We are one of the last true remnants of the Cyrannian Republic. As long as we live, the Republic survives.

- Apollo

The Republic Remnant was an unofficial continuation of the United Republic of Cyrannus, which was reorganised into an imperialistic regime known as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus at the conclusion of the Great Cyrannus War. In effect, the remnant was not an actual sovereign nation, consisting at present of only a small civilian fleet guarded by what remained loyal to the Republic Navy.

Designated as a disloyal terrorist organisation by the Imperial Government on Orbispira, the symbolic goal of the Remnant was to reform the Cyrannian Republic as the primary galactic civilisation, thus restoring democracy to the Cyrannus Galaxy. However, in actuality, the Remnant's primary goal was to regroup with the bulk of it's loyal military forces in the Quadrant Galaxies in order to prepare for the inevitable uprising against the Empire.

History Edit

Adventures in the Outer Rim (01 NE) Edit

A Secret Rendezvous

A secret rendezvous on an Laurentia.

The remnant came into being almost immediately after the Declaration of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, when Imperial troopers, sent by the newly sworn in Emperor attempted to arrest Apollo to bring him to justice. Luckily, with the aid of the Cognatus Remnant, the former president was able to escape, fleeing to the planet of Laurantia, a beautiful small planet with a wide variety of life. Apollo went to the surface of the planet where to his surprise, many figures had gathered, including, Voro Acetenus, leader of the Cognatus Remnant, Ram'Lendilia, the Lord Ambassador of Rambo Nation for the Cyrannus Galaxy, Diplomat Eviran, Admiral Shaw and the Senators Naberrie, Magalen and Mirea.

The group discussed for hours about the events that had transpired over the last few days and they all agreed that the Republic Remnant (as it became known) should evacuate to the Cyrannian colonies in the Quadrant Galaxies, where they could hopefully find solitude and the chance to fight against the new Hyperpower and restore democracy to the galaxy. However, news reached Apollo that all safe hyperspace routes were locked down by the Empire, and are now being watched by Imperial forces. The Republic Remnant was up for a challenge indeed.

Return to Nex 03

Apollo is brought before Nenabie.

Soon after the Remnant left Laurentia, they arrived at the Trucinex Homeworld of Nex who unbeknownst to them was under firm Imperial control. After welcoming Apollo to their world, the local Imperial Mandator, Nenabie contacted Mortikran, a feared Mortalitas commander tasked with capturing Apollo. Eventually, after learning of this plot, Apollo managed to escape Nenabie's clutches, just as the Imperial Navy arrived, much to Mortikran's fury.

Nagith Planet
Shadows from the Past 01

A mining ship discovers the Unknown World.

A few weeks later, the Tora Bashiri, a mining ship was sent on a mission to find raw materials for use in the Remnant's fleet, in order to keep the worker's busy and to keep their minds off the fact that the Empire's minions were constantly on their tails. Eventually, the Tora Bashiri discovered an unknown ice world. Once Willelmus Cretacea learned of this, he organized a ground team with his son, Apollo, his daughter in law and the captain of Colonial One, Narea. Once on the surface of the planet, the team discovered many mysteries, such as information on the mysterious Nagith and their children, who rebelled against them and are currently protecting an ancient Oikoumene artifact. When the team left, Apollo became keen on uncovering more about the unknown history of Cyrannus.

Basileus Space
Unfriendly Space 02

The Placidi Itinere arrives at the battle.

After months of wandering across the Outer Rim, the Fleet came across a Starcluster on the border with the next Cyrannian province, the Unknown Regions. However, when they entered the Starcluster, they were warned by a dying Conda not to proceed further. Before the fleet could turn however, they came under attack by Basileus warcruisers. Coming under heavy fire, Apollo and Gianne were knocked unconscious, waking up to find the ship being boarded by Basileus Justiciars. However, to everyone's shock, the Basileus suddenly returned to their ship, when a Cognatus Carrier, the Placidi Itinere appeared. Destroying a Basileus ship, the captain of the carrier plotted a course directly in the centre of the Basileus fleet and self destructed, while it's crew escaped. This captain turned out to be Voro Acetenus, who used a decoy to survive his assassination attempt. Voro gave Apollo some news, they had entered the Unknown Regions.

