforst Space Station, opened fire. The Republic returned fire, aiming for the Station itself. As the Republic captains watched in horror, a Cyrandia fleet also dropped out of hyperspace and engaged the Republic as well.

Though the Republic commanded a very powerful fleet, they began to lose out to their former allies, who also faced heavy casualties. As the battle went on however, the URC fleet under the command of Vice Admiral Quintius came close to destruction, with many ships preparing to retreat into hyperspace. Quintius was later killed due to the onslaught from Angforst. The assault soon fell to his commander, who decided to sacrifice his life and his ship to prevent the dreaded Commodore from closing the wormhole by driving his Phoenix-class ship into Angforst's primary weapon at light speed. The massive station was crippled. However, a far more dangerous threat came from the wormhole itself, as a fleet of Imperial ships arrived.


The Republic in Exile attacks the Liberty II.

Forming a temporary alliance, the Rambo and the Republic fought alongside each other to drive the Imperial fleet back to Cyrannus. Luckily, the Imperials sent only a small recon fleet and the allies managed to fight them off, driving them back through the wormhole. However, with their fleet smashed, the Republic returned to their controlled space for repairs.

New Beginnings Edit

The Exiled Republic later encountered the Liberty II, flagship of the dreaded Lizaconda near the borders of the mysterious Ghost Nebula. A small battle began between Lizaconda and Admiral Shavalera, which resulted in the Liberty II suffering extensive damage, including the loss of one of the ship's two conning towers. However, the Exiled Republic failed to destroy the dreaded ship, which retreated into the Ghost Nebula.


The Eagle approaches Apatalore.

During the final month of the second year of it's existence, the Exiled Republic eventually began to seek allies to help secure it's place as a legitimate government. Upon hearing rumours of Crispy's Insurrection, Adelheidis travelled to the Andromeda Galaxy in order to form an alliance with the Insurrection. Luckily, Crispy agreed to a meeting and formed an alliance with the Republic. However, unbeknownst to Adelheidis, Crispy also planned on contacting the Empire.

A few months later, Adelheidis began an affair with Crispy, but this was kept secret, alongside her ultimate desire to rule the entire Gigaquadrant as queen. Meanwhile, the former Imperial Senator, Mer Mirea travelled to Exiled space with the help of Riordan Rambertan and met with Apaltar, Count of Apatalore. By the time she left, she had gained a new ally in her crusade to restore the URC.

Road to NormalityEdit


Apaltar confronts Adelheidis.

In the months after the alliance with Crispy's Insurrection, many individuals within the Republic in Exile began to grow weary of Adelheidis and her shady and secretive leadership. During one of her many meetings with her Zazane lover, Adelheidis was recorded speaking of her plans to become one of the unlawful leaders of a new Gigaquadrant. Shortly afterward, Apaltar and a group of Trucinex guards apprehended the former Praesator, with Apaltar replacing her.

In his first act, Apaltar reinstated the role of President and began to seek ways of contacting Rambo Nation and even the Empire, thus setting the Exiled Republic on a path toward a legitimate state. Apaltar later represented the Exiled Republic at the monumental Cyrandia Conference, which led to the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic.

Society and GovernmentEdit

We will defeat the Galactic Empire by ignoring it.

- Praesator Adelheidis

The main aim of the Exiled Republic was to restore Cyrannus to a fully democratic republic, though unlike most other remnant factions its leaders did not wish to openly wage war against the Empire, instead believing that it would soon collapse in upon itself. Culturally speaking, the Exiled Republic was much the same as it's predecessor, though it was also influenced by a huge number of citizens of other former Cyrandia civilisations, such as Rambo Nation.

Government OfficialsEdit

Praesator Adelheidis
Adelheidis (1)

Soon, I will lead a galactic republic, and there is nothing the Empire can do to stop me.

Adelheidis is the former leader of the Exiled Republic and had near complete power over it. Adelheidis began her political career soon after she moved from her home planet of Ivalaë to the newly formed Republic colonies in Quadrant 82.

