The powerful and wise Orc shaman and former Gladiator; Reghzul is a cunning and clever green Quadrantia Orc. Wandering the pains of Ramalivua in search of suitable slaves, so he can train them as gladiators gave him a notorious and dangerous reputation. Skilled in the use of blades and weapons, among his travels he learned to the ways of a shaman, capable of summoning powerful elemental powers to do his bidding.

He is often found near the Orc stronghold of Orcgrubad at Ramalivua.


Indris training with Reghzul at Orcgrubad

Born in a poor Orc family in 68 BQF, nearby the Orc stronghold Orcgrubad, his village was once raided by bandits wandering the desert. His parents killed and slaughtered, Reghzul was taken captive and trained to fight for the pleasure of the humanoids. Chained when not fighting, Reghzul became well known for his skills and victories and eventually managed to fight his way to freedom in the arena of Orcgrubad. Imperessed by his skills, Snargom Bloodthirst offered the free gladiator to join the guards of Orcgrubad. Reghzul refused and instead decided to travel around the planet.

He eventually bought his own slaves, training them personally for the gladiator fights a head. Among his travels he learned to use elemental skills, and became a shaman for his people. Around 07 AQF, he bought the young Sinleri elf, Idris Vanguinar. During the 10th month of 07 AQF, Reghzul aligned himself with the re-formed Syndicate and became one of its gladiator trainer, to entertain the associates at annual events or gatherings with gladiator fights.

During february of 08 AQF, his most prized gladiator, Indris defeated the Saurdoshan Hunter, champion of Sanderhal and Elder Xidan. To his dismay, the Board of Elders decided to spare the Hunter, though Reghzul was proud and happy that Idris had won, after all it brought a lot of profit in his pockets. During the second fight of Idris, Reghzul became aware that he was foiled as Idris faced several Behemoth's and was tiring down and injured by them. To his relieve, Idris was saved from her fate by the crew of Falcon. Regzhul returned to Ramalivua to train new gladiators.

Personality and Traits[]

Reghzul summoning electrical magic around him

Reghzul is a cunning, wise and strong green Orc. Trained as a gladiator, he is skilled in the use of weapons, though he prefers to use his learned elemental powers, including healing abilities. His one time friend, a Ramalivua wolf perished in defense of Reghzul and in his honor Reghzul decided to wear his skin above his head in honor of his friend.

He is physically strong, large and an impressive sight. Though as a shaman, he shows a great love and patience for nature and wildlife, a rarity among his people these days. Even though he buys slaves, he cares for his gladiators and often heals them after substaining injuries.



Blue face.pngI can hang around them


Orange face.pngMy your corpse rot!



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