Intrigue in the Unknown Regions (02 NE) Edit

Apollo goes missing
Deal with the Devil 03

The Obliberator attacks Colonial One.

Only a few weeks after entering the Unknown Regions, Gianne Inviá continued to rest in sickbay aboard the Last Hope surrounded by her children, Laoí and Kara while Apollo remained on Colonial One in order to prepare for an upcoming press conference. However, to the fleet's horror, the Imperial Fleet commanded by Mortikran appeared, causing the fleet to escape while Mortikran's flagship, the Obliberator managed to corner Colonial One, which eventually escaped, though into uncharted space.

Meanwhile, when the bulk of the Fleet arrived at the rendezvous point, they were shooked to find that the Colonial One was nowhere to be seen. The President of the Remnant was missing in action. Eventually however, Captain Narea of Colonial One returned to the fleet with the knowledge that Apollo had been assimilated by the Cyrannian Grox. With Apollo kidnapped, the Presidency fell upon Athan Apostila, Apollo's aide and advisor.

Mystery on Amemoriam

The Empire attacks the civilian fleet.

In the midst of the turmoil rocking the fleet after Apollo's assimilation, helped by the not-so-secret apprehension of the military to cooperate with any possible presidential administration headed by former terrorist Zare'Anne, Admiral Cretacea began to devise plans to rescue his son from the clutches of the Gigamatrix. Cretacea contacted Jerkon and Koluap of the Indoctrinate Collective in the hopes that the famous captains could aid the Remnant in it's mission, something the extragalactics were happy to help with, knowing Apollo personally from meetings during the Great Cyrannus War.

Soon after rendezvousing with Jerkon and Koluap, the Remnant's fleet entered the Amemoriam System, where their arrival inadvertently saved a small Delpha Coalition of Planets fleet led by Dr.Kenders from being destroyed by the "Adjunct", an ancient Oikoumene AI, who served as Amemoriam's custodian. The Adjunct welcomed the Remnant as it's "creators", citing the Twelve Tribes, and proceeded to bring Cretacea on a quest through the very fabrics of existence. When Cretacea returned, he found the Remnant's civilian fleet under attack by the Empire, under command of Captain Bozzel. Unfortunately, the Last Hope was subsequently destroyed, though Cretacea and the majority of his crew managed to survive.

In the ensuing battle, the Remnant, aided by Koluap, Jerkon and Kenders managed to infiltrate Apollo's Neraida Cube, which had arrived in the battle. Luckily, thanks to the timely help of the Adjunct, the team managed to save Apollo, ridding him of the Neraida's evil influence.


Apollo thanks his rescuers.

When Apollo arrived back at the Remnant, under the lead of the new flagship, the "Spirit of Freedom", he was greeted enthusiastically, but took the day off to get reacquainted with the events that transpired while he was assimilated. He also extending an invitation to Doctor Kenders and the Adjunct to remain with the fleet to help them with scientific matters. As such, the fleet began to enjoy a period of normality for the first time in many, many months. However, Apollo knew that the next calamity was only around the corner.

Remnant's End Edit


Apollo loses the Presidency to Zare'Anne.

As the second year of its existence came to an end, Apollo faced his opponent Zare'Anne for the position of leader of the Remnant. In the first and only public debate, Zare'Anne held the upper hand when he leaked to the fleet's population that Apollo had been a mindless drone of the Neraida Gigamatrix. Apollo was left stunned that Zare'Anne managed to find this information but was unable to respond due to the debate ending. In the election that followed, Zare'Anne was elected President, though he soon renamed the title to the more traditional "Praesator", while declaring that the Remnant was about to embark on a new beginning.


Apollo is captured by the Imperials.

This new beginning would come about in a relatively short space of time. As his first act as Praesator of the Remnant, Zare'Anne decided to colonise a nearby temperate planet as per one of his election promises to end the arduous voyage to the Quadrant Galaxies. Zare'Anne named this new planet "Shaorá" and within a few weeks the majority of the civilian population of the fleet was settled on the planet. However, tragedy would soon strike. A nearby Imperial fleet under the command of Captain Bellona detected the fleet's hyperspace signitures and arrived in the system with over fifty Star Destroyers. Under orders from the Emperor himself, Bellona gave Cretacea an ultimatum: Surrender or be destroyed. Cretacea, not willing to jeopardise the innocent lifes of the Remnant, decided to surrender, inadvertently leading to the Empire's arrest of Apollo.