An ambitious young woman, she worked her way up the political ladder until she was finally elected the Senator of the Quadrantia Colonies of the URC. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, Adelheidis wanted nothing to do with it, and was soon made President of the Exiled Republic.

Over the course of her reign, she made allies with shady individuals in the Andromeda Galaxy all the while planning on taking control over the entire Gigaquadrant. However, in doing so, she made enemies in her own government. When one of her meetings with Crispy was overheard, Apaltar acted, ousting Adelheidis from the office of President.

Count Apaltar
Count Apaltar1

Count Apaltar is an Apationagtus born at his homeplanet of Apheria in Cyrannus. After a while he migrated, together with a few others of his species to the Quadrants to settle himself on the new colony of Apatalore.

This nice and warm planet was build with Apailiana and soon both Chinawkya and Libertus began calling the green planet their home. When he became Count, and ruler of Apaltore he made friends with senator Chuinaylia of Rambo Nation. Due to this relation he managed to postpone the closing of the wormhole after the URC branded the Rambo traitors when is was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Apaltar also dislikes Adelheidis, seeing her as power and war hungry and believes the Republic in Exile should seek allies and way to live in peace next to the Empire instead of bringing conflict to the colonies. Due to his influence Apaltore now houses a decent fleet with at least one Senator-class.


The Exiled Republic consisted of approximately 500 planets in the Quadrant Galaxies, in a centre of a nebula that hides it from the prying eyes of many Quadrantia natives who are ignorant of the Republic's very existence. However, Rambo Nation, the ones who initially allowed the Republic to colonise their home galaxies, seem to be aware of the Exiled Republic's location, but managed to hide this classified information from the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.


Apatalore Template
  • Name - Apatalore
  • Location - North, near the Wormhole Plateau

Apatalore is a small green planet located in the north of the URC Quadrantia Colonial Sector- close to the Wormhole Plateau and as such marks Apatalore as strategic importance. Apatalore houses a small to medium population. At first Apationagtus colonists arrived after they migrated from Cyrannus. Together with some Libertus and with aid of their close allies the Chinawkya they began building their city in Apailiana building style- giving the planet a peaceful and warm feeling.

During the Great Cyrannus War the planet was unharmed, though became a staging area to invade Yadumarth just before the URC was reformed in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Since then most of the ships left, but due to two docking ports build by the Chinawkya Apaltore now houses a fleet of almost 12 Venators and at least one Senator-class.

It is also the home of Count Apaltar- the kind and noble count who disliked the Battle of Angforst and still hopes for peace with both the Empire and the Rambo. The green woods and plains of Apaltore houses non native wildlife, like the Dvotties (Cyrannus), Galichimia (Ivalaë) and Herbisciosa (Rambo Capital).



A sizable Exiled Republic fleet over Apaltore.

The soldiers of democracy will never relinquish their faith.

- Admiral Shavalera

In the aftermath of the Battle of Angforst, the Exiled Republic's fleet was left crushed and battered by their defeat. However, it still remained well-equipped and advanced enough to protect it's space against pirates, criminals and even incursions by threats such as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Neraida Gigamatrix. Admiral Shavalera led the navy from his massive Senator-class Star battlecruiser, the Arbitrator while Helo Roslia helds the position of second in command aboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer, Avenger.

The bulk of the Exiled Republic's fleet served as the nucleus of the Fleet of Retribution.

Military Personal Edit


I long for the day that the loyal servants of the Republic can freely travel in Cyrannus.

  • Name - Shavalera
  • Race - Libertus
  • Gender - Male
  • Flagship - Arbitrator

Admiral Shavalera was one of the most famous figures in the United Republic, having made his name famous during the Second Galactic War, where he defended the Republic from the attacks of the Imperial Alliance. Eventually, he became one of the leaders of the Fleet of Retribution, alongside Willelmus Cretacea, one of his close friends.