The Remnant was soon dissolved, many of it's former inhabitants being shipped to Capricaerón while others remain under the leadership of Zare'Anne, now a puppet governor of Shaorá, a word now synonymous with prison.

The Fleet Edit


The Remnant's fleet, seen from afar.

The Republic Remnant served as Apollo's fleet, a group of sixty civilian vessels along with the military flagship, the Last Hope. The aims of the fleet was to guide those loyal to the ideals of democracy to a promised land outside of Cyrannus, to regroup and strike back against the Empire that hunt them down. However, not everything in the fleet was perfect with political struggles, battles with the Empire and contact with other species standing in it's path to freedom and prosperity. The main cruiser in the fleet was Willelmus Cretacea's flagship, the Spirit of Freedom, that replaced the Last Hope in the Imperial attack on Amemoriam.

Civilian vessels in the fleet included the hubs of the Zephyr and Cloud Nine, massive luxury liners which housed thousands of civilians. However, the fleet was also made up of other smaller luxury liners, cargo ships, resupply ships and mining ships. Perhaps the most important civilian vessel in the fleet was Colonial One, flagship of the President of the Remnant, which was formerly Apollo, and later Zare'Anne. The fleet also housed a prison ship, the Astral Queen, where criminals were sent, which was already home to five hundred individuals who were on the way to Orbispira for parole hearings when the Empire was formed.

Vessels Edit

Astral Queen
  • Name - Astral Queen
  • Type - Civilian
  • Role - Prison Ship
  • Number in Fleet - One

A former liner, the Astral Queen was home to one thousand five hundred prisoners, most of them Confederates and former terrorists. The Alavar captain of the vessel was a keen supporter of Apollo and thus followed his fleet on its voyage into the Quadrants. However, this was much to Apollo's chagrin, fearing a prisoner revolt. As such, the Astral Queen flew near the outskirts of the fleet, while still being in the firing line of the Last Hope.

  • Name - Botanical Cruiser
  • Type - Civilian botanical cruiser
  • Role - Vacation ship, greenhouse
  • Number in the Fleet - Three

An old but reliable design, the Fleet's three botanical cruisers provided the fleet's population with rest and relaxation, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables, which were arguably better than their replicated equivalents. Quite a large ship, the botanical cruisers in the fleet were easy targets for the Empire, and didn't have any weapon systems on board.

Notable Vessels
  1. Vita
  2. Holly
  3. Bella

Cloud Nine
  • Name - Cloud Nine
  • Type - Civilian
  • Role - Luxury Liner
  • Number in Fleet - One

Cloud Nine was one of the largest ships in Apollo's Fleet, a hyperspace-capable luxury liner built in the small shipyards above Capricaerón. In the aftermath of the declaration of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Cloud Nine led many other ships to Apollo's rendezvous, forming the bulk of the civilian fleet that soon followed. Cloud Nine was a unique vessel in the fleet, and was often used by military officers and civilians alike for rest and relaxation.

Dracogona Thunder
  • Name - Collective Thunder
  • Type - Military
  • Role - Scout
  • Number in Fleet - One

The Swift Diplomacy was Eviran Dulius' personal Collective Thunder, given to Eviran after the Shodrae joined the Collective. Under the command of the fleet's military, this ship's main task was to scout ahead to ensure if the fleet was under any potential danger. The Thunder made a great scout as it was much smaller, faster and harder to hit than most, if not all ships in the fleet.

Colonial One
  • Name - Colonial One (Eversun Liner Flight 001)
  • Type - Civilian
  • Role - Transport/Luxury Liner
  • Number in Fleet - One

Colonial One had served the President of the United Republic of Cyrannus for many years. It's ship model and design may have changed over time, but its call-sign remained the same, Colonial-One, the official flagship of the President of the Cyrannian Republic. While Apollo didn't escape Orbispira on the ship, it was eventually transported to the Fleet's location, where Apollo, his family and Gorf eventually moved. Apollo had made the ship his new home, while making sporadic visits to the Last Hope, with whom Colonial-One flies alongside, signifying it's importance to the fleet.

Last Hope (ship)
  • Name - Last Hope
  • Type - Military
  • Role - Military Command Ship
  • Number in Fleet - One

The Last Hope was the protector of Apollo's Fleet and the sole military vessel amongst sixty civilian liners. This was due to the fact that most Republic Officers defected to the Imperial Navy, while the only military vessels still loyal to the Republic, such as those under the command of Admiral Shaw and Helo Roslia were trapped in the Quadrant Galaxies. Under the command of Willelmus Cretacea, the Last Hope was built as a gift to Apollo from the Apationagtus, secretive allies of the Fleet.

The ship was destroyed during the Amemoriam Campaign.

Remnant Mining Ship
  • Name - Monarch-class
  • Type - Mining ship
  • Role - Mining
  • Number in Fleet - Five

Generally considered the ships with the worst living conditions; the Monarch-type mining ships were often found near the outside borders of the fleet, where they scoured space for useful resources. Though largely considered primitive by today's standards, they are common throughout Cyrannus.

Notable Vessels
  1. Monarch
  2. Mayo
  3. Michcollins

Liner 01

Liner 02

  • Name - Olympic-type
  • Type - Civilian
  • Role - Luxery Liner
  • Number in Fleet - Twenty One

Arguably the fleet's most common ship class; the Olympic-type was the standerd model of civilian liner, allowing it's occupants to sail the stars in opulence and grandeur. Capable of flying in both space and in atmosphere, ships of this class are often own by Cyrannus' many travel companies, such as Pan Galactic and Capricaerón Liners. Generally, they can carry up to 1,400 passengers.

Notable Vessels
  1. Olympic Flame
  2. Daru Mana
  3. Tempus Fugit
  4. Precipice

Cyrannian Cargo Ship
  • Name - Scylla-class
  • Type - Civilian
  • Role - Cargo
  • Number in Fleet - Ten

The fleet housed about ten Scylla-type Cargo Vessels, a common ship in the deep reaches of the Core Worlds, thus being in the most immediate vacinity to Apollo when he fled Orbispira. Scylla-type vessels are generally used to transport anything from ship parts to hypermatter supplies, which make some of the vessels in the fleet dangerous. Nevertheless, the vessels can be home to as much as one hundred and fifty people.

Notable Vessels
  1. Scylla
  2. Sargon
  3. Odale
  4. Virga

Cargo Ship
  • Name - Persephone-class
  • Type - Civilian
  • Role - Cargo/Heavy lifting/refuelling
  • Number in fleet - Fifteen

A very common vessel in the Fleet, the Persephone-type is a multi-purpose ship that can preform a great deal of tasks, including heavy lifting, refuelling other ships, carrying cargo and serving as a home for civilians. Though a small cruiser, the Persephone-class can still hold about fifty individuals, who in most cases live comfortably. Despite this, the class is primitive and cannot withstand an Imperial attack for long.

Notable ships
  1. Persephone
  2. Hoyne
  3. Aine
  4. Tora Bashiri

  • Name - Spirit of Freedom
  • Type - Phoenix-class Colony Ship
  • Role - Military Command Ship
  • Number in Fleet - One

The Spirit of Freedom was Cretacea's flagship during the last year of the Great Cyrannus War, and remained loyal to the Republic after the Empire's formation, under the command of Commander Aradraen. When the Last Hope was destroyed during the Battle of Amemoriam, the Spirit was once again placed under Cretacea's command as the main battleship of the fleet.

  • Name - Space Park-class (Zephyr)
  • Type - Civilian
  • Role - Luxury Liner/Civilian Hub
  • Number in fleet - One

Perhaps the most recognisable ship in the civilian fleet, the large Zephyr was one of the hubs of the fleet, with it's captain often at odds with the captain of Cloud Nine, the Zephyr's main rival. The Zephyr's main function was a passenger liner, housing at least 2,000 civilians, most of which are from the Core Worlds or the Inner Rim. One of the largest ships in the fleet, it's large ring made the ship an easy target to the Empire.