When the Empire was formed, Shavalera watched as everything in his life crumbled. Unsure what to do, he retreated to what remained of Republic space in the Quadrants, becoming the military leader of the Exiled Republic in the process.

Helo Roslia
Venator URC

I serve the Republic and the President.

Helo Roslia is a very capable and experienced officer; he is wise beyond his years and has experienced a lot since the beginning of his military career. Probably the strangest thing about him is an apparition of a young woman that has been appearing to him since the end of the Intergalactic War. This apparition refers to herself only as Sonja and appears as an attractive Libertus. She is often very forceful in her beliefs of a One God and claims to be a messenger of it.

When the Empire was formed, Helo refused to join it, instead becoming one of the Exiled Republic's military leaders, with his messenger constantly by his side.

Nahdar Cruiser C

The Republic's continuity is my only concern.

  • Name - Val Niathan
  • Race - Mon Nahdar
  • Gender - Male
  • Flagship - Liberty

Val Niathan is a seasoned, but young captain in service to the exiled Republic Navy. As one of the many Mon Nahdar graduates in the Navy of the Cyrannian Republic, Niathan initially found it hard to make himself stand out, though his skill in battle was eventually noticed by none other than Admiral Cretacea, who took Niathan under his wing during the Great Cyrannus War. Niathan played a key role in many of the conflicts greatest battles and by the end of the second year, he was granted the title of captain.

Niathan is a great lover of his people's culture and when the time came to choose a flagship for himself, he opted for a Mon Nahdar Cruiser known as the Liberty, instead of a generic Star Destroyer. Niathan and the Liberty were eventually stationed over Apaltore when the Galactic Empire was formed. Niathan was horrified as the Republic he so passionately defended crumbled within a few short hours, replaced by a regime that soon forcibly subjugated his people and home planet.

The Empire's formation changed Niathan from a wide-eyed idealist into a cool-headed, cynical and merciless commander, determined to destroy the Empire and restore the rightful Republic.


  • Class - Senator-class Star Battlecruiser
  • Year Introduced - 01 BNE
  • Length - 3,100 metres

The Senator-class Star Battlecruiser are the heavy hitters of the Exiled Republic's fleet, with firepower equivilent to that of an Imperator-class Star Destroyer. However, they are few in number, though their presence of battle can easily tip the scales of an engagement in the Republic's favour. The Senator-class began as a design project by the Republic Navy during the third year of the Great Cyrannus War and led to the development of the Bellator-class Star Battlecruiser used by the Empire.

Venator URC

The Venator Class Star Destroyer is the primary warship of the Exiled Republic Navy, like the URC before it. The Venator-class is famous for it's lethality in battle and it's capabilities to coordinate fleet movements, and though it doesn't compete with the newer Imperial Star Destroyers, it is still a fearsome opponent that packs a very powerful punch. The most famous Venator in the Exiled Republic is the Resolute, under the command of Helo Roslia.

  • Class - Arquitens-class Light Frigate
  • Year Introduced - 03 BNE
  • Length - 500 metres

The Arquitens-class Light Frigate is a very common star cruiser used by the Exiled Republic. The ship itself resembles a smaller version of the Venator-class, though lacks the larger ship's hanger bays, instead relying on starfighter support from other ships. The Arquitens class is often seen backing up the larger Star Destroyers of the Navy and can take and deal a lot of damage in a battle with its relatively strong shields and reactors, and its many weapon emplacements.



Blue faceWe honour our friends.


Yellow face...


Red faceYou will be brought to justice.




- Garlboz


- Xhodocto

You'll be crushed under the Empire's feet.

- Tyrant

An interesting republic, perhaps we could assist.

- Crispy

We lost perhaps our greatest allies, the Battle of Angforst was wrong....

- Chuinaylia


  • The Republic in Exile is a shared fiction between Cyrannian and Dinoman82.
  • Shavalera was once called Admiral Shaw, before Cyrannian changed it to sound more like a Libertus name rather than a human one.
  • The Republic in Exile was the Featured Fiction for March 2013.

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