Individuals Edit

Military Edit

Admiral Cretacea

I fight the Empire because I must. However, the protection of this fleet is of greater importance.

Admiral Cretacea is a veteran of many of the most important wars in galactic history, such as the Trucinex War, Intergalactic War and the Great Cyrannus War. Cretacea is a native of the planet Capricaerón though he has his roots on the planet Tauronsa. Cretacea's family has been among the most notable in the galaxy's history, with his son, Aedan becoming the President of the United Republic of Cyrannus, leading the great nation through many wars and hardships.

While Cretacea remained loyal to the Republic Navy, when the Republic was reorganised into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, he choose to remain loyal to his son, captaining the Last Hope on its voyage toward the Quadrants.


I loyally serve the Remnant as commander.

  • Name - Aradraen
  • Race - Zelana
  • Rank - Commander

Commander Aradraen is the high intelligent second in command to Admiral Cretacea and one of the few members of his species in the Republic Remnant. Aradraen successfully lead a guerilla warfare campaign against the Empire for up to a year, before finally picking up the Remnant's signal on Amemoriam. His arrival at the construct no doubt saved many lives, and maybe even the Remnant itself.

Now, he serves Cretacea once again as his executive officer.


It will take more than traitors to put me down.

The former leader of the Cognatus Remnant, Voro Acetenus was once a feared bane of the United Republic of Cyrannus during the Intergalactic War. However, he eventually grew to respect the Republic during the Great Cyrannus War, even beginning a personal friendship with Apollo. During the first year of the Dark Times, Voro' was the victim of a conspiracy against him by more traditional Cognatus leaders, who plotted to kill the wise leader.

Ultimately however, Voro' survived this assassination attempt by using a decoy. He began to search for Apollo on his trusty flagship, the Placidi Itinere, coming to the Remnant's aid against the Basileus threat, self destructing his flagship. Now, Voro Acetenus remains on the Last Hope, providing military advise to Admiral Cretacea.

Science Edit


Oh, hello!

The Adjunct is an Oikoumene artificial intelligence that held custodianship over the ancient and secretive world of Amemoriam for millions of years, before eventually joining with what "he" saw as his "Creators", in the form of the Remnant during the Dark Times. Before that, he was an AI in the service of the all-powerful leader of the Warriors of Revelation, Tyrómaironás.



Kenders is a Yoburt, who works for both the Delpha Coalition of Planets and the Remnant. A top scientist, he is often a team member alongside the fearsome Warlord Kilnok. Many of his people are also scientists, yet Kenders is one of the best in existence. Despite the fact that Dr. Kenders is an extremely intelligent scientist, it took him centuries of learning before he became a professor. He was happy to help the Remnant uncover the mysteries of the Thirteenth Tribe.

Government Edit


I must lead this fleet until the time when a new leader can be elected democratically.

Aedanius Apollo Cretacea known officially as Apollo was the last president of the United Republic of Cyrannus before it was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. As President, he was instrumental in reforming the Federation of United Worlds into the United Republic of the Cyrannus Galaxy, which he steered through many conflicts and dark times, such as the Intergalactic War and the Great Cyrannus War, as well as marking their place as a mighty Gigaquadrant superpower.

However, the sights of higher powers worked against him, and he was eventually forced to flee when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed. Now, Apollo leads the Republic Remnant on it's trek to freedom.

Athan Apostila

Apollo is my hero

  • Name - Athan Apostila
  • Race - Libertus
  • Position - Presidential Advisor

Athan Apostila is a 19 year old Capricaerónn that serves as one of Apollo's aides. He is very intelligent and polite and will make a great diplomat someday. Apostila is attractive by Libertus standerds and yet when he was growing up, his studies took precidence over his social life. Apostila was born in the city of Valeria on Capricaerón in the year 18 BTC, and as a child, he loved reading about other cultures and civilizations, and he became quite charismatic as the years went on, gaining quite a few good friends. He was only four when the Trucinex War broke out, and yet even at this very early age, he loved being told stories about the Capricorn Sector Alliance's involvement in intergalactic politics.

As he grew into a teenager, he was chosen by President Apollo to become one of his aides, someone to help him organise his files and organise meetings between other heads of state. Apollo is known to have a great friendship with Apostila, and believes that he will become president some day, making Apostila an apprentice of the President.

Diplomat Eviran

With my knowledge and Apollo's leadership skills, the Shodrae in the Remnant will prosper.

Eviran Dulius is a Shodrae, formerly a Supreme Advisor of the Indoctrinate Collective, who joined forces with Apollo to help him evacuate Cyrannus.

Eviran was born in the tropical homeworld of the Shodrae, his mother being a very famous diplomat across his people. Being fascinated by the subject, Eviran eventually managed to become a diplomat as known as his mother, who was killed by a fleet of space pirates days after. Eviran was the responsable for the Shodrae union with the Indoctrinate Collective, managing to convince his species that living under their care would be better for them, which proved true. Due to this, the Collective elected Eviran to be their Supreme Advisor in Cyrannus, being the administrator of the Collective's colonies in the galaxy.

When Apollo was declared a traitor, Eviran went after him to help him escape the Empire, as well as to save as many Shodrae from being inserted into Imperial rule as possible. Eviran now acts as an advisor for Apollo, and decided to stay in the Republic Remnant permanently, much to the Indoctrinate Collective's surprise.

Gianne Inviá

The people of Cyrannus are my main concern. Along with my family of course.

Gianne Inviá has many roles for such a young woman, she is the senator for Coruindia and first lady of the United Republic of Cyrannus, having married the president, Apollo. Gianne is one of the most popular senators in the Republic and like Senator Naberrie, she is somewhat of an intergalactic celebrity, this is due to her intelligence, her family and her policies in the senate. Now, Gianne is on the run along with her family, on some levels she's glad that she isn't on the Senate, as she can now spend more time with her husband and their children.

Sola Naberrie

The Cyrandia Alliance shall not fall!

Sola Naberraé is the exiled leader of the Cyrandia Alliance, who was forced to flee along with her husband and daughter when the new Empire declared that the Cyrandia were traitors to the Cyrannus Galaxy. Shocked, Sola decided it was best to organise resistance in other parts of the galaxy, and often serves as a diplomat. She longs for the day when the Cyrandia Alliance is restored to it's former glory.

Ship Captains Edit

Captain Narea

Colonial One is a fine ship. I'm honoured to captain her.

  • Name - Narea
  • Race - Tezelteän
  • Position - Captain of Colonial One

Captain Narea is a young Tezelteän Cyrandia captain that commands the Colonial One, the flagship of the President. Narea was born on the Tezeltean Homeworld in the Cyrannus Galaxy in the year 23 BTC, which makes her quite young an inexperianced compared to most Cyrandia Captains. As a child, her home was often the site of brutal Imperial attacks, which took many men and woman slaves, luckily none of Narea's relatives were taken, but Narea was forever shocked to discover that most of her friends were taken away, to be forever slaves of the Imperial Alliance, for use in work camps and even cannon fodder and human shields in battles.

She was eventually employed as the captain of Colonial One, the President of the URC's starship, delighted, she became good friends with Apollo's family and is seen as an aunt to his young children. She still commands Colonial One in the Remnant's fleet and often goes on ground missions along with Apollo.


People of the fleet, the old ways were clearly wrong, a new system is needed.

  • Name - Zare'Anne
  • Race - Draken
  • Position - Captain of the Astral Queen

One of the most divisive figures in the Fleet, Zare'Anne has long been known to the government of the United Republic of Cyrannus as a convicted terrorist, though among the civilian population, he remains popular for his idyllic ideals. A political genius, after a widely published jail break during the first year of the Dark Times, he managed to set himself up as the captain of his former prison ship, the Astral Queen.

Zare'Anne currently plans to contest an election against Apollo in the sixth month of 02 NE. He managed to accomplish his nomination by using his people's law that a prisoner can redeem himself by serving a time in office.

Civilians Edit

Gorf Form 1

I like this new home, yes.

  • Name - Gorf
  • Race - Indeterminate
  • Position - Member of Apollo's Family

Gorf is a mysterious creature of unknown species and great power that resides with Apollo.

First seen during the Great Cyrannus War, where he teleported Apollo across the Cyrandia Cluster, Gorf has gained a great interest in the Cluster as a whole, possibly searching for something. After his adventure with Apollo, Gorf disappeared.

After not being seen for months, Gorf reappeared for Apollo during the Dark Times, where he secretly sneaked into the Republic Remnant's flagship, the Last Hope. Gorf quickly became friends with Laoi Cretacea and Kara Inviá, Apollo's children, as well as their pet Dvottie, Tigarlu.

Laoi and Kara

Mummy! Daddy!

  • Name - Kara Inviá and Laoi Cretacea
  • Race - Libertus
  • Position - Member of Apollo's Family

Laoi Cretacea and Kara Inviá are the two children of President Aedan Cretacea and Gianne Inviá, who were born in the year 0 BTC. The two twins have different surnames because in Capricaerónn culture, the male child takes the surname of the father, while the female child takes the name of the mother. Laoi himself is known to greatly resemble his father and is very intelligent and loves when his parents read him stories of Cyrannus' past. Kara is known to resemble both her mother and her father, and is greatly interested in the goings on of alien empires from Cyrannus and beyond. Empress Ramashe was made their godmother before they were born.

The two children now make their home on Colonial One, playing with Gorf and Tigarlu, being completely oblivious to the troubles of the Fleet.

Paya Naberrie

Hmph. More babysitting.

  • Name - Paya Naberrie
  • Race - Libertus
  • Position - Daughter of the Admiral and Sola Naberraé

Paya Naberrie is the teenage daughter of Admiral Cretacea and Sola Naberraé. Taking after both her mother and her father in terms of looks, Paya lacks the political motivations of both her mother and her step-brother, Apollo. SHe instead wants above all to be a normal teenager. However, the events of the Dark Times have thrown her family life into unknown territories, and it's unknown if she can withstand these rigours and come out as a respectable member of society.

Baby Dvottie


  • Name - Tigarlu
  • Race - Dvottie
  • Position - Member of Apollo's Family

Tigarlu is Apollo's friendly pet Dvottie, whom he bought when Laoi and Kara were first born. Still technically a baby, Tigarlu needs lots of love and attention from her owners and is often seen playing with Apollo's children and Gorf, with whom she has grown very close and even follows on occasions, despite being initially jealous. Tigarlu resides on Colonial One.

Relationships Edit

Alliances Edit

Green faceWe are thankful that they have remained loyal to us.

  • Cyrandia Alliance - When we arrive in the Quadrants, we plan to become members yet again.
  • Rambo Nation - We hope that we can rebuild our great friendship.

Enemies Edit

Red faceFor the Republic!

Quotes Edit

Hahaha, this is pathetic.

- Tyrómairon

I'll hunt you down, and kill all of you!

- Meketanor

Apollo and his lot shall not escape me this time!

- Mar-Júun

Opposing the Empire is worthless!

- Tyrant

They must be exterminated!

- Lore Enema

Long live Apollo and the Republic! The true legacy of the URC survives!

- Captain Lorrelas

You were the fiends who have attacked us... and we shall not trust you. Neverthless, you are far, far better than this Empire.

- Xor Nazar

We will aid you in any way we can. This "galactic empire" is simply to aggressive and destructive to be left intact. They also siezed power in a way most unpleasent, and have barred colonization of "their" galaxy. The Republic was a better matron of Cyrannus, and should be reinstated.

- Evermind

Those monsters in the GEC do not deserve our allegence. They are not worth it, but you are. Apollo is a trustworthy leader, we would see him in charge again.

- Dylan

Ah, some still remain. This is great news!

- Senator Gorios of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance

Laws to suppress tend to strengthen what they would prohibit.

- Supreme Autarch Andorrus

Their cause and their fight is admirable. It's a shame we don't support either.

- Kralgon Emperor


- Fre'kloar

New home...

- Gorf

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Trivia Edit

  • The Republic Remnant is merely a movement and a fleet, not an organized empire.

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